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  • Tried to re-organize to make this easier to navigate- t-t and non t-t jobs now divided into still open/status unknown and closed searches-- non-t-t jobs put in alphabetical order. Some of the ones with rejection letters may be closed, but since rejection letters can come at various times in the process and they don't say that offers were made or accepted I left them for now- if people have more info, please move things into the closed searches section!*

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==Tenure-track Positions: Open or final status unknown ==

Assistant Professor :

California State University, Sacramento - NAGPRA, California

-2 years NAGPRA, continuing into tenure-track
-Deadline May 14
-Is this an inside hire?
-05/21 Phone call notifying long list formed
-6/4 phone call notifying short list formed/ campus interview scheduled
-job offer extended to candidate end of June

Lehman College - Prehistoric Central or South America, complex societies

        -Deadline Nov 30

        -acknowledgement of application (email) 12/15

- received an email today (Jan 12) to inform me that the CUNYfirst online application system has been malfunctioning, so they wanted me to re-send my cover letter and sample publication; so this search is still alive (in principle).
Re-requesting letters of ref from those they already confirmed had sent them (Jan 19)- seems this search is a bit disorganized

        -Inside hire?

         I'll tell you in September. Their Visiting Professor seems like an excellent candidate.

Campus interview scheduled (maybe this was a SC update, but IP address on update came from Lehman's campus).

-Rejection e-mail (2/17)

-Insider got it.

  • NYU-AD- Ancient World, any level (Ass't, Assoc., Full).
    - Deadline December 15

         - Deadline December  4

- Email acknowledgement of materials received, 12/3

         - Deadline November 16
- Acknowledgment letter and equal opportunity survey received via snail mail 12/5
- they have a short list, apparently all SE Asia - 1/13

  • University of Nevada, Reno - Paleoindian, North America (also accepting associate prof applications, will also be executive director of Sundance Archaeological Research Fund)

        - Deadline December 1

        - Scheduling phone interviews 12/11

        - Review begins April 26, open until filled

         - Deadline October 30 &nbsp         

         - Received request for additional materials, may be automatically sent to all applicants (Oct 30)

Yeah, it's automatic.  Everyone I know got the request for 5 more essays.

         - Any word on this position?

                Had an on campus interview early December. Found out late December did not get the position and they're continuing their search.  FYI teaching load is 4/4. (x2) So... does this mean they're going to create a new short list? Try again next year? Any idea?

No idea. When I interviewed I was told that they don't discount anyone from the pool of candidates and I also found out that an MVAC employee applied for this position as well.

-Rejection letter March 15. Ditto (3/15).

Advanced Professor (2):

           -rejection by snail mail 11/09

Interviews with four candidates held in November/early December

Yeah, but then what? Any news from the front? Radio silence as far as I can tell...

==Closed Searches (Tenure Track Positions):==

       - No Deadline listed

I think the Adelphi University deadline has passed - although anyone interested should inquire.  I sent in an application and a query and they answered a couple weeks later that they were beginning the selection process.

       - they have a short list, campus interviews scheduled for Jan/Feb. 12/2 (x2)

Rejection letter received 12/8
Received letter via mail dated 12/15 stating that the selection process is taking longer than anticipated and asking if candidate is still interested (x4)

-Did anyone apply for this and not hear something either way? 1/20

-Short list compiled and on-campus interviews began in early Feb. - 2/11

-Offer made and accepted in early March

         -Acknowledgement of application received by mail Dec. 10

         -Additional materials requested 12/22

         -Inside hire?

         -rejection letter (snail mail) received 12/31  (x2)

Has anyone reached the shortlist on this job? -purportedly they're not making a shortlist until about 2/10

-The short list has been made for this job.

- A decision for the job has been made and offer accepted.

         - Deadline November 1

         -Additional materials requested 11/13

         letters requested from references 11/15

         -Short list of four, interviews in February

- rejection letter received (12/22) (x3)
- heard through the grapevine that an offer was made, not sure if it's been accepted (3/14)
- offer accepted (4/19)

        - Deadline October 31

        - phone interview scheduled 11/2

- Congrats on the interview.  Do you know (or anyone else) whether this means they have already determined their long-short list?

              - appears that yes, long-list compiled. They said they would be calling by Nov. 20 with invite to interview on campus.

