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Mixed Specialty[]

Bowdoin College (USA:ME)- Middle Eastern & North African[]

NB: position posted after the deadline

  • Tenure track position in MENA studies with preference for (modern) history plus ability to teach Israel/Palestine, to begin 1 Jul. 2022
  • Research competency with Arabic sources is preferred, but research subfield is open
  • Teaching load: 2-2 The ability to teach a survey course in modern Middle Eastern history is required; the ability to also teach a course on the history of Palestine and Israel is preferred
  • Deadline: 15 Oct 2021
  • Any updates? [Nov 2]
  • [10 Nov.] Received invite for Zoom interview
  • [20 Nov.] Invited for campus visit over phone
  • [3 Jan.] Search concluded -- offer made to another candidate and they accepted (I was the alternate, ouch!).

Loyola Marymount University (USA:CA)[]

  • Full-time, tenure-track position in sub-Saharan African History or Middle Eastern history, chronological focus open, at the rank of assistant professor beginning August 2022.
  • Teaching: The successful candidate will be expected to teach lower-division courses in African or Middle Eastern history and world history, as well as upper-division courses in the area of specialization. The successful candidate will also be expected to contribute to one or more of the following History Concentrations: Law, Politics, and Society; Environment, Science, and Technology; Public and Applied History; Race, Gender, and Culture; and Global Economies, Encounters, and Exchange
  • Loyola Marymount University, a Carnegie classified R2 institution in the mainstream of American Catholic higher education
  • Applicants should submit a complete dossier, including (1) a letter of application, (2) a curriculum vitae, (3) graduate school transcripts, (4) a statement of teaching philosophy, (5) sample syllabi, and (6) writing sample, online at Tenure Line History ( Three letters of recommendation should be emailed directly to For questions, contact Constance Chen, chair of the search committee, at
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2021
  • Any updates? [Nov 12]
  • [12 Nov] Nothing Here!
  • Updates?
  • [18 Nov] Still no news here
  • [24 Nov] Interview request received x2
  • [24 Dec] Any updates or sense of when campus visit invites will be extended?
  • [17 Jan] Any updates?
  • [1 Mar] received rejection email

San Diego State University (USA:CA) - Africa or Caribbean[]

  • tenure-track position at the rank of assistant professor specializing in Africa or the Caribbean
  • We seek to fill this position with a scholar who has a commitment to an engaged student-centered teaching pedagogy and a demonstrated interest in and vision for the future of Africana Studies, and whose research applies to the needs and interests of Africana communities in Africa or the Caribbean (including history, culture, political economy, post-colonialism, gender relationships, cultural patterns and behavior, family, housing and employment, and other areas). Further, the scholar’s research and teaching philosophies should interrogate the intersection of history, culture, society, power, and behavior from a culturally centered perspective.
  • We are seeking applicants with demonstrated experience in and/or commitment to teaching and working effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and members of underrepresented groups. Candidates must satisfy three or more of the eight Building on Inclusive Excellence (BIE) criteria. Candidates that meet BIE criteria: (a) are committed to engaging in service with underrepresented populations within the discipline, (b) have demonstrated knowledge of barriers for underrepresented students and faculty within the discipline, (c) have experience or have demonstrated commitment to teaching and mentoring underrepresented students, (d) have experience or have demonstrated commitment to integrating understanding of underrepresented populations and communities into research, (e) have experience in or have demonstrated commitment to extending knowledge of opportunities and challenges in achieving artistic/scholarly success to members of an underrepresented group, (f) have experience in or have demonstrated commitment to research that engages underrepresented communities, (g) have expertise or demonstrated commitment to developing expertise in cross-cultural communication and collaboration, and/or (h) have research interests that contribute to diversity and equal opportunity in higher education. Please indicate in a separate diversity statement how you meet at least three (3) of these criteria.
  • Applicants should submit: 1)   Letter of application/cover letter, describing publications, ongoing research, and teaching philosophy/interests, Africana community engagement, and how these relate to diversity and understanding of underrepresented populations and communities; 2)   Full curriculum vita; 3)   Official transcripts of graduate study; 4)   Three letters of recommendation; 5)   Writing sample.; 6)   Evidence of teaching effectiveness; 7)   Applicants must include a separate written diversity statement
  • For full consideration: 25 Oct. 2021 position open until filled.
  • Zoom interview scheduled for week of 29 November

SUNY Stony Brook (USA:NY) – Transregional Global South (Africa, Asia, Middle East)[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in the history of transregional interconnections in the Global South (non-Western world), with a focus on Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Candidates should have at least two regions represented in their research and work in at least one non-European language and archive.
  • See full posting (link above) at World/Global/Transnational History Jobs 2021-22
  • [9 March] Contacted for additional materials.
  • [17 March] Invited for Zoom interview
  • [1 April] invited for job talk

University of Chicago (USA:IL) - Middle East & North Africa[]

  • tenure-track Assistant Professorship in Modern Middle Eastern/North African  History (loosely defined, 18th-20th centuries) to start on or after July 1, 2022
  • We welcome applicants with any specialization within that broader field.  
  • Applicants must apply online at the University of Chicago’s Interfolio website at and include: 1) a cover letter, 2) a curriculum vitae, 3) a research statement, 4) a teaching statement, 5) a dissertation abstract, 6) an article or chapter-length writing sample, and 7) three letters of reference
  • Review begins: 1 Sept. 2021
  • Any updates? [Oct. 3]
  • Not here. Any updates? [Oct. 12]
    • Nothing here. Their search for history of science last year took ~3 weeks from the initial deadline until the first request for more writing materials, and then another ~2-3 weeks until people received rejections. [Oct. 12]
    • They have sent out invitations to selected candidates to provide additional documentation, e.g. publications and dissertation. [Oct 16]
    • [12 Nov] zoom interview request [x2]
  • 100 days after applying: rejection email [Dec. 8] [x2]

University of Dayton, Ohio (USA:OH)[]

