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Biblical Studies 2010-2011[]


Just out of curiosity, how many people are using this site? 22

  • How many HB? 12
  • How many NT? 10

How many people using this board have had at least 1 phone/skype/conference interview? 15

How many people using this board have had an SBL interview scheduled? 8

How many people using this board have had at least 1 campus interview (in 2010-11 season)? 6

How many people using this board have had at least 1 job offer? 3

How many of those who have had interviews already have tenure track jobs? 2

How many of those who have received an offer already have a tenure track job (or tenure)? 1

How many already had tenure but were laid off for financial reasons? 2

How many have been on the job market for more the 4 years?

Abilene Christian University - Asst/Assoc in Bible (NT or OT; formerly listed as Hebrew Bible/Old Testament)[]

  • Deadline 11/5
  • "All qualified applicants for these positions must be professing Christians and be active, faithful members of a congregation of the Churches of Christ" (from ACU website).

Asbury Theological Seminary - New Testament[]

  • Deadline 9/19
  • Contacted by search committee via email on Oct. 4--doctrinal responses requested
  • Snail mail rejection letter received 10/8.
  • Email that application "still in process" (10/6). No rejection letter...yet.
  • I was originally shortlisted (by email, Oct. 4), but have now been eliminated (by snail mail, Oct. 15), so I would assume they have created a list for conference interviews.
  • Email that application "still in process" (11/4)
  • Rejection email (11/4). And then another email to let me know that a rejection letter will also be coming by mail. I guess they want to make sure I know that I'm really, really rejected.
  • Short listed to two people.
  • Candidate hired.
  • Hired Craig Keener

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary - Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible[]

  • Deadline 9/1
  • Received an e-mail "releasing" me, 10/14 - I appreciate the prompt notice. (x2 - "released".)
  • email saying half applicant pool released but I'm still in the running; said would hear something in next two weeks (10/21)
  • Top nine candidates had to answer ten questions for consideration for interview (11-3).
  • Email "releasing" me, 11/5.
  • Very gracious email "releasing" me (11/10)
  • SBL interview set up (11/18).
  • Any further word?
  • Short listed to three people.
  • Offer made and accepted.

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Old Testament[]

  • deadline March 15, 2011
  • In a letter sent to their alums last summer, the President of this school stated that 4 out of 5 upcoming faculty hires would only be women or "people of a minority". The hired a dean last fall who was an inside hire and a white male.
  • I don't see how the dean hire is relevant to the president's letter.
  • Inivtation for a campus visit 3/26, 2x (3/29)
  • No preliminary interviews, I suppose.
  • Offer made and accepted.
  • They got a great scholar!

Azusa Pacific - Biblical Studies (HB or NT)[]

  • Deadline: 11/18 (End of SBL job posting)
  • Source: probably hiring from their large pool of 30+ adjuncts (!)
  • Received receipt of application materials (x2)
  • Received email requesting interview at SBL (11/15)
  • Received rejection e-mail (11/18) (x2)
  • Received rejection email, saying I did not make the cut of finalists (1/18)
  • Any update on this? Has an offer been made/accepted?
  • Offered and accepted.
  • I strongly believe the previous post is false--unless APU made a final choice before interviewing two of the three people selected for on campus interviews. (3/11)
  • Offer was made and accepted, but at a date after the previous noted.
  • Exactly. Offered and accepted (to the very same person, only now it's 'official'). (Jn 20:27c ;-)

Bellarmine University - Biblical Studies (Ass't Prof)[]

  • Deadline 2/7
  • ackn receipt of application 2/8
  • phone interview scheduled 2/21
  • Snail mail rejection letter indicating that the search has moved on to the interview stage.

Belmont University - Religion, New Testament and Greek[]

  • Associate Professor
  • Deadline 1/17
  • Must be practicing Baptist.
  • Received request for phone interview 1/24 (x2)
  • Boilerplate rejection e-mail not from the department but from "human resources" -- what a tacky outfit.(x3)
  • Candidate Hired

Birmingham University (UK) - New Testament and Theology[]

  • Lecturer (= Assistant Prof)

Bluffton University - Biblical Studies[]

  • Deadline: 1/17
  • On-campus interview scheduled.
  • Offer made and accepted.