        - Campus interview scheduled, 11/11

        - Offer received 12/7


  • Connecticut College - North America, Historic Archaeology (also accepting associate prof applications)

         - Deadline October 15

       -anyone else think this is an inside hire? the VP fits the ad and is an alum...

       -looks like it...:(       

       -don't fool yourself.  most of the postings on this page are inside appointments.


       -Relisted on HigherEdJobs 10/30

        -ouch..thanks for the update.  Guess I'll cross that job off the list. I assume that if they liked their pool they         

                wouldn't relist.

       -AAA interview scheduled 11/23 (x 4)

       -Phone interview being scheduled

        -To repeat above post...anyone know if this is an inside hire?

- I don't know this from anyone at Conn, but through the grapevine I did hear that yes, the VP is among the candidates for this position.

       - additional materials requested, campus interview to be scheduled

        - official rejection received via e-mail 12/18

-@ last poster-Did you interview? - no, I just knew since all the other people had, that I wasn't on their radar. But they officially told me so on the 18th.

         -rejection email 12/23 (I was an interviewee) (x3)

-I've heard this job is now filled (3/15)

-Offer made and accepted (March 18)

  • DePaul - Open, preference given to candidates who can organize a field school (open rank); prehistoric specialty, but additional experience in historic archaeology preferred

       - Deadline November 9

       - AAA interview scheduled 11/20

       - they have long short list of 15 for AAA interviews from 130 applicants (rejection email)

Ejection from long list e-mail received on Jan 7; They've honed a short list (n=4).

Offer was made and accepted (March 12)

       - Deadline Jan 4

Letter stating they decided not to fill the position. (1/13)

        - Deadline November 12

        - 11/18: interview requested at AAA's-- 12 people on the long short list, out of 120 applicants

        - 12/15: writing samples and example syllabi requested.

        - Did anybody get a rejection letter/email ?

- 1/27: campus invite

3/3: offer accepted

  • Johns Hopkins- Near East complex societies (outside Egypt), tenure-track OR tenured (so, open rank?)

        - Deadline December 1

        - acknowledgement of application (email); review will start "in coming weeks" 12/10

- they have a short list - don't know if they've notified all the candidates yet (I'm not one of them) 1/13
- To the above poster, how did you hear about this? Rejection letter or email? Did you inquire? (comment added 1/14)
- Told by search committee member I wasn't on the short list, but not a formal rejection letter yet

- 1/19: Rejection letter received (x3)

I too heard through the grapevine (not from the committee) that they have a short list and I am not on it, but as of 2/1 I have not received a rejection letter. I know of others who have already received rejection letters (in late January).

There is a short list of four candidates with interviews being held in February. At the same time as an Assyriology search in a small department. Its gonna be nuts. Two talks a week.

Thank you for the info. Good luck to the candidates!


Still nothing but rumor and speculation...(3/19)

Offer made in mid March.

Lake County- general Archaeology, Anthropology

-Deadline Jan 4

-campus interview scheduled (2/9)

-offer made (3/27)

        - Deadline October 31

- This position was posted on the AAA website earlier this summer, but now it is not there.  Can anybody confirm that it has not been pulled?
- Can't confirm that it was pulled, but can confirm that the research interests of their visiting scholar perfectly match the posted job description (inside hire???).
It is still listed on their employment page.
Materials and letters requested.

        - Acknowledgement and Affirmative Action Info request recieved (Nov 12)

- Hmmm, any news on this search? The original announcement expressed a desire to conclude before Dec 2009 * Nope, same boat here - got confirmation of submission and not a peep since then.
I too was told over email from the Huelsbeck that this search was on fast-track to be completed before the Christmas break. But no further word at all. I have suspected this is an inside hire all along, but in that case I would expect the process to be moving much more quickly
Rejection / Campus Interviews Completed Email (Dec 22) x3
  - Just got my rejection email on 11 Jan (and no contact at all prior to that).  Classy. (x3)
-From the grapevine...Insider got it.

        - Deadline November 2

Email rejection letter received 11/11.
- Phone interview scheduled 11/16
-Campus interviews scheduled for Jan/Feb (12/22)
- Offer accepted (2/15)

  • SUNY Brockport - Open; ability to teach a local field school preferred

       - Deadline November 15

       - rejection email 12/2 (x3)

       -request for additional materials 12/3 (x2)

      -does anyone have any more info on whether or they they still want both official and undergrad grad transcripts?

