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General Info[]

Should we follow the other wiki fields and do a headcount?

  • ABD 31
  • PhD in hand (lecturer or adjunct) 19
  • Visiting Assistant Professor 8
  • Visiting Associate Professor 1
  • Assistant Professor 8
  • Postdoctoral Fellow 3
  • Search committee member?


  • University of Nebraska--Kearney, offer extended 4/8 and accepted 4/10.
  • Notre Dame, offer accepted 3/10 -congrats! such a great place.
    • Thanks!
  • Merrimack College, offer accepted 2/21
  • James Madison, offer accepted 2/11
  • Pomona College, offer extended 2/10
  • Rollins College, offer accepted by 1/27
  • Yale University, offer extended 2/11.
    • Q: Which field? Has the offer been accepted? (2/12)
    • A: 20th-c. British/American. Offer accepted 2/16.
    • Congrats! (2/12)
    • Hooray! (2/12)
    • Thank you so much!
  • University of Tulsa, Offer made and accepted Late Feb./early March.
  • Gettysburg College, offer made and accepted in early/mid February.

Calls or Emails for Campus Visits[]

  • James Madison - Campus visit scheduled 1/8 (according to 19C American page) (x2)
  • Merrimack College- Notified of waitlist status. Email indicated 3 finalists had been notified.(1/16) Campus visit scheduled. 1/16
  • Millersville University--Campus visit scheduled by phone 3/20
  • Murray State- Campus visit scheduled by phone ~1/15
  • Notre Dame - Campus visit scheduled by phone 1/7
  • Pomona College - Campus visit scheduled 1/8
  • Rollins College - Campus visit scheduled by phone (12/30)
    • Date contacted, and via phone or email?
    • I second the request for this info, especially since they told me that one of the key decision-makers wouldn't be back in the country until 1/12. They said not to expect to hear anything until after then, I thought.
    • I too understood that the decision would be made later. Is there an inside candidate?
    • Received e-mail indicating that they had invited "a couple" of people for campus interview, and that I remained on their "short list." (1/16) (x2)
    • rejection letter announcing that an offer had been extended and accepted (1/27) (x2)
      • letter or e-mail? (1/27)
      • Via e-mail. (x2)
      • see comments below, on what proved to be an inside hire--not that it was difficult to guess.
  • University of California, Santa Barbara - Campus visit scheduled by phone 1/3 (x2)
  • University of Chicago- Job talks posted on dept. calendar
  • University of Iowa - received a flyback call 12/30
  • University of North Carolina, Pembroke - Campus interview scheduled 11/1
  • University of Wisconsin Eau Claire- Campus visits have been scheduled 2/12
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Campus visits scheduled 2/11
  • Yale University - Campus visit scheduled 12/30; Notified of campus visit "wait-list status" (date?)
    • Offer extended (2/11); which field? (2/12)

Have You Heard?[]

Ask about the status of specific jobs. In other words: post your anxiety here.

  • Q: Anyone have info on the U Nebraska-Kearney job? Or the U Alaska-Fairbanks job? Thanks . . . and happy late-season hunting! (4/2)
  • Q: Has anyone heard anything re: visiting position in American poetry at Reed College? The job isn't listed on any of the wiki pages, so I thought I would try asking here.
    • A: The Reed College job is listed on the Generalist page (it's not actually in American poetry, but Poetry and Poetics in general). I interviewed with them at MLA, and they said they were interviewing 18 candidates in total. They also said they would be meeting to decide on campus visits later in January.
  • Q: Does anyone know anything about the status of this job search? "It's been a long, long, long time..."
  • Anybody get a flyback request from U of British Columbia??
  • Anyone hear anything about eastern Washington University? Last year they cancelled the job and I didn't hear anything yet about this year. Is the job still running? Thanks. A: Sorry, no specifics. I only know that they weren't planning on going through applications until the end of Dec. So I assume there's still time to hear from them.


