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Positions available[]

Alden March Bioethics Institute, Albany Medical College (Clinical Ethics Fellow, 4/27/10)

  • Acknowledgment of application via email (3/22).
  • Phone call for phone interview (4/2).

Cleveland Clinic (Asst/Assoc Staff, Feb 14 2010)

  • Acknowledgment of application via email (2/20).
  • They will be meeting in a few weeks to go over applications and hope to make decisions about who to interview then (3/20).
  • Request for phone interview (4/12).

Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (Asst Prof, 3/16/10)

  • Automatic email acknowledgment of application
  • I received an email on 2/4 that says I have been selected for further consideration. They asked me to answer questions to aid them in even further consideration of my application and said they may be a phone interview in the future.
  • Email requesting phone interview (2/10).
  • On campus interview scheduled 2/18.

UMass Boston (Asst Prof TT, Nov 30 2009)

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (Asst/Assoc, Feb 15 2010; 5 open positions)

  • Automatic email acknowledgment of application (Jan 28 2010). x1
  • Received gracious rejection letter dated Feb 16 (Feb. 22)
  • Between mid-March and April they will interview their top candidates. People who haven't been rejected or asked to interview are probably second-tier candidates.
  • Has anyone been contacted for an interview? (3/19)
  • I was selected as a candidate of further interest. They asked permission to contact my references and asked me to provide them with more information. (3/23)
  • Request for on campus interview (3/25).