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Assistant Professor or Open Rank:[]

University College Cork, Ireland[]

Position: tenured Lectureship in Environmental Archaeology



Applicants should have a general background in Environmental Archaeology, as well as a specialism in one or more of the following fields and interests: Palynology (Holocene vegetation records and human impacts on the environment); Geoarchaeology (climate change, landscape formation and coastal environments); Archaeozoology (the study of animal remains from archaeological contexts).

Closing date: 5pm, Wednesday, 16th May, 2012

University of Arizona[]

Postion: tenure-track joint assistant professor position in archaeology and tree-ring studies.


Preferences: In addition to dendrochronology, research interests in past human-environment interactions or human adaptations to environmental conditions and shifts are highly desirable.

Due: December 15

Campus visits being scheduled. (3/11)

University of Alaska[]

Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Archaeology)

Preferences: There don't appear to be any other than that you must be an archaeologist. From the ad: Research and geographic areas are open, but should complement current faculty. Teaching duties include upper division/graduate courses in the candidate's areas of interest, and established courses ranging from lower- to upper-division and graduate levels. Ph.D. must be in hand before August 2011.

Review Date: 4/19

Job Close Date: 4/29

  • Didn't they just hire someone last year? Does anyone know if this is a new position or if the new hire (if there was one) left?
  • Last hire was only for one year and tenure-track was opened, but said candidate has been awarded a position somewhere else
  • Any news on this one, phone interviews. etc.?
  • 5/7: restoring post deleted by IP "Phone interview scheduled for May 6."
  • email rejection 5/6 (5/10 - wonder if they're working through the alphabet...)
  • email rejection 5/11(x2)
  • 3 candidates scheduled for job talks May 15 - 21.

American University in Cairo[]

Position: The Egyptology Program is seeking applications for a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Egyptology with a starting date in September 2011.

Preferences: Candidates should have a research interest in Egyptian history and have competence in all stages of the ancient Egyptian language. A completed Ph.D. and teaching experience are required.

Due: Priority will be given to applications received by October 15th, 2010. Short-listed candidates will be interviewed by video-conference in early November 2010.

Baylor University[]

Position: Assistant or Associate Profess of Anthropological Archaeology starting August 2011

Preferences: Topical and geographic area open but would prefer technical expertise in lithic technology, ceramics, or archaeobotany. Note: ad does not state tenure track or otherwise

Due: Review of applications begins September 15th, and all application materials must be submitted by October 15th.

10/29- received letter dated 10/26 stating that my application was incomplete-- they actually do require undergrad transcripts sent directly from the issuing university and wanted letters up front (the wording was a bit odd, so I couldn't tell)... but I guess this means they've actually started reviewing applications (x3) 10/29- also received letter, but only requesting rec letters (already sent transcripts). The wording in the posting reads "include names and contact information for at least three individuals from whom you have requested letters of recommendation". Perhaps I'm too optimistic in thinking they are only asking for letters from a shorter list of applicants. If they are requesting letters from all applicants, they could have saved themselves much work by clearly asking for them up front.

11/4 - placed on preliminary short list and had to send statement of religious affiliation (x4)


  • It's a private school with a clearly stated religious affiliation. Students choose it because of that affiliation, so it doesn't seem surprising that they'd consider religion as part of the "fit" of potential faculty members.
  • ^Let's see. Notre Dame is a religious institution. Do you think they could get away with that? Xavier? Depaul? Where else. No where else. Maybe Bob Jones U. If this is the case, it is an illegitmate academic institution in my book. Illegitimate. Look at most of the facult in other depts. Many of them have bachelors or masters from baylor and have come back to the flock. Typical. Illegitmate. I do not think the AAAs, SAAs, or any other legitimate organization should advertize for such places.
  • Notre Dame, Xavier, DePaul are all Roman Catholic institutions. Most (although not all) Roman Catholic colleges and universities do not require a Catholic religious affiliation and do indeed hire Protestants, Jews, atheists, etc. as well as Catholics. Such universities do, however, expect faculty to support the university mission, which often includes a commitment to "social justice" and similar concepts, but not specific doctrinal points. Being private institutions, however, they could, if they so chose, decide to require faculty to adhere to more specific religious statements (and indeed, at some of these schools, Notre Dame in particular, there are ongoing tensions about just how "Catholic" the faculty should be); nonetheless, I think this is unlikely, as requiring specific doctrinal agreement would not be in keeping with the broader traditions of these schools. Protestant evangelical colleges and universities (such as Baylor, although I believe it is actually more laid back than many--they will hire practicing Catholics and Jews, for example, I think) coming from a different part of the Christian tradition, do frequently expect faculty to agree to specific doctrinal points and/or sign faith statements. What this constitutes depends on the specific affiliation of the institution, as various strains of Protestantism can espouse varying views of scriptural authority, salvation, etc. Not just Bob Jones, but some fairly respectable Protestant colleges, such as Wheaton or Westmont, follow this practice. Again, being private, religiously affiliated institutions, they do have the right to ask employees to adhere to statements of faith. I personally don't want to work at an institution with such policies, but, on the other hand, I appreciate that they are straightforward in presenting them, so I know in advance that I wouldn't be a good fit and skip the effort of applying. Based on the comments above, it doesn't sound like you would be happy working at a school like Baylor, so it's probably for the best if you just don't apply.

11/26 - Rejection letter received (snail mail)(x5)

Any news about this search??

12/8 Invited for campus interview - no date set

2/7 received rejection letter (snail mail) x 3

Has an offer been made?

Heard from someone who had interview there back around 02. Said he had meeting with either pres or provost, who told him "we reserve the right to discriminate," "we don't support same sex organizations" (meaning homosexual relationships)," "Catholics are our biggest minority." A half step above BJU at best. A friend got an email back in the hiring process this year that basically asked what he had done for his church lately. Students are required to go to chapel once or twice a week, which is logged electronically on their student IDs. Is the job market so bad that one has to sell one's soul (haha) to get a job. Not to mention that it's in waco...

University of Bergen, Norway[]

Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology


Deadline: February 13, 2011

The Department of Archaeology, History, Culture and Religion (AHKR) has a vacant permanent position as associate professor of classical archaeology.

Applicants must have a doctoral degree in archaeology or equivalent qualifications. The position has both a research and teaching component, and whoever fills the position will be required to teach at all levels, from basic to the supervision of PhD candidates.

The teaching language will normally be Norwegian. The candidate must teach in Norwegian or another Scandinavian language within two years of his or her appointment.

Please see website (in Norwegian) for more details.

Professor Christchurch Hoffmann

University of Bergen

Brigham Young University[]

Position: Full-time continuing faculty status track position in socio-cultural anthropology or archaeology


Preferences: All ranks and geographical/theoretical areas of specialization will be considered. Qualifications include a completed or nearly completed PhD, a well defined research agenda, professional publications, and a strong interest in undergraduate education. Preference is given to qualified candidates who are members in good standing of the affiliated church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Due date: November 1

Paper rejection letter received (1/24).

The letter says "another candidate more closely fits the needs of our department at this time;" not sure if use of the singular means they've already hired someone?

Another position was just announced (7/5) at BYU (see next year's meatgrinder). Did this hire fall through, or are they hiring for yet another position?

University of California at Berkeley[]

Position: Environmental Archaeologist, Assistant Professor, Tenure Track

Preferences: "research and teaching that explores the relationships between humans and their environments, and may include topics ranging from social landscape studies to the analysis of organic or inorganic environmental traces left behind by human habitation and activity"

---From a grad student in the dept.: We have 3 retirees coming up in the next year. Not sure if the dept. is trying to replace the area/s of expertise of one of them, or if they're fishing for something different. The retiring folks have regional specializations in the US SW (& lithics & XRF analysis), paleolithic Europe (gender & feminist & landscape approaches), and the Near East/Anatolia area (household approaches & media studies). The dept. is already short in terms of having a faunal remains specialist, a chemical signatures specialist (sediments & artifacts), and a GIS specialist. The dept. tends to like to broaden itself regionally and specialization-wise, so my *advice* (take it with a big grain of salt-- I'm not on this hiring committee!) would be to *not* sell yourself as someone with a micromorphology, ceramics, paleoethnobotany, or historic artifacts specialization, nor as someone working in Western South America, Japan, California, US SE, Central America, or anywhere in the Pacific.

--what nonsense. yea, like a program like berkeley really knows what it wants, notwithstanding the fact that there is no logic to this at all. just be yourself. it is an environmental post. if you do that, apply.

--I think the person you're responding to made it pretty clear they were guessing, and I appreciated that.

-They ran a similar (failed) search a few years ago, so my guess would be that they are not looking to replace outgoing folks directly. In the previous search, most of (all?) the finalists did some sort of faunal analysis. The job descriptions seems to be a bit broader this time around though...

--Last time it was an explicitly faunal job, and all of the finalists were faunal analysts. They've made the job much broader (all environmental fields), maybe because they discovered that very few faunal analysts have the kind of theoretical focus that they want (that's just speculation).

--What happend with the last serch was that the person they offered the job to used it as leverage at their current university to get a better deal there and a spousal hire. Then, due to UC budget problem, the dept lost the funding for the position.

  • I heard that too. As one of the "jobless" it's hard for me to watch the "jobbed" receive and turn down offers I'd have loved, but I'm trying to remind myself there are enough people out there with spousal-hire issues that these things don't necessarily mean people are just being calculating; some of them have to make painful decisions. (I don't know any details in this particular case, just sayin'.)

- If anyone is wondering, "evidence of teaching effectiveness" in this ad means teaching evaluations, at least according to the dept HR person (I ended up emailing to ask).

Due date: Review will begin November 9, 2010. Deadline for submitting applications is January 1, 2011.

Received email request to fill out web-based affirmative action form/questionnaire (11/9) x5 (11/15, 11/17, 11/24) (1/03) x2

Any news on this search??

-One of the key committee members has suffered a horrible family tragedy, so the search may have been delayed a few weeks.

  • Letters of Rec. requested (02/17)
  • did request for letters come via email or snail mail?
    • via email

Any more news on this search? (3/23)

-They have emailed inviting for on-campus interviews. They want to coordinate all interviews within April (3/28)

Just got offer. Sorry dudes...

^ Then I guess the 5 candidates coming in over the next few weeks are decoys. Check the ARF website for upcoming talks, if you'd like more details on these fake candidates.

Any more news? Does anyone know if an offer has been made? (x2 5/10)

Offer made, apparently.

^Apparently or definitely? (6/16)

Any closure to this job search? (06/28)

9/9: As far as I can tell from the new dept web page, this job went to a person who did a postdoc at Berkeley last academic year and did his job talk in Nov. 2010 (not as part of the batch of apparent job talks in April 2011). His dissertation was on Spanish Colonial New Mexico. Can anyone confirm or deny this? (I am being cagey b/c of the apparent horror of ever posting names here...)

9/22: No, this particular position went to someone else, not the person you are referring to.

--9/27: Wow, their web page is confusing! The person I referred to is listed as an assistant professor now, and no other assistant professors appear on the (recently updated) faculty page. Any idea why the new hire isn't listed?

9/29: heard it will be a 2012 start.

Central Washington University[]

Central Washington University Position (from ad): The Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies, in the College of the Sciences at Central Washington University, invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track assistant/associate professor position that will play a significant role in Anthropology and Museum Studies, and that will contribute to the Resource Management Master's program. This position will participate in the college's Museum of Culture and Environment. The successful candidate is expected to teach classes at all levels of the curriculum, and to supervise student research. Service to the department, college, and university is also a job responsibility. A PhD in Anthropology by January 17, 2011, and expertise in museum studies, are required.