  • Any campus visit requests yet for Texas A&M?
  • Anyone hear anything about Queens College? Any campus visit requests? A: Campus visits are happening next week, according to email circulated to faculty. A: According to a friend who had a campus visit, a decision is due within the next day or two.
  • How about Merrimack College? They said they'd notify finalists in the 3rd week of January...I'm wondering, too. They told me they were having their departmental meeting early this week, so I'm anxious to hear from them--or, alas, about them, if that's the case.....A: That conflicts just a little bit with what they told me. In my interview, they sort of hedged about the date they'd be contacting finalists. They said they "hoped" they'd meet in the 3rd or 4th week of January, but couldn't guarantee it would happen, and wouldn't be shocked if decisions weren't made until early Feb. In any case, I haven't heard anything yet, and my info. could be outdated. Here's hoping we can all relax soon! A: I was told they were meeting the third week of January but that they may not get around to final decisions about campus visits or contacting candidates until the third or fourth week of January. Good luck to us all!
  • Whitman College? They met on Jan. 5th but there's been absolutely no movement on the wiki since MLA. Bueller? Bueller?
    • I know someone with a campus visit there, but I don't know the invitation date (sorry).
    • I know someone who was offered a flyback back on 1/6 or 1/7.
  • Murray? Has anyone heard up or down from Murray State?
    • A: Campus visit scheduled via phone ~1/15. They told me they're bringing 3 finalists over the next 3 or so weeks.
  • WPI News?
    • A: Nope. I was interviewed at MLA and haven't heard from them since. At the interview, they did say explicitly not to despair if it was February and I still hadn't heard from them yet. Today's 2/3, so I imagine they're still deliberating. Not panicking yet...
    • Panicking now? (2/12)
    • Strangely enough, no. But I think that's due to some larger fatalism at this point. Two other post-MLA interview rejections, under perhaps suspicious circumstances, have made me quite the existentialist. I mean, we're all going to die in the end anyway, right? So what's another rejection? Just another event on the way to death. No problems. (2/12)
    • I like your attitude. Trying to develop that myself.
    • Rejection by mail 2/12; letter dated 2/11. I interviewed at MLA. (x2 -- from the existentialist, who has now struck out on all MLA interviews)
  • Anyone heard anything about the Providence job?
    • Providence has done campus visits, but I don't know if they have made an offer yet.
    • Does anyone know if an offer has in fact been made?

Individual Jobs & Queries[]

Boston University (visiting position for spring semester 2009 in contemporary American fiction) Oct. 15

  • Email request for additional information (week of 10/13)
  • Email received re: offer made and position accepted by another candidate (11/7)
  • ...well, that
    • Better get that contract signed before the line is frozen.

Drew University (20th-century American literatures w/a secondary specialization in Latino/a literatures) App. deadline: Dec. 5

  • Does anyone know if they plan to interview at MLA?
  • MLA interview requested via email (12/18)x3
  • MLA interview requested via email (12/19)x2
  • any campus visits? (1/7)
  • I had an interview at MLA and was told that, since Drew is on a relatively late schedule, they probably won't contact people for on-campus visits until late January or early February. Ah, the agony of the wait. (1/8)
  • I interviewed there for a different position. I just wanted to say good luck to those applying for this job. I was really impressed with how friendly everyone there is, seems like a great place to work.
  • Any word yet? Anyone? (2/3)
  • Do we know if the committee has met yet? It's getting awfully late in the season, it'd seem... (2/5).
  • Perhaps it's not late for *this* dreadful season of financial uncertainty and budget problems...Good luck to you! The wait is exasperating but so many other people are in this predicament right now. (2/6)
  • Search indefinitely frozen; informed via phone (2/11).
  • Did they call you or did you call? (2/12)
  • I wrote them a few emails, and then they called. (2/12)
  • Received email that job is now definitely canceled (2/16)

Eastern Washington U (20th century American literature/cultural studies)

  • Q: "Review of applications will begin when applicant pool is certified and continue until position is filled." What does "certification" mean in this context?
    • "Certification" most likely means they have met the university or state requirements for minimum number of applicants, diversity of applicant pool, etc.
  • Letter acknowledging app. 11/21, 11/28, 12/23
  • Didn't this job run last year but then was cancelled because lack of funds? A: Yes--I applied for it last year, and I compared the job description this year to the one from last year. And they are the same.
  • Someone said that they updated Eastern Washington but I don't see anything. Has anyone received an interview? Is this job still on? (1/8)
  • Has anyone heard anything at all regarding this job? It's still posted on their web site.

Gettysburg College (20th Century American) App. deadline: Nov. 3

  • Snail mail acknowledgment of receipt of app 11/6 (x7); 11/12
  • Sample/Dossier request 11/13 (x5)
  • Sample/Dossier request 11/20
  • Rejection Letter 12/4: Over 500 applicants! (x2)
  • got the same letter today (dated 12/1)(x8)
  • letter included truly heinous line: "I only wish the outcome could have been better for you."
  • It's funny you should mention that line. I was about to toss the letter into the recycle bin yesterday and then decided to save it to show to my colleagues. It's the most bizarrely-worded rejection I've ever received. The paragraph never really says you're rejected, and then you arrive at that line. Hilarious. And heinous.

Did anyone who got a sample request also get a rejection letter? A: No

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/8 (x2)
  • Rejection letter after request 12/12 (x3)
    • Same as above (12/13). That "I only wish the outcome..." sentence doesn't appear in my letter. (The amazing power of this wiki-?)
  • Rejection e-mail after MLA interview (1/7) (x2)

Hood College App. deadline: Nov. 3

  • Snail mail acknowledgment of receipt of app 11/10
  • Dossier Request (11/18) (x2)
  • Nope; no acknowledgment here either (11/26)

This job is also listed under "American Open," which is more appropriate, as the ad says they want a generalist. I suggest we keep current data on that page instead to avoid confusion. (11/18)

  • No ack. of app- anyone else? (11/21)
  • Ditto (11/22)

Hofstra University App. deadline: Nov. 24

  • Email announcement--search canceled: budget (11/26) (x2)