  • tenure-track faculty member at the assistant professor rank specializing in Middle Eastern or North African history as part of a Middle Eastern Studies hiring cluster. This position will start August 16, 2022
  • The expectations of this position are: 1) maintenance of an active research and publishing agenda in Middle Eastern or North African history; 2) developing history courses for the Middle Eastern Studies minor; 3) teaching courses in modern Middle Eastern history to support the history major, Middle Eastern Studies minor, the International Studies Program, and the Common Academic Program; 4) teaching HST 103: Introduction to Global Historical Studies, an introductory course in historical study and the department’s contribution to the university’s first year Humanities Commons Program, and; 5) service responsibilities at the departmental, divisional, and university level as determined in consultation with the department chair and executive committee.
  • To apply and for a complete list of qualifications, please go to: - Please email with any questions.
  • The University of Dayton is a top tier, Catholic research university
  • Applicants must upload a letter of application that directly addresses the minimum and preferred qualifications met, CV, and copy of Graduate Transcript(s). Upload evidence of teaching effectiveness (student and/or peer evaluations) if available. If you do not currently hold your Ph.D., a letter from your Ph.D. advisor stating your expected defense and graduation dates is required. Three reference letters are required of those invited for teleconference interviews, but at this time you need only supply email addresses of your references....Applicants selected for teleconference interviews will be required to submit a writing sample and course syllabi including a sample HST 103 syllabus. Teleconference interviewees will also receive instructions for having their letter writers submit references.
  • Deadline: 18 Oct. 2021 - Teleconference interviews will be conducted in early November 2021.
  • Invited to a zoom first-round interview. Also asked to submit further documents + letters (Oct 29) x2
  • Anyone know if campus invites have gone out?
  • yes, they have finalized the list of candidates invited for a campus visit. (I didn't get an invite) [Dec 27] x2

University of York (UK:Eng) - African /African Diaspora[]

  • Lecturer in Modern History (after 1750), with a focus on Africa, or Africa and its diasporas, including knowledge of African archival resources and the relevant languages.
  • We particularly welcome applications from historians working on gender and sexualities, or environmental history.
  • The successful candidate will demonstrate enthusiasm for, and experience of, designing and delivering modules informed by their research interests. Applicants should demonstrate how their teaching interests would complement and enhance our existing portfolios: undergraduate and postgraduate.
  • Deadline: 12 Apr. 2022


Albion College (USA:MI)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in history (Africa/Global South), to begin Aug. 2022
  • Ability to teach transnational, gender, science/medical, and/or environmental topics is highly welcomed.
  • This position will actively promote diversity, belonging and equity through critical and compassionate communication and strategic outreach efforts to various students, faculty and staff (e.g., historically underrepresented, first-generation, undocumented and DACA students, LGBTQ students). Applications are encouraged from candidates who can address the needs of a diverse student body and contribute to building a more diverse and equitable college community, including through the use of inclusive pedagogies.
  • Teaching responsibilities include an introductory survey in African history as well as mid-level and advanced courses on the Global South and other topics of the instructor’s choosing. The course load is 3/3, with one course every year contributing to an interdisciplinary program such as a First Year Seminar (FYS) or the Honors Program.
  • Ph.D. in History or related field by start of appointment.
  • For consideration, candidates must submit applications to Interfolio at
  • Review begins: 1 Oct. 2021
  • October 14 Virtual First Interviews conducted
  • Campus visits completed in early November
  • Offer made

Baylor University (USA:TX)[]

  • Assistant Professor (tenure-track) in African Studies, time period and region open.
  • Teaching is 2/2 in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core program within the Honors College.
  • Candidates in the disciplines of history, cultural anthropology, sociology, literature, and religion, particularly with a focus on global and transnational approaches, are especially encouraged to apply. Other specializations will be welcomed.
  • Candidates should demonstrate an active research agenda and have Ph.D. in hand by time of appointment.
  • The Baylor Interdisciplinary Core is an integrated, team-taught core curriculum program for students in the Honors College that emphasizes global and comparative perspectives on primary texts in historical context. Course sequences in which candidates might teach include World Cultures and Social World, and a full listing of BIC course sequences can be found here.
  • Applicants should submit by November 30, 2021: (1) cover letter, (2) curriculum vitae, and (3) list of three references. Cover letters should describe candidates’ research, approach to teaching, fit with the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core program, and fit with Baylor’s Mission.
  • Application materials must be submitted online through Interfolio. Go here to apply:
  • Review begins: November 30, 2021
    • I was told they would make a decision by December 10 for first round interviews--Anyone get an interview or is there a chance they are just behind?
    • [13 Dec] Yeah, they are doing Zoom interviews this week - invites went out Friday.
    • As stated in the interview request they sent out on Friday: "Baylor is a Christian University. Its policy is to hire those who identify either as Jewish or Christian, and are involved in a faith community. We understand some candidates will feel uncomfortable with Baylor's stated identity and mission, and won't wish to further pursue the interview process. Of course, if you would like to discuss the policy informally, whether by email or phone, please let us know, and a member of our search committee will reach out to you." If you don't identify as a Christian or Jewish, I advise you move on. As a Muslim, I wouldn't have bother applying if I know this was the case.
    • Zoom interview held Dec 15th
    • Anyupdate after the zoom interview?
      • [Dec 21] Another person here waiting - as perhaps they also told you, they said they would notify finalists either last Friday/Monday, so I'm guessing I didn't make the cut, although possibly they're a day behind schedule.

