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Biblical Studies Jobs for 2011-2012[]


Just out of curiosity, how many people are using this site?

  • How many HB? 19
  • How many NT? 29

How many people using this board have had at least 1 phone/skype/conference interview? 8

How many people using this board have had an SBL interview scheduled? 16

How many people using this board have had at least 1 campus interview (in 2011-12 season)? 2

How many people using this board have had at least 1 job offer?

How many of those who have had interviews already have tenure track jobs? 3

How many of those who have received an offer already have a tenure track job (or tenure)?

How many already had tenure but were laid off for financial reasons?

How many have been on the job market for more than 4 years?

How many people do schools usually interview at conferences? 5? 10?

How many times have people been illegally discriminated against in this job search? 5

12/15 I think this wiki has somehow jumped back to a previous version - lots of newer information has disappeared throughout

Ambrose University College (Calgary, Canada) - Old Testament[]

  • tenure track
  • review of applications will begin November 1
  • Received an email at the end of Oct stating that my application materials were received. Has anyone heard anything more on this or the NT position?
  • Email rejection rec'd 9 December (x5)

Ambrose University College (Calgary, Canada) - New Testament[]

  • review of applications will begin November 1
  • they canceled this hire; notified by email 3/6

Bradley University - Asst. Prof. of Religious Studies (Biblical Studies)[]

  • Deadline: November 15, 2011
  • Ad at SBL site (not currently listed on the Bradley HR site )
  • "The position entails teaching three courses per semester in the fields of Hebrew Bible, Christian New Testament, and the historical development of Judaism and Christianity."
  • Ph.D. by September 1, 2012.
  • "Knowledge of theory and methods in Religious Studies and ability to teach in a university with no religious affiliation are essential."
    • 10/19 - a letter stating that they do not anticipate completing their initial screening until January 25 and will then identify who to interview. They hope to conclude the search by March 15. (x5)
  • Request for Skype interview -
  • QUESTION: notified when, by whom, and how? Answer: Early last week, by the department, via email.
  • QUESTION: have you heard anything back after the skype interview? when was it, and any update as to when you might hear something?
  • Two campus interviews scheduled.
  • Heard an offer was made.
  • Anyone know if the offer was accepted?
  • Rejection letter 4/25 saying the search has been concluded.

Catholic University of America - New Testament[]

  • Applications accepted until 10/15
  • Also posted at Religious Studies 2011-2012
  • Um, does "ordinary professor" = "full professor"? That is, is this a specifically senior hire?
  • Yes, they are looking for a full or associate professor (This is the thrid time I have re-posted this comment in response to the above question. Why on earth does someone keep deleting my answer. Have you nothing better to do?)
  • I have a colleague who received an invitation to apply (s/he is junior) over the summer. So perhaps they will consider distinguished junior candidates. > If this person is an assistant professor already somewhere, it would make perfect sense, because they are looking to hire at the associate or full level.
  • No this person is an assistant professor > That is what I meant to say and have corrected my comment above to reflect that.
  • Received letter on 10/8 indicating that my materials have been received and that "the search committee will meet during the second half of October to discuss the applicants and to determine which candidates to recommend inviting to Washington for on-campus interviews."
  • I enjoy the cattiness of this thread. Just saying.
  • rejection letter via snail mail earlier this week (12/15)
  • Offer was extended earlier this semester and declined. There will be a new search next year.

Columbia Theological Seminary (Decatur, GA) - New Testament[]

  • tenure-track position
  • review of applications begins immediately
    • 10/20 - email acknowledging receipt of all application materials. It says the SC will be in touch direclty when they have had a chance to review my application. (x2)
  • does anyone know what the teaching load for this position is?
  • I think CTS has a 2-1-2 (the "1" is a J-term or summer).
  • How many people applied for this job?
  • probably 100+ based on the number of applicants for their OT search last year
  • email request for an interview at AAR/SBL (11/10) x4.
  • rejection letter 12/2
  • rejection letter mailed out on Dec 15
  • Any update on this position?
  • Has anyone been contacted about campus interviews?
  • I applied, did not have an SBL interview but have also not gotten a rejection letter. Those who posted recieving a rejection above - were you in the group that was interviewed?
  • I had an SBL interview but have heard nothing.
  • I received a rejection letter that was mailed out Dec 15 and I had an SBL interview. It seems like I am the only one so far.
  • Any news on campus visits? (2/17)
  • Didn't they say they would contact people in mid-February? (2/17)
    • I was thinking early- to mid-February. Either we heard wrong, the committee got busy, or no one using this board has moved on to the next round. (2/21)
    • The following comment was made on 2/23: "They brought one person in for a campus visit, and evidently this is the only applicant they are planning to bring to campus." Someone from another IP address erased it on 2/24. I am not sure why.

