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Can we make a list here of announced searches that have been cancelled for AY 2010-2011?

Arizona State University Cancellations[]

  • Other Ethnic American 2011 - Arizona State University, Asst. or Assoc. Professor of Indigenous American Literatures: 2/22: e-mail received from Simon Ortiz, search chair: "...we have just learned that the University has decided to defer this search until the fall. Once the position is reposted, we welcome your application again." No reason given for this deferral.
  • Drama, Speech, Film & New Media 2011 - Arizona State University, Asst. Professor of Digital Culture: "(posted 2/21): Got email last week saying position had been de-funded and search cancelled."
  • Children's 2011 - Arizona State University, Assistant Professor in English Education: "2/17/11: Received email stating search had been cancelled."
  • Anglophone 2011 - Arizona State University, Tenured/Tenure-Track Professor, Anglophone Black Atlantic: "(02/07) Notified by email that search was deferred until next year for budgetary reasons."
  • Renaissance 2011 - Arizona State University, Assistant Professor of Renaissance Literature: "the search has been frozen for the foreseeable future.
  • Linguistics 2010-2011 - Arizona State University, Syntax: "1/23 Notified that syntax search has been postponed due to 140 million dollar budget cut to ASU"; Morphology; Phonology: "2/2: Notified by email that the search has been postponed until fall." Phonetics/Phonology: "02/05: Search postponed. Informed via email. (x2)"
  • African/Middle East History 2010-2011/Jewish Studies 2010-11 - Arizona State University, Assistant Professor in History of the Modern Middle East: "This job has been cancelled"

Boston University Cancellations[]

  • Asian History 2010-11: Boston University, Asst. Professor, South Asian history since 1500: search cancelled a few days after 11/1 deadline.
  • Film Studies 2010-2011: Boston University, Assistant Professor of English (Film Studies). Search cancelled due to "a matter of budgetary priorities" (notified via email from dept. chair, 11/2).
  • Religious Studies 2010-11 - Boston University, Christianity in a Modern Context, cancelled 10/29 (right before AAR interviews!)
  • Linguistics 2010-2011: Language Acquisition: Apparently the search got cancelled. CONFIRMED--email received 12/14.

East Carolina University Cancellations[]

  • Linguistics 2010-2011: East Carolina, Open Field: "1-17: Search cancelled/ hiring freeze"
  • European History 2010-11: East Carolina, Tenure track assistant professor of ancient history: "Search cancelled due to budget cuts via email (1/25)."
  • Other Ethnic American 2011 - East Carolina University - Latino/a literature: "Got an email that this one has been suspended due to a hiring freeze in the English Department. (1/21)"
  • Creative Writing 2011 - East Carolina University - Poetry. Note from 1/13: "ECU cancelled Search--budget cut."
  • Rhetoric/Composition 2011 - East Carolina University, Writing Program Director. Email 11/16 says, "Due to a recent reorganization within the Writing Program, the decision has been made to suspend the search for a director. Therefore, this email is to advise that this search has been closed and the position will not be filled at this time." ALSO Cancelled: Tenure-track position in technical/professional communication: "Received e-mail message that this search (Tech/Prof Comm) has been cancelled (3/10) because of anticipated budget cuts."

SUNY Cancellations[]

  • Jewish and/or Israeli Studies 2010-11: University at Buffalo, Fannie Kestenbaum Paull Professor of Jewish Studies. Search Cancelled.
  • Queer/Women's/Gender Studies 2010-11 - University of Buffalo (SUNY): cancel notification by email 11/1
  • Physical Anthropology - State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo. Tenure-track assistant biological anthropologist. CANCELLED for budgetary reasons per an October 29 email.
  • US History, 2010-11 - SUNY Buffalo: assistant professorship in the history of the era of the American Revolution and/or the Early Republic. "Received letter from SC chair that the search has been cancelled (11/8). (x2)"
  • Anglophone/Modern British 2011: SUNY Stony Brook, Assistant Professor post-1945 British or Global Anglophone: "My acknowledgement email said that the search has been cancelled due to budget cuts."

University of the Incarnate Word (TX) Cancellations[]

  • Rhetoric/Composition 2011 - University of the Incarnate Word, Associate Professor of English: "I was informed via email (after my phone interview above [2/15]) that the search was cancelled due to Texas State budget cuts to Educational Grants."
  • Religious Studies 2010-2011 -University of the Incarnate Word, History of Christianity:"On 2/21 UIW instituted a "permanent hiring freeze" due to the state and federal budgets' proposed cuts to education--so no candidates were hired for this position (inside or otherwise) . . . Sad, but true. The draconian Texan state budget and the uncertanity over the Federal Budget Pell Grants has caused this "permanent hiring freeze" (halting this search and 13 others = 14 in total at UIW). How long this freeze is in place and, if lifted, will the searches resume from where they left off or will they start anew are unknown at this time."

