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Should we see who is reading this page???[]


Africa: 3

Africa, 20th century: 5

Central Africa: 1

Southern Africa, 19th-20th c.: 3

Southern Africa, 20th c: 2

Medieval Middle East/North Africa: 2

Modern Middle East/North Africa: 5

Pre-colonial Africa: 1


Hebrew University of Jerusalem[]

  • Tenure Track or tenured position in Ancient Near East
  • Deadline: October 31, 2010

Early Modern/Modern[]

Arizona State University[]

  • Assistant Professor in History of the modern Middle East
  • "Candidate must hold a Ph.D. in History or related discipline and be trained in the modern Middle East. The candidate must demonstrate: knowledge of nineteenth- and twentieth-century political, social or cultural history; excellence in research and ability to train graduate students; and launch creative programs to enhance knowledge of contemporary Middle Eastern societies and cultures. Fluency in either Arabic or Hebrew required; both desirable. Also desirable a concentration in politics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Post marked not later than November 15, 2010
  • Any updates on this one?
  • This job has been cancelled

Binghamton University, Ottoman History[]

  • Request for AHA interview plus request for more materials (dissertation and syllabi): 12/14
  • Rejection e-mail 1/18 (x2)
  • Any further news?
    • Yes, they are bringing two senior scholars in first (made a belated decision to do this, and the email acknowledged that it may be unlikely that an established historian will move so they anticipate returning to the junior scholar list).

Cal State San Marcos[]

  • The history department of California State University, San Marcos seeks to hire a tenure-track, assistant professor of Middle Eastern History. Ph.D. in History or Middle Eastern Studies must be in hand by August 2011. Period or area of specialization is open, but candidates must be able to teach surveys in Middle Eastern history and in world history, as well as courses in upper-division general education and our graduate program.
  • Deadline 2/15
  • Visit (available after 1/16/11) for more information.
  • phone interview requested 2/23 x3
  • Invite for campus visit -3/7 (sorry, by phone)
  • may I ask how you were invited?

Claremont-McKenna College[]

  • Tenure track, Asst. Prof in Middle Eastern History
  • Deadline: 11/1
  • Any news?
  • I wish (11/18)
  • Has anyone been contacted? or is there any insight into this search?
  • Still nothing (12/1)
  • Nothing at all (12/3)
  • Department likely will not meet to select finalists (for AHA) until 12/15.
  • Where is this info coming from? The job ad said nothing about AHA interviews...
  • Sorry for the confusion. I've got a friend in the department and the search came up in conversation. He told me about the AHA and the time line, and I asked whether it would be okay if I posted an update here. I'm not in the field, and have no dog in the fight. I'm just delivering the message-thanks!
  • I really appreciate the heads up--the waiting game is certainly hard at this point.
  • Okay, just spun out over an email from chair/administrative assistant saying they were meeting soon and faculty members were reviewing applications but that they had not received my teaching evaluations. My CV, uploaded to the system, contained 7 pages of excerpted student comments but apparently that wasn't enough. As I was traveling, without my own computer, I could only upload from the course I taught that had online evaluation forms. And this after what I admit were too many emails trying to work things out. In any case, this is just an affirmation that the above-mentioned time line seems to be accurate and I hope all of you were more thorough than I in your application uploads.
  • Umm...I didn't send teaching evaluations because the add didn't request any.
  • That's true: read the job ad as it appears on the MESA website . No mention of teaching evals. I also got such a request by e-mail, and sent it right away. Luckily, I had a file of these ready from another job I applied for.
  • Email request for AHA interview (12/13, x2)
    • so, have you actually been given an interview time yet? and how are you responding to the general "make sure we have all your materials" comment in the email? i'm thinking of sending full syllabi.
    • nevermind:), received an email.
  • Rejection email (12/17) (x2)
  • does anyone know how many interviews they did at aha? and how many phone interviews they will do? also, any idea about the time frame? when will we hear whether we're cut or invited to a campus visit?
    • they provided me with a very vague timeline at aha: continuing to interview in the next "couple of weeks" and hope to finalize list by the end of the month. They also asked me for a complete copy of dissertation (anyone else get this request?).
    • email stating they have phone interviews scheduled this next week and will determine a short list by the week following (week of the 24th)
    • they also asked me to send a pdf of my entire dissertation (i have a phone interview this week) but no other info... thanks for your input!
    • Job talks are being scheduled. I know two have already been scheduled because of a colleague who received the announcement to faculty. Does anybody know how many candidates will be invited to campus?
    • waiting to hear from them, still. i guess this means i'm not invited for an interview. have to say they've been quite disorganized from the beginning. seems as if there are some internal problems. anyone else get that impression?
    • Any new developments?
    • Offer made and accepted (2/21).
    • who's the lucky professor?

