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Sept 8, 2010--will this be updated for positions 2010-2011? A: See African American 2011 for 2010-2011 positions.

African American[]

# on the market: 22

just curious:2

PhD Degree:  African Diaspora/AAS-2

African American Studies: 2

English: 9

History: 5

Philosophy: 1

Interdisciplinary: 3

American Studies: 1

Comparative Literature: 1

Anthropology: 3

Sociology: 1

Can we please add links when we add jobs here?  Not all of these positions are "literature" positions, so it's not always obvious where to find them.  And if you're gonna share, you may as well go all out, right?  Thanks.

Even though the application deadline has passed, I'm putting up a link for the multi-discipline Tennessee search. (Review began on Dec.1, but that's not a cut-off date) 

Offers Made/Offers Accepted:

Boston University

Luther College

Muhlenberg College

Old Dominion University

Ohio State

Valdosta State

Williams College

Kean University

Ole Miss

Alabama (3/26)

Campus Visits Scheduled:

Armstrong Atlantic


Ole Miss



Bard College at Simon's Rock


George Washington

Boston U

University of Houston


Bard College

CUNY John Jay


Muhlenberg College

It seems like an inordinate number of these openings have not followed up on MLA interviews. I've had three MLA interviews for Af-Am positions from which I have not heard a peep since--nor have they been updated on the wiki, thus seeming to indicate that others have not been notified of their status as well. What's up with this? Any thoughts?

Arcadia University (11/10)

-"I'm writing to ask if you're still interested in the position and if you will be at the MLA." by email 12/4. (Q: Does this qualify as an interview request?) x2 Q: Has anyone heard back from Arcadia since receiving this email? (12/12) A: Yes, if you got this email, they want to schedule an MLA interview. Q: Has anyone actually scheduled an MLA interview with Arcadia? (12/14) A: MLA interview scheduled 12/14 (by email) x2

Q: Anyone know what the teaching load is at Arcadia University? A: 12 credit load (4 credit/class)

'Armstrong Atlantic State University' (12/1)

Interview requested (12/14) x4

- Wondering how many of you did AHA versus how many did phone interview? How did they go? General impressions?

-i'm curious too.

Type of interview: AHA interview (x1) - Phone (x1)

General impression: I thought the committee members were great. It was the most friendly interview I've had in four years on the market. (1/22) Really? They told me they had their last interview on the 15th and then would be meeting and making recommendations for campus visits around Jan 20. The SC chair suggested they would be contacting successful candidates for campus visits at that point. I guess you meant Jan. 15, not Dec. 15? or did this get posted in the wrong spot? ------> my bad

So no one got a campus invite last week? (1/23) ---> No campus invite to me last week. They had to make recommendations to the dept or the dean? I'm not sure which - to get approval before invitations went. Maybe that is a process that takes a bit of time? Presumably we'll hear something this week, one way or the other. Good luck all!

Invited for a campus visit in February. My understanding is that 3 invitations were issued.

apparently, one candidate dropped out, so they will choose between the other two. --> very curious where that info is coming from. did she/he find out the salary?

'Alabama '(11/30) African American Literature with a specialization in critical theory

Request for more materials (12/02)

MLA interview scheduled (by phone) (12/09) (x4)

(just to say, after the interview: smart and courteous people on this committee)-- Couldn't agree more! One of the most enjoyable interviews ever. (X2)

Poster from within the parentheses above, now stepping out to wish others well in the waiting for a campus interview: good luck. I hope that we'll learn something soon (1/14). (X2) Received letter apologizing for delay, promising more information within the week. Continued good luck, good people (1/30). (X3)

campus interviews scheduled for some; best wishes to all (2/07). (X2)

-(From downstairs rejected neighbor) Best of luck for those who made it and those who didn't! (ditto from downstairs rejected #2). Thanks, neighbors. We should all just continue to hang out like the Invisible Man in the basement of this place, listening to Louis Armstrong and smoking weed.

-Nice! I am in for sure! :) I'd actually like to know who my neighbors would I do this? :) - i have no idea but was thinking the same thing today.

