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Mixed Specialty[]

Arizona State University - African Diaspora / Afro-Atlantic[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professorship in history, to begin Fall 2012, in the field of slavery, Afro-Atlantic history, and/or the African Diaspora in the Atlantic World. Period of research: between 1500 and 1900. We are especially interested in candidates in history and related fields whose research focuses on the Atlantic slave trade and have geographical expertise in one or more of the following regions: North or South America, the Caribbean, and Africa.
  • Please reference position #9928 in your application. Search deadline: November 21, or if not filled, every Monday thereafter until search is closed. Please visit our website at Preliminary screenings will be conducted at the 2012 annual meeting of the American Historical Association in Chicago.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2011-12 & African American Studies 2012
  • Scheduled AHA interview (12/15)
  • Anyone know what happened with this search?

Arizona State University - Barrett Honors College [Non-TT][]

Binghamton University - Ottoman Empire[]

  • Assistant or associate professorship in the History of the Ottoman Empire
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2011
    • Skype interviews scheduled for week of 11/15.
    • Any news?
    • Received rejection after Skype interview, indicating campus interviews are ongoing
    • Kind email informing search is closed. They made an offer and it was accepted.

Bridgewater State College (MA) - Sub-Saharan OR South Asian[]

Central Washington University - 1 yr. appt. / Non-TT[]

  • Nine month, full time, non-tenure track in African History. Anticipated start of September 17, 2012.
  • The successful candidate will teach the Department’s 100-level World History surveys and upper-division courses in their area of specialization, which will be cross-listed with the Africana Black Studies Program.
  • Contract Type: Nine-month, full-time, non-tenure track appointment.
  • Listed at the CWU web site.
  • Application review starts July 1, 2012 and will continue until position is filled.
    • They have an approved TT line for Fall 2013. The person that applies for the one year is welcome to apply for the TT spot.

City College of New York (CUNY)[]

Clayton State University - Middle Eastern and/or African[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in Middle Eastern and/or African HIstory
  • Desireable qualifications: minor field in geography; and/or women's studies
  • Review begins: 14 Nov. 2011
  • Any word on this one? Nope: 12/19 (x2)
  • Phone Interview Invitation: 1/19
  • On Campus Interview Invitation: 2/3
  • Offer made and accepted

George Washington University - African Diaspora in Atlantic World[]

  • The History Department and the Africana Studies Program of the George Washington University invite applications for a tenure-track assistant professorship in history, to begin Fall 2012, in the field of Afro-Atlantic history, the African Diaspora in the Atlantic World. Period of research should fall between 1500 and 1900.
  • We are especially interested in candidates in history and related fields whose research focuses on the world created by the Atlantic slave trade and geographical expertise in one or more of the following regions: North or South America, the Caribbean and West Africa. Teaching would include an introduction to the Black Atlantic and more specialized graduate and undergraduate courses related to individual research interests. Interdisciplinary scholarship and transnational approaches are welcome.
  • How to Apply: Applicants should send a cover letter, c.v., three letters of recommendation, and a writing sample to Afro-Atlantic Search, Department of History, 801 22nd Street NW (Suite 335), The George Washington University, Washington, DC 20052. Only complete applications will be considered. Review of applications will begin on November 1, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled. We will interview at the AHA Convention.
  • Also posted at African American Studies 2012 & World/Global History 2011-12
    • request for more materials via email, 11/23
    • request for AHA interview and teaching materials, 12/5
    • campus interview scheduled, 1/11
    • offer made, 2/9
    • offer accepted, 2/14
    • Who accepted? A great position.
    • my guess is that you will have to wait till september to find out!
    • Or, June? Congratulations on a great job.

Indiana University - Bloomington[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in Middle East HIstory
  • " The successful applicant must demonstrate an excellent research record in any region or period of the Middle East; effective teaching, including the ability to teach the history of the modern Middle East; and an active professional profile. Teaching obligations will extend from introductory undergraduate courses to more specialized upper-level undergraduate courses and graduate training in the applicant’s own area of research expertise."
  • For full consideration: 15 Oct. 2011
  • So has anyone heard back from Indiana yet?
  • No, nothing (11/14) (4x)
  • The confirmation email received on 10/20 said they expected to be in touch with finalists "by December." That leaves at least a couple weeks.
    • Invitations to 3 finalists extended early November for late November (a good friend of mine is one of them). 11/16
    • Are we sure about this? Why "finalists", and how three already? Isn't it standard to interview 8-12 or so first?
    • No, they are going straight to campus interviews (i.e. finalists), bypassing the conference or skype/phone interview phase.
    • Re: "are we sure about this?" - I'm the one who posted first about 3 finalists. Yes, not every place does preliminary interviews, and apparently this is the case here. You can choose not to believe it, but that won't change the facts.
    • I talked to a colleague this evening. Don't believe everything you've read.
    • What an irresponsible comment... "talked to a colleague"? You mean, someone who is involved in the search? If that's so, you should know that they indeed selected 3 finalists.
    • Honestly guys WHO cares? This is all so petty... either you hear from them or not...this coversation will effect nothing really. (3x)
  • These wikis are great tools to share information, but the reality is that some also wish to stretch the truth a bit. My advice is not to panic, if you see something posted. Assuming that we are good historians, we should be able to decipher between fact, truth, and lie...
    • To the poster claiming that some comments are "irresponsible"- It's very odd for you to make this accusation since you seem to be shouting from the mountaintop information that is probably not meant for general consumption right now. Perhaps IU wants to keep a backup list? If you are as close to the committee as you suggest, my advice is to be more vauge. Just my 2 cents. If you are indeed "the search committee" (which you imply), how about instead of announcing this here, mail the rejects and set the record straight.
    • Interviews concluded. I attended 2 of 3 job talks. A hire seems likely.
    • I spoke to a freind/professor from Indiana who told me that the finalists are three Ottomanists (not necessarily Middle East historians). I wonder why they could not specify in the add that they were interested in an Ottomanist so that the rest of us would not be wasting our time and energy. This is the dark side of academia (corrupt? maybe!)
    • Rejection email received, they must have made an offer... (12/12) (x2)
    • I've heard they offered the position to someone back in early December, but it isn't clear whether that person actually accepted. Does anyone know? (1/23)
    • The ink is probably drying on this one--or the paperwork is channeling through the system. Most likely, a time frame was given for acceptance/rejection. If number 1 rejected, they'd probably move on down the list to number 2. The distinct advantage of offering so early in the season is that those who are well-accomplished will probably continue to interview elsewhere and will do everything they can to stall signing on the dotted line. Universities are aware of this and usually give people a pretty tight timeframe in which to decide. The only option then is to back out, which is very problematic and can really hurt your career.
    • Received rejection email (1/27) confirming that a hire has been made for the position.

Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis[]

  • Tenure-track position in the history of the Islamic World, region and period of specialization open, to begin August 2012.
  • Teaching responsibilities include upper-level courses in fields of expertise, world history surveys, and contributions to area studies component of International Studies major. Membership in both IUPUI and IU faculties offers significant research support opportunities. Ph.D. by August 2012 strongly preferred.
  • Deadline: Dec. 1 2011
  • Interviewed at AHA
  • Campus interviews starting in mid-January
  • Offer made (2/1)
  • Offer turned down (2/17); IUPUI is a wonderful institution with an aggressive, ambitious history department. Not an easy decision at all. Wish them the very best in completing the search.
  • Offer accepted (3/31)

Kansas State University[]

  • Tenure track position in the history of the modern Middle Eastern/North African History
  • "Teaching responsibilities (commensurate with high research expectation) will include world history survey, upper-level undergraduate courses in middle eastern history, and graduate courses on the Middle East in an interdisciplinary Security Studies program."
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2011
  • Kansas State already has a Middle Eastern historian. Is this an inside candidate?
  • No. Al-Salim has resigned his position. Faculty won't say why.
    • Would that be in anyway related to his being a Palestenian ???
    • No indication of that. He just resigned without explanation and faculty don't know or won't say.
  • I've heard the same thing through the rumor mill.
  • Confirmation of completed application Nov. 7. Next step phone interviews with up to a dozen candidates from pool.
    • Contacted Nov. 16 by SC about phone inteview for Nov. 29-30. (4x)
    • any news? (12/6)
    • I haven't heard anything (12/8). At the conclusion of the phone interview, chair hinted finalists would be decided upon this week. So either they haven't invited anyone yet, or they have and I guess I'm in the backup pool.
  • Rejection email (12/7). Not a phone interview.
  • Campus visitors selected. Rejection email (12/10).x5
  • Contract signed
  • Who was hired? Any news?

