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Agnes Scott College (1 year VAP to teach American Lit. Survey, etc.)

  • Received email acknowledgement (3/15) saying that they'll be contacting candidates the last week in April.
  • Email rejection 5/5

Allegheny College (2 year VAP in American literature)

  • asked for more materials 2/26/10 (x1); 2/27/10 (x2)
  • Anyone know anything about the timeline of this search?
  • No. Has anyone heard anything new? Interviews?
  • I heard that they had invited people for phone interviews a few weeks ago, and that they were going to have campus visits after that. Didn't get selected myself. (Sent an e-mail to the chair when I had a competing offer).
  • That's too bad. You're sure that it's this search and not the VAP in fiction writing? Just want to be sure before I give up on this one.
  • Yes, it was for the VAP in American. That being said, they said they had a "second level" list and that potentially they would go to that if necessary, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Yeah, me neither. Thanks for the info.!

Biola University (American literature, Nov. 1)

  • Via E-mail, was told I had made the first cut and asked to fill out long application by 12/7 (11/20). (x3)
  • Received rejection via email (after making the first cut) 12/11 (X3)
  • The derivation of Biola's name = Bible Institute of Los Angeles.

Central Methodist University (MO) (1 year VAP in American literature) [posted 4/29]

  • Took me a while to apply to the job, but sent initial information
  • Had phone interview in early June
  • Campus Interview in mid June
  • Accepted within a week of offer
  • Position turned into full-time one

The College of Mount Saint Vincent (Riverdale, New York)

Job posted 3/5.

"generalist in American Literature before 1900" LINK Has anyone heard anything about this job search? Are they still accepting applications? The job is still listed on their web site. (7/13)

Friends University (American literature, Mar. 10)

  • E-mail ack received 3/8
  • Phone interview 3/25
  • Q: How were you notified to schedule the phone interview? (4/1)
  • All communication has been by phone. Had a campus visit last week. (4/19)
  • Received snail-mail rejection 4/3

Lyon College Link

McNeese State University (American literature/Women's Studies, open until filled) LINK

  • Applied for this in late Feb./early March and haven't heard a single word

  • News anyone? (4/12)

Oklahoma State University (1 year VAP in American literature)

  • Job advertised in the MLA job list
  • Email request for phone interview sent on 5/10

Regent University (American Literature and/or professional writing)

Their acknowledgement e-mail said they will be making decisions in early January. 

Trinity Christian College (American, no date) [which period or open?] link

  • "The department has identified needs in all periods of American literature, especially in early and 20th century literature, and in composition."
  • Does anyone know how "christian" is Trinity Christian College? I have taught in many "christian" schools and there is a wide range. Some would never allow me to teach what I want while other are very radical. Anyone have an answer? Thanks!
  • Judging from their application, very.
  • Anybody hear anything?

Rockhurst University (3-yr VAP with American Survey 1865-present course)

  • E-mail ack received 2/3
  • Received lovely e-mail request for more materials--indicated campus visits would be next stage, happening in March (2/16) x2
  • Anyone hear anything on the campus visits yet? They were supposed to be announced this last week...
  • Received rejection e-mail, 160 applicants, more than half from completed Ph.D.s, successful hire a few weeks ago (6/7)

Texas A&M University-San Antonio (19th and/or 20th century American lit)

  • Anyone hear anything on this job?

University of South Carolina- Sumter

University of West Georgia

  • Has anyone heard anything about this job?  I can't find the listing now, but it was advertised as an Asst. Prof of English and seemed fairly open, and mentioned wanting someone with experience in secondary education.  To be honest, I can't really remember the exact wording of the ad, and I'm not sure where it would be best placed, so I went with American Open.
  • A: I have an MLA interview with them (contacted via email 11/23). I think it's really more of an English Ed job.
  • Rejected via email post-MLA interview (1/26)

Does anyone know anything about the University of Michigan American Cultures Digital Environments Job?

I've applied and gotten their EOE survey, but no word on the actual review. Has anyone heard yea or nay?

Well, the deadline only just passed yesterday, so it's way too early to expect them to be setting up interviews or even asking for more materials. (10/31)

--No, you're thinking of the open position in English. The American Cultures part of the cluster hire began screening on 10/15, and is planning to interview at ASA next weekend (!). I emailed them to inquire; they said they'll be getting in touch with first round interviewees next week. (10/30)