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Last Updated: Weds, March 19, 8:55 AM EST Question on Western Illinois University

Auburn U, Montgomery MLA interview scheduled 12/14

Belmont U MLA interview scheduled 12/13

Emmanuel College No Deadline Q: Has anyone heard anything? On their HR website the post date for the job ad says "Nov 27" so I am wondering whether they are re-advertising. A: I haven't heard anything. Not even an acknowledgment. (2) A: I received a confirmation/ack. email directly after I applied online. Otherwise, I have heard nothing.
Has anyone heard from Emmanuel?? (2/15) Nothing. (2/19) They had their on-campus interviews already. (2/25)

Pratt Institute (Am. Culture) Has anyone received an acknowledgment from Pratt? A. I have not. I suspect that they don't send out ack. A. They don't, I called and asked Any word on this job? Did our materials disappear into the ether? Is this the job listed on the film and media studies wiki as having already scheduled interviews? I'm confused. The job listed on the film and media studies wiki is the advertised media studies position. I doubt it's the same position since the deadlines were different.

Hampton U

Telephone interview Tuesday, February 12

Howard University I haven't heard anything one way or another. (12-5) ditto ditto (1/31)

Lawrence Tech U MLA interview scheduled: 12/9 offer made and accepted

Johns Hopkins University (Open Rank) Deadline: 11/1 Writing sample request (applied at assistant level) 11/1, 11/9, 11/15 (3) Was the request via email or post? By email (ditto to this) (me too) MLA interview scheduled 12/7 (2) Q: Anyone had a callback? (1/30) Q2: Anyone know what ranks they are hiring? Could be that they are doing the senior hire first and fell behind. Yahright... (1/30) Add me to the list of interviewees who have heard nary a peep. (2/4) Add me to that list (2/23). Jerks.

New York IT Deadline? (emailed search chair but never got a reply)--posted recently on jil (2/1) Anyone heard anything? (4/7) On the "Generalist and Open" page it mentions that at least one (I think two) people got calls for campus visits

Nipissing University, Canada (3-year limited term) Deadline: 31 January 2008 The deadline for this posting has changed TWO TIMES in the last month. In addition, the description initially advertised for a 19th century specialist who can teach British lit. Now the department wants a generalist who can teach introductory courses. Yet, they want someone with publications and a strong research record for a 3 year LTA? Something doesn't seem right here. Has anyone heard anything about this position? (04/08)

Randolph-Macon C

Rockford College Deadline: Nov. 16

Has anyone heard from Rockford re: phone interviews? Not me, but I've been wondering the same thing! Was just contacted to set up a phone interview by email (2/7) Phone interview 2/27

St. Vincent U Got phone call back in Nov. that requested writing sample and rec. letters. Anyone heard anything since? (2/28) I interviewed with them at MLA, but have not heard anything from them since. 3/5

Universite Laval (Canada) Open rank TT, American literature MUST be bilingual French/English Deadline: 15 February 2008

University of Virginia American Studies (any word??) It is not surprising UVa is moving so slow considering that last year they brought in candidates to campus as late as late April.

U Wisconsin-Whitewater

Wabash College Deadline: Nov. 16 "Fiction writing and American Literature" Dossier request: Nov. 28 (by email)

Wellesley College Deadline: Dec. 1 American studies, "particular field of study ... open" Ack. by email: Nov. 29 I wonder if they won't be interviewing at MLA since their deadline was later than most. A: Not necessarily. URI had a Dec 7 deadline and I know they are interviewing at MLA (or at least plan to). How likely is it that they are interviewing at MLA when the job is in American studies? After all, a large number of their candidates are not coming from English and would not be attending the MLA. According to the American Studies wiki, more materials requested 12/13 (I guess we're lucky that the American Studies wiki was still up when you checked...) Writing sample requested by e-mail 12/12

Western Illinois University Deadline: early November Has anyone heard anything? MLA interview scheduled 12/18 (2) Campus visit invitation, sometime in mid-January

So, I've been talking to people on the Writing and Children's Lit side - we're all wondering the same thing: what happened with all of WIU's hires for this year? Campus visits went down... but then no one seems to have heard from them (even when emailed or called). Does anyone know what's going on here?