  • Phone interview second week of February. No news since then :(


Fort Lewis College[]

Position: Assistant Professor (Historical Archaeology)


  • Phone interview (x1)
  • Campus visit (x1)
  • Job offered (in negotiation)

Indiana University[]

Preferences: China/East Asia; Preference will be given to candidates whose work focuses on the Neolithic or early Bronze Age; a demonstrated interest in migration, complexity, ancient political economies or the origin of cities will be of particular interest, though specific research specialization is open.

Due: November 1, 2010

-2/24 four on campus interviews, begining this week

Indiana University[]

Assistant Professor position in the Evolution of Human Behavior

The College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University, Bloomington, seeks to fill a tenure-track assistant professor position in the study of the evolution of human behavior to begin in fall 2011. Areas of special interest include the archaeology of human origins, Old World zooarchaeology, human palaeontology, geoarchaeology and raw material studies, evolutionary psychology, and brain imaging studies pertaining to human evolution. Applicants must demonstrate a strong research history and publication record focusing on the evolution of human behavior. Applicants should indicate whether their tenure home preference would be in the Department of Anthropology, Department of Geological Sciences, or Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Review of applications begins April 1, 2011.

4/22 Campus visits scheduled

suprise! (not really) email rejection 05/27. A rather nice one though (also FYI, I was not long or short listed).

University of Lethbridge[]

Position: Assistant professor, tenure-track

Preferences: anthropological archaeologist or ethnoarchaeologist in complex societies; some preference for an Africanist

Due: March 31

  • This job was posted on the AAA site on March 15, requires a lot of application materials, and is expected to begin July 1.

Word on the street is they have a strong internal candidate. Still threw my name in the hat. (04/15)

^^ That's also what I heard. (X2).... but what the heck!

Shortlist for on-campus interviews 4/19

Any news on this one??

Received rejection email. Heard from colleague job was already offered to the internal candidate. Wonder why didn't mention that in rejection email and just said I didn't make the shortlist... 5/18

When you are saying tenure track, I wish to know what does tenure track means?

'University of Maine at Farmington '[]

Position: Asst prof, anthropology

Received request for letters of rec, grad transcripts, and teaching philosophy 12/18

Receieved request for phone interview, 1/20 (x1)

University of Saskatchewan[]

University of Saskatchewan
College of Arts & Science
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
Assistant Professor in Environmental Archaeology

The Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Saskatchewan is inviting applications for a tenure-track appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor, commencing July 1, 2012. The successful candidate will have expertise in Environmental Archaeology ideally with a Plains/Boreal Forest areal focus. Specialty interests may include a background in GIS research, modeling and land use studies, or paleoenvironmental reconstruction or some combination of these. Preference will be given to candidates whose research will advance the following: the integration of the archaeology and anthropology programs housed within one Department, interdisciplinary initiatives across the social and environmental sciences, and the success of the Social Sciences Research Laboratory Complex.

Candidates must hold a Ph.D. at time of appointment and have demonstrated excellence or promise of excellence in research and teaching. The successful candidate will be expected to maintain an active, externally funded research program as well as contribute to undergraduate and graduate teaching, graduate student supervision, and program development.

The Department of Archaeology and Anthropology currently has eight full-time faculty with 12 additional joint-, associate- and adjunct members from other departments and institutions. The research expertise of our faculty is far-reaching and includes: historical and pre-contact archaeology; geoarchaeology; forensic and biological anthropology; zooarchaeology; environmental anthropology; as well as medical and psychological anthropology. Having recently re-engaged the anthropology and archaeology programs, the Department offers academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and is exemplary in its outreach and engagement activities with government and non-governmental organizations throughout the province, including the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society, the Royal Museum of Saskatchewan, and the Wanuskewin Heritage Park. For further information, please consult:
The College of Arts & Science offers a dynamic combination of programs in the humanities and fine arts, the social sciences and the sciences. There are over 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students in the College and 325 faculty, including 12 Canada Research Chairs. The College emphasizes student and faculty research, interdisciplinary programs, community outreach and international opportunities. The University of Saskatchewan is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a city with a diverse and thriving economic base, a vibrant arts community and a full range of leisure opportunities. The University has a reputation for excellence in teaching, research and scholarly activities and offers a full range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs to a student population of about 20,000. The university is one of Canada's leading research-intensive universities. Review of applications will begin after November 1, 2011, and continue until the position is filled, with the appointment commencing July 1, 2012. Interested candidates should submit a letter of application, CV, copies of relevant publications, a teaching dossier, and arrange to have three letters of reference forwarded to:

Dr. Pamela Downe
Head, Department of Archaeology & Anthropology
University of Saskatchewan
55 Campus Dr.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 5B1 Canada
For further information, please contact Dr. Downe at:
Tel: (306)966-1974 FAX: (306) 966-5640
The University of Saskatchewan is committed to employment equity. Members of designated groups (women, people with aboriginal ancestry, people with disabilities and visible minorities) are encouraged to self-identify in their applications. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

--sorry for adding this to the 2010-2011 post, but I am not up for creating a new wiki page. So perhaps someone else will have the time to make the new page and post this on it...:(.

Purdue University[]

Position: tenure track assistant professor, Department of Anthropology and the African American Studies and Research Center


Preferences: Sub-disciplinary field is open. Desired specializations include, but are not limited to, peoples of the African Diaspora, identity politics, critical race theory, African religious traditions, environmental injustice, health and health disparities, and their applied approaches

Due date: November 1

AAA meeting request (11/11)

Any news? (2/19)

Received rejection email (3/11)

Royal Ontario Museum[]

Position: Assistant Curator, North American Archaeology

Due November 5

Their website says they only contact people who they decide to interview. Seems odd and kind of a drag to leave people hanging like that.

Jan 2011 recd letter stating they want to keep my name for search, but search will not resume until May or June. No reason given but seems job search is still on. x2

Any insights on this job? I heard speculation that they might have delayed interviews because they are waiting for a certain candidate to be avaliable.

SUNY Geneseo[]

Position: Assistant Professor

The Department of Anthropology at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the culture areas of Mesoamerica and/or South America beginning August 2011. The ideal candidate will be able to make contributions to our curricula in archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, ethnohistory and ethnography. In this search, the college wishes to reinforce its commitments to increase faculty and curricular diversity recognizing that to provide a diverse learning environment is to prepare students for personal and professional success in an increasingly multicultural society. In their application, candidates should address how they can contribute to diversity, a core value of the Geneseo college community. The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to Geneseo's core mission of excellent undergraduate teaching while also sustaining an active research and publication agenda and providing university, professional, and community service. Qualifications must include evidence of teaching effectiveness and a PhD in Anthropology by December 31, 2010.

Deadline: May 28, 2011

Any updates on this one? It's almost August. Have interviews taken place? Was this job earmarked for an internal candidate?

-received rejection letter dated 7/22/2011 - says a candidate has accepted the job and the search is now closed

University College London[]

Lecturer in Near Eastern Archaeology University College London - Institute of Archaeology Full Time The appointment will be on UCL Grade. The salary range will be Grade 7 £35,557- £38,594 per annum or Grade 8 £39,668 - £46,822 per annum, inclusive of London Allowance. Duties and Responsibilities The UCL Institute of Archaeology is seeking a Lecturer in Near Eastern Archaeology. The person appointed will be expected to teach a range of undergraduate courses at both introductory and advanced levels, as well as courses at Masters level, covering the core areas of ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia from prehistory to the first millennium BC, as well as the archaeology of adjacent regions (Iran, Syria, the Arabian Peninsula); they will also be expected to contribute more widely to the Institute's method and theory teaching and must have the requisite expertise for this. The person appointed will need to have a proven ability to undertake research of the highest quality on the archaeology of the Near East between the fourth and the first millennium BC. Key Requirements The successful candidate will have a PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology or a related field ad an outstanding research record for their career stage, with a strong track-record of publication in the archaeology of the ancient Near East, and with expertise in one or more periods between the fourth and first millennia BC. The candidate's primary research interests will lie in the archaeology of one or more of the following areas: Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, or the Arabian Peninsula. Further Details For further details about the vacancy and how to apply on line please go to <> and search on Reference Number 1179734. If you have any queries regarding the vacancy or the application process please contact Louisa Goldsmith ( <>; 02076797503) UCL Taking Action for Equality Closing Date 31 Mar 2011 Latest time for the submission of applications 5pm 31 March 2011 To apply click here < owner=5041179&ownertype=fair&jcode=1179734&external=62323>

They are already evaluating candidates for this one...

University of Western Ontario[]

Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Classical Studies

Preferences: Preference will be given to candidates with a demonstrated research interest in Roman Archaeology. Competitive applicants will demonstrate a solid background in Greek and Latin philology.

Due: November 1, 2010

Advanced Professor:[]

Kennesaw State University[]

Position: Chair, Geography and Anthropology Department

Preferences: see AAA ad

Due: December 2

Contacted for phone interview 12/08 - Campus interview. Offer to be made the first week of March to 1 of 3 finalists.

Lehigh University[]

Position: Lucy G. Moses Professorship in environmental anthropology

Preferences: mid-career anthropologist at the associate or full professor level who will contribute to the university’s interdisciplinary Environmental Initiative as well as to the department’s own programs; see ad on AAA site for details

Due: early January

- contacted for additional materials 1/25. Search chair shared a desire to have interviews scheduled by last week in February.

- received email rejection 3/6 x2.

University of Redlands[]

Position: San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Endowed Chair of Native American Studies

Preferences: this is technically open rank, but extensive experience and successful engagement with Native American communities and demonstrated leadership and planning abilities are required.


Due: March 1

Southern Methodist University[]

Position: Senior Tenured Faculty, Bioarchaeology

Preferences: fairly broad; must be willing to serve as Department Chair in the near future.

Established Professor of Archaeology[]

National University of Ireland, Galway

Placed on: 29-09-2010

Salary: £97,563 to £125,344



Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute


Deadline: February 15, 2011


Archaeology: We seek an archaeologist interested in doing research on prehistoric adaptations of native peoples to tropical forests; anthropogenic transformations of the landscape; plant domestication; archaeozoology; innovations in subsistence technologies; and the development of social, cultural and economic systems. Mid-level candidates are preferred but applicants at any level will be considered.

(3/14) Any news on the above position?

Good question. I bet this is already slated for someone. So many folks have been trained there.

Rejection letter received, 4/19 (X3)

Southern Illinois University[]

One year post-doc - Center for Archaeological Investigations Visiting Scholar. SIU knows who they want to offer this position to for 2010-2011, but as of the SAAs, they didn't have approved funding

- did they end up offering this to someone? I notice that the call has come out for this one again, starting August 2011

-yes, they did. Here's the link to the conference info:

This is a really great opp. I have a friend who got it on year, and a couple years back he ended up getting the choicest tenure track of the decade. I was a finalist last year. Didnt get it, but got a phone call rejection. I thought that was very polite and human given how so many job applicants just never hear anything...

2011 Conference cancelled - organizer had car accident.

So the 2011 conference was cancelled, but I don't see any indication on the website that the search for the 2011-2012 visiting scholar has been cancelled? Am I looking at the wrong wiki year? Did you get information from the search chair that the search is cancelled?

Recieved afirmative action card in the mail, 2/14

Notice of short list status. -When did they contact you? (Thanks)

Any word on this? I got a notice of short list status awhile ago but haven't heard since. Probably due to the meetings, no?

Got lengthy, but thoughtful, rejection letter that also expressed the economic issues the school is having with sustaining the position.

Research Associate - Portugal[]

The postholder will be an experienced researcher in the field of computer assisted spatial data processing (GIS) and digital data management, with some additional experience in 3D reconstructions, modeling and possibly museum presentation of the scientific results from a variety of non-destructive archaeological surveys. This specialist will be a key figure in the translation of the spatial and volumetric data achieved with the fieldwork to the wider public.

