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North Carolina Wesleyan College[]

  • Review of applications begins immediately

Colby-Sawyer College[]

East Carolina University[]

  • application deadline is 15 Oct 2008

Lafayette College[]

-Called for a preliminary interview at ASA in November -11/20, scheduling on-campus interviews - offer made

-Has this position been filled?

Montana State University[]

  • application deadline is 1 Oct 2008

University of Notre Dame[]

  • application deadline is 15 Oct 2008
- have arranged campus interviews for January

Radford University[]

  • review of applications begins immediately
  • request for AHA interview received on 11/18/08
  • have the on-campus list finalized but are waiting for state budget matters to settle before proceeding (1/30)
  • Search on hold.

Lynchburg College[]

  • Application is due December 1
  • Has anyone heard the status of this search?
  • Contacted for AHA interview (12/15)
  • Rejection via Snail Mail (1/21); letter does not note how many applications received
  • The department is still finalizing its list for on-campus interviews (1/27)
  • Search on hold.

Rowan University[]

deadline Oct 10

- received ASA interview request (10/22)
- interviewed candidates at ASA Conference
- offer made

University of Oregon[]

Deadline Oct 15

--have asked for copies of dissertations (11/15)
-- received AHA interview request (12/11)
--will make on campus offers by early in week of January 12
-offer made week of Feb 9

Rice University[]

Deadline Dec 1

-Received rejection email on 12/8
-AHA interview scheduled on 12/8/08
-Making on campus offers by January 10
-Invitation to campus made on 1/9/09
-offer made week of Feb 9
-does this mean the offer was already made?
-Yes, an offer is made.
-Offer accepted 2/23

Denison University[]

Deadline Oct 10

- ASA interviews scheduled
- Conducting on campus interviews, finalizing search
- Received letter that search was complete (2/1).

Macalester College[]

Deadline Nov 1

--request for more materials (syllabi, writing samples, evaluations) 11/11
--a statement from the Macalester President to the college's alumni on Dec. 5 states that they are "postponing several faculty and staff searches." The statement was not more specific than that.
--interviewed at AHA
--invitation for on-campus interview made 1/27
--rejection via snail mail (3/23/09); letter states that the position has been filled.

Ohio State[]

Interviewed at ASA
Scheduled on-campus interviews
finalizing search
offer made and accepted

Loyola New Orleans[]

AHA interview request (11/16)
scheduled on-campus (01/16)
offer made

William & Mary[]

Canceled search in November, will re-post as a one year position
Has anyone hear an update since the closing app deadline on 2/15?

Pitzer College[]

Interviewed at ASA
Will also interview at AHA
AHA interviews requested 12/8
Invitation to campus made on 1/9/09

Portland State University[]

Interviewed at ASA
Received rejection email on 12/2
conducted on campus interviews, finalizing search
offer made and accepted

Baylor University[]

Interviewed at ASA
Will also interview at AHA

Texas Tech University[]

Requested writing sample on 11/10
Arranging phone interviews for January
On Campus Invitations made 1/22 & 1/23
offer made Wed Feb 18 as second offer


I heard that they interviewed at ASA
They interviewed a small pool of candidates at ASA and will schedule campus visits in December
They are also scheduling on-campus interviews in January

UC-Santa Barbara[]

Requested a writing sample on 11/20/08
AHA interview scheduled on 12/8/08

UW-Stevens Point[]

Arranging phone interviews for early December
Arranging on-campus interviews for February
Offer made and accepted

Grand Valley State University[]

Arranging phone interviews for mid-December
Arranging on-campus interviews for January
Offer made and accepted as per email of 2/23/09

Luther College[]

Received rejection email on 11/25
Hosting on-campus interviews in December
Received on-campus 12/15 - week later called to inform that position filled

Trinity College[]

Anyone know the status of this search?
Interviewed at ASA
Does anyone know if they have progressed with the search?
The job ad read like an inside hire for their current visiting prof

Guilford College[]

Arranging interviews for AHA

Have an on campus for middle of Feb

Westminster College (Utah)[]

Arranging interviews for AHA
On campus visit arranged
Offer made on 3/13

Albion College[]

interviewed at ASA
search canceled

Hofstra University[]

received ack.
Search canceled (email received on 12/15)

Dickinson College[]

1 yr VAP
AHA interview scheduled
on-campus invitation (01/23)

St. Olaf College[]

Anyone know the status of this position?
Contacted for AHA interview (12/11)
Notified that position has been filled (2/13)

Missouri State University[]

Anyone know the status of this position?
Apparently narrowed search to their shortlist. No word on AHA interviews.
Search frozen.
Search possibly resuming.

Old Dominion University[]

Conducted phone interviews in November
Anyone know the current status of this position?
I don't know anything for certain but with the budget cuts and cancellation of William and Mary, doesn't bode well for VA public universities.

Lehman College[]

Anyone know the status of this position?
Search suspended as per letter dated 12/24/08

Hartwick College[]

(I hate to be repetitive but) anyone know the status of this position?

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Reverted to an adjunct position as per letter of 3/12