College of Charleston[]

  • Middle East/Arabic-Speaking/Islamic World
  • The History Department of the College of Charleston invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor in the history of the Middle East/Arabic-Speaking/Islamic World. The time period, subfield, and regional specialization are open. The successful candidate will teach upper-level courses in his/her areas of interest and training, courses on the pre-modern and modern Middle East, and survey courses in pre-modern and/or modern history.
  • Has anyone been contacted?
  • I haven't heard anything, but I think they had pushed their deadline back to Nov 30, so it might still be a while.
  • I got a letter with request for EEO form (11/20), but nothing since. (x2)
  • Phone request for AHA interview (12/13, x3)
  • Any campus invitations?
  • I have yet to hear anything (x2)
  • campus invite via phone call 1/22
  • Offer made and accepted (2/24).

College of William and Mary[]

  • request for more materials: 11/16 (x2)
  • Any news?
  • Nothing (12/3, x2)
  • Still nothing after sending in more materials (12/13)
    • do you mind my asking if you received a second request for more materials?
    • No, only once, on or around 11/16, and have not heard from them since.
  • According to the AHA Job Center handout, they are interviewing on Fri and Sat; assuming that the lucky applicants have been contacted by now, although I'm another one who never heard back after the request for more materials.
  • Received email notification of AHA interview on 12/20
  • Any news? Though, given the late notice for AHA interviews, I expect this SC is just taking more time to deliberate. They seemed pretty thorough and prepared for my interview.
  • campus invite via email 1/22
  • offer made but not accepted 2/22
    • wait, is this in reference to the offer made on 2/16 and not accepted on 2/21? or a second refusal?

Earlham College[]

  • Specialist in Modern Middle East Studies [[1]]
  • PhD preferred, but candidates who are ABD may also qualify for this position.
  • Reviewed as received
  • Any news here?
  • Campus invite (2/8)
  • Any news? (3/18)
  • Offer made and accepted (4/1)

Gettysburg College - Arabic/Islamic Studies[]

  • Any news?
  • Has anyone heard anything from them? (Feb 7, 2011)

Indiana University, Bloomington[]

  • TT, Asst. Professor in Modern Israel
  • Indiana University, the Center for the Study of the Middle East, invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professorship in the study of Modern Israel, to begin August 1, 2011. PhD or equivalent required. Applicants should demonstrate scholarly engagement with the study of modern Israel, either from the point of view of its modern history or one of the social sciences. The successful applicant must maintain ongoing research, a record of creative and effective teaching, and an active professional profile. Teaching obligations will extend from introductory and upper-level undergraduate to graduate courses, as well as graduate training at the master's and doctoral levels.
  • Review of applications will begin December 1 and continue until the position is filled.
  • Any news on this one?

Lafayette College[]

  • TT - Asst. Prof in the history of the Middle East
  • Deadline - November 1
  • request for AHA interview 11/11
  • Got rejection letter :( (x4)
  • Received notification that I did not make the short list, but might be invited for a campus visit if the need arises. It was a very thorough and thoughtful email. 1/15 ( x2)
  • this rejection notification means a very slim chance to be invited-unless the candidates that they chose where horrible, they will most often then not choose one of them. I think its a way to let us down easily.
    • totally agree--it was just one of the more transparent rejection letters i've seen
    • offer made-not sure to whom-got official rejection letter today 2/18

LaSalle College[]

job [[2]]

Deadline Jan 1 but have not seen or heard anything

-Asst. Prof of Middle East

-has anyone heard anything about this job? Have they scheduled skype interviews? or anything like this?

- I contacted them and was told was that the search is still active. I have no idea where they are in the search process.

- Invited to on-campus interview. Last on campus candidate was scheduled to speak February 24.

[Morehouse College][]

-Assist. Prof of Middle East or Asia

-Jan 10th deadline

-Materials must be mailed

-any word on this job?


- Is this search cancelled?