Candidates are requested to hold a PhD in Archaeology, digital technologies or Computer Assisted Design applied to archaeology (or 4 years equivalent experience) and have extensive experience in spatial data management and technical analysis and mapping of ancient monuments, preferably in a Southern European (Roman period) environment.

As the recruitment is inserted in the Marie Curie Actions Mobility scheme, candidates can be all nationals, but Portuguese.

Following the guidelines of the European Commission's Roadmap for Equality between Women and Men (2007) and of the European Council's Pact for Gender Equality (2006), the management staff of the project Radio-Past committed to the effort of improving the representation of women in the European Research area, and therefore specifically invites applications by women.
Among equally qualified applicants women will receive preferential consideration.

English proficiency is required.
Working in a team based international environment, supporting your team in achieving the highest quality standards. Excellent inter-personal skills and a good team player. Problem solving and troubleshooting skills to resolution. Ability to work on own initiative and to adapt to change. Ability to meet strict deadlines and targets. Ability to work confidently without supervision.


Arizona State University (Barrett Honors College)[]

  • Lecturer, Barrett Honors College
  • Qualifications: A PhD in any field of social sciences, (including interdisciplinary and area studies, e.g. African American studies), or natural sciences (including interdisciplinary programs, e.g., environmental science), is required. Applicants with specialties in Asia, Africa and Latin America and/or whose teaching and research engages diverse perspectives and contributes to knowledge about our multicultural society are particularly encouraged. Experience leading discussion seminars is desirable.
  • Deadline: March 4, 2011
  • campus interview scheduled

DePauw University[]

DePauw University. Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Anthropology. Three-year term position beginning August 2011. Renewal possible contingent on satisfactory performance and need. Ph.D. preferred, ABD considered. Prior teaching experience and commitment to undergraduate teaching in liberal arts setting essential. Archaeological anthropology expertise required. Teaching includes: human origins, archaeology and upper level course(s) in archaeological anthropology. Preference given to candidates who can also contribute courses in cultural anthropology that meet department needs; particular focus on environment also of interest. Visit .
Send letter of application, resume, statement of teaching philosophy and research interests, sample syllabi, evidence of teaching effectiveness, copy of graduate transcripts, and three letters of recommendation to: Matthew Oware, Chair; Sociology and Anthropology Department; DePauw University; Greencastle, IN 46135.

Review of Applications will being April 11, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled

  • Phone call request to schedule phone interview (4/28) x2
  • Received 2nd confirmation/EEO email (4/28)
  • Received request for campus visit (5/6)
  • any further news anyone?

Georgia Gwinnett College[]

Position: Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor

Preferences: It looks like they are building a new program and casting a very wide net. Public or applied specialty helps.

No deadline listed.

I researched this job and the college. I believe that the college does NOT offer tenure-track jobs, but renewable contracts for its faculty.

  • Applied online 10/30 into an electronic black hole -- no response/acknowledgement (x3)
  • Applied a year ago and still haven't heard back (not BS!)

Grinnell College[]

GRINNELL COLLEGE. 1-year leave replacement position in Anthropology (Archaeology). Assistant Professor (Ph.D.) preferred; Instructor (ABD) possible. Applications due March 1st.

3/3 Just noticed this post. When did it appear? The application due date already passed. Can't find any more details on job on AAA, SAA, or department website. Anyone know what's up with this one?

  • The posting was up on the AAA board in early February.

3/3 - References contacted for letters on 2/22

  • Double checking, is this comment ment for the Grinnell Job? The date you give comes before the application deadline... yes, for the Grinnell job, their request came before the deadline, may be automated, but request came a couple days after I submitted my application online
  • Yes, the request for letters is automated as soon as an application is submitted online -- it is the same application software that many colleges are using these days.

3/9 - Contacted for phone interview

4/26 - Rejection email from the HR department.

University of Kentucky[]

Two-year position, Instructor in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology. Applications due 12/1

  • Received request for letters of recommendation, 12/16
  • Any updates on this position?
    • Short list of three candidates made, second-hand information, 2/12

Miami University[]

Position: Visiting Assistant Professor in Anthropology

Visiting Assistant Professor to teach U.S. Cultural Diversity, World Cultures, and introductory and upper-division archaeology courses. Send letter of application detailing teaching and research, curriculum vitae, evidence of teaching excellence, and contact information including e-mail addresses for three references to: Dr. Linda Marchant, 100 Bishop Circle, 120 Upham Hall, Department of Anthropology, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056, Screening of applications begins April 15, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled. Miami University is an EOE/AA employer with smoke-free campuses. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Right to Know – Consumer Information policies/student-consumer-info/. Hard copy upon request.

- Any news on this one?

05/16 - Nothing since receipt of application a month ago

06/09 - Letter of Rejection (x2)

Montana State University[]

Position: Visiting Assistant Professor in Archaeology Location: Bozeman, MT

The Department of Sociology & Anthropology invites applications for a 1-year visiting assistant professor position for the academic year 2011-2012. A PhD in anthropology with an emphasis in archaeology is required (degree by Dec 2011). The successful candidate will teach three undergraduate courses per semester including a 4-field introductory course and a lower division combined archaeology/biological anthropology course. A specialization in North American archaeology is preferred. For more details and to apply visit: Screening of applications begins April 1, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled.

-References contacted and asked to send letters. (4/8) (X2)

-Rejection email received (5/2).(X2)

New Mexico State University, Department of Anthropology[]

Archaeologist with expertise in the Archaeology of the American Southwest for a 1 semester position for Spring 2011; possibility of a one year position for academic year 2011-12. Applications due October 11.

(I can't find this job anywhere except emails, so here's the full text until it appears elsewhere.) Expertise in either historic or prehistoric archaeology is acceptable. Additional expertise in geospatial analytical skills, public or collaborative archaeology, or lithic analysis is desirable. A strong grounding in archaeological method and theory essential.Successful candidates will demonstrate potential for excellence in teaching at undergraduate and MA level. Experience with distance education teaching technologies desirable. Completion of Ph.D. preferred, advanced ABD candidates may be considered. Submit letter of interest, CV, unofficial transcripts that show award of terminal degree, and names and contact information for at least 3 references to: Miriam Chaiken, Department Head, Department of Anthropology, Breland Hall Room 329, MSC 3BV, New Mexico State University, P.O. Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001 (

Rumor: I have heard the department would like another tenure-track person, but hasn't been able to secure the funding. So, there's a remote chance this could get your foot in the door for something more permanent?

+1 to rumor

  • I hope this rumor is about an archaeology position-- it looks like they just posted one for medical anthropology.
  • Wait, didn't they advertise a tenure track job? So, is this just BS for whoever got the semester position?
  • I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but this one-semester archy teaching position has been recurring for years; I was told they've been waiting a long time to get approval for a new archy TT line, which finally came well after this year's teaching position ad came out (and after the medical ad too).

James Cook University (Queensland, Australia)[]

Lecturer, Archaeology

Description: The School of Arts and Social Sciences seeks to appoint a Lecturer to work as part of the Department of Anthropology, Archaeology and Sociology's Archaeology Teaching and Research Team. Preference will be given to individuals who have experience in research and teaching in Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Coastal Archaeology and/or Cultural Heritage Studies. See full description on Academic Keys here: [IDX=26726-SO101019m&oid=581723 James Cook University job announcement at Academic Keys] OR at James Cook here:

Deadline is Nov 5, 2010

  • Not sure if this is considered tenure-track or temporary, so someone may want to move this to another category.
  • Position has been filled.


The Department of Anthropology at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, invites applications for an annual lecturer position in evolutionary anthropology on the Douglass College campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey for the 2011-2012 academic year, contingent on funding. We seek an archaeologist with expertise in faunal analysis and Old World prehistory. Candidates will be expected to teach five courses including Introduction to Archaeology, Faunal Analysis, and Survey of Old World Prehistory. ABD candidates will be considered but candidates holding a Ph.D. are preferred. A complete application packet should include a cover letter, a Curriculum Vitae, a one-page statement of research and teaching interests, and a teaching portfolio to demonstrate excellence in teaching (including syllabi of courses taught or descriptions of academic specializations), and reference names and contact information. ABD candidates need a letter of support from their Ph.D. advisor, indicating status of their work, and expected date of thesis completion. Electronic submission of materials is required. Please e-mail application material to Ms. Ginny Caputo, Senior Administrative Assistant, Department of Anthropology ( Include the phrase “adjunct teaching” in the subject line. Rutgers is one of 35 public U.S. institutions that comprise the Association of American Universities, and is counted among the leading research universities in the U.S.A. and Canada. Rutgers University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, and has an historic commitment to maintaining diversity. Women, minorities, and members of under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.

- 2/14 this is apparently a temporary replacement of Rob Blumenschine. Does anyone have more info on this? It sounds like a potentially delicate and/or difficult situation.

Western State College of Colorado[]

Temporary Faculty Position in Anthropology Western State College of Colorado POSITION: Western State College of Colorado invites applicants for a one-year, temporary teaching position in anthropology. Teaching responsibilities include a course in introductory anthropology and additional courses in the applicant’s area of expertise. Responsibilities include assessment, supervision of undergraduate research, and other duties as assigned. The program in anthropology has approximately 30 majors and three full-time faculty. For more information about the anthropology program, please visit our web site at . SALARY/BENEFITS: Salary is commensurate with qualifications, $36,000 - $37,000. Benefits include an employee/employer shared contribution retirement plan and life and health insurance. START DATE: August 2011 QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s degree required, Ph.D. preferred. Candidates must possess a strong commitment to undergraduate education and demonstrate a potential for excellence in teaching. APPLICATION: Send letter of application, curriculum vitae, transcripts, and evidence of teaching excellence and have three letters of references sent to: Chair, Anthropology Search Committee Department of Natural and Environmental Sciences Hurst Hall 128 Western State College of Colorado Gunnison, Colorado 81231 Please direct questions to Lynn Sikkink at or (970)943- 2062. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable during screening. Official transcripts are required prior to employment. Screening of applications will begin April 4, 2011 and continue until the position is filled.



Closed/Completed Searches[]

University of Alabama[]

Position: entry-level tenure-track position in archaeology


Preferences: research interests in Latin America, broadly conceived to include the Caribbean

Due date: October 25

  • This job was posted last year. What happened?

mid Oct. - Placed on "medium list" and request for letters (x2)

11/22 Short-listed; on-campus interview scheduled for early December (x4)

1/19 Offer made and accepted

1/31 Rejection letter received, 74 people applied for the job. x3 (rec'd 2/2) .

Selected candidate appears to have been tenure track somewhere else.

Brown University, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World[]

Post-doctoral fellow.

While appropriate training in archaeology, anthropology, and/or art history is required, the nature of an applicant’s specific research interests, geographical and temporal specializations and areas of expertise is left open, though these should be complementary to the present makeup of the Joukowsky Institute. Special areas of interest could include archaeological science, cultural heritage, or maritime archaeology.

In addition to pursuing their research, the successful candidate will be expected to teach half time — i.e., one course per semester. Teaching will be at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; interdisciplinary offerings are desirable. Applicants must normally have received their Ph.D. from an institution other than Brown within the last five years. The successful candidate will be expected to make substantive contributions to the ongoing development of the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, such as the organization of reading or working groups, a topical symposium, or another project intended to foster a stimulating intellectual environment in which to pursue research and to develop new interdisciplinary connections. This will be a one-year position, beginning on July 1, 2011.

All candidates should submit a letter of application, a list of proposed courses, and curriculum vitae by April 15, 2011. Applicants should arrange for three letters of reference to be submitted by the application deadline. Applications received by April 15, 2011 will receive full consideration, but the search will remain open until the position is closed or filled.

05/06 Anyone hear anything?

05/08 Not heard anything since the original email confirming receipt of my application.

