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Anglophone and World Literature/Postcolonial[]


PhD: 12
ABD: 15
Post Doc: 2
First time on market: 10
Three or more years on market:  2
Unemployed, looking for job:
Have short-term gig, looking for TT:  8
Have TT position, looking for new one: 6
Tenured but hankering after greener pastures: 2 (1 at a cc)

Notes and Gossip sections added at bottom.

Offers Made/Declined/Accepted[]

Ball State University--offer accepted

Columbia College, Chicago -- offer made and accepted

Duquesne U: offer made and accepted

Eastern Illinois U: offer made and accepted (heard from SC chair, 2/23)

Keene State College: offer made and accepted

Middle Tennessee State University: offer made and accepted

Portland State -- offer made and accepted

Skidmore -- it says below offer made; got ltr 2/13 explaining that position has been filled. So, offer accepted.

SUNY Buffalo -- offer made

Texas State University, San Marcos -- offer made and accepted

U of Hartford--offer made and accepted

UMass Boston -- offer made and accepted

U of Nevada Reno -- offer made. 2/03. deliberating.

  • accepted.

U of Richmond -- it says below that offer was made / declined

U of North Texas -- it says below that offer was made; Offer accepted 2/14

Westminster -- it says below that offer made and accepted

Campus Visits Scheduled[]

Ball State U by phone (1/13)

Offer made and accepted (02/24)

Columbia College, Chicago: by phone (1/4)

  • Is this position canceled now? Was listed as such on the cancelation page--wondering if that's a mistake?

Duquesne U - A friend had an interview scheduled just after MLA

Eastern Illinois U (x2)

Hunter College by phone (1/7)

Keene State College via phone 1/11

Lewis University via email around 1/15

Mesa State College by phone (1/15)

Portland State University via email (12/31) x2

Offer by phone (2/4); deliberating

[Thank very much for the update. When is the decision due?]

  • Offer accepted 2/17

Roger Williams U

Rutgers University-South Asian Literature(s) via email (12/12)

Shenandoah U (2/4)

St. Olaf College A friend has a campus interview scheduled (1/11) [from Modern British page]

Texas A&M University at College Station

Texas State University, San Marcos: by phone (1/11)

U of British Columbia via email (12/18)

U of Hartford by phone (1/11) x 2

U of Massachusetts, Boston - second-hand source

U of Nebraska Lincoln (Ethnic Studies) on 12/22ish

U of North Texas via phone 12/29

Received offer by phone 2/05--Decision by 2/19.

U of Nevada Reno campus visit 2-18

U of Richmond via phone 12/29

Offer by phone. Deliberating on the offer. Decision by Feb 6th. (THANKS for the update!)

Declined by phone 2/5.

  • I may be naive, but it still surprises me that anyone can decline anything in this market- let alone a job at URichmond (good school!).... Kudos to you!
  • Yes, it was a really good offer and a great school but I also have two other offers. So, the decision to decline was based in comparison with the other two offers.
  • 1.) there aren't many schools listed here as delivering offers (well, North Texas and PSU), so I wonder which schools and 2.) somehow I wonder how the schools congregate around one candidate - as if there is no other good work being done..yes, I guess this profession opens the door to snark.
    • I'd also be interested to hear where the other offers were from, and if/where you decide to accept one.
    • Having been on two search commitees, the process involves a gradation by the committee and then a vote by the faculty. I think it is better if we stay anonumous. But one of my two offers is out of the two you mentioned. Also, it all depends on what a group of faculty are looking for, and sometimes it is not only about our scholarship, though it has certainly helped me . Let me see, in my case: one book, 13 refereed articles, 7 book chapters and about fifteen other publications all in the last 5 years. So I guess, sometimes, our work does make a difference. Anyway, I guess I am lucky and I wish you all the best.
    • I am not one of the OPs but congratulations on the offers! You have a book, 13 articles, 7 chapters and 15 other recent pubs... would you mind telling us the stage of your career (e.g. ABD, PhD within last year, already in a t/t Asst Prof line, etc.)? Thanks!
    • Sorry for this delayed response. I am in the fourth year of a TT postion at my current institution. Finished my PhD in 2006.