North Carolina State University[]

  • Asst. Professor in International studies/Middle East Energy/Environ
  • "The College of Humanities and Social Sciences invites applications for a tenure-track position in International Studies at the rank of Assistant Professor with research focusing on Energy and/or Environment in the Middle East. The position will be a joint appointment with a 50% commitment to International Studies and a 50% commitment to teaching Middle East studies courses within a disciplinary department. Tenure will be granted by the disciplinary department.Applications are welcomed from scholars in the fields of Anthropology, History, Political Science or Sociology, or related fields. The College especially seeks applications from scholars who are prepared to assume major but not singular responsibility for the core and capstone courses in the International Studies major. In addition, the College seeks scholars whose research covers the geographical area of the Middle East and that is centered on issues pertaining to Energy and/or Environment within that area."
  • Deadline - Nov. 1
  • (11/9) Request for phone interview
  • Received call for finalist notification and request to schedule on-campus interview (12/2)

Qatar University[]

  • Assistant/Associate Professor to develop a course in modern Qatar/Gulf history
  • 3 year renewable post
  • SHORT deadline: 15 Jan. 2011

Saint Michael's College[]

  • The departments of Religious Studies and History at Saint Michael’s College seek to appoint a tenure track assistant professor in Islam, starting August 2011. Research specialization open, teaching experience preferred.
  • The successful candidate will be expected to teach a survey course in Islam for the RS department and in the history of a particular region or regions for HI (e.g. Middle East, Africa, Persia, South Asia, Indonesia), along with upper-level courses that address historical and religious issues in part or all of the Islamic world. Appointment can be in either department depending on the individual hired. The normal teaching load is 3-3/3-2 semester courses in a two-year cycle, and ongoing scholarship is expected.
  • Request for AHA interview (12/3) (x2)
  • Any news on campus interviews? (1/22) - I haven't as of 1/29
  • Any news here?
  • Rejection e-mail 2/14
  • offer made and accepted

San Diego State University - Arabic[]

  • Any news?
  • Has anyone heard anything? (Feb 7, 2011)

Seattle University[]

  • Middle Eastern History - Asst. Prof
  • The International Studies program at Seattle University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professorship in Middle Eastern History. This is a joint position with the Department of History beginning in September 2011. Candidates with a Ph.D. in history are preferred, although outstanding ABDs will be considered. Evidence of teaching excellence and scholarly potential is required. The successful applicant will be expected to engage in program and university service activities and to teach a Middle Eastern survey in the university core, a foundational course in history for International Studies majors, and upper-division courses in her/his area of specialization. Area of specialization and period of concentration open, although ability to offer coursework on the history of Islam and/or the modern Middle East is preferred.
  • Any news here?
  • Nothing (12/4, x2)
  • Request for AHA interview (12/7 x4)
  • Got rejection email.
  • interviewers said a decision on final-round candidates would be made w/o Jan 10, w/o Jan 17 at the latest
  • has anyone heard about this job-today is the 17th
  • I haven't heard anything (morning 1/19) but they did say it could be w/o Jan 17, so ... who knows!
  • email for campus visit 1/19
  • Post-AHA rejection (personal and thoughtful) email. (x2)
  • offer made 2/24
  • offer accepted

Stanford University[]

  • Tenure Track Asst. Prof in Africa/Middle East, 16th-19thC
  • Apply via
  • Deadline: October 10 2010
  • request for MESA interview 11/11
  • didn't make the shortlist: 12/1
  • Ali Yaycioglu accepted this position

Stonehill College[]

  • Tenure track, Asst. Prof. tin the Islamic World/World History
  • Deadline: October 20, 2010
  • request for AHA interview 11/10 (x3)
  • Rejection email received 11/19 (x2)
  • Received email stating that the search would continue "longer than expected" I would be notified in early February. I assume that means I didn't make the short list (sigh). 1/15
  • for you who received the "longer than expected" email, I think that you are still in good standing to be brought to campus because I was rejected about 5 days ago. Good Luck!
    • that's a nice thought, but based on other posts (for example, U of Arkansas where I have a campus visit but another candidate revealed the "search will continue in Feb email," I think it's just a new way of ensuring that they don't say no before they have a bird in the hand (so to speak). Just further indication that the job market is incredibly volatile right now. Best of luck to us all!
    • Could also be that the search has been put in administrative limbo, with the possibility of being cut. Searches in a few other fields were shut down post-AHA when fudning was pulled. Hope that's not the case here.
  • received a letter stating they had completed their search and offered someone the position: 3/1