05/08 Thanks!

05/10 Recevied rejection letter

04/28 phone interview.

05/26 offer made

California State University, Northridge[]

Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Tenure Track Position

Preferences (from ad): background in geography or landscape approaches; ability to teach in Geography dept also

  • Affirmative action form received (by mail) 10/21
  • Phone interview scheduled
  • Phone interview scheduled (12/1, several weeks after the person above) and request for additional materials (sample syllabi and teaching evaluations
  • Campus interviews have been scheduled for late January/early February
  • Heard this was an inside job...
  • I was told they recently got funding to split it into two positions (one with more of an archy focus, one social/cultural) which doesn't sound very "insideish" to me; nor does the ad's description of how the job came up. I've seen a lot of "inside job" rumors circulate about different postions that turned out to be false, don't be discouraged by them!
  • Received rejection letter via USPS (1/21) - was a very nice letter, seems personal, referred to me as a "very highly qualified applicant", letter stated they couldn't hire people with overlapping areas of expertise to current faculty (x3)
  • The on campus interviews have been happening and are still going on (1/29)
  • Snail mail letter informing that they will not be bringing additional finalists to campus and the dean will be making a decision soon. I got the sense that the rumored second position is now officially dead (if it was ever more than wikiHope), but it wasn't stated explicitly. (3/15)
  • Snail mail letter (3/15) that an offer has been made and verbally accepted (I had a campus interview). They definitely did campus interviews for two positions, although I don't know how many they ended up hiring for.
  • They hired three people.
  • The winning candidate for archaeology (or one of the two???) was already an associate professor at another institution.

Colgate University[]

Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Tenure Track Position

Preferences (from ad): transnationalism, ethnography, indigenous archaeology

  • received confirmation/diversity form 10/7
  • I checked the Socio-Cultural wiki ( page and saw this: - invitation to campus visit/job talk 11/5 x1
  • checked the Socio-Cultural wiki. Here is last post: "Yes, offer made (12/7)"
  • 3/29 - received email, that took a while. The note said they received 3 times the applications they normally receive for similar positions. They confirm the offer was made, accepted, and the appointment has been made.
  • 4/5 received email rejection. i guess with so many applicants to email it takes awhile to send rejections!

Dartmouth College[]

Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, tenure-track

Preferences: development of complex societies, preferably in North or South America; must have an active program of research and scholarly publications

Due: Oct 15, 2010

Received e-mail request to send PDFs of publications and REC 10/28/2010 (x2)

Invitation for campus visit/job talk 11/17

1/21 - Rejection letter received via email (x7)

2/2 - I heard someone was offered the job and they accepted. Second-hand information though.

2/5 - Yes, someone was offered the job and accepted - first-hand info.

Who got the job??

The winning candidate was already tenure-track at another institution.

Dickinson College[]

Position: Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, opening into tenure-track 2012

Preferences (from ad): The Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at Dickinson College seeks a broadly trained anthropological archaeologist at the assistant professor level for the 2011-12 academic year. In addition to a geographic specialty in New World archaeology, research interests must include one or more of the following: subsistence and food production, land use patterns, or environmental archaeology. Teaching responsibilities include an introductory course on world prehistory, an advanced undergraduate course on archaeological method and theory, and courses in area of specialization. The successful candidate may apply to a tenure-track position that will begin the following year, 2012-13.

  • Phone interview requested 4/6/11, short list length unknown. (x2, but one already employed elsewhere)
    • Given the 2 hour allottment for the phone interview, which sounded like it was for all the candidates, my guess is 8-10
  • Any news?
  • Rejection email received 5/12, offer made and accepted
    • received rejection email indicating the search has been completed (5/11) (X3)

Dumbarton Oaks[]

Nov. 1 deadline?

  • Has anyone heard from DO? They acknowledged receipt of my application, but now its been almost three months. I'd have to assume they're no longer considering me, but it would be nice to know. (1/25)
  • In a past year (a few years ago), my rejection came pretty late in the spring ~ 2/15, so I wouldn't assume you're no longer being considered (1/25).
    • Thanks, I'll keep my fingers crossed then!
  • The info on the DO website notes that decisions are not announced until February, so don't sweat it (I'm still waiting to hear too).
  • probably late February
  • Received form rejection letter. (2/19)
  • Got rejections too. DO is good but has a lot of special circumstances in terms of who gets fellowships.
  • Sounds like sour grapes. That statement is true for all grants and fellowships.
  • Writing "Sounds like sour grapes" not only sounds like displaced sour grapes but is self-righteous. I agree with the previous post. One of DO's special circumstances is that the tend to give funding to well-established and better known scholars. That is simply a fact.
  • Orchards of grapes...
  • 4/2 Note sent out of Fellowship recipients

Eastern Oregon University[]

The Anthropology/Sociology Program at Eastern Oregon University invites applications for a tenure-track position in Anthropology at the assistant professor level, beginning fall 2011. We are seeking an energetic generalist with a strong commitment to undergraduate education. Demonstrated teaching skills, active scholarship, and willingness to work closely with colleagues in both anthropology and sociology are imperative. Outstanding candidates with specializations in archaeology and biological anthropology especially are invited to apply. Teaching responsibilities may include introductory cultural and physical anthropology, as well as introductory archaeology/prehistory. The development of other courses related to individual specializations is encouraged, particularly courses incorporating environmental anthropology, sex and gender, applied anthropology, and service learning. Experience with teaching distance education is required because the majority of classes will be taught online. There will be the opportunity to further develop the online curricular offerings in anthropology. Eastern's faculty actively participates in academic advising, campus committees, curriculum development, research, and community outreach. This position is a full-time, nine-month, tenure track faculty appointment at the Assistant Professor level. The appointment begins September 16, 2011 and ends June 15, 2012. A Ph.D. in Anthropology from a regionally accredited institution or foreign equivalent is required, as well as experience teaching undergraduates. For accreditation agencies recognized by EOU, see the webpage at U.S. citizenship or permanent residence status is required. Send letter of application, curriculum vitae, a one-page statement of teaching philosophy, and the names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of three professional references to: Molly Burke, Search Coordinator Anthropology Search Committee Ackerman Hall 202 Eastern Oregon University One University Blvd. La Grande, OR 97850-2899 Phone: (541) 962-3508 Fax: (541) 962-3898 Email: Electronic submissions are preferred, but hard copies will be accepted. Nominations of prospective candidates will also be accepted by the Search Coordinator, who will contact nominees to solicit their candidacy. For inquiries about the position, contact Dr. Linda Jerofke, Search Chair, Professor of Anthropology,, Ph. 541-962-3179. Application materials must be received by May 8, 2011. Only complete files of qualified applicants will be reviewed. Applications received after the deadline may be considered on an as-needed basis.

  • Phone interview scheduled (5/11) (X2)
  • Phone interviews conducted on 5/16 and 5/17 afternoons.
  • Any news after the phone interviews?
  • 5/26: NADA! They did ask if it was OK to contact secondary refs (getting additional refs as suggested by speaking with your original refs).
  • 5/29: Same here. I've never heard of asking for "secondary references" before -- it's a tad bizarre when you think about it. Don't you think our references will ask us who else they should recommend? Or how are our "primary" references supposed to know the contact information for our "secondary" references or know who else knows us well and can best evaluate our work?
  • 6/13: Rejection letter received, offer made to someone else.

Flagler College[]

Position: Assistant Professor (Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences)

Preferences: Teaching-focused, broad perspective, public archaeology, SE geographic focus helps

Due: Dec 1, 2010

  • Be sure to read the job ad on this one, it's a tiny school and there is a lot in the wording.
  • I believe this instution does not have a tenure system; the ad does not describe it as a tenure-track position.
  • The posting has been pulled from the AAA website and is not showing up on the college's website; only positions for adjucnt faculty for archaeology and cultural anthropology appear the college's website. Has this search been cancelled?
  • Regarding the pulled posting, I contacted the Dean directly, and he said the search is still active.
  • invitation for phone interview 1/11
  • position has been filled (received phone call informing me after campus visit/interview)

Franklin and Marshall College[]

Position: Visiting Assistant Professor Ph.D. in anthropology and teaching experience required. Franklin & Marshall faculty are expected to be excellent teachers and productive scholars. Teaching load is 3/2 and may include participating in the College's general education requirements and teaching courses that fulfill the College's non-Western cultures requirements. We are looking for a colleague who does not duplicate our present departmental interests. Topical areas of interest are the archaeology of death, ancient food and cuisine, archaeological approaches to art, households and domestic life, and archaeological ethics. Preferred research and teaching areas outside North and South America. Application deadline is April 8, 2011. We will not accept application materials electronically. Candidates should send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, graduate transcript, the names and affiliations of three references, and brief teaching and research statements to Michael S. Billig, Chair, Department of Anthropology, Franklin & Marshall College, P. O. Box 3003, Lancaster, PA 17604-3003. Franklin & Marshall College is a highly selective liberal arts college with a demonstrated commitment to cultural pluralism. EOE.

  • received confirmation and demographic survey 4/7; review to begin "shortly after" 4/11, phone interviews mid april and on campus late april/early may.
  • Contacted re:phone interview for week of 4/25-4/29.
  • Offer has been "made and accepted" as they say in this wacky business...

Georgia State[]

Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, tenure track

Preferences: Desirable areas of focus include public archaeology and museum studies, with research expertise in any of the following: material culture, politics of identity and representation, cultural property rights, cultural resource management, heritage tourism and development, and collaborations with descendent communities in archaeological research.

Due: Review of applications will begin on October 1, 2010 and will continue until the position is filled.

  • Applied, but got no confirmation. Did other people get any confirmation?
  • Same here--sent app a few weeks ago, but no confirmation mailing yet. (x3)
  • Request for AAA interview (11/12) (x4)
  • Oddly just received confirmation e-mail after not getting a request for AAA... (x3-what's up with that?) I think they ask the entire applicant pool.
  • They didn't ask me...will hope for last minute interview invitation at AAA
  • request for phone interview 11/22
  • is the phone interview in lieu of AAA interview, or did you interview at AAA and this is a follow up?
  • for me, i couldn't make it for the AAA interview, so it is in lieu of that (x4)
  • did anybody ask when they are making further decisions for this position?
  • asked for recommendation letters 12/13 (x2). was told they would like them soon because they are looking to hire as soon as possible. no timeline given.
  • Had AAA interview. Think it went ok. They were very nice. Got request for letters of rec probably around 12/3 too. But then got email couple days later saying that the letters could be scanned and emailed to expedite the process.
  • Anyone heard either way about this one yet? (1/22)
    • Not yet...(x4)
  • Short list made, scheduling campus interviews (x1)
    • Scheduling began last week. 3 final candidates for short list.
    • Offer made.
    • Offer accepted
    • Sure would have been nice for them to have bothered sending out a letter (or even an email) to all of the applicants who spent time and effort being part of this job search.
    • ^ That is the typical pattern. Often times rejections aren't sent out until after the offer is accepted. Hell, I got a couple rejection letters in the early winter for jobs I applied for two falls earlier. Frustrating, but I think that your comment is applicable to most places and not just gsu. Just the way it is.
    • Finally got a rejection email 5/20

Humboldt State University[]

Regional and theoretical specialties are open, but candidate must possess knowledge of local region (CA? Western US? Northwestern CA?). Field and lab methodologies background and willing to run a field school. Successful grant‐writing, experience with CRM contracts, familiarity with NAGPRA, and the potential to contribute to interdisciplinary collaborations are also preferred. Deadline: February 28, 2011 (and early applications are encouraged)

wasn't there a similar search run a few years ago?

- any inside info on this job? Are they replacing their archaeologist or adding a new one?