Concordia University (Portland) - Old Testament[]

  • Deadline: Open until filled
  • Received an email confirming that they are only considering LCMS ordained candidates. No one else need bother.(x2) :: they also said they already have 80 plus applicants already.

East Texas Baptist University - Biblical Studies[]

  • Has anyone heard anything about this job?
  • Contacted for phone interview (2/20)x2 - six phone interviews, three of which will later be brought on campus
  • Contacted for campus interview (3/27)
  • Rejection letter stating that they had hired a candidate

Eden Theological Seminary - Old or New Testament[]

  • rank is open
    • Got email acknowledging that they'd received all of my materials 10/ (x2)
    • Anyone know why Eden reposted this job listing as of 11/8?
      • I assume it's because they wanted to have a listing in the November job postings. The previous post expired on 11/4. See For all those who have already applied, let's hope it's not because the search committee feels it doesn't have the applicant it needs.
      • Talked with Eden. If you've already sent your application in everything is okay. They start reviewing them tomorrow (i.e., 11/9).
    • Does anyone know what the teaching load is for this position?
    • Any news (11/12)? - Nothing... still waiting... SIGH!
    • Still no news (11/22)?
    • any news 12/21?
    • Nothing.
    • Rejection letter on Christmas Eve (x4) Absolutely no class at all sending those letters so that we we them on Christmas Eve. What a heartless place! - Yeah... seems a bit odd for a school that proclaims progressive Christianity and Social Justice!
    • Would you have preferred they hold onto it and wait? Seems to honor justice to let candidates know as soon as the decision has been made. The terrible injustice is those schools that leave candidates hanging indefinitely. > Actually, yes, I would have preferred not to have gotten that letter on Christmas Eve. A few days before or after would have been fine, but not on Christmas Eve. I cannot beleive you even need to ask that question!
    • I didn't hear anything - I hope no news is good news. Did you hear via e-mail or snail mail? >Snail Mail -- me again - just got rejection letter 01/07

Furman University - New Testament[]

  • Deadline: 10/15
  • Any idea of how many applicants typically apply for a position like this? - A lot. I'd guess at least 40-50. A2-I have a job at a similar school; there were >100 applicants for my position. A3 - I heard that they received 97 applications.
  • Anyone heard anything about this position?
  • Haven't heard anything. Sent everything in back in September and not even an acknowledgement that they've received my materials (x2)
  • Received e-mail acknowledging receipt of application materials and stating that "within two weeks" they will be contacting some for interviews at SBL, with on-campus interviews to follow in January (10-25). (x10)
    • Q - Why is it that some people's application materials get acknowledged, and others don't? Does it mean that if they acknowledged receipt of your materials, you are still in the running? A - That is what I would assume, but I would hate to offer this to you as a definitive answer since I do not know their selection process. Perhaps it would be worth contacting the chair of the search to make sure he received your materials if you didn't receive an email.
  • 11/08 - email request for SBL interview (x3)
  • 11/15 - email stating non-short-list dossiers will remain open through the weekend. (x5)
  • 1/6 - rejection letter
  • 2/14 - offer made

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary - Old Testament[]

  • Deadline: 12/1
    • Received rejection letter in October. x2
    • Informed I was selected for 2nd round; asked to answer some questions mostly regarding theological stance. (10/25) x2
    • Received rejection letter in January (was a 2nd round candidate).

Hartford Seminary - New Testament[]

  • Review of applications begins 1/17
  • Email invitation for campus interview (1/20)
  • Wow! three days into their review they are inviting folks to campus. Interesting, since by comparison they started reviewing aplications for their Christian Theology position in September and don't seem to have moved on it at all yet. Congrats.
  • I interviewed there in the past. They are not very organized!

Houghton College - Old Testament[]

  • Deadline - December 1
  • 11-12, email for SBL interview (x2)
  • Rejection letter following SBL interview - 1/11

Huntington University - Old Testament[]

  • Deadline - January 3, 2012, but preliminary interviews will be held at SBL/AAR
  • Emailed about interview at SBL (11/8).
  • Kindly worded rejection email after skype interview (1/6/12)
  • Offer made and accepted (2/29/12).