James Madison University (American literature 1865-1950) App. deadline: Nov. 5

  • Acknowledgment of application 11/6; 11/10; 11/11; 11/12
  • MLA interview scheduled 11/23 (2)
  • The 19th C American page is reporting a campus visit for this position, scheduled 1/8. Anyone else heard anything?
    • Campus visit 1/8
  • Offer accepted 2/11

James Madison University (Southern literature) App. deadline: Nov. 5

  • MLA interview scheduled 11/21, 11/19

Lehigh University (post-1945 American) App. deadline: Oct. 31

  • got a friendly "sorry, no thank you" e-mail 10/23 (x6)
  • Ditto 11/6 (x2)
  • email request for dossier and writing sample 10/23 (x6)
  • Rejection Email (11/10) (x5)
  • Rejection Email (11/13)(x9)
  • Sample/Dossier/Teaching materials request 11.13
  • Rejection Email (11/14)
  • No dossier request and no rejection (12/2) (x2)
  • Rejection Email (12/3)

MLA interview scheduled (12/8) (x2)

  • Were interviews scheduled via email or phone? Mine was scheduled by phone.

Q: Has anyone else who had a dossier/writing sample request not been contacted for an interview and not gotten a rejection? Yes. (5)

  • Received very nice snail mail letter explaining that 12 other candidates had been selected for interviews (12/17)

Long Island U Due 11/3

  • This search is cancelled
  • Anyone have more info on this?
  • Here's the relevant section of the email I got: "Unfortunately, the University Administration has just frozen all job searches and hiring for next year. We do hope to get permission to search next year for hiring in fall 2010."

Loyola University - New Orleans (Contemporary Literature and Critical Theory) App. deadline: November 10

  • I can't relocate this posting on the JIL - does anyone know if it is still on?
  • I think it is. I had printed out the post, and it stated that it would expire from the JIL on October 24th.
  • Ack. e-mail (Affirmative Action survey) 11/11 (x2)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/2 (x2)
  • On campus interview scheduled 12/2
    • they scheduled an on-campus prior to the MLA? Care to explain? A: I'm not the one who got the interview, but I'm guessing this is someone local. Same thing happened to me in NY last year.
    • Yes, I am local. Applicant pool is 300+. (12/9)
    • I'm new at this -- no offense intended -- but is there a difference between "local" and "inside"?
    • "Local" as in teaching at or enrolled in a doctoral program at a university near Loyola
    • Those who have interviews, how were you contacted? Did they mention how big the applicant pool and long-list were?
    • Maybe the on-campus interviewee is an inside candidate.
  • Snail mail rejection letter (12/11, 12/12, 12/13). Addressed to "Dear [First name]." No "Mr." No "Dr." No last name.
  • No campus invitation via email (12/31)...Happy New Year!
  • Notification of no campus visit via snail mail (1/12)

Macalester College (20th and 21st Century American and US Ethnic Literatures) App. deadline: Nov. 1

  • Snail mail acknowledgment of app (dated 10/30; x6)
  • No acknowledgement. (11/17) --Is anyone else in this boat, or do you think I should contact them to see if they received my application? --No akcnowledgement for me either.
  • No ack. either as of 11/18
  • No ack. either as of 11/20
  • No ack. either as of 11/22 -- I checked my delivery confirmation, and it was delivered. So lack of ack. probably not anything to worry about.
  • Search has been cancelled as of 11/28 (see MLA JIL status update)
  • I was dealing with the cancellations in stride; now I'm really frustrated. Such a great job. :(
  • Focus on how cold it gets there... that's what I'm doing.
  • Or on how seemingly disorganized the dept is: How do some applicants get ack and others don't? And shouldn't they at least email everyone about canceling the search, since we took the effort to mail in our applications? Thanks to whoever sent the JIL status update, since I never would've even known to check there! (You're welcome--wish I had better news to contribute!)
  • As if you already didn't know, I did receive a letter by snail mail saying the search was cancelled. You are correct; it seems weird that some are notified and some aren't. 12/2/08
  • Received letter on cancellation (12/3) (x3) (12/4) (12/10) (12/11)

Merrimack College (modern and contemporary American) Review of apps. begins Oct. 15

  • Dossier request 11/5 (2)
  • Wasn't a dossier required with the application?
    • The job ad lists "three letters of recommendation" as among the materials to be sent initially. Are we talking about letters or a writing sample?
    • A: E-mail request for a writing sample. [Date? Did they request yr dossier simultaneously?] I was contacted by e-mail on 11/5 and asked to send a writing sample. My rec letters were mailed in October.
      • Cryptic update on JIL: "Candidates will be contacted for MLA interviews by first or secon"--cut off mid-sentence! Anyone know the dates?
      • It looks as though the listing is gone from the JIL (11/10).
      • The listing is there (you just have to search under "expired listing"). It's frustrating that the dates are cut off, but I'd guess that they're saying that candidates will be contacted for an interview by the first or second week in Dec. [I mean, we could wish that it was Nov., but that seems unlikely.]
  • email request for writing sample 11/26 (x3)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/6 (x4)
    • any of you with 11/26 samples heard about interviews? are they done?
    • Yes. I received a writing sample request in the second round and have scheduled an interview.
    • Me too.
  • Just notified of waitlist status for a campus interview. Congrats to the 3 finalists! 1/16