- Unclear whether they are replacing or adding a person. They have a couple searches over the past 3 years for CRM program manager/Archeo, and a adjunct prof. Suprising to see another hire so soon

  • Wiki rumor has/had it they are replacing an archaeologist, but someone deleted that post. It seems worth applying even if your interests duplicate those of someone already there.

-there is an internal candidate, second hand knowledge but seems pretty solid

  • heard this too--depressing but agree still worth applying
  • I apply for jobs assuming that every one of these positions has at least one inside candidate. How could they not? So many departments are heavily dependent on contingent faculty. The only real question is will the insider be offered the job, very often they are not...

- They have been great about communication when letters have arrived and the completion of the app, kudos Humboldt

-received affirmative action form request via email (x5)

- Yes, this department has been excellent about communication. Much appreciated (x2).

-Phone interview scheduled (week of March 7)

  • do you mean you were contacted the week of March 7 or that your phone interview is this week? [Both-- contacted and the actual phone interview the same week.]

Have the in person interviews taken place?

  • I heard at the SAAs that they weren't done yet, but at this point I'm assuming I didn't get one.
  • this was over before it started

Notice (4/26) sent via email from Humboldt that an offer has been made and accepted (x2)

Kennesaw State University[]

Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Tenure Track Position

Preferences: Prehistory of Asia, Africa, or Europe

Due: Oct. 31, 2010

  • pending budget approval!
  • 10/12 received confirmation/affirmative action card (x2)
  • contacted for references 11/9
    • Did you not send references originally, or do you mean that your references were contacted?
  • contacted for phone interview 11/15
  • heard that the review is still in progress
  • Really?? Some one got a phone interview request in November?
  • Does anybody have information/updates/recent insights about this job??
  • Anyone heard anything after phone interviews? Nope.
  • Campus Visit scheduled.
  • Any updates/recent insights about this job?

- Offer extended

Snail mail rejection letter received (3/19) (x4)

McMaster University[]

Position: Assistant Professor, Archaeology, Tenure Track Position. Due: Oct. 1, 2010

Preferences: "We are seeking an archaeologist who is actively engaged in theoretically informed topical research that includes the study of ceramic technology or related materials analysis."

Speculation: this opening is likely related to the recent departure of Kostalena Michelaki.

  • Received e-mail request to send PDFs of publications. Short List selection to be made by late Nov. (10/14) (x2)
  • Received rejection letter via email (11/03) X2, (11/25)
  • Shortlisted candidates have been notified for on-campus interviews (12/03)
  • Offer made/accepted. Congrats to the new hire!

University of Maine[]

Position: Assistant Professor, Archaeology and Climate Change

Preferences: active research program in the Arctic/SubArctic, demonstrated interest in climate change, and a specialization(s) in environmental archaeology, zooarchaeology, geoarchaeology, and/or related subdiscipline.

Due: review beginning immediately

"active research program in the Arctic/Sub-Arctic"??? Sounds wired...

  • It is pretty specific, but if you read the ad it sounds like they have an established arctic climate research group.
  • It's no more strange that saying a department wants an American Southwest archaeologist or a Southeast Asian archaeologist, especially since the Arctic/SubArctic is where climate change is most apparent.
  • Received immediate response after receipt of application - review of applications to begin at the end of March, will notify applicants as soon as initial selections have been made. (x3)
  • Received request to complete survey (x2)
  • Received rejection letter/email (x2)
  • They have scheduled phone interviews for next week (4/14)
  • They did (not) hire me
  • Got an email telling me that I was not a finalist but they were holding my file until the on-campus interviews were over just in case.
  • Offer was made and accepted.

Monmouth University[]

Position: Temporary Instructor, GIS and Archaeology

Location: West Long Branch, NJ

Department: History And Anthropology
Full Time
Job Duties: Teach 12 credits per semester in the GIS course sequence, as well as a range of anthropology courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. Serve on committees. Advise students. Maintain disciplinary currency. Coordinate the GIS minor. Manage the GIS laboratory.
Requirements: Earned doctorate in Anthropology, Archaeology, or GIS. Must have experience using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. ABD candidates may be considered with degree completion expected by date of employment. Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.
Closing Date for Applications: 5-09-2011

  • Campus interviews took place in May and June
  • Offer made and accepted (June 13)

Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan[]

Position: Faculty, unclear whether tenure-track or not


Preferences: none stated; the ad seems to be for two anthropologists of any variety (?)

Due date: none stated

  • Received email laying out standard compensation and benefit packages. Also stated that application review will begin in the next week or two. (3/30)
  • Received email stating that applications are under review currently, and this process will be completed in a week or so. Short-listed candidates will be contact around 4/12ish to set up interviews in Washington, D.C. between 4/28 and 5/1. Offers will be extended in early May. (4/6)
  • Received email invitation to interview at Kazkhastan embassy in DC at end of April. (4/13)
  • Offer made - One archaeologist and one cultural

New Mexico State University[]

Position: Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) 9-month

The Department of Anthropology, New Mexico State University, seeks candidates for a tenure-track position in Southwestern Archaeology at the assistant professor level. We invite applicants whose work complements the department’s existing strengths in the archaeology of the American Southwest and Mesoamerica, archaeological method and theory, and analytical specialties. Evidence of a strong record of scholarship, and the development of a problem-oriented research program with potential for securing external funding is highly desirable.

Due Date: Screening will begin December 10, 2010 and applications received after this date may be considered.

  • Received confirmation letter and affirmative action form (12/6)
  • Request for letters of recommendation, phone interview scheduled, "the long short list" (12/9/2010, x4)
  • The search committee hopes to do on-campus interviews in mid-to-late January.
  • Has anyone heard anything since phone interviews? Not a word. Have been assuming that they already selected their short list for on-campus interviews.
  • On-campus interviews completed (2/3/2011)
  • Received rejection letter (3/4/11, 3/7/11) (x3) (mine states that someone has been hired)
  • The winning candidate was not already tenure-track elsewhere.

Does anyone know if this posting means that the 1 semester teaching position (listed in "Teaching" below) is no longer?

  • I would think it's a separate line of funding so one wouldn't affect the other, although that's pure speculation.

University of Nebraska, Omaha[]

Position: Tenure-Track (presumably Assistant Professor) in Anthropology

Preferences: "We seek a broadly trained anthropologist with a specialization in Archaeology of the Western Hemisphere and a focus on the origins of social inequality, human ecology, or environmental archaeology."

Due Date: apparently open

-- Received email stating they had not yet received one of my reference letters and that they expected to begin candidate reviews next week. 11/23

--Has anyone heard anything recently about this position? 1/22

--Contacted for campus visit 1/27 (X2)

job offered and accepted

spouse of dept faculty member hired

Has anyone gotten a letter/email of rejection yet? I certainly hope they send them, considering the large amount of material they asked for up front.

University of Nevada, Reno[]

Position: Assistant professor, historical archaeology


Preferences: Expertise in historical archaeology of North America; a geographical focus on the American West and interest in a second geographical area

notification that I didn't make the first cut rec'd via email 11/17 (X3)

Email rejection letter 11/29 (had phone interview)

Due: November 15

had phone inteview - cordial rejection email Jan 5

This search was completed a couple of months ago.

University of Northern Colorado[]

Position: Assistant Professor, Anthropology The University of Northern Colorado is seeking a broadly-trained archaeologist for a tenure track Assistant Professor appointment to begin August 15, 2011. Teaching and research experience in archaeological anthropology with a specialization in North American archaeology is desired.
Responsibilities: The successful candidate will teach a wide range of courses in introductory archaeology, archaeological methods, field archaeology, and content courses in archaeology of the western United States, the Americas, European prehistory, and origins of ancient civilizations.

Deadine: January 15, 2011.

Rejection email (1/25) x9 (narrowed to 10-candidate "semi-finalist list")

Rejection email (1/26) (do not have expertise in Western US archaeology)

Received email asking for letters of recommendation (1/25)

Cordial rejection email followed by letter dated Jan 17

Anyone hear anything else? Interviews?

Interviews being scheduled for the month of March (02/28)

Heard offer was made and accepted. Successful candidate works in Near East. Was impressive and strong applicant.

  • Wow, and the job ad "desired" a specialization in North American archaeology! Nice to know there's hope even when we don't fit an ad perfectly-- congrats to that person.
  • Not to take anything away from the successful candidate, but this seems odd. The parameters, people, and advertised area of interest are thrown out? Must be more to the story.
  • There is more to the story. And said candidate has also done work in the US.
  • Anyone know what the "more to the story" is? Just curious...
  • I would not characterize the listed qualifications as being "thrown out," b/c the successfull candidate fits all the parameters but the desired region of specialization. This just goes to show that job listings are composed very carefully; "desired" is not the same as "must" or "required," and schools with higher teaching loads pay careful attention to teaching quality and beadth.

Oberlin College[]


The Anthropology Department at Oberlin College invites applications for a full-time non-continuing faculty position in the College of Arts and Sciences for an Archeologist or Biological Anthropologist. Appointment to this position will be for a term of 1 year, beginning first semester of 2011, and will carry the rank of Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology.

-- 2/16 Any skinny on this department or the job? Their webpage is so outdated that it's impossible to even see who's there or what's going on.

--2/21 Did you try the pages here: ? There seems to be another, perhaps older, page out there. Check Anthropology and Archeological Studies. It is a small department, though.

3/22: Request for info on how one learned of the position (not an affirmative action card per se but similar)

4/1: Interview at SAA Meeting*

  • I think it should be added that these were not "interviews" but "informal meetings" with Amy Margaris (the person who is going on Sabbatical). This invitation, if it was the same as mine, was accompanied by an e-mail indicating that some people had been moved to the "long list."
  • Rejection letter received (5/13) & indicates "offer has been extended."

5/18/11- position filled (received letter stating so)

University of Oklahoma [1][]

Position: Assistant Professor Position in Southeastern Archaeology, Tenure-Track

Preferences: Southeastern, prehistory, four-fields.

Due: Oct. 1, 2010

THE DESCRIPTION FOR THIS POSITION ON THE SAA JOB POSTING SITE SAYS "Area of specialization must be in the prehistory of the Americas, with a preference for specialization in the Southeast U.S". WISH THE DESCRIPTION HERE HAD BEEN ACCURATE.

  • Sorry you missed something you'd have been interested in. Knowing this, I'd probably have applied for this job too, but I consider it my own fault for not following up well enough. As far as I can tell, this site is a collection of posts added as people feel like it and have time. I suspect some jobs are not just incorrectly described but are missing from the wiki altogether, but they aren't ones I was applying for/hoping for news on, so I haven't gone through to check. If you have the time to do some cross-checking yourself, I am sure everyone would appreciate it.
  • Yes, in fact I think what happened is that OU sent out a job announcement at the beginning of the season with the description listed here then updated it later with broader language. You might still try applying, many places continue to accept applications until positions are filled.
  • Request for letters of rec received 10/05 (x4)
  • By 8/05, do you mean August 5th? Thank you - I just sent out an application and was wondering about this.
  • Sorry about that, mistyped. It was October 5.
  • For the person who missed the deadline-- I talked to someone from there recently (not on the hiring committee, though!) who says they're really serious about wanting a SE specialist for this, if it makes you feel any better...
  • on-campus interviews scheduled week of 11/8 and 11/15
  • Snail-mail letter informing that search has concluded (3/15)

Pennsylvania State University[]

Position: associate or full professor with tenure in environmental anthropology

Preferences: environmental anthropology, environmental archaeology, or the area of human-environmental interaction (including plant domestication); see ad on AAA site for details

Due: December 10

I applied, then realized it was for a senior faculty. Ha! Then, turns out I did not fill out the postage right, so it got mailed back. Ha!...Ha!

^Thanks for posting this. Makes me laugh, every single time I scroll through here. Not a laugh-at. An empathetic, self-deprecating laugh-with. That sometimes ends in tears.

