Academic Jobs Wiki is a community site for tracking searches in various categories for academic positions. It serves as a resource for landing your perfect faculty job, from anthropology to urban planning and everything in between.

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Welcome to the Academic Jobs Wiki.

This is a wiki for tracking searches in various categories for academic (i.e. faculty) positions. Please post listings by subject area. Note that some areas need filling in with actual pages. 

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Dissertation Fellowships (Research, Completion, Predoctoral)

Discussing job hunt experiences

Comic Relief:

  • Anyone looking ahead to the next job season and needing a good laugh might like to check out this MLA spoof. It's ongoing and borderline brilliant.


Exhaustig, as my chums from school
Did grum and gream at Em Allay:
All mopesy was the Chronicule,
But we’d been twerking all day.

“Beware the Jobberwik, my son!
Five-minute tasks shall take five days!
Beware the Letter Service! Shun
its mislaid dossiers!”

Took hours to choose our vorpal pens:
And sighned our coverlets with pride –
And threw Seevees into the breeze,
And sat awhile, and cried.

And as we kvented and kvetched
The Jobberwik, that pushy moocher,
Shtiffled past us as we retched,
And sketchered at our futures!

Oi veh! Oi veh! All night, all day
At Em Allay we groamed and grobbed –
And left half-dead, but in our heads
The slight hope we’d been jobbed.

“And shall we feed the Jobberwik?
And shall we gain or lose employ?
Regardless, shall we kill morale,
or fight despair with joy?”

Exhaustig, as my chums from school
Did grum and gream at Em Allay:
All mopesy was the Chronicule,
But we’d been twerking all day. 

Relevant Articles

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[IMHO Bousquet has hit the nail on the head here, whether we like it or not.]

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Academic Networking and Job Resources

