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Just out of curiosity, how many people are using this site?

  • How many HB? 24
  • How many NT? 24

How many people using this board have had at least 1 phone/skype/conference interview? 8

How many people using this board have had an SBL interview scheduled? How many people using this board have had at least 1 campus interview (in 2012-13 season)? 4

How many people using this board have had at least 1 job offer? 3

How many have been on the job market for more than 4 years? 1

How many are currently in tenure-track or tenured positions?

  • Tenure Track: 2
  • Tenured: 4

Is is wrong to ask how many are underrepresented?

  • I suspect we all are in this job market.

Biblical Studies Jobs for 2012-2013[]

Asbury Theological Seminary - Professor of Inductive Biblical Studies[]

  • Online teaching
  • Deadline for applications: midnight, 3 September 2012
  • Received an email stating that the committee is still working. 9/20
  • I got a really nice rejection letter via snail mail (9/27)
  • I got a rejection letter with several grammatical mistakes. (10/something) [Rad]
  • Asked to respond to information re: Wesleyanism (12/5)

Baylor University - Department of Religion position in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament[]

  • Applications reviewed beginning 15 October 2012
  • "Preference will be given to candidates who emphasize canonical narrative texts."
    • Presumably this is to compliment the Psalms (Bellinger, Burnett) and Prophets (Nogalski)
  • Short list announced to unsuccessful candidates on 7 November
  • Heard you had to be very "baptistic" to make the cut
    • Ever heard of the Marc Ellis situation at Baylor? (That is, you must fit in to stay there.)
    • Marc Ellis was not cut because he was not Baptist.  There were other issues involved.
    • No, but now I'm googling it.
    • K. Starr is president of Baylor...
    • Top two candidates are arriving in December for on-campus interview. I was an unsuccessful candidate. 

Catholic Theological Union - "Entry-level position" in Old Testament Studies[]

  • Deadline: December 1, 2012
  • Received an email from dean's office requesting letters of recommendation (11/13); not sure whether this means my application has moved forward or it was simply a clarification of the requested documents noted in the job description (which asked for references, not letters of recommendation).
  • Anyone else applying for this position? Anyone else receive a request for letters, or did you have them sent in the first place? A: I applied and sent my letters with my application, no word on my end as of 11/26.
  • Received an email asking that I contract my letters for recommendation. Then, they will forward my application to the committee. 11/26.
  • Anyone receive further word from the search committee? I'm assuming the members are trying to run a short search, given their relatively small window to receive applications. (12/11) - no news here either (12/11)
  • Christmas cheer, please? Reply--still no news here either (12/15)
  • A happy New Year? A: No news here either (12/26)
  • Emailed deansoffice email address asking for an update on the search timetable, no reply as of 1/4. A: Thanks on behalf of all of us for contacting them. No news here yet, either. (1/4) Still no reply from the deansoffice email as of 1/9.
  • Rejection letter via email mentions archaeology as desired focus. (1/9) Quite frustrating that this desired focus was mentioned nowhere in the job announcement. Addition: I received the same emailed rejection letter, and yes, it's especially frustrating given that the job description advertisement actually seemed to be seeking a secondary area outside of biblical studies entirely. Also, no archaeologist I know is going to be very happy teaching at CTU; it's primarily a pastoral training school, not an academically-driving divinity school. I think the search committee may be confused in their deliberations and moving in conflicting directions.
    • Note:  Archaeologists are always happy to find departments that actually care about their subfield.  It's a rare school that values this. A: I think you missed the earlier point. CTU does not stress archaeology in its curriculum, and the students are not even typically required to study the biblical languages. I suspect "archaeology" will be something other than academic biblical archaeology at CTU. I hope for the applicants' sake that CTU is changing direction; if not, I doubt most archaeologists would be happy there.
    • Can't you find somewhere else to grind your ax?
  • Any word on this one yet?

Catholic University of America - "Associate or Ordinary Professor" in New Testament []

  • Deadline: October 15, 2012
  • Does anyone know if they will consider junior candidates? I know a junior scholar who was asked to apply.
  • I'm pretty sure they are looking for a more senior-level candidate. I spoke with a friend who is on the search committee earlier this summer at the CBA. This position is a replacement for Frank Matera (who retired) and the committee is looking for someone with a strong publication record and "significant" scholarly promise.
  • Any word on interviews?
  • At least two candidates are scheduled for interviews on campus.
  • An appointment has now been made (March 2013). See

Catholic University of America -- "Clinical Assistant Professor" in Biblical Studies[]

  • Deadline: March 11, 2013
  • Skype interview scheduled (3/18) and completed (3/20)
  • Skype interview scheduled (3/18) and completed (3/25)
  • Skype intervew scheduled (3/18) and completed (March)
  • Any words about on campus visits yet?
  • Email invitation (4/5) for a campus visit (x3)
  • congratulations! (x2)
  • Any news? - was a campus finalist, but no news as of 5/5 (x2)
  • Rejection letter (5/17) (x2)

Central Michigan University - Asst. Prof of Biblical Studies[]

  • Ability to teach both Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and New Testament
  • Does anyone know the contact person for this position?
  • Any word on interviews?
    • Still nothing here (x8, 11/24)
    • Does anyone know if they are interviewing at SBL? I didn't see them in the "Employment Listings" email.
    • I was told today by an admin in the department that the committee is reviewing applications right now. (11/26)
    • What's the teaching load?
  • Phone interview scheduled for January (12/11). (x3)
  • Out of curiosity, has anyone heard a 'no' from CMU? Or did my rejection letter just get lost in the mail?
  • Did they schedule campus interviews? 
  • offer made and accepted

Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School - Asst. Prof. of New Testament and Christian Origins[]

  • Received a letter scheduling a WebEx interview (3/4)
  • Offer extended and accepted (late March)