-are you on the Chronicle forums? that could be an easy segway since there are screen names AND messaging. As far as I can tell there are three people in the building, 2 of us hotboxing the basement, waiting for the upstairs neighbor to join? - not on chronicle forums, is there another way?-here, I set up an email account with a random name

-- except it doesn't pay much.

hey comrades, any word on this position? (3/10)

I can now answer my own question, after a kind and respectful note of rejection from the committee's chair. Congratulations to the person who won this position (3/26). (x2)

Alabama-Race and Gender/Afro

-Request for more materials(11/25) x2

- phone interview requested (12/9) X2

what disciplines are you in? just curious. : ) -- history

-any news? haven't heard a thing after the phone interview. X2

the crickets are killing me :) --> Glad I'm not the only one. It seems that all the jobs I interviewed for have stalled between phone interview and campus visit! No movement is almost worse than rejection. (1/21)

I agree! How many of us interviewed for this one? ( I am the original cricket poster :))

Hello from the lit-crit position upstairs. I, too, are waiting to hear, but I was told in the interview at MLA that the university's bureaucratic requirements would make the hiring process slower than not. Perhaps this is also the situation with you? Best wishes for a happy conclusion to your wait, in Tuscaloosa or elsewhere.

Hey neighbor! Thanks for the details and good luck to you! (x2)

You're welcome, and thank you. I should like to think that we hear crickets (and better, tree-frogs!) because the window remains open. . And by the way, it's a pleasure, really, to be in the same neighborhood as those of you who are finalists for this position. Stay with your important and admirable work, regardless of this year's market. Thanks neighbor! Same to you. -solicited rejection from SC. Good luck to all who are still waiting! (x2) - it was worded strangely though - as if they didn't realize they had done a phone interview with me.

-You are right. "it was very competetive, over xx applicants...etc." Oh well, good luck with anything else you are waiting on! -- post docs, one campus visit, and about 40 outstanding applications, ugh. Good luck to you too!

Damn, I hate to see good neighbors go, though this might be moving week for me too. Best wishes to you, and happiness.

-I have to say, this is the nicest neighborhood I have ever been in! Thanks!

Bard College (no date) link

  • Q: Has anyone heard anything?
  • nope, not a word. (11/20)
  • I got an automated email acknowledgement. (11/21)
  • Is this different from the Simon's Rock position?

-I think so.  I posted the Simon's Rock job right when it was advertised, and this one was already up.

  • I think this is an inside hire.  They have a visiting professor who is poised for the gig, I'd say. 
  • Just received a request for a writing sample. (12/4) X3
  • Can the last posters clarify if this is Bard or Bard College at Simons rock?  Thanks.
  • To clarify, I received a request for a writing sample from Bard (the one to which that link takes ya).
  • The request for a writing sample was from Bard College, not Simons Rock.
  • same as above.
  • E-mail request for interview at MLA (12/17) X2
  • Campus visit schedule (1/13)
  • Has an offer been made on this job?

Bard College-Simons Rock (11/15)

  • Ack. by mail (11/7)X2
  • Any pre-Thanksgiving news?
  • Any news after acknowledgment? Seems like there should be movement by now. (12/14)
  • phone interview requested (12/15) (X2)
  • any idea when they'll let phone interviewees know if they made the final cut?
  • They told me they would likely do a second round of phone interviews in mid-January and then proceed to campus visits in late January-early February.  But the first phone interview was extremely rushed - 15 minutes???  Yours?
  • i think phone interviews are awkward to begin with, especially when there are so many people on the other end. it didn't seemed rushed to me, it felt like eternity :-)
  • Any word this week? (1/24) nope, i haven't heard anything since my phone interview.
  • received a solicited response from SC chair today. They have a short list of candidates doing campus visits right now but its possible none of them will fit the bill. They are not closing the search until someone is hired.

Bates College (Visiting Assistant Professor, deadline passed)

Application ack. and EEO card. (2/25)

Boston U (11/1)

    ack. application x3

any news on this one?

-direct rejection, no sugarcoat, via snail mail (11/13)

-made an offer/accepted (12/21)

Bowdoin College (11/30)

Any word on this one?

Did anyone here apply for this job?

Mm-hm. No news. (x2)

Campus visit invite 1/5

interesting. good luck!

Claremont College (Africana Studies, specialization in political theory and diasporic studies)

Any updates on the status of this search? Announcement says they're looking for a polisci person but the job is not listed on any polisci job wikis (2/28)

search was cancelled until next year (3/3)

are you sure? i just heard from them yesterday confirming receipt of my application materials. it seems that if they had cancelled the search they would've mentioned that when they wrote don't you think? where did you hear this? (3/4) --> you should contact the SC, i've got it from a good source

infoCUNY John Jay College (03/15)

Invitation for campus interview - email, 1/30

Ditto, except request this week (Feb. 22-26). Any word on this position? Wonder how many they will interview? (03/31)

Offer made March 29.