Campbell University Divinity School - New Testament[]

  • Deadline 12/31
  • Acknowledge reciept of application via snail mail - 10/9 X2
  • Email invitation for SBL interview (11/1)
  • Rejection letter (11/5)
  • If I may, what did the rejection letter state? That they had narrowed their list, or what?
  • Any idea how many applicants and how many received interviews?
  • rejection letter via snail mail (12/20). I had an SBL interview
  • colleague had on campus interview on 2/14

Clemson University - New Testament[]

  • Crosslisted here
  • Deadline 9/15
  • 9/13: Acknowledged receipt of application
  • Has anyone heard anything?
  • email to set up SBL interview (10/29) x3
  • Invitation for campus interview (12/10)
  • interviews are in Jan and Feb.
  • offer made and accepted

Colby College: One Year Faculty Fellow, Jewish Studies[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • Request for AJS interview -- 12/2
  • Email scheduling campus visits for February and Early march, received 1/4

Columbia Theological Seminary Old Testament, Open rank[]

  • Begin review in November
  • email to acknowledge receipt (10/28) (x3)
  • Request for a phone interview (2/7)
  • Rejection letter received 3/3 (correction)
  • Campus invite extended

Cornell University-Near Eastern Studies[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • 1/ 12 Short list invited to campus. Lectures announced.
  • Rejection e-mail. Offer made.

Cornerstone University-Biblical Studies, Old Testament[]

  • Deadline 11/8
  • Request to fill out Faculty Application 11/11x2
  • Additional materials requested 11/16
  • A friend has been invited for a campus visit. 1/27
  • Offer made and accepted

DePaul University- Catholic Studies[]

  • Any info?

Duke University[]

  • seeking senior scholars for Smart Family Professor of Judaic Studies
  • Deadline 12/1

Duke Divinity School - Old Testament[]

  • assistant, associate or full professor
  • Deadline 11/1
  • Confirmation of receipt (11/2)
  • Additional materials requested (12/13) (x2)
  • Was told by an administrator that the committee is finalizing their shortlist and will meet with the Dean about the list later this week (1/4)
  • Short-listed candidates have been contacted for on-campus interviews. (1/18)
  • Rejection email (1/24) x7
  • Announcement of three public lectures in February.
  • Offer made and accepted.
  • Made, not (yet) accepted, from what I have heard.
  • Any news on whether this has been accepted? (x2)
  • Word on the street is that this is a failed search
  • Word on the Street is just but speculation. Do not depend on the Street for credible info
  • The above comment has to be the funniest thing I have ever read on this site, given that (1) the whole point of this site is that one gathers information from anonymous sources (every comment on this entire page is anonymous in public view and therefore best described as "words on the street"), and (2) I have heard from multiple sources that this search has failed. Most likely, one should actually see this as credible info.
  • I agree with the above comment. If you want incontrovertible information, email a committee member. Assuming this info is correct, I am mystified by why both Duke and Penn could not make hires this year. Seriously? There were so few positions, so they had their pick of candidates, but still, nobody was good enough for them? And no, I'm not some bitter grad student. I have a tenure-track job. I can only imagine how the unemployed feel reading this...
  • Confirmed. Failed search. No one hired, which is odd since searches are expensive and there were lots of solid candidates.
  • This makes my blood boil when I read this, especially considering how demoralizing the job market is right now. Obviously these schools are waiting for some messianic figure of a candidate. And I'm not a bitter grad student either but one of the lucky few that managed to get a t-t job this year. This is just ridiculous!

Durham University - New Testament[]

  • Rank: Lecturer (eq. to Asst Prof)
  • Deadline: 11/12
  • rejection via email 11/30 (x2)
  • Position filled by UK candidate.