University of Cincinnati-- Islamic World, Pre-1800[]

  • The Department of History at the University of Cincinnati seeks an historian trained in the pre-modern, medieval, or early modern history of the Islamic world or any portion thereof for a tenure-track position. The candidate should expect to participate in teaching Islamic world and regional surveys as well as upper-division undergraduate and graduate courses in his/her specialty. The ability to teach comparative, thematically oriented courses is also welcome.
  • Teaching load: 2-2
  • Significant supplemental support for faculty research is available through the university's Charles Phelps Taft Research Center
  • PhD by 31 Jul. 2012
  • Deadline: 21 Nov. 2011.
  • Cross-posted under World/Islamic history 2011-12 and Asia (not country/region specific or Mixed specialty)
  • Received email scheduling Skype interview x3 (12/6)
  • Campus invites have gone out.

University of Puget Sound[]

  • Assistant Professor of African or Middle Eastern History
  • ​Research specialization in African or Middle Eastern History (all periods considered, excluding ancient). Candidates whose teaching explores encounters between Africa or the Middle East and Europe are particularly encouraged to apply. A strong commitment to undergraduate teaching and liberal arts education. The successful candidate should hold a Ph.D. (ABD considered).
  • ​Search and selection procedures will be closed when a sufficient number of qualified candidates have been identified. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit application materials no later than November 15, 2011 to ensure consideration. For complete job description and application instructions, visit:
  • Contacted for AHA interview (12/5) (x5)
  • Congrats! Do you work on Africa or the Middle East?
  • Thanks! ME (2x)
  • Africa (x3)
  • Campus invite (1/20) (x3)
  • Invitees - congrats! Are you Africanists or Middle Easternists?
  • Middle East x 2
  • Africa x 2
  • offer extended
  • hope you take it they are great!!!!!!
  • offer accepted
  • Congratulations!!!! This is a great department and awesome colleagues. I was very sad having to decline.
  • Who is it?

University of Virginia[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Middle Eastern/North African HIstory 15th - 19th C
  • Review begins: 4 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at MESA.
    • I was invited to apply by the head of the committee in the beginning of October. My speciality is Early Islamic Thought.
    • Interview scheduled at MESA.
    • Any news about campus visits? (12/12)
    • Still nothing (Jan 20)
    • This is rather odd, hasn't anyone heard anything about the progress of this search? (Jan 23)
    • Offer made and accepted; rejection letter received (Mar)
    • Michigan PhD (2012) got the job.

University of Warwick (UK) - Early Modern Mediterranean/Ottoman/Middle Eastern[]

  • Associate Professor in the History of Early Modern Mediterranean and Ottoman/Middle Eastern History
  • "You will conduct historical research situated in any region of the Mediterranean basin and Middle East within the period 1300-1800"
  • Deadline: 1 May 2012

Radford University - Islamic World[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the Islamic World "with subfields in Middle East and\or SubSaharan Africa preferred"
  • Review begins immediately (27 Sept. 2011) and is open until filled.
  • Interview scheduled for AHA (x3)
  • Contacted for campus visit (18 Jan)
  • Offer made and accepted (Feb)

African History[]

Allegheny College [Non-TT][]

  • Two-year VAP in (Sub-Saharan) African History
  • Deadline: 30 Mar. 2012

American University in Cairo[]

  • Assistant/Associate Professor of African History
  • "All periods and specializations are welcome; no geographical restrictions, but a strong research program and an ability to teach introductory as well as upper division undergraduate courses are an asset. The department is eager to review applications of individuals with demonstrated excellence in teaching, and an interest in living and working in the Middle East"
  • Send Letter of Interest, CV, Writing Sample, Statement of Teaching Philosophy, and Names and Contact Information for Three References
  • SHORT Deadline: Oct. 15 2011
  • Applicants please note: AUC is an EXTREMELY problematic institution in a troubled country that is becoming more dangerous by the day. In my experience there its administration showed a callous disrespect and indeed an unconcealed contempt for the rights of its faculty, the dignity of its employees, and the needs of its students. The incompetence and neglect extend even into such basic areas as public health, privacy, and physical safety, to say nothing of shockingly low standards of collegiality and professional ethics. Its distant new campus, accessible by a long and painful commute, is a monument of Pharaonic proportions to poor leadership in higher education. I happily left for a much better and far more rewarding career path, but I still regard accepting my own position at AUC as the worst decision of my life. I would strongly discourage anyone from considering employment there.
  • ^^^Poster above might also want to add this account to Universities to fear (including dates for time there)
  • AHA interview scheduled by email
  • Cancel it. AUC is a disaster unworthy of anyone's attention.
  • Were the AHA interviews successful?
  • The Interview at AHA was great. AUC is a great place to be. It will develop into a major research institution in Africa. Intellectually, Cairo is one of the most interesting places to be at this moment with all what is going on in the country.
  • Could anybody say something about the next step in this search? It was not clear to me how they will proceed.
  • How do you know AUC is "a great place to be" if you only interviewed with it at AHA and haven't actually been there? (especially since they are too cheap/scared/stupid to fly in job candidates...) Its website says it already is a major research institution with its "state of the art" new campus everyone hates, so why on the earth did they tell you that it will develop into one? (unless it isn't and won't). And did you ask why seven members of the history department have resigned in the last three years?? Or do you just really need a job that badly? The next step will be another round of bogus non-campus interviews followed by an uncompetitive salary offer with some boring cant about how going to Egypt will be a great "experience."
  • Any news? (1/25)
  • no news (2/19)
  • Rejection via email (3/6)

Bard College[]

  • ASA Interview Request (x3)
  • AHA Interview Request

They are interviewing at both conferences? Talk about making the process more convoluted and expensive than necessary.

  • Or perhaps that makes it easier for candidates who plan to only attend one or the other conference...
  • Interviewed at ASA. Request for follow-up Skype Interview in mid-Dec. (11/28)
  • Does anyone know how many Skype interviews were conducted on 15 December?
  • Has anyone heard from Bard regarding AHA interviews? I emailed the chair asking about the interviews last week but no word yet...
    • It is my understanding that there are no Bard interviews at AHA. Were you offered an AHA interview?
    • This is my understanding too: that the second round of skype interviews were conducted in lieu of AHA interviews.
    • Thanks... yes, they did offer me an AHA interview back in November and never contacted me thereafter. Now I'm curious about how they will respond to a clear oversight on their part.
    • A friend of mine was contacted for an on campus interview on Friday.
    • congratulations! was the candidate contacted by email or phone?
    • to the above poster who never heard back after the AHA invitation: I also am very frustrated about this search and lack of clear guidelines and communication.
    • Thanks! I finally received word. The department chair goofed and cc'ed me on an email meant for the committee chair and mentioned something to the effect of "another candidate doing environmental history". She later apologized for this email but never for the way the committee handled my application and AHA invitiation. I hesitated about applying to this position because of the negative things I had heard/read about Bard. Many of these accounts were reported over 5 years ago and so I was hoping that things had turned themselves around more completely. Unfortunately they haven't, at least in my case. Good luck to those who made the cut.
    • If anyone using this wiki had an on-campus interview, did you hear anything about the Latin American Studies/History search while you were there? I had a campus interview at the end of November and haven't heard a peep from them. At this point, even third hand information would be welcome!
    • African Search closed with no hire
    • Just to confirm, you mean that the Latin American search closed, not the African search, right? Nice of them to inform the candidates! 2/20
    • I don't know anything about the Latin Americanist search (Sorry!), but a colleague told me today that they closed the Africanist search without hiring anyone, for the second year in a row.
    • Thanks for the information. I'm beginning to think the Latin American search closed too. Update: Maybe someone on the SC read this because two days after posting, I FINALLY heard that an offer has been made and accepted. (2/24)

College of Charleston[]

  • Assistant Professor of History
  • To teach courses in pre-colonial, modern African History, and History general education.
  • Deadline: not stated - send resume to Dr. Richard Bodek, Professor and Chair, Department of History (Job #1110)
    • Has anyone heard anything from or about this position? (10/20)
    • I don't think this is an actual opening but to finalize existing position.

