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Institution Name[]

Description of Position

  • Dated reports of requested references, requested conference and campus interviews, etc.

Missouri Southern State College

Art Historian, African or Scandinavian Art specialty

Deadline April 2

Lincoln University

Art Historian, Tenure-Track

Deadline April 23

On campus interview (6/8)

Offer made and accepted (6/15)

Offer retracted for bogus reason (6/22) Beware of this unprofessional university.

American: Native, Latin, Pre-Columbian, U.S.[]

University of Chicago

Early Modern, 1400-1800


Interview Scheduled:

Anyone heard anything about this job?

CUNY - City College[]

African or American

Deadline: 1/15/2010

Interview Scheduled:

Anyone heard anything about this job? When I first saw the annoucement it said the closing date was 12/15/09 but now it seems to have changed?

rejection received via snail mail (3/18)

Offer made and accepted (4/3)

What position did they fill? African? American?

They filled African.

University of Oklahoma

Native American

Rank: Assistant Professor

Deadline: Open until filled

Interview Scheduled:

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville


Deadline: 2/15/2010

Rank: Assistant or Associate + affiliation with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Interview Scheduled: (new listing)

University of Maryland, College Park[]

Post-Conquest Latin America

Rank: Assistant Professor

Deadline: Jan. 15, 2010

Interview Scheduled:

2/11 Received request for a campus visit (to be scheduled next week)

4/7: Updates on this?

4/21: I've heard an offer was made/accepted

Ancient: Greek, Roman, Near East[]

Johns Hopkins University

Open Rank, Roman Art and Architecture (from job ad: "...a focus on late antiquity would be especially welcome.")

Deadline: 12/11/09

1/16: any news on this?

1/24: I haven't heard anything either. Interesting, perhaps this might indicate they're focusing on bringing in a candidate at the eminent, tenured (and non-wiki-reading) level?

Campus Visit Request: 02.4.10 campus interviews scheduled (x4)

Offer made and accepted by: Pier Liugi Tucci

Rhodes College

Ancient Greek, Roman and/or Near East

Deadline: October 30, 2009

Interview scheduled: Telephone interview request (em) 11.20.09 (x2)

Campus interview scheduled: 12.16.09 (ph, x2)

I am told that an offer has been made and accepted. (02.16.2010): Francesca Tronchin has accepted the position.

The College of Wooster

Ancient and Medieval Art History

Deadline: November 16, 2009

Interview Scheduled:

  • 1/16: I think interviews were carried out at AIA in Anaheim. Can anyone confirm? 1/20: I have not heard anything about this position. I would love to know the status.

Telephone interview request (em) 1.28.10 (x2)

Campus visit scheduled (em) 2.12.10

Rejection Letter (mail) 4.17.10 (names volume of candidates and strength of fields)

University of Minnesota (Minneapolis)

Pre-Modern Mediterranean

Deadline: December 1 (begin evaluating October 15)

Interview scheduled: Video interview scheduled (by phone) with committee in late January (12/17, x 3)

Am not among those contacted for a video interview, but did get a letter dated 12/21 stating my candidacy is still under consideration. (1/7 - just back from holiday travels)

Rejection letter: snail mail, dated 12/21(x2)

What field(s), may I ask, are being considered for interviews? The search was pretty wide and I'm curious to have a sense of what they are looking at. (I'm a (rejected) medieval Mediterranean person.) Thanks!

  • I'm a rejected classical art historian/archaeologist. Also a bit curious about what fields were prioritized. (1/16/10)
  • I'm being interviewed next week (ancient)- from what others have offered in the other entry below, it looks like the candidate pool they've picked is still wide, ranging from Classical to Byzantine (1/24)

Offer: (3/23) Offer Made

anyone else get the automated message saying the position has been filled? Yup. (3/26) Offer Accepted by Matthew Canepa [and candidacy withdrawn from Hopkins' search in order to take the UMN offer; good luck to the other finalists there]

Could we possibly *hope* for a VAP to open at the College of Charleston in your wake? Pretty please?

  • The budget has been cut so much and so quickly by the state they didn't replace my position when I went on research leave this year, but I really hope so: Charleston is an incredible city and CofC has excellent undergraduate-focused archaeology, art history and preservation programs (my own move was motivated primarily by a strong desire to contribute to a doctoral program). I'll post it if I hear anything and it doesn't show up here on its own; definitely keep it in mind for next year- it's a great place to live and work and you'll find great friends and colleagues here.
  • (04/12) Good news, from asking my friends who were at the last dept. meeting, it looks like there will be funding for a VAP (and, thank goodness, it sounds like there will be TT search the year after!) job posting below (btw- I think they really want the candidate to cover one of the department's critical theory/historiography courses (ARTH 299) as well offer surveys/special topics in your specialty, you might include something to that effect in your application. I'm happy to answer any 'unofficial' questions best I can, though I'm obviously not on the committee or anything (canepam [at]; be sure to direct all official inquiries to the chair]

University of Michigan-Dearborn

Greek/Roman Art

Deadline: December 4, 2009

Interview Scheduled: CAA interview notification (em x7) - 01.14.10

Campus Visit Request: email, 02.15.10

Only one? Anyone else heard anything?

Posting on Classics Wiki that someone (else?) had a campus interview. Perhaps same person that posted here? (2/14)

Rejection letter (mail, dated 4/6)

Offer made and accepted (4/2) by: Diana Ng

Rollins College

Greek/Roman Art, Classical civilization, Latin

Deadline: Review of applications begins immediately

Interview scheduled:

  • 1/16: Interviews were carried out at AIA in Anaheim. (I wasn't among the interviewees, but still haven't gotten a rejection either. Hopeful! :)
  • phone interview early March, rejection email mid March

Wellesley College

Art and Architecture of the Ancient World
For further information go to
Deadline: December 15
Interviews at CAA: Conference interview request (em) 12.16.09

Campus Visit Request: email, 02.17.10

Offer made, as per rejection sent on 3/21 (see Classics Wiki): Kimberly Cassibry

Manhattan College


Deadline: January 15

Interview scheduled:

Anyone heard from these guys?

See medieval

Rejection letter 3/22, stating search is closed.

St. Bonaventure University

Greek & Roman Art

Deadline: until position filled

Interview scheduled: Request for phone interview (em) 1.28.10 x2

Campus Interview: Position filled (see classics site)

University of Missouri

VAP Roman Art and Archaeology

Deadline: March 31

Interview Scheduled:

Offer: accepted (4/21)

University of California -- Irvine

VAP Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology

Deadline: April 15

Interview Scheduled:

Offer: Made and Accepted (as per rejection email), 5/12

College of Charleston (VAP in Art History: Ancient art, specialty open (Ancient Near East to Late Antiquity)

Deadline: May 1, 2010

Interviews (to be conducted by Skype/phone):

Offer: Made and Accepted, 5/24

Job Description:

  • The art history department at the College of Charleston seeks a one-year visiting assistant professor in Ancient/Classical art, to begin August 2010. The person hired will be eligible to apply for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position that will be available the following year. Teaching responsibilities include historiography/methods in art history, the introductory art history course, greek/roman art, and/or upper-level courses in the candidate’s specialty. Ph.D. required.
  • Please submit a letter of application, CV, sample syllabi, and three letters of reference to Dr. Marian Mazzone, Chair, Art History Department, College of Charleston, 66 George Street, Charleston, SC 29424. Application deadline is May 1, 2010. NOTES: US Residents Only. For more information on CofC, see:

Other Resources:

Classics wiki:

Classics Job Market blog:

Any or General Art History[]

Auburn University-Montgomery

Tenure Track Assistant Position (Generalist, but American or European focus)

Phone Interview: Held week of 4/19

Interview: Campus interview week of 4/26


California University of Pennsylvania

Due date: 3/26

Phone call requesting phone interview (4/9) x2

Campus interview 5/4

Any news? 6/17

Flagler College

Assistant professor of art history

Due Date: 11/1

Interview scheduled: contacted by email (1/21) to schedule CAA interview

contacted by phone for CAA interview (1/23) x4

Any semi-finalists hear back after CAA? (2/24)

Not yet (2/25)

Any news? (3/4)

Not yet, at least not me. (3/5) x3

I hear they've invited people out for campus visits (3/10)

Offer made and accepted: 4/27

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Assistant Professor of Art History

Deadline: December 1

Interview scheduled: preliminary inquiry re: CAA (1/5); interview scheduled (1/19

Received rejection letter by post 1/16 (x5)

(2/4): Um, why did I just get an email from my job agent indicating that this position has been relisted?

Invitation to campus (em, 2.24 x2)

Any news? Not me. They contacted one reference last week, but only one. Are there only two of us? (4/5)

offer made (4/7) and accepted (4/30)

Jackson State University

Assistant Professor of Art History

Due Date: 12/15

Notified of possible campus visit last week (2/25)

On-campus interviews held in March. The hiring process is still underway. (4/22)

Any news? (nothing 6/4)

Approval paperwork stalled in administration (6/16)

Lebanon Valley College

Deadline: December 1

Interview scheduled Received email that position has been offered and search is closed (1/18) (x6).

Seems abrupt, no? No kidding, I never even received an acknowledgement of my materials being received. Definitely smells like a pseudo-search.

Definitely not a pseudo-search - filling a slot of a Europeanist who left.

(1/29) I got the inside scoop on this one: they hired from within - a professor who had had a dual appointment with art history and another department. (1/29): Oh, so that explains how we all got rejected so fast without interviews, and how my rejection letter made clear that my materials weren't even read? Look, if you already know who you are going to hire, don't advertise a national search, okay?

So, a pseudo-search after all. Waste of our time and money.