Miami University (American modernism/North American literature and culture 1900-1950) 10/31

  • JIL now says this position is canceled (11/3)
  • email explaining that the search is canceled due to anticipated budget constraints (11/7)

Millersville University (American literature and culture since 1970) App. deadline: Dec. 21

  • snail mail acknowledgement (12/15, 12/20)
    • The acknowledgment letter had the standard diversity form and a second application form (it's yellow). The yellow form has to be returned by 5 January. Heads up.
      • Nearly two months since application date and not a word from anyone beyond acknowledgement. Is this job still on? Has anyone gotten a request of any kind?
      • campus visit scheduled (3/19)

Mississippi State University (20th-Century American with a strong emphasis on Southern literature) 11/ 14

  • "Thanks, but no thanks" email 11/4 (x2), 11/17 (x2), 11/21
  • Dossier request 11/5 (x2)
  • Received dossier request, today (12/3) rejection e-mail regarding interview
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/3)

Missouri Southern State University (20th/21st-century American and British literature, with secondary expertise in postcolonial literature) App. deadline: Nov. 3

  • Ack. snail-mail, dated 11/24.
  • Phone interview scheduled 11/24.
  • Search cancelled 12/11. They're going to hire a one-year replacement.

Murray State University (modern or contemporary American poetry) App. deadline: Nov. 14

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/12 (2)

Notre Dame Review begins 10/31

  • Ack. of app. 11/4
  • Received request for more materials (11/14)(x8)
  • Does anyone know what the request for "updated credentials" means/refers to in their email for additional materials? Thanks
    • I would guess that means they want recommendation letters that were written this year, as well as any recent changes to the c.v.
  • Snail mail rejection (dated 12/5, received 12/8. I was not asked for more materials) x12
  • Rejection letter (12/8) (X6) Q: Had any of you been asked for more materials previously? A: I was not asked.
  • I just noticed that there's another listing for Notre Dame on the 19th Century American wiki page; I thought the position was for 2 twentieth century people and didn't include 19th century applicants :( Anyway, the other page says they have already invited two senior scholars to campus in early Dec., but still plan on interviewing junior people at MLA.

MLA interview invite by phone 12/15 (x4)

  • a kind rejection; I had been asked for materials; email says they may be hiring for another junior position in American next year. 12/17 (x2)
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone 1/7 Q: Congrats to the invitee. Did you get a sense whether they scheduled all their flybacks at the same time? Q: Yes, good luck! I'm visiting from the 19c page and had the same question about scheduling. And, I suppose, if there's any info about those senior candidates. A: I was not given specifics about other candidates or how many, but I believe that this search is still running as an open-rank one. It seems that the committee has been very considerate about letting people know when they are no longer under consideration, so I'd hold tight and assume that things are still fairly flexible because of the nature of the search. Thanks for the good wishes, and best of luck to you as well.

Penn State Shenango (Americanism and race/gender diversity) Due 10/20

  • Ack. 10/22
  • Ack. 10/25 (x2)
  • MLA interview invitation by email (12/15) x3
  • Campus visit scheduled 2/6 (see Early American page)

Pomona College (British and/or American Poetry since 1820) App deadline: Nov. 3

  • USPS Ack. 11/10 (x4), 11/12
  • email request for writing sample 11/12; ditto, 11/14; ditto, 11/14; ditto 11/14 (2)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/10; x2.
  • Phone or email?
  • Phone

Providence College (any area of fiction 1960-present, with the ability to teach U.S. writers) 11/1

  • rec'd email indicating that my dossier, sent 3+ weeks before via Interfolio, hadn't arrived! was told other applicants also had problems w/ their dossier services.
  • I also sent via Interfolio, but as of yet received no email. Did they specify the problem was Interfolio, or just other dossier services in general? Did anyone receive ack of app from them?
  • I used my university's dossier services (and they got materials to all the other schools on time) and have not heard a word from PC in form of receipt. No acknowledgment letter or EOE card. It also looks like the same thing is happening in their Milton search (same Nov 1 deadline) -- no one has updated the other PC search for ack letters or EOE cards.
  • I also received the email that neither my dossier (sent via university dossier service) nor two sets of official transcripts (sent from two diff Registrars offices) had arrived (after 4 weeks). The email made no mention of this being a wide-spread issue but I have heard from others who applied that they were also told letters hadn't arrived yet. Since I did get the email, though, I knew that at least my application package had arrived. 11/26 (x2)
  • I also received an email that my dossier didn't arrive, and now I feel bad because I got mad at Interfolio (my dossier service) about it. Turns out one of my colleagues got the same email message. It must be something on their end. 11/26
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/13) (x2)

Queens College - CUNY App. deadline: Nov. 20 App. deadline has been extended to Dec. 15

