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Brown University (Egyptology)[]

campus visits scheduled for mid Feb

Brown Un. (ancient art history)

Bryn Mawr College (Greek)[]

Request for recommendations and writing sample 11.30.07 (em) Interviews at AIA (1/08)

6 finalists invited to campus

Offered and accepted by...

College of William and Mary (Roman)[]

Conducted interview at AIA
Job offer made & accepted by... (2.15.08)

Fordham University (Greek/Roman/Late Antique)[]

Email request (received 12.17.07) for short writing sample, syllabi, and meeting at Lincoln Center Campus on 2.2.08 (update submitted by a candidate resident in NYC.) Email request for writing sample, syllabi, and interview at CAA (12.17.07)

Any word on whether campus interviews have been scheduled? (3.3.08)

I heard secondhand that someone was contacted for a campus interview, but I don't know exactly when it was or how contact was made. (3/3/08)

Offer made and accepted

McMaster University (Greek)[]

APA interview notification (em) - 12.04.07 Campus visit notification (em) - 1.15.08 Offered and accepted by...

Northwestern University/Kaplan Institute (tenured)[]

Northwestern University (Mellon Fellowship)[]

Conducted interviews at the APA (1/08) Rejection email (1/24/07)

Princeton University (tenured)[]

Reed College (one-year replacement)[]

Request for interview at CAA (1/29/08, email)

UC Berkeley/Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology (Greek)[]

Interviews at AIA (1/08)

UNC-Chapel Hill (Roman preferred)[]

University of Toronto (Greek; Assistant/Associate)[]

Request for unreceived recommendations; notification that the SC would meet "in the next few days" 11.21.07 (em) Committee wil meet on Wed., 1.23.08, to select finalists.

University of Toronto (Aegean Bronze Age; tenured)[]

Vanderbilt University (Roman; tenured)[]

Betsey A. Robinson hired, excellent choice!!

Wellesley College[]


Middle Tennessee State University (Medieval and/or Renaissance)[]

1st round telephone interview requested: Oct. 30 2007

Request for on-campus interview: Dec. 10

April 14 they appear to be starting the second round. I was called to see if I am still available.

Wow, this might be the slowest search I've ever seen.

April 22

received letter saying they have suspended the search.

If it makes you feel any better, I had an on campus interview in LATE JANUARY and despite my queries never heard another word from them until that letter. I sense that the department operates in a very strange manner.

UC Berkeley (Medieval)[]

Application Deadline: 15 November

Seem to have candidates giving talks on Jan 23-Feb 5th.

Offer made offer accepted by Beate Fricke


UCLA (Western Medieval)[]

Application Deadline: 15 November

On Campus Invitations Extended 12/4

Search cancelled because no suitable candidate found 2/7

(Additional exchanges relocated to discussion page.)

UNC Chapel Hill (European Medieval/Early Modern, 1000-1700)[]

Application Deadline: 1 December

CAA interview scheduled by phone 1/15/08

Campus interviews scheduled 2/23/08

Offer Made 3/7/08

Offer has been accepted by Paroma Chatterjee (University of Chicago)


Congrats to P. Chatterjee! Question for others -- did you receive a rejection letter? (I have not, and wonder if it is an oversight or if the committee decided not to send them at all for some reason) (5/13)

I did not apply for this position, but I do know from a reliable source that this department was involved in a total of five searches in art history and studio art this past academic year. I would not be surprised if oversights occurred.

James Madison University (Medieval and Renaissance)[]

Application Deadline: 1 December

CAA Interview Scheduled: arranged by phone on 12.18.07

Phone call to schedule on-campus interviews (3.4.08).

Has an offer been made?

Job offered and accepted by Sarah Brooks (IFA).

Congratulations! And what a beautiful part of the country!

University of Virginia (Medieval)[]

Application Deadline: 9 January. Email request for CAA interview and reference letters (2.1.08).

Telephone call for CAA interview (2/6/08)

Have campus visits been scheduled? (2/28/08)

Phone call to schedule campus visits in 2nd and 3rd week of March (2/29/08).

Rejection letter received (dated March 6).

Offer accepted by Eric Ramirez-Weaver (IFA) (3/24/08)


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Ohio State University (Byzantine/Medieval)[]

Application Deadline: 14 January;

CAA interview notification sent by email (2.4.08)

Has anyone received a confirmation that their application has been received? (2/6/08) Yes CAA interview but no initial confirmation of receipt.

Rejection letter received by mail (2/15/08) x3

Campus visits scheduled (02/23/08)

Offer Made (03/14/08)

Offer turned down, no other offers expected to be made this year (3/26/08)

Did you get the above from a reliable source (ie: call / letter or other contact from the committee), or is it still in the rumor stage?

Yes, reliable source but not official and not on the committee.

State University of New York at New Paltz (Islamic and Medieval)[]

Application Deadline: 15 January

Acknowledged receipt of application via letter (1/11/08)

Any word on interviews at CAA or otherwise? (2/11/08). Not a word (2/12/08) x 5.

E-mail invitation for CAA interview (2/15/08) x 4

E-mail invitation for campus interview x 2

Can you say when the campus invitations went out?

Any updates?

Offer made and accepted by Jaclynne Kerner (IFA)

California State University, Chico (Ancient Mediterranean or Medieval Art)[]

Application Deadline: 31 January
Email request to schedule phone interview for Feb. 4/5 with request for recommendations and teaching evaluations (2.1.08).
Phone request for campus visit (2.11.08).

Has anyone heard whether this search is going forward, or is another victim of CA budget cuts? (3/17/08)

It is my understanding that the Cal State system froze all their tt hiring system-wide the day after the budget cuts were announced.

Offer Accepted by Asa Mittman(Stanford)

Princeton University (Medieval Art and Architecture, Visiting Assistant Professor)[]

Application Deadline: 15 February

Drew University (Medieval / Islamic)[]

Application Deadline: 15 February Confirmation letter for receipt of application, noting: "We will be reviewing applications during the month of February." (2.12.08)

Has anyone else NOT heard anything from them? I applied in early January. (2/28/08)

nothing (2/28/08) x 2

They seem to be more on the ball with the Modernist search (see below)

Email (3.3.08) to schedule phone interviews for Friday, 3.7. (3/3/08) x 3.

Email to schedule on-campus visit (3/9/08).

Offer made & accepted. (4/7/08).

Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (Medieval Art and Architecture)[]

Open position (assistant or associate), full-time, tenure-track Application deadline: ASAP; "screening of candidates begins April 18 and continues until position is filled."

This was just posted last week on CAA Careers. (3/31)

They have a Byzantinist in Department. Anybody knows why do they advertise through Byzantine Studies?

The Byzantinist is leaving to join the Tufts faculty: endowed Armenian chair.

Phone interviews conducted (5/2/08). (x3)

Email to inquire about final exam and travel schedule for 2/2 of May (5/2/8). (x2) is a campus invite implied?

Hard to say, right?

I also did not understand the previous statement but it sounds like a campus invitation. (5/6/08)

campus visits this week (5/22/8) offer made (05/27) I'm curious about this one. Has the offer been accepted? By whom from where? (05/27)

Any updates on this? Bueller?

Offer accepted.


Savannah College of Art and Design (Medieval - Atlanta campus)[]

They are not offering me a position but the letter doesn't say if they've chosen another candidate or postponed hiring. Isn't this a college to be feared? (5/5)

This is a college absolutely to be avoided. They hire only on one-year contracts, there is no tenure, and the turnover is outrageous. The college was soundly repremanded by the Assn. of University Professors a few years back when the administration fired several professors who supported the students' request for a student senate. If you keep track of the job listings in the Chronicle, they usually have at least ten a year. 5/9

Verrrry interesting: SCAD just opened up another art history position. 7/12


California State University, Long Beach (Islamic and either S. Asian or Medieval)[]

Receipt of application via e-mail (1/3/08); any updates (2.14.08)? Not a word (2/15/08).

Hmm. You may want to call HR and see if the search has been pulled. I applied for it last year, but it lost its funding. They changed the area of expertise this year, too.

This search, along with one for design history that they'd advertised, has been removed from their Website:

Yes, but that could be because they are no longer accepting applications - I have run into this with other universities to which I have applied this year, but the searches are still ongoing. Just give Human Resources a call and ask. If the search has been cancelled, they will know.

Search canceled due to budget cuts (per Art Department) (3/5/08)

Search cancellation letter received (3.14.08)

Brown University[]

1/2 Anyone heard anything about this?

yes: campus visits scheduled for mid Feb (22 January 2008)

Request for letters of support 2/15/08. Will not hold CAA interviews

A bit confused: how are they holding campus interviews and asking for letter of support at the same time?

Yes, confusing. Are they expanding the search? Pure speculation.

They are bringing in candidates from each of the three fields. That might be why there is some confusion references interviews (perhaps a different timetable for each field).

Added Fall 2008: For whatever its worth, my adviser warned against applying to this position, admonishing that as it stands now, the art history department is held out as an example of a quintessentially sad, sick, and ailing dept. dominated by mediocre, elderly scholars lucky enough to live out the rest of their careers in an institution that outmatches them, but who are unable to accept that they've been long left behind. Whoever is eventually hired has their work cut out for them. Though if they stick around, they will be the only junior faculty-if only by attrition- and could have an amazing opportunity to reinvigorate it once the dead wood falls off.

Smith (post-doc)[]

Has anyone been contacted for CAA interviews? (Their acknowledgement letter mentioned selecting candidates by end of January)

CAA Interview Scheduled:(received e-mail/ 1/31/08)

Has anyone heard from them re campus visits?

Campus visits scheduled for this week (3/10) at Smith.

Has anyone been contacted after the campus visit? (3/28/08)

Offer accepted by Saleema Waraich (UCLA)

Rutgers (Islamic history and/or Islamic art history)[]

Has anyone heard from them? (1/25/08)

not a word...(1/25/08)

Looks like campus visits have been scheduled: web site lists events that appear to be job talks.

Yes, two candidates--from MIT and UPenn

Please give weblink... (see two talks under Past Events)

Rejection letter received 3/20/08 on Department of History letterhead -- is it safe to assume the position went to an historian, not an art historian?

Based on what I've heard, the position has gone to an art historian.

Looks like an offer has been made and accepted based on Fall 2008 course list:

Tarek Kahlaoui?