Creighton University - Sub-Saharan African[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor to begin August 2012. Sub-Saharan African history specialist (with secondary competence in African American history or related field preferred).
  • Review of applications will begin 1 December 2011.
  • Initial applications include a cover letter, current CV, and graduate school transcripts. Initial applications must be submitted electronically at . (Original copies will be required prior to a campus visit). In addition, please mail three letters of recommendation directly to Dr. John Calvert, Chair of the African Search, Dept of History, Creighton University, 2500 California Plz, Omaha, NE, 68178.
  • phone and email message to schedule AHA interview (Dec 9) (X2)
  • phone call to schedule on-campus (Jan 16)
  • offer made & accepted

Denison University - Sub-Saharan African[]

  • The History Department at Denison University, a highly selective liberal arts college, invites applications for a tenure-track position in Sub-Saharan African history with any area of specialization. Teaching responsibilities in a 3/2 load include a two-semester introductory course sequence in African history and upper-level courses in African history in the candidate's areas of expertise. Ph.D. and teaching experience preferred; minimum requirement is Ph.D. completed by appointment at the assistant professor level on August 27, 2012.
  • Interviews will be conducted at the meeting of the African Studies Association in Washington, D.C., November 17-20, 2011. Applications must be submitted by October 14, 2011, and must include a letter of application, C.V., sample syllabi, an article-length writing sample, an unofficial transcript, and 3 letters of recommendation.
  • Denison hired an Africanist two years ago, did that person leave?
  • Yes.
  • anyone know what her or his field was?
  • He was a specialist in the slave trade, with a focus on the affects of the trade on the West African coast (Freetown, specifically)
  • Any word on arrangements to interview at ASA later this month?
    • invited to schedule an ASA interview (11/4) X 2
    • campus visit scheduled
    • offer was made and accepted
    • Who accepted?
    • Jo Tague, UC-Davis
    • congrats!
    • I wish we could know all of the names of new hires. I think it is useful to know what kinds of things hired people are working on (not to mention, nice to come across new scholars).

Durham University (UK)[]

  • Early career lectureship (tenured, ~asst. prof) in African History "with a specialism in the history of north-eastern Africa - broadly defined to embrace the region from Egypt to Tanzania - since c. 1800 CE"
  • Deadline: 19 Feb. 2012

Georgia Gwinnett University - Sub-Saharan[]

  • Open rank position in Sub Saharan African History
  • "The successful candidates will be expected to teach the world history and/or US history survey courses as well as courses within their specialties. "
  • Review begins immediately [25 Oct]
  • Any word on preliminary interviews?
  • Is this still worth applying to? (11/26)
  • I like your question. You know, one has to wonder...
  • Phone interview scheduled (1/26)
  • On-Campus interview scheduled (2/22)
  • Offer Rejected (4/19)

Georgia Gwinnett University - African Diaspora/Caribbean[]

  • Open rank position in Sub Saharan African History
  • "The successful candidates will be expected to teach the world history and/or US history survey courses as well as courses within their specialties. "
  • Review begins immediately [25 Oct]

Johns Hopkins University[]

  • The Johns Hopkins University, Assistant/Associate Professor of African History. The Johns Hopkins University Department of History seeks a full-time tenure-track Assistant or tenured Associate Professor of African History, region open, beginning July 1, 2012. Period flexible, but late nineteenth into the twentieth century is preferred. We favor candidates whose research makes broad intellectual connections and/or spans regions. Ph.D. required by time of appointment.
  • Please submit a cover letter, c.v., three letters of recommendation, research statement and writing sample by October 21 to: African History Search, Department of History, 301 Gilman Hall, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 21218.
  • Any news on this one?
    • ASA interview scheduled (x2)
    • To the poster above: Congratulations! What is your field, and are you ABD or Ph.D.?
    • Any news on this front? I heard a rumor that they are interviewing younger and older (associate-level) faculty members. They are interested in an advanced candidate probably, no?
    • I agree...
    • They have narrowed it down to 6 candidates. Of those, 3 or 4 will be invited to campus.
    • Just wondering why I *just* received an emailed request to fill out voluntary self identification form from them (when I didn't get asked to interview). Not so nice.
    • You too? The assumption appears to be that though not worthy of the shortlist, the discards can help them meet the university's employment statistical demands.
    • There's a seminar that looks an awful lot like a job talk up on the department calendar for February 2.
    • I think they are. someone's changed it, but the first meeting was booked under the person carrying out the search.
    • offer was made
    • Was the offer accepted? Does anyone know the status of this search?
    • I heard that the first offer was declined; but that there is a second offer in the works

Lehigh University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the history of West Africa and the African Diaspora with a focus on late 15th – 19th C to begin in the fall of 2012 at Lehigh University, a highly selective residential research institution.
  • Position is affiliated with the rapidly growing Africana Studies Program and the History Department and features a 2/2 teaching load with responsibilities of instructing and advising undergraduates as well as contributing to the vibrant graduate (PhD) program in Atlantic World history.
  • Applicants are expected to be able to teach courses on the African Diaspora, its relationship to the New World and the impact and experiences of Africans in Americas.
  • Review beings November 1, 2011
    • Additional materials requested, 11/21
    • Anyone heard anything since the request for additional materials? (12/10)
    • AHA interview scheduled (12/14)(2X)
    • Campus interview scheduled (1/9)
    • Offer made, 2/7
    • Offer declined, 2/13

Middle Tennessee State University[]

  • Tenure Track Assistant Professor in African History. Expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa and study abroad experience.
  • Review Begins October 31, 2011
  • Interviews most likely to be conducted by phone or skype.
  • Any word on preliminary interviews?
    • They have contacted for the European position but not this one? 11/24
    • Contacted for phone interview, 12/9 (x2)
    • On campus interview scheduled, 12/23
    • When are the on campus interviews?
    • Offer made, 2/8
    • Offer declined, 2/13
    • Second Offer Made, 2/13 (declined)
    • The second person declined?
    • Yes
    • Two people turned down this offer!?! Any insights as to why?
    • anyone know what the fraction was for this position?
    • Heard that the salary is rather low... however, don't know the specific circumstances in the case of the two rejections.
    • Is the search continuing?
    • Any more news on this search? Is it over?

Morgan State University[]

  • Assistant or Associate Professor of history to teach courses in African History and the history of the African Diaspora. Area of specialization is open, but preference will be given to specialists in east, central or southern Africa, and/or those with expertise in pre-colonial Africa.
  • For best consideration, applications should be received by December 1, 2011
  • Interviews will be held at the AHA convention in January, 2012.
  • Morgan State began a search for an Africanist last year, but the search was not completed.
  • scheduled AHA interview (12/9) x2
  • scheduled campus interview (1/28)

Otterbein University[]

  • Send letter of application, curriculum vitae, writing sample, three letters of recommendation, and teaching portfolio (including a teaching statement, areas of teaching interest, syllabi and teaching evaluations) to: Dr. Paul Eisenstein, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, Otterbein University, 1 South Grove Street, Westerville, OH 43081. Email submissions:
  • Review of applications begins immediately and continues until the position is filled. For full consideration, applications should be received by November 1, 2011. We will conduct interviews at the American Historical Association Meeting in Chicago in January 2012. Visit us at for further information or to learn more about the School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Any news here?
  • received an email on Halloween to sign a release form for recommendations
  • invitation to interview at AHA
  • invitation to interview at AHA (phone) 12/28
  • Any news on campus visits?
  • scheduled on-campus interview via phone (1/30)
  • offer made
  • was it accepted?

