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Offers Made / Accepted[]

Denison University: Offer made and accepted (2/9)

Earlham: Offer made (mid Feb) -- can you confirm its acceptance? This is second-hand, but I'm 99% sure it was accepted in Feb., too.

Richard Stockton College. Offer made and accepted.

Furman. Offer made and accepted.

Lawrence. Offer made and accepted. Of course, this news was not from the school...

You mean you did not get the rejection which was cc'd to 92 other applicants? Pretty classy. (3/20)
Haha. Did you just get that today? Because I just got an email that - yes- had "open access cc'ing" today. But it appeared to only be sent to MLA interviewees. Why couldn't the sender send it blind cc, which I would imagine is best practice.

Ohio Wesleyan: Offer made and accepted.

UC Riverside: Offer made and accepted (1/26)

Roanoke: completed

Rowan: Offer made and accepted (2/20)

University of Mary Washington: Offer made and accepted (2/19)

Old Dominion: Offer made and accepted (date unknown; per dept email)

William Jewell: Offer made and accepted (per dept email received 16 April)

Campus Interviews Scheduled[]

Q: Any news on Old Dominion?

Q: Any news about Central Michigan U?

Q: or Stockton College? Thanks. A: No contact; but lo and behold what you can find when you look - posted on the Stockton calendar - Feb 17th, 03:00 PM Postcolonial Litt Candidate Interview MCF 207 (and looks like that was a third) see link:,evfilter=24356,ebdviewmode=grid Just doing a public service.I'm sure all schools have invited... they just wait to inform.

Q: Has anyone heard about or from Indiana University South Bend? Thanks. A: Started campus interviews.

Boise - campus visit scheduled (12/1) - search canceled (phone call 1/16) - Wow!

Columbia University (x2)

Denison University (1/7) -- Q: Source? this information conflicts w/ what I was told. Ditto, conflicts with what I was told too. Q: when were you told they would contact for oncampus interviews? I had an mla interview with them and I forgot to ask about oncampus. A: Calls after classes start, which is 1/18 or 19; not sure when flyouts will be. A: Source--friend who has flyout scheduled--last week of Jan. Call made around 1/7. Offer made and accepted: 2/9

Manhattan College has started on-campus interviews (1/29)

Ohio Wesleyan campus visit scheduled by phone

Rhodes College (1/6)

Rowan (1/10)

San Fran State (phone 1/9) x2

Has anyone heard anything from toronto? weren't they supposed to make decisions by now? A: Yes, Toronto scheduled their campus visits on 01/06 (phone call)

Trinity University (01/05)

University of Mary Washington (1/8 email)

UC Riverside (1/6); Offer made and accepted (1/26)

U of Toledo (ca. 01/09)

Has anyone heard anything about campus interviews being scheduled for Lawrence University (postcolonial)? Thank you! A: My interview notes say that they did not plan to decide until the last week of Jan. (I have no actual memory of this conversation, though.) -- I remember being told the same thing at the end of the interview! Q: I wonder if they meant that calls for campus interviews would happen at the end of the month or if final offers would be made by then? A: They said they planned to choose finalists for campus visits at the end of the month. (1/16): Lawrence has scheduled their first three campus callbacks.

Wake Forest University - Call Back for Campus Visit (12/30)

Yale (12/30)

Any word yet on campus interviews scheduled for Roanoke College? Thanks! (1/12) I'm still waiting to hear too. (1/24) And, still, nope (1/30). They're in midst of campus visits (2/11).

Any news from Evergreen: they were going to schedule phone interviews in January? Thanks. A: Evergreen Job Page lists this search as canceled. (1/16)-- Oh, no! That job sounded really interesting... Thanks for letting me know!

Anyone heard from Furman?

Any word on campus visits for Boston yet? Thank you!

And while we're asking, anyone know about Earlham? A friend has a flyback scheduled for mid-February.

Q: anyone know if Northern Michigan U has scheduled campus visits? thanks!