Something tells me we should add Lebanon Valley to the "Schools to Fear" Academic Wiki...

Luther College

Deadline: December 15

Interview scheduled: phone interview 1/21 (x2)

Campus visit scheduled: on 1/26 (x2)

Offer made and accepted: 3/17

Marshall University

"Generalist with strength in Modern/Contemporary"

Deadline: March 10

Interview scheduled:

Campus visit scheduled:

Meadows School of the Arts at SMU

"Rhetorics of Art, Space, and Culture"

Dealine: 1/10

Interview Scheduled: Rumor has it that they are looking at senior scholars (3/19). Not a rumor; that is stated in the job description. Interviews are ongoing (4/16).

Pacific University

Deadline: January 5

Rec'd letter by mail dated 1/6 saying they would be reviewing applications this month (1/15) (x3)

Interview scheduled

Anyone heard anything here?

Rejection letter via email 2/17 (x5) Job went to inside candidate.

Ripon College

Deadline: December 4

Interview scheduled:

Email request for additional materials (1/18) x 2

Email and phone call to arrange phone interview (1/28) x 2

Campus Interview Scheduled (2/4) Any news? (3/4)

Rejection letter via email (3/12) x 2

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

Lecturer, (2) 1 year lecturer positions available, 1 generalist position, for details see and Early Modern European sabbatical replacement, for details see

Deadline: review of applications to begin on April 8

Requests for on campus interviews have been extended (4/22)

Offer made and accepted (5/17)

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 

European and/or American Art and/or Architecture, 1100-1900

Deadline: 1/5/10

CAA interview to be scheduled, request for letters of recommendation (1/15) x3

Can I ask if they contacted candidates directly to request the letters, or if your letter-writers passed on this info? I ask because one of my letter-writers made a comment in mid-Jan that made me think hu had been contacted for a letter, but here we are five days before CAA and it seems I am out of luck. All best to those with interviews (2/6)

    • On-Campus Interviews are on going (3.5.10) **

Comment: is it just me, or is this position unbelievably vague? anyone have more info?

[what  follows is only a rumor, take with big grain of salt and please do correct me if what I have heard is wrong] I've heard they have multiple open positions in Western art that they would fill in an ideal world, but given massive budget cuts they can only hire one body this year.  rather than choose which position to fill, they are casting a wide net and hoping to find one outstanding junior scholar who is a specialist in any given one among the open fields, and also willing/able to teach as a generalist.  I think [I do not know, but I think] the idea is that, as the state economy recovers, they would gradually hire more people in future years, so that whoever takes this job will eventually just be responsible for their own field, though they may still teach surveys etc. as needed.  [does that make sense?  I'm curious too, if anyone out there knows more.]

-- I heard a similar story!

-- The idea makes sense. But the ad for the position, as it is written, is terrible. They have not advertised for any intellectual field ("challenging the canon" isn't an intellectual field, by the way.)

-- It's an open field search (like many searches in non-Western art history). They don't expect people to teach outside of their own fields.

-- ok, but if you wish to compare it to many non-Western searches, those hires often *are* expected to teach outside their own fields, just not to publish outside their fields. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Does anyone know what happened with this search at UCLA????

Maybe it was not filled due to the budget? Seems possible, right? Other CA jobs were canceled this year. -- I've heard an offer was extended within the past week or two, but don't know whether it has been accepted (5/18)

-- I think the above rumors about a desire by the department to open up several Western a.h. searches (due to many retiring faculty) are true, but there is a college-wide hiring freeze with no end in sight. However, there seems to have been one recent, junior appointment in Gothic art: a female scholar. Renaissance and Greek/Roman faculty might be next...(8/2010)

University of Idaho

Art History/Visual Culture

Deadline: March 1, 2010

Any news here? (3/19) --I understand they were contacting references mid-March, but I haven't heard anything since (3/29).

Email requesting phone interview (3/30). Interview scheduled: Email requesting campus interview (4/6)

Offer made and accepted (5/21).

University of Louisiana at Monroe

Deadline: January 11, 2010

- Phone interview (3/3)

- Campus interview (2/9) - Any ideas why campus interviews were held before phone interviews?

I had a phone interview before the above-mentioned campus interview. They reposted the job the day I flew down for a campus interview.

Any further news? (4/2)

I had an email response on 3/8 saying that they were still 'in process', but nothing since that time.

Rejection letter received: 4/16 (x2)

University of Oregon (Clark Honors College)

History of Science and/or 'Historian of the Arts' (2 positions)

Deadline: October 15, 2009

Interview scheduled:

question: does anyone else think that this is a strange position?  do they want a historian or an art historian?  very mysterious.  good luck everybody.  I think they want both. ack rcvd (x3) 10/22

I spoke with a professor at the U of O in the art history department, and he said the Honors College is looking for an art historian (or music person I think) to fill this position, though I suppose they could arguably select two "historians of science" if they don't like the applicants for art history. And yes, good luck everyone.

Has anyone heard anything? The History of Science wiki say interviews are scheduled for the History of Science position at the Hist Sci Society annual conference, which is next week. Do you think they will do the Art History ones at CAA?

I haven't heard anything, and it's hard to say if they'll interview at CAA. Given the deadline, CAA seems too far in the future for interviews if they're already interviewing for the science position(s) next week. Maybe they decided against an art historian, or maybe they're waiting to review the art history applicants after the science interviews are conducted.

Email update from History Search Assistant (11/16/09).  Search being conducted in two phases.  Finalists for science search have already been contacted.  Finalists for Art History search to be contacted in first two weeks of January.  Wish all searches were conducted with this much consideration for the applicants.  (Though I'm sure part of the purpose for notifying us was to turn back the flood of emails they're receiving!) ha! I was thinking they must have sent out the email b/c they read the wiki! (x4)

Does anyone think there is the possibility for an inside candidate on this position? It just seems so odd. Ans: well there certainly is a possibility, but what is odd? the job or the extended timeline? I think they just want an interdisciplinary art historian - ie both art history and general cultural history, etc. There are plenty of people like that. It is a bit of an untraditional, interdisciplinary position, but i don't see why that indicates inside candidate. :) Res: I guess I meant odd that the job was as broad as possible. Perhaps odd wasn't the best turn of phrase. Thanks for the response though. Answ: It didn't seem odd to me, more unusual. Keep in mind that they could choose a historian of performing arts, not just an art or architectural historian. Or, of course, someone who can do a bit of all of those. I thought it sounded like an exciting opportunity, myself. ;) Actually, what I'd like to know is how this position will relate to the Art History and/or other depts outside the Honors College. - a good question to ask at the CAA interview if you get it.

--CAA interview scheduled. (1/11) x5

Was this via email or phone? Thanks!

Phone call with email follow up.

What field do you specialize in?

Rejection form letter email (1/15) x5

    • Update (2/13): Just returned from interview at CAA. Def. looking for someone to teach in a broad, global framework with subjects that appeal to both art history majors and those well outside the field like biology and physics. Certainly a challenging position, esp. since graduate school teaches you to be a specialist in a particular area/time period, and yet these jobs expect you to look well beyond.

Invitations for campus visits have gone out.

University of Tulsa

Assistant Professor of Art History

Deadline: Dec. 20th

No word, anyone?

Interview Scheduled: contacted by email (1/26) to schedule CAA interview x 3

Anyone who interviewed at CAA hear back yet? (2/25) Anyone have any follow-up information about this position? (3/16)

Does anyone know if an offer has been made and accepted? (4/5) Apparently so. Letter received 4/23.

Virginia Military Institute

3-year non-TT assistant professor position

Deadline: December 15

Interview scheduled: CAA interview schedule (1/20) (x5)

received email on 1/15 that they were in the process of reviewing applications to determine interviews (x4)

Anyone have a sense of why this is a non-TT position? Also, it doesn't appear to be adjunct since it is teaching 3 courses/semester and offers benefits, I think...

Be careful - there are no benefits for this position. Was contacted 1/15 to check whether I would still be interested even though it is an adjunct position. Chairperson clarified that it comes with no benefits whatsoever.

That is awful. If the what the above poster says is true and there aren't any benefits, why would anyone want to take this job? Does VMI not have enough money to ensure that its teachers receive health insurance? Are we not better off working at Starbucks? This kind of thing will continue as long as there are underemployed art historians willing to accept these kinds of working conditions. Shame on you, VMI. (grammar edited, snark removed: let's not attack each other, OK? this should be a supportive place...typos happen).

- (np) thank you editor. That comment has been bothering me all day. We are all in such a bind this year with the horrible job market, I hope that we can rise above such caustic and unhelpful attacks. (x2) OK, snarker apologizes, I'm sorry...but I get enough comments about Starbucks without seeing it here, so I was bothered too. I also have some sympathy for VMI; they are hardly set up to make our field a priority, so rather than shaming them for not being able to offer much I appreciate that they are at least trying to broaden their offerings in the while I will not attack other posters again, let's also not attack schools -- there's a wiki for that elsewhere.

I don't understand why they need to conduct a national search for such a position. Who could relocate for a position without benefits? For someone living in the area, it is definitely a step up from adjuncting on semester-long contracts. This is deeply troubling. Even VAPs have health insurance benefits. Are you certain that no benefits are associated with this position? I agree with poster above: why do a national search? It doesn't make sense.

Campus interview scheduled for next week (1/25) - BTW, it is depressing that this is technically a full-time position but offers no benefits(there are definitely none - chair clarified this). However, as noted above, my understanding is that there is an attempt to broaden humanities department. The professor who taught Art History is retiring and/or decreasing teaching load. And, there is the potential, based on budgets and the administrative gods that this will turn into a full-time TT position. Position involves only teaching (no committees, etc.)