United States Military Academy[]

  • Asst. Professor of Middle Eastern History
  • The United States Military Academy at West Point is accepting applications for a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of History. We are looking for a historian with expertise in the Middle East and in either South Asia or Africa; the person selected would be expected to teach survey-level courses in both areas, as well as our core survey course in Western Civilization. The initial appointment, which will begin on or about 1 July 2011, is a full-time, three year appointment with the possibility for renewal.
  • Request for AHA interview - 12/10 (x6)
  • Offered campus interview by email (1/14)

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville[]

  • Tenure Track Asst. Prof. in Arab Middle East
  • request for additional materials and phone interview: 10/5 (x2, without phone interview)
  • Has anyone heard anything since?
  • Nothing (12/3), but they were interviewing up through 12/1
  • on-campus interview email invite, 12/7
  • Got a strange e-mail that the search will continue in late January and that I should hear from them by early February. That's probably their way of telling me: "you're not on our short list."
  • On campus interviews, offer made
    • offer declined, 2/21(but so, so sad about it, and a huge congrats to the lucky scholar who accepts)

University of Louisville[]

  • Tenure Track Asst Prof in ME History to 1900
  • Ack received by snail mail (12/6)
  • Request for AHA interview (12/13)
  • any news? 2/22
  • cancelled campus visit due to another offer
  • any news? 3/06
  • they hired someone 3/24

University of Mississippi[]

  • The Department of History ( and the Croft Institute for International Studies (, seek to hire a tenure-track Assistant Professor of History and International Studies with a specialization in the history of the Arab Middle East, broadly defined, since 1914. The appointment will begin in August 2011.
  • Deadline: Open until filled; applications completed by October 15, 2010 are guaranteed full consideration.
  • Request for MESA interview 11/1
  • Campus visits arranged for three candidates. They asked to keep applications active because of the competative nature of the field and in case they do not get one of their top three choices.
  • Job offer made on 12/13/2010. Has been accepted.

University of St. Andrews, Scotland[]

  • Lectureship (tenured) in "any period of Middle Eastern History between 1400 and the present day" but with a preference for Persial/Iran
  • Deadline: 7 January 2011
  • Interviews: 31 January 2011

University of St. Thomas[]

  • Tenure-Track - Modern Muslim World/Middle East
  • Deadline: Open until filled; to ensure full consideration, application materials should be received by 10/22
  • (11/04) request for Skype interview (x2)
  • The HNET ad says Jan 1.
  • Has anyone been contacted for a campus interview?
  • I haven't heard from them since the Skype interview. (x3) I wonder what's up--they cancelled this search last year
  • Hmmm. They also are running an Asia search, and it looks like they haven't contacted those candidates either, not even for first round interviews.
  • I know someone who had an interview at MESA with them
  • (12/05) Rejection email after the first round interview (x3) - rejection e-mail didn't even say I was rejected, it was only implied... - ditto!
  • I didn't receive an interview or a rejection...(x2)
  • Someone got an offer. (2/08)
  • Was the offer rejected? On 3/17 they posted the same job, but this time as a "FT/Limited Term" position.

Washtington University in St Louis - Arabic - Assoc Professor[]

  • Any news?
  • Anyone hear from them? (2/3) X 2

Wayne State[]

  • Modern Middle East
  • Assistant Professor position
  • Deadline 1/21
  • Field of specialization is open. Teaching responsibilities include advanced and graduate courses in the history of the modern Middle East, and survey courses in Middle Eastern and World history.
  • Does anyone know what the teaching load is at Wayne State?
  • 2/2
  • Request for Skype interview (1/24) x3
  • they hope to move quickly and expect to tell people very soon about campus visits x3
  • heard that they could possibly be inviting people on Monday ie tomorrow. Did anyone else hear that?
  • Campus interview scheduled (by phone) 1/30
  • has anyone been rejected officially?
  • I haven't been rejected...yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time until the rejections go out. Seems like a lot of schools are waiting on sending out rejections until after they host candidates on campus.
  • I was told that I would know in about three weeks whether I would be invited to campus about 2 weeks ago. Did anyone else hear this. Its kind of a crummy thing to do if they are just going to reject people anyway
  • I was told I'd hear within a week whether or not I'd get an invite. Two and a half weeks later I have not heard back from them. Perhaps things changed after my interview and they needed to stretch the process out longer, but since someone got a campus invite two weeks ago, I'm not optimistic!
  • anyone been rejected yet? Or are they just going to continue to be very unprofessional and not officially reject people?
  • most unprofessional search to date for sure. Prof I know had a bad experience with them a few years ago also-maybe this is epidemic