  • Where is this ad? I don't see it in the JIL.
    • You have to search under "expired listings." The job is in Transnational American Lit. (not confined to any century).
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/4)
    • What does this mean, considering that the application deadline isn't until Dec. 15th? Is it even worth it to apply when interviews have already been scheduled? It sounds like they already know who they want... (12/11)

Quinnipiac University (20th-century British and/or American and the ability to teach both Modernist and contemporary literature) App. deadline: Nov. 1

  • Anyone get a letter of acknowledgement? I haven't. (11/24)
  • No ack. here. (11/26)
  • Nor here (12/2) X6
  • Email saying tenure-track position has been suspended. Position being converted to visiting assistant professor (12/10). (X8) btw --a one-year position which we can REAPPLY, okay.
    • This may not be the best place to ask, but it's my impression that such positions aren't often "re-converted" to TT. Are my perceptions correct on this one?
    • I've never seen this precise formulation, TT to visiting and back, but it is unlikely, from my experience of departments getting lines, a pretty involved and often contentious process, that it will be next year or even the next. Further, taking such a position does not necessarily work in one's favor if and when the job does come up. Familiarity does not often breed a tenure track job.

Rollins College (Hamilton Holt School) App. deadline: Oct 15

  • Ack. of app. 11/6
  • dossier/sample / teaching statement request via email 11/7 (x8)
  • Wasn't the teaching statement requested originally?
    • A: I was asked for a brief statement on teaching non-traditional students and program administration experience in addition to the teaching philosophy statement I submitted with original ap.
  • E-mail announcing that I'd get a call scheduling MLA interview. (12/10)(X2)
  • Rejection Email (I received a dossier request), over 200 applicants (x3).
  • Rejection Email (no dossier request) (12/12) (x3)
  • After MLA interview, received e-mail indicating that they had invited "a couple" of people for campus interview, and that I remained on their "short list." (1/16) (x2)
  • rejection email (after the "short list" note) announcing that an offer had been made and accepted (1/27) (x2)
  • Rollins also had a listing for a one-year American literature position. I applied and received an email today stating that this search has been canceled. (1/29)
    • given the, ah, subtleties of the "short list" note, and the general confusions of this tt search, I cannot but wonder what "canceled" actually means (sorry to sound bitter).
    • Yeah, the whole "MLA to campus visit to final hire" part of the process went by surprisingly (suspiciously?) quickly: under a month from MLA to hire, and just 11 days from notice that they were holding campus visits to notification of a hire. Did this new hire obviate the need for the temp position? Hmmm. Inquiring minds want to know.
    • For what it's worth, a long year after these comments, it's now clear that this was in fact an inside hire.  Congratulations, of course, to the successful candidate, but one nevertheless feels a bit used by this department (12/04)

Rollins College (Visiting)

  • E-mail notification of search cancellation, 1/29

Texas A & M (contemporary U.S.-based literature) App. deadline: Nov. 1

  • Acknowledgement by snail mail 11/11; 11/13; they will be reading applications into early December (x5).
  • MLA interview scheduled, via phone (12/6) (x3)
  • Snail mail rejection letter 12/8 (x4) 12/15 (x2)
  • Post-MLA interview rejection letter, snail-mail (1/12) Congratulations to the two finalists! (x2)

University of Alaska-Fairbanks App. deadline: Nov. 3

  • Anyone get a letter of acknowledgement?
    • No, haven't heard anything. (X2)
  • Big fat old mass rejection email from HR (11/25) (x4)
    • It's amazing how cold the rejection was--whhooo! get it?!?!!
      • Ba da bum.
  • Q: Over in the 19th. C. section, someone is reporting a phone interview for this job. Has anyone both not received a rejection and not been contacted for an interview? *
  • A: Yes. No rejection and no interview (x9)
  • Q: So, has anyone who did not get rejected heard anything new about this? Did UAF do anything at MLA? I applied way back in October, and still haven't heard peep from them (1/9/09).
  • A: They did phone interviews in mid-December (I had one) and then silence. An email got me the information that the search is still active but nothing more (2/15/9).

University of British Columbia (Literatures in English since 1945) 10/17

  • Request for phone interview 11/18 (x4)
  • friendly rejection via email 11/18 (x15)
    • Ditto 12/4
    • The email said that there were 199 applicants for this job. Wow.
      • Is 199 average for a lit job? It seems like a lot to me, but maybe that's normal?
        • Yes - it is normal for UBC. Have you been to B.C. or visited the campus? I'd give my left arm to work there.
          • 199 actually sounds low. I know at Lehigh over 300 applications were sent in for that job and that, sadly, seems more like the norm than not.
            • Yeah, 199 sounded low to me too. Maybe the numbers were low because the job deadline was so early (it was my earliest one), and the Canada searches always ask for so much material up front. Hard to get everything together that fast. Plus they want things to arrive by the deadline, not just be postmarked by that date. Last year a Canadian school actually went to the trouble of sending me a letter that said that they weren't going to consider my application because it arrived a day after the deadline.