Drew University (Medieval / Islamic)[]

Application Deadline: 15 February See above under "Medieval"

Email (3.3.08) to schedule phone interviews for Friday, 3.7.08. (3/3/08).

Email to schedule on-campus interviews (3/9/08).


UC - Irvine, Chinese and/or Korean art[]

Application Deadline: 1 November

Offer made and accepted. Roberta Wue (Towson, IFA grad)

UC - Santa Cruz, Assistant Professor, Asian Visual Culture[]

Application Deadline: 1 November

Has anyone heard from them?

Not a word (2/9)

Campus interviews scheduled for late Feb. early March

could you tell me when the campus visits were scheduled?

  • 2/14/08 - rejection letter via snailmail - ca. 75 applicants

Offer made (4/4)

Anyone know who got this, or at least which field within Asian art?

Assuming this is the 2007 search, Boreth Ly, formerly of University of Utah.

UC - Santa Cruz, Associate Professor, Asian Visual Culture[]

Rec'd rejection letter prior to CAA. It said they were looking for someone whose work complemented that of their China specialist. Wish they had made this known in the job posting!

Rumor has it that this is most likely true of their 2008 search for Assistant/Associate. (11/30/08)

Ohio State University, South Asian art history[]

Campus interviews scheduled mid-March 2008.

any news? has an offer been made? (3/26/08)

search suspended; may be re-opened (and broadened) next year

they also apparently have stopped their medieval search, in that case after making an offer (see above) - any ideas about why no hires this year? Just not finding what they were looking for?

With regard to the medieval search, I know for a fact that the person to whom they made an offer turned them down in favor of another job. Hopefully they'll search again next year...

As an FYI - as someone who has been on both sides of failed searches (i.e. as a candidate and as a job search committee member), I can say that any speculation is potentially dangerous. Searches fail for all sorts of reasons that may not be immediately obvious and that may not be as ominous as some tend to think. There are just far too many people (and factors) involved in any one decision, and unless you're in the final meeting, you'll probably never know why a search turns out exactly the way that it does (and, quite frankly, even if you are in that meeting, it still may not be entirely clear). For the record, I have nothing to do with the OSU position.

This job was recently reposted for 2008-2009.

Colby College, Asian art history[]

Louisiana State University, Asian art history[]

Request for CAA interview by email (2/8/08)

Campus interview scheduled by email (3/3/08)

Offer made and accepted by... (4/2/08)

Michelle C. Wang (11/29/08)

Roger Williams, Asian[]

Application Deadline: January 15

Contacted by email for CAA interview (2/17)

Any word post-CAA? x2 anyone heard? (3/19)

The dean is pushing the search committee to make a decision for campus interviews, but they seem to be having problems getting together for a meeting. RWU is usually a good month later than everyone else sending our campus invites. I recommend patience. (3/24)

Short list has been made - invites for campus interviews are forthcoming (4/1)

Has anyone heard from them?

They have made the arrangements for two candidates to come, and have contacted a third - don't know if there will be a fourth. Interviews scheduled for April 14th and 17th at present.

The four candidates have been chosen for campus visits. (4/10)

UNC Chapel Hill, East Asian[]

Application Deadline: 15 November Has anyone heard from them?

Does anyone have any info on this?

Offer has been accepted. Wei-Cheng Lin (University of Chicago)

University of Chicago, Japanese[]

Campus interviews scheduled for early Feb

any news?

Offer made and accepted by... Chelsea Foxwell (Columbia)

University of Toronto, Scarborough, Asian or Islamic Modern/Contemporary[]

Campus interviews in early Feb

University of St Thomas, East Asia or Americas[]

Request for CAA interview by phone (1/9/08) any word post-CAA? campus interview arranged by phone (March 3, 2008)

Any further news?

website indicates Elizabeth Kindall (Kansas PhD, former VAP at Utah) has accepted this position.

University of Washington-Seattle, Chinese Art[]

Application Deadline: 4 January

Has anyone heard from them? campus interviews were conducted in Feb. No rumors about offer yet? Offer has been made.

website indicates this job accepted by Haicheng Wang (Princeton PhD, specialist in early bronze age China)

Institute of Fine Arts, NYU, Chinese Art[]

how could there be no information yet on here about this job. hello people! Its IFA! So, whats the scoop?

Four candidates shortlisted, job talks began 2/19

I doubt that folks in the running for this job are using the wiki

No, but students attending the job talks are.

Yes, but it isn't very cool to post names of other folks (and I have no idea who the candidates are)

Huh? What are you talking about?

Are all the campus interviews done now? any idea when an offer will be made?

Last one came and went. Dunno when they'll decide. There were 3 women and 1 man.

Offer accepted by Hsueh-man Shen (starts Fall '09)

University of Hawaii, Manoa, South Asia/Southeast Asia[]

"Preliminary interview" at CAA


Princeton University[]

Campus visit scheduled for Jan. 17th

Grapevine: offer made end of March.

Offer accepted by Chika Okeke-Agulu (previously misidentified as "Chicka Akeke-Oguibe") (Penn State)

University of British Columbia - Okanagan[]


Alfred University (pref.given to Ren-Baroque)[]

App deadline: Jan 15, 2008

Search cancelled

American University of Rome (Renaissance/Baroque)[]

First-round phone interviews held 12/13-12/14 (12/15/2007)

Invitation to submit references sent by e-mail, 12/16 (12/16/2007)

Campus visit invitation (12/19/07)

Campus visit scheduled 2/13/08

Offer made and accepted by... (3/18/08)

Can anyone say who accepted?

Augustana College (Renaissance)[]

Application Deadline: Dec. 7, 2007

Invitation by phone for campus interview in January (12/22/07)

Rejection letter received (1/14/08)

Offer made and accepted, though I wasn't told who took it (2/24/08)

Buffalo State College (Ren-Bar)[]

Application Deadline: Nov 1 2007

Letters of Recommendation Requested: Nov. 28

Request for telephone interview by both phone and e-mail (Jan. 25)

Have they scheduled on campus interviews yet?

I asked for a time frame after my phone interview - they basically did not tell me anything, just that there were more interviews the following week, then the deliberations, but no firm idea as to when campus interviews would take place. I figure they are waiting til after CAA.


Campus interview scheduled (2/21)

Search has not yet been concluded (per e-mail) (4/4)

SIX WEEKS since my campus visit, and still nothing??? (This from the people who wouldn't (or couldn't) give me a salary range!)

One-line e-mail in response to my request for info stating that the job had been offered. When were they planning on letting the rest of us know? (4/22)

Few things are more frustrating than having to wait so long for news. But even if the job has been offered, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're out of the running. I have nothing to do with this department or search, but know from previous experience that this long silence could mean that you're "above the line" -- in which case, you will be the next person they call if the first offer-ee turns them down. As long as you don't hear anything, you're still in the game. As for salary, it's rare for any numbers to be discussed until they make you an offer.

Hmm, well maybe so, but it has now been three weeks since I heard that the job has been offered - I think a quick phone call would be a courtesy. (5/12)

Well, this place is absolutely to be avoided. Two weeks after sending an e- mail to the chair of the deparment, I was told the "letters are being prepared". Much mumbling about state regulations. Iam soory, but I think having to wait three months after a campus visit for some closure is pitiful. I plan to write a Chrionicle article with the more outrageous situations that occured this year on the job market - mass e-mail rejections, photocopied rejection letters (including the signature), etc. Why should we have to put up with this? It would never happen in corporate America. (6/4)

California State University (Early Modern/Latin American)[]

Application Deadline: Nov. 30, 2007

Acknowledged receipt of application via letter (11/26/07)

CalPoly San Luis Obispo (Renaissance/Baroque)[]

Application Deadline: Dec. 14, 2007

Request for missing letter: Jan. 6, 2008

Request for phone interview: Jan. 20, 2008

Request for campus interview: Jan. 29, 2008

What is the status of the search. Has it been canceled because of California budget cuts?

I heard an offer was made an accepted....

Clark University (Renaissance/Baroque)[]

Application Deadline: Nov. 20, 2007

Acknowledged receipt of application via letter (10/24/07)

Request for additional information and CAA interview via email (12/20/07)

Request for additional information and availability for potential CAA interview via email (12/20/07)

Request for a CAA interview via telephone (02/07/08) x 2

For those of you who interviewed with Clark: how did the interview go? Has anyone heard anything about campus interviews? Did they give a timeline for the search?

Haven't heard anything. I asked about a timeline. They said that they are on spring break this week (3/3) and would have campus visits after that. I can't remember quite how they worded it, but they said something like they would be giving people plenty of notice for campus visits.

Offer made and accepted by John Garton. (4/9)

Colgate (Art and Architecture, 15th to 18th centuries)[]

Application Deadline: Jan. 14, 2008

Acknowledged Receipt of app via letter: 1/17/08

Request for a CAA interview via email (02/07/08)

Has anyone heard something?

has an offer been made?

Received rejection letter that stated the position had been filled (04/30/08)

Apparently they hired the VAP for the slot although the rejection letter did not have the courtesy to pass along that information.

Um, what's a VAP?

Carolyn Guile is the visiting assistant professor. She's been there two years.

Duke University (Early Modern Art and/or Architecture of Southern Europe (1400-1750)[]

Application Deadline: Jan. 7, 2008

Acknowledged receipt of application via letter (11/7/07)

Request for CAA interview via letter: 22 January 2008

Has anyone heard anything about this position? Any idea when they plan to send out calls for campus visits?

Perhaps they can't decide, for the third search in a row!

They are fishing for a senior appointment.

This sounds right to me -- I kind of got that feeling during the interview.

Campus visits scheduled for next week (3/18)

Offer made and accepted by...

James Madison University (Medieval and Renaissance)[]

Application Deadline: Dec. 1, 2007

Acknowledged Receipt of app via e-mail: 11/21/07

CAA Interview Scheduled: arranged by phone (12.18.07) x2

Any news? (3/4)

They called at least one Medievalist for a campus interview (see above under Medieval)

Has an offer been made?

Yes, and accepted (see Medieval)

Job offered and accepted by Sarah Brooks (IFA).

Johns Hopkins (Italy, 1500-1700)[]

Application Deadline: Dec. 31, 2007

Any news on this one?