Elon University - Jewish Studies (Hebrew Bible)[]

  • Deadline 10/18
  • Receipt of application promptly acknowledged by email
  • Anyone apply to this or heard from them?
  • Did not hear anything yet (11/4)
  • Any word?
  • They are "currently" interviewing preliminary candidates, and will do on-campus interviews in February. If you haven't been contacted yet, then I guess you are (like me) not one of the preliminary people, etc. (Thanks for the update! And the consolation that I am not alone, too.)
  • 12/22: Campus interview scheduled for February
  • rejection email (1/13)
  • Offer made and accepted

Fresno Pacific University - Biblical and Religious Studies[]

  • Cross-posted here.
  • Job announcement here.
  • Full-time, 9 month, continuing status track faculty position
  • Applications will be reviewed beginning April 15, 2011, and an appointment made as soon as a suitable candidate is discerned.
  • Required:
    • Ph.D. in biblical studies (or ABD); preference in New Testament;
    • Experience in, or aptitude for, college-level teaching;
    • Record or promise of scholarly achievement;
    • Ability to address and model the integration of Christian faith and the field of biblical studies;
    • Ability to work harmoniously with students and faculty colleagues in a liberal arts environment;
    • Commitment to the Christian faith and the university’s mission of Christ-centered teaching and learning;
    • Involvement in a local church.
  • Preferred: Involvement in an Anabaptist/Mennonite church.
  • Received snail mail letter acknowledging receipt of my application on 5/21
  • Received snail mail rejection letter - early June

Fuller Theological Seminary - Biblical Studies[]

  • Deadline 9/1
  • Did anyone get acknowledgement of receipt? When?
  • yes, 8/23
  • Heard from inside that there were over 120 applications.
  • Email request for recommendation letters (9/20).
  • to you or to your professors?
  • The email was sent to my colleague, who is an applicant. I applied but did not receive an email.
  • Received snail mail rejection letter 10-12. (x4)
  • Received a nice rejection letter today (10/21)
  • Have received neither a rejection letter nor a request for recs as of 11/4 (I guess this means: rejection is still on the way) (x2) -- follow up: sent email asking contact person about my status, and received no response (as of about two weeks ago; I really want this "nice" rejection letter, but they are denying me that closure, apparently...)
  • Request sent on 11/5 via email for SBL interview.
  • One candidate selected for campus interview. 12/22
  • Please clarify: Does it mean that out of the 8 interviewed during SBL, ONLY ONE candidate has been selected? OR you only got information from one of the narrowed list of 3 intended to visit Campus? Your clarification is very important 12/22
  • The narrow list consisted of only one person. He or she alone was invited to do a campus interview 1/4
  • I received official notification (on approx. 3/8) that this search should now be considered closed. I was not given a campus invitation but was a sub-finalist, so it appears that they hired the individual who received the lone invitation. (Congrats!).
  • Offered and accepted.

George Fox University - Religion ("Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)")[]

  • Deadline 12/3 (deadline on SBL listing), "Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled"
  • "The department seeks applicants who are expert in Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). The candidate must also be able to effectively teach introductory general education courses in Bible and/or Christian Theology. Candidates with close familiarity with Friends (Quaker) history and doctrine and ministry experience in service to churches are preferred."
  • Told that they will form the committee in January and contact prospects after that.
  • Contacting prospects by phone - 1/21.
  • Had phone interview on 1/25 but have not heard from them since. They did say they wanted to have a name to the Dean by the end of Feb.
  • A Friend of mine has been contacted for an on campus interview-2/8. - If you don't mind, was your friend contacted this week (week of Feb. 8) or last week? I believe the week of Feb 8.
  • Search process completed. Rejection e-mail (3-3).
  • Well, the search process is ALMOST completed. Campus visits concluded and offer extended, but no firm acceptance announced yet.
  • Offer made and accepted.

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary of Cornerstone University - New Testament[]

  • Deadline 12/1
  • Rec'd rejection letter (11/19)
  • Rejection letter (12/6)
  • 4/21 Announcement of filled position on their website

Golden Gate Baptist Seminary - OT/ HB[]

  • Southern California Campus (Brea)
  • Rejection notice via email (1/29)

Gordon College - New Testament and Theology[]

  • Rank: Open
  • Receiving from: Oct 12
  • Email ack (10/26)
  • I received an invitation for an informal meeting at SBL with a member of the search committee via email several days ago (this comment is being posted on 11/12). My impression is that Gordon will not be doing formal interviews at SBL; rather at this stage they have contacted select parties of interest.
  • I also received an email (11/15) for an informal interview at SBL
  • Received email requesting further information (12/8)
    • Had you been offered an SBL interview?
    • No
    • I was also asked for more info, and did not have an SBL "informal" interview
  • Rejection letter 1/11 stating "not a finalist"
  • any news? (1/31)
    • none here (2/1) (x2)
    • Did either of you "none here"s have interviews other than the informal SBL version?
    • I did not have an informal interview at SBL, but was asked for more info after SBL . . . I have heard of one person who was offerred a phone interview recently. There may be othes, but I can't confirm this.
    • I had a phone interview, but read on the Religious Studies Wiki that 2 others have been offered campus visits. I would have liked this one.