U of Texas Pan American (1/21)

Q: Just out of curiosity, have the campus interviews finished? And if so, has an offer been made? Thanks in advace.

Yale - Heard that someone had an interview scheduled after MLA


Post-MLA Jobs[]

Kennesaw State University (5/25)

Clarkson U (2/15)

  • EEO form by mail (2/18)
  • Very nice email (3/11) saying that three people had been invited to campus and another seven shortlisted. 120 applications total. I'm one of the shortlisted ones; too bad!
  • Can I assume if I did not receive an email that I am neither one of the invited 3 nor shortlisted 7 (i.e. one of the rejected 110)?
  • Anyone heard anything about this job? Has a job offer been made? (5/1)

Oberlin C (2/15)

  • EEO form by mail

Rhode Island College (1/8/10) (postcolonial literature and theory)

  • Anyone else apply to this? I haven't heard anything yet. (1/22/10)
  • Phone request for writing sample (2/2 X 2)
  • Campus visit scheduled (2/12 X 2)
  • Heard from SC that an offer had been made (3/16)
  • ...and accepted (3/18)

U of Georgia

  • email request for writing sample and references (3/18), (3/26). Q: Is this the same job listed with an April 9 deadline on The Chronicle?
  • Mind sharing stats? did anyone receive an ack even if they didn't get a sample request? A: Yes, via email. (3/22)
  • Stats? ABD... a couple of publications. / PhD + a few publications
  • phone interviews in process (4/17)
  • Kudos to the school for moving so fast.

'U of'Minnesota Duluth (1/12)

  • Could someone please tell me where this job was advertised? Is it still open? (1/14/10)
    • I believe I saw it in the Chronicle mid-December, but I can't find it there now. Here's a link: [1] (1/17)
    • Email request for dossier (2/2)
    • Phone interview scheduled (2/24)
    • Rejection email rec'd (3/31) which stated that a candidate has been offered the position and has accepted it.

U Sainte-Anne (1/15) (literature, poco as desirable field)

  • I've been searching high and low, but can't find this. Please link! Thanks! (And yes, I realize the deadline is past.)
  • Link at the end of this sentence. It's a tiny French-language uni in rural Canada; I think they only advertised in Canada. Would be great for those of you working in French! [2]

Anglophone/World/Postcolonial Jobs[]

American University of Beirut (11/30 )

  • email ack (11/30) x1 (12/1) X3 (12/16) x1 (12/29)
  • request for phone interview (12/30) x2
  • Any news? (2/8)

Ball State University (11/15)

  • email ack (11/11)
  • email request for writing sample, teaching philosophy, letters (11/20 x 2)
    • And then, nothing.
  • Anything since? Anyone???
  • MLA interview arranged by phone (12/13 x2)
    • I really hope they're not done!
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone (1/13)

Columbia College (11/1)

  • Has anybody heard from them? They advertised last year and canceled the search. I wonder what is happening this year?
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/08)(12/9) x2
  • Campus interview scheduled by phone (1/4)

Dickinson College (11/6)

  • Has anybody heard from them? Are they listed in another area (their ad was for "contemporary literature")
  • I just found them listed under "modern and contemporary British" but no follow-up there either. In their ad they asked for "any specialization in contemporary literatures in English" which also means they will have a deluge of apps, I presume.
  • They're also listed under 20-21st century American, and 5 people received requests on 11/12.  Looks like they want an Americanist.
    • Ahhh...