This is a continued search from last year for a senior appointment. I would be suprised if anyone on this wiki hears from them, though if you do, congrats. Dempsey's shoes are pretty big to fill.

As I understand it, they're looking for both a senior Northern person and a junior Italianist. I think the Northern search is done, but was wondering about the junior one.

Hmm - I only saw the listing for the senior position. They must be looking for an Italian baroque person, then, since Stephen Campbell is still there. Wish I had known about this - I didn't apply.

Reliable Source: Mitchell Merback was offered and accepted the senior northern position.

Kenyon College (Ren-Baroque, one year Sabat replacement)[]

Application deadline: Dec 14

Anyone know what's going on with this one?

Perhaps they're waiting until they know that the musical chairs with TT jobs has slowed down and that their remaining options would actually consider a one-year job?

I am wondering too. My guess is also that they are waiting.

Campus interview invitation (3/1/08)

Did anyone have a pre-campus interview?

Yes, they interviewed at CAA.

Offer made and accepted by...

Rejection letter received (4/7/08)

Kutztown University (Ren-Baroque)[]

Application deadline: Dec. 30, 2007

Request for CAA interview via email (01/30/08) (x4)

Did anyone else find this interview sort of entertaining? Nice people, iffy job (4/4, and 3/3 of that are survey sections-- eek), but. . . *too* honest? It seemed like at least one committee member was more interested in warning candidates off than in sucking them in.

I didn't get that feeling at all - we talked about how to manage that monster survey section, the future goals of the department, etc. That one committee member sat off in a corner in my interview, so I almost never made eye contact, and he made the cardinal error of asking a personal question about my family. He was having trouble with his back, and I suspect he is a curmudgeon by nature.

That must be the same committee member that I mean-- during my interview he was much more. . . participatory, and that must have shifted the vibe considerably.

I would discount him. There's one in every crowd, and we don't know what's motivating him. The poor fellow was in real pain when I interviewed, and since I have a slipped disc myself, I know what it's like. He probably spent the entire conference wishing he was home in his bathtub. Oh, and by the way, I think it's two sections of survey - the major and non-major sections (30 and 150 respectively), and they are completely renovating the facilities. You can't beat the area, either. At least we can afford to buy a house on an academic salary, and are an hour from Philly and not much more from NYC!

Does anyone remember when they were planning to make their decision for campus visits? I neglected to make a note. (They have just finished campus visits for the other position, so I would assume it will be soon) (3/3)

They are making calls right now; they will be able to invite 3 candidates (03/04)

Has anyone actually heard from them? (3/5)

I have not (I interv'd with them at CAA, FWIW). (3/5)

Phone call for campus interview (3/5) x 2

Drat. I really liked the committee, and would have been 45 minutes away from my children if I had gotten the job.

Received letter stating that the position had been filled (05/05) -- a really nice letter: these people are classy

Middle Tennessee State University (Medieval and/or Renaissance)[]

1st round telephone interview requested: Oct. 30 2007

Request for on-campus interview: Dec. 10

Received letter that search has been cancelled.

Northwestern (Italian Renaissance/Early Modern)[]

Application Deadline: Nov. 1, 2007

Acknowledged receipt of application via e-mail (11/12/07)

Request for recs (11/12/07)

Campus visits in progress (Jan-Feb)

Offer made and accepted by Jesús Escobar

Oberlin College(Renaissance/Baroque)[]

Application Deadline: Jan. 7, 2008

Acknowledged receipt of application via letter (12/20/07)

Contacted to request missing letters (1/16/08)

CAA interview schedules via e-mail (2/10/08)

On-campus interview invitation extended (2/26/08)

Offer made and accepted (by Christina Neilson, curator of “Parmigianino's 'Antea': A Beautiful Artifice,” Frick Collection)

Old Dominion(1400-1800)[]

Application Deadline: Jan. 15, 2008

Has anyone heard from these folks?

Not a word. (2-19)

Received call to set up an "informational meeting" at CAA (02/19/08) -- I'm assuming that this is actually an interview?

Did the meeting atually take place? I was en route on the 19th to CAA. Talk about last minute planning.

Yes: 3-3 teaching load, lots of survey, large classes, division 1 basketball. That sums up our discussion.

I received an e-mail response to my query about the search, and was told that they were still determining whom to interview. They didn't contact me for the info meeting, but she also didn't tell me I was out of the running. The women's basketball team has been a powerhouse for years.

Contacted for phone interview (Feb 27) (n.b. I was not one of those whom they had contacted earlier about 'informational meeting', for what it's worth, so the ball's still in the air, I suppose (har))

Eeew! As a longtime supporter of the Lady Vols (UT, Knoxville), I can't help but giggle at the pun. Maybe they found out my sordid past and will not consider me, due to my sports affiliations!

I got home this afternoon to find a mailing from ODU - thought it was my rejection letter, since people have already been contacted for interviews. Turns out it was my EOAA form, dated 2/25! Do you suppose they are calling as they work their way through the dossiers? (3/3)

Hey, thanks for posting that -- I didn't bother to open the envelope until I read your post, thinking it was a rejection! But it does seem like a pretty random search process, and they'd better hustle if they want to get anyone....


Apparently, they are setting up telephone interviews for this week (03/04).

Yes (perhaps my entry above was too easy to miss); Telephone interview arranged for 3-5-08 (they e-mailed on Feb 27) (but only received the EOAA form on 3-4-08)

Have you been invited for campus interviews? Anyone?

Nope-- on the phone, however, they mentioned that this is their spring break, and that they also have to wait for enough of the EOAA forms to make it back to whatever office so that the applicant pool is ok'd or something like that.


Request for campus interview via email (04/07)

Campus interviews completed; decision should be made in the next two weeks (04/29)

Search was cancelled; they will advertise the position again in the fall (07/21)

Reed College (Med., Ren., or Baroque, one year sabat. replacement)[]

Application Deadline: Jan. 7, 2008

Acknowledged receipt of application via letter (1/09/08)

CAA interview scheduled via e-mail (2/4/08)

Go to the "Universities to Fear" page and you will see two complaints about Reed in other departments. Not a good sign.

rejection letter received

Rhode Island College (Ren./ Baroque)[]

Application Deadline: Feb. 8, 2008

Did anyone else out there apply for this one? Another HR application, so who knows how long it will take to hear from them. (3/2/08)

I also applied, and haven't heard anything.

Campus interview scheduled (03/06)x3

ORLY? They skipped the phone interviews?

That's not so uncommon with these types of schools. Campus interview complete (3/19). There are two more next week, and then the waiting game. They could not give me any real time line, due to the capriciousness of the President, who likes to OK appointments only when a stack has accumulated on his desk.

Search still not finalized (per e-mail) (4/15)

Campus interview scheduled (4/15)

Hmmm - does that mean the administration was not satisfied with the original candidates, or what? Some transparency here would be really nice at this point.

Offer made and accepted (Natasha Seaman) (4/29)

Nasty comment deleted

Yes, it was a nasty comment, but it pointed out the lack of control the search committee had over their own hiring process. The President (who stepped down June 1) decided he didn't want any of the finalists for the position, and an improvised search had to be conducted on short notice. Shame, shame.

I don't know where you got this information but I can tell you that you are completely wrong. The job was offered before a new search had to be conducted. And most importantly, congratulations to Natasha Seaman.

So new candidates were brought in to interview *after* another candidate had gotten the offer??

Yes, but not before the offer was turned down. Nothing unusual there. And this is why schools don't send out letters until someone has accepted the position.

Ah, thanks for specifying. As someone who was invited to (a completely different) campus (some years ago) as a straw-man while an offer to someone else was still on the table, I'm relieved to know that in this case the first offer was turned down before the next round began. And indeed, congratulations to Natasha!

Salem State College (Renaissance)[]

Accepting applications until position filled

Changed to a one-year full time position. Change entails new search (11/26/07)

New job announcement for 1-year appointment on CAA website (4/1)

University of California Riverside (Renaissance Art and Architecture)[]

Application Deadline: Dec. 1, 2007

Video conference interview Jan. 11, 2008

Rejection letter received Jan. 22, 2008(x3)

Offer made and accepted by Jeannette Kohl

University of California Irvine (European Art, 1400-1700)[]

Application Deadline: Nov. 1, 2007

CAA interview scheduled via phone (2/4/08)x4

Department web site lists two new faculty in this field: Lyle Massey (Associate) and Amy Powell (Assistant). 8/08.

Absorbing and detailed discussion has been moved on over to discussion page

University of Chicago (Early Modern)[]

Application Deadline: review of applications began Oct. 25, 2007

Acknowledged receipt of application via letter (11/13/07)

Acknowledged receipt of application via letter (11/27/07)

Campus visit invitation 12/11

Offer made

Offer accepted - Cecile Fromont.

University of Memphis (Renaissance and Baroque)[]

Application Deadline: Jan. 11, 2008

Acknowledgment of receipt of Application: Jan. 10, 2008

Search committee to begin review of materials next week (1/11/2008)

Will not interview at CAA - phone interviews after short list has been determined (2/1/08)

Phone interviews scheduled for 2/14 and 2/15 by e-mail (2/8/08) x2

Telephone invitation for campus visit pending administrative approval. (2/27)

Campus interview scheduled (3/13)

Campus interviews complete (4/8)

Job offered, as of 4/18, no word if it had been accepted.

Offer made and accepted by Todd Richardson

Now that I am out of the running, I can tell the other two of you who had phone interviews what happened at CAA. At the end of my phone interview, I was asked if I would like to get together with one of the search committee members at CAA for an "informal chat", as well as with the person who is retiring. I contacted them at CAA, and had a rather weird 45 minute conversation with the SC member. (He was very negative about Memphis, American Academe, and the research of his colleagues.) Later that afternoon, I was taken up to the Crowne Lounge for a meeting with the doyen. I felt I was being presented for approval, but we talked for over an hour. It turns out that Memphis' social equity office will not let them do CAA interviews - only phone calls. This was their way of getting around the rule. Obviously, they did not make this offer to every phone interviewee - it was sort of a second cut before campus visits. They treated me like visiting royalty at my campus visit - wonderful people, but gave the job to someone who had published more.

University of Minnesota (Early Modern/Latin American)[]

Application Deadline: Dec. 1, 2007

Acknowledged receipt of application via letter (10/25/07)

Rejection letter received 12/30/2007

Campus interviews scheduled.