Huntingdon College (Alabama) - Old Testament[]

  • any news or updates?

Interdenominational Theological Center - New Testament[]

Interdenominational Theological Center New Testament

King's College (Wilkes-Barre, PA) - Theology (OT and NT)[]

  • Deadline: 11/01
  • HigherEdJobs link
    • Received note on 14th October that application received. Would only receive further correspondence if considered for position (x3)
  • 11/9 SBL Interview Scheduled (x5)
  • My understanding from SBL interview is that King's won't decide on Campus visits until January
  • Campus interview scheduled.
  • This last two entries seem a little inconsistent. Any other information you can share?
  • Apparently they made their decisions a little while ago. Sent out letters to their top 3 candidates, but didn't bother sending rejection letters to those they've rejected. I actually ended up having to contact King's to find out that I'd been rejected. Kind of annoying!
  • That is annoying, but sadly kind of typical of a lot of schools. Thanks!
  • Sometimes the finalists don't work out, take other jobs, etc. and they have to go back into the pool; that's often why places hold off on sending out rejections.
  • Any news here?
  • Post-interview notification that the search was suspended for institutional reasons.

Lake Forest College -- Assistant Professor of Religion (Christianity)[]

Life Pacific College - Biblical Studies[]

  • initial review of candidates will begin October 1
  • Got rejection letter but not suprized at all. They mentioned that they usually pick from the list of their adjuncts but went a head anyway and put the advert in the public domain. So I had tried it not to feel that I didn't.

Lincoln Christian University (Seminary) - New Testament[]

  • Deadline: 12/1
  • They opted to make no hire in NT this year.
  • Anthony Le Donne was fired from LCU over a recent book on the historical Jesus. Perhaps this is part of the reason they decided to wait on a new hire? I would think twice about applying to any place that fired faculty over their research. Shameful!

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Old Testament[]

  • Review of applications will begin September 1, 2011
  • Has anybody been informed about interview or received rejection? 8/11
  • I've heard nothing - anyone hear? 11/13
  • A colleague had an on-campus in November.
  • Received rejection e-mail (with incorrect name). 1/18/12
  • Received two rejection letters (!) stating that they have hired someone. (x2)
  • Received a blank message with an attachment that can't be opened. I'm assuming it's a rejection.

Loyola University of Maryland - New Testament or Old Testament[]

  • applications received prior to October 21 will receive full consideration
  • primarly specialization must be the theological interpretation of scripture
  • Even more specifically: Applicants should have as a primary focus either Torah/Pentateuch, or the Writings, or the Gospels, including proficiency in the relevant Biblical languages, and be able to teach undergraduate and Masters-level courses in their area of specialty
  • Any acknowledgement of received information? Any updates?
  • Nov 7, email setting up SBL/AAR interview. x3 How many NT? A: 1. How many OT? 1
  • Request for on-campus
  • for those who had campus interviews - any news?
  • Job has been offered and accepted.

Luther College (Iowa)[]

  • 1 yr renewable up to 3 years term position in Bible.
  • Any news or updates? Last I heard initial interviewees would be contacted end of February/early March (x1)
  • Initial phone interview scheduled for next week (3/7/12)

Luther Seminary - Old Testament[]

  • Deadline: 9/15
  • I have heard they are considering an inside candidate (recent graduate) for this position. Has anyone else heard this?
  • I have heard the same thing. (x2)
  • Q - While I know this alleged person's identity is to remain secret, can you say a bit more about how/where you heard or came about this information? And is the suggestion that they are looking to consider ONLY this person? I ask especially because if this person is a "recent graduate" it would have to be from their MDiv program, since Luther hasn't had a Bible Ph.D. for several years.
  • A- I don't know how reliable the rumor is. My impression was that they will consider all candidates, but that they have someone in mind that they really like.
  • Ahhh, that's helpful. I think the above comments scared quite a few of us. Especially if it seems three people have heard this rumor, there must be some currency to it. Regardless, at least it doesn't 'seem' to be a closed case already. I hope.
  • There is a candidate lecture scheduled for this week. 11/13
  • Wow, so this 'inside candidate' thing is no joke. No SBL interviews at all? Were there any preliminary interviews?
  • A colleague had an on-campus. Three or four campus visits during November.
  • Rec'd rejection letter 11/22 (x2)
  • 1/4/12--I haven't received a rejection letter or an invitation to interview. Is anyone else in this situation? (If this post sounds familiar, it's because someone erased it previously).
  • Offer made.
  • Rejection received, dated 1/4. Must mean they are letting go of their "backup pool" of candidates
  • Hire announced.
  • Announced where? Couldn't find it on their website (my understanding is once it has been made public, we no longer need to be secretive about it on here).
  • My understanding is that they have made TWO hires in OT.