Boston University (USA:MA)[]

  • tenure-track appointment at the level of Assistant Professor in African History, beginning Fall 2022.
  • The Department seeks candidates with expertise in African history, region and period open. Applicants with comparative, transnational or global perspectives are welcome to apply. Candidates should demonstrate a commitment to excellence in research and teaching within a federally funded and internationally engaged National Research Center, focused on Africa. Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and graduate core courses and in fields of specialization. Ph.D. must be in hand by the beginning of employment.
  • Applicants should submit a cover letter detailing teaching and research interests (including your ideas on addressing issues of diversity and inclusion), a C.V. and two letters of recommendation to Academic Jobs Online ( Further documentation may be requested of short-listed applicants
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2021
  • preliminary virtual interviews will be conducted before the Winter Break with campus visits anticipated immediately following the break
  • Nov 9: I received an email suggesting I submit affirmative action forms. I'm assuming everyone got it but can someone confirm?
  • [Nov 9]: I can confirm receipt of the affirmative action forms. Nothing about an interview though.
  • [Nov 13]: Request for additional materials x1
  • [Dec 7]: Interview request
  • [Dec 18]: Campus visits scheduled. Rejection letters sent to others.
  • Offer made and accepted

Clark University (USA:MA) - Sub-Saharan post-1500[]

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor of sub-Saharan African History (post-1500) to begin Fall 2022
  • All regional specializations and topics of study will be considered. Scholars whose work includes research in a non-European language preferred, but not required. Candidates must have PhD in hand no later than August 2022.
  • Teaching: we seek applicants capable of contributing to the training of MA students in History’s accelerated degree program and Ph.D. students in Holocaust and Genocide History. Finally, the successful candidate will be prepared to teach courses that scaffold the study of Africa beyond the History Department (Art History, Geography, and International Development, Community, and Environment) and contribute to programs in Africana Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, or other relevant interdisciplinary programs.
  • For full consideration go to to submit a letter of application, c.v., summary of research interests, statement of teaching philosophy, and three letters of reference
  • Deadline: 18 Oct. 2021
  • Nov 3: zoom interview request received
  • [December 11] Any update after the zoom interviews?

Connecticut College (USA: CT) - Sub-Saharan[]

  • Tenure-track, assistant professor position in African History to begin July 1, 2022.
  • All time periods and thematic approaches to sub-Saharan African history are welcome.
  • We especially seek experts in African history who incorporate African languages in their research.
  • We are interested in scholars whose research and/or teaching explores some of the following topics: Black radical social and political movements, African indigeneity, gender and sexuality, health and medicine, human rights, and environmental and economic injustice, and transnational connections.
  • Successful candidates will be able to teach courses on pre-colonial, colonial, and modern African history.
  • After a first year of teaching 2-2, professors teach 3-2 (5 courses total over the academic year).
  • Connecticut College requires employees to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Questions should be directed to the search chair, Prof. Marc Forster (
  • Required materials: CV, cover letter, letters of rec
  • Link:
  • Review of applications will begin 1 November 2021 and continue until the position is filled.
  • Any updates?
  • [Dec 6] Zoom interview request
  • [Dec 22] Campus visit invitation received

Dickinson College (USA:PA) - Non-TT:VAP[]

  • Two-year Visiting Assistant Professor to begin July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2024
  • The candidate’s region and period of specialization are open. Scholars whose work addresses transregional histories, including the Atlantic or Indian Ocean, and women’s or gender history are particularly encouraged to apply. The ability to create inclusive learning environments for an increasingly diverse student body will be an important characteristic of the successful candidate
  • Teaching Load: 5 courses/year
  • Candidates should submit via QUEST (online application system) at; please submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, sample syllabi, and names and contact information of three reference writers...Letters of recommendation will be requested separately only for those candidates who are selected for the first round of interviews
  • For full consideration: 31 Jan. 2022
  • [Feb 15] Interview request

Duke University (USA:NC) - Sub-saharan[]

  • tenure track assistant professor in the history of Sub-Saharan Africa to begin in July or August 2022.
  • Ph.D. must be in hand by the time of appointment. 
  • Submit letter of application, curriculum vitae, a brief writing sample (article or dissertation chapter) along with three letters of recommendation to Professor John D. French, Chair of the Search Committee, via the following:
  • For full consideration: 7 Jan. 2022
  • [Feb 10] Rejection received. I think it's nice that they offer a window into the applicant pool in their letter. There were "ninety-one applicants, one third of whom received their PhDs from outside of the U.S. and one fifth of whom were ABD."

Kalamazoo College (USA:MI) - [Non-TT:VAP][]

  • full-time Visiting Assistant Professor position for one year—September 2022 through June 2023
  • Teaching Load: 2/2/2 including Introduction to African Studies, Civilizations of Africa, Contemporary Africa, and three upper-level elective courses chosen or designed in consultation with the department.
  • Upload cover letter, CV, statement of teaching philosophy, statement on experience working with underrepresented students and engaging issues of diversity and inclusion in the curriculum and pedagogical approaches, and undergraduate and graduate transcripts (unofficial acceptable), all in PDF format. Semifinalists will be asked to submit three confidential letters of recommendation to
  • Review begins: 8 Apr. 2022

McGill University (CAN)[]

  • tenure-track position in African history at the rank of assistant professor, effective 1 August 2022.
  • The time period and specialization are open. Knowledge of an African language would be an asset. In addition to an innovative research portfolio, the successful candidate is expected to show promise of excellence in teaching and will teach at all levels of the undergraduate and graduate program. Salary will be negotiable and commensurate with qualifications and experience.
  • Applications should be submitted electronically to Workday (McGill’s Employment Portal), including a cover letter & curriculum vitae, and three reference letters.  PLEASE NOTE: once your application materials have been submitted, you will be notified via McGill’s Employment Portal Workday to provide the contact information for three referees. These referees will then be contacted by Workday to upload their reference letters. Enquiries about the process may be directed to and about academic matters to the Chair of the search committee, Professor Brian Lewis, at .
  • Deadline: 1 Nov. 2021
    • [Nov 25]: Request for additional materials. 16 person 'long list'

Mount Holyoke College (USA: MA) - [Non-TT][]

  • Two-year Visiting Lecturer in African History, to begin fall 2022.
  • The time period and specialization are open. Geographical and topical areas of specialization are open.
  • Teaching: 5 courses/year The successful candidate will teach one course centered on the pre-1750 period, as well as additional courses from the introductory to advanced undergraduate level.
  • Please submit a letter of application, C.V., graduate transcripts, sample syllabuses of an introductory course in African history and a course in your field of specialization, a short writing sample, and statements covering (1) research interests, (2) teaching philosophy, (3) the mentoring of a diverse student body. The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate excellence in teaching and mentoring students who are broadly diverse with regard to gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and religion. The deadline for applications is February 16, 2022. Applicants should also include contact information for three references. Reference letters will be requested at a later date in the search process.
  • Please submit your application here.
  • Deadline: 16 Feb. 2022

New York University (USA:NY)[]

NB: posted after the deadline.

