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Last Updated: Feb. 19, 10:30

Anybody have campus interviews for these positions? I had MLA interviews for a few of them and am getting anxious for news (2/5)

University of Arkansas-Fayetteville November 15 Request for writing sample mid-November Snail mail rejection 11-29 (2) Anybody heard anything from any of these other schools? Yes MLA interview scheduled December 7

University of Mary Washington November 1 Request for more materials 11/26 MLA interview 12/11

Mercer University November 2 Phone interview November 12 MLA interview scheduled November 20

U of New Orleans Deadline: Nov. 2 "Seeking an Americanist in modern and/or contemporary literary and cultural studies w/specialization in one or more of the following areas: African-American literature, New Orleans or Louisiana lit., or lit. of the Americas" Dossier request: 11/7 MLA interview: 12/2

Presbyterian College November 23 MLA interview scheduled December 7 MLA interview request 12/9 E-mail rejection indicating an offer had been made and accepted (2/19)

Randolph-Macon College November 15 Request for writing sample 12/7 MLA interview scheduled December 10

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