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Wiki page for Academic Jobs in American Literature with an Open or Generalist specialization advertised during the 2023-2024 hiring season. This page is for jobs that begin in 2024.

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Please add jobs in the following format and order them alphabetically by institution.

TT/NT: Tenure-track or Non-tenure track.

FT/PT: Full-Time or Part-Time

For the sake of user-friendliness, please do not add more detailed content of the job ad on this page. (This is a departure from previous years, when these pages tended to become difficult to navigate. The new guidelines are modeled on more user-friendly Academic Wiki pages serving other disciplines.)

Add updates to the end of each entry as they come in: Additional materials requested, video interview scheduled, campus visit scheduled, offer extended, offer accepted, rejection received.

Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street.

See also Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2023-2024

See also American Studies 2023-2024

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Jobs for 2024[]

Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA, USA).[]

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of English (Mellon Postdoc with reduced teaching load in first year). Multiethnic American Literature. Deadline: 10/16.  Apply at:

The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH, USA):[]

Tenure-track Associate Professor or Professor. Open Faculty Search, American Sign Language, Open Specialization. Open until filled. Apply at:

University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP; El Paso, TX, USA):[]

TT: Associate/Full Professor of American Literature (Period of Specialization Open) and Digital Humanities. Review of Applications begins 1 November, 2023. Information here: Apply Here:

Word on the Street[]

The deadline just ended; but has anyone heard from LSU (Multiethnic American)? 11/4

  • None for me as of 12/6.
  • interviewed there a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t heard anything since. 12/7

Any word from TCU? I think they don't have a deadline. (Nov. 20)

Occidental College has "now moved on to the interview stage" (12/1)

Any news from Carnegie Mellon? (12/6)

  • No word from CMU for me, but according to the WGS wiki at least one person was invited to a Zoom interview on 12/14

University of St. Joseph email 12/6 said longlist candidates can expect interview requests week of Dec. 11.

Any word from University of St. Joseph re: longlist? (12/13)

  • Nope (Dec 13)
  • Interview request 12/14

Any news for Cal State Stanislaus? (01/08)

  • Zoom Interview + materials request (1/09)
  • had interview first round
  • any word on campus visits for Stanislaus?
    • no word as of 2/6
    • Anyone have more recent updates here?
  • Still nothing?
    • still nothing for me as of 2/13. Wondering if there are admin delays
    • Still nothing here (2/16). Has anyone's application status on the site changed? Can't figure out if they're just following protocol and ghosting the non-invites.
    • My application status says "Candidate Under Consideration" - so it has changed since "application under review" but not sure when it updated to this status; could have been pre-first round interview. With the recent CSU strike and budget issues, my money is on some sort of admin delay with offering campus visits
    • Has anyone reached out to the committee?
    • I haven't, but my status still says "preliminary interview accepted."
    • Campus visit offered 2/21
    • ^Did you get a call or an email?
    • I got a call from the search committee chair
    • any offers made for the CSU Stan position???
  • 4/2 Stan State just reposted this job on HigherEdJobs today ( idea what's going on there? Are they actually looking for more applicants?
  • ^my sense is that the position has been marked open until filled - so I would guess that this was an automatic republishing of the ad.

Any news for UT Austin American/Urban Studies? (1/14)

  • Any news from UVA-Wise for their Americanist search? (1/26)
    • I think most info on this position is on the 20th/21st American thread. No real updates , though.
    • yeah UVA Wise interviews were this week. I have not heard about campus visits yet. 1/26
    • any news?
    • someone on the 20th/21st American page said they got a campus visit
  • Any word from Colorado Mesa?
  • nothing here (2/3)
  • (2/5) They're conducting Zoom interviews all week.

Any news from Davis & Elkins? (3/22)