Conrad Grebel University College - Asst. or Assoc. Professor of New Testament[]

  • Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Review of applications will begin August 1, 2012
  • Received a friendly e-mail letting me know that I did not make the short list on Oct 12, 2012
  • I received my letter of rejection today as well (Oct 12)
  • Oct 15: received email request for a phone interview with search committee.
  • WHY would somebody delete what is arguably the most enjoyable part of the job-application season?
    • what do you mean?
    • I think he/she means complaining about not getting an interview when they met the qualifications
      • When they 'think' they meet the qualifications, then go on to suggest the school must be looking for someone who 'walks on water', and prompt a response where someone questions whether the school is serious about hiring a qualified candidate at all. Priceless.
    • You deleted your apology? That's too bad, I read it this morning and wanted to thank you for it. I'm sorry you've experienced people trash talking you. That's certainly not right; we should never begrudge people their success, especially when we're only trying to achieve the same thing ourself. My former comment here was intended only to express, in a hopfully humourous way, a frustration a lot of us share: the difficulty of the current job market.
    • Any news on this? Were people invited to campus?
    • Yes.  Offer made and accepted. (03/26)

Concordia College - New Testament[]

  • Received a Skype interview request via email (11/2 x3)
  • To those who got interviews, congrats! Curious: are you a Pauline specialist (as was indicated to be an 'essential requirement' of the successful candidate)?
    • My dissertation is on the interpretation of scripture in early Christianity, my research program involves the reception of Pauline traditions.
    • Yes... Pauline specialist and classicist
    • I work on deutero-Pauline literature.
  • Anyone hear anything about on-campus interviews yet? Yes, I know it is early... (12/7)
    • Nothing yet (12/7)
    • For what it's worth, I was told at the end of my Skype interview that decisions on campus interviews would be made between the 12/6 and 12/13 with emphasis on the 13th... but who knows...
    • Received an email invitation to a campus interview on 12/7.
    • Received an email requesting a phone conversation on Thursday.  Not exactly sure if this is a campus visit request or not... didn't say 12/11
      • Is this from someone who was already interviewed via Skype?
      • Yes... I was already interviewed via Skype
    • Received an email requesting a phone conversation on Friday. No additional information given in the email. And yes, I too already had a Skype interivew. (12/11)
      • Any thoughts on what this means?  I've never heard of a school calling candidates to reject them
        • I don't have a clue what this means, but I suspect it's not a campus visit offer since they apparently went out on 12/7 via email. Perhaps they are going to update us on the status of the search by letting us know that campus interview offers have already gone out. I guess we'll find out on Thursday/Friday. 
        • I wonder if they are trying to make the decision for the second candidate to invite to campus.
        • I speak with them tomorrow morning so I'l llet you know when I know
        • Okay the phone conversation boiled down to this.  They've selected their two campus interviewees, who both have PhDs.  They've also selected two backups with ABDs.  They were calling to ask if something doesn't work out with the two candidates with PhDs if I'd be willing to consider visiting sometime in February.  According to the conversation the President and Provost weren't willing to take a risk on an ABD, even though I will defend here in January or February.
          • Thanks for the update... this process it SO nerveracking!
          • No problem... right there with you...
          • Received an email on 12/20 indicating, I think, that despite the strengths of my application, being ABD made them hesitant to pursue me further (despite the fact that, like the above poster, I will defend this spring). (x3)
    • Rejection letter (1/24) (x2 - one of the ABD's who got a 'we're hesitant to pursue you but we're  keeping your application open' letters on 12/20).  
    • Heard this job has now been filled (a friend of mine) (2/6)
    • Job offered and accepted (2/7)

DePaul University - Asst. Professor of Biblical Studies []

  • Deadline: March 7, 2013
  • Has anyone heard anything about this search? A: Just to clarify, they said only that they began reviewing appplications on March 7th. I didn't see a definite close date for applications. I haven't heard anything yet either.
  • Any news? --> not a word since I submitted materials first week of March (4/3 x3)
  • email invitation to campus interview. 4/5. (x4)
  • A: Congratulations! Was there a phone interview first, or did they move straight to campus interviews?
  • Straight to campus interviews, no phone call
  • Any more news on this?
  • A: No word yet.
  • Have the campus visits concluded? --> Yes.
  • Anyone know when they're making a decision?
  • Perhaps this week or next.
  • No news yet?
  • Offer made and accepted. 

Duke University Divinity School - Asst. or Assoc. Professor of New Testament[]

  • Deadline: Sept. 1 2012
  • Has anyone started to hear anything about this search? They have an earlier deadline than most. Are they looking to do early interviews or are they likely to stick with the usual SBL schedule?
    • There is some scuttlebutt that they may already have a particular person in mind for this job. But who knows? Nothing is ever certain on the job market...
  • Anyone hear aboutbhow this search is going?
  • They're bringing in two Associate level people for interviews.
    • is this inside information? pre-SBL, on-campus interviews? Answer: pre-SBL, on-camps interviews.
    • hardly seems fair... associates already have jobs.
      • Not jobs at Duke.
      • "fair" . . . that's funny . . . good one . . .
    • It's trickle-down employment (x4)
      • ... the rich get richer ... 
        • ​... and hopefully the poor get another job opening as a result ...
          • (sadly, not until next year--too little, too late for some of us!) (x2)
      • The scuttlebutt referenced above appears to have been correct.
      • Did anyone else notice the unfortunate typo in the title of that job talk announcement? Nonetheless, Duke Div would be the perfect fit for him.
        • Priceless. (x2)
        • The typo is Duke's, not the candidate's.
  • have they made an offer? Rumor is that another candidate is coming in next week.
  • Last I knew, they were making two hires, one at the senior level and one at the junior level.
  • An offer has been made at the assistant level too (2/15).
  • The hiring announcement for the assistant-level position:
  • Still no news here of the Senior level hire?