UNC Chapel Hill (European Medieval/Early Modern, 1000-1700)[]

Application Deadline: 1 December

CAA interview scheduled by phone 1/15/08

Any idea how many they're interviewing at CAA?

No, but it is usually in the 10 to 12 range (2/13/08)

See above in Medieval section..... seems campus visits have been scheduled.

An offer was made to a medievalist

Offer made and accepted (Paroma Chaterjee) (3/30/08)

University of St. Thomas[]

Application Deadline: Dec. 10, 2007

Acknowledged receipt of application via e-mail (11/5/07)

Request for CAA interview by phone (1/9/08) x2

Any post-CAA follow-up?

Request for campus visit via phone (3/3/2008)

Has an offer been made?

University of Texas at Austin (2-yr replacement)[]

CAA interviews scheduled via e-mail (2/14/2008)

anyone heard back about campus visits?

University of Texas at Dallas (1400-1800)[]

Application Deadline, Nov. 15, 2007

Requested (missing) letters: 12/13/07

Request for CAA interview by email (1/25/08)x4

In interview, did anyone get an idea about their timeline? Forgot to ask. . .

They told me that they have a faculty meeting on Friday. What was your sense of the interview?

They seemed like very nice folk-- quite down to earth and chatty (for my interview, at least, a couple of the committee were out ill/ in surgery, and the doc student who was present was feeling ill as well). Seemed that they'd actually read the applications very carefully. Sounded like an interesting . . . not-department.

Decisions on campus visits will be made after their spring break (week of 3/17). (per email 3/5/08)

Friendly rejection letter via e-mail; an offer has been made to a candidate (3-31).

Offer accepted by...

Vassar (Italian Art, 1400-1700)[]

Application Deadline: Dec. 3, 2007

Acknowledged receipt of application via e-mail (11/28/07)

CAA Interview Scheduled: via e-mail (12/16/07)

Invitation for on campus interview (02/26/08)

Offer made and accepted (04/30)

Would anyone feel comfortable telling us who got it? Thanks. (5/1)

Yvonne Elet (IFA)

Western Ontario (Renaissance/Baroque)[]

Deadline: Feb. 15, 2008

Acknowledged receipt of application via e-mail (1/30/08)

Rejection e-mail (2/25/07)x 3

Willamette University (Renaissance/Baroque/18th C)[]

Application Deadline: Oct. 31, 2007

Acknowledged receipt of application via letter (12/4/07)

E-mail request for phone interview (12/3/07)

Rejection letter received (12/6/07)x3

Campus visit invitation (12/19/07)

Rejection letter received after phone interview (12/27/07)

Anybody ever hear what happened with this one? I thought I gave a good phone interview with them, but didn't make the cut. (3/2/08)

I haven't heard anything, but consider yourself lucky. Salem is a terrible place, populated mostly by state bureaucrats and meth addicts.

LOL. I wasn't too keen on moving 3000 miles across country anyway, especially when a friend told me that the school's name rhymed with Goddammit.

Campus visits late Jan. and early Feb. Offer made and accepted by...

Do we know who got this one? Nice part of the country. Great wine and beer.

Yale University (Early Modern Europe or Iberian New World, )[]

Application Deadline: Jan. 15, 2008

CAA interview scheduled via e-mail (Feb. 4)

intimidating CAA interview.

On-campus interviews beginning in the first week of March (Q: is this information you received after being invited for an interview?)

I think this may be one of those occasional insider contributions to this page (something that, frankly, I wish more institutions would do)--but please do correct me if I'm wrong and you have actually heard some news.

You would actually want an institution to read some of the contributions that have been made to this wiki in the last week?!

Ha ha. No, but anything that makes this process less opaque is fine by me.

Yes, campus visits beginning in first week of March and continuing through first week of April.

Offer made.

Anyone know who got this? Thanks.

Sad to say, no hire will be made this year.


Has time stopped in the land of Americanists? No news in over a month?

Hope this helps!

City College of New York, CUNY[] New job posting--review of applications will begin on July 24

University of Minnesota[]

  • Rejection letter received (1/11/08)
  • CAA interview scheduled (2)
  • Campus interviews conducted (3/28/08)

Jennifer Marshall (Stanford) was given the position.

U California Riverside[]

  • Video-conference interview scheduled (1/11/08) x 2
  • Campus interviews conducted (3/28/08)

Syracuse U[]

  • CAA interview scheduled (2/8) x2
  • Any word on this one?

Offer made and accepted.

Towson University[]

  • Telephone interview scheduled (2/6)
  • Telephone interview conducted (2/13)

Rejection letter received 4/12 - they've hired another candidate that is a better fit. They returned all of my application materials including my letters of recommendation!

  • Hey, at least you get to find out what your recommenders are saying about you!

Utah State[]

Modern with American specialization

  • CAA interview scheduled x2
  • Campus visit scheduled 2/28

Strange CAA interview - one member of the committee kept fiddling around and looking at his watch, another questioned the relevance of teaching African-American art in Utah with a very small African-American population. Hello, do you teach French art? Italian art? Are those areas somehow more relevant?

Brilliant. Thank you for that. Maybe someday all areas of art history will be equal....

hmmm, northern Utah . . . perhaps it simply draws people who are a little out of touch with the rest of society . . . as a colleague once said to me when I was worrying about similarly insensitive, patriarchial, euro-centric, heterosexist interview questions, "If they ask it, give them a glib answer, and know that you dont want to be their colleague." Sound advice, I thought.

U Chicago Postdoc[]

  • CAA interview scheduled (email) 2/5
  • Offer made and accepted (4/2)

Bowdoin College[]

1 year, visiting in American art

  • CAA interview scheduled (email) 2/8
  • Rejection received, sometime in March
  • Offer made and accepted 4/4


Auburn University[]

CAA interview requested 2/16/08

CAA interviews complete.

Has anyone heard from them?

Not yet. I recall that the head of the search committee told me at my interview that they would be "moving quickly" with the next steps. I hope this isn't a bad sign.

It was a bad sign. The committee has completed on-campus interviews and is currently trying to come to an agreement before offering the job to someone. 4/8

Bradley University[]

Had an interview at CAA but then nothing since. Anyone heard anything?

In the only communication since my application, a rejection letter. The successful candidate's name was given: Acacia Warwick. Congratulations!

California College of the Arts[]

Interview scheduled 2/1/08

CAA interviews complete said they had local interviews to finish

Calls for campus visits are going out 3/6/08

Did anyone actually get a call for a campus interview?

rejection letter received

Hired Elizabeth Mangini?

Central Michigan University[]

did anyone actually apply to this position?

yes, not a peep from them. 2/25

Received a campus visit invite (2/27) via email with no CAA or phone interview. Bizarre. Does anyone know anything about this place?

I have a friend who is in the first year of a tenure-track appointment there. This person's interview was handled in the same way. My friend is quite pleased with the position there.

It is in the middle of nowhere; perhaps there weren't many applicants?

Take a good look at who is teaching there right now, especially VAP's. I had the same situation with another university, and it turned out to be a pro forma campus visit to satisfy the administration - ie. inside candidate. But being inside doesn't guarantee anything - go out there and show them your stuff, and don't worry about the way they managed the search. :)

Heard nothing beyond the equal opportunity forms.

Thanks everybody for your feedback!

Rec'd letter--they'll search again next year.

City College of New York, CUNY[] New job posting--review of applications will begin on July 24

Colgate (2-year temporary)[]

Interview scheduled at CAA 2/7 X 2

Natasha Goldman accepted

College of St. Catherine (St.Kate's) St.Paul MN[]

request to answer questionaire/interview by email 2/29

has anyone been invited to campus?

Columbia University[]

does anyone know where this one stands? I've not heard a thing.

Good question, I've not heard a word. I don't think they were at CAA.

Campus visits end of Feb./March

Not a peep; is it over? 3/27

Heard nothing here, 4/3

Heard from a reliable source that this offer went out and was accepted, 4/10

Rejection letter received, 5/7

Web page lists Noam Elcott (Columbia '00) as new faculty

Courtauld Institute[]

Offer accepted by Gavin Parkinson

CSU, Chico[]

Contacted 2/1 for references and phone interview

Phone interview conducted 2/5

Campus interview requested 2/12

rejection letter recieved

CUNY, Baruch College[]

Are in process of reviewing applications 2/22

On-campus interview scheduled 2/24

Wow, that was fast....

Can anyone say "bogus search" or "internal candidate?"

Why are you assuming the above?

Rejection letter, 4/2

Drew University[]

phone interview scheduled 2/8

on-campus interview scheduled 2/24

rejection letter received

Hired Kimberly Rhodes?

George Washington University[]

Interview scheduled for CAA

CAA interviews complete. Did anyone get the impression of some strange departmental politics amongst the search committee members? And what's up with not asking for writing samples or taking teaching portfolios?

same impressions

That's an astute observation. I thought it was just me.

mm, yes. maybe so; but I still want the job. I wonder if they decided whether they want Latin American or European. heads or tails?

Campus visit scheduled 2/26

so, how many campus visits are there, then?

Really uninspired set of interview questions.

Bibiana Obler?


CAA visit scheduled 1/25

campus visits being scheduled, 2/26

letter of rejection stating that search was closed, 4/11

offer made/accepted

Humboldt State University[]

caa interview scheduled 2/14 REJECTION EMAIL RECEIVED WITH ALL APPLICANTS CC'D. That's horrible!

I was also appalled.

Hunter College of the City of New York[]

Request for recommendation letters (2/15)

Anyone heard anything?

They seem to have invited candidates to campus.

Thanks for the info! Best of luck to those who made the cut.

Candidates will be going to campus in early May.

Does anyone know if Hunter hired this year?

Illinois State University[]

They are looking for a Contemporary person with a focus on Visual Culture - I dropped off my application materials at CAA and had a 45 minute talk with the interviewer - I think it was a preliminary screening (2/25/08)

phone interview scheduled 3/3/08

Had phone interview last week. Waiting to hear if there will be a campus visit. Anyone heard about campus visits yet? 3/16/08

Campus interview requested (3/21/08

offer made and accepted (4/21/08)

Congrats! Can you say by whom?

Elisabeth Friedman, York University (Toronto)

Kalamazoo College[]

CAA interview scheduled 2/13

CAA interviews complete.