  • Tenure track Assistant Professor of Africa, to begin 1 Sept. 2022
  • We especially welcome applicants whose work is focused on East Africa, Lusophone Africa, or Central Africa. Scholars of the African Diaspora, whose work engages substantively with those regions of Africa, are also welcome to apply.
  • Teaching:The successful candidate will be expected to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in African history. Priority will be given to candidates who work in gender and sexuality; slavery, race, and inequality; or the history of political, ethnic, and/or religious thought.
  • These positions are part of a multi-departmental cluster hire in Black Diaspora Cultural Studies that includes the NYU Arts & Science Departments of History and Art History, and NYU Gallatin and which may expand to other departments in future years. A primary aim of the cluster is to create a network for scholars working in these areas to collaborate across NYU. More information about this cluster can be found here, along with background about NYU's broader Faculty Cluster Hiring Initiative.
  • Those wishing to be considered should submit letter of application, cv, and contact information for three letters of recommendation by November 15, 2021. Because diversity is an important part of the NYU mission, as part of your letter of interest, please describe briefly how diversity figures into your past, present and future teaching and, if applicable, research. Information about diversity and inclusion statements may be found at
  • Deadline: 15 Nov. 2021
    • [Dec. 9-15] Zoom interviews to be held
    • Dec. 23: Finalists notified

Ohio State University (USA:OH) - African Diaspora to the US[]

San Diego State University (USA:CA)[]

  • tenure-track assistant professor in the history of Africa since the fifteenth century.
  • All African regions and specializations will be considered. We welcome applicants who situate their research in the age of imperialism, but in that case we prefer scholars whose focus is Africa and Africans, and who de-center imperialism through the use of African-language sources and archives.
  • Teaching: The ideal candidate will be able to offer general education courses with broad student appeal, as well as upper-division and graduate courses in the area of specialization. Depending on research interests, the successful candidate would also have the opportunity to teach some of the department's courses in war and society, digital humanities, or public history
  • The position is listed on Interfolio at
  • Deadline: 20 Nov. 2021
  • November 27: Zoom interviews scheduled
  • This repeats a listing above. Just saying.
    • No it doesn't - the listing above is for Africa and/or Carribean in their Africana Department, this job is African History, in their History Department.
    • December 14: Any update after the Zoom interviews?
    • [Jan 7] Campus visits scheduled
    • Offer made and accepted

SOAS University of London (UK:Eng) - [Open Rank][]

  • Open rank position in the History of Africa
  • We invite applications from outstanding historians with research expertise in any region or period, but with a wide knowledge of African history.
  • If you are interested in applying for this vacancy, please click the apply button and complete the online application form, including your supporting statement (no more than 2,500 words max) updated CV, two publications and a list of your publications. You can find further information in the Job Description and Person Specification, along with a full list of duties and responsibilities.
  • Deadline: 30 Jan. 2022
  • Interviews will provisionally be Mid February 2022 - tbc (via Video conferencing)

Texas Christian University (USA:TX) - Africa/Global South[]

  • tenure-track position in the History of Africa/Global South, at the rank of assistant professor, to begin August 2022.
  • We seek applicants whose research is grounded in Africa; time period and regional specialization within Africa are open. The committee welcomes applications from scholars who treat and connect varied regions/nations of the continent, or who tie Africa to other geographic areas, such as South Asia, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. The Department is especially interested in scholars whose research incorporates non-European languages and sources
  • Teaching Load: 3/2
  • Applications should be submitted online through the TCU Human Resources website at Fill out personal/contact information and voluntary survey and then upload a letter of application, full CV, a statement of research, and one-page statement addressing how the candidate will contribute to diversity, equity, and inclusion at TCU. Please provide the name of three references who may be asked to submit letters of reference on your behalf.
  • Review begins: 16 Jan 2022
  • [Jan 27] Interview request (Zoom interviews scheduled for next week)
  • [Feb 10] Campus visit request (visits scheduled for late February/early March)

Universiteit van Amsterdam (NDL) - Medieval History of Asia and/or Africa[]

  • Assistant Professor in Medieval History of Asia and/or Africa
  • We seek an Assistant Professor in Medieval History of Asia and/or Africa to provide education in a dynamic context with ample opportunities for the development of innovative teaching methods. Your research will be part of the Amsterdam School of Historical Studies (ASH), one of the five research schools of the Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research. ASH represents and fosters the study of the human past from Antiquity to the present day. It brings together more than 200 academics from Amsterdam’s Faculty of Humanities, who participate in ca. 25 research groups. Depending on your expertise, you will join one of the research groups/centres within ASH, for example those on environmental history or urban history. You will also help foster a dialogue between colleagues working on medieval histories and cultures of Europe.
  • Deadline: 3 Apr. 2022

University of California, San Diego (USA:CA)[]

  • Department of History in the Division of Arts & Humanities at UC San Diego
  • Assistant Professor, tenure-track, History of Africa to begin July 1, 2022.
  • PhD (or advancement to candidacy) in History or a related discipline

Has anyone heard anything? [20 Jan]

Additional writing samples requested [11 Feb]

Any idea if this is being asked of everyone? Emails (I received the same email twice) says deadline for submitting extra writing samples is May 31 2022. I wonder if this was an error or if anyone heard directly from the search? I also received a request for additional writing samples, but no direct contact from search committee. h-net also listed the first consideration as December 17, but the UCSD platform now says Feb 1 as date of consideration. Any info on if first round failed and this is second round of consideration or if anything else is going on? [11 Feb] x2

[11 Feb] I received the same email twice requesting additional writing samples. Standard automated HR request.

[11 Feb]: The search chair followed up the automated request with a personal email, so I guess it's not a computer error and they're just moving more slowly than other job searches.

