Looking out for fellow Organic Chemists that are on the market this year for an academic position. Please Edit as you find out the status of each organic chemistry position at each school so that we can understand which jobs are still available and which ones have been filled.

Use Heading 3 to add names of schools below.

Austin Peay State University (Forensic Chemistry)

-phone interviews completed in March

-Site visits April 9-13.

Colorado College (Advertised July 1, 2011; closing date 8/31/2011)

- Phone Interviews completed by September 23rd, 2011.

Site Visits: ?

12-09-2011 - Offer has been ACCEPTED. This job is closed.

University of the Puget Sound (advertised September 2011; Closing date October 7th, 2011)

- As of Nov. 1st candidates are on campus for site visits.

Western Washington University - (Closing Date 11/07/11) -

Phone Interviews - December 4-5th, 2011

Williams College - (Closing Date 10/04/2011) -

Offer ACCEPTED, Position Closed - 12/21/12

College of the Holy Cross - (Closing Date 10/07/2011)


Davidson College - Closing Date 10/07/2011)

Phone interviews concluded 11/7

On campus interviews to be completed on or around 12/2

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