Rejection email (3/2) stating "not one of the finalists"

Offer made and accepted (3/1)

Today - 14 days after offering someone else the job and 13 days after sending out the other rejection emails - they finally sent one to me. Stay classy Gordon!

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary - OT/HB[]

  • Charlotte Campus
  • What goes on at the Charlotte Campus?
  • Rejection letter via email. Search Committee has made its selection for the OT position.

Hebrew Union College - Hebrew Bible[]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor; 3 year position renewable for additional 2
  • Deadline: 11/30
  • Email to set up SBL interview (11/3)

Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Jewish History AND/OR Yiddish Language AND/OR Herbrew Literature[]

  • Multiple positions available for tenure-track and tenured positions
  • Deadline: 10/31

Houston Baptist University - Biblical Languages/Biblical Theology[]

  • Two of four positions - 2 hired in 2011, 2 in 2012
  • Response to inquiry: They will contact people for phone interviews by 3-10.
  • Did anyone hear anything?
  • I have heard nothing yet (x2).
  • I was contacted by phone on 3-9 with a request for a phone interview. I was not in a position to accept the invitation, but I can confirm that they did contact at least some candidates by 3-10 (as the above poster indicated that they would).
  • Had 20 min phone interview on 3/9
  • Hired three people who all focus on biblical studies

Huron University College - Hebrew Bible & Ancient Near-Eastern Language & Literature[]

  • Assistant or Associate
  • Deadline 1/31/11
  • The Review of applicaitons begins Jan. 3, 2011 (
  • Received email acknowledging receipt of materials
  • Received phone call to set up phone interview
  • When did you receive this phone call?
  • I think it was 2/9
  • Are they moving forward with their search?
  • Offer made and accepted

Indiana University - Bloomington - Ancient Judaism[]

  • Assistant professor
  • post-biblical, Second Temple Judaism and/or the classical texts of early rabbinic history and culture
  • Deadline 11/1
  • acknowledgment of receipt and HR form (10/26) (x2)
  • Contacted for interview 11/12
  • What is your specialty, if I may ask?

LeTourneau University - OT[]

  • tenure-track
  • received e-mail to set up SBL interview (11/16)
  • rejection e-mail (11/18, x3)
  • Made the cut after SBL interviews. Received essays that are due in January.
  • offer made & accepted

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Louisville[]

  • Search has resumed for the Spring of 2012
  • Has anyone been approached for interview since the search got resumed for the Spring on 2012? 07/15.

Lutheran Theological Seminary (Saskatoon, Canada) - Old Testament[]

  • 3 year position, with possibility of tenure track
  • Deadline: January 4, 2011
  • To interested persons: While the deadline is January 4, it sounds like you should contact the president prior to SBL if you are interested in this position. He will be at SBL in order to meet with potential applicants who have contacted him.
  • From the job descriptions, sounds like you have to already be a Lutheran with parish experience (?)
  • Or from a church in full communion with ELCIC (Presbyterians and Anglicans, at least, are) and open to ordination are, I think, acceptable. Probably at a disadvantage, though.
  • I had a good interview at SBL. (x3)
  • Invite for campus interview (12/22)
  • Really? That's great, and congradulations (!), but is this usually done before the application deadline has even passed?
  • Any news? Any offers?
  • It sounds like there were two campus interviews and offer will be extended within the next couple of weeks to one of these two candidates.
  • Just received a rejection e-mail saying they have completed the search. 3/10
  • Did it say someone had accepted the position?
  • The position has been accepted (3/14).
  • They hired Kristine Ruffatto who has a Ph.D. in biblical studies from Marquette (on their website)

Manchester College - Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Church History, Western Religions[]