[13 Feb] I received automated emails, but no follow up by Search Com Chair. So I wonder if the auto emails accidentally went out to more people than intended...

[13 Feb] Hmm, while I don't know anything others don't, but I also got the automated emails but no personal email from the chair.

[4 Mar] First round interviews completed 2/25. Has anyone heard anything else?

[6 Mar] Campus visit invitation

[26 April] Any news?

University of Michigan (USA:MI)[]

  • 9-month tenured associate or full professor level for the A.M. and H.P. Bentley Chair of African History, to begin 29 Aug. 2021
  • Please upload a letter of interest, C.V., writing sample, research statement, teaching statement, and evidence of teaching excellence (which may include teaching evaluations, syllabi, course observation, etc.) via the Interfolio application...Questions should be sent to
  • Review begins: 1 Oct. 2021

University of North Carolina - Wilmington (USA:NC)[]

  • Nine-month, tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of African History, pref. start date Jan 2022 with a possibility of starting August 2022
  • Teaching: Teaching responsibilities include upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in specialty and a two-semester survey of Global History Since 1500, in both online and traditional formats
  • Please apply online at Special Notes to Applicants Prior to the official appointment to the university, the candidate(s) selected for hire must be able to demonstrate eligibility to teach assigned courses by successfully meeting the credentialing requirements based on official transcripts and other documentation as required...To apply, please complete the online application process available at and attach the following materials as an Adobe PDF document including: Combined unofficial graduate transcripts, Writing sample – (article-length essay or book chapter), Statement of diversity and inclusion – addresses how the candidate will contribute to fostering diversity and inclusion on campus, Curriculum Vitae, Cover letter
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2021
  • [12 Nov] Received rejection
  • [Nov 12] Any updates?
  • [18 Nov] Nothing here
  • They are currently doing Zoom interviews [Nov 19]
  • [Dec 9] Campus visit invitation received

University of Northern Colorado (USA:CO) - African & African Diaspora[]

  • Assistant Professor, tenure-track, in African History and the African Diaspora.
  • PhD in History, Africana Studies, Black Studies or a closely related field required; ABD considered with degree in hand by time of hire.
  • Teaching Load: 3/3 The position includes teaching introductory survey courses and advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in area of specialty
  • To apply, complete the online application at by submitting (1) a cover letter that highlights your current research, teaching experience and how you incorporate issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in research, teaching and service; (2) cv; (3) unofficial graduate transcripts; (4) two sample syllabi (for a survey and an upper-division course; please combine the two syllabi into one document to be uploaded); and (5) contact information for three references...Questions may be directed to the search committee chair, Dr. Joan Clinefelter, at
  • Review begins: 15 Nov. 2021
  • Zoom interview conducted 7 Dec 2021
  • [15 Dec.] Rejection letter post-Zoom. Congrats to those who made it on to the final round!
  • [28 Feb] Received rejection post-campus visit. Email stated offer was made

University of North Georgia (USA:GA)[]

  • full-time, tenure-track Assistant Professor of African History. Region and time frame are open.
  • The committee is particularly interested in scholars whose work engages with a non-European language. Candidates are also encouraged to share digital history projects and instruction.
  • Teaching: Instruction responsibilities include undergraduate survey courses, upper-division and graduate courses in area of speciality. The department seeks candidates whose research, teaching, or service has prepared them to contribute to our commitment to diversity and inclusion in higher education and the local community.
  • Deadline: not stated in ad, ad expires 30th Dec.
  • Invited for zoom interview [6 December]
  • Invited for campus visit [27 December]
  • Offer made

University of Southern California (USA:CA)[]

  • tenure-track assistant professor in Sub-Saharan African history beginning August 2022
  • Academic fluency in an African language preferred. All time periods and topics of study will be considered. Scholars of color as well as scholars based in African universities are encouraged to apply.
  • In order to be considered for this position, applicants are required to submit an electronic USC application; follow this job link or paste in a browser: . Please send a letter of introduction, c.v., names and email contacts for three references, a diversity statement, and a writing sample (either a dissertation chapter or an article). A PhD in relevant field of study is required at time of appointment
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2021
  • [Nov 19] Any News?
  • [Nov 19] Request for interview x2
  • [Dec 17] Any update after the zoom interviews?
  • [Jan 22] Any updates?

University of Victoria (CAN)[]

  • Tenure track Assistant Professor in African History, to begin 1 July 2022
  • The area of specialization is open
  • In accordance with the University’s Equity Plan and pursuant to section 42 of the BC Human Rights Code, the selection will be limited to candidates who self identify as Indigenous or who are members of a visible minority group.Applicants in these groups are required to self-identify in their cover letter.
  • To apply, the following materials should be sent to (electronic only, in PDF or Word format) to A cover letter; A complete curriculum vitae; A writing/publication sample; Confidential letters from three referees.
  • Deadline: 15 Oct. 2021
    • Nov 8: Any updates? (x2)
    • Nov 8: Nothing Here!
    • Nov 14: Any updates?
    • Nov 26: Request for interview x 9 (9 person long list)
    • Nov 27: Rejection received
    • Dec 18: Rejection received (following Zoom interview)

University of Virginia (USA:VA) - Pre-1900[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in the history of Africa before 1900
  • We invite applications from scholars of Africa whose research addresses themes of authority, community, and power, broadly defined. We are particularly interested in scholars who can contribute to non-teleological and critical debates about the global history of governance and political participation through African history. Possible specializations include: political thought; precolonial states and societies; economic life and material culture; environment and ecologies; religion and belief systems; forms of knowledge and technologies; and visual culture, art, and music. Novel methodologies and cross-disciplinary approaches are welcome. We welcome scholars whose work is centered in the field of African history with potential connections to the Atlantic, Mediterranean, or Indian Ocean worlds. Regional specialization within Africa is open. Scholars outside the U.S. academy and current graduate students are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants must have successfully defended their dissertation by August 25, 2022
  • Apply online at  Search for posting #R0029362, complete the application, and attach the following: 1. A cover letter broadly framing your interest, research, and teaching in light of search parameters, and your demonstrated past experience working on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and/or working with diverse populations (not to exceed three single-spaced pages); 2. Current curriculum vitae, a writing sample and contact information for three references; 3. A statement outlining what kinds of intellectual and/or institutional contributions you could envision making to the Democracy Initiative (not to exceed two single-spaced pages); 4. A research statement, discussing your present scholarly project and looking ahead to a future project (not to exceed one single-spaced page); 5. A statement of your teaching philosophy (not to exceed one single-spaced page) Please note all required documents must be uploaded in the 'Resume' box and can be combined into one PDF file.  Applications that do not contain all the required documents will not receive full consideration.
  • Review begins: 8 Nov. 2021
    • [Dec 6]: Request for additional materials and interview x1
    • [Dec 17] Any news?
    • [Feb 24] No news whatsoever on this?
    • Offer made and accepted

