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Search Status

Univ. Colorado Boulder

Evolutionary Biology / Herbarium Curator recommendation letters requested


Biochem/Biophysics candidates listed on departmental calendar
UCSF Microbio / Immunology
Ohio State Med Microbial Infection and Immunity

2/2/11 reference letters requested

feb, 2012 - candidates invited


Chem / Biochem

12/10/11 rejection letters sent
Stanford Chemical Systems Bio

11/11 reference letters requested

12/20/11 rejection letter received

Duke Immunology 12/6/11 rejection letter received
UT HSC Houston Microbio Mol Genetics rejection letter received
Duke School Med Biochemistry 1/13/12 rejection letter received
Sloan Kettering Institute All Institutes Candidates seminars listed on MSKCC calendar
Vanderbilt Path/Micro/Immunology Candidate seminars listed
St. Louis University Mol Microbio Immunology
Boston U Dental Mol and Cell Bio candidate seminars listed on website
Baylor Mol Bio & Biochem 1/4/12 request for references
Mass General Immunology
Harvard Mol Cell Bio candidates on department calendar
Johns Hopkins Biological Chemistry candidate seminars listed
Johns Hopkins Mol Bio and Genetics candidates seminars listed
UC Riverside Virology offer made
U Colorado Boulder Mol/Cell/Dev Bio candidates listed on website
UT Southwestern Physiology 12/22 emailed about missing reference. search apparently still ongoing.
UT Southwestern Microbiology

10/11 references requested

1/3/11 rejection email

UT Austin

Mol Cell Dev Bio candidates listed on website
Yale Cell Bio 12/22 Rejection emailed
U Pittsburgh Biological Sciences candidates on department calendar
Northwestern Molecular Biosciences
Purdue Biological Sciences phone interview 12/13
NYU Systems Bio/Genomics candidates invited
Rutgers Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Tufts Microbiology 12/21/11 Contacted for missing reference letter.
Washington U Cell Bio / Physiology
Penn Biochemistry and Biophysics reference letters requested
George Washington Biological Sciences
Chicago Immunology 12/6/11 rejection letter received
Cal Poly SLO Marine Conservation 12/14/11 rejection email received (interviewees selected)
Dartmouth College Genomics 12/7/11 rejection email received
University of Michigan Evolutionary Biology Rejection email received in Nov.
Armstrong Atlantic Biology References contacted 11/22/11
Wartburg College Biology Position filled (email sent 12/15/11)
William and Mary Evolutionary Biology
Utah State Evolutionary Biology
Uni of New Mexico Ecology Rejection email received 1/5/12.
Univ of Utah Genetics
Austin College Biology
Kent State Evolutionary Biology Phone interview scheduled
CSU Los Angeles Conservation Genetics
Florida A&M Biological Sciences
University of Tampa Conservation Biology Rejection email sent December
Texas A&M Corpus Christi Marine Biology Candidate was offered position, declined 12/14/11.
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Marine Biology Interviews scheduled 2/6/12.
U Mich Dearborn Evolution and Genetics On campus interviews scheduled for late Jan/early Feb
Seattle University Marine Biology Any one know the status of this search?
Seattle University Conservation/Evol Biology
Butler Invertebrate Biology
College of the Holy Cross Marine Organismal Biology
Hobart and William Smith Microevolutionary Biologist Short list was contacted 1/6/12.
Indiana University Genomics 3 candidates invited
Linfield College Biology
University of Missouri St. Louis Evolution and Ecology
Ohio State Eco or Evol Genomics Position filled.

University of Tennessee

Health Science Center

Physiology Interview starting in later January

Medical College of Georgia

Cell Biology and Anatomy

interview starting in January

Portland State Univ Integrative Physiologist Top 10 candidates will be contacted this week to schedule phone interviews 1/3/2012
Portland State Univ Microbiologist
University of Virginia Biology
University of Michigan Molecular, Cellular and Developmental biology

Rejection letter received

Rockefeller Open Search

Committee met in Nov 2011; candidates for initial interviews already selected; final rejections will be sent Mar 2012.

Boston University Biology (Systems Biology position)

Rejection letter received 01/13/2012. Candidates invited.

Centre College Invertebrate Zoology Rejection letter received 01/13/2012.
Howard University Environmental Biologist Interviews Scheduled 05/25/2012; Rejection letter received 07/05/2012.

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