Duke University Divinity School - Asst. Professor of Old Testament[]

  • Deadline: Sept. 1 2012
  • Contacted references for recommendations: Oct 10
  • Any updates? No news here either as of 11/13, except that some candidates have had their referees contacted. Still no news here as of 12/11
  • Any word? 12/21 -- Nothing official here as of 12/26 but I heard a rumor from a well-connected colleague that they have invited campus finalists
  • the hiring announcement:
  • Found this humorous: today, ~2 weeks after the hiring announcement was posted/made public, I received my first contact from Duke since I submitted my resume in Sept. 2012, a rejection e-mail that states: "In the process of narrowing the list, our committee has decided not to pursue your candidacy." Ya think? +1 yeah, got the same email on 3/20; what? And as long as I'm here, let me also add my congratulations to the appointee; Duke is lucky to have you!

Hebrew Union College JIR - Biblical and Cognate languages[]

  • 3 year non-tenure track position
  • Also posted at Jewish Studies 2012-2013
  • Email requesting an interview at SBL (11/5)
  • On campus interview request (12/10)
  • Heard that a colleague had a video conference interview on 3/8
  • Very kind rejection letter (on-campus interviewee; 3/12)
  • Exceptionally kind rejection letter, the kindest I've ever gotten (Skpye interviewee; 4/10)
  • there has been an offer made and contract is being negotiated (4/25)
  • I heard from a colleague that this was a failed search

Indiana University Bloomington - Early Christianity[]

  • Tenure-track position at the assistant or associate professor rank in Early Christianity.
  • Teaching obligations will extend from introductory courses in New Testament to upper-level undergraduate courses, and graduate training at the master's and doctoral levels.
  • Deadline for applications: Monday, October 1, 2012.
  • Applicants should anticipate the possibility of a preliminary interview at the American Academy of Religion meeting in Chicago.
  • Also posted at Religious Studies 2012-2013
  • Rejection email sent today (10/18) (x4)
  • SBL interview request (10/18)
    • Those who got interviews, what's your status? Ph.D. in hand, ABD?
    • The Religious Studies wiki for this position says that no ABDs got interviews.
      • Well, I guess that answers that.
      • Unless someone on the committee is updating this blog - which they are certainly NOT, then there is no way to say that no ABDs got interviews. Don't post rumors, please. It doesn't help anyone.
      • Actually, there are ways to know. It's from an e-mail correspondence with someone on the committee. I don't consider that a rumor, but if you'd rather not know, I'll keep it to myself. I was under the impression that the point was to share information that might help others understand this opaque process.
      • To the above poster, thank you for sharing what you learned! (x3)
      • Has anybody heard anything about campus interviews?
      • Campus interviews have been schedul
      • Offer made and accepted. A from the B to the D!!
      • If by that you mean offered to someone at the associate level, then yes.

Indiana University - Hebrew Bible and Ancient Judaism[]

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies- Bloomington, IN. Teach, research, and serve in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Judaism for the Department of Religious Studies. Req. PhD in Hebrew Bible/ Ancient Judaism.
  • Applicants should email a letter of application and current resume to the Department Chair, Religious Studies, Indiana University, Prof. Winnifred Sullivan
  • NOTE: Job begins August 2013. The job posted on 6/10 with the review of applications beginning on 6/13. This description matches a current faculty member's profile. This may be a "search" only for HR purposes (in keeping with 20 C.F.R. §656.10(d)). Reply--wow, is that even legal? I wish the current faculty member well in her/his career, but I also wish that universities weren't allowed to flout the intent of federal laws by running such "searches"
  • Anyone know if they bothered with the formality of interviewing anyone? Or even request letters of rec?  Or was posting that poorly written job ad the sum total of the effort they could muster in service to the legal department? A - after submitting my application, I received an email asking me to fill out an Applicant Monitoring Form. That was about six weeks ago and I've heard nothing further since (7/29).
  • I applied for this job. Received two contacts: one asking for the Applicant Monitoring Form, and the second informing me my candidacy was not moving forward. The job went to a candidate who was a visiting professor, so yes, it was only nominally a search. Reply--I only got the first communication, not the second. Did they actually state that the job was offered to the visiting professor?

King's College London - Hebrew Bible[]

  • Has anyone heard anything?  Application deadline was January 17th. A-no news here yet either; I recall the long version of the job posting said that if we hadn't heard anything within four weeks we should assume our applications were unsuccessful. A2-rumour has it that interviews were held and an offer made on 2/25.
  • Appointment announced on Agade listserv. Congrats to the appointee!

The King's College - Asst. Prof. of Biblical Studies[]

  • abilty to teach both Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and New Testament
  • Has anyone heard anything about the outcome of this search?

Luther College - Visiting Instructor or Assistant Professor of Religion (Biblical Studies)[]

Anyone heard any responses yet concerning this job?

  • Nothing here.
  • Finalists invited to campus.
  • Received "Dear Applicant" email informing me/us that the search had come to a "successful conclusion."