University of Warwick (UK:Eng)[]

  • Assistant Professor in African History on a full-time and indefinite basis commencing on 1 September 2022
  • The candidate will have expertise in African history, broadly construed to include the African diaspora, and may work on any period from the early modern to present. The department has existing strengths in East Africa, the history of slavery, global history and the history of science and medicine, and would particularly welcome applications from historians who can complement and extend our existing specialisms. Preference may be given to applicants with knowledge of a relevant African language and connections with African universities/organisations
  • Teaching: It is envisaged that you may teach on all or a combination of the modules listed below, depending on the successful candidate’s knowledge and expertise and department requirements: First year module ‘HI177 A History of Africa from 1800’; Second year module ‘HI277 Africa and the Cold War’; Third year module ‘HI32B Kenya’s Mau Mau Rebellion’ In addition, you will be encouraged to propose your own modules depending on your expertise and research interests.
  • Deadline: 10 Jan. 2022
    intend to interview mid Feb to mid Mar.
    Rejection received [Jan 28]

University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA:WI)[]

  • Tenure track assistant professorship in history, to begin Aug. 2022
  • Position 1: West or Central African history. Research interests may be in any sub-field, specialization, or time period. The successful applicant will be expected to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in African history and to work closely with the UW-Madison's Title VI National Resource Center in African Studies.
  • Ph.D. in History or related field by start of appointment.
  • For full consideration: 8 Sept. 2021
  • Rejection email received.

Western Carolina University (USA:NC) - [Non-tt:VAP][]

  • one-year Visiting Assistant Professor in African History to begin in August 2022.
  • Teaching responsibilities include three courses per semester, two introductory surveys in African History as well as upper-level offerings related to teaching/research interests.
  • PhD in History is preferred, but ABD candidates are encouraged to apply.
  • Online submissions must include a cover letter, current curriculum vitae, unofficial transcripts, a statement covering your teaching philosophy, and a list of two references with full contact information. Sample teaching materials such as syllabi may be asked for at a later date... For questions or additional information, please contact the chair of the department Dr. Alex Macaulay at 828-227-3497 or
  • Review begins: 13 Jun. 2022

African Diaspora[]

University of Notre Dame (USA:IN) - History of Slavery[]

  • Assistant Professor, historian of slavery in the Western Hemisphere, beginning Fall 2022
  • We are especially interested in scholars who use a comparative and transnational approach to engage issues of movement of enslaved Africans and their descendants, which may include a focus on the intersection of race and gender, resistance movements, religion and ritual, political and communal organization, cultural formation, and/or the complex relationship between slavery and freedom in North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America. In addition to being well-grounded in historical methodology, we expect candidates to have a deep investment in interdisciplinary discussions and collaboration. The Committee is open to consideration of beginning as well as more advanced assistant professors.
  • Candidates must attach a CV and cover letter. Questions may be directed to Dr. Dianne Pinderhughes, Department of Political Science, 2169 Jenkins Nanovic Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556, or To apply, visit:
  • For full consideration: 15 Oct. 2021 [ad posted 7 Oct]
  • [Nov. 14] Any updates??

University of Texas - El Paso (USA:TX)[]

  • Assistant Professor of History (African Diaspora)
  • Scholars whose work brings new and innovative insights to the study and teaching of the African Diaspora, while engaging the historical, contemporary and global experiences, representations and cultural contributions of Africans and people of African descent throughout the African Diaspora, are especially encouraged to apply. The successful applicant will have a research interest in Africa and African Diasporic history in a global context.  Additional interest in borders, migration, social justice movements or other related issues that will allow her or him to contribute broadly to our doctoral program in History, are welcome
  • All applicants must submit a letter of interest, curriculum vita, writing sample, transcripts, and contact information of three reference writers. Letters of recommendation will be requested separately of candidates going into the first round of interviews. Additionally, applicants should submit a statement of contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Review begins: 1 Dec. 2021
  • Campus visit emails sent: 21 Jan 2022

Middle Eastern[]

American University - Cairo (EGY) - before 1800[]

  • Assistant or Associate Professor in Middle East History before 1800 beginning in Fall 2022.
  • Teaching: The successful candidate should be an engaged teacher and is expected to teach humanities courses in the AUC core curriculum, foundational survey courses in Islamic and Middle East History, and thematic courses in the history of the Middle East from 600 to 1800, as well as more specialized graduate seminars in the areas of his/her specialization. They will also be expected to actively engage in research to be published in respectable venues in the field; supervise M.A. theses and serve on thesis committees; and provide department, school and university service. The teaching load is normally nine credits per semester, including courses in the M.A. program.
  • All applicants must submit the following documents via the online system: a) an updated C.V.; (b) a letter of interest; (c) a completed AUC Personnel Information Form (PIF); (d) a writing sample; (e) a statement of teaching philosophy; (f) copies of recent student evaluations, if available; (g) two sample course syllabi.Please ask at least three referees familiar with your professional background to send reference letters directly to Please identify the position in the subject title of the email and in the letter as follows: Middle East History at ARIC.
  • Deadline: 31 Dec. 2021

Colby College (USA:MA) - [Non-TT:VAP][]

