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Belmont University (TN) (2/1, until filled)[]

phone interview on 2/7. ...A phone interview on Super Bowl Sunday?

-any recent news on the Belmont position? Applied late January, but received no word. Did they give a window during phone interviews? A: no news here.

I think their campus interviews are finished (3/6).

I just saw a posting for an Early Modernist (4/9)

The early modernist position is a new and separate position, though according to their human resources dep., they haven't hired the open position yet either. This learned during a phone call to HR yesterday; apparently both are still open. (4/9)

Carthage College (WI) (until filled)[]

Rejection letter that opens, "I am happy to announct that Dr. _____ has agreed to join the English department at Carthage College." Congrats to the applicant, but this was one of the most offensive rejections I've received.

Centenary College (NJ)[]

  • No news since MLA interview 2/12
  • phone interview scheduled 2/18
  • Q. Any campus visit news? A: Not yet... 3/23
  • A: email rejection 3/24 Q: Is this a post-MLA or phone interview rejection? A: phone interview rejection
  • Post MLA-interview rejection via email. 3/29. Email said short list for campus visits had been made.

Concordia University (WI) link[]

  • Contacted via phone (1/12) to inform me that I was on the shortlist and was told I would be contacted next week to set up a phone interview. (same, 1/13)
  • Phone interview conducted on 1/19
  • Campus visit invitation made on 1/19.
  • Post-campus visit rejection 3/5
  • post-campus visit rejection 3/25; conversation implied that an offer had been made and accepted

Edward Waters C (until filled)[]

  • Where is this job listed?
  • No idea, but trust me, you're better off going to your local community college and applying.
  • (I second the above comment! This "College" is a disaster)
  • This was just listed today on [[1]]
    • And they're looking for a chair, I guess, but they don't want to give the name. Hence the "Confidential" institution in this ad, which until today, ended with the same "Edward Waters College is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access Employer." Bad sign.

Evergreen State University (British/Anglophone after 1700, review begins 11/1)[]

rejection by mail (12/5)(12/7x2) (12/9x2)

Gordon (MA) College link[]

  • 2 British Generalist Openings
  • Request for more info (12/9)
  • Interviewed at MLA
  • Job reposted in Chronicle in Jan. Anyone know anything?
  • Several attempts to contact SC Chair and Asst. to the Dean via email and phone without reply.
  • phone interview on 2/5.
  • campus visit invitation (2/23 X2)

Did you visit on 2/23 or were you invited? Also, are you ABD, Ph.D. in hand or an Assistant Professor somewhere else? Thanks for any information.

I was invited on 2/23. Visit is last week in March. I am currently an Assistant Professor at another institution.

Ditto to the 2/23 invitation, visit 3rd week in March, invited as ABD.

Great. You just confirmed I am out of the running so now I can move on but good luck to you! It seems like a great place.

Any news on these job openings? Have they made offers?

There's just one opening now.

How did you find out? (3/30)

On a visit. I've since had to bow out of the search in order to take another job.

Has anyone been offered a position yet? (4/14)

Immaculata College (PA) link[]

Chaucer through Victorian

Q: Any word on this search?

R: I emailed them last week and received a very terse reply stating that the search was still active. That's it.

  • Rejection letter (2/20)

Missouri Valley College (Marshall, MO)[]

Assistant or Associate Professor of English Link

Deadline: April 2, 2010

Norwich University  link[]

--Emailing acknowledging receipt of materials. Email said applicant's information was now being forwarded to the search committee (12/29).

  • Request for more materials (2/19) (x3)
  • Has anyone heard anything after the request for more materials on 2/19?
  • Phone interview scheduled (3/23) (x3)
  • Campus interview scheduled (3/31) (x2)
  • Job offered & accepted (4/26)

Rhode Island College (1/8/2010) LINK[]

  • specialization in British literature of either Renaissance, 18th, 19th, 20th, or 21st c. AND literary theory (see also Critical Theory page)
  • anyone hear anything from RIC?
    • No...and I am curious about the status of the position too....fingers crossed!
    • According to Renaissance page, they asked for additional materials on 1/28 and scheduled a campus visit on 2/2.
      • Dagnabbit...ok, thanks!
  • Job offered and accepted in Feb (by early modernist, per Renaissance wiki)

William Woods U (Missouri) Link[]

  • Letter of rejection via snail mail. (11/23) x2
  • May I ask when you submitted your application? (11/24)
  • mid-october
  • Has anyone who hasn't received a rejection received any news? 
  • Nope (12/6)
  • Received an email from HR that the position has been filled (1/29)

Winona State U (MN) [18th/19th c.]Link[]

  • This is not really an open-field British position; it's three distinct periodic positions: 18th-century British, 19th-century British, and media studies, respectively.  When you go to Winona's online application, you'll see this.