I had an interview at CAA. I was recently told that the search was not complete, but that applicants had been invited to campus (3/31).

I had a phone interview (in lieu of CAA interview). I received a rejection letter today saying the position had been filled. (4/12)

Kutztown University (Contemporary)[]

Received offer to ask questions about the position by phone (1/11) Received offer for campus interview (1/24)

  • Two on campus interviews scheduled (2/25)

Completed on-campus interview. Was told they would make a decision by the end of the third week of March.

Has anyone been offered the job?

The offer seems to have been made and accepted

Lake Forest College[]

Acknowledged receipt of application by letter 1/25

CAA interview scheduled 2/7 (x2)

Had a short interview on campus instead of Dallas (3/1/08)

Anyone been invited for a campus interview (the second one) yet? Thought I would have heard by now and am taking this as a bad sign. Really wanted this one and would like to know if it still is an option at all. 3/16/08

I recall from my CAA interview that they were going to make their campus invites after their spring break (which was last week) so don't lose hope just yet.

Thanks. I thought they had said they would be organizing those before their spring break. Guess one does need to be patient with this process.

Also have not heard anything from them after first interview, so by the sound of it, they may simply be taking a little longer than expected. (3/19/08)

Has anyone been invited to campus yet?

Yes, all three campus interviews are complete. (4/1/08)

Received letter saying the search was inconclusive and closed. 5/2 Search will be reopened next year.

Received email offer for one-year contract (turned down) (5/11)

Long Island University[]

not a peep from them. and did not see anyone at CAA? have they decided against having an art historian?

I have also heard nothing. (x 2)

Received my application materials back, with a letter saying I had not made the finalist list. (5/2)

rejection letter received


received acknowledgement of application materials

CAA interview scheduled 2/1

CAA interviews complete (they were extremely nice and showed a surprising level of interest in my research.)

any news?

Received letter, hire made. (5/2)

very polite rejection recieved

They have hired Justin Wolff. Congrats!

MIT (18th/19th c. Europe)[]

Request for rec letters and writing samples (12/19)

On-campus interview invitation (2/8)

Rejection letter (3/14)

Thoughtful rejection letter, I felt -- they went out of their way to make you feel OK about it. (That's not always the case!)

On campus interviews completed last week (3/18) -- has an offer gone out?

Still waiting, but they may well have made an offer to someone else! (3/26)

They've made an offer (I found about it today, 4/10). It's to someone very junior and with background teaching in a design context.

Offer made to Kristel Smentek.

Muhlenberg College[]

Spoke to someone with an interview here (1/25)

So quiet- Has anyone heard from them since CAA?

No word from them since Dallas, and getting a bit worried. They said in Dallas that they were going to move on this quickly. (3/19/08)

Any more news on this one?

Received rejection note stating that search is over, offer made (4/3)

NYU (18th/19th C.)[]

Acknowledged receipt of application with letter (12/3)

CAA interview scheduled 2/5

Rejection letter received 2/15

On-campus interview scheduled

Offer made and accepted. (Elizabeth Mansfield)

Oakland University[]

CAA interview scheduled 1/30

Did anyone else interview with them?

Ohio University[]

Phone Interview scheduled 1/24

Rejection letter received 3/4

(Still waiting, may I ask if the rejection came via email or post?) anyone know about campus visits?

campus visits scheduled

rejection letter received in March (no interview)

rejection letter received April 4 (phone interview)

Oberlin, Modern Art VAP[]

  • Application Deadline: May 9, 2008

I had a phone interview right after the due date, May 12, but no word since -- they surely have invited candidates to campus.

Courteous rejection letter received, 7/28, saying offer made & accepted

Oregon, Eugene[]

Letter ackn. app. receipt with EEOC card, 1/28.

Phone call to schedule CAA interview, 2/5. x 2

No word yet on this position? I know that they are not having candidates come to campus until April, but I got the sense that they would be extending invitations soon after CAA.

No word here, but it's not even been a full week since CAA. I think it's too early to stress yet, 2/28.

Thanks for the reassurance. I was once told by a professor in grad school that if you didn't hear from a committee by the Tuesday after CAA, you can assume that they've moved on without you. Which I thought was a little odd, but he had that tone of authority.

In response to that last comment ("Tuesday after CAA"), I have heard from someone with an authoritative tone (the guy running the "Job Hunt 101" workshop at the CAA this year) that it can take 4-5 weeks, especially at state schools to hear from them. It can take 2 weeks for the full committee to meet, then names have to be approved by the Dean, then the Affirmative Action office, then money has to be found to bring the candidates in--and spring break can add another week of delays. One interviewer at CAA (not this job) basically told me it would take about a month before anyone on their short list would be contacted. Keep your chin up. These things take time.

Great info -- clearly I should have gone to that panel!

I second the above info. I presently teach at a large state university and have served on several search committees. The amount of red tape involved in even being able to profer an invitation for a campus interview is astonishing. It can easily take over a week for paperwork to move through the system because everything needs to meet the approval of numerous offices: Deans, social equity, budget, etc. It really is quite a production. Do not despair yet...

I second the previous statement. I have taught (and served on search committees) at both a large public research university and a top tier private research university, and sometimes the process moves slowly even at the latter.

So...has anyone been invited to campus yet?

No, sadly, I haven't heard from them. (Same here).

Still no word? (4/1) Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?!?

I guess that professor was right after all -- they probably contacted their candidates the Tuesday after CAA.

I applied for a position a couple of years ago in the Oregon system, and did not get an interview. A colleague of mine (senior) told me that the state system has been in serious financial distress for some time, and that it was probably better that I had not made the cut. She had no vested interest, so I took her comment as valid. Maybe this will make you feel better!

rejection letter received

University of Pennsylvania (19th C.)[]

Acknowledged receipt of application with letter (12/3)

CAA interview scheduled (2/5)

On-campus interview invitation (2/28) x3

The position has been offered to one of the candidates (4/2); it's in the process of negotiation.

Offer accepted by Andre Dombrowski.

Princeton University (19th C.)[]

Request for writing sample and CAA interview 1/30

On-campus interview invitation (2/27)

Heard through the grapevine (reliable) that this has been offered and accepted as of 3/20.

Offer accepted by Bridget Alsdorf.

Purdue University[]

Letter of materials received end of December/ beginning of January.

Interview scheduled for CAA

Reject letter stating that the search was complete.

Catherine Dossin?

Queens College, CUNY[]

whats going on with this position?

They are reviewing apps in March.

I just got an email (3/11) requesting an update on my status with regards to defending and finishing the degree. So they seem to be going through their records now. (x2)

I heard from a reliable source that they have invited candidates to give presentations...

mass rejection letter received, even the signature was photocopied, 4/10

Queen's University, Canada (Europe 1800-1950)[]

On-campus interview scheduled (2/15)

On-campus interviews will be completed wk of 3/24.

heard that offer is in negotiations

Offer accepted by Allison Morehead [1]


CAA interview request (2/1)

CAA interviews complete (they mentioned they have some phone interviews remaining)

okay fellow RISD interviees (there are likely 10-15 of us), when did they say they would be getting their short-list together? Do i remember correctly that they were going to wait until after their spring break?

not sure . . .

there are actually 25 of you!

That's a lot. I never heard back after my application to this job. Is it because I do postwar--not a contemporary enough research background? I've been teaching contemporary art for five years in museums and universities.

If you taught contemporary art already, I suspect it was something else. I'm guessing they were flooded with applications, making the spot quite competitive. I'm also guessing the magic combination was unique research agenda + solid teaching portfolio + course offerings relevant to their practice-oriented programs + personality suited to working with studio artists. RISD is really a great place to be an art historian, if you respond well to a studio-oriented environment.

calls for campus visits have gone out, yes? anyone know how many finalists?

offer made and accepted

Judging by their website, this seems to have been accepted by Leora Maltz-Leca, Ph.D. Harvard, in contemporary art of Africa.

Stern College for Women, Yeshiva U.[]

Acknowledged receipt of application via e-mail, Dec 14

Interview scheduled for CAA, January 22

Polite e-mail rejection, February 8

E-mail rejection, February 10

Campus visits being scheduled, 2/28

Marnin Young? (TCU page)

St. Joseph's University[]

Has anyone heard anything from SJU?

See below under the General heading. They are very quiet. (2/27)

Texas A&M (asst/asso modern)[]

  • Jan. 18 - phone interview scheduled

itching to know what sort of candidates they have chosen. whats the 411 here, people?

campus interviews 2/20, 2/26, they interviewed an American/African-American modernist and European modernist

rejection letter received

Texas Christian University (18th - early 20th c Europe)[]

Does anyone know what happened to this job listing? It's been pulled from CAA and is not listed as an open position on their university web page.

Still active; applications due 2/1

Never mind, received my EEOC form last week.

CAA interview scheduled 2/5

Campus interview scheduled 2/25

Texas Tech (18th/19th c. Europe)[]

Texas Tech (History, Theory, Criticism 20th/21st)[]

what does anyone know about this position and the university in general?

I know they've been looking for someone for at least 2 years because they asked me to apply both times--I couldn't because I'm not able to move to Texas. They seem to be having a hard time finding people willing to move there--and not much going for the location (correct me if I'm wrong).

Trinity University[]

Acknowledged receipt of application. Shortlist applicants will be contacted at the end of January.

Contacted for CAA interview on 2/4

CAA interview complete

Campus interview scheduled 2/28

Michael Schreyach?

ahh, i've not been short-listed then. pity. I suspect I did a poor job convincing them I belong at a small liberal arts college. . .

so . . . general question to all the wiki readers out there. when all is said and done, how do we find out who won the spots that we were rejected for? AFter all this work, I'm itching to know what decisions these committees make, in the end . . .

In rare cases, committees will announce the name of their new hire in the rejection letters (!) they send to all the other applicants at the very end of the process. Otherwise, the only way you can find out is through word of mouth; they typically don't add the person to their website until the beginning of the new semester.

See long discussion above under University of Virginia, Medieval, on whether or not to post names of candidates who have accepted offers, as was done last year on this blog.

rejection letter received, indicates they have made and offer which was accepted.

Tulane University (19th c. Europe)[]

CAA interview scheduled 2/4 CAA interview scheduled 2/5 On-Campus Interview scheduled 2/26 Offer Made and Accepted

Offer accepted by Michelle Foa, Princeton University (VAP at Mount Holyoke)

Ursinus College[]

request for CAA interview (via email) 2/8

Are there other folks out there in job-candidate-land waiting to hear about campus visits from UC?