  • Tenure Track
  • Acknowledged receipt of all materials on 10/13 via email
  • Any news on interviews?
  • Email from department sec today said the committee is still review applications. 10/28
  • Email 11/11 stating that they were completing phone interviews with a very short list of candidates that are their topped ranked applicants from a list of about 20 (out of 115 applicants). After these phone interviews, they will decide if they want to interview others at SBL. Any SBL interview invitations will go out early to mid next week. --- To the person who wrote this comment, you are, I take it, one of the ones doing a phone interview? If so, what can you share, and if not, do you get the sense this email went out to everyone who applied? I have yet to receive such an email.
  • I received no e-mail, no news.(X4)
  • I guess the email was sent to those who got a phone interview or to those who are in the 2nd tier who could potentially get the SBL interview invitation. So perhaps all the rest of us dwell in the 3rd world!
  • I posted the above comment. I did not get a phone interview, i emailed the depart secretary to ask about any progress. She forwarded my question about SBL interviews to the chair, who responded. He indicated that I am on the list of about 20 potential candidates. They are completing phone interviews and depending on the results of those, the committee may decide to interview some from the list of 20 at SBL. I received this information only bc I asked. No email is not an indication that you are not on the list of 20. If they decide to interview others from the list of 20, they will make those contacts next week.
  • Offer made and accepted. Via snail mail rejection letter 1/3

Nashota House Theological Seminay - OT[]

  • Deadline: Nov 15
  • received e-mail to set up SBL interview (11/15)
  • rejection e-mail (11/24)
  • I was interviewed on SBL but have not heard anything since then (posted 12/19)
  • Short listed 3 candidates for Campus interview (12/27)

New York Theological Seminary - NT[]

  • Ass't professor, no deadline indicated
  • Had an interview at SBL. They interviewed 15 people there and are currently working on narrowing to a short list for campus interviews.
  • extremely confusing, as they posted the ad shortly before SBL, with no deadline, leading one to assume they were still accepting applications.
  • This job was actually posted last year, they suspended the search and then reopened it just before SBL. They contacted 15 people for interviews at SBL and are now working on short list.
  • Any news? 3/21 - Campus interviews are underway. Spoke with dean's admin assistant, who said that she is the one making contacts for interviews and that campus interviews are still underway.
  • 4/16 - Rejection letter indicating the search has been completed.

Northwestern University - Hebrew Bible[]

  • Have received no confirmation of receipt. (x5)
  • Contacted for interview (11/7)
  • any updates on this search?
  • I was interviewed at SBL but haven't heard anything about on-campus interviews (posted 12/16)
  • offer was made and was accepted 1/3/11
  • Snail mail rejection letter dated 1/28 indicating they've hired someone (2/5)

Notre Dame - New Testament[]

  • Open Rank
  • More information about this? A link?
  • Go to the September archive on the AAR listings. Review of apps began 10/15.
  • That made no sense to post this only at AAR. No wonder people have not found this.
  • It was NOT just on AAR
  • They said by personal email if you get it in by Oct 29 it will probably get reviewed.
  • Anyone hear anything?
  • Received an email 3/21 from department chair saying that the search is being extended into the next academic year and that, unless I withdraw, I will continue to be considered.

Ohio Wesleyan University - New Testament[]

  • TT, Asst Professor
  • Oct 22nd Deadline
  • Received email (10/28) thanking me for my application and stating that they would be vetting the applications over the next two weeks (the email actually said fortnight!) and then make SBL interview decisions. So, SBL interview invites should be going out by Nov 11. (x5)
  • 11/8 Email from chair asking if I'll be at SBL at what conflicts I currently have. It didn't state that I definitely have an interview, and the message itself was "Dear Candidate," so I assume it went to a number of people on a bcc list (the chair also asked that we 'reply' and not 'reply all'). (x2)
  • Email for SBL interview 11/10
  • Email campus invitation 12/10.
  • Offer made and accepted.

Pacific School of Religion - Old Testament/Hebrew Bible[]

  • Assistant or Associate
  • Due November 15
  • Was told by someone on the search committee that they won't be contacting candidates they are interested in interviewing until mid January.
  • Any word?
  • Received a phone call to schedule a phone interview (1/19) x3
  • Search cancelled by Board due to financial constraints.x2

Pepperdine - Old Testament[]

  • Assistant professor
  • Must be Church of Christ
  • Received rejection email 3/2.
    It read at one point: "My prayer is that we are listening to the prompting of the Spirit in this decision."
    So apparently, it's not the search committee, but God himself who doesn't want me to have this job.
  • Or God herself. How tacky to blame God for committee decisions.
  • Offer made
    (I'm guessing to a white male conservative from one of following schools: Abilene Christian, Harding, Lubbock Christian, or David Lipscomb. Any takers?)