McCormick Theological Seminary - New Testament or Christian Ethics[]

  • review of applications will begin October 17
  • We seek candidates with research doctorates in New Testament or Christian Ethics who are particularly interested in African-American, Latino/a and Asian-American perspectives
    • 11/1 - letter of rejection via email. (x2)

Monmouth College - Philosophy and Religion Dept.[]

  • Looking for someone to teach Old and New Testament as well as history of Christian thought.
  • This was posted on the Religious Studies page, but ought to be here as well since they're looking for a biblical schoar.
  • I emailed asking for an update and received a reply on 11/15 stating that my applicaiton is still under consideration.
  • No reponse or acknowledgment. - x3

Notre Dame - New Testament Open Rank[]

  • Has this been advertised anywhere? Or is this simply an inference from the post's deferral last year? (8.10.2011)
  • Not an inference. Some of those who applied last year were sent an email stating that the search would continue into the next year and that, unless we let them know otherwise, we would still be under consideration. There has been no indication that they are receiving new applicants.
  • That's helpful - thanks.
  • where is the link for application?
  • There is no link. They are not accepting applications, this is a hold over from last year's search.
  • email request for an AAR/SBL interview.
  • any word about on-campus interviews? 12/21
  • a friend received an invite to campus for early to mid-February.

Notre Dame - Scripture (Liberal Studies)[]

They are accepting applications through Oct. 25, according to the job posting at the SBL site: (Sep 6)

  • The job posting currently up on SBL is for a position in Notre Dame's Department of Liberal Studies. Last year's posting was in the Department of Theology (see above).
  • It sounds like they REALLY want a Roman-Catholic candidate for the job.
  • Not sure why someone deleted my response to the above post. In speaking with Roman Catholic scholar who has also seen this job ad, they confirmed that "working within the Catholic tradition" means they are looking for a RC. I would not waste the time applying if you are not.
  • The above post is incorrect they will consider people who are not Roman Catholic but can give a good answer to the question 'how does your work intersect with the Catholic intellectual tradition.'
  • I think we are talking about "strong preference" for a Catholic scholar rather than "abandon all hope ye non-Catholics." That being said -- has anyone heard anything? They will. Snail-mail receipt of application materials showed up in my mailbox ca. 2 weeks after original submission. (9/5) x6
    • received email asking for letters of reference to be sent in to the search committee (10/28) (x6 - 11/1)
    • Has anyone heard about interviews for this position? A - I am one of the people who got a request for reference letters, but have heard nothing further about interviews. (Ax5). A-Perhaps they are not interviewing at AAR/SBL. It seems a little late for that (just my speculation!).
    • got an email today (11/16) asking for letters (x4)
    • I suspect (based on intuition) that have an enormous amount of applications (200+ maybe) and are going through them in batches. They then take a short-list from each batch and then ask for letters. Eventually they will move to interviews.
    • no news? (Nov 30)
  • A few of us had posted on 12/14 that we got invited to do a videoconference in January for the "theology" position, but the post got deleted somehow. (The entry said that four people who post here were among those who had been invited on 12/14; I'm assuming that all videoconference interviewees were invited on the same day, meaning that if one did not hear from the program on the 14th, then one has been rejected as a job candidate. With that said, I'll also repeat my previously deleted congratulations to those who were invited for video interviews and wish you each the best. This seems like a great job, and I hope whoever gets it loves it!)
  • yes - a lot of information has somehow been deleted all over the place on this wiki in the last couple of days
  • Skype interview in January (12/15) (x2)
  • Rec'd rejection letter (12/20)
  • no interview request but no rejection letter either 12/21 (x5--1/5).
  • I received an email answer stating that the committee is still working on the short list (x2--1/13, and I wasn't invited for a Skype interview so the notice is intriguing).
  • The committee will be contacting finalist for campus visits late next week (1/10). -- and I will be checking this website every hour till then!
  • E-mail invitation to campus interview (1/17) x 2
  • E-mail letting me know that there is still interest in my application although I'm not being invited to campus at this stage. Congrats to the finalists! (1/17)
  • How many people invited to campus? -- 3 candidates invited
  • I just received a very nice rejection letter, dated 1/25 (x2--1/30). I also received an email from the program chair that said the final set of potential interviewees were not formally rejected until the campus visits were fully finalized (1/28).
  • Offer made.

