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Last Updated: Wednesday, May 07, 3:10 A.M.

New Category: Offers Made (Please list school name below and whether accepted, turned down, or still deciding)

Coe College 2/11 (turned down)
U of New Orleans 2/1 (turned down)
U of New Mexico 2/20 (2 positions; 1 turned down)
Southwestern University 2/8 (declined)then (accepted)
Virginia Wesleyan 2/6 (accepted)
Ithaca College 2/13 (declined)
Ithaca College 2/19 (accepted)
Denison U offer made (from poco list)
University of Toledo (accepted)
The College of Wooster (accepted)
U Maryland 2/21 (accepted)
Grinnell College 2/5 (accepted)
University of Missouri

Sarah Lawrence College

Northeastern University (offer made and accepted)

University of Kentucky (offer made and accepted)

Boston College (2 positions)
Deadline: Nov. 1
application ack. 11/20
Dossier request: 11/14
MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/21)
Campus visit but did not get job.
Baruch College-CUNY (black studies)
Deadline: Dec 4
on campus interview for early March

Brooklyn College (Transatlantic/Caribbean)
Deadline: Nov. 1
Application ack. 11/1
paper rejection letter 12/05

UC - Berkeley
required a ridiculous packet (2 copies of sample, 2 copies of c.v., letter, 2 postcards)
Don't they have a photocopier???
Deadline: postmarked by Oct. 26
grapevine says this has been offered. 2/27

Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo
Deadline: 11/13

Cal-State San Bernardino
Deadline: Nov. 1
Addl. Materials Request (via snail mail): rec'd. Nov. 3
MLA interview request: 12/6 (2)

Carnegie Mellon
Deadline: Nov. 15
Writing sample request (by email): Nov 19 (4)
MLA interview request: 12/17 (2)
Rejection letter, regular mail: 12/22

Campus Scheduled

Chapman University
Deadline: TBA
Writing sample and dossier request: 11/16
MLA interview request: 12/3
Snail Mail Rejection: 12/14 (My cat dropped the rejection letter in his water bowl.)

Coe C
Deadline: Nov. 9
MLA interview request: 12/11 (2)
Rejection via e-mail: 12/14
Campus visit scheduled: 1/3
Offer made: 2/11

U Connecticut
Deadline: Nov. 10
Application Acknowledged: Nov. 5
Any word on this one??? It's 12/18?
Good question. I've been wondering the same thing!
A friend is interviewing for this job. I also applied and haven't heard anything.
Rejection e-mail received Monday, May 5
Review begins: Oct 15; Deadline: Nov. 1
Campus visit scheduled

Any offers made here yet? (1/11)
Denison University
Deadline: Nov. 12
Writing sample and dossier request: Nov. 17 (2)
[FYI: Anglophone/Poco site reports MLA interview scheduled 12/10.]
MLA interview scheduled: 12/10
Campus scheduled According to poco list, offer has been made

Grinnell College (IA)
Deadline: November 1
Writing Sample & evals request: Nov. 14 (4)
Q: Any interview requests yet?
Any campus visits scheduled yet? (1/16) Any visits/offers here? (2/11)
U Illinois - Chicago
Deadline: Nov. 15

Ithaca College (NY)
No deadline posted.
Interview Scheduled: Dec 11 (2)
Soundly rejected by snail mail: 12/13
Campus visit scheduled: Jan. 7
I know there were 4 campus visits. But has anyone heard back?
Johns Hopkins U.
Deadline: Nov. 1
(Isn't Nov. 1 for the American lit. (open rank) position? I think the Af Am deadline is Nov. 20.)
Application Acknowledged, Affirmative Action Form Completed: Nov. 21
Writing Sample Request: 12/3
anything on MLA?

U Kentucky
Deadline: early Nov. (3rd?)
Application Acknowledged, Affirmative Action Form Completed: Nov. 14
Writing Sample Request: Nov. 13 (2)
MLA interview: 12/7
Any word on campus visits at this school? (1/8)
Yes--4 campus visits scheduled, including 1 VAP, one UK grad.

Loyola College in Maryland
Deadline: Oct 22
Dossier request: Oct. 29 (2)
Q: Any updates on this job? It's been a while.
MLA interview scheduled 12/17 (2)
Jesuit statement requested 12/31 (post MLA)

U Maryland
Deadline: early Nov.
Writing Sample & Dossier Request: Nov. 18
Application Acknowledged, Affirmative Action Form Completed: Dec. 1
Rejection Letter: 12/12 (4)
MLA interview scheduled 12/8

U Massachusetts-Amherst
Deadline: Dec 7
Application Acknowledged, Affirmative Action Form Completed: Dec. 1
MLA interview scheduled: 12/13 (2)
Rejection letter, regular mail: 12/22; 12/31;
Any word on campus visits at this school? (1/8)
campus visit scheduled

U. Missouri Columbia
Deadline: Nov. 23
Ack. letter rec'd 11/19
Dossier/writing sample request: 11/27
Application Acknowledged, Affirmative Action Form Completed: Nov. 30
MLA interview scheduled by phone: 12/10

Campus visit scheduled: 1/8
Mt. Holyoke
Deadline: Nov. 16
Affirmative Action Form Completed: Dec 14
Has anyone heard back from Mount Holyoke (for the 3 yr post)? (1/21)
U New Mexico
Deadline: Nov. 19
Application Acknowledged, Affirmative Action Form Completed: Nov. 21
MLA interview scheduled: 11/30
Campus interview scheduled: 1/4
Offer made 2/20

U of New Orleans
Deadline: Nov. 2
"Seeking an Americanist in modern and/or contemporary literary and cultural studies w/specialization in one or more of the following areas: African-American literature, New Orleans or Louisiana lit., or lit. of the Americas"
Dossier request: 11/7
MLA interview: 12/2 (2)
Campus visit invitation: 1/3
Offer made: 2/1

Deadline: Nov. 10
dossier and writing sample requested 11/14; 11/20; 11/20; 11/20, 12/3
MLA interview scheduled by phone: 12/12
Campus visit scheduled

Rejection e-mail received on March 21.