Roanoke College[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in African History
  • "Area of specialization is open. In addition to courses in African history, the successful candidate should also expect to teach courses in Intellectual Inquiry— the College’s new core curriculum—and in World history, and to play a leading role in the College’s Africana Studies concentration."
  • Review begins: 1 Dec. 2011
    • Intend to interview at the AHA
    • Received acknowledgement letter dated 2 Dec
  • Invitation to interview at AHA on 12/13 (3x)
  • received email notification of alternate status. (they have invited 3 people for campus visits)
  • an offer has been made (2/12)

Smith College, MA[]

  • TT Assistant Professor in Sub-Saharan African History
  • "preference will be given to historians who incorporate cross-regional comparative perspectives in their work"
  • PhD must be in hand by Sept. 2012
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2011
  • any news on this search and their timeline?
  • request for AHA interview via email, 7 Dec. (x4)
  • invited for campus interview (1/13) (x2)
  • When was an invitation for a campus interview extended? via email, Friday, 13 Jan
  • How were the campus interviews? Has the college made an offer?
  • Does anyone know why the timeline for this search has just been extended? Are they bringing out an additional candidate, or is this just an administrative delay?
  • not sure, did they give a specific timeframe. if a search committee is aware that 1 or 2 people will reject their offer they might cancel the search...
  • offer was made
  • when was the offer made? and has it been accepted?
  • offer accepted
  • Congratulations! That's a great job.
  • who got it? Jeffrey Ahlman, postdoc at Johns Hopkins

Southern Methodist University[]

  • Tenure track appointment as Assistant Professor beginning fall 2012.
  • seeking "specialist in African history with teaching interests in Human Rights. We will consider all time periods and research interests."
  • To ensure full consideration for the position, the application must be postmarked by November 1, 2011. However, the committee will continue to accept applications until the position is filled.
    • scheduled a skype interview (11/4) x2
    • campus visit scheduled
    • offer extended; offer declined
    • What is the status now? Interesting to know what is happening.
    • Received rejection email, stating that Jill E. Kelly hired. (1/12)
    • congratulations to jill! that really is a fantastic job.

Towson University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Sub-Saharan African History
  • "The candidate will be required to develop and teach a two-semester African survey and upper-level undergraduate courses in African history focusing on the area of specialty. The candidate may also be asked to teach World history." 3/3 load
  • Deadline: 15 Jan. 2012
  • Didn't Towson attempt to make a temporary hire in the spring? Was that position filled, and is that African historian/lecturer still there?
  • The late deadline seems very peculiar to say the least. Any thoughts?
  • Probably had to do with budget issues. Selections for preliminary interviews will happen shortly after 1/25.
  • phone interview scheduled (1/30)
  • Any news here?
  • rejection letter received (4/16)

University of Florida[]

  • Tenure Track assistant professor with a specialty in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • "Regional specialization and time period are open."
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2011
  • email request for dissertation: Dec. 7, 2011
  • I'm guessing most AHA-interviewing schools will send out invitations or requests for more information this week or next week. So at this point, it looks like UF is almost done with shortlisting...This is one tough job market...
  • I've heard that they are skipping AHA interviews and going straight to campus visits in the spring term- so maybe not yet time to lose hope!
  • Thanks for the encouragement but I suppose schools send out invitations to interviews and dissertation requests in one go to successful candidates so if they haven't contacted you along with the rest...
  • Wow this school certainly has a unique process - visits during th
  • e spring term?! Isn't that kind of late?
  • my bad- by "spring term" I meant after winter break. as in Jan-May.
  • invited for campus interview
  • Any news on this search?
  • heard a rumor that an offer was made and accepted by someone from SOAS

University of Georgia[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the history of East Africa
  • "Special consideration will be given to candidates who share research interests with members of the History Department in areas such as the history of imperialism, capitalism, slavery, race, gender or Islam"
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at the ASA
    • ASA interview scheduled
  • Have any of the initial interviewees heard word, or know when a decision shall be reached?
  • It would be interesting to know this one. Along with Florida, it is one of the attractive positions on offer (not counting JHU and Madison).
  • campus visit scheduled for January (x2)
  • This is one pretty efficient school (if the two same-day responders above are genuine). Though with an East Africa specification, they probably had a less than average application wave. Good luck.
  • Is the above post a knock on East Africanists?
  • No. It just makes the point that since the position is more specific, the pool will be smaller.
  • Any word on how campus interviews went? Has an offer been made and accepted/rejected?
  • Offer made.
  • offer declined
  • Who got it?
  • Any word on why candidates are turning this seemingly great position down?
  • fantastic department; great people; lovely department chair. It was a very hard decision- but they were demanding a rushed answer, before I heard back from my top choice positions (and by top choice, I don't necessarily mean better job- just better location for my personal circumstances).
  • Any word on whether the remaining candidates were made offers? Accepted/Declined?
  • I heard two candidates were given offers and both declined (one I assume being the above poster). They brought on campus two additional candidates for interviews who are awaiting decisions. (4/8)
  • I’ll be interested to see if an offer is made to any of the two candidates. If you are one of the two, can you provide an update? (4/11)

University of Houston - Women & Medicine in sub-saharan Africa[]

University of Massachusetts, Boston - Sub-Saharan[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorhip in 19th - 21st C Sub-Saharan Africa
  • "Area of specialization is open. We are also favorable to candidates whose interests include the Atlantic World."
  • Deadline: [postmark] 1 Dec. 2011
  • Expect to make preliminary interview decisions by 12/10
  • Over 70 applications received as of 11/23
  • Will interview at AHA and via phone
  • All applicants to be contacted by Dec. 15-16, 12 out of 76 (total received) will be interviewed
  • Exemplary courtesy shown by search committee in notifying candidates abut the status of the search
  • Just got my rejection email. The head of their search committee really deserves an award for the courtesy with which he has conducted their search to this point. (x2)
  • Second the point about the quality of this search. It is exceedingly rare to receive this type of courtesy and transparency, especially from a large institution. (x2)
  • Invitation for a preliminary interview at AHA, 12/11 (x2). The interview request was just as courteous as the rejection email seems to be (and the search committee chair is sending them out himself on a Sunday morning, for which he deserves some extra appreciation).
  • invitation for campus interview (x2)
  • Congrats! Rejection email received; it was just as gracious and transparent as all of the other correspondences.
  • offer made
  • anyone know if the offer was accepted? and who?
  • first offer was declined
  • Lots of African History positions declined this year, or at least it looks that way
  • That IS strange. Any ideas why?
  • I can't speculate on the question above, but does anyone know what's happening with this search now?
  • Their first and second choices each decided to take other offers. They are suspending the search with the expectation of conducting it again in the fall, and interviewing at the African Studies meeting instead of the AHA.
  • Is the salary low?
  • What is the condition of the school?
  • There is no way to give an objective answer to those two questions, but as a dept. member (and search chair) I can give some information. The school is growing rapidly, from 11,000 students to 16,5000 in the last 5-6 years. Two new academic buildings are being constructed right now. Salaries are competitive, though Boston is a very expensive place to live. The department itself is a very healthy place to be right now, and is in the middle of a long-term hiring plan due to recent and upcoming retirements; tenure stream faculty have gone from 11 to 21 in the past six years, and with the retirements we are trying to develop beyond the department's ongoing strength in Europe and US. We have gotten our first choice in our last five searches; sometimes people just get jobs that look better to them. The most obvious downside to UMB is that we have a 3-3 teaching load, though junior faculty have a lighter load at first and lecture courses are capped at 35 students. And I'll stop before this veers any more toward an ad for UMB.