  • one-year Visiting Assistant Professor of Middle East/Islamic history beginning September 1, 2022.
  • Teaching Load: 4 courses/year
  • Please submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, a statement of teaching philosophy, a statement of research interests, and three confidential letters of recommendation. The statement of teaching philosophy and the statement of research interests should demonstrate commitment to the values of diversity and inclusivity. Please submit applications via Interfolio at the following link
  • review begins: 1 Dec. 2021
  • [11 Jan] Any updates?
  • [12 Jan] Request for interview

College of William and Mary (USA:VA) - Middle Eastern History and International Relations[]

  • Assistant Professor in modern Middle Eastern history, including Iran and Central Asia, and International Relations. Appointment will begin August 10, 2022.
  • Teaching Load: 2/2 Successful applicants must possess the skills to teach an interdisciplinary course on contemporary issues in international relations, an introduction to global history, and compelling courses on modern Middle Eastern history, as well as to contribute to the Program in International Relations.
  • Applicants must apply online at Submit a curriculum vitae, a cover letter, a statement of research and teaching interests, and a statement describing previous professional experience or future plans (or both) that demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion. You will be prompted to submit online the names and email addresses of three references who will be contacted by the system with instructions for how to submit a letter of reference
  • For full consideration: 15 Nov. 2021
  • Any updates? [4 December]
  • No updates here [5 December]
  • A colleague was invited to send additional materials ... Not sure if that means it is over or if they're doing invitations in batches.
  • [4 Dec] invite for zoom interview
  • [21 Dec] campus visit invite
  • Offer made

Gonzaga University (USA:WA)[]

  • tenure-track Assistant Professor in Middle East history, starting August 2022
  • To apply, please visit Applicants must complete an online application and electronically submit: (1) Cover letter that includes evidence of or interest in collaborating with campus partners, undergraduate mentorship, academic citizenship/public engagement, contributing to the campus climate of inclusivity, (2) curriculum vitae, (3) Statement of teaching philosophy that addresses interest in contributing to Gonzaga’s mission and that includes evidence of teaching effectiveness and the use of equitable and inclusive classroom strategies and pedagogies, (commensurate with experience). (4) unofficial copies of graduate school transcripts; and (5) names and contact information for three (3) professional references (letters will be requested when semi-finalist are selected).
  • For full consideration: 1 February 2022
  • [2/16] Might be too soon, but seems like other searches with same deadline have reached out for additional materials or sim. Any word here (beyond the automated HR email sent out re: free immigration/international employment services)?
  • [22 Feb] Had Zoom interview. Request for interview went out the week before.

Harvard University (USA:MA) - [non-TT][]

  • three-year lecturer in the Modern Middle East with a focus on Iran or Turkey, The appointment is expected to begin on July 1, 2022. The position is for three years, with the second two years contingent on a satisfactory performance review during the first year.
  • By “modern,” we mean encompassing at least the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries. We welcome various disciplines, including, but not limited to, political, economic, social or cultural history. The lecturer will teach and advise undergraduate and graduate students and will have excellent skills teaching with sources in the relevant primary languages.
  • The teaching load is 2/2.
  • for full consideration: 1 May 2022

Northumbria University (UK:Eng) - [Non-TT][]

  • one-year, full-time lecturer in History of the Middle East, who can also teach more broadly in Global History. To begin in September 2022.
  • Teaching will include a second year undergraduate module entitled ‘Origins of the Modern Middle East, 1770-1970’, and a final year undergraduate module ‘Capitalism and its others’, on capitalism in world history from 1500 to the present. Plus further, limited teaching on core History modules.
  • The appointee will have excellent early-career teaching experience and a strong emerging track record in research. Will benefit from a research workload commensurate with that granted to other members of staff.
  • Closes: 11 June 2022

Smith College (USA:MA) - [Non-TT][]

  • one-year, full-time lecturer in modern Middle East History to begin July 1, 2022
  • Teaching load: 5 courses /year "including an introductory course on modern history of the Middle East and a course focused on women and gender in the Middle East."
  • Submit application at with a cover letter, statement of teaching philosophy, curriculum vitae, a draft syllabus for a course in modern Middle East history, teaching evaluations where available, a diversity/inclusion statement, and the full contact information for three confidential references.
  • Review begins: 15 feb. 2022

Tulane University (USA:LA)[]

  • tenure-track Assistant Professor in the History of the Middle East/Islamic World, starting July 2022.
  • Candidates must complete all requirements for the Ph.D. by 1 June 2022
  • Applicants’ dossiers should include a letter of application, C.V., an article-length writing sample, and names and contact information for three references; letters of recommendation will be requested for short-listed candidates. All applicants must submit their dossiers via Interfolio at this link: Inquiries can be made to F.T. Luongo at (
  • Review begins: 15 Oct. 2021 and continues until position filled
  • Any updates? Zoom interviews? [Nov 2]
  • No news yet (Nov 9)
  • [12 Nov] Zoom interview request
  • [Dec 17] Any news about finalists?
  • [Dec 28] Any word since the zoom interviews?
  • [Dec 21] campus visit invite
  • [Mar 31] Rejection email.

University of Chicago (USA:IL)[]

  • tenure-track position as Assistant Professor in the History of the Middle East in the Early Islamic Period until the Mongols (i.e., until circa 1258 C.E.) with an expected start date of July 1, 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter.
  • The successful candidate should have a demonstrated ability and/or potential to carry out original independent research and publication on the social, political, and economic history of early Muslim/Islamic societies; be able to teach a wide range of courses from surveys to advanced seminars; be able to supervise theses and, in time, Ph.D. dissertations; and have a strong command of classical Arabic. Knowledge of an additional relevant language desirable
  • To apply for this position, candidates must submit their application through the University of Chicago’s Academic Recruitment site at The application must include: a cover letter, cv, a published article or a dissertation chapter, a research statement,and three letters of recommendation.
  • For full consideration: '11pm central time 1 Nov. 2021 letters of recc. needed by 15 Nov.