Dominican U (11/6)

      --Does the Dominican job look like an inside hire to anyone else?

    cant tell....? what is tipping you?

       --Visiting prof has right profile, identical to job ad

      --I don't think it's an inside hire.  I had a campus visit there last year, and they mentioned they would be hiring for this position the following year, and I didn't get that feeling.  Always a possibility I guess.

ack. application 11/9

--Where did you find the VAP's profile? I've searched the school's site, and the information I found only lists the courses he is teaching and a presentation he gave recently. I got an email asking for a MLA interview. Anyone else?   Yes

A colleague of mine got an interview.  I will say I interviewed at this school for the ethnic position last year (didn't end up getting it after campus visit), and the committee members were all very nice, cordial, and professional.  Good luck! (12/3)

Eastern Michigan

Fayetteville State U

  • MLA interview scheduled (12/21)
  • Any word?
  • Had a campus visit and the people there are VERY friendly....still waiting. (4/1)

Florida Gulf Coast University (1/01/10)

George Washington (American Studies dept.-18-20c African American Culture) (12/1)

  • This one is also listed under the American Studies job wiki
  • AA form and acknowledgment (snail mail) 12/3)
  • phone interview scheduled (12/11)
  • American Studies page says campus invites are out. :(

-any news here?

Grambling State University (Early American or Af-Am) (11/20)

Phone interview scheduled and conducted (12/18)

Grand Valley State (assistant professor of American literature with a specialization in African-American literature) (11/03)

MLA interview scheduled (by email) (12/08)

MLA interview scheduled (by phone) 12/08

I never heard a word after MLA (4/1) Has anyone else??

No--called back in Feb. at which time supposedly no decision had been made. Haven't heard anything since (4/6).

Indiana U-South Bend (11/1)

Got a nice email--of denial (1/20)

Iowa State:

African and African American Studies search: Canceled (10/27) (I got this email too)

Kean University

-Interviewed at the AHA, thought I'd post this here for when there's movement on campus invites.

- spoke with member of search committee. Review of received applications will continue until next week at which time they will schedule phone interviews with selected applicants that were not at AHA. (1/15)

-Darn... I was hoping we'd have some news on this one by the end of this week. (1/29)

-Just received affirmative action form. Is it just me, or is this one a little disorganized? (2/4)

-Yeah, mine came in the mail on Monday or Tuesday. Not sure what that means in terms of the state of the search. (2/5)

-I assume that they are just getting to things out of order and that earlier news of phone interviews indicates that they have already narrowed the pool. But I'm willing to be pleasantly surprised! (2.5)

hmmm.... I think the search is a bit disorganized. they were calling people to interview at AHA on a whim, literally on their way to the airport - anyone not able to go to AHA receive a follow up call for a phone interview?

Yes, on the interview.

-Campus interview scheduled

Kennesaw State: (11/15)

-emailed request for phone interview (12/8)

-what discipline, please?

-its a joint position in Afro/History/Philosophy.

-right, got that. question is what discipline are you, the phone interviewee, coming from.

-Sorry, I am in Afro. -They are currently calling interviewee's committee members (1/21)

-campus invite

-how many folks here are interviewing for this?

-wait, this is not the one for a cultural anth in a joint appointment with dept of geography and AADS? if so, had very awkward phone interview back in Nov. 2009. i remember one committee member in particular, who knew that i had only held one-year contracts teaching at other institutions, ask about my service experience and then acting surprised when i said i had none because there hadn't been opportunities for that. all very uncomfortable. i couldn't wait to get off the phone! LOL! yikes, no not the same line. This one is History/AADS Good luck to you though!

Luther College:

-Campus visits scheduled - early December (12/1)

- offer made and accepted - to someone else. :( - was a lovely school and a fantastic interview experience.

Loyola University (12/4)

Q: Anyone know if Loyola is interviewing at MLA? (12/14) A: Yes, MLA interview scheduled on 12/9 (12/15) -- Q: Has anyone heard any news about campus visits?? (1/08)

- Any news on Loyola? (1/23) - Post-MLA interview rejection letter by mail (2/16)

Muhlenberg College (12/30)

-same one as last year????