       -any word on this search (1/12)? do they have a long or short list?

- (1/19) I haven't heard anything since mid december when they wanted reference letters. I assume they're waiting until their Spring Term starts to get in touch with anyone.

heard that phone interviews have already concluded (1/21)

-had phone interview in mid Jan. and received notification in early Feb. that i was not short-listed - 2/11

-email saying offer had been made (3/16)

according to the dept webpage, this job went to the inside candidate

        - Deadline October 19 Interviews scheduled December

       - This position was offered last year but pulled due to budgetary problems

       -any word on this?

       -rejection letter Dec. 28 -Position filled

  •     University of North Carolina Greensboro - Archaeology or physical anthro, particularly    interested in one or more of the following research foci: continuity and change in the face of contact, the development of complex systems, and/or the origins and maintenance of inequality, paleoanthropology, human biology, and/or human skeletal biology. 

-Deadline Nov 15, but today (Nov 10) it is not on the anthro dept web page or the university employment page.  Anyone know if it's been pulled?  It's still advertised on AAA.

-Acknowledgment letter and equal opportunity form received via snail mail 11/20

-Any word on this job?? (1/14) The Physical Anthropology job wiki says that the SC is meeting the week of January 18 to review applications.

-contacted for phone interview 1/19 (x2)

-phone interviews for 8 candidates, of which they're going to select 4 for on campus interviews (for arch position, which I think is separate from the phys anthro one)

- does anybody know if the phone interviews have been completed?

-they have shortlists for both of these jobs

3/2: any news at all? anybody for on campus interviews?

3/2: chair said that they were waiting on HR approval for archaeology position. Can anybody confirm? How many for phone interviews? 3/19 letter sent stating that they selected Donna Nash for the position. (wow-- never heard of the rejection letter saying who was hired before!)

        - Deadline Oct 20         Continuing search that was canceled last year.

        - letter indicating 13 candidates (of 120) had been selected for further interviews

          -rejection email received 11/21

          - rejection email received 12/14 (x3)

-they supposedly made a short-list of 4 from the 13 candidates; does anyone know if interviews are/have taken place? -Position filled

       - Deadline November 23

(this posting has been yanked from the AAA, Higher Chron, & SAA job websites--  and it's still a week before the deadline to submit. did they lose funding for the position?)

No. the search is active.        - Snail mail acknowledgment letter (including standard equal opportunity form)  received Nov. 19.

- Interviewed at AAA
- Interviewed on phone
- Requested letters and transcripts post AAA interview

Short list interviews in February -Position filled

        - Deadline November 2

--Any news?
-interviews being scheduled 11/29
-12/1 request for additional materials but no AAA invite...strange?
-Yes, I also got the request for materials on 12/1 but no AAA interview.  I thought it was weird too.
- That does seem strange.  There is a Visiting Assistant Prof there who fits the job description, and I wondered if it was an inside hire.  Anyone have any info on that?
-Only time can tell, but according to the forums, only 50% of inside candidates actually get the job.  Best of luck!
- Good reminder, thanks. And best of luck to you, too.

-Anything new here?

-found out through the grapevine that a short list of 4 has been made, they are keeping the long-short list incase the short-short list fails them. 1/22

- anyone heard as to when these 4 people are doing on-campus interviews?

-Rejection email (3/9) X 2 The inside hire won the coin toss.

        - Deadline December 11

- Starting at $37,800.00 (is this just exploiting a bad job market? it is insulting to expect a qualified Ph.D. for this salary - especially at a major research university.)  (Agreed-- this is only slightly above a postdoc salary.) It's also about $200 less than the average yearly salary for an assistant store manager at Wal-Mart.  (And the best part is that there are recent grads from last year so desperate for a job ANY JOB PLEASE A JOB PLEASE that they'd do it for less.  Yikes)(Yikes indeed)
       - on the Madison page this lists as $57,800 - that earlier number is probably a typo
-It's not a typo. If you go to and scroll down to "Faculty Salary Minima" you will see that an assistant professor is guaranteed to make $37,800 on a 9-month basis and $46,200 on a 12-month. Now whether this low range is common is another story.
- What's with the strong interest in archaeometry? I didn't think the person getting replaced had any interest in it. Combined with the  kitchen-sink application, it makes me think that there is an inside candidate...
          -wouldn't they not bother to ask for anything if they were just going through the motions?
-maybe the university requires all of the extra stuff. Seems like most of the Wisconsin schools I've applied to require extra stuff.
-I don't think it's required, at least not across the entire university. I've seen a number of ads from other departments with no mention of syllabi and teaching evaluations.
-Talking to people, it sounds like they are trying to replace two faculty positions with this one, hence the New World/archaeometry combo.