Western Oregon University[]

  • Tenure-Track Asst Prof of History (West Asia/Transnational Europe)
  • The history department at Western Oregon University seeks a colleague to join our department as a tenure track Assistant Professor with areas of expertise in West Asian history and an interest in colonial interactions with Europe to begin September 16,2011.
  • Request for phone interview (12/1) (x3)
  • What's the teaching load?
  • I thought it was 3 courses a term - but it looks like they're on a trimester system
  • have heard nothing since phone interview one month ago. anyone have any news on this one? (1/12)
  • I haven't heard anything since the phone interview either. (x2)
  • Offered campus interview (1/21)
  • offer extended (2/18)
    • and accepted?
    • offer accepted


There are a bunch more Africanist positions out there, but I don't get the sense that the people reading this board really need links to them. Please correct me if I am wrong and I will try to find some time to link to them.

Armstrong Atlantic State Univ..[]

  • Deadline: Nov. 1
  • Doesn't look like the greatest job; 4/4 load, for example
  • "tenure track position in the history of Africa and the Atlantic World, exclusive of the United States"
  • Interviewed there a few years ago for a different search. Very nice people, but heavy teaching load. Tenure requirements are adjusted, though.
  • I don't think this is the place for someone to comment on how "great" a job is. Someone may want to be a teaching school or be based in a cool city like Savannah.
  • Teaching Load is 4/4, usually 3 surveys per semester, no AHA interviews, invites for on-campus visits have been extended. Will teach many, many, World Civ and African surveys. GA is an open records state for employee salaries.
  • Rejection via mail (1/15)

Bard College[]

  • Email applications, will be reviewed as they are received
  • Deadline: November 30
  • (12/15) AHA interview scheduled via email (X3)
  • Any news on campus visits?
  • campus visit scheduled (2/9) (x 2)
  • any news? I had a phone interview mid-Jan and was told I would hear by the end of the month. But still nothing...
  • on-campus visits held
  • halted search, no offers to be made (4/4)
  • anyone know why this search was halted? And if they will be reopening it next year?
  • Leon Botstein

Bridgewater State University[]

  • Claim to be hiring a World/African Historian at the link above, but I cannot find any more information on it anywhere. Has anybody else had any luck??? (9/27)
  • Link is now working (10/18)
  • Telephonic interview conducted (3/9)

College of the Holy Cross[]

  • Precolonial Africa and African Diaspora
  • Deadline: October 15
  • (10/22) request for more materials/ASA interview received via email X4
  • campus interview scheduled (1/12)
  • rejection via post
  • Position filled
  • congrats to the new hire!

Columbia University[]

  • "All periods and specializations in Sub-Saharan Africa, excluding West Africa and Francophone Africa, are welcome."
  • Deadline: September 7
  • Additional materials requested (9/20)
  • campus visits for 3 shortlisted candidates currently being conducted
  • Thanks (10/15), good to know someone else is checking this board.
  • Info about the campus interviews might be BS since the job ad stated that interviews would be conducted at the ASA meeting in November.
  • Not BS. Email to dept confirming 3 finalists scheduled for Oct. (10/18)
  • Another source confirms; job talks scheduled. Quick search!!
  • Not so quick. It is Columbia, with its penchant for divisiveness and dragging searches out for years despite phenomenal candidates.
  • Consistent with the above: Email announcing no interviews at ASA, but claiming that the search continues. (10/20)
  • any news?
  • offer made/accepted
  • congrats to the new hire!
  • Is there a reason why people don't name who the new hire is? Esp. if it is official.