  • Word on the street is that an offer for this position has been made. I have no idea if the offer was accepted.
  • Offer accepted. Spousal hire made.

Is the above reference necessary or relevant?

^ I understand your concern but am also interested as it keeps a degree of honesty regarding how whack the hiring process is by all of us who are pulling ourselves up the flip flops, so to speak. The only prob with this is sometimes sour grapes make people post stuff that is just not true. I dunno the accuracy of this claim, but you know what I mean....

  • To clarify above: the offer was accepted by the candidate, and an additional offer was extended to the spouse as well. It was a dual hire. These are the details of the hire, posted with no ill-will or negativity in mind. Wish the original post had not been taken that way.

University of Pittsburgh[]

Position: Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)

Preferences: early complex societies in East Asia

Due: Oct 1. 2010

Phone interviews held

-- anything about this search?

--Campus interviews scheduled for December

- offer extended early january

University of Pittsburgh One Year Visiting Scholar[]

Due Feb 21st

Received confirmation of application. They expect to be in touch with all applicants by the end of March. (x2) (2/18, 2/22)

Request for letters of recommendation, publications, and other materials via email (3/3 x2)

Rejection email received (4/5 x3); the position has been offered to one of the candidates

Congrats to the successful candidate

Portland State University[2][]

Position: Assistant/Associate Professor, Archaeology, Tenure Track Position

Preferences: Quantitative methods and expertise in geoarchaeology, GIS, or analysis of material remains; proven funding; teaching experience; community engagement. Area specialization in western North America (excluding the Southwest) required.

Due: Oct. 31, 2010

  • Anyone know why the SW is specifically excluded? It doesn't show up in any faculty profile on their website.
  • Received request for references and additional materials 11/5
    • What additional materials were requested?
    • letters of rec, pubs, syllabi.
  • Rejection email received 11/8. (x5)
  • wondering if this is an inside hire? they have adjunct that fit the job description to a "t".
  • I have sources who relayed there is not an internal candidate.
  • They are developing short list "late december" but it sounds like they might make their decision sooner.
  • Rejection email received Dec (x2)
  • Offer made and declined. Second hand info through connections.
  • Offer made
  • so the search is still open and now the SC is on to the 2nd candidate; I would assume. Any other word?
  • You are correct, the offer sounds as though it is being negotiated with the second candidate but I have not heard where the process is in the negotiation-my info is third,fourth, or could even be fifth hand knowledge.
  • Any word on this job? Was the offer accepted?
  • Offer accepted

Queens University Belfast (N. Ireland)[]

Position: A professorial-level appointment in Archaeology in the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology.

Due: 4 October 2010

A hire was made.

San Jose State University[]

Position: Assistant professor in archaeology


Preferences: General archaeologist, but a historic archaeologist with some fairly specifc research interests (see the ad), applied experience, CRM and museum experience (including NAGPRA compliance), and potential to run locally based projects is preferred (?)

Due: January 31

- This job post is pretty broad -- are they looking for a general archaeologists?? historic?? Applied rsearchers?? anyone with more insights??

- It seems like one of those co-authored job adds where committee members are looking for different things. Based on their website it does not appear that they have one very specific adjunct in the department.

- I inquired and found out that since they got the rec very last minute they are keeping the job very open

- is this normal to ask for letters of rec already just for the basic application? (Jan 12)

- It seems like most of the CSU schools asked for letters up front this year. It speeds up the review process for them, and given the harsh economic reality of public higher ed in California, it will help them get the hire completed before anyone can revoke their funding for the position.

(1/24) maybe a stupid question but are people filling out the human resources online application in addition to the regular application sent to the search chair by mail?

- I had the same question (any on??)

- There was no talk of it on the AAA advertisement, in fact I didn't realize there was an online portion. (x2)

(1/25) I downloaded the advert from HigherEdJobs and it has a part at the bottom with an online application link. Probably best to call HR 408-924-2265 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 408-924-2265 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 408-924-2265 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 408-924-2265 end_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting and find out.

2/12: Received letter stating they are pleased to inform me that I make the minimum qualifications for the position and could I please fill out the enclosed equal opportunity form and a background check form where education and recent positions need to be filled out. Not sure if this is the same online application form that people were talking about. (I did not fill this out when I applied for the job). (x3)

--in my opinion this borders on over the top--letters of reference + background check previous to intial screening?? Guess they want to fast track this hire (ie going straight to short list) possibly due to impending hiring freezes, or maybe status quo for San Jose?

>>agree! and makes me wonder whether to bother with the paperwork since they are already arranging phone interviews and I haven't heard from them

I would fill out the paperwork. Maybe those recieving phone interviews were some of the applicants who did the online application so your (my) application is still not technically complete. Just thinking positively...

2/14 received call asking for phone interview (x2)

phone interviews friday and next week

2/23 rejection letter (x4)

3/2 Did anyone who did a phone interview get any follow up yet?

3/3 Nada.

3/3 Thumbs down on this department's communication methods. All snail mail. No email responses to inquiries.

3/3 Totally agree -- it is sad

3/8 Received several phone calls and email re app and references last week

3/11 Did phone interview in Feb, but also have not heard anything since.

3/13 Heard something might be shakin' with this in the next week or two.

3/15 Campus visits starting this week.

3/16 Letter of rejection. (x2)

4/18 On campus interviews ended a few weeks ago - Any news/rumors yet?

4/25 had on-campus interview - just received letter of rejection

Heard offer was made and accepted. Confirmed (5/9).

Santa Clara University[]

Position: Historical archaeologist (assistant or associate professor level)


Preferences: Expertise in California archaeology, including prehistoric, is strongly preferred.

Due date: October 31

  • AAA interview scheduled 11/4 (x2)
  • This position has a solid inside candidate
  • Yea, not suprised, I am always suspicious of announcements that are run for less than a month.

Any news on this search? Did they hire the inside candidate?

I heard through the grapevine that the hire has been made. FWIW, I thought this one was pretty broadly advertised: AAA, SAA, SHA, SCA... Even if they had an inside candidate, I'm sure they wanted a deep applicant pool since unexpected things happen in searches.

Congrats to the new hire!

rejection letter rec'd 3/26

San Diego State University[]

Position: The Department of Anthropology invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position in archaeology at the level of assistant professor to begin Fall of 2011.

Preferences:Candidates should have an areal specialization in California and the Great Basin, the Greater Southwest, or Northwestern Mesoamerica. Current work should encompass human-environmental issues (including sustainability), subsistence economies, or agriculture.

Due: The search committee will begin screening applications on November 1, 2010.

Received confirmation/affirmative action card- 11/2 x5

Asked to schedule on-campus interview for early December, possibly late Nov. - 11/10

I was told by the chair that they would like to have the search wrapped up by the end of December to avoid losing the money for the position.

Letter Notification (dated 11/19) that 3 people had been asked to campus for interviews and that there was an "equally short list of alternates...should any current candidates withdraw from consideration". Final status of the search will be known by mid-December - 11/22

Received rejection letter dated 11/19 x4

Heard the made an offer. 1/6/11

Contract has been signed, search is over. 1/16/11

The winning candidate was already tenure-track at another institution.

University of South Dakota[]

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology ( at the University of South Dakota invites applications for a full time Assistant Professor of Anthropology (nine- month, tenure-track) to fill a position to begin August 22, 2011. A PhD degree in Anthropology is required. The Department offers Bachelor's degrees in anthropology and sociology, as well as a collegial work environment. The Search Committee is seeking a broadly trained Archaeologist who can not only teach archaeology courses, but should capably address introductory courses in Physical Anthropology and Anthropological Theory. Preference will be given to a candidate who may be able to contribute to a planned sustainability major. Applicants should demonstrate a successful record and commitment to undergraduate engagement and possess supporting documentation of an active teaching agenda. Applicants must have completed a PhD degree in Anthropology by the beginning of Fall Term in Mid-August, 2011. The successful candidate should possess a well-defined and active research focus. Topical and geographical research areas of specialization are open. In addition to teaching undergraduate courses and active engagement in a research program, the successful candidate should be prepared to undertake student advising, the pursuit of external funding, sharing in operation of the department and provide service to the university, community and region. Applicants are asked to submit 1) a cover letter that includes a statement of research and teaching interests, 2) a current vita, 3) graduate and undergraduate transcripts, 4) three letters of recommendation, and 5) supporting documents such as course syllabi or publications. Applications must be submitted on-line and review of applications will begin April 15, 2011, and continue until the position is filled. Apply on-line at Materials may also be submitted to: Dr. Lawrence Bradley, Chair, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, 301 East Hall, The University of South Dakota, 414 East Clark Street, Vermillion, SD 57069-2390. The University is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty, staff and students.

  • Where did this ad come from??? Did I somehow miss it on the SAA and AAA boards, or was it somewhere less visible?
  • It was on the AAA board.
  • I saw it on the AAA board as well, but for some reason I don't think it was posted there very long.
  • It was posted to the AAA database on Feb. 24
  • Email request for April 26 phone interview received April 21 (x 3)
  • On-campus interviews in progress
  • Offer made

Offer accepted

Stanford Archaeology Center[]

The Stanford Archaeology Center announces a postdoctoral position in any
area of global heritage with some preference for applicants working on archaeological ethics, rights and internationalism. The application receipt deadline is September 1, 2010. Interviews will be held in October 2010 and the position will begin in early January, 2011.

- are the finalists going to give research presentations? are they posted on the event calendar? - postdoc announced in online newsletter found on center website (professor gave it to her student)

- the professor is actually one of the most unethical people I have ever encountered (especialy for someone who writes about ethics) (x4)

-easy to lose connection to real practical ethics when you dont even know how to set up an excavation unit

I am sorry--but these last two posts are inappropriate and unprofessional!

Without venturing an opinion on the veracity of those two comments, or whether they're professional or not...I would say that they are entirely appropriate. Appropriate for this venue, that is--given the opacity of the job process, the only way to find anything out about what goes on in searches is via this wiki and/or word of mouth. The (considerable) value of this wiki is that it permits sharing of information that doesn't appear via official channels (where, in my experience, almost no information on the hiring process ever appears).

Sure, no one is disagreeing with that, but perhaps the above poster meant inappropriate as in totally unfounded, said out of ignorance, and not related to the actual hiring process. I'm also curious about how 'real practical ethics' are differentiated from other ethics (and what those are?), and how the act of laying out an excavation unit makes one somehow morally superior. Yikes. Best wishes for everyone on the job market.

Have any of you ever heard of an internet troll? You seem to have fallen for its trap...

Rejection email rec'd 10/14 x 3

Is there a new search? I so it in the AAA page. is it for the same position?

-There is a new search, for a new position.

This position is closed, a new posting has been started for the current job...maybe someone can migrate this to closed searches...I am not sure how.

The Stanford Archaeology Center[]

The main focus of the fellowship will be to work with Stanford Faculty at the Woods Institute for the Environment and the Stanford Archaeology Center, to create synergies between faculty and students and to link field projects. The candidate may be called upon to participate in a number of activities during the fellowship such as workshop organization, seminars, teaching, and international fieldwork and to engage with faculty and graduate students at both Woods and Archaeology. We expect that the successful candidate will be involved in their own research and field projects and will further develop their publications while at Stanford. The faculty sponsor of this postdoc will be Prof. Lynn Meskell. April 15th deadline.

Any word?

Any insights much appreciated:

  • do candidates give job talks?

- No, they don't usually give talks, but 1 or 2 others who were sponsored by other faculty members had to give talks. The hiring process isn't transparent, but it doesn't have to be because it is a private institution.

  • Do they typically already have someone in mind (ie inside candidate)?

- As with the previous post-doc position, this faculty sponsor always has someone in mind, not usually a Stanford student, but someone directly connected to her.