                • Remember, too, that Canadian schools usually take citizenship into account. Not that it really matters most of the time; I reckon they'll go for anyone who has the golden stones.
  • I don't think you can over-generalize about Canadian schools. I have applied to Can jobs late and had my app accepted. I always thought that American schools asked for too much material upfront. It really depends on the school.
  • I'm the generalizer, above. I've applied to 7-8 jobs in Canada over the last couple of years and every one of them asked for dossier, writing sample, teaching statement, student evalutions, etc., from the get-go. I've wondered about it. It's a lot of work, esp when you don't know how seriously American applicants will be considered.
  • Hey do you know of a central location to look for Canadian jobs? I have found one but it is never updated and I end up having to go to schools webpages. Is there something like the MLA or chronicle for smaller jobs?
  • Who you calling "smaller"? Ha ha. Check out University Affairs.
  • Anyone else not received rejection email but not been called for interview? 12/2
    • Yup - x2 right here (12/3)
    • The email said that they had settled on a long-list of 11 candidates back on 11/18. But perhaps there is a "shadow" long-list in case all of us bomb the phone interviews, and that's why you haven't had a rejection yet?
      • The phone interviews will last 15 minutes...seem a little short?
      • So short! What can they possibly find out in 15 minutes?
      • They will base their decision on how annoying your voice is relative to the other 10 people. Or, they have a secret question with only one right answer; the closest answer wins. My other guess is they will have a trance medium there who will make the decision based on your past lives. As with a police phone tracing, there is a minimum time period required to evoke your spiritual rap sheet.
  • Short-list determined and contacted 12/24
  • Rejection via email in grand holiday-smashing spirit. 12/24
  • on campus interviews taking place - at least one short-listed candidate has withdrawn before on-campus interview (apparently this is the case for both current searches in English at UBC)

University of California, Santa Barbara (Literature and Media) due 10/24

  • Anyone?
  • The Film & Media Studies wiki showed a request for more writing samples listed in mid-Nov.
    • not the one on scratchpad-- can you direct us to the wiki of which you speak?
    • Yes, the one on scratchpad. Film and media studies has its own wiki, not the "film and media" section under English Literature. It says another writing sample requested on 11/17.
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/13
    • Q: did you get a second writing sample request prior to interview request? A: not prior to interview request.
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/15. They asked for a second writing sample to be sent by 12/19.
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone 1/3 (x2)
    • Rejection email (1/13)

University of Chicago (20th-Century British, American, or Anglophone) due 11/3

  • Acknowledgment by email 11/17 (x17)
  • no acknowledgement here 11/19 (2) 11/21(1)
  • acknowledgment 11/20 (x4)
  • ack. 11/21
  • Writing sample request 11/24 (x3)
  • Writing sample request 11/25 (x3) - did you receive requests via e-mail or snail mail? email.
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/11
  • Rejection by email 12/16, 12/30
  • May I ask if the person who rec'd an interview also rec'd a WS request? I ask b/c the WS request email said they'd be reading up until the convention, so the interview req. seems surprisingly early... A: WS requested.

for those of you who've had writing sample requests, did you send in your applications early? I'm just wondering whether they're done, or if things are still rolling. Answer: I did not send it early (x2).

on list of cancellations it says 3 jobs have been reduced to 1. Any confirmation/source on this? No, but insider source reports that they received over 700 apps. Across all three fields? That actually strikes me as low.

I agree! Esp. if Gettysburg had over 500 apps for an American job.

All that "careful reading" of 35-50 pp. writing samples resulted in them scheduling interviews in less than two weeks after the writing sample request (supposing people did not send them the same day, they had even less time). This is such a joke.

Well, I've received neither an interview nor a rejection, so it's likely they're still reading. Or they lost my application altogether.

Or the administrator who is responsible for getting those letters/emails out is swamped with end of the semester work.

  • Post-MLA Rejection, 1/10 (Mention of budgetary constraints)
  • Rejection by post 1/22; had already received similar rejection by email. (Enough! I get it!). Job visits are now posted on the Department calendar.

University of Iowa (20th-century U.S. literature and culture) Review begins Oct. 15

  • email request for writing sample and dossier 10/23
  • Same request 10/28 (x6), 10/28 (x5), 10/29 (x6)
  • email request for writing sample and dossier (even though I included a ws in my initial app) (11/10, Submitted app on Oct31)
  • request 11/10 (x5); submission 10/26; request 11/10; submission 10/23; 11.11, sub 10.31
  • Same: request for dossier and sample apparently sent earlier (to the wrong e-mail address?), but follow-up phone call on 11/17 elicits the materials promptly (yikes); app submission was 10/31
    • Those of you who rec'd requests, when did you submit online apps? Answer = Apps submitted: 10/5; 10/10; 10/13 ; 10/16 ; 10/17; 10/18; 10/22; 10/27 ; 10.31

MLA scheduled by phone 12/13 (x5)

  • has anyone heard about flybacks? anxiously waiting (1/1)

to the above poster: sorry, I had an interview, and I received a flyback call 12/30 while still at the conference.

