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Positions in Arabic Linguistics, Literature, and Language Teaching in academia and beyond, 2018/19 job application season. Please link to university hiring pages, rather than to the MESA website, as those links can die more quickly than the university pages.

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Cornell University - Lecturer of Arabic. Deadline: Immediate

University of Mississippi - VAP for Arabic Flagship Program. Deadline: Immediate

University of Southern California - Teaching Track Lecturer in Beginning Through Advanced Arabic. Deadline: Immediate


American University of Beirut - Sheikh Zayid Chair of Arabic and Islamic Studies. Deadline: 15 Nov

American University of Kuwait- Assistant Professor of Arabic. Deadline: Open Until Filled

American University of Sharja - Faculty Position in Arabic-English Translation. Deadline: 26 Oct

American University of Sharja -Classical/Medieval Arabic Literature. Deadline: 26 Oct

Carnegie Mellon University - Assistant Professor of Second Language Acquisition. Deadline: 31 Oct

Florida Atlantic University - Assistant Professor. Deadline: 11 Nov

  • Looks like a rigged search. I was notified 3 weeks before the application deadline that I wasn't selected for the job. (10/23)
  • [11/9] It is not, I was invited for a skype interview in late October. It seems like they read applications as they come in as I was invited shortly after sending in my file.
  • Invited for a Skype interview. Good luck to everyone.
  • (Dec. 13) Any news post-Skype interviews? Nothing here since skype interview in late October.
  • (Dec. 13) Nope, no post-Skype interview news on my side.

Georgia Institute of Technology - Assistant or Associate Professor of Arabic. Deadline: 15 Oct

  • Preliminary online interviews scheduled for Nov. 8-9. (10/31)
  • Informed that shortlisting will be done by end November; campus visits in January. (11/8)
  • Invited to campus visit, second week of January (11/21)
  • Rejection email, 2 months after campus visit. (3/1)

North Carolina State University - Assistant Professor in Arabic. Deadline: 30 Nov 

  • (12/4) Invited for Skype interview
  • (2/7) After two denials from HR, search committee chair finally admitted that I was not chosen for interview. Total fiasco. 
  • ^Wait, they refused to tell you whether or not you were chosen for an interview? Do you think it was lack of communication between HR and the SC, or just not a very professional search? Might be a blessing in disguise...
  • HR twice told me not to worry, my candidacy was still active, the dept will contact you, don't contact them. I did contact them and the SC chair said they were now intervieweing finalists and I'm not among them (duh); accompanied with what seemed to be a sincere apology for "the unwieldiness of the system." So I think, yes, lack of communication probably. 

Swarthmore College - Assistant Professor in Arabic Language and Literature. Deadline: 19 Oct

  • Interviews scheduled for MESA 

University of Kentucky - Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies and Arabic Studies. Deadline: 19 Nov

University of Michigan-Dearborn - Open Rank TT Position in Arabic Language, Literature, and Culture. Deadline: Nov

anyone got interviewed? (dec 13)

No news too. Please keep us posted y'all.

I contacted the dept chair and he said they will be starting the review process soon. fingers crossed (dec 14).

recieved invitation for skype interview (dec 19)

University of Minnesota/Twin Cities - AP in Arab Middle Eastern Studies. Deadline: 1 Nov

anyone got interviewed? (dec 13)

Recieved a personal rejection email upon inquiry (early Dec), same (dec 14). 

Had a skype interview on Dec 7. (Dec 17)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Assistant Professor of Arab Studies. Deadline: 5 Nov

- [8 Nov] Invited for Skype interview. Good luck to everyone.

- (29 Nov.) Any news about campus visits for anyone?

- any news? got a skype interview a month ago, haven't heard back yet! (dec 13); same, interviewed in early November and haven't heard a thing since.

- campus visits invited

University of Texas at Austin - Open Rank TT Position in Arabic Studies. Deadline: 29 Oct

Virginia Tech - Assistant Professor of Arabic. Deadline: 26 Oct

  • [12 Nov] Invitation to interview.
  • [8 Feb] Any news about this? I see someone was invited to interview in Nov; my application status is still "under review by department." I sent a query to HR, who in turn referred me to the SC chair. Awaiting their reply.
  • [8 Feb, me again] Chair says: "Our job postings remain open until a position is filled. Once that has happened, applicants are notified by email." Sounds like legalese for "we have someone, but we can't tell you yet until they accept our offer."
  • [30 Apr] And... rejection email arrives.


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Freie Universität Berlin - PostDoc in Arabic Studies. Deadline: 22 Oct

Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center - Research Fellowship in Oman. Deadline: 16 Sept


Baylor University (Waco, TX) - Regular Lecturer in Arabic. Deadline: 15 Oct

Colgate University - Lecturer in Arabic. Deadline: 5 Oct

  • [12 Nov] Interviewed last week.

Columbia University - Lecturer in Discipline, Arabic Language. Deadline: 1 Oct

Georgetown University - Assistant Teaching Professor of Arabic. Deadline: 2 Nov

Harvard University - Preceptor in Arabic. Deadline: 25 Jan

University of Chicago - Lecturer in Arabic. Deadline: 7 Nov

University of Florida - Lecturer in Arabic. Deadline: 15 Nov

University of Iowa - Lecturer in Arabic. Deadline: 16 Nov

  • Anyone got an interview?

University of Michigan - Lecturer III and Director of Arabic Language Program. Deadline: 16 Nov

University of Oklahoma - Lecturer of Arabic. Deadline: 5 Nov

University of Rhode Island - Lecturer in Arabic Language and Culture. Deadline: Feb 15th (first consideration, Feb 28 second consideration). Please note unusual material requested when applying.

Vassar College - Lecturer in Arabic Studies. Deadline: 15 February 

University of South Carolina - Instructor of Arabic. Deadline: 14 June

  • (5/31) Review of applications has begun and will continue until the posting closes on June 14. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. 


Program Manager - Arabic Overseas Flagship Program (Meknes, Morocco & Washington, DC)

Johns Hopkins University - Associate Director of Development, Asia & the Middle East