MLA/Phone Interviews[]

Boston U - MLA interview scheduled (phone) (12/23)x3

Central Michigan - request for MLA interview by phone (12/5)

Columbia University - MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/10)

CSU Los Angeles - phone interview scheduled. (12/17)

Denison University - MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/16)

Earlham College - MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/14), (12/17)(x2)

Indiana University (South Bend) - MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/12) (x5)

Lawrence University of Wisconsin - MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/12) (x3) and (12/13)

Manhattan College--MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/12) and (12/13)

Northern Michigan University - phone interview scheduled (2/4)

Oklahoma State University - request for MLA interview. 12/5

Old Dominion University - Phone Interview (1/26)

Rhodes College - MLA interview scheduled (12/5)

Richard Stockton College -- MLA interview requested (12/13) by phone (x3)

Roanoke College - MLA interview scheduled (12/11)(x3)

Rowan University - MLA interview scheduled (12/1)

San Francisco State - MLA interview (12/19)

Trinity (Texas) - MLA interview scheduled via phone 12/3 (x2)

UC Davis - MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/10

UC Riverside - MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/10

U of Mary Washington - MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/11 (x2)

U of Southern Indiana - request for phone interview 12/11 (x2)

University of Toledo - MLA interview scheduled (phone) (12/9) (x5)

U of Tulsa - MLA interview scheduled by phone. 12/10

U of Toronto Mississauga - request for MLA interview -- 12/1 (x2)

Wake Forest University - MLA interview scheduled (12/5), (12/8) EMAIL (x2)

William Jewell C - Phone interview scheduled (2/6) (x3) (see below for more) position filled (see above)

Yale - MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/17 (x2)

Arcadia University(11/1/2008)

  • acknowledgement 10/30
  • modern and contemporary board lists this job as frozen until spring. Anyone notified of that by the school? A: Snail mail notification 12/22. They hope to rerun the search next year.

Baruch College (CUNY) (1/5/2009; re-listed on CUNY website [ad] 1/28 with review to begin 2/18)

  • snail mail ack and EOAA card (1/17/09)
  • request for phone interview (2/11/09)

Boise State (11/3/2008)

  • email ack -- 10/22
  • phone interview scheduled -- 11/14
  • rejection letter (though a very nice one)--12/1; ditto (12/1)
  • rejected via letter 11/22 because app. was ONE DAY TOO LATE Q: Sorry to be anal, but did they actually write to tell you they rejected you because the app was a day late? Thanks!
  • Answer: Yes. The first paragraph talked about how they had had over 150 applicants for the spot. The second paragraph informed me that since all of my materials had not been there by the deadline, I was not going to be considered. My materials were one day late - I know this because I paid $40 to have them overnighted.
  • I had the exact same experience of being rejected due to my application coming in shortly after the cut off.
  • campus visit scheduled (12/1)

Boston University (11/1/2008)

  • rejection letter 11/3 (x 3)
  • request for dossier/add materials 11/10
  • I'm confused about these postings. Three people got rejected 2 days after the deadline? I JUST received confirmation that my application has been received and will be "carefully considered". How could there have been requests for additional materials on the 10th? Please elaborate, and confirm it's the right job! (11/20) A: Some SCs begin reading apps prior to deadline. That could explain the quick turn around on dossier request. Unless it says "Review begins" submitting stuff early can have its advantages.
  • I see, that makes sense. Next time will apply a month before the deadline! Still wonder why the early rejection letters.
  • request for dossier and writing (11/21) -- and FYI: I turned mine in very early.
  • Not sure how much late or early applications matter. A provost at a liberal arts college where I taught thought late applications had an advantage. Most of mine have been right at the deadline or a few days earlier and I've always had MLA and on-campus interviews (going into year 3 of the job search). Any listening search committee members (not from BU but in general)have opinions on this?
  • Rejection letter by snail mail, 12/3, 12/8(x2)
  • Request for more materials. 12/3.
  • So there's been no movement at all on this job? (12/5)
  • Should we assume this job has been cancelled? (12/19)
  • No, they're still deliberating. (12/22)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/23)x3
  • Does anyone (interviewees) remember when they said they were going to make decisions about campus visits?
  • the last thing I heard they'd offered the job to a candidate before even starting the job search in earnest. but does anyone know if s/he accepted? Or whether there have been any campus visits?

California College of the Arts (critical studies/postco etc)

  • email ack and EOAA card (1/15/09)

CSU Los Angeles (11/26/2008)

  • phone interview scheduled. (12/17)
  • ACK and EOAA card dated 12/1, mailed 12/17. (12/22)
  • This position is being advertised again in today 1/23. Anyone know why? A: The deadline for applications still reads 11/26 (in the readvertisement), so I'm wondering if the reposting was a mistake.