Nyack College - Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins[]

  • Deadline - October 28
  • Email rejection - Nov 9
  • Invited for SBL interview - Nov 9
  • Invited for on-campus interview - 10 Dec

Rhodes College - New Testament[]

  • Deadline: Applications will start being reviewed 10/21
  • Ad at SBL site
  • Ad at HigherEdJobs
  • apply at
  • "We encourage applications from individuals whose interests go beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, in particular from candidates who can contribute to programs such as Gender and Sexuality Studies and Environmental Studies."
    • Received request for writing sample 10/25 x 2
    • References contacted for letters of reference (10/28) x2
    • Scheduled interview for SBL (11/4 x2)
      • Safe to assume these (x2)'s are the same two people?? (Congrats!)
      • Curious: To the x2 being interviewed, ABD or PhD in hand? Phd
  • end of December - rejection email.

Rhodes College - Hebrew Bible/Old Testament[]

  • review of applications will begin October 22
  • Anybody heard anything? It's the only place I've applied that's been totally silent.
  • 11/04- Phone call requesting an interview at SBL.
    • Now I'm waiting by the phone :) This wiki is such a double-edged sword... A-I hear you. Good luck!
    • Just wondering--does anyone know anything about that third position Rhodes posted in September? I think the third position is a Theology position
  • 12/15--A collegaue I know was invited for a campus visit in the New Year as of a week ago.
  • Any updates on this search? Have campus interviews been held? (2/13)
  • 2/24--Anyone have any news on this one?
  • 3/4 -- Offer made and accepted.

Saint Louis University - New Testament[]

  • tenure-track position at the rank of assistant or associate professor in New Testament beginning fall 2012.
  • Ad at
  • Review of applications will begin on October 3, 2011 with possible preliminary interviews at the AAR/SBL conference in November. All applications must be made online at
  • Also posted at Religious Studies 2011-2012
  • Q - Does anyone know whether the review deadline means that review of applications will begin on October 3rd and continue on a rolling basis or whether October 3rd is a hard application deadline?
    • They conducted phone interviews on Friday (10/14/11)
    • Are they looking for associate professors only? -- No. They prefer junior.
  • campus interviews (3 candidates) have been decided (heard from someone in dept, early Nov.)

Samford University - Old Testament or New Testament[]

  • Has anyone heard anything about this job?
    • Preference for a Baptist
    • Any insider info? Preference for OT or NT, or equal shot for both?
  • Review of applications begins 1/16 according to SBL posting
  • Notice that materials were received 1/13 x5
  • Reply from the department chair (on 2/1) indicates that they are currently reviewing applications for this position and one other one in their department.
  • They anticipated getting a lot of apps. I imagine they could be swamped for a while.
  • Received email 2/6 that pool had been narrowed to four candidates for initial interviews.
  • For the above, does the email state that you were chosen as 1/4, or that they've selected others?
  • Yes, I am one of the four. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Did the email state that it was just for the OT/NT job or four candidates for both positions?
  • Four candidates in biblical studies; they are keeping the other position in religion separate, so far as I can tell

Seattle Pacific University - Christian Scriptures (New Testament)[]

  • Deadline: 11/15
  • Has anyone received word on this position?
  • Received rejection letter 10/28/2011 (x2)
  • Rejection letters two weeks before the application deadline? Harsh.
  • Received request for an interview at SBL 11/14/2011 - abd (1)
  • Has anyone heard anything about this position?
  • Heard in mid-Feb that offer had been made and accepted

Shaw University - Asst. or Assoc. Prof. of New Testament[]

  • Deadline: Open until filled
  • Two finalists for phone interview, Jan 26th.
  • This job was reposted on on 3/8. Any idea why they have reposted it if they have finalists selected? Are we to assume that the two finalists did not work out? Could this be a reflection of the school?