Mount Angel Seminary - Scripture - CANCELLED[]

  • Open rank 
  • Cancelled

Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College - New Testament[]

  • Interviews at SBL
  • Deadline December 31
  • Received email inviting me to interview at SBL (11/8) - x8
  • Received e-mail asking if I would like to be on the list of possible SBL interviewees & saying they will schedule as many as possible after reviewing the applications (11/8)
  • They told me that they will narrow it down to 10 candidates by mid-January and then conduct phone interviews.
  • It may be early yet, but any news about the next round of interviews? (1/8)
  • Polite rejection via e-mail indicating that 3 campus visits have been or will be scheduled (1/14) x6
  • Ditto.  Email said that they had c. 100 applicants.  Had an SBL interview but felt that being UMC/Wesleyan was not perceived as a fit.  Looking for a Free Methodist is my guess.
  • Someone has publicly announced on his blog that he has accepted this position (3/8).
  • For the above mentioned announcement see here -

Northwest Nazarene University - Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies[]

  • preference for NT and ordained Nazarene
  • ABDs considered

Princeton Theological Seminary - Assistant Professor of Old Testament[]

  • Assistant Professor of Old Testament within the Department of Biblical Studies for an initial four-year term, renewable for up to three years. Note: not tenure-track.
  • Review of applications beginning on October 8, 2012
  • Email received asking that I contact my references and have them send letters of recommendation (10/3).
  • Email inviting me to a preliminary interview at the SBL and asking to see my unofficial transcripts (10/11; x2).
  • Colleague confirmed that he will be interviewed at SBL. (11/5, though the news may be old)
  • Is there something we applicants ought to know about the situation at PTS? A friend just told me that at least one senior NT person just took a position elsewhere. A - I know, right? One NT faculty member left last year, and three more are said to be leaving this year. It feels like everyone is trying to get out while we are trying to get in! Though, in all honesty, one job offer would be a lot for me, so I will gladly take the position if I am offered it.
    • The situation in NT is in no way reflective of that in OT; the two (though technically in the same department) could not be more dissimilar, and the OT faculty is quite strong.
  • On campus interview invitation (12/12)
  • Rejection letter via email (12/13) via snail-mail (12/22)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/13)
  • Anyone know if they hired 1 or 2 people? A--I heard from an OT colleague at Princeton that they hired two people.
  • Yes. They hired two. They had planned a tenure-track search next year. They canceled that and hired two for four-year appointments (renewable for three more, etc.) out of this year's pool.
  • Announcement here:

Princeton Theological Seminary - Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellowship in New Testament - SUSPENDED[]

  • Fixed term one-year appointment. The contract year begins July 1, 2013. Application Deadline Friday, March 22, 2013. 
  • "We have a sinking boat here . . . anyone want to give a year of their life helping it float?"
  • Could someone please provide those of us on the job market who are possibly interested in this position with a bit of information about what is happening in New Testament at PTS? 
  • The department is undergoing a time of major transition right now. Several professors have been offered positions elsewhere, and their departure will obviously leave some big holes to fill. However, several strong NT professors remain and the seminary is in serious talks about how to rebuild. That several faculty members are leaving at the same time to pursue new opportunities is unsettling, but the timing seems to be coincidental and does not reflect anything sinister under the surface. The post-doc was already in the works before this fall, and is not just an emergency stop-gap. Expect to see important hires in the near future. 
  • Word is that they've suspended this search and will begin one for an Assistant Professor in NT (tenure track).
  • Don't know if the post-doc has been suspended, but the above post is on the right track in at least this regard: PTS just announced searches for a TT Assistant as well as a Tenured Prof in NT.  Go thee and make a new entry for these.
  • I should have been clearer in my above post: it was in an email from James Kay, Dean of Academic Affairs, (forwarded to me by one of my references) that I learned that this search was being suspended.

Princeton Theological Seminary - Assistant Professor of New Testament (tenure track)[]

  • Review of applications in this expedited search will begin on March 15. Employment will begin on July 1, 2013.
  • Looks like Princeton Seminary is serious about rebuilding quickly!
  • If I had to guess, I would think they'd really like a specialist in Paul, or someone with a strong interest in Second Temple Judaism—or even better, both.
  • It seems as though someone erased the previous comment about Princeton being a negative environment in which to work. For the person who originally wrote this, please provide some elaboration as to why this statement would be made. (And for the person who erased it, please allow for the elaboration to be made, as he/she could possess important information that others would like to know about.)
    • Person who erased it did so from a PTS ip address.  lulz
  • I received an invitation to apply to this position (ABD, will graduate in December). It is my understanding that the search committee was soliciting other scholars for possible candidates. I also noticed the posting was issued again on the SBL website as of Friday, 3/15. Must be looking for a larger pool of applicants.
  • what did the comments say? just that it was negative at PTS? (A: I did not write the post but recall reading it. It said something about PTS "not treating staff well", but without any justification for such a claim. Hard to know whether it was an individual with an axe to grind or something critical to the environment there.)
  • too bad somebody deleted critical info about the environment there.... could have been helpful to many. 
  • Does anyone have any update about this search?
  • Received acknowledgement of my materials via email the last week of March, but that's it.
  • Any news from anyone?
  • No news for me. x8, no notice of receipt of materials either...
  • not very "expedited"!
  • They are bringing in at least one person for a job talk this week. I suspect they had something or someone specific in mind all along, as they don't appear to have done the usual round of interviews.
  • I know from a friend they did some Skype interviews.
  • Word on the street is that Lisa Bowens , an internal candidate (PTS Ph.D. candidate) is the finalist for this job, while Dale Allison is the finalist for the full professor job. Both are giving job talks. Not sure if they are bringing anyone else, but these were announced in an email to current students.
  • Word on the street must have been correct. I received a rejection via email 4/25. x 4
  • Announcement here: 

Princeton Theological Seminary - New Testament Tenured Full Professor[]

  • Review of applications in this expedited search will begin on March 15. Employment will begin on July 1, 2013. The person selected for this position is expected to be a scholar of recognized stature who is equipped to teach students preparing for Christian ministry in its various forms, and to teach and supervise doctoral students in New Testament. 
  • A letter of interest and curriculum vitae should be addressed to James F. Kay, Dean of Academic Affairs; Princeton Theological Seminary; P.O. Box 821; Princeton, NJ 08542-0803, or submitted electronically at Persons wishing to nominate individuals for this position are also invited to write to Dean Kay. 
  • this job no longer appears on the sbl site. any news?
  • See comments above under "Assistant Professor". The information there is correct.
  • Announcement (6/12) here:

Regent University (VA) - Assistant or Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies[]

  • Priority will be given to applications received by January 15, 1213.
    • 1213? Regent is more conservative than I thought!
    • Emailed the chair of the search committee regarding the status of my application and got a great "non-answer."  Has anyone else heard anything? (12/04)
    • Rejection letter (12/23) (x2)
    • I would avoid this place like the plague. Last year the summarily dumped nearly a dozen faculty (many on tenure track contracts) in one day. This year they have gotten rid of even more. "More conservative" is an understatement.