  • I interviewed at the MLA and just received a personalized email from a member of the search committee informing me that they had chosen their flybacks. I had already figured that this was the case, but really appreciated the gesture. I haven't necessarily had an abundance of interviews during my two years on the market, but the U of Iowa has conducted the most professionally and humanely run search in which I've been involved--by a wide margin. A big congrats to whoever gets this job! (1/6)
  • Search on hold after campus visits due to budget (2/13)

University of Nebraska - Lincoln (Twentieth Century Poetry, British or American) due 11/1

  • Dossier request via email 11/12 (x4)
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/03
    • anyone else heard about interview who got a sample request? 12/12 I was one of the people who received a dossier request above, but I haven't been contacted for an interview. I'm pretty bummed because I have been checking the wiki constantly for info about this job, and then this interview update pops up yesterday, a week after the person has been contacted. No one from the British modern and contemporary wiki has been contacted for an interview for this job either. I must say that I am jealous of the interviewee. 12/12
  • i feel for you, above writer. i had received a dossier request for the lit theory search at unl, and no interview. not to toot the horn, but i felt beyond qualified and that my interests were an exact fit. a colleague friend at another institution was also a superb match and didn't get an interview after the dossier request. so it makes me think they're straying a little from the specifics of what they advertised, possibly for this search as well, given economic restraints. needless to say, i'm feeling the pain, but best wishes to the lucky interviewee. a tough year, so relish it.
  • To both of the above: of course it's a bad year, but beyond that, you should get out of the habit of thinking that your accomplishments, whatever the specifics are, will be rewarded. As depressing as that recognition is, it's better than thinking that some level of accomplishments will get you your dream job, because it won't. Luck will. So good luck.
  • to all of the above: this job description (the c20 poetry job) might have been written for me; it was the single best description for me out there; I received not so much as a dossier request; I have multiple publications. a brief riposte, then, to the self-styled spokesman for harsh, random reality: this is not about thinking merit will be justly rewarded with a dream job; this is, rather, about despair: about thinking "if THEY don't want me, if I'm not viable for THIS one, then I must be well and truly...."
  • a riposte to your riposte . . . Believe me, I feel your pain & despair. I seriously may need antidepressants if I need to go on the market again. This wasn't my ideal job, but my own accomplishments have met with similar silence from seemingly ideal jobs. My attempted point was that there's no better recipe for going crazy in this market than "I have done x, y and z, and therefore I will get the attention I so deserve!" Recognizing the random stupidity of the market helps blunt the blow a little.
  • The search has been canceled due to budget cutbacks; interviews canceled. (12/20)
  • Wow. I didn't apply for this job because I wasn't qualified for it. But, wow. Reading the previous angst / jealousy over scheduled interviews, with the bitter ending of a canceled search? This job officially wins it for the "tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" award of the year.
  • I'd like to second the nomination: U of Nebraska deserves the "tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" award for this year--and last year. Check out last year's wiki; Nebraska was at MLA interviewing for this very position. The job ads are the same. I know because I applied to this job last year, too, but I was shortlisted for it this year. This past summer I received a letter stating that the position has not been filled for the 2008-2009 AY. Apparently, it was a failed search. Maybe I'll apply next year, too, for kicks. Who knows, maybe the third time will pay off.
    • And if it doesn't, you can always start a collection of U of Nebraska "Sorry - search cancelled" letters. Maybe sell them on ebay. What kind of search is this, anyway?!

University of Nebraska, Kearney (post-WWII and contemporary American literature) Review begins Jan. 15

  • Request for complete resume: 1/29
  • Personal Application File status updated to "Not Hired" (would have loved the job, but luckily have tenure at a good school - good luck you all!)
  • Phone interview scheduled: 2/20
  • Campus interview scheduled: 3/3
  • Offer extended: 4/8
  • Offer accepted: 4/10

University of North Carolina, Pembroke (contemporary literature) Review begins Oct. 3

  • Phone Interview: 10/28
  • Campus interview scheduled 11/17
  • Snail mail indicating that the starting date will be in August, not January (12/10). I wonder: are they still reviewing materials, or is this just that the chosen candidate can't start in January?
    • No candidate has been chosen yet, but it's my guess that most of the applicants in the final bunch had contractual commitments or were otherwise unable to start in January. I doubt they are still reviewing materials at this point.

University of Tulsa (early 20th-Century American) due Oct. 1

  • What job is this? I never saw this listed?
    • From website: The University of Tulsa seeks an Associate or advanced Assistant Professor of English in early 20th century American literature.
  • Have heard nothing yet 11/20 (x2)
  • Received ack. of app. before 11/20 (n.d.)
  • Email writing sample request (11/19)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/9) (x2)

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (post-WW II/Contemporary American Lit and culture) Nov. 15

  • Dossier request by email ~11/7
  • Dossier request by email 11/20 (x3)
  • awesome mr. roboto email rejection 11/20 (x10)

(w bonus name misformatted: "Dear Surname, Firstname...")