  • I'm waiting to hear. I put in a last minute application that arrived on the due date. I got a confirmation that it arrived and was asked if I'd be at CAA (unfortunately, no). That's the last I heard. Dying to find out anything.

It's me, the former post-er again. I interviewed with UC at CAA and I recall them mentioning that they'd done some phone interviews but I do not recall whether they were intending to do more. Any other info, anyone?

Me again. Contacted about a campus visit (2/29).

Notifed by mail that hire was made (4/11)

Offer accepted (4/18).

University of Colorado[]

phone interview scheduled (1/29) had phone interview. (2/8)

did anyone have CAA interviews for them? have they selected a short list yet?

Campus visit invitation, Friday, 2/22.

damn it, i really wanted this one, too . . . best of luck to you guys.

Any update?

Kira van Lil, inside candidate?

rejection letter received

University of Houston Clear Lake[]

Campus interviews scheduled early January

Phone interview in November, last-minute CAA interview

I have transferred all the blather over to the Venting Page, where it belongs. That way all of you out there can rant to your hearts' content.

rejection letter received

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign[]

Campus visits scheduled early February

does anyone know what happened to last year's search in the same area?

I heard they couldn't land their top candidate(s).

What's going on with this? Have they made a hire?

offer made and accepted (Irene Small, Yale)

University of New Orleans[]

Did anyone apply?

CAA interview complete

Campus invitation 3/12

Search concluded. Letter, 5/30.

University of Texas Arlington (20th C.)[]

CAA interview schedule (1/29)

CAA interviews complete

I really enjoyed my interview with them--I liked seeing a SC that had so many areas of studio represented (in addition to art history)....

campus visits are being scheduled 2/26

offer made, but declined

position unfilled. search will be reopened next year.

University of Vermont (19th C.)[]

CAA interview scheduled 1/30

On campus visit scheduled 2/28

Search was declared failed.

University of Vermont (20th C.)[]

CAA interview scheduled 1/29

CAA interview conducted -- a very professional, friendly, and engaging search committee (2/24)

On-campus interview scheduled (3/4)

Rejection letter received- 4/10

Just received an email stating that the search had been cancelled. Anyone know what's up? (4/28)

I know I did not get the job. Maybe nobody took the job in the end? I wonder if they'll look for a person for a one-year position.

That is exactly what happened. Yes, chances are very good that they will be looking for a one-year...

rejection letter received, search has failed.

Both the 19th & the 20thC. searches failed? What's up? It certainly can't be for lack of (over)qualified candidates.

From reliable source...they did not get first or second choices for either. Chances are they'll be doing it again next year... (And re: "over"qualified candidates...Remember it is often more about fit than about qualifications.)

Wake Forest[]

CAA interview scheduled (1/24/08)

CAA interview complete

any ideas on what the department is looking for? disappointed that I didn't have an interview....

Offer made.

Offer accepted. (John Curley, Yale)

Whitman College[]

all quiet on the western front. . .

CAA interview complete

Any campus visits scheduled yet?

The only thing I've heard since CAA was an email request for syllabi, so that my application would have the same components of the other candidates as the search committee prepared to make a recommendation for bringing people to campus. This was a few weeks ago, so early March.

Campus interviews for the three candidates have been scheduled for March 24-31

Extremely nice rejection letter received, 4/30.

Yale (European or Latin American art from 1890-1960)[]

CAA interview scheduled 2/11.

had challenging interview at CAA. a methodological motley crew for a committee!

really? that is surprising. I had heard there were only two on this committee . . .

My interview went just fine; no problems or challenges. Mind you, I could tell that one of them got what I was talking about and that the other was occasionally clueless about the issues I deal with in my research. Only 2 on the committee, you say...

Calls have gone out for campus interviews (2.29.08)

oh gosh, i'm dying to know which of the two it was, as you put it, "occasionally clueless." Dont answer that on here, of course. But do tell me over a beer when you are in town for a campus visit. . . (written by grad student at Yale, not a search member, in case you were wondering)

Wouldn't we all love to know! But candidates really need to avoid the temptation to badmouth their prospective colleagues (and the grad students' advisers) during any portion of their campus interviews. It's bad form. (written by someone not involved in this search)

I thought it was called "Feedback."

oh, well none of them would be my advisor, but of course you are right. the above post was not really serious. I wish the incoming campus interviewees much success here in New Haven.

quite a curious and exciting shortlist for this one . . . and controversial amongst the graduate students!

do tell...

A shortlist of three, two of whom are said to have offers already; this offer is said to have gone out.

offer made and accepted by Sebastian Zeidler

York University (Late 18th to Early 20th C.)[]

Invitation for campus interview 2/6

Rejection letter received 3/14


Maryland Institute College of Art (Architectural History, Modern and Contemporary)[]

Application Deadline: January 17

Email request for CAA interview 1/30

Any news?

Heard there were invites for campus interview...

The rejection letter received 4/4/08

Roger Williams (Art and Architectural History, Visiting Professor)[]

Application Deadline: January 15

Any campus visits scheduled yet? (3/5/08)

This was for a distinguished visiting professor - I doubt there will be campus visits.

Position has been filled (4/11)

Pennsylvania State University (Architectural History, 15th-18th century)[]

Application deadline: February 6

Request for CAA interview: mid February Invitation for campus visit: late February

Brandeis University (Architecture 1800-present)[]

Application deadline: Jan. 15

Email request for CAA interview 2/4

Any update on who they might have hired?

San Jose State University, School of Art & Design (Architecture Modern/Contemporary)[]

Application deadline: Nov 1

Email request for phone interview Feb 16

Email request for on campus interview Feb 26

Campus visit Mar 20, offer received Mar 28, accepted Apr 4

Northeastern University (School of Architecture)[]

Application Deadline Jan 15

A friend of mine teaches there and was on the interview committee. Said it was very much about "fit"--who has the specific background and experience they need.

Have they initiated on campus interviews?

yes, campus interview complete (2/27)

I taught there as an adjunct. They want a "teach-to-the-AI-exam" person. This is for an architecture dept. that has separated from Art History, and students take the survey as required in their first year. Most have heavy studio demands as well and expect a "chew-it-up-and-spit-it-out" type structure, don't want to learn nuances, just terms, etc. The chair--an architect--is not too supportive of academic "art-history"-type expectations. Just FYI.



Application deadline: December 1, 2007

Phone interview in mid January followed by requests for syllabi and recommendations but have not heard anything since end of January

Invited for campus visit in late march/early april

I think Catherine Zuromskis took this job.

University of Arizona[]

Application review begins January 7, 2008

CAA interview complete

did anyone else on the wiki ever receive an acknowledgement of application--or a rejection--for this job? i never heard a peep from them (and still haven't).

Scheduled campus visit for early April

Offer made and accepted


UC Davis[]

Columbia College (Chicago)[]

Acknowledged app receipt by letter, 1/11

A similar sounding position has been re-listed as a non-tenure track lecturer position on CAA, 5/20. I guess I should take that as a rejection, huh?

Kendall College of Art and Design[]

Anyone know anything about the two positions there?

They had some campus visits in early February and also interviewed at CAA.

School of the Art Institute Chicago (Fashion History)[]

Acknowledged application by letter. Anyone else here on the wiki apply for this? Whoo hoo! Scheduled the phone interview. 2/12/08

Scheduled campus visit by email.

hired 2 design historians, Michael Golec and Christine Atha


Appalachian State University[]

Azusa Pacific University[]

I'm curious if anyone knows anything about this. I applied 3/16/08 and have heard nothing except that there MIGHT have been an inside hire. (6/17)

Ball State University[]

App deadline: ongoing (extended search from last year?)

It is - I was told they didn't find a compatible candidate last year - Ball State is looking for two hires (one as a Contemporary person and the other as a Modern/Contemporary/Americanist) - I had an interview at CAA and was told that they will be making a decision in the next few weeks (2/25/08)

A close friend interviewed for this last year. Pretty heavy teaching requirements, as I understand, but pleasant faculty.

Anyone else apply/interview/hear anything? (2/28)

All I know is from my close friend from a year ago; teaching load is tough, and the musicians, who control the department, are hard on artists/art historians.

Good to know - thanks.

Very courteous rejection letter received via mail - said that offers for both positions were made and accepted. (4/7/08)

Berea College (western generalist)[]

App Deadline: Dec. 15

Acknowledged receipt of application via e-mail (12/15/07)

Email invite for interview at CAA (2/5/08)

Invitation for campus interview (3/08)

Beware! *Dry county*!

That's OK honey, if you don't mind drinking PGA, you'll have no problems.(Anyway, it's just over the border from Tennessee - you can bootleg in anything you need.) And by the way - Berea College has a history of really fine arts, and crafts. They started as a college to educate the local poor, and have all sorts of wonderful opportunities for artist/students. There is a fabulous local theater there as well, and the Appalachian scenery is gorgeous. It is not a place for someone who needs the stimulation of a metropolitan area, but you might be the type who would consider it a dry paradise, especially if you like to hike or camp. This is not from a Berea IP address, but from someone who lived for 20 years about an hour and a half south of the town.

You're right, beautiful college and very progressive community. Three candidate interviews complete (3/28/08)

Offer made (3/28/08)

Berklee College of Music[]

Application Deadline: 30 November

Acknowledged receipt of application via e-mail (11/28/07)

Rejection letter via e-mail (1/25/08) x11

Are they rejecting as they read through the pile? I still haven't heard anything.... (2/24/08)

Kind of looks like it. The number of rejections has been gradually rising (from 6 to 11) over the last month or so.

rejection email was very bland and brief. They are focusing on "candidates whose area of expertise better matches their current curricular needs." But . . . do they even know what they are looking for? I'm not convinced they do.

A friend of mine was offered the job last year - it is a 4/4 generalist position. Most of the people teaching there outside the music field are part timers with jobs at other local universities. You would be the work horse of the program, and I figure they are looking for someone who can't leave the Boston area, so they won't have to do the search again in a couple of year.