-In that case, why bother advertising it? I'm guessing they must be required to for some reason? Otherwise, advertising a position you already have someone in mind for seems like a waste of everyone's time and resources. Plenty of postdocs aren't advertised, why this one?
-- It is a way of advertising the Archaeology Center, which is a relatively new entity and only started funding post-docs in the past 3 or 4 years. After this year's job search, everyone will know that the Stanford Archaeology Center is focusing on heritage and Lynn Meskell is in charge. It's a way of bringing visibility to a young program.
---So, there's no concern that the program is getting a reputation for advertising positions that are already spoken for? Or alienating young researchers within that field who apply and then find out the job wasn't "really" open? (I'm not in heritage and have no horse in this race, I'm genuinely curious about this. ETA: I am NOT intending any judgemental snarkiness here-- some posters seem to have a genuine insight into this place, and I would really like to understand the reasons for this approach, which I am sure has been used before in other places and will be again.)
--- Seems rather, dare I say, unethical, doesn't it? It lends credence to the comments on the other Stanford post-doc, doesn't it?
----If not unethical then is shows a great disregard for other people and lack of collegiality--if they have someone in mind already why on earth ask for letters of reference up front??? what a waste of time for all involved. My profs put time into every letter they write-to find out that this is a futile dead end search is pretty discouraging.
-The reality is that relatively 'fixed' searches are not unethical, but they are a pain in the ass for everyone involved (largely due to serpentine HR rules rather than actual departments/centers). Don't take it personal, your letter writers probably don't. For any given position, there are only a dozen individuals that have the desired experience and who would 'fit' the institution well. For the Stanford position, which is quite specific (and Meskell's vision even more so), that will absolutely favor former students (and, for those that are curious, Stanford is heaven). For what it's worth, these individuals are still very good and were already well published. Take a look at the Brown position over the years, how many did not come from Ivy institutions? Sucks for the State U crowd. Apply some optimal foraging theory logic here.
---We all understand the incestiousness of this system--the point was that if it is known upfront that only a handful will be truthfully considered for the job, then why ask for letters up front? OFT, whatever, its a cheese-ball move.
  • Whats the atmosphere like for post-docs? Very curious about other's opinions given comments regarding the last postdoc postion...
  • One way or another, having a PD from SU will be great for your CV and contacts. Plus there are top folks there. Even if one had to get daily physical and emotional abuse, it might be worth it (not saying that would be the case, but you get my point). It would most likely be a good opportunity. That said, I have heard and observed a shit ton of politics in terms of any PD, Fellowship, and jobs at that place. Almost surreal if you are not in the "in-crowd." Almost like how Maya epigraphers act but in terms of intellectualism, which I guess is better...
  • Anyone get any sort of response from them yet? Not yet (5/7)...
  • Offer extended and accepted (5/23)
  • Congrats!

SUNY Plattsburgh[]

Position: Assistant Professor, Tenure Track

Preferences: Pretty wide open, broadly trained field archaeologist who can also teach about evolution

Deadline: February 1

Arranged for interview at AAA (x2)

was this a formal interview? seems strange that they would conduct interviews so far in advance of the app deadline

This disappeared from AAA and SAA's job listing. Anyone have an idea if it was canceled?

Still up on the Plattsburg employment website:

They did AAA interviews, but deadline not til Feb 1. Organized???

Has anyone who applied since the AAAs heard anything from them?

-No, I haven't. At the AAAs I wondered about not getting an interview, then I noticed they were accepting CVs in the dreary job room, so I dropped one off. When I got home I realized that I had not even applied since the deadline is not till Feb, so I applied then. Have not heard a word.

-with an initial deadline of Feb 1...I would imagine they are not on the fast track to fill the position.

- I spoke to the chair and she mentioned that they have not reviewed the applications yet will start working on them only after Feb 1st.

Feb 18 - any movement yet?

-Haven't heard anything from them yet. (2/18)

- what about those who gave interviews at AAA -- have you heard anything yet??

- What's up here -- does the job still exist??

-It has only been a little over a month since the application deadline. It's really not unusal for a committee to take longer than a month to get back to people. (Not that I'm not sweating bullets over the job market in general.)

How can they schedule AAA interviews when they did not start reviewing?

Don't know -- probably interviewed everyone that applied??

The job description was so broad they proabalbly got a couple hundred applicants - I'm not surprised it's taking a while to get back to people.

rec'd email to set up phone interview (3/14) (x2)

Any news?? (x2)

It is just me, or is it very unusual to have a search with a deadline of Feb. spill into May? They're probably having to double-check financials with the Dean every step of the way, bad sign.

c.170 applicants; 10 selected for phone interviews (which were finished 3/27)

^ 170!!!!????!!!!???!!!!??? sigh....wiping tear from eye dramatically...

Scary to think there are that many of us...Any news on this one??

No news, and I was one of the phone interviewees. I was suspicious of this one since they have a long time archaeologist lecturer in house. That individual was part of the interview panel though, so it would be very odd to see them get the TT position.

Offer made and accepted.

-Received email rejection June 21.

University of Utah[]

(Link? Can't find it in usual places?)Found it, thank god 'net skills aren't part of the job search.

Link to U of Utah's version of the ad:

Position: Assistant or Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Preferences: The successful candidate will have an active research program that uses evidence to evaluate theoretically-motivated hypotheses. Area of specialization is open, but an interest in health-related issues, broadly construed, is a plus.

Due: November 15, 2010

  • This appears to be a medical/cultural position. Should we remove it from this page?
  • Their actual ad (not AAA) doesn't read that way, although it's vague. It's hard to tell whether they'd consider an archaeologist or not. (They have another, specifically sociocultural search going on too.)

Received form letter asking me to waive/not waive access rights to letters of rec (11/19)

I applied and haven't heard anything, but posts on the cultural anthro wiki suggest long-listed candidates for both positions at Utah were contacted for additional materials in December (

Looks like some physical anthropologists had campus interviews, although I can't tell when.

Physical wiki says this search was cancelled:

Received paper rejection letter dated May 20.


University of Vermont[]

Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

Assistant Professor position in the Anthropology of Food Systems (sub-field open)

Posted: 09-10-2010

Due: Nov. 1

- Applied on Uof V website but have not recieved any confirmation.

- Any news on this search??

- Phone interview scheduled 12/13

- any updates??

On campus interviews are being held.

Email stating that position was filled. (x2)

I heard the hire was not an archaeologist, although I don't know anything else about who it was.


Wayne State University[]

Position: Assistant or Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Preferences: Urban anthropology, historic archaeology.

Due: January 10

contacted via email re. phone interview (1/14/) x3

phone interview 1/21 x3

referees contacted for letters 1/22 x3

contacted for on-campus interview 1/25

on-campus interviews took place on 2/8, 2/10, and 2/15

received rejection email following campus interview, so I assume offer has been made (3/11)

offer accepted

Western Kentucky University[]

Search for an Asian archaeologist. Applicants must be able to teach one or more upper-level Chinese archaeology courses, additional upper-level courses in Asian archaeology/anthropology, and lower-level introductory courses. Review begins 1/3/2011. Open until filled.

Diversity survey received: 1/6/2011

Telephone interview: 2/4/2011 (x3)

Anything since phone interview?

Invitation for campus visit 2/25 (x2)

Offer made and accepted

University of Wisconsin La Crosse[]

Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology/Archaeology

Preferences: North America, Midwest

  • This position was posted last year, anybody know the skinny?
  • It was a failed search. They couldn't find anyone they wanted to hire.
  • They've also changed the specifics of what they're looking for a little bit.
  • Ironic that they couldn't find anyone after the insane amount of application materials they wanted up front last year.
  • request for additional materials (grad transcript, teaching and research statement, evidence of teaching, responses to 5 questions) rec'd 10/14
  • AAA interviews are being scheduled as of 11/2

  • Anyone hear anything after the interviews???
    • Nothing here. They moved fast in the beginning and gathered a ton of information, so my guess would be that they needed to devote the remainder of the semester to other work. Hopefully we'll here something soon
    • Had on campus interview early-ish December

FYI: Under Wisconsin Statute s. 19.36(7), anyone can request the identities of the finalists for the position, and those names have to be released to the public -- it's the law.

  • Offer made and accepted

What use is the identity of the finalists to a non-finalist?

Yeah-I would like to know as well. The original FYI OP sounds malicious.

  • scoff* Hardly any malicious intent on my part with the FYI (although I suppose one of the finalists could use that information maliciously, but they'd been informed of this law anyway). Others here were asking things like "Anyone hear anything after the interviews???" Well, knowing the list of finalists, if there is one, would let you know how far the search has progressed and if you're still under consideration. Simple as that. In addition, a clever person could look at, say, the publication record, website, CV, etc. of the finalists and see what it takes to be considered for a job at La Crosse and how they can improve their application in the future.

College of William & Mary[]

Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology Location: Williamsburg, VA

Description: William and Mary’s Anthropology Department seeks an anthropological archaeologist for a one-year replacement position at the level of Visiting Assistant Professor to begin in August 2011. We seek a candidate with a specialization in complex societies, a publication record, teaching experience, and a PhD at the time of appointment. A regional focus on Asia or Europe is desirable, although other areas will be considered. We encourage those with specialization in environmental archaeology or archaeometry to apply. Applicants should electronically send a letter of application, a CV, and the names of three referees (including their email addresses) to Applications should be received by December 31, 2010 for full consideration. This search will remain open until the position is filled.

Posted on November 16,2010 on SAA website

  • referees contacted for letters 1/3 (x3)
  • asked to send more materials and have referees send letters (1/13/11) (x3).
  • phone interview request 1/27
  • offer made and accepted (2/18)
  • Congrats to the new hire!
  • Thank you! Keep at it! Chin up!

General Discussion, Rumors, and Speculation:[]

I posted under a few completed searches to list whether or not the person hired was already tenure-track somewhere else. I hope this level of information (with no other details!) is acceptable, as it would be nice to get a sense of the proportion of this year's jobs going to each category.

  • I agree that it would be good to know. This is pertinent information for graduate students looking toward the future, and for those who are on the job market. It "seems" that many people who already had tenure-track jobs landed some of the available positions, but some numbers on the issue would be nice.

. On the naming of names: there are good reasons for withholding the identity of short-listed candidates, but is there any problem with revealing who's ACCEPTED a job offer? And/or who's leaving an institution and creating an opening? Presumably that person's institution already knows s/he is leaving by the time the news makes it to this site, so I don't see the problem. If there's an issue I haven't thought of please say so, but I really appreciate knowing who gets these jobs so I can look up their CV and get an idea of what it takes to get a job at X institution.