- Acknowledgment letter and equal opportunity info request received via snail mail 11/21 (X3)

-Any word with this search?

      - Wisconsin's semester doesn't start until the 19th. I doubt anything will happen for at least one more week.

-There is a rumor that there is an insider grad student who fits the job description to a T. It doesn't mean that the person will get the job, but it's probaably helpful to know.

- It would be very unusual for a department, especially at a place like Madison, to hire one of their own recent graduate students. Here, which is much like Madison, our grad students have been told not to even bother applying for hires in our department. Departments want to bring in new people to broader their experiences and connections, not narrow them by internally hiring a grad student. It also makes sense that, given they are trying to replace a speciality they are losing, there would be one or more grad students with those interests too.

-It's uncommon, but I've seen it happen when a student is the department's superstar and the supervisor retires.

- Campus interview scheduled for mid February! - Yes, had phone interview last week. They said they were phone interviewing 10 candidates and choosing a short list of 3 for campus interviews.

- To the above poster, did you have a phone interview?
- I hate to say it, but it's sounding more and more like an inside job. Several of the current faculty are in fact alums of the graduate program so it's apparently not unusual.
- Possibly -- two faculty members are UWM alumni, or perhaps they asked for so much material up front because they prefer to jump straight to a short list.

-Campus interview scheduled for March, no phone interview prior

-New hire listed on departmental website

(And by the way, the person was not an inside hire!!!)

        - Deadline December 11

- Any idea what is going on here?

-Campus interview scheduled for March.

-New hire listed on departmental website

==Non Tenure Track Positions: Searches Open or status unknown==

  • Duke University - Lecturing Fellow    -Rejection email 12/17 (~750 applications!) X2
-on-campus interviews took place at end of January. Was told will not hear back until April.
  • Miami University (Ohio) (April 1) 1 year VAP; nominally archaeology, but must also teach US Cultural Diversity and World Cultures, which sound like cultural anthro courses to me

- email reqeust for phone interview 4/12 (x2)

- offer accepted

  • Rollins College - 1 year VAP, 4/4 teaching load, must teach intro to cultural anthro in addition to arch classes, according to ad review began Feb 23 but the position was just posted on AAA this week.

-- already got rejection e-mail (3/19) after submitting application 3/16

-Did the rejection email say that the position was already filled?

- Received email (3/19). Phone interview scheduled 3/24

  • SUNY Buffalo - One year Postdoc Scholar (Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology) Due Feb. 1

  • Victoria- Three year, possibly renewable- open (Jan 8th)- refs requested (jan 19)

  • University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 1 year position, Due March 15.

Moved discussion about collegiality to bottom of page

  • U Mass Amherst - Repatriation Coordinator - 3 year term position; review began Feb 17; request for materials 3/5

==Non Tenure Track Positions: Searches Closed==

  • Humboldt State University
-deadline Nov 30. This is a very quick hire--begins January 2010!
-Received acknowledgement letter via email 11/24.   
-Mentions applications will be reviewed soon after deadline and candidates will be contacted shortly afterward.
-Phone interview scheduled 12/7
-assuming that someone has been hired at this point (Dec. 28), but no news beyond the phone interview.
- offer extended-- but declined by candidate 12/18
has anyone else been offered the position?
  • Depauw - Three year renewable position - Bioanth/Arch, Human Origins
Scheduling phone interviews
Campus invite
Offer made and accepted (March 3)

-Position filled.

-Request for letters, may be automatically sent to all applicant (Letters were required up front, so they probably contacted all applicants who didn't include them?); Ad didn't say anything about letters up front; online application automatically generates emails to referees  

        -11/21 AAA/Phone interview requested Heard that they have contacted canidates for campus visits 1/28

        -11/28 AAA interview requested (is it weird that I got this a week after the above person was asked for an interview?)