Gosh. Well, maybe they shouldnt be so cheap and start hiring more full time faculty. Either that or just stop offering liberal arts classes at all. I mean, if your standards are so low that you actually think anyone can teach 4/4 across an entire discipline without seriously sacrificing teaching quality, what business do you have pretending to offer any kind of decent college education. Berkelee: Yet another school contributing to the casualization of academic labor and making it hard for young academics to survive (without being independenty wealthy or attached to a more prolific spouse.) Shame, shame, shame.

Welcome to the new academe - at least in the humanities. I've lost count of how many jobs I applied for that want a 4/4 load with huge enrollment caps and a low salary. It's a buyer's market out there right now.

Indeed, welcome to modern academe. Most of us will not find jobs in anyway like those in departments we were trained in (believe me, I've been trying, and carrying either a 4/4 or 3/3 all along.) And, Berklee is a Music school after all.

I'd give up the 2/2 and high ambitions for a research agenda, if I could just teach in a place I actually want to live. But you can't put that sort of thing in a cover letter, can you . . .

I agree with all the above! I interviewed with Berklee at CAA (I do live in the Boston area) and they were very nice and interesting, but I was shocked when I found out it was 4/4, 40 students per class. That said, I would still take the job in order to be able to teach at all, since as you all described it is a buyer's market.

I don't think there is such a thing as a true 2/2 schedule anymore, unless you manage to pull a stint at an ivy institution (where you are almost guaranteed not to get tenure unless you are a mid-level scholar, anyway). The best schools I have had interviews with are the big state schools with a 3/2. I was all excited about the one 2/2 position I applied for this year, only to discover that there were no caps on the courses, that 3 of the classes per year would be intro surveys, and to expect between 100 and 150 students per class (with no TA's). So that's 200-250 students per semester to your 160 at Berklee. Its hard to believe that it could get worse, but it does. (Wayne State advertised a Generalist position this year with a 5/5 load, and they aren't even a community college!)

You can get lucky outside the Ivies, though. I taught (as a visitor) at a small liberal arts college and at a big state school and had a genuine 2/2 schedule at both places (with caps on class size in both places and a TA at the latter). So don't give up hope!

Yes, I wouldn't be so quick to imagine that the only 2/2 loads to be had are at the ivies -- I teach at one of the research centers in the SUNY system and we have a genuine 2/2 load (one grad seminar, one undergrad lecture) AND a pretty fair and transparent tenure process! It *can* be done, but sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice geography...

Thanks for the words of hope. How refreshing!

Has anyone gotten called for a campus visit?

Campus visit scheduled 3/31

California State University, Dominguez Hills[]

Application Deadline: 14 December

EEO card rec'd (12/28/07)

Has anyone heard further?

On-campus interview invite (1/30/08)

All tenure-track hiring put on hold due to state budget cuts (3/3/08)

Oh, man, that stinks. Is it just the Cal State system, or the U of Cal as well?

Rejection letter received 3/26

College of Saint Benedict[]

Columbus State University (non-Western)[]

emailed about caa meeting: 2/19

Gordon College[]

any news? 2 or 3 went to campus interviews in February. One candidate has been selected but that's all I know. I went for interview, loved the whole experience but, after more than 2 months, they still have not notified me. How about a little consideration? (4/25)

Keene State College[]

Application Deadline: ongoing

CAA interview scheduled 2/15 (x3)

What nice people - I wasn't happy about having my interview moved, because it meant I couldn't visit any of the Dallas museums, but they were really fine folks, and that made up for the inconvenience. If I have to work my a-- off, I hope it will be with colleagues like them (2/27)

why, what is the teaching load at Keene State?

I can't remember if it is a 3/3 or a 4/4, but you are also responsible for coordinating and hiring the adjuncts and maintaining the visual resources collection. 1 person department.

also you will have to live in Keene, NH, and that is something to take into serious consideration.

They just recently switched to a 3/3.

A friend told me Keene is a beautiful place, and with the distances so short in New England, you really are not that far from "civilization." (ie. cities like Portland and Boston).

Campus invite extended (3/17).

Rejection letter received (3/28) x5 (after such a long and difficult process, these letters always seem so amazingly banal)

Well, at least you got one. I didn't make the final cut, but have heard nothing from them. And I live about 2 hours south of Keene.

Same here! That's why this wiki is so valuable...

Lehigh University[]

Application Deadline: 15 November

E-mail request for additional materials (11/19/2007)

Committeee will not meet again until after holidays to choose candidates for CAA interviews, two-day campus interviews to take place in March (via e-mail, 12/18/07)

Request for CAA interview via e-mail (1/9/08)

Request for CAA interview via e-mail (1/29/08) - Never give up hope!

Rejection letter received (2/2/08) x 11

Maybe this is just me, but did anyone else who interviewed with them at CAA come away with a bad taste in their mouth? Courses with no caps, and as many as 200-250 students a semester without TA's? What a disappointment. Plus, a distinct hostility towards art historians. They mostly lectured me, and regularly interrupted me to tell me I wasn't what they wanted. Pooh.

god, how horrible. talk about bad manners. if they didn't want you, but still interviewed you at CAA, then they must not be reading their application materials carefully enough.

Well, I got my invite three weeks after everyone else. I wonder if they were just padding the schedule to make the search look good for the provost. They said they still had interviews to conduct after CAA, so it's beginning to look like a cattle call.

Maybe the post-CAA interview are for people who couldn't make it to Dallas. I think there was some delay in getting thru the original applications b/c one of the faculty members became severely ill and was hospitalized.

Well, that certainly would explain the lag time in notification. And I was of the impression that the interviews after CAA were essentially part of that same cohort. But I am still pretty disappointed with the number of students in each class, the fact that they do not offer 300-level classes, and that they have no plans to expand the art history faculty any further in the foreseeable future.

Here is some additional info... Lehigh received approx. 200 applications. Specialties, as you might imagine for a generalist position, were all over the map. The teaching questions I was asked at the CAA interview seemed tailored for someone with a good deal of experience in a department, i.e. an assistant professor, not a new Ph.D. -- this seemed to be the profile they targeted in their posting also. As I understand it, they do want to expand the art history faculty, but obviously there is no line available at the moment.

I am just going by what they told me in the CAA interview. Even though I have several years of full-time teaching experience, I felt as though they were trying to run me off.

Received a call for a campus interview after a positive CAA interview in Dallas (3/1/08). In Dallas, they definitely expressed an interest in adding additional positions, and it seemed clear that this year's hire was going to be put in the role of building up the department.

That is so weird - there must have been something about me that didn't sit well with them. And I had four other extremely positive interviews.

Request for a campus interview via email (03/13)

Offer made and accepted (by Nicholas Sawicki).

Lyme Academy[]

Has anyone applied to this job? It seems that the search is taking them a long time...

Is this Old Lyme Academy of Fine Art? I got a call inquiring if I was still interested on 4/22. They will call people for interviews soon.

Lynchburg College[]

App. deadline: Jan 18 2008

Rejection letter by mail: Feb 2 2008 x2

Misericordia University[]

Application Deadline: Dec. 17

CAA interview scheduled 2/15/08

Polite rejection letter received 3/14

North Central College[]

CAA interview request sent (EM) Feb 15.

Has anyone heard from them?

Nothing from them, but I saw on one of the job listing boards that the deadline was extended to 1/18/08.

CAA interview complete

That was several months ago. Surely SOMEONE knows something about this. (5/16)

Northeastern Illinois University (non-Western)[]

Phone interview scheduled for 1/31/08

Congrats - when did you hear from them?

thank you. i received an email on tuesday (1/22/08)

Campus Visit scheduled via email 2/5

Campus visit invitation 2/1

Well...good luck to both of us!

Yes, good luck to both of us! :-) Please post if you hear anything.

ADVICE: I interviewed on campus for this position in the past--a few years ago. They have a lot of bureaucratic strings to pull, so be sure to stay in active touch with them post-campus-interview. It takes a long time for them to get back to you and their silence can be misinterpreted as rejection.


Rejection letter received 5/1/08

Never received a letter (they say they sent it out in April) but heard that they did make a hire.

St. Joseph's University (PA)[]

Application Deadline: January 15, 2008

Acknowledged receipt of electronic application via e-mail (1/15/08)

Does anyone know anything about this?

I haven't heard a word. (2/17)

I broke down and wrote the department head, who responded almost immediately that he was forwarding my e-mail to the head of the search committee. It's only been 24 hours, but I have not heard anything from her. (2/27)

I have heard that the search is ongoing and that the committee has yet to deliberate. But likewise, I have heard nothing directly from the search committee. I sometimes wonder about positions that require an online application as part of the process -- it seems as if I am sending my materials into the netherworld and I am always concerned about whether they will get to the proper person. (2/28)

Agreed. She still has not e-mailed me with any information. My present position was searched with a similar process. I had completely forgotten I had even applied by the time they finally called me - no preliminary interview, just "Can you come next week?" It was the latter part of June by the time I finally got my contract. I hope to be long gone, if St. Joseph's is planning to keep the same schedule. Too bad - it looks like a beautiful campus. (2/28)

Invitation for campus interview. (2/29)

Well how about that! Did they give you any information about the teaching load, etc.? Congrats!

Didn't they have a search last year? How did that end?

I think they did another search prior to last year too. Just fishing-- as this year's posting (which was vague) seemed to indicate as well. I am surprised they moved forward with a campus interview--- Congratulations! The chair is a quality person. I have no idea what the teaching load will be, but the campus is very well-located and the college is expanding all the time.

Mass e-mail rejection from human resources. (4/22) God, I am getting sick of the callous and inhumane way people are beginning to run these searches. I'm willing to bet that if every one of us mobbed search committee chairs and HR offices with letters of protest, someone would take notice. Just think - 25 letters times, say, 85-100 applicants? And the poor secretaries would have to open each one of them.

So was an offer accepted, or was this (another) failed search?

Yes, a hire was made. (5/1)

Congrats to the hire - Can you say who is it? (5/6)

Southern Methodist University (Open Field, "Technologies of Visual Communication")[]

Application deadline: January 10, 2008

Has anyone heard anything about this one? (2/1/08)

All quiet on this one; have heard nothing as yet (2/3/08)

CAA interview requested 2/5

invited their short listed candidates for campus visits 2/25

campus visit scheduled (x2) for early April and late March

(Protracted conversation moved to discussion page verbatim.)

Any news on this one?

