Academic Jobs Wiki

Please post links to any and all blogs that might be useful, or fun, to those of us in academia, and on the academic job market in particular.[]

Such as:[]

  • College Misery features job and career related posts a few times each day.
  • The Social Academic features advice on personal academic websites and social media
  • Tenured Radical
  • The Philosophy Smoker
  • Blog U.(InsideHigherEd blogs)
  • Get A Life, PhD:
  • "On the Fence" has info. on the academic and nonacademic job markets.
  • is a blog about a grad student who recently completed his English master’s and decided to turn down an opportunity to do a Ph.D. at a prestigious program with a full-scholarship. His blog records his transition into the “real world” and his reflections about whether turning away from academia was the right thing to do. His blog received national coverage in The Chronicle of Higher Education and now tracks his struggle to make a living as a writer.
  • The Professor is In : a website that offers academic career advice for graduate students, the job market, the tenure-track, and even the tenured. "The Professor" is a former tenured professor and Department Head with 15 years of experience advising and teaching in the humanities. She offers much of her advice on her daily blog "Pearls of Wisdom"-- but is also available for hire on a contractual basis. A good source for no-nonsense, practical, honest advice from the point of view of a career academic.
  • Constructing the Academy is a professionalization blog geared towards those in the early stages of academic careers in the humanities. Posts range from strategic advice on balancing writing and teaching, to templates for organizing comprehensive exam notes, to multi-part series on everything from transitioning from grad student to faculty member, to how to approach the dissertation.
  • Lumpenprofessoriat
  • Rebecca Schuman's blog:
  • Dedicated academic job board for Australia  
  • an academic job board that advertises both academic and non academic jobs in the UK. is a blog written by a first-generation graduate student and aimed at helping other graduate students navigate the PhD, with particular emphasis on teaching and professionalization.