-Looks like no hire was made.

-reportedly, admin was not pleased that everyone on the shortlist was white.

-Now that's a political mess...

-Ack. by mail (11/24)

-Any word here? Nothing yet.

-Telephone interview scheduled with entire committee (2/4) -Congrats! what discipline/focus?

- Campus interview scheduled (2/14)

- Offer made and accepted

Nebraska-Lincoln (11/2)

dossier request mid-November

Did you get an acknowledged email?  I've heard nothing and had it in by the 11/2 deadline.

-No ack., just a dossier request email

-Phone interview scheduled (11/4)

Northeastern (11/30)

11/24 QUESTION:  Where is the ad for this position??  I haven't seen it anywhere.  Thanks

  • Any word after immediate email ack? (12/14)
  • Rejection via email (1/14) x3

Ohio State any word here?

snail mail ack 1/5/10

3 short-listed candidates have been selected for campus visits. 2/12/10.

Offer made and accepted. 4/1/10.

Old Dominion University (until filled)

Rejection by mail 10/22

Skype interview; campus visit (11/8-10); request for additional materials (11/23)

Ole Miss

  • Rejected via email, but file still active, whatever that means. (12/14) X3
  • conference interview request (12/11)
  • campus interviews scheduled

- Received a rejection email this morning from Prof. Eagles, SC Chair providing the following information: Maurice J. Hobson accepted an offer to join the Department of History and the African-American Studies Program as an assistant professor. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 2009. His dissertation was "The Dawning of the Black New South: A Geo-Political, Social and Cultural History of Black Atlanta, Georgia, 1966-1996." He is currently managing director of the W. E. B. Du Bois Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. --> Congratulations Prof. Hobson!!

Portland State University (1/15)

-Email ack 1/5, 1/15

-Rejection by snail mail dated 1/22. That was quick! (2/1)

-Yeah, they could have at least held on to those rejections for another week so I could pretend that all applicants were fairly considered... (2/4) -I think my rejection must have gotten lost in the mail.

-What discipline are ya'll in?

-American Studies/History.

-Still waiting for a rejection. This seems strange - the early rejection I mean. Has anyone heard anything positive? -I just got my rejection...they sent it to my school address and it got lost in the mail too. :( 2/11

- Quick question - did you all send applications via snail mail or email? I never received an ack. for the application sent via email. Nor have I received a rejection letter. I sent a follow up email 6 weeks later checking on the status and have had no reply. I'm wondering if the email address listed in the advertisement is live or not. Thoughts? -I sent mine via snail mail

Stanford (11/2)

--MLA interview scheduled (12/3)

--le sigh...

--just received a nicely written rejection email.  (12/11)

SUNY Buffalo (10/20 until filled) (literature of African Diaspora including Africa)

Phone interview on 11/06

U of Houston

--email requesting more materials (10/28) (11/02)

--snail mail dossier (and other materials) request (11/14)

--dossiers were part of the original application; confirmation card simply reminded applicants to make sure that they had asked for letters to be sent (11/22)

--Has anyone gotten an interview request from Houston?

--I emailed the English Department.  They say that they are not interviewing at the MLA (12/10).

- Phone Interviews conducted on a rolling basis (12/4) [I had a video-conference interview as did a friend.]

- Email saying that they are still reviewing candidates and will take a little longer because their semester starts later than usual.  Will update in January. (12/21) x3

--contacted about campus visit (12/15)

University of North Carolina, Greensboro (12/15)

ack by mail(12/21) (1/10)

any further word?

University of Wisconsin-Madison (11/1)

-any news???

-email stating the position is canceled! (12/14)

UNC-Asheville (12/1)

This job is not posted on H-Net. Is this job posting a mistake? I can't find it anywhere.

Sorry about that, I thought it was on H-net.  I looked at my cover letter and apparently it was on the Chronicle.  Good luck!

Thanks, but I'm not on the market. I suppose I'm a Wiki lurker. This job is part of the Africana Studies program, not the Lit. Dept. I'm very familiar with UNCA, and I know it would be an incredible place to work, especially as director of the Africana Studies Program. Good luck to you!

No problem. Thanks for your warm wishes, have fun lurking :)

Any News? X2??