Thanks for the info above -- can I ask, are you local to VMI? It seems odd to host a campus interview prior to speaking with candidates at CAA. Reply: yes, I am local - had choice of interviewing at CAA or in Lexington.

Anyone heard anything else since CAA?

I was offered the position last week but have not accepted yet. Still weighing my options. Will post when decision made. (2/24) Offer accepted. 3/8/10

Westfield State College

Invitation to Campus Interview (3/5, by phone)

Whitman College

One-year visiting position in Art History and Visual Culture Studies

Deadline: 1/19

Email request for CAA interview 1/28

Phone interview scheduled for 2/19

Anyone who interviewed at CAA (hear anything yet? (2/25)

I was told at CAA that decisions will not be made until mid-March (3/3)

Architectural History[]

New York University Gallatin School

Faculty Position in Sustainable Architecture (non-tt) (not necessarily history)
Deadline Dec 1

Parsons Art and Design History and Theory (ADHT)

Assistant Professor in Design History and Theory (with emphasis on the built environment)
Deadline Nov 1 (OUF)

request for phone interview 0204. request for additional materials. 0221

search failed. will re-open position next year.

Portland State University

Assistant Professor of Architectural Design and Cultural History
Deadline Dec. 31
Interviews scheduled for the month of April along with three other non-history related positions including
sustainability and design.

Princeton University School of Architecture

Assistant Professor of the History and Theory of Architecture
Deadline Nov. 1

first round interviews completed.

Candidate talks scheduled.

offer made and accepted.

Rhode Island School of Design: Department of History of Art and Visual Culture

Assistant Professor in the History of Architecture: 19th to 21st centuries
Deadline Dec 11
CAA interview scheduled (1/13). x6

Received odd rejection em (2/23), notifying that the position has been offered to a candidate. However, this e-mail also stated that I was one of a small group of individuals invited for campus interviews (which I was not).

--how strange! were you interviewed at CAA in Chicago? Could they really have conducted campus visits and concluded the search in less than 2 weeks after CAA?

In reply to your question, no, I was not interviewed at CAA, which made the e-mail even more odd.

Anyone else hear anything?

2/28 I interviewed at CAA and have not been invited to campus, but was under the impression that the search is still pending. I also interviewed at CAA, and have yet to hear anything. I was under the impression that we would hear one way or another by now. When you say that the search is still pending, do you mean pending as in not yet filled, or pending as in not certain that it is going to be filled at all? Thanks for any info or impressions. (2/28) 3/1 not yet filled 3/1 At my CAA interview they said late Feb early March so the next week or two should provide some information.

3/13 Has anyone heard anything?

3/26 Does anyone know if this search is still ongoing?

4/5 I don't know. Does anyone else know?

4/8 Campus visits have been completed.

4/8 Does anyone have an idea how many campus vsits were conducted? And have the other candidates been informed of their status? rumor is offer made and accepted.

Stanford University

Assistant Professor in Architectural History
Deadline Dec 7

still no word from stanford, or rumor about stanford? does anyone know if they're conducting interviews at CAA?

A: The ack. email said CAA interview will be scheduled 'late January', ie this week I imagine.

A2: They asked candidates for interviews DAYS before CAA the last time they did a search.

Probably doesn't mean anything, but I did get an email to fill out the gender/diversity questionnaire last week. (1/24) x7

CAA interview scheduled (1/29) x 1

Congrats. Did they contact you by email, or phone? Good luck.

A: By email

Rejection from Stanford via email (2/1) x 4

To those who are moving forward with an interview, would you mind sharing your fields or areas of interest? And, good luck to you!

Email rejection after CAA interview (2/16) x 3 Per internal email, they are scheduling 3 campus interviews for early March but have not yet announced the candidates. (2/17_ [see Stanford Art History website for candidates and fields] Departmental decision being made today (3/12) Any news on this one? offer made.

University of Lugano, Switzerland

Professor in the History of Architecture (Open Rank??)

Deadline February 26 acknowledgement rec'd 04/21. (x2)

E-mail describes that finalists will be notified "probably" during the second week of May. [No word yet 5/17]

On-campus interviews with public lectures scheduled for early June.

Contacted for interview 05/21

University of Oklahoma

Assistant Professor in Architectural and Cultural History
Deadline Jan 15

University of Oregon Department of Art History

Assistant Professor in Architectural History, any field
Two Positions [also an endowed senior position]
Deadline Jan. 6

Email ack x4 (1/20). Polite rejection x5 (1/21). they will do 12 interviews at CAA; said they had ~80 applicants

Any news post CAA?

at least one offer made.

University of Pittsburgh Dept of History of Art and Architecture

Assistant Professor in Modern/Contemporary Architectural History
preference for emphasis on East Asian or Latin American
Deadline Dec. 15

CAA interview scheduled, 1/14 Did anyone else hear from Pittsburgh? It looks as though only one person has posted that (s)he will be interviewing at CAA.

Yes, more than one CAA interview was scheduled.

Campus interviews have been scheduled (3/2).

University of Toronto Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design

Histories and Practices of Architecture, Landscape and/or Urbanism
Deadline Nov 30

Any word from Toronto? I thought they were going to interview at CAA as well.

Interview requested 0218 offer made and accepted.

University of Utah School of Architecture

Architectural History and Theory (open rank)
Deadline Dec. 1

Snail mail notification of shortlist status (2/6). (x5)

Informed I was included on short list, just to clarify the above (2/8/10). (x1)

References have been contacted. (2/10).

Has anyone gotten a request for an interview, or even a phone interview? (3/5)

I haven't. I rec'd a letter saying that I was on the shortlist, but I don't believe that my references have been contacted. Seems hard to imagine that they haven't already moved forward. (3/6)

Interviews have been scheduled (3/7). At least one has already occurred.

How many of us were on the shortlist but not asked to interview? (x2)

Offer made and accepted. (4/7)

Washington University/ Sam Fox School of Design

Assistant Prof of Architectural History and Theory
Deadline Jan 18

email ack. 1/29

University of Virginia School of Architecture

Visiting Assistant Professor for a one-year appointment for a historian of non-Western or European architecture and urbanism after 1400

Skype interview 4/1

Any update on this one?

Did not receive any acknowledgement of application submission.

offer made and accepted

Asian: East, South, Southeast[]

American University, Washington, DC

Assistant Professor, Asian or Latin American Art History
Deadline: Review of applications begins October 15 and will continue until December 15
Interview: invited for CAA interview via email, 1/21X2, CAA interviews cancelled. Phone interviews to take place week of 2/15.
Campus Visit: email invitation rec'd 2/23 for on-campus interviews in March X3. 4 were shortlisted for visits, still ongoing.
Offer: any word to whom? It must have been made by now. What makes you say an offer has already been made? Is this just a guess or did you receive an offer? Ans. Sorry to freak you out. It was a guess. I do not have the offer. Also, I am not the one who said "any word on whom." I am the one who said "it must have been made." If it has been made, congrats to whoever has it. any new word? Offer made and accepted 3/23. Congratulations. May we ask your field?

Offer Accepted by:Namiko Kunimoto (UC Berkeley)

Bates College, Lewiston, ME

Visiting Assistant Professor (1 yr.), Asian Visual Culture & Architecture
Deadline: Open until filled; early applications by 2/5/10 for preliminary interviews at CAA, full dossier review begins 2/26/10
Interview: at CAA 2/12
Campus Visit:
Job Accepted by: college website lists Melissa Walt in this position

Arcadia University, Glenside, PA

Adjunct, Asian Art History
Deadline: Open until filled, will be interviewing at CAA.
Campus Visit:

Brooklyn College, CUNY, Brooklyn, NY

Assistant Professor, Non-Western Art, Asian, African or Latin American preferred, although Native American would be acceptable
Deadline: 10/21/09
Ack. and request for EOE info rec'd via email, 10/27/09
Interview: Phone interview scheduled for early January. x 2 Q: When were you contacted? Email or phone? Thanks. X 2
Campus Visit: took place this week (1/19-1/22) Anyone have any idea how many people they interviewed on campus? Any word as of yet? (1/26) No word yet. It seems like they interviewed 3-6 candidates. (1/26) received snail mail rejection 3 /12.
Offer: Offer apparently made. Any word on to whom? (3/1)
Offer Accepted by:

Denison University, Granville, OH

Assistant Professor, East Asian Art
Deadline: Review of applications will begin December 31, 2009 and continue until the position is filled.
Interview: inivited for CAA interview (1/26/10)
Campus Visit: on campus interview took place Feb 22-Mar2
Offer:any news? Offer seems to have been made. Anyone knows to whom?
Email indicating position has been filled rec'd 3/25.

Offer Accepted by: website indicates Peggy Wang (Univ of Chicago) teaching courses in fall

Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

ASIANetwork-Luce Foundation Postdoctoral One Year Teaching Fellow, Asian Art (China/Japan)
Deadline: 1/10/10
Interview: phone interviews conducted late last week. (2/9) x4
Campus Visit: Offer made and accepted (3/29). Sheri Lullo is listed on the website as offering a course this coming fall, though someone put her name below as the new hire at Union.

Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT

Post-doctoral Fellow in Japan Studies, ASIANetwork-Luce Teaching Fellow Program (preferred fields: Art History, History, Religious Studies)
Deadline: review of applications begins 2/15/10
Interview: video interviews to be scheduled for mid-March
Campus Visit:
Job Accepted by: ASIANetwork website indicates this position went to Ive Aaslid Covaci (PhD, Yale University, 2007)

Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Assistant Professor, Asian Art History
Deadline: 11/15/09
Ack. & request for EOE info rec'd via email, 11/30/09
- Heard that requests for additional info and writing samples have been made late last week. Can anyone confirm? Thanks. (1/11)    Yes, I received an emailed request for syllabi and writing samples. (1/12)
Interview: invited for CAA interview via email; Just rec'd an invite (1/28) without prior request for materials. Anyone else like this?. CAA interviews cancelled. Telephone interviews to take place the week of 2/15.
Rejection email rec'd (2/4) Q: Did they invite anyone for campus interview yet? Affirmative.
Campus Visit: scheduled, contacted by phone (2/26) Q: can anyone tell when the on campus interview is taking place? After emailing, received confirmation that campus visit have taken place and I was not short-listed. Official rejections to be sent in the next few weeks after the decision is finalized. Finalist rejection email sent. (3/23)
Offer: Heard it has been made. (3/29) Offer made and accepted. (3/29)

Offer Accepted by: website reports Michelle Wang joined the dept (former Asst Prof at Louisiana State)

Heidelburg University, Heidelburg, Germany

Full Professor, History of the Arts of East Asia (currently, Prof. Lothar Ledderose)
Deadline: 4/1/10

Hunter College, New York, NY

Open Rank Professor, Far Eastern Art (Chinese painting, preferred)
Deadline: 3/15/10
Campus Visit: currently being conducted (2nd week of April)

Macalester College, St. Paul, MN

One year full-time replacement, Assistant or Associate Professor, East Asian Art History

Deadline: review begins immediately (CAA listing posted 5/21)


Campus Visit:

Offer accepted by: Georgiana Podulke (Univ of Minnesota)

McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Visiting (1 yr.) Lecturer or Assistant Professor, Chinese Art History
Deadline: 4/15/10
Campus Visit:

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Senior teaching fellow in the Art and Archaeology of South Asia (9 month term)

Apply at (Vacancy no. 000163)

Deadline: 5/12/10


Campus Visit:

Offer accepted by:

Metro State College of Denver

Tenure Track Professor, Non-Western Art, Theory and Criticism
Deadline: Screening begins 2/1/10
Interview: Interview scheduled at CAA by phone (2/6) x4
Campus Visit: Campus visit requested by phone (3/18). Campus visit scheduled for early April (4/1). Campus visit scheduled for early April (3/4). Any news???. Reference checks were requested but withdrew from search a week after campus visit for another opportunity that came afterwards. Good luck to the other candidates! (4/20).

Reed College, Portland, ORAssistant/Associate Professor, Asia, Africa (including Diaspora), the Middle East, and/or Latin America

Deadline: 12/1/09
Ack. rec'd via post, 12/2/09. x 3 -- I'd previously applied for a 1 year VAP in East Asian History and Chinese Humanities, but the letter came from this search; apparently, they passed my application on. Did this happen to anyone else? (12/9/09)
Interview: CAA interview scheduled X3 -- Was this by phone, email, or postal mail? When? By e-mail (1/11). Anyone who interviewed at CAA hear back yet? (2/25) No. Aren't short lists usually determined within the week following CAA? (2.27) Looking at last year's wiki, it seems that many campus visit requests came in mid-march. Reed was clear at CAA that they were on a slower scheduler because of managing two hires at once. 3/1 Not clear to me - they indicated they would have moved on this by now
Campus Visit: Any word? (3/1) No (3/1) Any updates? (3/5) Some campus visits happening this week (3/5). I heard the campus visits were for the visiting contemporary position.... Those aren't happening till later in the month. (3/ ) Even if they're interviewing for the contemporary position now, is it correct to assume that campus visits for the non-Western position have already been scheduled? (3/9) So is anyone actually interviewing this week for the non-Western position? (3/10) Campus visit took place first week of March for the non-Western position (3/10).
Offer: any news? (3/14) A: Heard through the 'vine that an offer was made not too long after visits (3/17) (x2) offer made and accepted.

Offer Accepted by: Michele Matteini.

Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI

Assistant/Associate Professor, Asian Art and Architectural History
Deadline: Review of applications begins 12/15/09
Rec'd ack. and EEO card by mail (12/10/09)
Interview: This search has been cancelled, along with all the other RWU searches. Two Years in a row. The Asianist they hired two years ago lasted two semesters. 2/16

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

Assistant Professor, Visual Culture of Asia, China preferred
Deadline: 12/8/09
Rec'd ack. and EEO form by mail (12/11/09); letter says review of applications will begin in early January and candidates for CAA interviews will hopefully be notified by 1/20/10.
- Has anyone heard from Santa Clara yet? (1/21).
Interview: Yes, CAA interview (1/21). Thanks for posting. When did you hear from them? (1/21). Invited by email on 1/20 X2.(Following CAA interview, received email that I did not make short list. 2/22/10).
Campus Visit: Any word? (3/1)
Offer: Recevied offical word that the offer has been made and accepted. (3/29)

Offer Accepted by:

Skidmore College, Saratoga, NY

Visiting Assistant Professor (1 yr.), Asian or Islamic Art
Deadline: 1/15/10
Interview: CAA interview scheduled by phone (2/1); video interview (2/15), phone interview (2/18) Question: Did you have both CAA interview and video interview? A: just the video interview. Recd. e-mail saying I made it to the next round. But no funds for campus visits (2/22) Q: does this mean they're not doing campus visits or that they want candidates to pay their own way? A: they didn't specify one way or another. They said that they would wait for a while. Post-CAA Skype interview requested by e-mail 3/11. Q: Did you have both CAA interview and Skype interview? I had the CAA interview and a second Skype interview was recently requested (3/18).had a skype interview (3/29). Had a Skype interview (3/26).
Campus Visit:
Offer: offer made and accepted by Aditi Chandra (PhD candidate at Univ of Minnesota, specialist in Islamic art)

Smith College, Northampton, MA

Freeman/McPherson Post-doctoral Fellowship in East Asian Art (3-yr)
Deadline: 11/15/09
Interview: Phone interview requested by phone, 12/21/09; 20-30 minute interviews being scheduled for 1/20-21/10. x 4
Q: Does anyone know whether they've contacted everyone for phone interviews, also interviewing at CAA or doing campus visits? Thanks.
A: I don't know whether they've contacted everyone; I understand that they are not doing CAA interviews, but are doing campus visits in February.
Campus Visit: Any word? three visitors, 2/15, 2/16, and 2/18
Offer: Made and accepted. (notified via letter rec'd 4/3)

Offer Accepted by: Fan Zhang (Brown PhD 2010)

Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX

Visiting Assistant Professor (1 year), East Asian Art History

Deadline: applications reviewed upon receipt (CAA listing posted 5/3)


Campus Visit:

Offer accepted by:

Union College, Schenectady, NY

Assistant Professor, East Asian Art
Deadline: 1/1/10
Rec'd email request for 3rd letter of rec., 12/17. They also asked whether I would be attending CAA. They are interviewing by phone, but the committee will be at CAA and hopes to meet candidates. Email did not specify when they would contact for phone interviews. X2 Rec'd email notice confirming receipt of 3rd letter, 1/7.
Interview: at CAA 2/16. (are you sure the date is correct? CAA ends at Feb 13). sorry meant 2/9. When was the CAA interview scheduled? by phone or by email? 1/ 27 email. Phone interview Feb 1st. Q: Have they contacted anyone yet after the CAA? received notification that I did not make short list March 3.
Campus Visit:
Offer: made and accepted (4/7)
Offer Accepted by: Sheri Lullo (? Sheri is listed on the Dickinson website as offering Arts of Asia in the Fall 2010 semester...) website lists yudong wang?
Sheri Lullo will begin teaching at Union in the fall of 2011.

University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

Lecturer, Chinese Art (4 yr. contract)
Deadline: 10/26/09
Interview/Campus Visit: req. 10/29 via email and snail mail; interviews scheduled for 11/17/09
Offer: made and accepted, 11/18/09. Chia-Ling Yang.

University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Assistant Professor, Asian Art (to start August 2010, tenure-track)
Deadline: 4/19/10
Campus Visit:

University of San Diego, San Diego, CA

Assistant Professor, Asian Art
Deadline: For priority consideration, materials should be received by 11/20/09
Interview: Skype interviews being scheduled for 12/14-16/09
Interview: Video interview requested 12/4/09 scheduled for 12/14/09 (x 2)
Campus Visit: requested by phone 12/17/09 scheduled for late January. (x3) -1: I (one of the finalists) have accepted another position. Good luck to the other interviewees -- I think it sounds like a wonderful job! (1/21/10)
Offer: Any word? (3/1) received rejection letter in mail (3/1) rejection letter in mail 3 / 12. Q: Did they make the offer yet? to whom?

Offer Accepted by: jessica lee patterson

University of Texas, Arlington

Assistant Professor, African or Asian art, preferably with a specialization in the pre-Modern era and a secondary area of expertise.
Deadline: Review of applications begins November 15, 2009 and will continue until the position is filled.
Interview: phone interview requested 12/07 (X2)
Campus Visit: scheduled. Did they schedule by phone or e-mail? I made an anonymous call to the office today (02/01) and they have NOT invited candidates for campus interviews yet. Invitation for campus interview X3
Offer made and accepted.