  • You on the Market - Academic job market advice and resources maintained by a current Assistant Professor. Aimed at Humanities Ph.D.s but some information, like interviewing tips and keeping track of job applications, useful for all.
  • English, Spanish, French and German language specialists needed at . Work invlolves consultations on language software development.
  • An academic job board for reseach communities both in academia and industry in US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, EU countries, and others over the world. Recuiters can post job free very easily, job seekers can find the job very fast. Everyday, there are thousand academic positions posted in They include Master , PhD , Postdoc , Lecturer , Professor , Researcher , and other universities jobs .
  • - A comprehensive collection of resources that have been gathered for higher ed professionals. It includes links to faculty, staff, and administrative job announcements, listings of professional associations, conferences, and much more!
  • - UK based jobboard for academic and non academic jobs.
  • - a global university job site used by colleges and universities to advertise teaching jobs, education jobs, professor jobs, faculty jobs. Jobs in all functional areas. Job seekers can use all applicant services for free. such as email alerts when matching jobs are posted and/or post a resume. Jobs in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and all over Europe, Asia, Middle East.
  • Plagiarism research team needed. For exploration of plagiarism in mathematical, IT and sociology.
  • Academic Positions Network - Academic, Research and Science jobs in Europe.
  • Jobric - - is a UK-based job portal launched in 1998 by academics at the University of Hull built on algorithms that produce job offers in various areas of the UK. 
  • Joblift search: India ( ), Germany (, France (, Netherlands ( the United States ( ) and the UK ( you will find over 4,5 million job offers. 
  • Academic job board owned by the sector - is the leading international job board for careers in academic, research, science and related professions. Launched in 1998 by the University of Warwick, now advertises for over 7,000 organisations worldwide including universities, research institutions, colleges, charities and commercial organisations.  Includes over 900 careers advice articles and FREE careers ebooks developed especially for people working in Higher Education.
  • Jobted ( aggregates job vacancies from all career sites, job boards and recruitment agencies both in the US and abroad. Jobted operates in the following countries: UKAustraliaGermany, AustriaFranceItalySpain, USABrazil and India.
  • is a portal for academicians, students, professors and researchers to find best venue to publish their research results, find conference call for papers, select most appropriate journals, get updates about journal special issues, as well as lude webinar cfps. ResearchCalls also includes a dedicated section for academic jobs and financial aids for academicians, such as PhD and Postdoc scholarships, grant submissions, travel grants, and similar. 
  • Vitae's JobTracker 2013-14 Job Listings Data - who got hired?
  • AcademicRoom is a next-generation social club conceived at Harvard for rising scholars to market themselves by creating profiles, networking with established scholars in their subfield, and curating resources such as lecture vidoes, journal articles, digital books, manuscripts and bibliographies.
  • is a hybrid of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Academic Jobs International for academia and industry (36 countries, mainly USA and Europa):
  • Academic Job board offering Phd positions, Postdoc positions, assistant- associate- and full professorships, great 'working abroad' coverage for The Netherlands and valuable link-section: [1] 
  • a new, free and open source academic jobs website where anybody can post jobs anonymously
  • Academic Jobs Europe  - is an academic job board for academic, Science and Research jobs in the Europe. Employers can post jobs for free and jobseekers can apply to jobs for free. It has separate web section for each country of the Europe. Currently offered in English, French and Spanish languages
  • #Alt-Academy - Alternative Academic Careers for Humanities Scholars
  • Are you on the academic job market? Researchers at Washington State University would like to hear about your experiences! The study involves completing confidential online questionnaires before and after each on-campus interview to which you are invited. Participants will be compensated. To learn more, contact Dr. Kristen Jones ( or visit our study webpage
  • offers a clean, innovative way to search calls for papers, chapters, and articles.  The site’s organization and streamlined, user-friendly interface distinguishes it from other CFP sites. Scholars can search by the three criteria: time (date), space (geography), and content (category):
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education offers forums for discussing myriad higher ed related topics (job market, publication, tenure, leaving academia, etc.):
  • theCommons - an index of new research in the humanities.
  • EU job board for researchers:
  • Educators on Demand: just-in-time adjunct faculty recruitment and placement network. Candidates assemble detailed credential dossiers so that employers can make rapid hiring decisions to fill adjunct vacancies, often on tight deadlines.
  • University of Phoenix - Faculty Jobs
  • Global Academy Jobs is the 2nd largest Academic and Research Job Board in the UK and the 5th largest in the world, offering specialised vacancies within the Academic and Research Sectors. 
  • Greater Washington State Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (GWS HERC) has job postings for academic and non-academic jobs in Washington State. 
  • The Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) has academic jobs at 550+ colleges, universities, teaching hospitals, labs, and government agencies and search tools for dual-career couples.
  • Helium Podcast - A podcast for PhDs who believe they should be more impactful than their h-index. Episodes focus on navigating the skills and ideas that will make your career impactful (e.g., mentoring, effective collaboration, convergent science).
  • HigherEdJobs - Finding the right job doesn’t have to be hard. Since 1996, HigherEdJobs has been making it easier to advance your academic career with the most comprehensive, easy-to-use website for connecting you to your perfect job in academia. Search job openings in 200+ faculty, administrative, and executive categories. With a free job seeker account, you can post your resume/CV for employers to view, receive job announcements that meet your search criteria via email, and stay up-to-date with higher education news and career resources.
  • HigherEd360 -   Comprehensive website that has resources like university profiles, a calendar of academic conferences, and job listings.  
  • H-Net Job Guide -The Job Guide posts academic position announcements in History and the Humanities, the Social Sciences, and Rhetoric and Composition, and serves a broad audience of administrators, faculty members, archivists, librarians, and other professionals in the humanities and social sciences. The Job Guide is fully sortable and searchable, and is available via email and the web at no cost to the jobseeker.
  • Humanities Commons — A non-profit, open-access scholarly network and paper-sharing platform for people working in the humanities. Hosted by a consortium of scholarly societies and headed by the MLA. 
  • Interfolio’s Dossier service has changed its pricing. You can now collect materials and recommendation letters for free. If you want to send letters to search committees, there’s a flat yearly fee ($48) for up to 50 deliveries. But if you’re applying to a school that uses Interfolio to run the search, you only need the free version.
  • Gigajob Uk - Job search engine to find academic postions in UK. 
  • The Job Scholar - aggregates academic and non-academic jobs for MAs and PhDs in humanities.
  • - The job portal for researchers and scientists in Switzerland:
  • - Worldwide job portal for researchers and scientists:
  • Researchgate is geared more towards the academic in the pure sciences.
  • Sterneworks Academe page - professionalization resources focusing on Communication Studies (but of broader relevance: job search, transition from student to prof, tenure process, academic couples, etc.)
  • Purejobs - Worldwide job portal for professionals searching jobs in the sciences:
  • - a jobs board with openings from around the world including Europe, Asia, the US, Africa, Australia and the United Arab Emirates
  • Creative Content Writing - Professional Content Writing Services jobs
  • Jobatus - Academic jobs in Spain
  • Noticiastrabajo - Job offer and work in Spain
  • - academic positions in nursing -
  • The MLA Job List for Everyone (domain expired) - Chronicle article on this site: "Faculty Group Leaks MLA Jobs List in Dispute Over Free Access" - September 24, 2012
  • is a networking and collaboration space for all sciences, and includes the LabRoots Jobs page with science-related job postings worldwide
  • The Job Search Blog for everyone  - Article on this site include How To Taking Control of Your Job Search Now - November 30, 2012
  • Council of Independent Colleges Map
  • AWP Career Services ( only charges $5.00 per upload no matter how many letters you send to an individual address and always sends all letters in one single e-mail
  • Trovit - Job search engine for classified ads for jobs
  • Jrec: Academic jobs in Japan
  • Dear Colleagues, Please consider examining the two following links, in particular if you are currently graduate students or if you supervise graduate students.  The MLA Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Profession has recently created this document entitled "Improving Institutional Circumstances for Graduate Students in Languages and Literatures: Recommendations for Best Practices and Evaluative Questions" which addresses issues facing our current graduate students. Please spread the word as much as possible. Committee Website: Document Link:
  • The Professor Is In (Karen Kelsky's blog): job market advice and more.
  • brandEDU Academic branding services, advice, and more.
  • : Full service online faculty recruitment site for academic institutions worldwide in all disciplines. We offer unique solutions tailored for academic communities. Free for applicants and reference letter writers, and we also offer free application package eDelivery service for employers.
  • The Professor Is Out - Resources for internationals looking for academic positions in the USA.
  • Academic Job Market Support Network - Repository for sample jobs materials for humanities phds.  
  • WhatJobs Ireland - A great job board to find academic jobs in Ireland. 
  • WhatJobs Global - A great job board to find academic jobs in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Austria and Switzerland.
  • ALPHAJUMP - Innovative job-matching platform for people based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Jobs Worldwide - Unique site to find academic jobs worldwide.

Non-Academic Career Resources

  • Campusjäger A free tool to find entry-level jobs, internships and positions as a working student in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
  • : Online job board containing mostly IT and software-based employment
  • The Academic Blueprint - Blog and resources on how to develop a professional resume and cover letter after academia.
  • Jobs-regional - The LINUS WITTICH Jobportal contains not only regional jobsoffers, but also helpful resources for blue collar candidates.
  • Talent Sail - Professional recruitment agency for job seekers.

Humanities Journals

  • Documenting the experiences of working with academic journals in the humanities. Which journals move quickly on submission? Which journals give useful feedback? Which journals help your research reach an audience? Go to Humanities Journals Wiki to see others' experiences and add your EJSD Journal

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