University of Massachusetts - Boston - African Diaspora (in Africana Studies)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship OR tenured associate professorship in African and African Diaspora History
  • Review begins: 16 Dec. 2011
    • Moved comments to job above, which is in the Department of History -- this is the job in the Department of Africana Studies (11/25)
    • Email from search committee chair confirming receipt of all materials,inviting to send syllabi last week
    • Any campus visits yet?
    • The department is meeting on January 26 and will narrow the pool for interviews then.

University of Missouri []

  • The Department of History at the University of Missouri, Columbia, the flagship campus of the University of Missouri system and a Carnegie Doctoral Extensive institution, invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professorship in African History to begin Fall 2012.
  • The successful candidate must have Ph.D. in hand by the start of the appointment. All periods and specializations are welcome; no geographical restrictions, but a strong research program and an ability to teach undergraduate courses, including a regularly offered two-semester survey in African history, are required.
  • The teaching load is two three-credit courses per semester.
  • Please submit letter of application describing research and teaching interests, and c.v. online at . These items should be attached in the Cover Letters and Attachments section of the application system.
  • Three reference letters are required and may be sent electronically to or in hard copy to African History Search Committee, 101 Read Hall, Columbia, MO 65211-7500.
  • The application deadline is September 30, 2011. The University of Missouri is an EO/AA/ADA employer.
  • 10/14/11- request for more materials X2
  • Above poster: congrats! How did they contact you, and what did they want? Are you ABD or Ph.D.?
  • They contacted me by email. I am ABD. They wanted all of my dissertation materials to date.
  • Skype Interviews this week. I think they are trying to get an early offer out after a failed search last year.
    • this was the job that two people turned down last year. any insights as to why?
      • great job, great faculty, great resources, great staff. can't say enough good things about the process and the job . . . came down to a few personal factors.
      • Ditto to above - seemed like a nice job in a good department. Personal considerations took me elsewhere.
      • Rejection Letter in the mail. (11/2) x2
      • Actually, two people turned them down. Either because they didn't like the city or got jobs elsewhere (one in an honors college setting). It's a good place to work. Salary on the low side, but so is COL.
      • Any news on campus visits?
    • Campus visit scheduled
    • position filled
    • Congratulations! Who is the lucky hire?
    • The department hired a 2010 PhD from Emory who specializes in the South Atlantic slave trade.
    • Who is it?
    • Daniel Domingues

University of North Carolina at Wilmington[]

  • Assistant Professor. Area of specialty open. Ability to teach World History and Graduate Level Courses.
  • Review Begins: 1 Nov. 2011
  • Interviewing at ASA
    • Call to interview received (11/9) x 4
  • Anything on campus visits? They apparently wanted to move very fast.
  • I'm wondering this too. I interviewed at ASA and they said they would be presenting their short list to the faculty on Monday 11/21, so I figured we'd hear by now...
  • I was asked to send official transcripts at end of Skype interview. Anyone else? Any idea how many interviews they did?
  • Having been on both sides of the interviewing fence, I think that they may have been overly optimistic about arranging for interviews during the Thanksgiving break week. I suspect calls will be coming soon. Great interviewing team! I too was asked for official transcripts.
  • Rejection email received 11/26
  • Would love to know what areas the people on the short list work on. Seems like a nice department.
  • Looks like this is moving to a conclusion but as of 9 Dec I have heard nothing since acknowledgement on 27 Oct.

University of Northern Colorado[]

  • Assistant or Associate Professorship in African History, specialty open
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2011
  • We are having some difficulties with our website; will be up soon (10/26).
  • failed search last year
  • Website difficulties resolved.
    • Called to set up skype interview (11/25)
    • It's been almost two months since anyone has posted on this position. Any news? Were there any other Skype interviews besides the one?
    • A colleague of mine has an upcoming campus interview
    • received a personalized rejection via post (1/29) (2X)
    • Anyone know if an offer has been made? What's up with this search?
    • Offer made
    • Offer accepted (2/16)
    • Awesome, congrats to UNC and the successful candidate

University of Oklahoma, Norman[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Sub-Saharan African History
  • "Regional, subject, and chronological specializations are open, but preference may be given to candidates whose research and teaching interests complement the department's existing graduate strengths in environmental, borderlands, and ethnohistory."
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • HARDCOPY submissions only.
  • Requested additional materials. (12/6) x2
  • emailed to schedule AHA interview (12/12) x3
  • Has anyone heard about campus interviews?
  • invitation for campus interview (1/20)
  • Rejection letter received, 2/7
  • Received word from the search chair that an offer was made and accepted (3/15) Congrats to Bala Saho, MSU

University of Wisconsin, Madison[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in Sub-Saharan African History
  • "Research interests may be in any sub-field, with preference given to West Africa"
  • Deadline 1 Nov. 2011
    • They intend to interview at the AHA
    • request for more materials; invitation to interview at AHA x2
    • rejection letter in the mail (11/20) x3
    • Anyone know what's going on with this search? I know a number of highly qualified applicants were not even invited to interview. Any sense of the competition here?
    • Maybe one of their graduate students...
    • They can't hire their graduate students or recent PhDs
    • This is plain WEIRD. How do schools decide to whom to send rejection letters? If they already have an AHA shortlist, why didn't they send rejection letters to everyone?
    • It is not that weird. Often times, schools have more than two lists and only send out rejections to people that they are sure they do not want to interview or hire. Occasionally, schools do not end up with any of their initial choices after a first or second round of interivews--for numerous reasons--and they end up asking people for an interview who did not make their initial list for interviews. Therefore, from the school's standpoint it is smart not to send a rejection to anyone unless you are really sure they are not what you are looking for. So, if you have not received a rejection when others have, you might still have a slim chance even if they have already sent out all of their invivations for first round interviews. In other cases it is just an administrative matter. If you are sending out rejection letters via mail, it takes a long time to personalize and address a hundred letters and some may get finished and sent out before others. (FYI, this is a general observation, I don't know anything about the particulars of this post and was not an applicant)
    • Ah o.k. - that makes sense.
    • invitation for campus visit (1/19)
    • Has an offer been made?
    • offer made
    • accepted
    • congrats! Who is it? Emily Callaci, ABD from Northwestern
    • Congrats, Emily! When was an offer made/accepted?
    • Were they not looking for a WEST Africanist? given UW-M's recent tenure denial, perhaps the east africanist hire isn't totally from left field. However, this goes to show that we can't make assumptions about whether "preferences" stated in job advertisements trump faculty preferences during the on-campus stage.
    • Congrats, Emily!

Western Washington University[]

  • The History Department of Western Washington University invites applications for a tenure-track position as assistant professor of African history, beginning September 16, 2012. The successful candidate will teach six courses per year (two courses per quarter), including surveys in pre-colonial and modern Africa and upper-level and graduate courses in her or his field of specialization. High-quality research and engagement in service are also expected. Candidates must have the PhD in African history or a related field in hand by September 15, 2012. Candidates who demonstrate potential for effective teaching and high-quality scholarship are preferred. Experience working with and/or an ability to work with a diverse student body and staff is desired. Salary is competitive. Application materials must be submitted via WWU’s Electronic Application System for Employment (EASE). Please log in to Use Internet Explorer to fully utilize the online application system. Candidates should upload a letter of application along with a c.v.; a graduate transcript; sample syllabi for upper-level courses in African history, Introduction to African Civilization or Modern Africa; and three letters of reference. Hard copies of all application materials should also be mailed to Jennie Huber, Administrative Services Manager, Dept. of History, Western Washington University, MS 9061, 516 High St., Bellingham, WA 98225-9061. Review of applications will begin on November 28, 2011, and will continue until the position is filled. View full position announcement at AA/EOE.
  • Application deadline: November 28, 2011
  • Contacted for phone interview, 12/8 (x3)
  • Any news on this search? Have they had any campus visits?
  • Scheduled on-campus visit via telephone, 1/18 (x4)
  • Offer extended (2/22)
  • Was it accepted?
  • Accepted
  • Who got it?

