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ABD (defend this year): 1
PhD: 1
Postdoc: 1
TT: 2


Canada: 4
Other: 1


Fiction: 3
Poetry: 1


Concordia University (Montreal):  Contemporary Canadian Literature

  • ack 27/10 x 2
  • rejection email 12/21 with note that they have created a shortlist and are advertising a LTA position in "Contemporary Canadian Literature" ??? (X2)
    • This looks to have been a careless copy-paste error. The LTA job according to the link is for "all periods of Canadian literature" (you know, Medieval, Early Modern, Romantic...)
  • Anyone applied/monitoring this search? Yes.

Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax):  Contemporary Literature (Modern Poetry)

Ack of receipt by email (1/12)

Any further word on this one? I'm about to give up hope! (2/8)

Campus interview scheduled.

  • Date this occurred? And are you one of the OPs on this or the British board? thx + good luck.
  • Thanks very much. Interviews were scheduled in early February and were held this week and last week. Sorry for the late posting but I didn't see MSVU posted here until mid-February.

Brock University (St. Catharines): American Literature

  • deadline Jan 21, 2010
  • email ack 1/20
  • (2/17) Has anyone heard anything further about this position?
  • (2/17) no word here, save the email acknowledgement on 1/20.
  • (2/10) campus interview scheduled - apologies about the late posting. I'm not sure why this is listed under Canadian Lit.
  • (3/2) Thanks for the update. Do you mind sharing if you're a Canadian citizen?
  • Canadian permanent resident

Lakehead Orillia Campus: Interdisciplinary Studies and English (CanLit)

  • any word on this? deadline was March 15, they still haven't acknowledged my app
  • only applicants chosen for interview will receive response. any other news?
  • Has anyone heard anything further about this posting?