Central Michigan (10/20/2008)

  • email ack 10/16, x2
  • request for MLA interview by phone (12/5)

College of Wooster (11/10/2008)

  • request for writing 11/10

Colorado State University (11/7/2008) [ad]

  • 11/6 email--search suspended :(

Columbia College of Chicago (11/1/2008) [ad]

  • what the beep is going on with this?!
  • is this search cancelled? does anyone know? (12/17)
  • search frozen per letter 12/19

Columbia University (post-1950, 10/31/2008)

  • request for writing (11/21)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/10)
  • Is this position the same as the one shared with the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race? (12/11)
  • A: don't think so--this is "post-1950 British or anglophone literature". The ad doesn't mention ethnicity or race. (12/12)

Connecticut College postdoc (11/15/2008)

Denison (11/12/2008)

  • [didn't Denison run this search last year? Anyone know why again?] They had funding issues (and declined by candidate. Actually, went to failed search. Denison does not have the financial issues other seem to have. Calls for MLA have not yet been made for AY 2009-2010: will happen by the 18th or so. (Note posted: Dec 9)
  • request for writing and dossier (11/21) x3
  • What are your areas for those of you from whom dossiers have been requested? the ad called for people with interests in African, Caribbean or African Am lit. Are you Black Atlantic types or do you have more narrow specialties? A: I do traditional poco fields of Africa, Caribbean, and South Asia.
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/16)
  • Received rejection email (2/13): "After a thorough review of the applicant pool, we have chosen a candidate with the skill set most closely aligned to what we were seeking."

Earlham (11/17/08)

  • email ack 11/13, 11/18 (x2)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/14), (12/17)
  • Rejection email received 12/17 (x2), but an informative rejection, noting that my application made the long list of 30, but not the eventual list of 12 selected for MLA interviews. Not much consolation, but a much more transparent description of their search process than most committees bother with. * beware.

Evergreen State College (11/3/2008) [ad]

  • Email acknowledgement 11/18
  • Email notification that they will not be interviewing at MLA, but will be conducting phone interviews in Jan. (x3 12/3) WEBSITE SAYS SEARCH HAS BEEN CANCELLED

Florida State post-1900 (11/1/2008)

  • request for writing (10/22)
  • request for writing and dossier (10/23)
  • Search cancelled (12/1) -- notification by email (UGH)

Furman University (11/20/08)

  • Anglophone literary and cultural studies
  • Dossier request (12/1)
  • MLA interview -phone call (12/13)

Gonzaga (11/7/2008)

  • Ack by mail 11/14 (or so)
  • Rejection letter by snail mail (12/12)

Indiana University (South Bend) (11/1/2008)

  • email ack -- 11/6
  • email ack -- 11/17
  • email writing sample request 11/24 / me, too x5
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/12)x4

Lawrence University (11/15/2008)

  • snail mail ack
  • snail mail ack 11/19
  • Has anyone heard anything from them, e.g. WS requests?
  • they said in their acknowledgment letter that they would

not be making decisions regarding MLA interviews until mid-Dec (after the 15th) so I would be patient - not sure they are requesting anything beyond initial app

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/12)X2 and 12/13
  • Received rejection which was cc'd to 92 other applicants. They said there were over 100. Perhaps the finalists got another email. (3/20) I LOVE getting rejections and other correspondence from colleges who do not know what BCC means. LOVE it!
  • Interviewed at MLA but didn't get a campus visit--I got an email cc'd to 10 other applicants, I'm guessing those who interviewed but didn't get invites.

Manhattan College (11/17/2008)

  • postcard ACK (12/5)
  • request for MLA interview via phone (12/12) and (12/13)

New Jersey City U (1/15/2009)

  • phone interview scheduled (3/1)
  • Has anyone heard anything? (3/15)

Northern Michigan University(12/15/2008)

  • Q: I see the only English, non-Creative Writing job listed as "Non-Western World Literature in either Spanish or Arabic literature in translation." I checked InsideHigherEd, JIL and the NMU website. The deadline is also not given as 12/15 ("open until filled"). Is there actually one in Anglophone?!? Thanks!
  • Any news on this? (remember, this board is for Anglophone & World Lit & Poco)

Q: Anyone know if they have scheduled campus visits? I had phone interview on 2/18/09 but have heard nothing. anyone else?

A: Position cancelled (letter received in mid-April)

Ohio Wesleyan (1/5/2009)

  • posted on
  • request for interview via email 1/12 (x2)
  • email EOAA (1/13/09)
  • rejection email (also stating they are in latter stages of process) 1/28)
  • campus visit scheduled by phone

Oklahoma State University (11/3/2008)

  • telephone interview scheduled 11/13
  • snail mail ack. 11/21
  • request for MLA interview. 12/5

Old Dominion University (12/1/2008) [ad]