Duquesne University (10/15)

  • email request for writing sample & refs. (11/4)
  • MLA interview scheduled (12/2) (via what medium?) -- sorry, by phone
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/4 via telephone.
  • Rejection by mail (received 12/26) (3)
  • post-MLA rejection by email (1/13) x3 -- hmmm -- If I haven't received a call for an invite and haven't received an email rejection, does that mean I'm holding on as 4th, 5th, or just forgotten?! (x2 and let's just assume the first option - good luck with your search!)
  • post-MLA rejection by mail (rec. 1/23) they are "compelled to focus [their] search in very particular ways" ... anyone else? -> Yes, same here (also by mail)
    • That's what mine said via email on 1/13

Eastern Illinois University (11/6/) [interested in anglophone & 20th/21st cent. British lit]

  • email ack. (10/28)
  • Anybody heard anything here?..nothing so far... (They're slow on the fiction search, too.)
  • somebody on the modern brit lit page says MLA interviews scheduled via phone (12/17)  sighs...
  • Anyone heard anything? I see the Creative Writing AND Composition searches both have people invited to campus as of 1/7.
  • Two people have been invited to campus for this search so far.
  • 'Offer made and accepted (heard from SC chair, 2/23)'

Evergreen State (11/2) link

  • email ack. and online EEO (10/28)
  • email ack (10/29) and acks continue
  • rejection by mail (12/5, 12/7x3, 12/8 x2, 12/9, 12/10) [was a relatively friendly rejection letter, at least]
  • Anyone heard anything since 12/10? Rejection by mail, interview request by phone, but I've received neither. Nuts! (12/16)
  • Where do you see that someone has posted an interview request for this position? (12/16)
    • Nowhere - the email ack said interview requests would come by phone.  (12/16)
    • Thanks, last poster, for taking the time to clarify. (12/16)
    • Email request for phone interview (12/18). I know of someone else who received same a couple of weeks ago. Since rejections are also coming in bits and pieces, it would seem that they are making decisions on a rolling basis. Phone interview was scheduled for the second week of January. Best wishes, everyone. QUESTION: When did you submit application? Thanks!    Answer:  Someone posted, then deleted "October 30."
    • Any rejections since 12/10? Anyone else still no rejection, no phone interview scheduled?
      • In the same boat.  Assuming (correctly? wrongly?) that we'll get rejection letters after an interviewed candidate is selected. (1/4)
    • [It's so quiet that I hear nothing but] crickets... (1/4)
      • Huh? (1/4)
      • Hi same boat. I am "any rejections since 12/10," not crickets. I think crickets is a third person in our boat, who is expressing frustration, as in "Jiminy Crickets." 
      • Oh - like when I said "Nuts!" above.  How do you assess our situation, Any Rejections Since 12/10? (1/4)
      • Your scenario is one possibility. Another, though unlikely one, is that they haven't gotten to us yet (they were missing one of my references and contacted me a couple of weeks after the deadline about this). A third is that, since this process is filtered through HR and winter break has been going on, no one has let us know we are cut yet (I'm assuming emails for interviews come from someone on the committee, but I am not going to assume the same about rejections, which seem to be sent via snail mail). I suppose also rejection letters could have been lost. So, frankly, no idea. And people don't seem to be posting much about Evergreen. I suspect there have been rejections since 12/10/9 and also more phone interviews than the two reported. Oh, well, some Wiki is better than no Wiki...maybe?! Good luck. It's a good fit for me, and I imagine for you, too.
      • A very good fit for me.  So why in heavens aren't they interviewing us?? (1/4)
      • I had a phone interview with Evergreen on Jan. 8th. The request for it came from HR, not the committee members. It seemed like they were doing a lot of interviews on that day. The committee chair said they would be making decisions and getting back to people within 1.5 weeks (Jan. 17). Best wishes everyone.
      • Good luck. We await news of campus visits!

Still no word after the Jan. 8 interview. Hopefully their funding didn't get cut.

  • Rejection by letter (02/01). Friendly but odd phrasing; it suggested that they had interviewed me when they had not.
  • I got one too, finally. The letter says they have "now finished the selection process..." Farewell Any Rejections Since 12/10, Crickets, and the rest of you; I wish you well; it feels good to get out of this damned boat! (2/2)
  • Farewell to you, too, Boat! I got my rejection letter this week, as well. Best of luck out there in the storm. Sincerely, Rejections. (2/3)
  • Wow, we are a lot of crickets suddenly swarming around this boat. Got a post-phone-interview rejection letter 2/3. Best wishes, everyone.