Florida Gulf Coast University[]

  • Deadline Nov. 2
  • "ability to teach courses in the history of Africa and the Middle East....Preferred Qualifications: Research field in Sub-Saharan Africa, in any period from the 15th through 18th century. A sub-specialty complementary of the history program's existing strengths."
  • In addition to a cover letter, CV, etc., they ask for this: "Statement of experience with students in research or scholarship as it fits discipline." I've been on the job market for several years (like most of us!), and I've never heard of such a thing; does anyone know how to interpret this?
  • I found this on their website; this seems to provide some clues as to what they're looking for: "In support of the university's mission, FGCU History faculty place great importance on mentoring our history majors in their research and scholarship. In recent years, we have helped our students prepare conference presentations and publish their work. FGCU History professors assist our students' research and scholarship in other ways, such as working with them one-on-one to prepare for graduate school."
  • The job ad reads, "Teaching assignments may be on the main campus or at off-campus sites within our region" -- but this inaccurate (it is probably inserted into all job ads by their HR dept.). There are no "off-campus sites"; the position is definitely for the main (and only) campus.
  • I sent two emails asking for clarification of a couple things in the job ad; I received no response. Needless to say, I did not bother applying. Good luck to whoever gets the job; I hope the dept. is better than the impression they've given.
  • I had the same experience, and responded in the same manner (by not applying). This sort of discourtesy reflects poorly on the search committee and the department.
  • (11/16) phone interview scheduled
  • (11/30) dissertation draft requested (x2)
  • Has anyone been called to campus? Any news on timelines?
  • Campus Interview scheduled (1/6/2011)
  • Position filled (2/26/2011)

Georgia State University[]

  • a friend has an interview at ASA
  • ASA interview (x1)
  • Any news on this search?
  • Search is close to closed (03-05)
  • Position filled

Hobart and William Smith Colleges[]

  • (12/16) interview scheduled at AHA X3 (via phone call)
  • (1/17) on-campus interview scheduled (via phone call)
  • (2/8) Two on-campus interviews conducted, one the last week of January and the other in the first week of February.
  • (2/15) Offer extended
  • Position filled. Congratulations to the new hire!
  • Position filled. ABD from Stanford.

Marist College[]

  • AHA Job Center handout says they are interviewing there. Anyone heard anything?
  • interviews have been conducted and finalists chosen

McGill University[]

  • Deadline Nov. 8
  • "History of Sub-Saharan Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries"
  • e-mail confirmation and request for diversity info (10/29)
  • how many people applied for this? (x5)
  • anyone know why it was a failed search last year?
  • request for materials (12/6)
  • AHA interview scheduled
  • they have had a couple job talks on campus already.
  • letter received saying a hire has been made. Congrats to the successful candidate, Jon Soske! (3/10)

Monmouth College 2-year teaching post-doc[]

  • phone interview week of 11/9

Morgan State[]

  • Deadline December 1st.
  • "preference will be given to specialists in east, central, or southern Africa."
  • Note: this is an assistant/associate hire; also, pre-colonial specialists will be considered.
  • AHA interview requested via email (12/8) X2
  • First campus interview has been scheduled (as of 2/16).


North Carolina Central[]

Northwestern []

  • Excluding East Africa
  • Deadline: October 15
  • E-mail notification of complete application packet (10/21) x2
  • EEO form via email (electronic fill out form) received (10/26)
  • Has anyone heard anything new about this job?
  • Was asked to send in manuscript and other publications in December, but no word from them since then. Has anyone been short listed? (1/17)
  • Announcment posted on Northwestern "Program in African Studies" newsletter.
  • Suspended search (3/7)

Quinnipiac University[]

  • Phone interview scheduled (12/15) (X2)
  • Campus visit schedule (1/2)
  • Rejection (after phone interview) via email (1/10). Just a lovely search committee. Very good with communication. Nothing but good to say about them, even if they didn't want me!
  • I actually found the rejection email a little annoying--writer was trying to be kind and sympathetic, but it came out as patronizing.
  • offer made & accepted

Santa Clara University[]

  • (10/22) rejection received via email "search committee has decided not to interview you". No numbers given.
  • Skype interviews scheduled for week of 10/25.
  • 3 candidates chosen for campus visit.
  • decision made, congrats to new hire

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London[]

  • Lectureship (tenured) in any region of Africa and any period of African History
  • Deadline: 10 Jan. 2011
  • Interviews 'provisionally' scheduled: 7 18 Feb. 2011
  • Offer made and accepted.

Stanford University[]

  • Hm? As far as I know, Stanford is not hiring in African history this year. Do you mean the Middle East/North Africa search? Or is there a sub-Saharan search as well?
  • Stanford is not hiring in African History this year.

