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Biblical Studies Jobs for 2011-2012


Just out of curiosity, how many people are using this site?

  • How many HB? 6
  • How many NT? 13

How many people using this board have had at least 1 phone/skype/conference interview?

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How many people using this board have had at least 1 campus interview (in 2011-12 season)?

How many people using this board have had at least 1 job offer?

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Catholic University of America - New Testament

  • Applications accepted until 10/15
  • Also posted at Religious Studies 2011-2012
  • Um, does "ordinary professor" = "full professor"? That is, is this a specifically senior hire?
  • Yes, they are looking for a full or associate professor (This is the thrid time I have re-posted this comment in response to the above question. Why on earth does someone keep deleting my answer. Have you nothing better to do?)

Concordia University (Portland) - Old Testament

  • Deadline: Open until filled

Furman University - New Testament

  • Deadline: 10/15

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary - Old Testament

  • Deadline: 12/1

King's College (Wilkes-Barre, PA) - Theology (OT and NT)

Lincoln Christian University (Seminary) - New Testament

  • Deadline: 12/1

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary - Old Testament

  • Review of applications will begin September 1, 2011

Luther Seminary - Old Testament

  • Deadline: 9/15

Notre Dame - New Testament Open Rank

Has this been advertised anywhere? Or is this simply an inference from the post's deferral last year? (8.10.2011)

  • Not an inference. Some of those who applied last year were sent an email stating that the search would continue into the next year and that, unless we let them know otherwise, we would still be under consideration. There has been no indication that they are receiving new applicants.
  • That's helpful - thanks.
  • where is the link for application?
  • There is no link. They are not accepting applications, this is a hold over from last year's search.

Notre Dame - Scripture (Liberal Studies)

They are accepting applications through Oct. 25, according to the job posting at the SBL site: (Sep 6)

  • The job posting currently up on SBL is for a position in Notre Dame's Department of Liberal Studies. Last year's posting was in the Department of Theology (see above).
  • It sounds like they REALLY want a Roman-Catholic candidate for the job.
  • Not sure why someone deleted my response to the above post. In speaking with Roman Catholic scholar who has also seen this job ad, they confirmed that "working within the Catholic tradition" means they are looking for a RC. I would not waste the time applying if you are not.
  • The above post is incorrect they will consider people who are not Roman Catholic but can give a good answer to the question 'how does your work intersect with the Catholic intellectual tradition.'
  • I have posted this before but the above post is incorrect. They ARE considering non-RC candidates. I have this on good authority from the chair of the department.

Saint Louis University - New Testament

  • tenure-track position at the rank of assistant or associate professor in New Testament beginning fall 2012.
  • Ad at
  • Review of applications will begin on October 3, 2011 with possible preliminary interviews at the AAR/SBL conference in November. All applications must be made online at
  • Also posted at Religious Studies 2011-2012

Seattle Pacific University - Christian Scriptures (New Testament)

Shaw University - Asst. or Assoc. Prof. of New Testament

  • Deadline: Open until filled

St. Olaf College - New Testament

  • New Testament teaching and research focus. Secondary competence desirable in one or more of the following: early Christianity, Christian theology, Lutheran theological and interpretative traditions, contemporary communities of interpretation, comparative theology.
  • Review of completed applications begins October 3. For possible AAR/SBL interviews, application must be complete by October 31.
  • Where is this job announcement posted?
  • A:the Chronicle

Texas Christian University - A.A. Bradford Chair in Religion (Biblical Studies)

  • Senior Rank appointment
  • Review of applications will begin October 15, 2011.

University of Edinburgh - Lecturer in New Testament and Christian Origins

  • Deadline: July 29, 2011
  • The post is available from September 1, 2011, but start date is negotiable
  • Anyone heard anything? (8.10.2011) - Nope (8/11)
  • Email inviting to interview (8/17). Congratulations! Have they set a date for when they will interview candidates? -- Many thanks. Interviews scheduled for 6 September.
  • How did the interviews go?
  • A friendly letter par avion informed me that they did not want me (9/15). X4 (9/16)

Wheaton College - Asst. Prof. New Testament

  • Deadline: 9/6
  • Has anyone heard anything from Wheaton? They were going to request additional information from select candidates.

Wheaton College - Asst. Prof. Old Testament

  • Deadline: 9/6

Wheaton College - Assoc./Full Prof. Old Testament

  • Deadline: 9/6