Flagler College (11/13)

  • Letter saying positions canceled 12/19

Florida Gulf Coast University (Modern European) (1/01/10)

  • Cancelled (email 2/4)

Georgia Gwinnett College

  • anybody heard anything?  still rolling?
  • two interview requests reported on Modern British page (1/26 x 2)
    • I assume those requests were for the 20th-century British position. I believe there was a separate position that was specifically postcolonial.
      • Yes there was.

Harvard University (Transnational Anglophone) (10/26) link

  • additional materials requested Thursday, Nove 27th x2
  • interview requested by email 12/14
  • rejection received by email (12/19)
  • Q: Any campus visits scheduled? (1/4)
  • Has this search been canceled?
  • Campus visits were scheduled (heard through a friend).

Hunter College (11/7)

  • email ack w/AA survey (11/03)(11/10)
  • info strongly suggests phone calls re: MLA intvws on 12/15 and 12/16
    • (What kind of info suggests this?)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/16)
  • on-campus visit scheduled by phone (1/7)
  • Got a snailmail rejection (4/8), so someone accepted it, I presume.

Keene State College (11/15)

  • mail ack 11/ 16, 11/30
  • rejection via mail (12/7 x4)
  • How many have not had a rejection letter but also have heard nothing else? Thanks. (x4)
  • MLA interview scheduled via email (12/9) x 2
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/9)
  • no letter nor email for me... (x3)
    • I am also in that boat. Sounds like it's intentional. A short list and a longer short list just in case?
      • I was one of those three and just got a mail rejection postmarked 12/11. (12/14)
      • still nothing.. I have given up hope though. 
  • post-MLA rejection via email - very nice note (1/13) x3
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/11)

Kutztown (11/13) link

  • mail ack and EOE sheet 11/17
  • MLA interview scheduled via email (11/24)
  • Q. Has anyone heard anything yet? Best wishes to those who have.

Lewis University (11/2) link (Note: requires Postcolonial and 19th Century American)

  • Request for dossier materials
  • MLA interview conducted
  • On-campus scheduled for February

Mesa State College

  • Phone interview scheduled (Dec. 15) x2
  • Campus Visit Scheduled (Jan. 15) x1.
  • I just had the best interview with them! This seems like a fabulous place to work--friendly and energetic.
  • I agree - probably the best phone interview I've had, just in terms of the warmth and friendliness of the people doing the interviewing. What a nice experience.
  • Has anyone who had an interview heard anything recently? I just got invited to a campus visit (1/15). Thanks and congrats!

Middle Tennessee State University (10/26)

  • Email ack (10/27), (11/5)
  • Email rejection from HR: 'you are no longer under consideration' (12/21) (x2)
  • heard via grapevine: campus visit scheduled

New Jersey City University (12/15) (World Lit.)

  • Didn't someone previously say they'd had an MLA interview request?
    • A: yes you are right, I too remember seeing that someone was requested for MLA interview on 12/26.
  • That stinks!  Note to everyone: please see "Notes" added below!
  • MLA interview request 12/27 for a 12/28 interview. Nice people. Said they'd be aggresively recruiting over the next few weeks.
  • Does this mean that they had MLA interviews, but will conduct more interviews after the convention?
  • I am not sure. I turned my app. in on the very last day it was due, so it's not like there are other apps. still coming in. I might have misunderstood (I was a bit dazed after an hour long interview) and what might have actually been said was that they were aggressively looking to fill the position and they'd be making decisions over the next few weeks. Sorry if I'm confusing anyone. 

Portland State University (11/30)

  • MLA interview scheduled (12/09) (x4 via phone)
  • I did not get a phone call re: interviews, but just got an email saying that they were still in the process of determining who to invite to MLA. (12/15)
    • Me too and it came with an Affirmative Action form. (12/15) (x 6).  Yes, me too, but I wonder if this is just a ruse to get everyone to fill out the AA form that someone forgot to send out earlier.  It's pretty clear that interviews have been scheduled already.
    • I know! That's what I was wondering. They may not realize we are already monitoring the progression here, and so send the email thinking we are in the dark about the schedule. But, on the other hand, there *could* be two rounds... I, for one, sent my app so that it arrive on the day.... But, as a realist, I assume they've already made their decisions, and the email is irrelevant and after-the-fact. (x3)   
  • campus visit invitation via email (12/31) x2
  • willing to share your stats?

