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Q: Has anyone heard anything about the opening at UW Rock County? (2/2/09)

A. See below

Q: Does anyone know where the University of Alaska job is listed?
A: Under 20th/21st century American, for some reason.

Air Force Academy (app. deadline Nov. 17)

  • acknowledgment of app (10/21)
  • acknowledgment of app (11/17)
  • Campus visit scheduled (early January 2009)

Q: Does anyone know anything about the time frame for this job? HR reports that they expect to be in contact by May, but this seems odd, considering that the job is supposed to begin 6 Jul. A: You need to be able to mobilize as soon as the President gives the order! Actually, it struck me as strange, but I imagine accurate, since I have not heard boo since getting my application in before the deadline.
A: I know someone who interviewed here and, yes, they conducted the campus visit very late in the year.

  • Campus visit scheduled for March (2/23)

Florida Atlantic University (deadline late may)

  • Phone interview scheduled 6/1

Governors State University (12/5, immediate review)

Chair said they would begin reviewing at the end of January.

position now closed to new applicants(online application; re: scc)

phone interviews scheduled 2/2

Hood College (app. deadline Nov.3)

  • acknowledged of app (11/7)
  • dossier request (11/18) (x2)
  • Q: Were those by mail or email? (I sent an application, but received no acknowledgment.)
  • A: My acknowledgment came by snail mail.
  • Q: Do any of you think this job might be canceled? (12/9)
  • A: The dossier request indicated decisions about interviews would be made before December 19. So I'm hoping it's not canceled.
  • Anyone heard anything? I had a dossier request, but have not been contacted for an interview (12/18).
  • A: I'm in the same boat as you: had a dossier request, but no interview lined up.
  • A: Same here--though the request did say that they "hope" to make decisions "by the 19th," not necessarily "before" the 19th. Let's hope tomorrow is the day.
  • A: Thanks for the quick replies. It seems like a good sign that we're all still waiting. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day.
  • Since Hood closed the search and then re-opened it, might they opt to interview individuals from whom they didn't solicit additional materials? Am I hoping too much?
  • I always say you can never hope too much. I did notice that there's a different search chair now that it reopened, so perhaps?
  • MLA interview scheduled via phone--I'm the first "A" above that answered the "Anyone heard anything?" question. There will be 15 people interviewed for this one. Yikes! (x2 phone interview scheduled -- I originally felt bad for canceling my MLA trip, but apparently I'm not the only phone interview this year); interview scheduled for mid-January.
  • Are your interview requests for the "American" position? Are they also continuing with the British search, or have they collapsed them into one?
  • A: I applied to the Americanist position; sorry, I have no information on the British search.
  • Q: For those who interviewed at MLA, how long was your interview? A: 25-30 min. (they said they were interviewing 30 people)
  • Q: Anybody heard anything regarding campus visits?
  • Campus visit scheduled for early February (Americanist position).

Q: When did you hear? Did they say how many they're bringing? (x2 I just did a phone interview with them on Monday and they said they had a few more interviews to conduct this week).

Q: Ah, I see. So they haven't yet invited people to campus, but they'll be inviting people for early February? I guess I mean to ask if anyone has an official campus interview actually scheduled at this time (for the Americanist position). A: The British Open page reports campus visits scheduled on 1/14.

  • A: I was told on Monday that they had a few more interviews to conduct this week, but that they anticipated bringing candidates for campus visits in the first 2 weeks of February. That is all I know...does any one have a campus visit schedule for Hood already?
  • A: I'm the one above who mentioned having a campus visit. Yes, I do have a visit scheduled on campus for early February. Today is the 19th, and they called about a week ago to schedule it.
  • Q: Anyone else get a call for a campus visit? Or get a rejection letter post-interview?
  • A: I interviewed, but have heard nothing as of 2/8. Good luck, campus visitors!
  • Post campus visit rejection via email 2/20.
  • Rejection letter (did not receive MLA interview request or campus invite). I assume this letter is my "acknowledgment" since I never received one of those either. 3

Marian University Fond du Lac (app. deadline Nov 15)

  • ack. 11/25
  • Has this search been cancelled? The job is no longer advertised on the school's website.
  • Marian received over 200 applications and will be contacting semifinalists within the next few weeks. (1/5/9)
  • Email notification of semi-finalist status 1/12 (See Generalist page)

Mercy College (app. deadline Jan 26)

Ohio University, Lancaster Campus (app. deadline Dec. 15)

  • email that most of my materials were in, except for rec. letters, etc. (12/1), email the next day (12/2) saying file was complete (x2)
  • ack. email 12/18
  • request for phone interview 2/5, 2/6
  • (2/11) E-mail detailing job and campus sent to phone interviewees--one which doesn't make the job sound very appealing!
  • Campus visit scheduled (called last week in Feb.)

St. Thomas Aquinas College

  • Phone interview request by phone (12/15)
  • Phone call had made short list (1/5)--ten candidates on short list
  • Phone interview scheduled 2/3
  • Phone interview scheduled week of 2/9
  • Campus interview scheduled (2/23)
  • Position filled (according to letter)

Rollins College (due 11/1)

  • acknowledgment of app (10/31)
  • acknowledgment of app (11/6)
  • rejection e-mail (12/12)

Saint Michael's College (app. deadline Nov. 14)

  • snail-mail acknowledgment of app (11/17)(x8)(12/4)
  • no ack. yet. Anyone else? (12/2) Received email ack. (12/4)
  • Email about missing dossier (12/2)
  • letter that search was still on (12/5)
  • Q: Did anyone else not receive a "search still on" letter? (12/9)
  • A: Yes (12/9) x2
  • MLA Interview Scheduled (12/10)
  • rejection letter (12/24) (x2 -- but this is a very nicely-phrased rejection: St. Mike's should give advice to other schools about writing these things!)

Campus Interview scheduled (reported on early american page)

U of Tampa (app. deadline Nov. 15)

  • Does anyone know if this job is still alive?

    • I haven't heard anything from them. (11/18)

      • Me neither (11/20) (x5)
  • has anyone written or called the department? (11/20)
  • the deadline was only 11/15. Give them some time.
  • request for phone interview (11/20)
  • phone interview (12/3)
  • email request for MLA interview (12/9) Any theories on what they're up to? Are they doing some of each? Or are they using phone interviews as an additional (apparently optional) step, like a dossier request?
  • email rejection (from HR) (2/13). Congrats to the selected candidate! (x2)

University of Wisconsin, Rock County (app. deadline Jan.30)

  • Called 3/6 to schedule phone interview
  • Campus visit scheduled (3/17)

Wartburg College (IA) (immediate review)

  • Ack. of app. 11/7, 11/23
  • Notified that SC will be meeting this week and scheduling phone interviews within the next two weeks (2/2)
  • Phone interviews scheduled for 2/9 and 2/10 (2/6)

Q: Anybody hear back from these folks since the phone interviews?
A: Campus interview requested 2/20, may request additional campus interviews during week of 2/23 (2/23)

Position Filled (according to email)