Salem College (NC) - Assistant Professor of Religion (Biblical Studies)[]

  • Screening of applications begins November 1, 2012 and continues until position is filled
  • Salem College, a residential liberal arts college for women in Winston-Salem, NC, announces a position for an assistant professor of religion, beginning August 2013. This is an annually renewable full-time appointment. A Ph.D. in biblical studies, a record of teaching excellence, and a promising scholarly agenda are required. Responsibilities include teaching courses in the religion major and in the Salem Signature interdisciplinary general education program, advising and mentoring students, contributing to the life of the department and providing service to the campus community.
  • Any word on this one? SBL interviews?
  • My impression from the letter I got acknowledging receipt of my materials was that they aren't doing SBL interviews
  • Based on SBL's employment site, Salem isn't doing interviews at SBL
  • Has anyone heard anything about this yet?
  • Nothing here.
  • Nothing!!
  • Submitted application very late, and the chair said that they have enough applicant on file to choose from. If you sent your material before Dec., I'm sure you're in the hunt. 
  • Contacted for Phone interview (12/9).
  • offer made and accepted (12/15)
  • letter of rejection (2-24)

St. Catherine University - Asst. Prof. of Theology (Old Testament)[]

  • Application by Nov 1 recommended. Final review of applicants begins December 15
  • Any news? (X2)
  • SBL interview request via email on Nov 14 (X6)
    • I got a very kind rejection message on my voicemail from the dept. chair after I messaged them at SBL. (I had applied but wasn't asked to interview. I figured it was worth a shot. At least I got an answer.) (11/25)
      • I posted the above, and Igot a rejection email from St. Kate's HR just today, which is odd, considering I got the verbal rejection back in November. I guess it took that long to filter down to HR. (4/23)
  • Did anyone get a timeline for the post-SBL search plan at their SBL interivew?
    • No
    • I was told that they would review the candidates interviewed at SBL in mid-December. (x3)
  • Any news on campus visits? If so, via e-mail or phone?
  • Just got a rejection email. (12/18 x 3)
    • Anyone got a lead on who was chosen for an on campus interview, i.e., background/specialty?
    • Have on-campus interview invites definitely been sent? (I had an interview at SBL, but have not yet received a rejection email.) x2
    • Heard from the search committee chair that they've contacted 4 candidates for on-campus interviews.  Some rejection letters were not yet sent out.  I do not know why cause I also did not receive one yet.
    • Maybe they're waiting to make sure that the 4 candidates accept the invitation.
  • Any news?
    • An offer has been extended (updated 2/15). I heard that a colleague has accepted an offer from St. Kate's (2/15)
    • Any way to find out who it is? A: Not here! Q: Why not?
    • Have any finalists received rejections yet? (2/22) A: If they haven't, I suspect they will soon.  
    • After applying, I still have not received any rejection. Interviews going on? Candidate chosen? (3/13)
    • Yes, offer made and accepted. Expect letters and official announcment soon.

Syracuse University- Open Rank for Ancient Christianities and Greco-Roman Religions[]

  • Deadline October 16, 2012
  • Listed at CRE:
  • Any word on SBL interviews?
    • None here.
    • You have to wonder if there was already a candidate, likely a senior one, in mind. I am only speculating.
    • A theory that fits well with the lateness of the posting relative to the deadline for application materials. (x4)
    • FYI - you can check on Syracuse's job site to see if they've contacted your references
      • Thanks for the tip. Anyone's references been contacted?
        • No (x3)
      • Where on the job site does it say this?  I've logged in but don't see that indication anywhere under my completed application.
    • Could be misinterpreting this, but Syracuse doesn't appear in the just issued Employment Center guide for Chicago. Perhaps the committee is working according to a different schedule. Just speculation.
    • Talked to a guy in Chicago whose friend is on the search committee and it does appear that they are looking for a senior scholar. I definitely am not holding my breath on this one.
  • Quasi-rejection email received, 12/19 (x4)
  • 3 senior scholars and 1 newly minted associate up for the position (also 3 women 1man)

University of Dublin, Trinity College - Assistant Professor in Early Christianity[]

  • Post Status: 5-year contract
  • Department/Faculty: Department of Religions and Theology, Confederal School of Religions, Theology and Ecumenics, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Location: Main campus
  • Salary: Appointment will be made at a maximum of the 8th point of the Lecturer salary scale in line with current Government pay policy
  • Closing Date: 12 Noon on Friday, 1st March, 2013
  • The successful candidate is expected to be in position by the 1st September 2013
  • Post Summary:
The Department is seeking a scholar in Early Christianity whose expertise extends from the New Testament to the cultural and philosophical contexts of its reception in late antiquity up to the early third century. The ability to teach and research in original languages from the period is highly desirable.
The successful candidate will have a track record in, and current plan for research at the intersection of biblical and religious studies, antique philosophy and theology, and show evidence of creative and effective teaching. He/She will work closely with other colleagues in the Department in providing teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate modules offered by the Department, in those co-taught with the Loyola Institute and within the Confederal School. He/she will be expected to enhance the Department’s and the Confederal School’s research culture by attracting research students and to play a role in continuing and expanding links within College and to Irish and international universities and research bodies.
  • Any word yet?
  • Nothing yet as far as I know.
  • Still nothing as of 3/15.  Anyone else? (x 1)
  • Rejection letter rec'd (3/26) (x2)
  • Rejection email, with very jumbled formatting, received (3/27)
  • Re: Jumbled formatting; this is the type of comment that HR folks need to hear, and maybe improve the process for everyone.
  • Offer has been made and accepted (5/21)