Offer Accepted by: website indicates Melia Belli (PhD UCLA, 2009)

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Assistant Professor of Asian Art and Visual Culture
Application Deadline: 4 December 2009 for full consideration
Has anyone got any letters/email from Utah?
- You should get an email inviting you to "self-identify" for EOE purposes. Unfortunately, I don't know when I submitted my application, but I probably received the email within two weeks of submitting. (12/8)
Interview: Request for interview received December 7, scheduled for 12/15
- one round of preliminary video interviews before winter break, and another round (with different candidates) after the break, early Jan. Not everyone has been contacted yet. (12/13)
- has anyone been contacted as part of the January round yet? (1/11). Yes, I was. I was contacted about 12/20 and had the Skype interview yesterday (1/12).
- Has anyone been contacted for the Campus Visit yet? Thanks (1/23)
Campus Visit: took place b/w jan 25 - feb 12. Seemed like three candidates visited.
Offer: Any word? (3/1)Did they make the offer yet? Anyone knows what kind of person that they are looking for? emphasis on modern era? Offer apparently made. Can anyone confirm? (3/3) Someone had written the offer was a rumor... still no confirmation? I was a finalist and just received official word that the position has been filled (3/12). Q: to the finalist....can you tell us about your field? I heard that they want a modernist... Not according to the Utah Fall 2010 course catalog, which lists Winston Kyan, a specialist in Chinese and Silk Rd. Buddhism.

Offer Accepted by:

Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA

Visiting Assistant Professor (Fall 2010, possibly Winter 2011), Asian Art History

Teach one section of the Survey of Asian Art, one section of the Arts of China, and one section of the Western Survey (to 1400) in Fall term, 2010. Possibility of extension of teaching responsibilities in Winter term, 2011 pending budget approval. To view full job description and to apply online visit us at EOE. Apply online at Additional Salary Information: Salary commensurate with experience. ABD and teaching experience required. Ph.D preferred.

Interview: phone interview scheduled 1 June

Campus Visit:

Offer accepted by:

Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC

Assistant/Associate Professor, Asian Art
Deadline: Review of completed applications will begin December 1 and continue until the position is filled.
Interview: Recd. e-mail for interview at CAA (1/21). x2
Campus Visit: Recd. e-mail requesting campus visit (2/22). Q: when is the on campus interview taking place? A: mid March. I believe there are two others as well.
Offer: Offer made 4/5. But refused for another opportunity 4/11. Good luck to the other two candidates!
Offer Accepted by: website lists Dave Efurd (PhD Ohio State) as new Asst Prof

Contemporary, Theory, Performance[]

Baruch College, CUNY

New Media/Interdisciplinary Studies

Received application acknowledgment by mail 2/2

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Contemporary Art

Deadline: 1/8

Received application acknowledgment by post 11/15 (x2) said we would hear somethng by 1/26 at the latest.

semi-finalist notification per Email. Request for letters, syllabi, and CAA interview. 1/22 (x 4)

No news, really?

Has anyone received any word at all? They said at CAA they were going to make the decision "soon".... I'm assuming they've made their choice(s) and it's just not getting posted....

offer made 3/4.

I am not understanding why one person puts "offer made 3/4" and then someone else comes along and erases it without explanation. Why would that be?

People need to learn Wiki etiquette! Were there campus interviews scheduled for this position? Or did they just offer the job to someone based on a hotel interview? ;-)

there were 3 campus visits. Job offer made and accepted last week. Congratulations! Seemed like a fantastic position.

any idea who it went to ?

WIllamette University

Modern/Contemporary/American (generalist)

deadline: October 31, 2009

received application acknowledgment in the mail 11/7' (x6)

semi-finalist notification, telephone interviews on 12/4 and 12/11 (11/23)

Just wondering, was this notification via phone, mail, or email?  (e-mail) Wondering if more than one person received this notification.

Yes, I also (a second person) received the same email notification. It went out to eight semi-finalists.

Rejection letter received on 12/4. (x4)   I have to say that despite the rejection, I am happy to have received the news this quickly.  It sounds like this department has their act together.  Good luck to the semi-finalists.

I am one of the semi-finalists. Has anyone heard anything? Anyone make the final 3 for a campus visit? (12/28) Not so far (co-semi-finalist) (12/28)

They are taking a while to get back to us, hunh? Did they say they'd let us know in Dec if we'd been picked for the campus visit?

Three people have been chosen for campus interviews.

Could you specify how you were contacted for the campus interview? Email or phone? --Sounds like information straight from the horse's mouth rather than news from an individual candidate, but I could be wrong. (1/7)

Darn... Well, good luck to the other semi-finalists out there who also didn't make the cut. -- Likewise.

Semi-finalist received rejection letter 1/8. (x2)

Have any finalists received information about this position? Has an offer been made?

This search failed. Invited three candidates and could not come to a consensus. They are not filling the position. (This doesn't surprise me. They seemed to want a hire who could teach very, very broadly, which suggested to me they might not be sure what they want.)--Make that FOUR candidates (one who was brought in at the last minute, after the initial three campus visits). Definitely seemed to not be sure what they're looking for.--Wow, I didn't know this! Crazy.

My sense was that they wanted someone who could replace a retiring Modernist who also taught some American. However, they wanted this new person to be able to teach some contemporary too. But it is silly to speculate, I suppose. There is no way to know what went on with this committee behind closed doors.--It's shocking that this search failed in this (buyer's) market. 007, eh.

Design, Decorative Arts[]

Parsons, Assistant Professor of Visual Studies

Deadline: January 1

Rejected via e-mail 1-25-10

Skype interview early Feb; department reports that campus interviews are underway as of early March.

I had a skype interview, but haven't heard anything since then. anyone else in the same boat?

4/26: received email last week that i was not a finalist for position.

[this is also listed in 20th c, below, where more rejections are indicated]

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century[]

University of St Andrews School of Art History: Lecturer in Art History (pre-1800) Deadline: June 24

Email rejection notice indicating exclusion from the short list for interviews (7/21); I received an email rejection (7/21) as well (am a Ren/Baroque specialist, FYI).

Pennsylvania State University: Visiting Assistant Professor

Email request for a phone interview (5/25)

Rejection letter (6/10)

Princeton University : Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nineteenth-Century European Art History

Deadline: March 2

Rejection letter received (4/1)

University of Toronto

19th century European art

Deadline: November 20

In case anybody is going to send their application last minute UPS/Fedex, don't bother.  They will ask you to submit your app online. You can email any extra attachments.  FYI (11/18)

Any news? (1/18) It's been very quiet....are they not doing interviews at CAA? 1/22

Interview Scheduled: on-campus interview scheduled. 1/20 Anyone else scheduled for a campus interview? (1/25)

Q: would you mind confirming that the on-campus interview was scheduled on Nov. 20? (in other words I was surprised they scheduled so early - typo?) A: so sorry, yes this was a typo.

Upcoming talks by the four finalists posted on department web site (2/4): YOU CAN'T POST NAMES UNLESS YOU ARE ALL 4 PEOPLE AT ONCE. 2/21: DanMarino, if the stress of the job market has resulted in a derangement of all the senses, you may not have noticed that your quarrel should properly be with the University of Toronto art history department which, in posting announcements of the four job talks, has publicized their speakers to the world. If you succeed in keeping their names off this wiki, congratulations in adding 30 extra seconds and one Google search to the amount of time that it takes any reader to discover their names through his/her own effort.

Dear Arthist030: perhaps you are new to the Wiki, but we don't post names here. It's not cool. If you are one of the 4, by all means reveal yourself and congratulations! If you are not, you should not be posting names. This is, perhaps, the one rule of the Wiki we need to follow. I, for one, do not want my name broadcast on the Wiki; that's why I go by DanMarino. There has been a long history to this problem, if you want to take this conversation over to "talk" page, I would be happy to explain some of the pitfalls involved with posting names. XXOO

DanMarino, thank you for your response; I will observe that it does not address the substance of my point. There is a material difference between revealing a name on the wiki, and copying onto the wiki information that is already published elsewhere on the web. If you refer to earlier wikis, they will confirm that names, once already public, have indeed been recorded on the wiki.

Fellowships: Post- and Pre-Doctoral Art History[]

Kress Institutional Fellowship

Deadline: Nov. 30

Anyone hear? Last year offers (for the Travel grants) went out around March 20th, by snail mail.

Two friends received offers, one Travel, one Institutional... (3/20)

Has anyone gotten a rejection letter yet? Last year I got a rejection letter around March 23, but this year I've heard nothing!

Columbia Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships: Department of Art History and Archaeology

Deadline: Feb. 5

Received acknowledgement via email 2/19 (x3)

Interview scheduled 3/9 (x3)

Any idea how many candidates they are interviewing? (4/4): Don't know. Did everyone interview on Friday 4/2? And does anyone know when decisions will be made?

I am scheduled to interview on Monday 4/5

Has anyone received an offer? Yes 4/6

Has anyone received a post-interview rejection notification?

(4/14) I have not. I suspect they are waiting for those given offers to accept or reject.

Post-interview rejection email 4/21

Dumbarton Oaks

Has anyone heard? 2/12

A friend interviewed 2 weeks ago...

Fellows and alternates have been notified. (3/7)

Getty Institute

Postdoctoral fellowship, "The Display of Art."

Deadline: Nov 1

Does anybody know why they chose the same theme two years in a row?  Does anybody else find the theme a bit disappointing? 

Ans: The GRI always carries its theme through two years--the need for it to be broad enough to encompass many individual's research often leads to rather colourless choices.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that this is the first time that the theme has been done for two years. The new type of theme and duration of the theme most likely reflects the new director's administrative and research goals for the GRI.

Someone on the Humanities Postdoc site said s/he received an offer for a postdoc on 2/5 and again on 2/23 There are two categories of postdoc funding, one for Display, one for PST. The offers are one each on this wiki.

Anyone heard about pre-docs? Do they notify by post, email, or phone?

- Pre-doc offer received by email.

Congrats ! When are the last notifications for predocs (does this mean it's too late for a positive answer in the 1st days of March)? And does anyone know how many predocs are awarded this year?

- Thanks. I was informed in early Feb. Not sure abt the date

Have rejection letters been sent to anyone?