-received "missing docs" letter and notice that the committee is beggining the review. (1/26) -Was told they should have a long shirt list by the end of next week. (2/4) -crickets...maybe due to snow?

Almost a month since last update...what is going on? Any ideas?

UNC-Charlotte (12/7)

--could someone say where they found this listing (and/or the UNCA one)? I can't find anything on the school website or the chronicle. Thanks.


-Thanks! -Ack. by snail mail with signed paperwork to return. (12/19) X2

Any News? X2??

-anything? X2

-crickets here too.... -Rejection letter 3/15-Hire made

U of South Carolina (10/31)

-received acknowledgment by snail mail; status update, including mla interview decisions, will be made by mid-december. (10/31)

interview scheduled (11/30)

U of Washington (11/6)

  • rejection by email.  (11/03) (12/18) x1
  • request for more materials (11/17) X2 (11/03) x1
  • Requst for video-conference interview and second writing sample (12/9)

Anyone heard on this job yet (1/31)

U of Tennessee (12/1) [[1]]

Ack by email. (12/3) x3 anything?

not a peep after ack. email...

-any news here?

-the ethnic studies page says they had over 450 apps! and are taking longer than expected.

news anyone? has anyone heard further news about the decisions? (3/3)

-still no word... Perhaps the search was postponed or cancelled. (4/1)


-email ak. app

-any news?????

-according to the Ethnic Studies page, short list and interviews are already in order.

-Darn it! Thanks for the update, though...

  • I have searched for the BU, Williams, and William and Mary jobs and haven't found anything -- could someone post a link?...

where are you looking? go to their websites-williams and bu have the info on their dept. page under news (but...deadlines have past), and WM has it on their job site.  good luck

  • If you are on for a campus interview, research online. Most of the AA program faculty are wonderful, but are not full hires in AA. Williams admin has a tough time supporting programs (if the genre didn't exist in 1793 when the school was founded, is it a legimate course of study? etc.) All of the VAPs and TTs have left Williams very quickly for various reasons, though the below may be the most sensational: Quick Takes: Williams Scraps Event Amid Organizer's Troubles - Inside Higher Ed
  • I too heard this about Williams.  My mentor said its a good place to go in and get out quickly. 
  • have they made an offer?
  • I doubt it. November would be very early for them to make an offer, and they often go to the their second or third choice because number one doesn't get hooked. And now everyone in the administration is freaked out by the fact that Africana Studies/Political Science has had an guy teaching there for two years w/o a BA who just plea bargained for credit card and student loan fraud to the tune of $800,000 (see link above). My guess it'll be a while. However, you can always contact the SCC.

any idea if an offer has been made at williams?

-just got a nice letter stating that they have "concluded the search" 12/21

-Ditto. Mine also states that my application will remain on-file.

Congratulations whoever you are!!!!! x1

rejection letter 1/20

Valdosta State

Phone interview scheduled (12/9) (x 2)

any word on this search after phone interviews?

Campus interview scheduled for February. (1/13)

---> Good luck!

VSU has advertised another position--or the same?--in today's (2/19) MLA Job List.

Received rejection letter today noting that job had been offered and accepted.


  • University of Texas-Austin: African Diaspora Studies-senior faculty search

Yale - Assistant/Associate Professor(s) of African American Lit (11/1/09)  Let us know if Yale has invited you. I always wonder if it is possible to submit to Yale jobs and be considered seriously if you are not invited to apply.

*Has anyone been contacted for an interview?

  • I received an ack card from Michael Warner in English about one month ago - 12.11
  • So did I; does anyone know whether MLA interviews or campus visits have already been scheduled? 12-15
  • My experience is that if you have not heard by now, you are not going to be interviewed. I am assuming that interviews have been scheduled, and

the interviewees are not present here.

In my experience, search committees will call as late as December 22, especially when they have asked for everything up front, as with this position. So, pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will: assume that the interviews have been scheduled, but enjoy the surprise, if the phone rings.  Best wishes to you all.  --And, for what it's worth, the Ethnic Studies search contacted lucky contestants yesterday (12/16).

  • So please do post here when you have been contacted for an MLA interview as it does not seem that rejection letters will be emailed at the same time.
  • Rejection via postcard (12/18) (x3)
  • Anyone contacted for an interview yet?
  • yes, i interviewed at mla. i don't expect to be invited to campus. does anyone?
  • Job talks started last week.