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IS THIS WIKI FOR 08-09 AND THE HEADER IS WRONG???????? Yes, these are definitely the 08-09 jobs.


NOTE: If you want to second (or third, etc.) a request for letters, interviews, etc., then put the number of responders in brackets, assuming the initial poster is number 1. For example:

Materials requested: University of XXXX (10/13 [2]) = 2 people heard from them on this date, requesting materials.


Drexel--anyone heard anything from Drexel? campus visit scheduled (12/24)

Washington University, St. Louis - Has anyone heard from Wash U, even confirmation of received app? - - no, I haven't heard a peep from them, though I've heard the Wash U is scheduling AAA for the South Asia anth job as of 11/13. Different search chairs and committees though. I haven't heard anything, either. I do know they were looking for a post-doc to fill this position last year. Maybe they are giving whoever they chose first dibs? Just a guess. I heard a rumor at AAA that they had interviewed at least one person who was not at the Assistant level, so perhaps they aren't contacting anyone at the assistant level yet (or at all). Interviewed at least two people at Assistant level at AAAs. No word since.

U of Michigan

U Mass Amherst (SEARCH CANCELED) - yikes! Yeah, I know. Bummer. There's a rumor that some Umass jobs are being reopened if they are considered critical jobs. Anybody know more?

U Toronto Scarborough (Humanities, Language and Culture). Nov. 14th.

U Victoria (Linguistics Dept.)

Duke (English Dept.)

San Diego State (Anthropology - the position is for a Linguistic anthropologist. They will begin screening applications November 1st.)

Oberlin -- anyone heard anything from Oberlin? Their administrative assistant said that she thought things wouldn't get rolling until after the break, but that this wasn't sure. Thanks


Cal State Long Beach

Hamilton College (visiting)

  • 3/27 Has anyone heard anything from Hamilton yet?

Michigan State

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Materials requested:

U Mass (10/9) Cal State Long Beach (11/11) U Michigan (Letters, 11/13 [3]) Oberlin asked for additional materials (writing sample, teaching evals) in order to decide (quickly, they said) about campus interviews (11/26 2). Temple (letters, syllabi) (11/28) Victoria (letters - 12/3) U Michigan requested additional publications (12/5) Michigan State requesting letters and syllabi (12/19)

First Interview scheduled:

U Mass (11/11) Temple (11/13) U Michigan (11/14 [3]) Oberlin (11/15 [3]) Michigan State (11/17) Cal State Long Beach (11/17) Long Beach now arranging post-conference phone interviews (12/1)

Campus visit scheduled: - Did anyone find out when any of these jobs are planning to schedule the campus interviews? In the flurry of interviewing I forgot the time frame for any except Michigan State (whose deadline isn't until December 18 - they said they are going to move very quickly after that). No clue - I didn't ask, either. U Michigan (12/15) Long Beach (12/17) Oberlin (12/18) Temple (12/23[2])

Does anyone know when Oberlin is holding interviews? In February. Has anyone heard from Michigan State? Michigan State has scheduled on campus interviews for February.

Offer received!: Washington St. Louis (offer made per rejection letter 2/19); Why does it keep disappearing??? Does the wiki know something that the poster doesn't: Oberlin (3/2), Temple, Long Beach

Offer accepted: Temple, Oberlin (3/11)