Middle East History[]

American University - DC[]

  • The History Department in the College of Arts and Sciences at American University invites applications for a tenure-line Assistant Professor in the history of the Islamic World-Middle East, beginning fall semester (August) 2012.
  • The ideal candidate will be able to offer undergraduate courses commensurate with the broad sweep of Islamic society, and advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in his or her area of special interest. Responsibilities will include teaching, advising, and mentoring students, conducting and publishing research, and participating in department, college, and university service. Please send a letter of application addressing research and teaching interests and experience, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, and an article-length writing sample, all in electronic format, to For best consideration, applications should be complete by November 15, 2011.
  • Also posted at World/Global History 2011-12
    • Any news on this? I had a letter of acknowledgement in October
    • No news, nor do I know of anyone who heard back from them (12/18) x2
    • received invitation for AHA interview (12/23)
    • Any news? (2/2)?
    • Campus visits in progress (2/7)
    • position filled

California State University - Chico[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Islam/History of the Middle East
  • PhD in History, Religious Studies, Area Studies, or related areas, "Also required are: broad preparation in History of the Middle East and Islam; evidence of or promise as an exceptional undergraduate teacher, especially in mid- to large size General Education lecture and discussion courses; evidence of or promise as an exceptional researcher/writer; and advanced reading knowledge of Arabic."
  • Review begins: 28 Nov. 2011
  • Also posted at Religious Studies 2011-2012
  • Received email ack of receipt of application materials (12/6)
  • any idea about where and how they are interviewing? Timeline of some kind?
    • No idea. No indication in the ack of receipt letter.
    • anything yet?
    • Nothing since the ack letter (1/11)
    • skype interview invitation (1/12) x4
    • skype interview 1/20, no follow-up as of 1/28
    • did they provide a timeline? No x2
    • Yes they did (mid-February) Thanks x2
    • I just got an email asking me to fill out a survey and telling me that the search is still going on even though I was not one of the people interviewed by phone. Not sure what to make of this other than that they expect people to tell them about how the search was handled, but it doesn't seem like that it means anything more.
    • Any updates (2/20)?
    • Any news? (3/16)
    • Any idea what happened here?
    • rejection letter received
    • Offer made and accepted (3/27)

Coastal Carolina University - Modern Middle East[]

  • Tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of History of the Modern Middle East broadly defined.
  • The teaching load is 7 classes over the course of a 12 month academic year, and includes limited opportunities for periodically teaching evening, weekend, study-abroad, summer and distance-learning courses.
  • Applicants must apply online at Completed applications are due December 1, 2011. Screening of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. The committee will conduct preliminary telephone interviews in early December 2011.
  • Request for phone interview by email on 12/9 x 2
  • Anyword on Campus visits? They said early January.
    • I haven't heard anything (1/11)
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/12) x 2
  • Offered and accepted

College of William and Mary - Modern Middle East History[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the History of the Middle East since 1600
  • "...specializing in any region from Morocco to Iran, excluding Anatolia...Applicants are expected to hold the Ph.D. by the time of appointment and have competency in at least one Middle Eastern language. Ability to teach Modern Middle Eastern History and Global History required. The successful applicant will also be expected to teach occasional graduate seminarsin comparative/transnational history."
  • Review begins: 1 Oct. 2011
    • requested addtional materials from a "list of candidates." (x4)
    • skype interviews scheduled (x4)
    • Three finalists scheduled for talks in early to mid-December.
    • These were scheduled when?
    • Campus visit scheduled for early December (contacted around 11/23)
    • any offers?
    • I've heard that an offer was made and accepted. Congratulations to the successful candidate!

Brandeis University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern Middle Eastern History
  • "Applicants must have training, linguistic expertise, and research interests in the history of the Modern Middle East; specialization in Iran preferred but not required"
  • Deadline: 14 Oct. 2011
  • Any news here? It's been awhile with this one.
    • Nothing since EEO form request. (11/25)
    • campus visits scheduled (12/1)
    • Official email rejection (12/12)
    • Offer has been made (2/9)

Cornell University- Assistant Professor, Muslim World[]

  • The Cornell University Department of History seeks a historian of the Muslim World from North Africa to Central and South Asia, any period, including the Middle East, Ottoman/Turkey, and Safavid/Iran. The appointment will be full-time, tenure track at the assistant professor level, to begin July 2012. Applicants must be strong in both research and teaching and have the Ph.D. in hand by Fall 2012. We particularly invite applications from women and members of under-represented minority groups.
  • Please send a letter of application, CV, and three letters of recommendation online to
  • The closing date for applications is November 15, 2011.
    • requested additional materials from some candidates (x13)
    • before their deadline ? yes
    • Skype interviews scheduled (12/3) (2x)
    • anyone got hired ?
    • Yes. Hire was made.

Denison University - Middle Eastern History[]

  • The History Department at Denison University, a highly selective liberal arts college, invites applications for a tenure-track position in Middle Eastern history. Teaching responsibilities in a 3/2 load include a two-semester introductory course sequence in Middle Eastern history (600 C.E. to the present) and upper level courses in the candidate's areas of expertise.
  • Interviews will be conducted at the meeting of the American Historical Association in Chicago, January 5-8, 2012. To be considered for an AHA interview, materials must be submitted by November 14, 2011.
    • Any word? None here, so I assume they've already picked those they'll interview in Chicago? (12/13)
    • No word here. Maybe they're one of those schools who lets you know only a few days before the conference...
    • AHA interview request received (12/13) x2
    • Campus invite (1/16) x2
    • campus invite
    • I didn't get an offical rejection letter. Did they make the offer?
    • rejection received informing position has been filled. congratulations to the new hire - looks like lovely job and place to live!

Dickinson College[]

The History Department at Dickinson College invites applications for a two-year replacement position in modern Middle East History, beginning Fall 2012. We are seeking a specialist in modern Middle East History. Ph.D is required. Candidates should be prepared to teach a two-course survey of Middle East History and three other courses in their areas of specialization. As a contributor to an interdisciplinary Middle East Studies program, duties of the visiting assistant professor may include supervision of senior capstone research projects.

  • Applications for this position are being accepted at and should be submitted by November 1, 2011.
    • Any news here? (12/20)
    • They interviewed at MESA, actually.
      • Ha! Guess I can cross this one off my list!
      • Campus invite

Eastern Illinois University[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in Modern Islam/Middle East History
  • "The ideal candidate will be able to offer a range of general and specialized courses in the history of the region from North Africa to Iran from 1700 to the present"
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2011
  • Plans to interview at AHA
  • they are meeting on Nov 30th to make decisions about who they want to interview at the AHA
  • Invitiation to interview at AHA (12/3) x3
  • Invitation to campus interview (1/16)
  • JUST got a campus invite 2/4. I find this odd since someone posted three weeks ago that they got one. Does anyone have any insight into this?
    • The same happened to me for a different position. A number of different things could have happened with the search. Unless they tell you during your visit or someone posts here on the wiki, you might never find out the reason. But who cares!? Whatever the reason for the "late" invitation, they definitely have an interest in hiring you for the position. My two cents - go in there, like with any other campus visit, with the attitude you are their top choice and knock 'em dead. Congrats on your invite and good luck!
    • invitation to campus-but I declined because of an offer somewhere else.
  • Offer extended
  • Offer accepted (3/6)

Franklin & Marshall[]

  • The Department of History at Franklin & Marshall College invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position, beginning Fall 2012. The successful candidate will teach courses at all levels in the history of the Islamic World and the Middle East and contribute to the College's initiative in Middle East studies and general education program. Ph.D. in hand; teaching experience required. Franklin & Marshall faculty are expected to be excellent teachers, active mentors, and productive scholars. Teaching load is 3/2.
  • Candidates should send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, graduate transcript, three letters of recommendation, teaching and research statements, and teaching evaluation forms to Douglas Anthony, Chair, Department of History, Franklin & Marshall College, P.O. Box 3003, Lancaster, PA 17604-3003. We will not accept application materials electronically.
  • Deadline for applications is November 15, 2011
  • Plans to interview at the AHA
    • ​Did anyone receive anything?
    • No news so far (12/07) x2
    • Received application acknowledgement via snail mail (12/07) x3
    • Acknowledgement letter says they hope to invite candidates for on-campus interviews by mid-January
    • Received email requesting dissertation (12/08)x2
    • AHA interview scheduled on 12/12 x2
    • Campus invite received (1/12) x 2
    • offer was made and accepted

