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Auburn University[]

Any news? (x2)

Interviewed, also know they have 5 candidate lined up for interview

California State University at Pomona[]

Carnegie Mellon University []

- Rejection email January

also Rejection email January (x2)

The City University of New York (CUNY)[]

ref requested (Jan)

Interview invite (late Jan)

Clemson University[]

  • Phone interview Dec
  • interview late Jan (12/20)
  • Received rejection emial (Feb 4th) - is this a rejection after the interview?
  • Received rejection email (Feb 14th). Just to be clear - I was not previously invited for interview.

Drexel University[]

rejected 1/6/12 (x5)

referece requested in Nov 2011. No rejection or on-site invitation. Anyone else in the same boat?

Any news (co-ask)(x2)?

Georgia Institute of Technology[]

received rejection letter Nov 2011

Iowa State[]

Rejection letter (Feb)(x2)

Kansas State University[]

Requested equal opportunity info; email said screening has started 1/20

Requested reference letter (Feb 2012)

Phone interviews will start soon, 11 candidates have been selected

On-campus interviews are starting, March 2012

Louisiana Tech University[]

Miami University[]

- Phone interview (3/23)

Michigan Technological University[]

- Request for reference letters (12/2011)

Requested EEO information (1/27)

- Still in process (3/11)

Mississippi State University[]

"currently negotiating with a candidate to join us after an on-campus interview". 3/11

Missouri University of Science and Technology[]

New Mexico State University []

Scheduling on campus interviews Feb and March 2012

Oklahoma State[]

interview scheduled (12/20)

Oregon State University[]

Phone interviews are starting, early March 2012 On-site interview scheduled, early March

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute[]

rejection January (X3)

Rochester Institute of Technology, KGCOE Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering[]

phone interviews have started (03/2012)

On campus interview for March 2012

They always have pre-determined person for the position every year, so do not waste your time on this.

Really? I heard that they have TWO positios and that they are interviewing 8 people.....what did you hear????

Rutgers University[]

Reference requested (Jan)

Tennessee Tech University[]

Phone interview (1/30)

Phone Interview

On campus interviews are starting -- When did you get this note? I was told on 3/9/12 that "We are still processing the paperwork and no final decisions have been made as of yet on the University level."

TWO on-campus interviews so far......

Tufts University[]

- Request for reference letters (11/2011)

- Rejection e-mail 2/15 (X3)

University of Buffalo[]

phone interview (1/19) (x2)

University of California-Davis[]

requested ref letters 11/9 - heard through ref

Rejection email (02/03/2012) x3

University of Colorado, Boulder[]

University of Connecticut[]

Requested ref letters (1/9) - heard through ref

University of Illinois, Chicago[]

Requested reference letters (11/8) - heard through ref

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign[]

Requested reference letters (11/10) - heard through ref

University of Maryland, College Park[]

interview has started, check their website

University of Massachusetts, Lowell[]

- Rejection email (12/20/2011) - Rejection email (02/03/2012) - another rejection email 02/03/2012

University of Michigan[]

Rejection in the mail (Feb 28)

University of Minnesota[]

requested references

any update? - Got rejection letter in April

University of Missouri[]

On campus interview in February 2012

University of New Hampshire[]

University of South Carolina[]

interview scheduled (12/13)

University of Tennessee[]

any news??? Requested EEO (equal opportunity) informaion in Dec, but nothing since

University of Texas, Austin[]

Onsite interviews scheduled (1/2012)

- Rejection email Feb 9th 2012 (x2)

- Rejection email Feb 22, 2012

University of Toledo[]

interview scheduled (12/1)

University of Virginia[]

rejection email (1/30) X3

University of Washington[]

Rejection email (2/14) (X2)

Rejection email (2/27) (X2)

University of Wiscosin-Madison Chemical Biology/Engineering positions []

Rejection email January 2012 (x3) Was pre-identified candidate

Vanderbilt University[]

Rejection email (2/20) x3

Virginia Tech[]

- Received rejection letter in the mail (January 28) (x4)

Western Michigan University[]

- Rejection email Feb 9th 2012

Worcester Polytechnic Institute[]

- interview scheduled Feb

rejection mail came in mid-Feb (not after interview) (X2)

Received rejection letter in the mail Feb

Wayne State University[]

Yale University[]