  • snail mail ack 11/24, 12/4 (x2)
  • they just put a revised ad up on Highered with a new (Jan 9) deadline. Does this mean they didn't get enough applications or weren't enough of them suitable? Hard to believe.. I am assuming it's the same job "New Literatures in English and Contemporary World Literature" (12/10)
  • I saw that too! They did not ask for a writing sample originally. The new ad does. So are we all out of the running? Do we apply again? Send a WS? Or ??? A: I received email RE the slight changes they made to call. I wonder if they'll be contacting all applicants to notify us of the changes and to give us the option not to reapply but to respond to the email with a "yes, consider me for this updated call, and yes, I'll send a WS." That's what the email suggested. 12/11
  • Thanks -- I got the email too. It was sent to me and a small number of others (email addresses visible) and it made me wonder if they'd emailed everyone who applied or not. I don't think the change was necessarily slight; the original call did not ask for "evidence of publication success" but the second does.
  • Same here--I got the email and it was sent to a small number of others. Perhaps they're sending them out in batches.
  • I'm still confused. I just received a snail mail ack today (12/19) for the "Digital Humanities" position; however, the EOAA card included with the ack letter stated the position as "New Literatures." Did they change the "Digital Humanities" position to the "New Literatures" position? Or, are they advertising for two positions? If they did make a switch, I never received the email discussed above. Perhaps they just aren't interested in my application and want me to fill out the EOAA form? Hmmm...
  • To the Digital Humanities Q: no -- there was always a New Literatures in English position alongside the Digital Humanities one. (The DH one was listed as "Digital Humanities, with specialty in Modern and Contemporary British and/or American literature and culture" and was due 12/15; the other call was for "New Literatures in English and Contemporary World Literature," originally due 12/1). So it is not possible that they switched the DH search to a NL search. (I suppose it is always possible the DH search gets dropped or changed, but there's no sign it has.) I would assume the office that sent the EOAA card got confused and if you return it, I would make a special point of crossing out "New Literatures" and writing in "Digital Humanities." I am sure there will be a special kind of EOAA mess if you're not the only one who got the wrong card.
  • Thank you for the clarification (much appreciated)
  • Request for phone interview, via email (1/26)

Penn State University (10/30/2008)-

  • email ack. received 10/13
  • i heard this job has been cancelled (the African one) - (11/30)
  • email confirmation of cancellation 12/1
  • Who did the letter come from?
  • Mine came from Tom Hale, via a secretary.

Point Loma Nazarene (no date, posted 9/12/2008, expires 12/5/2008, begin review immediately)

  • campus visit schedule for Jan/Feb (12/11)

Rhodes College (11/3/2008)

  • email ack 10.30/ me too/ x3
  • email request for writing sample 11/21
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/5)

Roanoke College (11/1/08)

  • anything? anyone?
  • it looks like an MLA interview was scheduled 12/10. see "Generalist and Open."
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/11) (x3)

Rowan University (11/1/2008)

  • Email ack 10/15 / me too
  • Email rejection 11/13
  • Email request for writing sample, teaching info, and letters 11/17 / me too/ x3
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/1)
  • Email rejection 12/22
  • Campus interview call 1/10
  • Campus interviews completed 2/13

San Francisco State University (11/7/08)

  • snail mail ack 11/17 X 2
  • request for writing sample via email (12/9)
  • any new info here? (12/15)
  • Given that they gave seven days to send in material, today would be the earliest possible day they could have seen everything they requested. I could be wrong, but I was assuming they would make calls at the end of the week or the beginning of next week at the soonest (12/16)
  • what job is this? can you please give title (and maybe link?)
  • "Assistant Professor of Comparative and World Literature"
  • 12/9 MLA interview via phone
  • 1/9 Campus Interview phone

Smith College African Diaspora, Black Brits, etc. (11/3/2008)

  • This job is on the African American page as well.

Stockton College (11/14/2008)

  • ack. letter postm 11/14
  • MLA interview requested by phone (12/13)

Trinity (Texas) (11/24/2008)

  • MLA interview scheduled via phone 12/3 (x2)

University of Alaska at Fairbanks (11/3/2008)

  • rejection email (12/22)

University of British Columbia (10/17/2008) "Literatures in English since 1945"

  • anyone know what they mean by that?
  • I read it as anything post-1945: British, American, Postcolonial: Anglophone broadly defined. Anyone else?
  • rejection email 11/18 (x3)

University of California, Riverside (11/17/2008) [ad]

  • snail mail ack 11/11 x2
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/10
  • Rejection Email (1/13)
  • OMG, that rejection email debacle was hilarious, and horrifying, all at once. Luckily I haven't been keeping my job search a secret from my colleagues and department chair, or I'd be pissed.
  • Q) What happened with the rejection email? I want to be vicariously amused and horrified all at once...
  • A) The administrative assistant accidentally sent us a mass email with all rejected candidates email addresses visible. She then immediately followed with a very penitent email taking full responsibility and asking that we not allow it to reflect poorly on the school. And making a mistake and then apologizing, imho, reflects well on a school (although I too was not needing to keep my search a secret).
  • C: that's horrible!!! Even if one is not keeping their search secret for professional reasons, some people want to be discreet for personal reasons- you don't necessarily want all of your fellow colleagues or peers knowing you are on the market and/or rejected. ugh. or you want to have control to tell them on your own time. Just blind cc people!