- It might not mean anything, but maybe it could mean that they had a few top candidates who they wanted to give more flexibility to, scheduling-wise, and once they were sorted out they contacted the rest of the list?

- 1/29: campus invite

-- 3/16 recieved e-mail stating that they had filled the position

  • College of Wooster - One year Visiting Assistant Professor

-Rejection letter (position has been filled) 3/15

General Discussion, Rumors, and Speculation

The latest issue of the Smithsonian Anthropology newsletter indicates that they are working to fill two curator positions including one in Indigenous North America.  The SI Human Resources page doesn't have any info on this.  It may be something for an archaeology PhD, but does anybody have info?  Is the search already concluded?  Not an open search? (September 22)

- informed that I made it past the first round of screening on this on (11/4) -rejection email (12/16)

Kudos to whoever put the schools in alphabetical order- makes browsing the page much easier.

- Anyone else disgusted with the standard operating procedures of these search committees this year? Requiring large amounts of materials, including letters of rec and transcripts (! really?) before they've even bothered to get to a medium list. It's rampant this year, probably as a lazy tactic that allows them to throw a bunch of applicants in the waste basket. Wisconsin is the worst example of this... Writing samples, teaching evaluations,sample syllabi, AND letters of recommendation before they've bothered to even get to a medium list? Really not the right way to do things. No wonder Jason Yaeger left.

        -Maybe he was just cold in WI? -I'm pretty sure he left for family reasons.

-- As someone new to the academic job market, I am wondering about these year-long Visiting Professorships (the only position I am still in the running for, possibly b/c I am still ABD...). Is it worth it? I'd love to hear people's thoughts or experiences with this.

--These days the easiest way to get a permanent job seems to be to take a one year first. If you are lucky the job will open up into a tenure-track the next year and you will get hired. So often, these jobs are inside hires of people who took a one year.

Which ones? They've just about all moved on to the first round of campus invites, explicit or not.

Any successful spousal hire stories out there? In a down market with hiring and raise freezes it seems like a long shot to get 2 jobs for 1.

-I think it's a long shot. My partner has a TT job, and the institution is supposedly committed to spousal/partner hires...except they seem more interested in bringing in big names who cost a lot of money. They're better off financially than many universities, and they want to pay for brand recognition. They are not terribly interested in junior scholars. I've been told I must work my ass off to provide 'ammo' for them to request a line...all with no pay. So, publish like mad to even get a shot at a TT. A pretty raw deal. So much for trying to get gigs at the same place. I'm not too optimistic. Perhaps someone else can offer a more positive experience?

- It's a very very sobering read. Is this the case for us too?

(Editorial note (someone can move this down to gen. discussion if they wish): What's up with people not posting things until after the due date? I get that we all should be searching the job sites, and this one was on AAA so people have no excuse for not seeing it, but on other anthro wikis people have found jobs listed in some really obscure places but don't post them until after the deadline, and the same happens on the Hum/Soc Sci Postdoc page. For all the collegiality among those on these boards, this practice seems rather un-collegial. ) (As the person who posted the Alaska job [this message is in response to the prior that was posted next to my post of the Fairbanks job and within a few days after it was entered], I can tell you I meant nothing sinister in the timing, I was glancing at the wiki to see if anything was going on in the last few jobs I'd applied for. And, since I'd just finished the Alaska job, it was on my mind and so I noticed its absence and posted it. I would like to point out, though, that we are all getting beaten up enough in the job market it is absolutely unnecessary to start throwing around accusations of being uncollegial, especially in a case of a job that was widely posted several weeks, and that the critic himself/herself must have seen posted on AAA and elsewhere and not chosen to add to the wiki before the due date either. I sincerely doubt that anyone is relying only on the wiki for their job announcements, and there have been, indeed, several jobs posted on AAA, Chronicle and other popular sites that have never made their way to the wiki because we are all getting tired, burned out, and stressed, and at least for some of us it's hard enough to summon the energy and enthusiasm required for applying, or even considering applying, let alone constantly update the wiki as we did so long ago in the fall. And now I've said my say and will not continue this conversation, because this is really not the appropriate place for it. ) )