St. Olaf College - New Testament[]

  • New Testament teaching and research focus. Secondary competence desirable in one or more of the following: early Christianity, Christian theology, Lutheran theological and interpretative traditions, contemporary communities of interpretation, comparative theology.
  • Review of completed applications begins October 3. For possible AAR/SBL interviews, application must be complete by October 31.
  • Where is this job announcement posted?
  • A:the Chronicle
  • How many users of this site have applied for this position? 15
  • Anyone contacted for an interview? -Not yet...keeping my fingers crossed, though. x8
  • How many applicants have PhD already? x3
  • How many ABD? x11 -- wow, lots of ABDs... sad that many schools wouldn't even look at ABDs in this job market...
  • Anyone heard anything???
  • 11/8- SBL Interview Request via email (ABD x3) (PhD x1)
  • (To the above: Congrats/just curious- ABD or Ph.D. in hand?)
  • 12/21— Rec'd rejection letter (x4)
  • 01/04 - Rec'd second rejection letter from chair
    • Second Rejection Letter? Can you explain? > I had already received the form letter over email, and received a second email rejection this a.m. from the chair of the dept. No idea why.

Texas Christian University - A.A. Bradford Chair in Religion (Biblical Studies)[]

  • Senior Rank appointment
  • Review of applications will begin October 15, 2011.
  • Received an email saying they have scheduled all their SBL interviews.

Trinity Christian College - Old Testament[]

  • review of applications will begin on November 1
  • email rejection - 17 Nov
  • A colleague had a phone interview during November.
  • Anyone with news here? I heard that on-campus invites were going out soon. 1/21
  • On-campus invites did go out 1/24

Union Theological Seminary (NY) - Post-Doc in Biblical Languages[]

  • Any news?
  • SBL Interview Scheduled 11/7 (x3): how many NT? 2 and OT? 1
  • Received a kindly worded email of rejection referring to a "great number of excellent candidates" and a "difficult" decision (11/15).
  • Any news?
  • Offer made.
  • Accepted? HB or NT?
  • Accepted--HB

University of British Columbia - Hebrew Bible[]

  • Department of Classics, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies
  • Deadline: November 18
  • received e-mail confirmation that my application has been received (a day after sending in my materials). (x5)
  • Finalists have been invited to campus.
  • Rejection letter received 9 Jan.
  • Offer made (2/5)
  • Offer accepted (2/21)

University of Dubuque - Old Testament[]

  • Deadline: November 21
  • Anyone receive news on their application? 01.09.12
  • Any news on this search? I interviewed at SBL but have heard nothing. Maybe someone can email them and ask for an update? A: You could email them yourself, correct? Or am I missing something?
  • Ha! I anticipated such a reply. In fact, I have emailed them a few weeks ago but heard nothing back. Not a ringing endorsement of my candidacy perhaps, but I also didn't want to press and email again. So thought, since no one seems to have heard anything, another voice may get something.
  • I emailed and heard nothing 2/20
  • Let us know if you do end up hearing anything. Perhaps the silence for both of us is not a good sign? Or perhaps it is positive, meaning the search is moving more slowly than anticipated? Did you have an SBL interview? Anyone else here have an interview with Dubuque? I interviewed at SBL with them.
  • Curious: this has been one of the less active threads on this wiki. How many people have APPLIED for this position? And has anyone HEARD anything--positive or negative--about the search, its status (are they behind/delayed?), or your status in the search? -- APPLIED: 1 HEARD: SBL interview

University of Minnesota - Sundet Chair in New Testament and Christian Studies[]

  • Deadline - October 28

University of Missouri-Columbia - Biblical Studies[]

  • tenure track, either assistant or associate professor
  • teaching competence in both Hebrew Bible and New Testament
  • Deadline: October 28, 2011
  • Where is this opening posted? AAR.
  • Also posted at Religious Studies 2011-2012
  • 11/7 Email request to schedule SBL/AAR interview x 3
  • any news on campus interviews?
  • I was wondering the same thing. They told me they expected campus visits to take place in early Feb but they weren't back on campus until last week and are likely busy.
  • Certainly they've already set up their campus interviews at least, no?
  • Three campus interviews have been completed (2/3).
  • Email rejection stating the position has been filled (3/7) x3

University of Oxford - Departmental Lecturer in NT[]

  • Two year post, from 1 Oct 2012
  • Deadline: 24 May 2012
  • More info here
  • Shortlist has now been drawn up and candidates are being invited for interview. 31 May 2012.