  • haven't heard either way 11/24. are there others in the same boat?
    • Yes, me too. I'm trying hard (but failing) not to read anything into the lack of rejection.
    • Me three; I applied last-minute, though. Maybe they haven't gotten around to reviewing everyone yet? Or we're a sort of back-bench crew if the dossier request folk don't work out? Or they just haven't gotten around to dinging us yet. We'll see . .
    • Me four. Also applied last minute.
    • I thought a rejection too but now, on Dec 2, I get a request for my dossier. Who knows? Maybe they are still going through the pile. (x5)
  • same awesome Mr. Roboto email rejection, after 11/20 dossier request (12/9) (x4)
  • Mr. Roboto strikes again; I wasn't asked for a dossier earlier . . . (12/9) (x7)
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/9) (x2)
  • Phone interview scheduled 12/11, though he left the message 12/10. He said there are 8 phone interviews scheduled for next week, no MLA interviews, 2 or 3 for campus visits. They want to speed up their time frame. By the time I called back, there were only 2 slots for me to choose from--there must be only one left to schedule.
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/12)
  • Q: Does anyone have a sense of their timeline in terms of scheduling campus visits? A: Received call for flyback today. Specific scheduling of flyback is dependent on funding approval. (12/18).
  • Q: Is anyone else in this boat: You received a dossier request back in Nov, but since then you've heard absolutely nothing -- neither a rejection nor an interview request? (Obviously, I can read the writing on the wall; I'm just curious...) (1/7)
  • I was interviewed but never got a flyback invitation. Curious to hear what happened. Anybody? (3/22)

Western New England College

  • Letter via snail mail announcing that search has been aborted 11/19 (x4)

Whitman College (modern and contemporary American) App. deadline: Oct. 31

  • Acknowledgment by email 11/18 (x22)
    • shoot! no acknowledgment here! anyone else?
      • I also didn't receive an acknowledgment (x4)
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/5) (x2)

Q: When did you get a sample request? A: No sample requested. (x2)

  • MLA interview scheduled (12/8--email; no sample req)

Q: Is this common? Interviews based on cv, letter, and recs only?

  • I wouldn't say common, but I know a few other instances of it happening.
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/22)

Wisconsin, Eau Claire Due 11/3

  • Acknowledgment via snail mail 11/6
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/11 (x2)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (modern American literature, film, and media) Review begins Nov. 15

  • MLA interview scheduled, 12/2 (x2)
  • Q: Just out of curiosity, how did you know about the job?
  • A:
  • Did anyone else notice that this was just re-posted on JIL? I wonder if it's even worth applying, since they've already started setting up interviews. Then again, why would they re-post it? Any ideas? (12/6) A: They also just posted it in the Chronicle this week. I'm confused, too. Not enough applicants for top-secret job?
  • This does sound very strange. I wonder if this is one of those, "well we have to make it public but actually we know exactly who our candidate is."
  • MLA interview request via phone 12/18
  • I see that this program is also looking for a new Chair in addition to this position. Anyone got the scoop, if there is one?
  • Email rejection 1/6
    • Is this a post-MLA rejection? In other words, did you interview with them?
    • Did not interview.
  • Looks like an inside job. Department web site just added a new asst. prof.
    • Who's new? I don't see it; the most recent professor in Humanities and Arts was hired in September 2008; not 2009.
    • There's a new rhet/comp prof whose specialties seem to overlap with some of the criteria of the current search. But she was hired last year, so I think the previous poster was mistaken in assuming she was the inside hire.
  • snail mail rejection post-mla (2/12) (x2, 2/14)

Yale University (Twentieth Century Literature) App. Deadline: Nov. 1

  • acknowledgement via snail mail 11/5 (x7)
  • no acknowledgement here 11/15 (x7)
  • acknowledgement via snail mail 11/15 (x3), 11/19, 11/21
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/17) (x2)
  • Snail mail rejection card 12/18, 12/19 (x4)
    • Uh, isn't this like being dumped via post-it note? I mean, we aren't worth a first class stamp and a full sheet of paper?
    • No. No, we're not.
    • I think it depends really on how many people applied for the position(s): I imagine quite a large number, given the large number of applicants at other institutions. And it's the only notice I've got from any of the Ivies, and at least I can use the card as a bookmark.
  • Campus visit scheduled 12/30

to yale finalists: I'm on the "waitlist" for campus visits; they told me I'd get a flyout in Feb if, I assume, they are not happy with the candidates they flyout in Jan. I'd much appreciate any news about any offers made in Jan, and the search reaching a close before 2/1 should that be the case. good luck otherwise.

My campus visit is for early February, so I hope the search won't close before 2/1! Will definitely post any news. Thanks for the good luck, and likewise!

thanks for the above post - very helpful. and also, yes, it sounds like they won't be making any decisions until mid Feb, so you are in good shape with an early Feb flyout. good luck again, although as I'm sure the search chair told you already, if you've gotten this far, you should feel immensely pleased regardless of outcome. finally - if anyone knows the inside story about hiring for "modern US Lit" vs "Ethnic American lit" (is it two searches or just one?), that would be really helpful too. I am up for the Ethnic American line joint with Am Studies, but it's unclear if that is being run as a separate search, and if that is a factor in my current "delayed" flyout.