Quincy Univesrsity (Two positions, Biblical and Theology/Moral Theology)[]

  • Open Rank (tenure track)
  • Regarding the biblical studies post, an interview was requested on the Thurs. before AAR, but I was not attending AAR and they will not be interviewing at SBL, so we are currently in the process of scheduling an interview via conference call.
  • Phone interviews.
  • Invited for on-campus interview for biblical position (12-22).
  • Biblical post offered and accepted (2-28).

Redeemer University College - New Testament[]

  • Initial Deadline (10/31)
  • On-campus interviews scheduled
  • As of Feb 1, heard nothing. Emailed inquiring of status, no response.
  • Any word now? 24 Feb
  • Feb 25: no, still heard nothing, though noticed that their website no longer lists it as an open position, which it still did around two weeks ago. No new faculty announcements on their website though, and I've heard nothing, either by mail, email or phone. You'd think there would be word either way by now.
  • 3/8: Email from the dean that the position had been filled (though it didn't give further details)
  • Ditto.

Rhodes College - New Testament/Early Christianity[]

  • Deadline (1/7)
  • VAP
  • A colleague was asked for a writing sample earlier in January. Not sure of the exact date.

Roanoke College - Biblical Studies[]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor
  • SBL interview scheduled on 11/17 (x5)
    • By phone or email?
    • By phone.
    • By email
  • Anybody hear any post-SBL news?
    • Not yet (had SBL interview)
  • campus interview scheduled for January (12/16)
  • Offer made and accepted

Sacred Heart School of Theology-New Testament[]

  • Deadline April 30, 2011

St. Ambrose University - Biblical Studies

  • Assistant Professor
  • Deadline 11/1
  • It appears they want a Roman Catholic. Any info on that?
  • A: I understand they are looking for the best candidate in either testament and aren't making RC an absolute. Must at least be open and sympathetic to that tradition.
  • 11/17 SBL interview scheduled (x5)
  • Has anyone heard anything post-SBL?
  • Heard by email that the committee is meeting on 12/9 to discuss SBL interviews and decide on a round of phone interviews.
  • Offer made and accepted. Search has concluded.

St. Thomas University - Biblical Studies[]

  • Assistant Professor
  • Deadline 10/4
  • Have they contacted anyone yet for a conference interview?
  • Any news on interviews?
  • I received an invitation to interview on Thursday before AAR. The interview was a good experience.
  • To the person who received an interview,do you know if they are moving straight to on-campus interviews, or are they going to be interviewing more candidates at SBL?
  • It was biblical studies. It sounded like they will not be interviewing at SBL but plan to do phone interviews.
  • Thanks!
  • Phone interview on 12/10.
  • on campus interviews have been scheduled 1/25
  • Rejection e-mail received from administtrative assistant 3/3

Stonehill College (Massachusetts) - NT/Biblical Ethics[]

  • Deadline 10/11
  • Ass't Prof.
  • Any news on interviews?
  • Invitation for Skype Interview (Oct 27)
  • On Campus interviews have taken place (from reliable source)
  • Contract issued, search concluded.

The King's College (NY) - Biblical Studies[]

  • Deadline ?
  • Assistant Prof.
  • Contacted the School on 1/5. Response indicated that the search was already well under way, and no new applications were being accepted.
    • (x2), You would think that since they had a deadline that they would have posted it.

Union Theological Seminary - New Testament[]

  • Assistant Professor
  • Deadline: 12/15
  • Email request for interview at SBL (11/10) (x3)
  • Any new word post SBL? (12/9) (x2)
  • Heard the committee was meeting this week. Anyone heard anything?
  • Any news?
  • Assuming that a hire has been made at this point. Anyone know who was hired?
  • When I interviewed with Union at SBL they indicated that they did not anticipate bringing candidates to campus until March, which surprised me, so perhaps they haven't moved yet (although I am just speculating).
  • 3/21 - email from admin assistant (in reply to my email inquiry) stated that the search committee has selected a candidate. Congrats to that person!
  • They hired an excellent scholar--Ph.D. from Brite Divinity School, TCU