University of Scranton - Asst. Prof. Scripture[]

  • Deadline: December 1, 2011
  • Completion of PhD by August 2012
  • Undergraduate survey courses in Christian Scripture
  • Upper level and grad coruses in OT and/or NT
  • Prefer someone who can also teach in another area of Catholic theology
  • Applicants should be sympathetic to Jesuit tradition
  • Apply online
  • They are reviewing applications and will notify those whom they will interview at the SBL meeting by November 17th (11/11). (x3)
  • What is the teaching load at Scranton? A - 3/3 (2/2 prep)
  • Interview scheduled (11/16) via email (x4)
  • Anyone heard anything 12/20
  • They followed up SBL Interview with a 12/2 request for additional writing materials.
  • Originally told after SBL that they would make decisions on campus visits by mid December, but haven't heard anything.
  • Phone invitation for campus interview (12/21) (x2)
  • FYI - I discovered they don't send out rejection letters. You've got to contact them to find out you've been rejected.
  • Rejection email received on January 17

University of Texas, Austin - Asst. Prof. in Late Hebrew Bible[]

  • Deadline: October 21, 2011
  • Ad at SBL site
  • Housed in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies
  • Must apply via this link . Electronic submissions only, including references.
  • "The successful applicant must have obtained his/her PhD by Sept. 1, 2010"
  • "The scholar in this position will specialize in late Hebrew Bible (post-exilic texts) and will have expertise in one or more of the following fields: Second Temple archaeology and culture; the language and context of the Dead Sea Scrolls; Second Temple literature outside the Hebrew Bible."
  • "She or he will teach both undergraduate and graduate courses and will serve in new, demanding doctoral programs in Hebrew Bible/Ancient Near East (Department of Middle Eastern Studies) and Ancient Mediterranean Religions (Department of Religious Studies)."
  • "Preference will be given to those with methodological and theoretical interests in Religious Studies."
    • Does anyone have any info on this job? They want someone a couple of years out of the PhD, I was told - i.e. the "PhD by 2010" is not an error. Insider candidate/target hire?
  • Email to set up SBL interview, received 11/11 (I'm not an insider!)
  • Campus interview invitation (12/14)
  • Formal rejection letter received (2/3/2012)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/22/2012)

Vanderbilt Divinity School-- Assistant Professor of Early Christian History[]

  • Deadline October 31-- listed at Chronicle of Higher Education
  • tenure track
  • Also posted at Religious Studies 2011-2012
    • Anyone heard anything?
    • A: Nada (as of 11/12).
    • Colleague rec'd email request for AAR interview. [posted 11/12]
    • Any other requests for interviews?
    • They did some interviews at AAR/SBL.
    • Finalists contacted.
    • and David MIchelson won! 

Wesley Theological Seminary - Asst. Prof. Hebrew Bible[]

  • Deadline: 1/6/2012
  • tenure track
  • Anyone heard anything about this position? (1/4/12)
  • Confirmation that materials were received (1/5/12) 2x
  • Does anyone have news about this job?
  • I was told that the committee planned to meet the third or fourth week of January to identify 7-8 people for phone interviews in Feb.
  • QUESTION FOR ABOVE: told by whom, and when? have you (or anyone you know of) received notification of a phone interview?
  • A: Told by the dean in December. I have not been asked for a phone interview and I don't know that anyone else has either, so I have no idea if no news is bad news or if they just weren't able to keep their intended timetable.
  • Got a phone message and email requesting a Skype interview this week (2/6) x2
  • QUESTION: How did the interview(s) go, and any idea on an approximate timeline for when you might hear a further word?
  • ANSWER: Committee says invitations for campus interviews will be extended by end of February. Campus interviews in March. (2/13)
  • So no Skype interview likely means no chance for a campus interview, eh? (to those who had Skype interviews).
  • Also, there was a primilary round of informal interviews during the SBL MEETING. QUESTION: Anyone from that group also have a Skype interview? I'm figuring that that informal interview was for the first batch and the skype for the second batch. Any thoughts?
  • ANSWER: I had a Skype interview but had not applied by the time of SBL (applications were not due until 1/6). I did not know they had intereviewed at SBL, but my guess is that SBL interviews and Skype interviews are part of the same "round."
  • 2/20 Email saying they had invited two candidates for on-campus interview (I was not one of them). x2
  • I had a preliminary interview (contact was made before I submitted my application) and a Skype interview. But I didn't make the next round.
  • Email rejection received 2/23. x4