Northern Michigan University
Review begins: November 19
Ack. app., AA form: Nov. 09
Dossier request: Oct 29
Phone interview scheduled: 1/3
Rejection letter, regular mail: 1/10

Northwestern University African-American Studies Any interviews/campus visits scheduled yet? (1/21)

NYU-comparative African American and Anglophone Caribbean literature
Deadline: Dec. 1
Writing sample request by phone: 12/8

U. Penn
Deadline: early Nov.
writing sample request Nov. 15; Nov. 16 (2)
Application Acknowledged, On-line Profile Completed: Dec. 1

Rice University
Deadline: Oct. 15
Writing Sample Request (by email): Nov. 12 Nov. 20
MLA interview: 12/3
Rejection sent: 12/10
University notified finalists Q:when?
Rhodes College
Deadline: early Nov. (5th?) (Nov. 1st, I think.)
Writing Sample Request: Nov. 20 (4)
[FYI: A colleague rec'd. an MLA interview request on 12/7.]

Deadline: Nov. 25

Rutgers-Camden campus (American literature with "special emphasis on Af-Am")
Deadline: Nov. 15
Dossier, Transcript, Writing Sample Request: 12/4 (3)
MLA interview scheduled: 12/18
Campus Visit Scheduled

Offer made
Sarah Lawrence College
Deadline: Dec. 1
MLA interview scheduled by email: 12/18 Campus visit scheduled, 12/31

U. of South Alabama
Deadline: 11/16
MLA interview scheduled: 12/2
Campus visit invitation 12/30

U. South Carolina (4 positions)
Deadline: Oct. 31
Application Acknowledged, Affirmative Action Form Completed: Nov. 3
MLA interview scheduled by phone: 12/11

University of Southern California
Deadline: Nov. 1

Univ. of South Florida
Deadline: applications accepted until position filled
Application acknowledged, Affirmative Action Form completed: Nov. 12
Dec. 17: Received e-mail that "search has not been funded. We will keep the applications and revive the search should funding be granted later. If you wish to withdraw your application, please let us know"(2). Official letter confirming e-mail message arrived on Dec. 21.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Deadline: Nov. 12
Writing sample & transcripts request: Nov. 14
MLA interview scheduled: Dec. 3
Belated campus visit invitation: 2/19

Southwestern University (TX)
Deadline: November 1
Writing sample request: Nov. 15 (2)
MLA interview scheduled: Nov. 29 (4)
E-mail rejection: 12/17
Campus visits scheduled
Offer made 2/8

"Assistant Professor of Literatures of the African Diaspora"
Deadline: Oct. 19
E-mail rejection: 12/20

St Mary's U (Canada)
"Literature of the Black Diaspora"
Deadline: February 15, 2008

U Tennessee - Knoxville
Deadline: Nov. 1
Application Acknowledged, Affirmative Action Form Completed: Nov. 7
Writing Sample, Dossier, & Transcript Request: Nov. 20

Tennessee State University
Deadline: Dec. 7
Now posted at generalist_and_open

Texas A&M
Deadline: Nov. 5
campus visit Nov. 30
MLA interview request 12/10

U Toledo
MLA interview scheduled 12/7

Towson University (MD)
Deadline: November 15
Ack. app, AA form: Nov 7
Writing sample, dossier, & teaching materials request: Nov. 24
Rejection letter, regular mail: Dec. 24;

Wake Forest University (NC)
Deadline: Oct 31
Application Acknowledged, Affirmative Action Form Completed: Oct. 22
Request for more materials: Nov. 2 (2)
Q: I noticed that this job was listed last year as well. Anyone know what happened?
They hired one person but were unable to agree on a second hire (department votes).
Ah. Thanks for responding.
MLA interview scheduled. Dec 5 (2)
Any offers made here yet? (2/11)

Why did someone erase the Wake Forest info? Someone posted that they had received an invitation for a campus visit on 12/30. Please don't erase other people's info!!!

Deadline: Dec 1

Williams College
Deadline: Nov. 15
Affirmative Action Form: Dec. 3
Rejection via e-mail: Dec. 14 (2)
Q: If rejections have been received, has anyone out there been invited to interview?
MLA interview scheduled: Dec. 14 (2)
Campus Visit Scheduled
Virginia Wesleyan College
Review begins: November 15
MLA interview scheduled: Dec. 6
Campus visit invitation: Jan. 9

Offer made and accepted Feb 6

College of Wooster (OH)
Deadline: November 11
Writing Sample Request: Nov. 16 (2)
MLA interview scheduled: Dec. 3
Campus Visit Scheduled
Xavier U. of Louisiana
Deadline: Nov. 12