Indiana State University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in Modern Middle East History
  • "with a focus on the Modern Middle East, Classical Islam, and Contemporary Politics in the Middle East beginning August 2012. The successful candidate will teach introductory survey classes in World Civilization since 1500 and advanced courses on modern Middle East history and the history of Islam...In addition, the candidate would teach a course on the politics of the Middle East for the Department of Political Science at least once every two years."
  • Review begins: 15 Jan. 2012
  • phone interview schedule 2/6 (x3)
  • campus visit 2/27

Manhattanville College[]

  • tenure track assistant professorship in the Modern History of the Middle East
  • "In addition to developing courses in his or her primary field, the successful candidate should be prepared to teach the survey course in modern world history and to develop courses in a secondary area such as North African, South Asian or Slavic history"
  • Deadline: 15 Dec. 2011
  • AHA interview scheduled 12/28 (x5)
  • The job description above seems tailor-made for the VAP currently teaching Middle Eastern history at Manhattanville College. Is this a real search?
  • I interviewed with them at the AHA and they seemed totally serious. Its going to take longer than many of the other searches though which may hurt them. I think that they are waiting to make campus invites until they get back to Campus and that is a while from now.
  • I agree. Seemed like the real deal. I guess we'll find out for sure in due time. I also got the impression that decisions on campus invites might take a little longer than other searches.
  • I got the impression that they interviewed as many as 20 people. I wonder how they are gonna make a decision...I find 20 people a little too many...
  • did anyone hear anything? When are they making notifications? I am remembering that they said that they would make contact for campus visits in late January or early Feb? Correct?
    • I haven't heard anything as of 1/25. From what I recall they said they will contact finalists in "a few weeks" but clarified that by implying it will take them longer than other searches interviewing at the AHA.
    • E-mail for campus invite. (1/25) x2
    • Offer accepted (03/03)

Newcastle University (UK)[]

  • Lectureship (tenured ~Asst/Assoc Prof) in Middle Eastern History and/or the Islamic World
  • "You should have a PhD, a track record of excellent research, and plans for future research projects and publications. "
  • Deadline: 13 Apr. 2012


  • The Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at New York University invites applications for a tenure-track appointment in the cultural study of the Middle East at the assistant professor level, to begin September 1, 2012, pending budgetary and administrative approval. We seek a scholar who can contribute to the department’s graduate track in Culture and Representation, which focuses on the history, politics, and theories of representation as they relate to Middle Eastern cultures within an interdisciplinary framework. The department welcomes candidates from different disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences, and from across the broader geography of the Islamic world (interest in Turkey or the Maghrib is desirable). Candidates must have the Ph.D. by the time of appointment, demonstrate potential for superior scholarly accomplishment, and be prepared to teach a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses and to supervise doctoral dissertation research.
  • Deadline: 15 Dec. 2011
  • No. Review of applications will begin on November 15, 2011
  • Acknowledgement email 12/13. Letter says that the search is progressing slowly due to "substantially larger than expected" number of applicants. Plan to invite candidates to campus early in the spring semester.
  • I hear through the grapevine that a short list has been formed and that they are now in the process of scheduling interviews. Anyone hear anything?
    • or does anyone know if this is posted on other pages since it is interdisciplinary?
    • Four candidates have been invited to give job talks (02/01/12)
    • Anyone heard anything about the two non-tenure track positions in ME Studies at NYU? Are they part of the same hiring process (eg same committee?)
    • The Non-tenure track positions have separate committees
    • Any news for the non-tenure track positions? Anyone get confirmation of receipt?

Qatar University (UAE) [non-TT][]

  • Assistant/Associate Professor in Gulf & Qatar History
  • 3 year renewable contract
  • Deadline: not stated [posted 14 Feb.]

Saint Louis University[]

  • Full time tenure-track position to begin in Fall 2012 in Middle Eastern History, with a preference for candidates who will enhance the Department's current strengths. Applicants must have a PhD in hand at the time of appointment.
  • Applications and supporting materials should be complete by November 1, 2011.
  • All applications must be made online at and should include a cover letter and curriculum vitae. In addition, three letters of recommendation and a writing sample (article or a chapter) should be sent to Philip Gavitt, Chair, Department of History, Saint Louis University, 3800 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63108.
    • Any news on this one? (11/17)
      • Nope (11/21)
      • E-mail invitation for AHA interview (x5) (11/21)
      • Campus invite
      • Anybody heard any news?
      • They made the offer to a fresh PHD.

Sarah Lawrence College (New York)[]

  • tenure track appointment in contemporary Middle Eastern History and Politics
  • "The successful candidate will hold the Christian A. Johnson Chair in International Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies, established by the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor."
  • PhD in hand, at least one middle eastern language, and "a strong commitment to teaching and an interdisciplinary approach [and] research interests and course offerings [which] would cover a broad range of social, political, and historical developments in the Middle East from the nineteenth century to the present."
  • Review of Applications begins: 30 Sept. 2011
  • Has this position been filled/removed already?
    • I have no idea - my application is still "active" according the website. Haven't heard anything though. It's only been three weeks though. (10/21)
    • had interviews at MESA
    • Any word on job talks?
    • campus invite 12/16
    • do you consider this a rejection letter? "we really liked you, but we intived others to the campus, still if it does not work out with them, we will come back to you"
    • Yes.
    • Not necessarily. Because of budget questions they may be limited in how many candidates they can invite to campus (say 2), but if either/both do not accept the offer considering the big name schools hiring this year, the search committee could make an argument that they want to bring more candidates to campus and continue the search instead of repeating it all over next year. This does happen, and regardless of where you stand in the order, if they invite you to campus it means they are interested in you as a candidate.
    • Any news on status of search??
    • offer made and accepted (2/28)
    • any idea who or what area they may have preferred (ie history or politics?)
    • history

UC Santa Cruz[]

  • Position announced in Chronicle 7/20/11: History: Muslim Mediterranean/Middle Eastern World - Asst. or Assoc. Professor
  • The History Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz invites applications for a position at the Assistant (tenure-track) or Associate (tenured) Professor level in the history of the early modern or modern Muslim Mediterranean/Middle East, with a chronological focus in the period between 1450 and the present and a geographical focus centering on all or part of the area from Morocco to Persia. We welcome candidates whose research contributes to cultural, social, and/or economic history. The successful candidate will teach undergraduate courses at both lower- and upper-division levels, including the survey of Middle Eastern history and courses in the candidate’s area of specialization. Ability to contribute to the department’s world history curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate level is essential.
  • This position carries a five-course-equivalency workload, which normally means teaching four courses over three quarters and carrying out other academic and service responsibilities. The campus is especially interested in candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of the academic community through their research, teaching, and service.
  • CLOSING DATE: The position will remain open until filled, but in order to be considered at the initial screening, the complete application (including letters of recommendation and other supporting documents) must be received by October 3, 2011.
    • Scheduling Skype interviews for Monday/Tuesday (October 24-25) (x3)
    • any news about campus interviews?
    • Not yet. Was expecting yesterday or today I believe
    • not yet either
    • I'm assuming they will contact the unsuccessful interviewees as well?
    • Sometimes they do (11/2), still no notification
    • 11/3 still no word, has anyone heard anything?
    • I did not hear anything yet. Others?
    • Nada (11/3), it's likely that they already made a decision and notified the successful candidates.
    • 11/7 still nothing- has anyone heard? No (3x)
    • rejection e-mail received (12/2)
      • Campus interviews announced (11/14)
    • anyone hear who got this job?
    • Did they hire anyone?
    • ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ANY NEWS???
    • So..... What happened? Their website doesn't indicate that they hired anyone. Is it lack of money? Are they reposting the job this year?????? anyone????