Roger Williams University (11/15)

  • email ack (11/10)
  • phone interview scheduled via email (12/7) x2
  • when is your interview for? just wondering... thanks :)
  • 10 phone interviews 12/14-ish. Any idea when calls will be made for campus visits? x2
  • Has anyone heard anything from them since the phone interviews? I'm tempted to call and prod but don't want to step on anyone's toes and ruin my chances (in the off chance they're just moving incredibly slowly with this). (2/1)
  • They have invited 3 people to campus (2/2)
  • Rec'd email rejection (I was not one of those invited to campus) (2/17)

Rutgers University-South Asian Literature(s) (11/30)

  • Campus visit request via email (12/12)
  • Any news? 1/22
  • Nice rejection email, though.
  • Any news post campus visit? (2/24)
  • offer accepted.

Shenandoah University (open until filled) Link

  • email ack (11/5)
  • request for writing sample (12/15).  Email stated that they had 100+ applications and that they'd not be in touch again until mid-January.
  • phone interview request via email (1/26)

Skidmore College (10/15) [visiting position World Anglophone]

  • mail ack. with aff. action card (10/19),  (10/24)
  • request for writing sample (10/20), (11/3) (x3)
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/9) x 3
  • heard from a friend they made an offer (1/18)

St. Olaf College (11/1) link

  • email ack (10/15), (10/29)
  • Someone in Modern British said they had an interview scheduled (12/8)
  • Rejection via mail (12/14)(12/15)

SUNY Buffalo (African diasporic lit / African lit) (10/20 until filled)

  • I had a phone interview on Nov. 5th but haven't heard anything since. Anyone else?
  • I had an interview around then as well. In the interview, they said they were planning to get back to people within a week -- heard nothing since.
  • I never saw the ad for this job. out of curiosity, does anyone still have it?
  • I saw this ad in the Chronicle on 9/30- do a google/cache search. The ad said "until filled" and I ended up applying late, so don't know if I will even be considered
  • Offer extended to a candidate
  • post-interview rejection via email: early January (forget date).

Texas A&M University at College Station (11/1)

  • Mail ack and AA form (12/1)
  • a friend of mine tells me they had a departmental meeting to get the short list approved last Wednesday.  A few more days to start contacting, though, s/he said. (12/9)
  • Anything???
  • Did anyone interview for this job at MLA? Is the search still going on?
  • Yes, they did MLA interviews and the campus visit scheduled

Texas State University, San Marcos (11/2)

  • Postcard ack (11/05) (11/14)
  • MLA interview scheduled via email (11/19) x 4
  • Campus interview scheduled by phone (1/11)

U of British Columbia (10/9)

  • email ack saying review of apps has begun and is expected to last several weeks (11/06)
Didn't they advertise this same position last year?

Nope. Last year was a wider contemporary search; an appointment was made, not in poco

  • phone interview invitation via email (11/27) x2
  • on campus interview invitation via email (12/18)
  • would you be willing to verify your status e.g. abd, vap etc...?
  • four interviews--all from major international universities (Oxford, but US etc, no Canadian phds)

U of Chicago (11/6)

  • writing sample request via email (11/30) x3
  • email noted that MLA invitations will not be made until "shortly before the convention"
  • MLA interview scheduled by phone (12/17) (12/18): x2
  • email rejection (w/ thoughtful wording) after writing sample submitted (x3) (12/21)
  • post-MLA rejection (w/ thoughtful wording) received via email (1/14)
  • has anyone else not heard anything from them?
  • looks from their website as though campus visits have been scheduled (1/27)

U of Hartford (10/28) :

  • Email ack. with AA form (10/29)(10/30)
  • request for dossier. (11/19) x 2
  • MLA interview scheduled via phone (12/9) x 2
  • Rejection letter via e-mail (12/10) (x5)
  • Campus visit scheduled by phone (1/11)
  • post-MLA rejection via email 1/13. Great folks & department--I would have LOVED to work here!
  • Offer made (3/8) and accepted.