Offer made and accepted by Eric Stryker (Yale)

That's fantastic: congratulations!

State University of New York at Fredonia (Pre-modern)[]

Application Deadline: 14 December

Request for additional materials via e-mail (1/10/08)

Has anyone heard anything about this one? Very quiet. . . (2-19)

Very very quiet...2/19

Still radio silence, huh? 3/7 ETA: Ah hah hah. Silent no more. Rejection letter received via post, 3/7. x2

Masterful irony of above post makes it by far my favorite on this entire Wiki. Just wanted to say.

University of Florida (Latin American or Pre-Columbian)[]

Offer made and accepted.

University of Louisiana Lafayette (generalist)[]

CAA interview scheduled 2/8/08 Any news? I received an email post-interview that they were "seriously interested" but nothing else.

Diversity form received April 21!!!

Any news from this? I'm curious - sent in a late app. just in case "no qualified candidate" was found. Aren't we all qualified? (5/16)

University of New England (2-year visiting)[]

Application Deadline: Jan. 15, 2007 Any news from them?

phone interview at the end of February. no word from them since.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro (non-Western)[]

Has anyone heard from them yet? (1/25/08)

Rec'd "first cut" notification on 12/14/07 via e-mail also requesting missing letter.

Any updates? (2/19/08)

campus visit scheduled for next week (2/21)

Rejection letter received (3.21.08) x 2

University of Texas at San Antonio (Pre-Columbian or Modern/Contemp Latino/Latin AMerican)[]

CAA interview scheduled early Feb

Did anyone else here apply, or does anyone here know anything about this search?

Campus interviews have been scheduled.

West Chester University (PA)[]

Letter confirming application (1/08)

Any additional news?

CAA interview scheduled 2/14/08 x2

Does anyone know whether they've invited people for campus interviews? I forgot to ask what their timeline is.

Me also. Any news?

Did anyone get a call back? Seemed like a nice group.

Any news here? They did seem really nice.

Invited for campus interview (3/14).

Congrats! It's a great town and close to so much as well.

I gather there is an inside candidate. Anyone know for sure? (4/11).

Why do you think there is an inside candidate?

I (also) got such an impression during the interview... I may be wrong... Did they make an offer?(4/17)

Not that I know of. And I too got the impression that there was an inside candidate during the interview, from conspicuous silences on current faculty, and the general feeling that they were just going through the motions during the process. But who knows, really.

Yes, no rejection letters for now.

Rejection (4/30)

Offer made and accepted -- by inside candidate, Heather Sharpe.

Western Kentucky University (pre-modern or non-western)[]

Application deadline: January 8, 2008

Phone interview requested: January 15, 2008

Campus visit invitation via phone: Feb 18, 2008

Western Oregon University[]

Minnesota State University-Moorhead[]

CAA interview conducted: Feb. 22, 2008


Tulane (Art History Survey and Museum Studies VAP)[]


National Gallery of Art (D.C.) Post-Docs[]

anyone heard anything yet?

nothing at all?! I know I'm far from alone in applying for these spots. . . anyone hear anything at all?

  • On-site interviews were held during the second week of February for the pre-doctoral fellows. I hope this is helpful in some way.

oh. I suspect that means they shortlisted their postdocs as well. Pity.

Just to clarify - the predoctoral positions are at CASVA, and those interviews have indeed already taken place. However, the postdoctoral positions are with the curatorial departments of the museum, so they wouldn't be following the same schedule.

tick tock tick tock. . . who shall get this post-doc?

rejection by email (on my birthday as well, ouch!) 3/24

Columbia University Mellon Art History Post-Docs[]

Has anyone heard anything? (2/18)

Which postdoc is this? I thought there was one interdisciplinary Mellon and one art history Mellon. I called the dept in December to see if they were offering the art history one and she said the call was going to go out--but I never heard anything. Where was it announced?

It was announced on CAA and on their website.

I didn't get the CAA announcement and could not find it on their website--until now. Well you have one less competitor.

Request for interview by email (3/10) x 3

Has anyone heard anything yet?

Phillips Collection Post-Docs, Center for the Study of Modern Art[]

Rejection letter received (1/2/07)

Weisman Postdoctoral Instructor in Art History, California Institute of Technology[]

Rejection letter received (12/26/07)

Has anyone been offered this? Just curious.

Art Institute of Chicago Post-Docs[]

On-site visit, mid-February.

(Ditto. The odds appear to be a total of 5-6 candidates for 2 spots. Interviews may continue into mid-March, due to scheduling issues. Can anyone else confirm this?) 3/11

Offer extended via email with phone call following. 3/25/08 Offer accepted in prints and drawings. There was at least one other position offered in other departments. 4/4/08

Getty Postdoc[]

All Fellowships

Application Deadline: 1 November

Any news about the Getty? (02/07/08)

No word for me yet (02/08/08)

Anyone receive a letter of rejection yet? 2.21.08

Rejection received by email upon request 2.20.08 Q: for which type of fellowship? A: Getty Predoc Residential Fellowship.

Q: did they say whether one had been awarded at all? it looks like they don't always even grant a predoc.

I wrote the Getty regarding my predoc app. and they wrote me back that notifications will be made by mid-April. Anyone has a clue what is going on over there? (03/03/08)

Rejection letter received (03/07/08) (x4) Any news about the Getty? (04/02/08)?

Got my postdoc rejection in March.

Villa Predoctoral Fellowship

Anyone receive notice of Getty Villa Predoctoral fellowship decisions yet? 2/16/08

I wonder if anyone has a clearer sense of what's going on with this -- I know that some people have been given fellowships (like the postdoctoral), someone else got their rejection upon request via email. I emailed and asked that if a decision had been made, could they please tell me over email (assuming the decisions had been made, since someone got a rejection emailed for this category). They wrote back was that the decisions would go out in mid-April. Does anyone know whether this means I'm still in the running or if they just are waiting to notify until April? 3/3

Still no word here. Anyone else? 3/7

Rejection letter received 3/10

Villa Postdoctoral Fellowship

I have heard that one recipients of a residential fellowship was notified on 2/8. Don't know if the non-residential postdocs are on same timetable (2/13/8)

Acceptance letter (via DHL) for Getty Villa Postdoctoral residential fellowship. (2.18.08)

Non-Residential Postdocs

- I also haven't heard on the non-residential post-doc(2/17/8). Any word?

Anyone know when they have announced their decisions in the past? 2/18/08 [2/19/08: Answer for the Non-Residential Post-Doc: I've heard that it's been anywhere from the end of February to mid-March]

Email message from the Institute confirming mid April as the notification period, as per past years (2.18.08)

Phone call notification of award (3/1/08) (x3)

Rejection letter received (3/14/08) (x 2)

List is Up: <>

Metropolitan Museum of Art Postdoc[]

Does anyone know when they have announced decisions in the past?

end of February.

Thank you.

Look for a DHL or Fed Ex package for the good news (if previous years are an indication).

Has anyone heard yet? The wait is killing me, and this is usually the week (positive) notifications go out!(2/26)

No news here. They said they'd make the decisions by 2/29... Suspense is no fun.

Anyone heard anything yet? (2/28)

Radio silence (2/28) (x3)

Crappedy crap crap crap. Sorry, no news is bad news, right? Crap. (2/29)

anyone heard about a met predoc? 2.29

No word on predoc 2.29 pm. Do they ever notify via e-mail. Wld be unMetlike, I know.

Acceptance letter received by regular mail. (2/29/08) [Congratulations! Pre or Post doctoral?] Postdoctoral. And thank you!

Anyone know how many of these are given out? I found the Met's fellowship guidelines the vaguest of any of them. Thanks.

Rejection letter by regular mail 3/1 (x2)

Acceptance letter for postdoctoral fellowship received by regular mail. (3/03/08)

List is up <>

Rome Prize Postdoc (American Academy in Rome)[]

Rejection (via e-mail) 2-6-08 (x2)

Villa I Tatti, Florence[]

Application Deadline: 15 October

Nominees contacted by phone (1/29/08)

Notified at least one candidate late Feb 2008.

Nomination letters sent via e-mail and snail mail. Budget requests submitted 2/18/08. Awaiting offers.

Stipends offered (3/6/08)

Kress Fellowships[]

Has anyone heard anything on these? Either the travel fellowships or the institutional ones? (2/29/08)

acceptance letter received (travel fellowship) 17/3

Wellesley, Mellon Post-doctoral Fellowship, South Asian[]

"Preliminary interview" at CAA

Any news on campus interviews?

Emailed to ask about it but still have not heard from them (weird!) (April 13, 2008)

Offer made and accepted by Cathleen Cummings <>

The College of the Holy Cross (Mellon non-Western art)[]

Application deadline: March 24th

Campus Visit scheduled via email and phone (4/18)



2 awarded (4/7)

O'Keeffe Research Center[]

Anyone hear from O'Keeffe yet?? (4/15)

Smithsonian Institution[]

Letters go out on April 15, but I hear they made calls earlier


Albright-Knox (Senior Curator)[]

posted 6/12/08

Detroit (Dec Arts Asst Curator)[]

Offer accepted by: Yao-Fen You

St Louis (Dec Arts Curator)[]

MFA Boston (Asst Curator, American)[]

On-site interview scheduled 1 November 2007

Were you hired?

MFA Boston (Asst Curator, Prints and Drawings)[]

hired, 3/5/08

MFA Houston (Prints and Drawings)[]

Phone interviews scheduled for 2/6 through 2/8/08 (called 2/5/08)

Job is still listed on website. Apply if you haven't already!

New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Medieval Art & The Cloisters[]

Application Deadline: 18 January

Rejection letter received 03/28/08

On site interview scheduled 03/25/08

Search ended with an in-house hire.

who did they hire?

Barbara Drake Boehm

Philadelphia Museum of Art (Asst/Assoc Curator, South Asian & Himalayan Art)[]

Application Deadline: 01 April

Phone interview scheduled via e-mail, 19 May

Has this position been filled?

Philadelphia Museum of Art (Post-Docs, x 2 positions)[]

any news on these?

Walters, Asst/Assoc Curator of 18th/19th c. Art[]

Phone Interview, early May

Offer made and accepted 06/18/2008

who did they hire?

Walters, Asst/Assoc Curator of Medieval Art[]

Application Deadline: June 6, 2008

Email acknowledging receipt of application (6/5)