University of California, Davis (11/21/08)

  • Acknowledgement of application (11/15/08)
  • Acknowledgement of application (11/22)
  • Has there been any movement on this job? Should we start wondering whether the search has been canceled?
  • I suspect they themselves are waiting to find out how their budget situation will impact their department.
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/10 (x2)
  • Is this the same as the Af-Am/Anglophone job? I ask b/c the due date for that job was 11/7, whereas this one says 11/21.
  • A: yes, same job. The ad I have says "applications must be postmarked by Nov 7"

University of Chicago (11/3/2008)

  • email ack. 11/17 x2
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/11)
  • Did you also receive a WS request? Or was interview scheduled without one? Answer: After WS request.

University of Dayton (Comp Lit and Social Justice/anglophone lit) (11/4/08)

  • Dossier requests made
  • writing and dossier request 11/14 / me, too
  • (Same call on "General and Open" page indicates that MLA interview has been scheduled (12/17). At least I think it's the same call.)

University of Illinois (African Literature) (11/15/2008)

  • Search canceled via email 12/16

University of Illinois (Postcolonial/Global Anglophone Literature) (11/4/2008)

  • Email ack 10/14;
  • request for writing (10/22)
  • request for dossier and writing (10/30 x2)
  • request for writing (11/03)
  • request for writing (11/12)
  • Search canceled (12/11)
  • Frack. (x4)

University of Mary Washington (11/3/2008)

  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/11)

U of Southern Indiana (11/14/08)

  • request for phone interview (12/11)(x2)
  • request for phone interview (12/15)

University of Texas at Austin (10/1/2008) [ad]

  • job talk scheduled
  • rejection letter (11/29)
  • rejection letter (11/29)-- finally

University of Toledo (11/15/08)

  • Ack. by mail -- 11/15
  • ack. by mail -- 11/22
  • MLA interview scheduled (phone) (12/9) (x4)

U of Toronto Mississauga (11/14/2008)

  • email ack -- 11/6
  • request for MLA interview -- 12/1 (x2)
  • how were you contacted? (12/2)
  • contacted via email for interview
  • no word on campus invites? I think they told me they were meeting to decide on their short list on Jan. 5. I'm assuming they've already invited their candidates and they just happen not to be wiki followers...

University of Tulsa (10/1/2008)

  • request for writing (11/5)
  • request for writing (11/6)
  • request for writing (11/13) x2
  • acknowledgement of app (11/7)note: my app was received on the last possible day
  • request for writing (11/25)
  • MLA interview requested by phone (12/10) (x2)

University of Virginia (10/17/2008)

  • Just heard that this was canceled due to budget -- anyone else get that notice?
  • (10/13)--yes.

U.S. Naval Academy (11/7)

  • Anyone have any info. on this job? Is it still going ahead?!?!
  • I received a request for dossier and "supplemental materials" on 11/18.
  • I believe there is more info on another board--US ethnic I think.

Wake Forest University (10/31/2008)

  • snail mail ack 10/16
  • writing sample and dossier request 10/30
  • request for writing and dossier (11/3)
  • writing sample and dossier request
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/5) --in what form?? (email?... I guess I didn't get one)
  • MLA interview requested (12/8) EMAIL (x2)
  • Call Back for Campus Visit (12/30)

William Jewell College (11/15/2008)

  • rejection, but I don't remember the date. Sometime around the first week in Dec.
  • phone interview 12 Feb; was told it would take 2-3 weeks before I would hear from them.

Yale University (11/1/2008)

  • snail mail ack 11/15
  • request for letters 12/1
  • Didn't Yale ask for the dossier upfront?
  • True this search has been suspended?
  • this search has not been suspended. i asked.
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/17 (x2)

I'm knocking on wood as I type this, but it looks like it might be a good year to be a postcolonialist--these are 5 interesting jobs, and the MLA JIL hasn't even gone live yet... (9/8/08)

I know! Now done with first batch of JIL (9/12/08) and still hopeful. There will be more next week.

And then, there was the Economy.

<Organ:> dum dum DUM</>.