  • I generally agree that the name of a successful candidate, or the name of a person who is leaving a position is more or less a matter of public record. But, I think its in all of our best interests to remain as anonymous as possible while we are posting here. As such, its probably not a good idea to post specific "insider" information, like the name of someone who just got a job, before it has been released publicly. No sense in antagonizing the powers that be.
  • Once a candiate visits campus and give their job talk, their name is public. I see no issue with providing that information here.
  • It is true that names are public upon request, in many, but not all institutions. Specific names should not be included on this wiki if for no more reason than just the sensitive process of hiring faculty on all sides. Candidates may have a cut and dry situation where they will take the job hands down. In other instances there may be competing offers, issues where the SC thought there was a good fit and the candidate did not, or there may be spousal issues, all of which are highly sensitive in a case by case basis. In response to the comment above, I get where you are coming from but if you want to compare your vita to selected candidates, wait until the fall, see who is listed on the department webpage, and prepare from that knowledge. If you really wanted to do this for this job cycle, I would have recommended last fall to look at who was hired in the last 5 years. You don't need the current candidate names to further your own application and think about what you need to do better to get hired at X university. The odds are not good that they will have a position to fill next year. If you have gone through a PhD and are not being successful getting yourself into the academic world, seek the advice of people you know that have been successful, instead of relying on a non-peer reviewed wiki to help you with career decisions. That just sets people up for more emotional distress or potentially relying on faulty/speculative advice. In my opinion, this wiki is built by anonymous posters who are not peer reviewed. Therefore, the postings should also contain information regarding anonymous candidates.
  • Annonymity is key here and hope names (interviewed or accepted) would never be posted. It could create problems for candidates who are currently employed and haven't informed their current college/university/firm or other.
  • ^^^if you wanna know names, just look at the dept's website next year...
  • Agreed, I see absolutley no benefit to naming names.
  • And this does not exclude candidates who have positions, but those who are seeking their first position or even senior level Associate or Full positions. It just doesn't make sense for this wiki to name names. Sorry OP, play the game without the service of the wiki because it can be more harmful than usefull in the broad scheme of things.
  • So what you're saying is, revealing the identity of Person X who's accepted a job offer AND whose university has already advertised to fill his/her position (which happened here recently) may be the first step on a slippery slope to naming candidates under other, harmful circumstances. That makes sense.
  • Well put.

If you have applied for a position and did not hear back and you are getting ready to go to field work in a remote part (yes no email for a month) --- is it okay to send the chair of the search committee an email asking if they need more information from you???

Anyone?? Suggestions??

Sure, go ahead, especially if several weeks have passed -- you have a good reason, and archaeologists should be used to situations such as yours.

Thanks I am a first timer -- as you can see.

Any body heard from U of Vermont yet?? Are they really looking for archaeologists?

  • There was an email making the rounds shortly before the deadline from an archaeologist on the faculty there stating that archaeologists were encouraged to apply, or something to that effect. I haven't heard anything from them yet.
  • Nothing here either. I second the above: my advisor got an email from a UVM faculty member (not connected with the search) that they were encouraging biological anthropologists to apply. I'm not sure what they're looking for...
  • Very strange -- I heard that they were accepting applications way beyond the due date as well....
  • Were the applicants suppose to ask referees to submit letters of recomendation at the time of application?? or, was the department suppose to contact them if the candidacy advanced -- kind of confused?
  • I didn't submit letters, just names. And pubs and teaching evals. Some faculty there were soliciting applications (not letters of recommendation) around the time the app was due.
  • I submitted letters, pubs, et al. No word on anything.
  • Looks like some one got a phone interview

Why does the AAA job listing page now have separate categories for "archaeology" and "archeology?"

  • Looks like they fixed it, good.
  • Good. The spelling of archaeology without the second "a" should be done away with.

RE: the U of Oklahoma post. I used to rely entirely on the AAA career center or this wiki for job announcements. I often found that the SAA did not have their web page stuff together. However, given what I experienced with that job posting, and the mixed postings, I learned my lesson. I will now be following the SAA board as well, and will attempt to cross-check posts (I hope others will do the same). Academic Keys is also another source of jobs, although I find they rarely post for Anthropology/Archaeology.

  • I keep my eye on SAA, AAA, Chronicle of Higher Ed,, and University Affairs (for Canadian postings). Surprising how many things are not cross-listed on these job boards.
    • Apparently some academic job posting boards (even the online only ones) can charge a few thosand dollars to place an ad. Hence, many schools would prefer not to post in too many places. Never hurts to check all the boards you mentioned! includes some postings too, but so far I've never seen a job there that wasn't posted on a more established list.
    • It's not a good idea for anyone to use this wiki as a primary source of jobs announcements. Just a word of advice for anyone using this wiki. It would be nice if position announcements were posted here before their deadlines, but that does not appear to be happening all the time. For those who contribute, many thanks. For those who are lurking, consider helping out to keep things updated.

It would be great if people could add some general information about qualifications/preferences from the job ads along with the jobs as they come in (and even better if insiders could add any rumors concerning what these departments REALLY want but didn't say in the job ad!).

Never trust the "insiders". If they are good members of the committee, they will keep their mouth shut. So "insiders" are either not really involved, or they have their own ax to grind. My partner was assured by an "insider" that she had the job. She didn't, and all the insider wanted was to have sex with her. I got a job after an insider told me I didn't have a chance (turns out he was the only one who thought that). Basically, job ads are the product of a committee, so each person has his/her own view of what they are looking for. The moral of the story, apply to jobs, put your best foot forward, and hope that is what they collectively want.

I agree with the sentiments of distrust, but I'd still like to hear the rumors and speculation; I think most people know to take those with a big grain of salt. Without some rumormongering, the wiki's only usefulness over the official job posting sites is hearing when other people get their rejection letters or interviews scheduled.

It is really strange that some universities with early deadlines have already scheduled on-campus interviews and others with early deadlines are still reviewing the application or there is no news at all??? Any ideas why??

  • Too many variable to even begin to guess. I've gotten rejection letters within a week of applying, and an interview three months after applying. Every school is on its own schedule. So until you hear something keep hope alive!

Anybody apply for the University of Maine at Farmington position? I got a request for additional stuff a couple weeks back, including letters. It wasn't specifically archy, but I tried to sell myself as broadly four-field.

  • 2/22 - does anyone have any knowledge about these equal opportunity forms that we have to fill out for every school and whether they actually do or do not have any influence? I got one this week asking about my sexual orientation, which was really surprising, I'd never seen that on a questionaire before. Are they now allowed to ask these things?
  • 2/22 - I don't think they make a difference. Everyone has to pay lip service to diversity in one form or another, but whether department's actively make that a part of the equation....? As far as being able to ask, aren't these forms voluntary? So, you can offer the information they request, but you don't HAVE to. I've seen forms that ask about race, ethinicity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status...maybe they should start asking about financial status. Some are more in need than others....
  • 2/22 - Those forms go back to HR, not the department. In most (probably all) universities, the department and search committee will never see that information. HR will keep track of these statistics in a very general way to spot patterns like 90% of applications in the Anthro dept come from people of color, but they only hire white people. This would set of an alarm bell. On the other hand if Business hires 10% LGBT individuals from a typical pool with only 5% self-identified LGBT candidates, then there is probably no discrimination happening there. Of all the things to stress about, this isn't one.

2/7 - Looks like 5, possibly 6 searches have been completed. Should we start a separate section of completed searches? Just wanted to check with everyone before editing.

Makes sense to me. I don't remember exactly how it was handled in years past. I would suggest making a new head - Cancelled Searches - then cutting and pasting entire postings from above into it maintaining alpha order. Thanks for taking the lead!

Thanks to the person who took the lead! Looks good

3/15 - migrated two more posts to the Completed Searches section. Some more could probably move to that section, but without more definite info (like rejection letters rec'd that indicate someone was hired, or a post by someone who got acceptance) I'm reluctant to move them. Just thought a little clean up was in order.

3/23 - more posts migrated to Completed Searches section.

Because somehow it feels better to do this in public, "ARGH!!!" Okay, deep breaths, it can be done, it shall be done.

Seems like a lot of the perm jobs went either to people who already had them or to spouses. Meanwhile, the recent SAA record "careers in archaeology" conveniently did not mention academia. How convenient for those with jobs at academic institutions, esp. as they are the editors of the record...

  • I hear you. This website can make you feel like you belong on the Island of Misfit Toys.
  • Wait, do they have an opening? I could throw together some syllabi on Island Archaeology and Material Analyses for Non-Standard Items of Childhood Entertainment...
    • How do I "Like" this? (Because I'm incapable of any form of real interaction.) (X2)
  • Congratulations to all of you who have a job -- and to others like me -- lets try again next year... SOMEDAY :)
  • I think the most eye-opening aspect of this process is just how random it is. One works hard, gets PhD, has a ton of pubs and grants, has a conceptual position widely amenable to many departments, and then does not even get a nibble or an interview. Some of these I thought, well, I will at least get an interview. Then you read the folks who did or who got the jobs. They usually are great but no better than you are and, in some cases, much less accimplished. Then you ask yourself, what is the logic? Trying to get advice from successful folks doesnt really work unless your letter, cv, accomplishments are clearly sub-par. There is this up-by-the-bootstraps ideology that we are indoctrinated in that is just not true. In fact, many of our profs had a much easier time getting jobs, which so many of them attribute to hard work or genius rather than the economy and opportunity. Then when we finish we see that none of it matters. Well, it does matter, but it so often does not. A new prof (who took like 9 years to get a job) told me it was probably because I had a weak letter (though he had not read it). I reject that. First, I modeled my letters off of several successful ones. Second, more importantly, I reject that somehow the fact I can't get a job or an interview is my fault. I have a good PhD from a prestigious place. I have a lot of pubs and grants and experience. I think I am theoretically sophisticated while also problem oriented and practical. I have a unique assortment of technical skills that many archies lack. I am not mean, arrogant, condescending, sexist, racist, rude, or elitist. I have a ton of teaching experience at at least five colleges. I am passionate about teaching and research, and I desparately want to do both. Despite the struggle, I remain idealist that not only does archaeology have a contribution to make to society and humanity but I do too. The question remains, however. Will I ever get the chance. I hope. I hope you all do too. There doesn't seem to be any advice that really works other than don't quit. I am going to try. I hope you all will too. Good luck and take care. And remember, you can always be a rock star. That might be easier....
  • You express a lot of the same thoughts I have. Maybe knowing that you're not alone in your hopes, and your frustrations, helps. We have to believe that persistence will pay off, or else we might as well just give up now. It's unreasonable to blame oneself when there are too many factors beyond your control (structural problems in faculty hiring, lack of transparency, money issues, personal agendas, just to name a few). All you can do is continue to be productive, and hone your self-marketing skills (groan).
  • Here's a pattern I see...lazy or out of touch search committees that select candidates from the most prestigious schools (e.g., U-Michigan, Berkeley), rather than taking the time to identify candidates with the sharpest publication, grant, or teaching records. The upshot? If you’re not decorated in “ivy” you’ll need to produce roughly double that of your peers in all categories to get noticed on the market. Even in a good economic climate, expect to languish on the market for three years minimum.

  • Up until a few years ago people would generally say 3 years - that was the "magic" number. I think languishing for 5 may become the new minimum. It's tough. I agree that many faculty on search committees, particularly older faculty, are out of touch. Many of us outpublish them when you compare our records with theirs when they were junior scholars. We're doing so much more before even having a job! And I feel that there is no place to talk about these issues besides this wiki. I'm afraid to talk too much about it to others for fear of being labeled a complainer. There is so much uncertainty, so much inequity, ...I'm finding it hard to cope.

  • There is a venting wiki, if you want to read more about other people's trouble with the academic job market in general. What I find hard to deal with, though, is that my friends in other disciplines are getting jobs - straight out of grad school, absolutely no publications other than thesis/dissertation. Other fields are totally different than anthropology (e.g., classics) - we're now expected to take 8-10 years and come out with boatloads of teaching experience, peer-reviewed publications, and at least past grants to our name (if not present grants) to land a job at even the least prestigious of institutions. With all my teaching/pubs/grants, I got some interviews this cycle, but I was up against people who already had jobs and were making lateral or upward moves. It's a rough market, and I hope it picks up. I was told that it may in 3 years with a slew of retiring anth/archaeo profs, not sure if I believe it, though.

  • I can't say how 'global' this is across universities, but new hires often get put on the Search Committee as an easy service requirement. They are often given the job of the initial weed through the applications and don't always know what to look for. Hence, really good candidates get removed from consideration based on something totally random, or maybe based on their potential 'threat' to the still new hire. It is random and awful. This whole process is. At least your wiki appears more open and more real information appears to be shared than on the Bio Anth board - which as a bioarchaeologist I follow more closely.

  • GIVE ME A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!!!!!!!!