Received rejection letter 3/19. It was dated 2/28.

Getty Institute

Postdoctoral fellowship, "Pacific Standard Time"

Deadline: November 1 Offer via email (2/23)

ACLS/Luce Dissertation Fellowship for American Art

Deadline: Nov 11

Award letter received (4/2) x2

Notified of alternate status by letter (4/2) x 2 Does anyone know the chances of getting off the alternate list? I was on the alternate list last year and never got off it, though a friend of mine was an alternate 2 or 3 years ago and she did end up with a fellowship, so I think it could go either way. Award Letter received, off the alternate list! (4/8) Congrats!

Northwestern University

Medieval Art Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deadine: Nov 15

Received e-mail notification from SC chair; am on short list and will be contacted in Jan. for CAA interview (12/15) x4

Received email rejection from SC chair (12/15) x3

Any news? (3/1) No news here, either (3/1)

Offer made and accepted (4/2)

Northwestern University

Terra Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pre-1945 American Art

Deadline: December 1

Anyone heard anything from them on this?

They asked my references for letters that are due Jan. 4 (x2)

CAA interview scheduled via email, 1/20

Any post-CAA news? (3/18) Offer made

University of Chicago

Terra Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pre-1945 American Art

Deadline: Dec 15

Contacted by email to schedule an interview during CAA, 1/27.

Any news? (3/4)

An offer has been made and accepted.

Villa I Tatti, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Renaissance Studies

Deadline: Oct 15

Nominees are usually contacted in early February... Anyone heard anything?

Nothing here (2/5)

At least two people have learned that they have received the fellowship in early February, first via phone call, then email, and finally letter.

Walters Museum Mellon

Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellowship

Deadine: Dec 1

has anyone heard anything? Offer made by telephone last week (3/9)

Metropolitan Museum of Art Predoctoral Fellowship

Deadline: Nov 6

anything yet?

Snail-mail rejection for post-doc : 2/28 (x1)

Snail-mail offer received: 3/1, need to accept (sign contract) by 3/19 (x4)


Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deadine: Nov 1

anyone heard anything about the post-docs? Interviews already took place.

Snail-mail rejection: 2/18 (x2)

Any word on who/what specialities got these fellowships?

(2/4) What about the other CASVA research fellowships, that had the deadline of Jan 15 and start date in April? Anyone?

Interview scheduled for 18th/19th C. architecture & landscape position, Contacted em 1/28

(2/28) - I was told last week that they are still deliberating for the Renaissance position.

Have any interviewees received word on this? I was told via em after my interview that we would be notified in early March.

(3/4) - which position do you mean? My understanding is they have a different timeline for the 3 different fields. If you have been contacted for an interview, would you please indicate your field?

(3/8) I was interviewed mid-Feb for the architecture & landscape position and was informed that all candidates would be notified one way or another by early March. So far I have not received any word, though, admittedly, it is still early March. I too got the impression that the urgency of the hiring timeline differed by the position, but that all the searches were more or less moving forward on a similar timeline. If anyone has received an offer, I would appreciate knowing so that I can scratch it off the list of possibilities! Thanks.

3/18 I heard that an offer has been made for the landscape position. (3/29) Anyone know what's up with the other two positions? Interview scheduled for Ren/baroque position (4/20).


Predoctoral fellowship

  • interviews for finalists are supposed to be held in Feb...anyone been asked to interview yet?
  • No, no news here. Several years ago I recall being invited in late Jan/early Feb for a mid-Feb interview
  • The committee is meeting this weekend (1/15-17)
  • Anyone know if they notified yet?
  • No idea. If anyone has heard, please post.
  • friend contacted for interview via phone. On what date? 1-25
  • a friend was interviewed yesterday (Feb. 5) and offered one of the predocs tonight (Feb. 6), I think by phone.
  • have they sent rejections yet?
  • Haven't received my rejection yet. Did the Paul Mellon go to yet another IFA or Harvard student?
  • Rejection received via mail (02/19).
  • Heard the Smith Fellowship went to a Penn student.

Courtauld Institute of Art

Deadline: October

Anybody hear anything yet?

rejection letter received via email 1/27

Coe College

Two-year postdoctoral fellowship

Deadline: Jan 8

received acknowledge of "receipt of your application for the faculty position in the Art Department at Coe College" 1/22 (x2 [1/7])

out of curiousity, did you submit your materials electronically or via snail mail? i sent mine to the dean's email address but have not received any acknowlegement... 1/23

I emailed material as pdfs on 1/8.

I sent material electronically, and I received an email reply that they had been received, but it went to my spam folder on 1/6.

CAA interview scheduled: 1/26; 1/28 (via phone)x3; 2/3 (via phone)

Anyone who interviewed at CAA hear something yet? (2/25)

invited for on-campus interview (via phone) 2/25 (x2)

American Academy in Rome

Predoctoral Fellowship

Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deadline: Nov 1

Interview scheduled 1/6: Did you apply for a pre- or postdoctoral fellowship? Post and predoc are being held on that date.


Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts Open until filled

and then it will be filled until open...


Beloit College (1-year VAP)

Deadline: March 18

Rejection letter on 4/10 stating offer made and accepted. Letter dated 4/1.

Search reopened after candidate accepted position at Northwestern. I had an excellent phone interview on 5/17, have heard nothing more. I also had a great interview on 5/17 (it sounded like a fantastic position), but I was told after following up that an offer was made the same week of the interviews.

Bryn Mawr

Medieval, Byzantine and Islamic

Deadline: November 30

Received e-mail from SC Chair, requesting writing sample and syllabi - no mention of interviews or stats (12/16) x7

may I ask - are your foci more western, Byzantine or Islamic? or a mixture? -primarily western (1/6) - also western, but I did emphasize potential links to Byzantium/Islam in my cover letter (1/6) - also primarily western, but my research and course proposals emphasize contacts between western Europe, Byzantium and the Islamic world (1/8). Any news there? CAA or campus interviews? (1/19)

Interview scheduled: email to schedule CAA interview, 1/21 (x4)

Any news? I know at least one campus visit has been scheduled for early March---sadly, it's not me.

Any news on this one? 3/25 Three candidates have been invited for campus visits; the last visit occurred about ten days ago. (3/26)

Offer made. And accepted

Congratulations! Would you identify your field, if you don't mind?

It's not me, but I heard it went to a fairly advanced Byzantinist with excellent cross-cultural credentials.

Case Western Reserve University


Deadline: January 15

Interview scheduled: CAA Interview scheduled: 1/21(x1) via phone call; 1/21 (x4) via email. That was fast!

(2/3) Request for writing sample (x2)

(2/15) Post interview request for syllabi (x3)

(2/18) Anyone contacted for the campus interview?

(2/19) Nothing yet; but generally speaking department meetings are often held Friday afternoons. Considering this is the week after CAA, such a meeting might be not have been held until today. I think we'll begin to hear something starting next week. It could even be late- or even next week if they are strictly following the rules and waiting for deans etc. to officially sign off on their choices before contacting them. Good luck everyone!

(2/26) Request for on-campus visit x3 (3/1)


Any news here? (4/19)

Offer made in early April Any news whether it was accepted? (4/23) Offer accepted.

College of William and Mary (1-year VAP)


Deadline: Review of applications will begin Feb. 20

Offer made and accepted (3/30)

College of Wooster

Ancient & Medieval

Deadline: November 16

Interview scheduled: 1/25 Any news here? 1/29: Looks like phone interview scheduled on 1/28 (see above under Ancient postings).

(2/1) Phone interview

(2/12ish) on-campus scheduled


Rejection letter 4/17

Heard from a reliable source, offer accepted by a medievalist 5/22/10

Manhattan College


Deadline: January 15

Interview scheduled: email to schedule phone interview, 2/4 (x3)

Interviews for which field(s)? thx Medieval

  • I would be very curious to hear if anyone gets a response. They posted this exact same job last year, to which I applied and never received a response (nor did I get any feedback on last year's wiki when I asked if anyone else had heard from them).
  • Last year's position was offered to someone who declined it. Maybe that was the case all around. So don't despair -- the fact that it is reposted indicates to me that they seriously want to hire someone.
  • Last year's position was filled by modernist.

Postcard ackn. received (1/21) x7 Any news post phone interviews?? Nothing yet; they didn't give me a sense of their schedule and I didn't ask---never know if it's appropriate to or not (2/25) (2/26ish) Campus visit scheduled May I ask how you were notified (email, phone, etc.)? (x2, was told that they would be notifying people either way, so I'd also love to hear how the news was passed on if you are willing to share. BTW, thought it was incredibly nice that they would do that, very refreshing) A: I was notified by phone. They ARE incredibly nice. Campus interview (3/1) x 3 In the listing for Manhattan College under Ancient, it states that someone received a letter saying the search was closed. Is this the same position or a different position? Any news here? (3/26) I also received rejection letter this week stating that search is closed (yes, same position) -- they had around 100 applicants (3/26). Does 'closed' mean the position has been filled, or that the search failed? (3/26) Heard that an offer has been made (3/31) Any idea who the new professor is? Do we in fact know that the offer has been accepted? Also wondering what field since the posting was so broad. (4/7) I only heard an offer was made, not that it has been accepted (4/7).

Offer made and accepted (Ren)

Mills College


Deadline: December 1  

Interview scheduled:

Northwestern University


Deadline: December 1

01/10: Has anyone out there received an acknowledgment of the receipt of their application?

Campus visit scheduled: Will take place in February, was notified via e-mail - first I'd heard from them, no prior acknowledgment (1/13) x3

Rejection letter received via snail-mail. (2/3/10) (x4 etc.)