U of Massachusetts, Boston (11/30)

  • Has anyone heard from UMB?  Will they be conducting MLA interviews or are they on a different schedule?
  • I also have heard nothing. MLA was not mentioned in job description, so they might be on a different schedule.
  • Email to set up an interview 12/21 x 6
  • Anyone know when they'll be getting back to MLA interviewees about campus interviews? (1/4) (X 3)
  • Campus visit scheduled (second hand)
  • Do you have a date on this? Congrats to the campus invitees; this seems like a great dept. (x2)
  • First week of January

Any ideas about how many applicants have been invited? Also, what is the second hand source? someone who knows someone who got campus or an inside source? x2

  • Campus interview scheduled mid-January (I'm not the poster of the "second hand" information posted above)
  • 4 candidates are making campus visits.
  • offer made and accepted (according to rejection e-mail)
  • to the poster of the above post, willing to share your stats? I made it to the campus and got the rejection letter yesterday. was really hoping to get this job!

U of Michigan, Ann Arbor (10/30)

  • Email ack stating that MLA calls would be made early Dec. (10/27), (11/04)
  • Rejection by email, "your expertise doesn't match our needs..." 12/9  (x10) -- did anyone get a different sort of rejection letter? - doesn't seem like it... --also, formatting is totally off and the name in the address line is either Ms. blank or Mr. blank, followed by no address. Nice touch. I know! I was surprised since their acknowledgment seemed in fact very considerate, even friendly!
  • Does this mean that they are not interviewing anybody?
  • I would imagine that if they were not interviewing anyone, the funding for the position had been cut, but if that had happened, we would have been apprised of that. So the best bet is that people who did make the cut are not here, or

don't want to gloat about having been scheduled for the interview, given the general unhappiness about the rejection letter, which I did not think was so bad!

  •  MLA Interview Scheduled via phone ((12/9) followed with confirmation email (12/10)

U of Nebraska Lincoln (Ethnic Studies) (11/2)

  • request for dossier materials by email (11/18)
  • ditto (11/18)
  • phone interview scheduled by phone (12/4) (x2)
  • If you don't mind me asking, were both phone interview requests made on the 4th? Have there been any since? When do they plan to do the interviews? TIA.
  • Yes. Interviews in progress already. Hmmm...
  • Request to fedex dossier (12/15) (by email or phone?) Email.
  • Request for phone interview (12/15)
  • Curious that they seem to be doing interviews and dossier requests in rounds.
  • Yup. Phone interview request (12/17).
  • Anyone heard anything else? I've not, since my phone interview in mid-Dec...assuming that's a bad sign, but the silence is puzzling
  • Previously there was info. here re. a scheduled campus visit, but it seems to have been deleted.
  • Campus visit invitation on 12/22ish

U of Nevada, Reno (10/29)

  • Writing sample request (11/10)
  • rejection via email...sigh (12/10 x 7) ... more sighs...
  • So: they won't be interviewing at all?
  • MLA interview scheduled via phone (12/4)
  • E-mail rejection (12/29)

U of North Carolina, Greensboro

  • mail ack with AA form (11/23)(12/1)
  • Writing sample requested 11/20
  • Rejection by mail (12/29)

U of North Texas (11/6) 