State University of New York Cortland[]

  • AHA interview scheduled (x3)
  • Anyone heard anything on this? Complete radio silence since the AHA...
  • Rejection letter from HR, very impersonal. (2/9)
  • Search still open...
  • Rejection letter received, but then they called to extend a campus invite. Why can't search committees word their letters/rejections to leave open the chance that they'll change their minds . . . e.g. "can we have permission to leave your file open . . ."
  • Job offered and accepted (3/16)

U. of Central Arkansas[]

  • (12/6) AHA interview scheduled (3x)
  • (12.8) AHA interview scheduled by email
  • campus visit scheduled (X2)
  • Position filled, letter in mail (2/25)

University of Kentucky[]

  • (11/11) request for more materials by email (x2)
  • How did they contact you/what field(s) do you do?
  • West Africa
  • (11/15) Skype interview scheduled for this week (x3)
  • On what fields do people with interviews work? And do you hold Ph.D.s?
  • South Africa, ABD & West Africa, ABD
  • Have any of the finalists heard anything about this search? I had a campus visit in November and they requested my diss before Christmas, but I have heard nothing since...
  • job talks have been given, decisions will probably be made over the next few weeks
  • Anyone know pay scale?
  • Offer made and accepted. Congrats to new hire!

University of Missouri-Columbia[]

  • (9/25) Confirmation of receipt of materials
  • (10/30) Rejection letter
  • (10/26) Request for more materials
  • (11/15) AHA interview scheduled (x4)
  • (1/12) Campus visit scheduled
  • (2/15) Offer extended and declined
  • (2/22) Second offer extended
  • Letter in the mail that they have stopped the search and will continue in Fall

University of North Florida[]

  • "All regional and field specializations in Sub-Saharan Africa are welcome; a secondary field of research or teaching interest in Caribbean or Diaspora history is desirable"
  • Deadline: November 1
  • (11/23) AHA interview scheduled (x4)
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • (2/21) Had a bit of a laugh this morning when a confirmation of receipt of application email from UNF HR appeared in my inbox. Just a touch late guys, but thanks for the thought! I must have applied late October/early November at the latest...

University of Northern Colorado[]

  • (12/9) AHA interview scheduled (x5)
  • campus visit scheduled (X2)
  • Position filled. Letter in the mail.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee[]

  • Rejection via short email (12/17) (X3)

Wayne State[]

  • Strange email today (11/30) that seemed to be extending deadline, but wanted to be sure applicants had submitted everything. Did anyone else get this and did you read it differently?
  • Yes, I also found it bizarre.
  • Phone call to arrange Skype interview after AHA (12/23)
  • email to arrange phone interview (1/9)--X2
  • Dept. expects to make arrangements for on-campus interviews by end of January
  • Any word re: on-campus interviews?
  • offer extended (as of 2/17)
  • Rejection via email (interviewed over phone in Jan) (2/25)

Wheaton College[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in World History
  • Specialty in Middle East, Russia, South/Southeast Asia or Africa
  • "Responsibilities include playing a primary role in the department's world history general education program, as well as teaching survey and specialized courses in the area of expertise. The department seeks a gifted teacher/scholar, who shares the ideals of Christian liberal arts education and who can communicate a love for history to bright, motivated undergraduates. The successful candidate will have evidence of potential in teaching, research, and publication, as well as general administrative skills."
  • Deadline: November 1
  • You're going to need a pretty strong "faith statement" for this one...Billy Graham is an alum (and his archive is here)


  • Preferred Sub-Saharan since 1850, preference for East and Southern Africa
  • Deadline: October 1
  • (10/4) Confirmation of materials received along with EEO card--in mail x2
  • any news?
  • (11/15) - Request for more materials (entire dissertation) (x3)
  • (12/18) Campus visit scheduled (x2)
  • Offer made (2/11)
  • Offer accepted (2/23)

General Questions[]

With schools that have already lined up interviews at the AHA, but are also listed as "collecting cv's", is it worthwhile to drop them your CV if you already applied? My gut is that it is not worth it, but I was wondering what others might be thinking...

  • My response is too late for the AHA, but I think it's ALWAYS worth it. Who knows . . . they may not be happy with their selection, or your CV might strike them as just what they didn't know they had been looking for. Until a contract has been signed, nothing is set in stone.
  • What I wouldn't do--which I've heard of people doing--is drop the CVs off at the school's hotel suite in person, or track down individuals on the search committee by some other means. Use the official procedure, but don't expect too much difference the second time around.