University of Dublin, Trinity College - Assistant Professor in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament[]

  • Post Title: Assistant Professor in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
  • Post Status: Permanent (= Tenure after three year probationary period)
  • Department/Faculty: Loyola Institute, Confederal School of Religions, Theology and Ecumenics, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Location: Main campus
  • Salary: Appointment will be made at a maximum of the 10th point of the Lecturer salary scale in line with current Government pay policy
  • Closing Date: 12 Noon on Friday, 1st March, 2013
  • The successful candidate is expected to be in position by the 1st September 2013
  • Post Summary:
The Institute is seeking a scholar in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament with a track record of high-level publication and teaching in the Hebrew Bible, with the ability to teach and research in original languages and with experience in interdisciplinary collaboration. Appreciation for the theological significance of the Hebrew Scriptures and their reception is mandatory.
The successful candidate will work closely with other colleagues in the Institute, as well as in the Department of Religions and Theology at Trinity College Dublin in providing teaching for both mandatory and elective modules in the undergraduate degrees in the Loyola Institute and in those co-taught with the Department of Religions and Theology. He/she will be expected to enhance the Institute’s and the School’s research culture by attracting research students and playing a role in continuing and expanding links within College and to national and international universities and research bodies.

University of Notre Dame - Senior (tenured) Position in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible[]

  • Review of applications will begin on September 1, 2012 and will continue until the position is filled.
    • have any applicants been contacted about this (11/30)? No news here either, as of 12/15.
    • Any news? (1/24/13)
    • Sort of. I contacted a member of the search committee in late December. This person said that nothing "official" had happened yet but that the chair of the dept. would be in touch with candidates some time in Janurary. Now it's almost Feb. and still nothing (1/26/13).
    • Any news yet? (2/11) A--no news here yet either (2/13)
    • Heard through grapevine that they have two specific candidates in mind: a very senior one from a large state university (w/ wide range of expertise) and a mid-career one from a highly ranked private university in the south (second-temple lit); my guess is they had these in mind when they wrote the ad (2/28)
    • Go to and see event for April 4th. (3/29)

University of Minnesota - Sundet Family Chair in New Testament and Christian Studies[]

  • Open rank
  • Do you think this is truly open rank? It sounds like they're looking for someone quite established.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • A: They've been looking to fill this position for several years with an established scholar, and have not succeeded.  It is my estimation that they're still looking to hire a senior-level scholar at this position, but will fall back to a junior-level candidates if they can't find an established scholar to take the position.
    • Anyone know why they haven't been able to find a senior-level scholar to fill the position? Are there red flags?
    • I don't think there are any red flags, reasons that offers have not been accepted in the past are quite innocent. I've heard that it is just about finding the right fit -- an N.T. and early Christianity person that fits in a department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies.
  • Heads-up: If you're considering applying, on the application website (and only there) they state that those that do not apply by March 31 may not receive full consideration. 
  • Request for letters of recommendation (4/1) (x5); (4/4 x1)
  • Congrats to the above; out of curiosity, did you apply as tenured or for tenure-track?
  • A: I applied for tenure-track (x4); I applied for tenured (x1)
  • Skype interview request (4/4)
  • Congrats! Are you one of the tenure-track candidates?
  • Invitation for on campus interview (4/17)
    • Q: are you a tenured or tenure-track candidate? A: TT
    • Q: Any news from this search?
    • A: Word is they've made an offer to someone, but it won't be official until September.
  • Official rejection email.

University of Oxford - Departmental Lecturer in New Testament[]

  • The Faculty of Theology and Religion in the University of Oxford wishes to appoint a Departmental Lecturer in New Testament Studies for a fixed term of 10 months (1 October 2013-31 July 2014). The Lecturer will have a primary field of expertise in New Testament Studies and be qualified to lecture and give tutorials on both compulsory and optional papers in the undergraduate Theology and Religion and Philosophy and Theology degrees, as well as for relevant taught postgraduate degrees (M.St. and M.Phil.). The appointee will be expected to contribute to undergraduate examining for the Preliminary and Final Honours examinations. This is an exciting opportunity to join the Faculty of Theology and Religion at a time of promise and transition, and to contribute to the development and delivery of its teaching and research. Further Particulars, which all candidates are asked to consult, and which include details of how to apply, can be downloaded from here. Candidates may also contact the Faculty by email: Informal enquiries about the post may be addressed to Dr. David Lincicum ( Applications must be submitted by email to no later than 12.00 noon on Monday 6 May 2013 Candidates should ask three referees to write independently to Mrs Frances Jenkins by the same date. Interviews will be held in Oxford on Monday 20 May 2013.
  • Offer made and accepted (05/29)

University of Pennsylvania - Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies[]

  • Review of applications to begin Nov 15, 2012
  • Hebrew Bible and ancient Israelite history and religion
  • Also posted at Jewish Studies 2012-2013
    • Has anyone heard from them? (12/5)
    • Yes, I received an email about a skype interview (12/9). (x2)
    • Invitation for an on-campus interview (1/15)
    • offer made and accepted

University of Scranton - New Testament []

Anyone hear anything on this position? They recently reposted an ad on the Chronicle. Maybe they were not satisfied with the first batch of applications?

Have the same question. Is it possible they're behind because of Hurricane Sandy?

  • Received interview request 11/7
  • Congrats to the above person!

Any updates on this job search?

Has the search committee announced any campus visits?  