United Theological Seminary - New Testament (and Early Christianity)[]

  • Deadline: 12/11
  • Received confirmation email (12/14)
  • Colleague of mine had on-campus interview on 2/1

University of Aberdeen (Scotland) - NT Exegesis[]

  • Looking to appoint an exceptional scholar of international standing to the Kirby Lang Chair of New Testament Exegesis
  • Deadline: 9/24
  • Two candidates gave papers at the UoA (feb/2011)
  • Candidate was hired (march/2011)

University of Iowa - Ancient Mediterranean Religions, 1st through 8th Centuries[]

  • Deadline: 12/15
  • Offer made and accepted (a while back). Congratulations!

University of Maryland - Hebrew Bible, Jewish Studies[]

  • Assistant Professor
  • Deadline: 11/30
  • Friendly email indicating that they are now considering full dossiers 12/07
  • Invited by email for a campus interview 01/10
  • Email from chair saying they have created a list of finalists 1/13 x3
    • Did this email suggest you were among the finalists, or was it a rejection email? Update: I guess the 01/10 invitation says it all. Good luck to you on the campus visit! Disappointing that myself and several other applicants I know never got the email on 1/13, which I'm assuming now was a rejection email.
  • Good question! I also have received no email about the list of finalista and was beginning to wonder whether they had gotten my application at all.
  • Offer made a while ago
  • According to a job-posting for a one year gig at Indiana, one of their visiting faculty has already accepted this offer at Maryland. Job searches often have poor communication, but this search has been worse than most. Why were only some of us given updated information along the way? Frustrating. Still, congratulations to the scholar who was hired for this dream job! Nicely done!
  • Rejection letter received by snail mail 4/8 (3x)
  • Offer accepted. Search completed. Congratulations!

University of Northern Iowa - Biblical Studies[]

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, a two-year term position, beginning August 22, 2011
  • Complete applications received before March 25, 2011, will receive full consideration.
  • A member of the department reported that few have applied thus far. The department is actively seeking applicants.

University of Pennsylvania - Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies[]

  • Deadline 11/15
  • A friend has been invited for a campus visit.
  • Rejection letter by snail mail (1/5, dated 12/16) x4
  • This was one of those jobs, I've heard--of which there are many (?)--where they had a person already picked out when they wrote the job description, and the rest was just a formality. I could be wrong about this, though (but I heard it from several insider-y type of people).
  • I was told that one of the people they invited is already on his third (2nd?) book. In either case, thanks for wasting everyone's time, Penn! Way to make friends and encourage young scholars in your field!
  • The list is young and young-ish scholars. There is no fully chosen inside person.
  • 1/12 Received rejection letter by snail
  • Word on the street is that this was a failed search
  • Ditto the Duke comments here...

University of Wisconsin Madison- Hebrew Bible/Semitic Languages[]

  • Deadline 8/15
  • Department secretary told me they had only 36 applications (!?)
  • That's surprising, but given the narrow subfield advertised it is understandable.
  • Acknowledged receipt of application materials promptly.
  • 9/1 — Contacted for online interview.
  • Aftermath of the online interview? Any new word?
  • Does anybody have any more information of this search?
  • I heard that they already had on-campus interviews with the top candidates.
  • E-mail notification that search has ended with a note of their selection. They've got a great scholar.

Wheaton College - Biblical and Theological Studies[]

  • Deadline 8/15
  • "Wheaton College is an Evangelical Protestant Christian liberal arts college whose faculty members affirm a Statement of Faith and the moral and lifestyle expectations of our Community Covenant."
  • 8/24: received request for additional materials (five single-spaced, one-page essays, including one on inerrancy).
  • First Round of Rejection Letters 8/26/10
  • Heard they received 172 applicants
  • 10/12: request for phone interview (30-45 minutes)
  • Any new word?
  • Three positions available for 2012

William Jessup University - New Testament[]

  • no deadline listed
  • Rec'd email confirming receipt of application materials (1/10)
  • Any news on this one? (2/2)
  • I hear they are making the first cut in the next week (2/11)
  • short listed to 4 people
  • How did you come across that information? Interview request? E-mail? (3/1) Grapevine.
  • Must be member of an ICC/Restoration Movement
  • Position filled by an insider