University of South Carolina, Beaufort Cancellations[]

  • Romanticism, Victorian/19th 2011 - University of South Carolina, Beaufort, Asst. Professor of Victorian British Literature: "From MLA Website - "Search has been cancelled." (noted 12/13)." UPDATE: "E-mail announcing that search has been re-opened: 02/02"
  • US History, 2010-2011 - University of South Carolina, Beaufort, Tenure-track assistant professor in US history: "Recieved email that search had been postponed to next year at the earliest due to financial constraints. (1/31)"

Cancelled Positions at Other Schools[]

  • 20-21 c. American 2011 / Modern British 2011: Midwestern State University (TX), Asst. Professor in contemporary literature: "Position Cancelled: According to the committee chair this position was just cancelled due to state budget cuts. Official notification should follow shortly. (email response to query 4/19)"
  • Rhetoric/Composition 2011: Georgian Court University, Asst. Professor: "Search canceled (email, 4/1/11)
  • African American 2011: Penn State York, Assistant Professor, Black Atlantic: "Search canceled, as per e-mail from university's Academic Director."
  • Religious Studies 2010-11: University of Iowa, Catholic Studies (senior position): search cancelled, 3/10.
  • Rhetoric/Composition 2011: East Stroudsburg University (PA), Technical / Professional Writing: "Received phone call this afternoon (3/11): Interviews canceled because of state budgets. Hiring freeze."
  • Film Studies 2010-2011: University of Notre Dame, Asst. Professor of Television Studies: "Search cancelled -- will be reposted next year (2/1 - I had phone interviewed and was just updated on the process)"
  • Early American 2011 / 20-21 c. American 2011: University of Nevada, Reno, Asst. Professor late 19th-early 20th c. American Lit: "Search cancelled in the face of state budget cuts." (posted 3/3/11)
  • Rhetoric/Composition 2011: College of Coastal Georgia, Asst/Assoc Professor: "3/4/2011 letter arrived stating, " administrative decision has been made to cancel the search..."
  • Linguistics 2010-2011: University of North Texas, Field: Second-Language Acquisition: "1/13 search has been suspended."
  • European History 2010-11: Appalachian State University, Britain 1500-1800: "Emailed that search is failed "due to state budget issues" (1/20)."
  • Generalist 2011: Georgia SW State, Assistant Professor, Generalist: "Email from HR saying that the search has been canceled (2/17)"
  • World/Global History 2010-11: Western Carolina, Assistant Professor of History, World History. Tenure-track: "Search cancelled due to state-wide budget cuts (2/4)"
  • Spanish 2010-2011: University of Iowa (Spanish/Romance linguistics): POSITION CANCELLED
  • Renaissance 2011: Angelo State University, Late British Renaissance - Non-Dramatic: "A friend had a campus visit scheduled with the school back in January, but the search has since been cancelled."
  • Religious Studies 2010-11: Boston College, Latin Patristic Theology: "Search cancelled. Position likely to be advertised again next year (1/28)"
  • US History, 2010-2011 - DePaul University (Chicago, IL), African-American History: "Search cancelled. Notified via email. (1/6)"
  • Medieval 2011 / British Open 2011 - Texas Woman's University, Tenure track Assistant Professor of English to teach linguistics and an area of British Literature: Email received December 20: "Unfortunately, because of budget constraints, this position has been cancelled."
  • Generalist / Rhetoric/Composition 2011 - Penn State Shenango, Asst. Prof.: "Letter received on 12/9 that stated "I regret to inform you that this search has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances."
  • 20-21 C. American - Cleveland State University, Asst. Prof. in American Literature: "Rcvd 12/6: "Our search for a specialist in twentieth century American literature has been cancelled for budgetary reasons. We will advertise if the search is reopened."
  • Asian History 2010-11 - CW Post, Long Island University, Asst. Professor, East Asian History. Notice on H-Net: "We are sorry to announce that this search has been cancelled due to budgetary constraints. We hope to run it in the near future. J. Attie, CW Post, Long Island University." November 22, 2010.
  • Medieval 2011 - University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Assistant Professor: ""I regret to inform you that last week the Dean of the College cancelled the search for an Assistant Professor in Medieval Literature because of budget cuts ... We have no indication when this search will be authorized again." By mail, Nov. 20.
  • African American 2011 - Wesleyan University. Note 9/13: Received email that search has been postponed.
  • Renaissance 2011 / Medieval 2011 - Oklahoma City University, 10/28 email: "It is with sincere regret that I write to inform you that the hiring process for the position in Medieval and Renaissance literature for which you recently applied has been suspended. I apologize for this notice coming so close to the application deadline, but news of the hiring suspension came forward from the administration just today. Should the hiring process be reinitiated, there is no need to re-apply, as your application materials will remain in the system; we would contact you to gauge whether or not you wished to remain in the candidate pool." - Note: job reopened March 31, 2011
  • U.S. History, 2010-2011 - Louisiana Tech, US and World History: "7/26: Received notice that the search has been canceled for budgetary reasons. Possiblity of reopening for 2011"
  • Communication and Media Studies 2010-2011 - University of Colorado - Job Cancelled. Area: Communication Law & Policy. Notes: in School of Journalism & Mass Communication I don't think this job is still open--- the School of Journalism announced that it is in the process of closing. Tenured faculty have to find lines in other departments, and non-tenured faculty and staff will be laid off. 9/25- See / Also, when I just tried to search for this job on Colorado's HR website, I could not find it. There was a "telecomm" position but not in the J-School. 9/25: Via e-mail correspondence, Dona Olivier said the search for this position has been cancelled.
  • American Literature, post 1865 - Texas Tech University - Search postponed to a future academic year when funding is available.

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