University of Colorado-Denver[]

  • University of Colorado, Denver, the International Studies Program at the, invites applications for a Middle East/North African specialist to fill a tenure-track position at the level of Assistant Professor, starting August 2012. The successful candidate will be rostered in either the History or Political Science Department, and will contribute to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences interdisciplinary International Studies program. This position comes with research, teaching and service expectations. The standard teaching load is 2/2 (four courses each academic year).
  • Required qualifications: Ph.D. in History, Political Science or a related field; demonstrated ability or promise of excellence in teaching; record of scholarly achievement or promise of future scholarly achievement; regional area of research and teaching expertise must include the modern Middle East/North Africa. Candidates with expertise in Globalization/Global History or International Political Economy are encouraged to apply.
  • Deadline rolling.
  • Has anyone heard anything?
    • Nothing as of 1/25
    • Nothing as of 2/11
  • Is this job for real?

University of Kansas[]

  • tenure-track Assistant Professor in Middle Eastern History
  • Review of application materials begins November 1, 2011 and continues until a qualified pool is identified.
  • Apply at (position #00002027)
  • They require two additional materials, which are not immediately apparent in the job instructions: syllabi and a writing sample. These need to be sent via snail-mail, however.
  • Any news? (11/17)
    • No (11/21)
    • Any news? (12/05)
    • Still nothing (12/06) x2
    • AHA invitation received (12/13)
    • Any news on the campus invitations?
    • nope
    • Here neither, though I just looked and saw their Spring semester just began on Jan 17. So, maybe they're only now deciding since the semester just began?
    • Any news? (1/26)
    • None 1/30
    • And still nothing... (2/3)
  • Campus invites have gone out
  • Rejection letter (3/3): someone has been offered and accepted the job

Unviersity of Leeds (UK) - International History since 1945

  • For job ad, see original posting on World/Global History 2011-12 page
  • Lecturer (tenured ~asst/assoc prof) in International History since 1945: ""We will particularly welcome applications from those with an interest in the history of China or the Middle East, especially if they demonstrate an ability to focus upon international relations within these specific regions"
  • Deadline: 15 Apr. 2012
  • Received rejection letter (4/24)

University of Massachusetts - Lowell[]

  • Tenure track position in the History of the Middle East/Islamic World
  • "specialization within the general area of history of the Middle East/Islamic Studies is open, but a focus on women's history, global cultural encounters, politics, religion, or in the area of peace and conflict study are especially welcome"
  • Deadline: not stated in ad
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • Crossposted at World/Global History 2011-12
    • The Ad says Evidence of Teaching? I have emailed the chair of the dept and have not recieved an answer. What does this mean? Any ideas?
    • I send sample syllabi for this. If not otherwise specified, teaching evals, too.
    • Did anyone receive any news from them?
  • No (12/08) x2
  • request for interview AHA or phone (x 2)
  • Skype interview on 01/10; should invite finalists next week
  • On campus request (1/17)x2
  • rejection email received 1/17 x2
  • After AHA interview, no rejection and no campus invite (1/23)
  • Campus Interview 2/8
  • one of the finalists has pulled herself out officially because of an offer somewhere else. And then there were two!
  • Let's see if they invite someone else or they will pick from the two candidates
  • I am nearly certain that they will choose between the two. I hope that the lucky candidate accepts the offer! and hopefully will post it here.
  • From the rejection letter it seems an offer has been made
  • Out of curiosity? Does anybody know if the job has been offered and accepted?
  • offer accepted
  • Does anyone know who the lucky candidate was?

University of Wisconsin, Parkside[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the history of the Middle East
  • "We are seeking a candidate who can effectively teach introductory and upper division courses on topics in the history of that region, along with introductory courses in our World History sequence. Candidates with additional expertise and the ability to teach courses in the subfields of North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, or Central Asia are preferred."
  • Deadline: 20 Jan. 2012
  • They extended the deadline on this one, I believe.
  • Just wondering where you saw this. I received an email a few weeks ago which confirmed receipt of my app materials. They had not received one of my rec letters and said they needed it by Jan 20. Still, I wouldn't be suprised if they extended the deadline. Seems to be more and more common these days.
  • The deadline was the 12th. And then it got extended.
  • Phone interview scheduled: 2/7 (x2)
  • Can I ask your speciality?
  • Early Islam.
  • thank you.

University of Worcester (UK) - Middle East & Europe[]

  • Lecturer/Senior lecturer (tenured) in the modern history of the Middle East and Europe
  • "Research expertise in one or more of the following areas will be especially desirable: 1. The history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, 2. The relationship between Europe and the Middle East in the 20th century."
  • Deadline: 23 Oct. 2011
  • Rejection received 10/28

University of York (UK)[]

  • Lecturer (tenured ~ Asst/Assoc Prof) in the History of the Central Middle Ages, 1000-1350
  • "We would be particularly interested in candidates developing research and teaching in the history of the Mediterranean, the Near or Middle East, or the Islamic world in the central middle ages."
  • Deadline: 26 Apr. 2013

Virginia Commonweath University[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in Middle East History since 1700
  • Review begins: 25 Nov. 2011
    • Intend to interview at AHA
    • Contacted for AHA interview (12/15) x2
    • Campus invite
    • Received email saying search is ongoing, # of finalists still to be determined. (1/24) 2x
    • Rejection by post stating search has been concluded. (2/24)

Virginia Tech - VAP in Middle East History[]

  • The Department of History at Virginia Tech seeks a Historian of the Middle East at the rank of Visiting Assistant Professor; nine-month appointment, beginning August 2012. Ph.D. preferred but will consider advanced ABD as Visiting Lecturer rank. Teaching load: 3 courses per semester. Candidates must be able to teach both halves of introductory history of the Middle East course and two or more of the following: Critical Issues in World History, Age of Globalization, Arab-Israeli Dispute, or other advanced courses in area of specialization.
  • Review of applications will begin June 22, 2012, and continue until position is filled (contingent on final budget approval.)
  • Candidates must apply online at and upload a letter of application, CV, statement of teaching philosophy, and copies of teaching evaluations.

Western Kentucky University[]

  • Assistant Professor, History of the Islamic World
  • "Candidates should specialize in the history of societies shaped by Islam within the Middle East, Asia, and/or Africa"
  • Review of Applications begins: 15 Sept. 2011
    • last week skype interview

Yale University[]

  • tenure-track assistant professor appointment, to begin July 1, 2012
  • Focusing on the history of the Middle East in the 20th century. The successful candidate must possess demonstrable skills in one or more of the major languages of the region.
  • Application, C.V., statement of research and teaching interests, a writing sample, and three letters of reference should be sent to Professor Abbas Amanat, Middle East History Search, c/o Dana
    Lee, Department of History, Yale University, P.O. Box 208324, New Haven, CT 06520-8324.
  • The review of applications will begin September 1, 2011.
  • No indication yet of job talks scheduled: they seem to be doing visits for their South Asian History search first.
  • how about interviews?
  • My sense is that there will be no preliminary interviews, just a short list of candidates invited to campus.
    • campus interview invitation received
    • At Yale (but not involved in search): announcement about 4 job talks went out over dept listserv: Nov 10, 14, 16, and 30.
    • ABDs/which schools? Postdoc? already employed? Somebody posted that information for Yale's South Asia search, care to specify here as well?
    • Best I can tell one is an Assistant Professor, another is a post-doc, two seem to be finishing up their PhDs.
    • Any News? (12/11)
    • Did anybody get hired?
    • Sounds like no, just got a letter saying that the search did not result in an appointment. (1/24)
    • Yes, a rather meager two line letter after two month of silence. What more is there to say.
    • Yes, apparently they didn't feel like hiring any of the candidates they interviewed. Why I don't fully understand, as I believe they had more than one fine candidate.
    • Usually that means that the committee could not agree, or the Dean disagreed with the committee.