  • Not that I know of (I was interviewed as SBL).  (X3)

It would be nice to know before Christmas what's going on with this search.

  • Received invitation for campus interview 12/18
  • Congratulations and good luck!  Are you ABD or have you finished up already?

How many have been invited to campus?

  • 3

Offer made and accepted

University of St. Andrews - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in New Testament Studies[]

  • Applications are invited for the post of Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in New Testament Studies in the School of Divinity, an internationally renowned centre of excellence. All applicants must have appropriate academic qualifications in New Testament Studies, including an awarded PhD and excellent language skills. Relative to the level of appointment sought, you will have appropriate experience of successful teaching, assessment and supervision of students in a tertiary context, and an ability to teach in a range of core areas in New Testament Studies. You will have a very strong commitment to research, with a suitable record of research publications and the capacity to make an immediate contribution to the established research excellence of the School. You will have a clear programme of anticipated research activity over the coming years.
  • Applications will be accepted from candidates with a background in any major area of New Testament Studies, but preference will be shown to applicants who complement the School’s existing strengths. The School is firmly committed to the integration of the biblical and theological disciplines, and you will be highly motivated to work closely with colleagues across the range of Divinity’s activities. You will contribute to the School's programmes at both undergraduate and taught postgraduate levels, and supervise research students. You will also undertake administrative duties as directed by the Head of School. Appointment will be from 1 September 2013, with placement according to qualifications and experience. Lecturer Salary: £37,382-£45,941 per annum Senior Lecturer/Reader Salary: £47,314-£53,233 per annum Informal enquiries to Professor Ivor Davidson, Head of School, e-mail, tel. 01334 462850. We encourage applicants to apply online at, however if you are unable to do this, please call +44 (0)1334 462571 for an application pack. Please quote ref: SB1274
  • Closing Date: 2 May 2013
  • The Further Particulars for Applicants says that interviews will be held in May.
  • Received an emailing saying that I was not shortlisted for the Lecturer position. 5/22/13 (x3)
  • See following announcement on the university's website:

University of Texas at Austin - Visiting Junior Faculty in Biblical Greek[]

  • Deadline Nov. 2, 2012
  • UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN, Department of Religious Studies, invites applications for the W.C. Nease Fellow in Biblical Greek in the Institute for the Study of Antiquity and Christian Origins and a visiting junior faculty position in Religious Studies for a term of up to three years. We seek a specialist with demonstrated expertise in the study of the culture, context, and history of the Greek Biblical tradition, including the Septuagint, Hellenistic Judaism, New Testament/Christian Origins, and related fields. We especially encourage applicants who have familiarity with methodological and theoretical issues in the study of religion and who can contribute to our graduate program in Religious Studies. The successful applicant should also have one or more additional fields of specialization, including but not limited to the following list: Philo or Josephus, Greco-Roman religions, papyrology and codicology, text criticism, or a cognate language/literature (e.g., Coptic).
  • SBL interview request via e-mail on 11/10.
  • SBL interview request via e-mail on 11/9 (x2).
  • Congrats to the above! I had heard they were looking specifically for someone specializing in Hellenistic Judaism (though the search criteria are ostensibly wider than this). To those who got interviews, I am curious if this is your research speciality? -- No, not really (x2).
  • Those who have received interview requests, ABD or Ph.D. in hand? ABD (x2) PhD
  • Any news on campus visits for this position?
    • Campus interview request via phone on 12/9.
      • Congratulations, and good luck!
      • Congratulations!
        • Thanks!
    • Campus interview scheduled for January. Ph.D. successfully defended too.
    • ABD or Ph.D. in hand?
  • Rejection via email, 12/11 (x5)
  • Offer made and negotiations ensue. 3/9
  • Offer accepted. 

Wake Forest University - Asst. Prof in New Testament[]

  • Review of applications will begin October 15, 2012 and will continue until the position is filled.
  • does anyone know the teaching load for this position?
    • Judging by their course offerings, it's a 2/2 position.
  • Email requesting interview at SBL (11/2). x3
    • ABD or Ph.D. in hand? (ABD x1). (PhD x1) Congrats - quite the achievement to get an interview for such a great position while still ABD!
    • I'm confused - it seems that invitations to interview are being sent intermittently. I didn't receive one, but I'm assuming I'm no longer in consideration since the first invitations were sent a week ago. Do most schools not send rejections?
      • As another note of encouragement, the person being replaced with this hire was also hired while still ABD.
      • Who is being replaced? Do you know why? Is it because s/he didn't finish the degree?
        • That is discussed online here .
          • Drama! Any of the folks with interviews from Emory?? -- not me, and not 2 others I know of
          • I'm the author of that linked post, and while things were super-dramatic a year and a half ago, they've calmed down now. That said, we need a new NT prof in the world's worst way. Current one's been teaching since Kennedy was President and is not particularly focused.
          • Wait: she was denied tenure or denied promotion to full professor?  I thought she was an associate professor (i.e. tenured)...
            • She was denied tenure.
            • It is super classy to mock the age of a professor in an online forum.  Also, super smart to question the motivations of the dean of your institution on a blog.  If you are going to tick off your superiors, shouldn't it be on issues that really count?
            • Rowrr!
      • Any news here?
      • offer made. and accepted.

Wartburg Theological Seminary (IA) - Assistant Professor of New Testament []

  • Review begins January 15, 2013
    • Allow yourself a lot of time for the supplemental questions!
    • Anyone heard anything about this search??
      • Rejection letter received (x2)

Wesley Theological Seminary (DC) - Asst. Professor of Old Testament[]

  • Will begin reviewing applications September 14, 2012
  • Emailed the hebrewbiblesearch email address a couple days ago for an update, but still no news (11/9)
  • Emailed one of the administrators in the Dean's office to ask for an update, but no reply (11/13) -- Comes the reply that the committee is in the process of talking to some candidates (11/3)
  • Someone I know has been asked for an on-campus interview in the New Year
  • They made an offer to their finalist (2/26)
  • Received a rejection e-mail (2/26)

Wheaton College (IL) - Armerding Chair of Biblical Studies (Old Testament)[]

  • Appointment available July 1, 2013.
  • Associate Professor or Professor. Specialization in the area of Old Testament studies is required.
  • A colleague just accepted an OT position at Wheaton. I assume that it is for this opening.