Any news? (4/7) Offer was made in early March -- not to me, though, so I don't know the status. (5/05) I just heard the search failed and now they are scrambling- does anyone know if someone actually accepted the position or if this rumor is true? That's not what I heard! On good authority, an offer has been made and accepted, but not by me so no more details (5/18)

Position went to Christina Normore.

Oberlin College (1-year VAP position)


Deadline: January 4

Interview scheduled:

Any news?

(2/24) No news here. Is it common for these 1-year VAP searches to hold off on contacting candidates until after some of the tenure-track searches have concluded?

4/7: Any news or updates?

4/22 Contacted via e mail today to schedule Phone interview on 4/26 or 4/27.

Ohio State University


Deadline: November 1

Interview scheduled: Email to schedule CAA interview (1/19) x9

Invitation for campus visit (2/18, phone)

Offer Made 3/15. Offer accepted by Karl Whittington (UC Berkeley)

Congratulations Karl!!! I had a campus visit, and absolutely loved it -- what a wonderful place! Go Buckeyes!

Princeton University

Byzantine/Medieval Postdoc

Deadline: March 2

Interview scheduled:

any news? -- semi-reliable word on the street is that they haven't come up with short list yet, probably won't until early April (3/24)

Rejection letter received, stating that position has been offered and accepted (3/30)

  • Anyone else feel like that was awfully quick, i.e., that they had already had someone in mind?
  • Any news as to who received the postdoc, or their field? (4/7)

Saint Louis University

Medieval/Northern Renaissance

Deadline: December 9

CAA Interview scheduled: 1/13 via phone call x4

Campus interview scheduled: 2/16 via phone call

  • 4 finalists contacted and invited

Offer: Made and accepted 4/1 I'm curious as to whether the position went to someone in medieval or Northern Ren. Anyone know? (4/7) It went to a medievalist.

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

"Pre-Modern Mediterranean World"

Deadline: December 1

Interview scheduled: Video interview with committee scheduled for late January (12/17) x 7

any news about the next stage?

Am not among those contacted for a video interview, but did get a letter dated 12/21 stating my candidacy is still under consideration. (1/7 - just back from holiday travels) x4 (1/25 still no rejection, but i see many interviews scheduled: confusing!)

What field(s), may I ask, are being considered for  interviews? The search was pretty wide and I'm curious to have a sense of what they are looking at.  Thanks!

early medieval and byzantine (1/20) I am a rejected early medieval byzantine (1/21) another reject, also Byzantine (1/21)

Rejected medieval/Western European, by mail 1/24

-rejection letter byzantine (2/3)

-rejection letter western (2/4)

Campus Interview:

  • (2/1) phone request received for an on-campus interview x 3 --Apparently they are bringing four candidates to campus in late February/early March.-- (what are your areas?) Byzantine.

Offer: Offer made end of last week (3/14) uh, whoever posted that had an IP address in hong kong (!)- how do you know that's true? I heard they still have yet to meet to decide. I--a finalist--was contacted at the end of last week and told they had not yet made a decision (3/15). (3/23) Offer Made

3/25: Presumably accepted, as electronic system at UMN just sent a rejection note saying the position was filled. Would the new professor identify his/her field...? 3/26: Offer Accepted by Matthew Canepa From one of the other finalists, a hearty congratulations!

Wayne State University


Deadline: Review begins January 22 , open until filled

Not clear if they're doing CAA interviews - posting says that "representatives will be there to provide information."

  • I think that means they won't be doing formal interviews, but will set up a table for meet & greet - given the huge number of medieval jobs this year, perhaps this is their way to get a sense of the applicant pool and who is most interested in them...a nice idea, really.

Interview scheduled: telephone interview scheduled by telephone (1/28) x2 letter requested from recommender (2/9)

Are there only two of us on here waiting to hear about campus visits? Is no news bad news? (2/23) I am the other person - I also have not heard anything since the phone interview, except for letter requests from recommenders (2/23) I am a third person, and have also heard nothing except for letter requests (2/24).

What happened to the campus visit that was posted here?

  • Dunno. Did anyone else notice the department chair changed during the search? This could be why its being run so badly.
  • I hadn't noticed, but that would explain why the requested letters that had already been sent

Just had word from them that they've cancelled the search for budget reasons (3/4)

  • received letter stating same... rather a nice one, actually. (3/8)
  • Ditto about the nice letter. Very considerate. (3/9)

Western Illinois University

Early Modern or Medieval

Deadline: January 28

CAA Interview Scheduled: via email 2/2

2/20 contacted for on-campus. Does this mean they contacted people last weekend?

Any news? (3/19)

Photography, History of[]

Renaissance, Baroque, Early Modern[]

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

Lecturer, Early Modern European sabbatical replacement, for details see

Deadline: review of applications to begin on April 8

Requests for on campus interviews have been extended (4/22)

Offer made 5/17

Herron School of Art, IUPUI

Assistant Professor of Art History, 1600-1850

Due Date:

Interview scheduled: Request for additional materials (1/15) x3 CAA-Interview scheduled (1/28/10)x 2 Offer made week of 4/5/10

Case Western Reserve University

Renaissance Art (Southern Europe)

Deadline: 1/15/10

Interview Scheduled: CAA interview scheduled by e-mail (1/25 x4) email to organize interview (1/26)

Skype interview offered before CAA and then retracted. Very tacky. (2/18)

Has anyone been contacted about a campus visit? (2/19)

On campus requested by email (2/26) x 2

Any news? (4/15) (5/6) The position was cancelled due to budget problems (5/11).

Mills College

European Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque

Deadline: 12/1/09

Interview Scheduled: Has anyone heard anything about this position?

Interview scheduled (1/27/10); on-campus interview scheduled (1/27 x1)

Rejection letter received via snail mail (2/4)

I, a person with a campus interview, have withdrawn. Good luck to everyone else!

4/3/10 Any update on this position? Have they made in offer?

I had my on-campus interview. I was recently informed that the College has instituted a hiring freeze and that the position will not be filled (4/5/10).

University of Chicago

Early Modern, 1400-1800


Interview Scheduled:interviews are underway

Any news here? CAA isn't too far off.... Anyone heard anything about this position? I fear it is canceled like their position last year.

I know they have asked at least one candidate (not me, I should say) for additional documents, so it seems the search is still on.

I think Chicago prefers to have substantial (often multiple) writing samples early in the process, so they may be requesting additional material from people whose writing samples were not substantial enough for them to get a good sense of the whole. I say this because two years ago I was asked for an additional writing sample for a different search and I do not think it was because I had made it to a second round. (My point is that people who have not been asked for additional documents should not necessarily assume they are no longer in contention).

Has this position been advertised several times prior to this year? I know I saw it last year as the person above mentioned, but I also seem to remember having seen it one or two years prior to that? Does anyone know if their searches keep getting canceled or is there some other situation going on?

Two years ago they searched for an early modernist and they hired someone who works primarily on early modern Africa (Cecile Fromont). I do not think they searched in early modern last year, though they did run two broad searches. It occurs to me also that the posting did technically have a December 15th deadline (review began October 1, full consideration for applications received by December 15), so they may also just be waiting until after then to make decisions.

Just a point of clarification on the above post: it's actually not just that "full consideration" will be given to applications received by December 15. Only those applications for which ALL materials (including the three letters of recommendation) are RECEIVED by December 15 can be considered AT ALL due to new university rules. And yes, not receiving a request for more materials does not mean you are out of the running. Applications are being considered as they arrive. Often applicants mistakenly believe they should submit published items merely because they are published, even if they are not the most representative samples of their work, so the committee will ask for something else. Or, the committee wants a second dissertation/book chapter to get a better idea of the project as a whole.

Given that the CAA conference is just around the corner, one wonders...

Well, they may be skipping CAA interviews and going straight to campus interviews. So they may be on a different schedule. Still, it would seem a strange choice, since CAA is in Chicago this year.

Any interviews scheduled?

The search is underway, but I am not permitted to give further info at this point.

pre CAA interviews took place via skype.

one campus visit scheduled for next week. three campus visits took place. offer made and accepted.

University of San Francisco

Renaissance and Baroque (Early Modern European Art c. 1400-1800)

Deadline: 12/1/09

Interview Scheduled: via email 1/19 and request for further materials (x3)

Any word on on-campuses yet?

On-campus requested via phone 2/23

Received rejection letter saying position is filled. Anyone know more details? (4/2/10)

University of Toronto

Italian Renaissance


Interview Scheduled: materials requested 1/10/10 (2x) On campus job interviews scheduled in March/April

Roger Williams University

Renaissance and Baroque Art


Interview Scheduled: Has anyone heard anything on this position yet (aside from receiving an EEO card)?

Don't hold your breath. Their Asian search was cancelled three days before CAA. (2/15)

Thıs search has been cancelled, along with all the other searches at RWU. Don't fret - you aren't missing much. 2/16 Second year in a row that it has been canceled. This time, with very little notice. I won't be applying for this one again. Oh dear! I love the area and applied 2 years in a row--fooey!!! Better to look at Providence College, RISD, or another university in the area. Four years there taught me to avoid like the plague. 2/18

Washington University, St. Louis

Early Modern European Art c. 1400-1800 (primary field other than Italian 1300-1600)

Deadline: 1/11/10

Interview Scheduled: CAA interview scheduled by e-mail x 2 (1/14) x 1 (1/29)

Has anyone else been contacted for an interview yet? (1/18)

Has anyone been contacted about a campus visit? It's awfully quiet. (2/25)

Per a Wash U grad student in the dep't, campus visits have been scheduled for 3 candidates (2/25).

Campus interviews: schedule extended to invite additional candidate

received letter stating position will not be filled this year; apparently, it will be advertised again next year.