Wheaton College - Asst. Prof. New Testament[]

  • Deadline: 9/6
  • Has anyone heard anything from Wheaton? They were going to request additional information from select candidates.
    • Received a letter inviting me to "apply" for the position formally (9/23).
    • Received the opposite letter this week. Of the rejections I've received, it was one of the more polite. Odd though that they took the time to write it up, save it as a pdf file named for me, and email me that. (x2)
    • That's actually not strange at all. Many schools send out letters (both via snail mail and email) and to name the pdf for you is not hard or time consuming.
    • Actually, it really is. Rejection letters are not usually personalized: they are form letters. Form letters are just that: forms. Any clerical person worth their salt simply writes one letter with the appropriate fields for name, address, etc., and then has the auto-mail-merge (or whatever their software calls it) automatically drop in each person's info from the database, and voila, all the rejection letters are churned out automatically with one click of the mouse. Dumping that automatically into an email mailer is just one click more. So yes, having an individual file at all, nevermind one name for you, is strange. > Ok, you keep telling yourself that if you need to. > Indeed, Wheaton is a pretty backward place, so I doubt they are that technologically advanced ;)
    • Actually, I have heard of personal rejection letters from other disciplines (ie history) at Wheaton, and I didn't apply for the job. Just wanted to participate in the squabble. Be encouraged if it said anything useful.
  • Has anyone received any more information about this search? Have they scheduled interviews at SBL?
    • Last week they had skype interviews with their top 7 candidates (11/1)
    • Rejection letter (as one of the 7) received today (11/8)
    • Offer accepted by first choice candidate

Wheaton College - Asst. Prof. Old Testament[]

  • Deadline: 9/6
  • Has anyone been invited for an application?
  • Yes (9/28)- Thanks. Good Luck! Was it snail mail or email? - it was email
  • So, just received a reply from secretary of SC for this post. She says that the SC won't be meeting until late October to decide which 12-14 applicants to shortlist for an application, but this conflicts with the message the other person received above.
  • There's no conflict: I think the secretary (and the person in the post below) must be talking about the actual shortlisting, which comes after the invitations to apply. Their ad explained this process.
  • Except that someone was asked to apply last week- which matches the SC secretary's timeline.
  • Has anyone else been shortlisted?
  • Yes, additional materials due 10-26. SC now reviewing for interviews.
  • Email to set up skype interview for next week (11/3)
  • On-campus interviews scheduled.
  • Offer made
  • Contrary to the previous post, an offer has not yet been made.

Wheaton College - Assoc./Full Prof. Old Testament[]

  • Deadline: 9/6
  • This job was given to an inside candidate. Q: How? An "inside candidate" for an associate or full professor does not require a search; it's simply either a tenure review (for an internal assistant) or a promotion (for an internal associate). I think this comment/claim needs clarification. A: The advertised post was given to an inside candidate. That accounts for the subsequent opening of the Armerding Chair.

Yale Divinity School - New Testament[]

  • Deadline: 10/15
    • SBL interview request x 4.
      • Q - What does x 4 means? I am new here, sorry. A - Four people have received SBL interview requests.
  • Got note from YDS asking me to fill out an affirmative action card and return it (x5)
  • No interview request, but received an affirmative action card. Not sure if this is the same as those posting under the previous bullet point.
  • Yes. Got the same thing, but no interview request. Note said they were still reviewing my application.
  • I suspect the AA card doesn't indicate whether one is actually still in the running or not; it's only for diversity statistics, which include who applied for the job. They just won't send out rejections until they've given the chance to return AA cards. (I also got the card, but no interview request, so I'm likely out.)
    • The AA card came separately from and later than the invitation to interview.
  • References have been contacted for letters of rec.
  • 11/2: Received invitation (via e-mail) for an SBL interview. Looks like they're not yet done scheduling.
  • 12/24: Any word on campus interviews?
  • It's rumored that they have on-campus interviews scheduled throughout January.
  • Anyone know who was asked for on-campus interviews? > No names ever on this list. Not until it is made public elsewhere.
  • 2/6: The position has been offered to one of the campus interviewees.
  • Position was declined. The search will most likely re-open next year.