University College London (UK:Eng) - Ancient [Non-TT][]

  • 12 month Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Ancient Middle Eastern History
  • Teaching: Ancient Middle Eastern Religion. This is an ‘Advanced’ module taught over one term in a weekly two hour seminar to a group of no more than 15 students. It will run in both terms. Assyrian Imperialism in Ancient Iraq: Palaces of Nineveh and Nimrud. This ‘Second Year Research Seminar’ module will focus on the examination of a specific set of source materials designed to develop students’ capacity to work independently and to use primary and secondary sources in the construction of a historical argument. Some of the teaching may be organised around independent study and one-to-one tutorials with the seminar leader. The module is taught over two terms.Understanding the Early Mesopotamian World, This is a ‘Thematic’ module taught over two in a weekly two-hour seminar format. There will be two groups of 15 students. Continuity and Change in the Ancient Near East in the First Millennium BC: the Assyrian Empire. This MA module will be taught in Term 1 in a weekly two-hour seminar, to a group of around 12 students.Imperial Babylon, c.627–539 BC, and its Reception.This MA module will be taught in Term 2 taught in a weekly two-hour seminar to a group of around 12 students. Additionally, the successful candidate will: To act as Programme tutor to the MA in Ancient History; To act as Personal tutor to 25 undergraduate and/or MA students; To carry out administrative responsibilities within the department, as directed by the Head of Department.
  • Deadline: 22 apr. 2022

University of Edinburgh (UK:Scot)[]

  • Lecturer in Modern Middle Eastern History (since 1750), to begin 1 Sept. 2022
  • Area and period are open, expertise in quantitative methods is desirable.   They will have a track record of producing internationally excellent research on any aspect of modern Middle Eastern history
  • Teaching: The successful candidate will develop and teach courses in modern Middle Eastern history and contribute to teaching and team teaching across all levels of the curriculum, including pre-honours, honours and MSc level courses, as appropriate.
  • Deadline: 3 Dec. 2021
  • Any updates? [December 4]
  • Any news? [Jan. 6]
  • Still no update here [Jan. 26]
  • Invite for initial interview (are there 2 rounds, American style?) [26 Jan.]
  • Offer made.

University of Tennessee_Knoxville (USA:TN) - Modern[]

  • tenure-track assistant professorship in the History of the Modern Middle East (1500 to present), to begin Fall semester 2022
  • Research specialties in any topic will be considered. We particularly encourage applications from scholars whose thematic focuses complement our department’s existing expertise in transregional histories, social identity, gender, empire, or memory.
  • Teaching Load: 2/2 including a survey in World History from 1500, undergraduate upper division courses in modern Middle Eastern History, and graduate courses in the candidate’s area of specialty.
  • Materials should be submitted to
  • Deadline: 1 Oct. 2021
  • 15 Oct: first-round interview invite (+4)
  • 29 Oct: campus visit invitation (+1)
  • 9 Nov: rejection email

University of Utah (USA:UT)[]

  • Tenure-track assistant professor in the history of the Middle East, research specialization and time period open.
  • PhD preferred, but ABD candidates are encouraged to apply.
  • Teaching Load: two courses per semester. Teaching responsibilities include undergraduate and graduate courses in the history of the Middle East, one half of a two-course World History survey, and contributing to the department’s required undergraduate course on historical methods.
  • Opportunities to participate in the University’s interdisciplinary Middle East Studies, Asian Studies, and Religious Studies programs among others, and may also contribute to the University’s initiatives in Environmental Humanities, Medical Humanities, and/or the Digital Humanities.
  • In addition to a cover letter, CV, writing sample, and contact information for three recommenders, please submit a 1-2 page statement addressing contributions to diversity through research, teaching, and/or service.
  • Deadline: 5 November 2021
  • Any news? [Nov 15]
  • [24 Nov]: Received invite for Zoom interview
  • [24 Dec]: Did any of the Zoom interviewees hear back from the committee about campus visits?
  • [6 Jan]: Any news on campus visits?
  • [17 Dec]: Campus visit invitation for mid-January
  • [9 Feb]: Offer extended and accepted

Utah State University (USA:UT)[]

  • tenure-track assistant professorship in the history of the Middle East, specializing in any period from the medieval to the modern
  • Preference will be given to candidates who can contribute to the Religious Studies Program, which is part of the Department of History.
  • A PhD in History or related field is required by June 2022.
  • Teaching load: typically 2/2, Candidates should be able to teach one-half of a two-course World History survey and contribute to the department’s undergraduate and graduate curricula.
  • Along with the online application, please attach: 1. A current curriculum vitae; 2. A cover letter that speaks to your effectiveness as a researcher and teacher;3. A statement describing how your work would contribute to diversity and inclusion through research, teaching, and/or service; 4. The names and email addresses of three references. (Your references will be automatically sent a system email from USU asking them to upload a letter of recommendation if your candidacy advances to the next level.) Link to apply: Please direct questions to Dr. Christopher Conte, Search Committee Chair, at (Do not send application materials to this email address. Please use the application link above.)
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2021
    • [13 Nov]: Any word?
    • [15 Nov]: My references received prompts to upload their letters pretty soon after I submitted. Curious if this was a common experience. (+2)
    • [15 Nov]: I sent my references through interfolio, so I wonder in that case, whether Interfolio would have notified me or whether it would have been done automatically...
    • [22 Nov]: Any updates?
    • [23 Nov]: Fwiw, someone just got an interview request for their US search
    • [29 Nov] zoom interview request
    • [Dec 17] Any updates on campus visits?


NB Ottoman posts can also be found at European History 2021-22

Johns Hopkins University (USA:MD)[]

Added without link to original job posting. PLEASE always add the original ad when adding new posts.

  • Tenure-track assistant or associate professor in Early Modern Ottoman history (fifteenth to eighteenth centuries)
  • Expected start date 1 July 2022
  • All regional specializations are open, but research engagement with Ottoman Turkish and other relevant languages preferred.
  • Particularly interested in topics that make broad connections and/or span multiple regions and communities
  • Materials should be submitted to:
  • Deadline: 15 November 2021.
  • [3 Jan]: Any updates?