  • Has anyone heard from them?
  • MLA interview scheduled via phone(12/7)
  • Rejection received via email (12/10) (x3)
    • I am REALLY curious about who they interview and hire, since a very highly qualified friend also applied and didn't get an interview either (12/21 - In response to the comments below - I am on the tenure-track, as is my friend, and I have been on search committees, so when I say "very highly qualified" I am not speaking from a grad. student perspective. I am referring to people who who have received more than 10 requests for interviews at other institutions and meet all of the qualifications stated in the job. ad, yet did not receive an interview request from UNT. I suspect it is one of those cases where the job. ad does not accurately reflect what the committee is really looking for. As for the rejection letter, it was a form letter from HR stating that they already hired another candidate, which must surely be a mistake, given that at least one person on here has an MLA interview scheduled).  
      • In this market, there are surely lots of highly qualified people who won't make the cut of MLA interviews.
      • no email, no phone calls!  Can't they throw rejection emails to everybody on the same day, at least? (by the way, I was on a SC last year-grad student rep-, and "very highly qualified" means X to us and Y to professors. I'm not being sarcastic (well, maybe just a little).  It's just that they have all sorts of departmental needs that cannot go into the ads (things unsuccessful applicants would never find out. I'm certain your friend's very highly qualified but honestly, I couldn't figure out what UNT wanted exactly from the ad.)  
    • I also haven't yet heard a thing from them (12/14), so I assume that I'm out. Anyone else not get ANY response? (Nada here too 12/15)
    • Campus visit requested via phone 12/29.

U of Richmond (11/2)

MLA interview scheduled via phone (12/09) x 4

Campus visit requested via phone 12/29. (Have TT position but trying to move; have declined three campus visits and kept three). You've had SIX campus visit requests since the MLA? Wow. What are you? Superwoman?

mind sharing your stats?

U of Texas-Pan American (World Lit.)

  • Writing sample and ref. letter request (11/18) the same (12/1)
  • rejection letter via mail (11/27)(12/1)
  • MLA interview scheduled through phone (12/09 +12/10 x 3). additional materials submitted 11/19 (x2), 12/3 .
  • MLA interview (phone, 12/11)
  • received another rejection letter. Thanks, UTPA, for letting me know that "other applicants' qualifications more closely matched the requirements for the job" not once, but twice. (12/15)
  • Does any body know if on campus interviews are already scheduled?
  • The Chronicle just readvertised the World Lit job (1/4).  Ad on Chronicle Ad on UTPA HR website
  • I am not sure what that means, since they readvertised all the jobs for UTPN, so... I do not know
  • I'm not sure either . . . my guess is that either this is a standard ad posted by the HR department, and that until the job is filled the ad will continue to run.  Or, the committee is looking for a particular candidate profile, and none of the MLA interviewees fit the bill (I hope not, though!).
  • Campus visits not yet scheduled - committee to meet after classes start (1/10)
  • Thanks for the tip. To save others some time, that'll be on 1/19. (1/11)
  • Campus visit invite (1/21)

Western Illinois University (11/23)

  • email ack (11/30)
  • MLA scheduled
  • Any more news?
  • Email stating that the search has been temporarily suspended, not sure for how long (1/26)
    • I did not get this e-mail (as of 1/29). I am confused...

Westminster College (11/13)

  • Ack by mail 11/18 but nothing since then...
  • phone interview scheduled via phone (12/18)
  • Any further news on this position? A campus interview scheduled? (1/5)
  • I'm the OP on the phone interview schedule and my friend says the interview is mid-Jan.  It's the MO one by the way, Not Utah.
  • Offer accepted.

Yale (11/1)

  • Ack. snail mail (11/21)
  • sorry, misplaced my prior comment, it was intended for another search.  I deleted it to prevent confusion.
  • Request for additional materials via email (12/2)
  • Interview scheduled by email (12/10)
  • Rejection postcard received (12/18)


Please consider posting if you are invited to campus and/or get a job offer, or if you know of someone who does. It is awfully quiet around here and even secondhand info is legit if you know for sure it is true. Someone else may really benefit from knowing whether there is still a search going on, or not.

Please, please, please be careful not to delete other peoples' comments!  If you disagree with something, please just say so!  Thanks.

I can't figure out how to add a school, but did anyone apply for the position at NYU in the Liberal Studies program focusing on global literature?

Yes. Never heard a thing. (1/6)

  • Even though it is not technically a post-doc (but instead a f/t, multiple-year, non-t/t line), someone listed it on the post-docs page, so I would suggest going there to keep all the info. together.


The Americanists and Modern Brits are having fun.  Why not us, too?