Whitworth University - Asst Professor of Theology (Biblical Studies)[]

  • Appointment available Summer 2013.
  • Either Old Testament or New Testament studies (area of specialization open).
  • Review of applications begins October 15.
  • Anyone know if specialization is really open? They have a lot of NT people already.
  • A friend of mine in NT, with a connection to the school, was asked to supply additional EoE information. I was not. Anyone else asked to provide additional info? (yes x5)
    • When was this? I was asked to provide my references on Oct. 26 and to indicate whether or not I would be at SBL. Is the EoE information something different? (x2- though I got both EoE and SBL email)
    • No, the EoE is something different. I received the EoE request a day or so after I submitted all my materials. Had you not provided references with your application?
  • Any word on SBL/AAR interviews? No (x9)
  • Received a Skype interview request via email (11/8) (2x)
    • Congrats! NT or OT specialization? Thanks - OT, NT
    • Is this the same person who was asked for references above?
    • Skype interviewing folks: are you [not] going to be at SBL? Anyone with info as to whether SBL interviews will happen at all?
  • Received rejection email (11/21). A form letter to be sure, but perfectly gracious. Best wishes to those still in the process (x6)
    • Very best rejection letter I have ever received. Props to the institution and good luck to interviewees.
    • Offer made and accepted.

Wright State University - Asst. Prof. in New Testament / Christian Origins[]

Yale Divinity School - New Testament[]

  • Yale Divinity School seeks to make a tenure track appointment in the field of New Testament, to begin July 1, 2013. In an ecumenical environment Yale Divinity School prepares students for ordained ministry in diverse Christian churches and for a wide range of professional involvements, including higher education, law, medicine, the arts, management, and public service. A Ph.D. or its equivalent and strong potential as a teacher are required. The successful candidate should have expertise in early Christian literature, both canonical and extra-canonical, and be able to interpret these texts in their historical and cultural contexts, with appreciation of their theological significance.
  • A letter of application with curriculum vitae, three letters of reference, and a brief writing sample should be submitted to Dean Gregory E. Sterling, Yale Divinity School, 409 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511-2167. Review of applications will begin on October 15, 2012.
  • I emailed the dean, who said I could submit either in the mail or electronically, presumably to his email address.
  • Also posted at Religious Studies 2012-2013
  • Colleague received request for SBL interview
  • ABD or PhD in hand?  PhD in hand
  • Seems like there is not a whole lot of news here, with just one person reporting. Anyone know others that have been asked to interview?
  • Met one person at SBL who interviewed, a nearly done ABD.
  • Nobody has been interviewed yet for this position. The above are incorrect.
  • From where did you get this information about no interviews?
  • I wrote the entry above about a person I met at SBL who claimed to have been interviewed for this positon there. (I was introduced by an old friend who is in the same program as the alleged candidate.) I wasn't present at the alleged interview, so perhaps the claim was pure deception. Corroborating evidence, from my perspective, was an email sent to another friend with a connection to the school at the conclusion of SBL indicating that that friend would not be invited to interview. That suggested to me that people were, in fact, interviewed at SBL (as the Annual Meeting edition of Employment Listings announced) and at least some of them were headed to the next phase. But perhaps, despite all appearances, the person above has the true insider information: no one has been interviewed at all and we can only wonder what all the rest of this is about.
  • perhaps the 'no interviews' poster is speaking about one of Yale Div'inity's other positions?
  • It is perhaps telling that nobody has claimed themselves to have had an interview for this position.
  • The above person claiming no one interviewed is incorrect.  My roommate at SBL (PhD in hand) interviewed for this position.
  • I heard from someone on the committee they interviewed a few at SBL and are doing Skype interviews now with others.
  • I received a letter on 12/7 (x2) saying they are reviewing my application and requesting completion of an Affirmative Action card. Does this mean anything? Is it standard?
    • Yeah, I wouldn't read into this much at all. It's pretty standard, since they want to know what kinds of folks are applying for any position they advertise.
    • Pretty disingenuous if they have completed the initial interviews to send out AA cards post hoc.
      • Happened last year, too. Rejections followed rather swiftly, as I recall.
  • ​Perhaps it is telling.  Perhaps it is not. (x5)
  • I got this letter, too, on 12/10. It said they are required to send it to everyone who applied, so I wouldn't read into it.
  • I had already received a rejection email and got the AA card about 2 weeks later. 
  • Email request for Skype interview [12/14]
  • Three on-campus interviews have been scheduled (12/27)
  • ABD or PhD in hand? A: At least one has PhD in hand; don't know about other two. 1 ABD.
  • official rejection letter finally received (2/24) x3
  • ditto (by mail), 3/16

Actually, five candidates were invited to campus. 4 PhD, 1 ABD.

Any news?

No news? surely there is something!

  • perhaps the search failed for the second year in a row?
  • Yale has a 2-week spring break in March. They just got back, so I'd avoid such speculations.
  • I'm told that grad students (who provided feedback for the search) were informed by email who the chosen candidate is.  An official offer should be forthcoming via the Provost's office if it's not out already.
  • perhaps Yale will get turned down for the second year in a row?
  • The offer has been made.
  • Word on the street is that the candidate has accepted the offer.

So who is this mystery person? Candidate accepted the offer and will begin 2014. Interesting that s/he will begin next year. Why not in 2013?