Yale University

Italian Renaissance

Deadline: 1/4/09

Interview Scheduled: CAA interview scheduled via email x3

4 candidates scheduled to visit campus

offer made and accepted (congrats!)

Metropolitan State College of Denver

Early Modern 1400-1800

Deadline: 2/1/10

Interview Scheduled: for CAA via phone 2/5 x2

Any news post CAA? only request for materials that didn't get through in the online application Any further news here? Campus interview scheduled 3/10/10

Any updates on this post? Does anyone know if the position was filled? There were campus interviews by late March/early April, but I believe the position has not been filled yet.

Offer made 4/19/10

Courtauld Institute

Deadline: January 29, 2010

Interview Scheduled: has anyone who applied for this heard anything?

Interviews held in London on March 15. Per British hiring protocol, an offer has presumably been made and accepted by now.


Clemson University

Modern Art Historian

Deadline: Dec 15

Interview scheduled: CAA interview by Phone call Feb 4th (x3) Has anyone heard from them after the CAA interviews? I was told they had invited three people for campus interviews. 3/1

Can anyone confirm that campus visits were scheduled? (3/24)

Campus visit:

Does anyone know if an offer was ever made and/or accepted?

Cornell College (Iowa)

One-Year Visiting (Possible tenure-track beginning 2011-2012)

Deadline: March 1

Interview Scheduled: phone interview request 3/8

I understand the position has been offered and accepted (3/29). Having spoken with the new hire, I can confirm that (5/5).

Emory University

European modernism 1880 – 1950

Deadline: January 1

Interview scheduled: received telephone call to schedule CAA interview (1/19) x3 rejection via mail, (3/1)

Campus visit: email to schedule (2/19)

Accepted by Todd Cronan?

Grinnell College

1-year VAP.

Phone interview scheduled (4/20)

Email on (5/24) starting search is "officially closed, and your application is no longer under consideration."

Ithaca College

Deadline: Open until position is filled

Interview scheduled: at CAA by email  (1/11)

semi-finalist status, interview for CAA scheduled by email (1/11) X 3 Email notice of "pursuit of other candidates" (2/25) X 2

Campus visit: taking place during first half of March

Offer accepted (3/31) Paul Wilson?

Oberlin College

Modern and Contemporary

Deadline: December 1

Interview scheduled:

--email receipt of materials and request for digital info (I mean they did say either/or). 12/18 x2 - also received a request for all materials to be sent digitally around 12/22-ish

Has anyone received a confirmation of receipt of materials for this search? unfortunately, no

I have recieved no acknowledge either 1/23 (x2)

Interview Scheduled: (2/1) received email to schedule CAA interview (x2)

Campus visit: taking place first week of March--does this mean they emailed to schedule a campus visit?

I was told decisions would be made first week in March. Haven't heard more. (1/27)--Thanks for the clarification.--I didn't write the first comment though. --Offer made, 3/8 and accepted 3/24
Sarah Hamill?

Parsons New School of Design, School Art and Design History and Theory

Deadline: Jan 1

Q: Is this different than the one in 'Architectural History' above? I didn't see anything with a Jan 1 deadline on Parsons (New School) job site.

A: I believe that Parsons is searching for more than one faculty member. There's a position in "Visual Culture" that is not focused on architecture.

--email rejection (1/25) x4

Princeton University

Visiting Assistant Professor, 20th-C Art

Anyone else having trouble finding this position on the jobs site? A: It's nowhere to be found on the job site. I emailed HR but have yet to receive a response.

It is on their site, I checked. Search under open faculty positions.

Job was difficult to find to say the least. Called the secretary on 3/25 to see what was up. She had no clear idea about the position. After checking with someone, she responded that "they were not accepting applications anymore". At the question "for how long was the position advertised?" she could not respond even after checking again.

When I applied, the deadline given on the Website was early March--however, I was able to upload my application a week after the deadline. I have not heard anything.

Offer made and accepted.

Randolph College

Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art in Europe and America

Deadline: December 31

Interview scheduled: Email for interview at CAA (1/8) x3

Interviewed at CAA but haven't heard anything yet...has anyone else? (2/23) (from a new poster) Nope.

Campus visit: Scheduled (2/17) Did this campus visit take place? It would be nice to be notified either way if one is on the short list or not. Why is this taking so long? (3/6)

Campus visit did take place 2/22

Rejection letter received 3/24

Offer made and accepted.

Reed College, Visiting Assistant Professor

Modern and Contemporary

Deadline: December 15

Received acknowledgment in the mail (11/19) (x2)

Interview scheduled: Email for interview at CAA (1/22) (x5) Anyone who interviewed at CAA hear back yet? (2/25)

no news (2/26)

asked for additional materials (2/17)

Campus visit: Scheduled (3/2) x2

Anyone have a sense of how many were invited for a campus visit?
2010-2011 courses listed as taught by "Chon." [Doris Chon?]

University of Cincinnati, DAAP School of Art

Modern and Contemporary

Deadline: open until filled (posted 2/12)
hired Morgan Thomas; finalists Maia Toteva, Jaimey Hamilton

University of Colorado, Denver

Deadline: January 4

received postcard acknowledgment of application (x2)

received request for additional materials via e-mail (1/15) x3

received phone call (2/9) to schedule a telephone interview for week of 2/15

Rejection email received 3/1, rejection email received 3/3.

Campus visit:

University of Florida, Gainesvile

Modern and Contemporary

Deadline: January 4

Interview scheduled:

references received email request for letters (1/20) x2

Interview requested by phone (1/22): x3 Any news from anyone who interviewed? (2/25)

Really? No one has heard ANYTHING? (3/4) -nothing here ; nothing here either (3/8)

Campus visit:

Word is that three candidates have been invited to campus.

Campus visits took place in March; Offer made and accepted in April.
Joyce Tsai?

University of Louisville

Deadline: January 8

Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art in Europe

Interview scheduled: email to schedule CAA interview (1/20) x4; email request for interview (1/29)

Information: A member of the studio faculty has reported to me that they are interviewing 17 people!

really? that is out of control! why would they do that to themselves?!

I thought that 12-20 CAA interviews were standard. No? A: No way. Most schools narrow their first short list down to 8-10 candidates. 17 is a *lot*. Be prepared for the committee to be very tired, and don't take it personally if they forget your name/specialty!

Usually 6-10 interviews is more normal. has anyone heard anything about campus visits? (2.25)

Boiler Plate Rejection after CAA interview received 2/27.

Campus visit: 4 finalists have been invited for campus visits in March

Does anyone know if Louisville has made an offer yet?

Offer made and accepted. Jongwoo Jeremy Kim?

University of Northern Iowa Generalist--20th c. encouraged to apply (Fully Time/Tenure Track)

Deadline: March 15

Interview Scheduled:

Rejection letter received on May 24 stating an offer had been made and accepted. Upon a quick google search, it appears it went to an inside candidate who has been teaching there for a year already.

University of Missouri

Modern European Art, late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century

Deadline: December 14

received e-mail requesting letters of reference (12/28) x2

Interview Scheduled: received e-mail to schedule CAA interview (1/19) x3

Campus visit: email to schedule (2/18)

Offer made and accepted (4/12)
James Van Dyke?

University of Pennsylvania

Sachs Professorship in Contemporary Art (open rank)

Deadline: Open until filled

Anybody get a call for a campus interview? no, on pins and needles (2/22)

Did anyone else find the interview committee a little tough?

challenging, but did you expect anything less?

Interview scheduled: phone call to schedule CAA interview (1/29) x2

--email request sent to references for letters (12/17)

did anyone else's references receive this request? -- yes (x5)

did anyone by chance NOT receive this request? I did not but had my references sent from the get-go

--(1/18) I received the above mentioned letter a couple days ago. I didn't interpret it as an interview request, just a letter sent out (late) acknowleding (presumably, the languge is vague) their request for references and that the process is still underway

- I received the letter today (1/19) Anyone who did not? --I did NOT receive any letter or requests from Penn.

-I received the letter on Saturday (1/16), as well as an email today saying that they are "in the process of requesting additional materials from some applicants" and asking me to ensure that my publications and letters have been uploaded to the website (they already were) x2

- Feb 9 - Received standard letter of rejection x 2 and Feb 16

March 15-Received personalized (snail mail) letter of rejection

Campus visit: anyone hear anything yet? (3/4)

Got a post-CAA interview rejection letter in mid-March Job went to Sr. Scholar after all. [name deleted to comply with wiki etiquette.] Kaja Silverman?

Penn is very lucky.

University of Wisconsin -- Parkside

19th & 20th Century European and American Art

Deadline: December 1

Phone interview scheduled for Jan. 7-8. (x2) (Q: When did you receive this notification? A: Dec. 23)

Have other semi-finalists heard anything?

Campus visit: On-campus interview invitation by email 1/22 Rejection email received (2/26)

Offer: Offer accepted. (3/8)

West Texas A&M University

Deadline: December 1

Interview scheduled: contacted by email (1/26) to schedule CAA interview (x3)

Contacted 2/22 (em) one of ten "finalists" for the position.

Did they contact you for a campus visit or else? Thanks

No, simply notified of "finalist" status, but decision on campus visits still pending, in my understanding.

Was that in response to your inquiry? Sounds a bit odd to send out such a notification, but maybe it's normal. Thanks

I did not inquire about the search status with them, but rather simply received this notice. Any further news on this folks? Has anyone been contacted for a campus visit?

Campus visit:

Offer made and accepted. Amy Von Lintel?

Western Michigan University

CAA interveiws held

References recieved letter request (2/24)

Anyone heard anything else? (3/6)

Offer accepted (3/31).