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OK, folks -- it seems like we're not reporting here. Anyone hearing anything yet?

Just a bunch of acknowledgement forms -- some haven't even gotten to the EOE cards yet. Oh, and two schools did directly state in their acknowledgement letters that they were hoping to contact finalists for more materials in mid to late Nov and schedule interviews for MLA in early Dec. Not the most ideal timeline, but at least they communicated it.

--Very good! It's nice to keep the fellowship alive and understand where we all stand in this wild year. Much thanks!

Also appears as though several of these schools will be bypassing MLA (though MLA isn't a concern at all for Rutgers Childhood Studies Dept.), going straight to campus interviews. Apparently there are restrictions/parameters on this, that schools can't do it too early in relation to MLA, so that candidates can make informed choices, etc.

OK, Let's clean some of this up a little:


Texas A&M:

MLA interview set, 12/4 (x2)

Did they ask anyone who is asst prof and not advanced asst like the job ad said???

Yes -- I set up an interview as an assistant prof, not advanced assistant. (x2)

12/5: Yes, I set up an interview as well, and I currently work as an adjunct

Central Michigan:

Acknowledgment through email, 10/21

Phone interview Set, 11/18

Campus Interviews are being scheduled, 12-14

Missouri St.:

Letter of acknowledgment, 10/27

Rejection letter, received 11/29 (x2)

Letter received on 1/20 stating that the search has been *temporarily* frozen, but will contact candidates again in late January on the status of the search.

Christopher Newport:

Letter of acknowledgment snail mail, 11/7

Has this school scheduled any interviews yet? 12/12

No. -- They will meet next week to decide on interviews. 12/12

Interview scheduled, 12/15 (x2)

Has anyone heard from CNU about on-campus interviews? They were supposed to have met a couple weeks ago on this.

Currently, this position is one of many supposedly under a soft-freeze until the U can make a decision on where to allocate resources. THere is no timetable announced for this yet.

April 11th: and apparently there won't be -- received letter from director of personal management: position was filled. Did they aeven have on campus interviews? (x2)

Funny you should mention this... I was wondering the same thing. I don't know if they went with an internal stopgap hire, or if they just decided to bring the person they wanted for the job in... or what. I suppose in these economic times a private school can do whatever they need to in order to fill the spot.

Rutgers, Camden (Childhood Studies Dept.):

Letter of acknowledgment snail mail, 10/20

Anyone heard any news about interviews from Rutgers? 12/11

No, but I don't think its too much of a concern right now since they don't interview at MLA. However, we might want to check the job wikis for other fields since their childhood studies dept includes history, economics, psychology, education, sociology, criminal justice, etc. Also, their chair is CL and they have quite a few CL profs already -- maybe they're not going the lit route this time???

No noise on the Family Studies listing of this job -- probably post-holiday interviews.

Rejection letter received. 1/13.

Pacific Lutheran:

Letter of acknowledgment snail mail, 11/7 and EEO form, 11/17

Any word if this has been frozen?? I noticed their other search seems to be halted too.

It's not frozen. I scheduled an interview today. 12/13 (x2)

Really? On a Saturday? 12/13 (x2 -- Are they emailing people or calling?)

I scheduled mine by phone.

Scheduled a campus visit (1/6)

Offer made and accepted.

Howard Community College (Part-Time/Adjunct):

Azusa Pacific U:

CHILDREN'S & YA LIT WITH ENGLISH EDUCATION/SECONDARY EDUCATION METHODS This whole area seems mildly underdeveloped - has anyone heard anything from these schools?

Bridgewater (Due Dec 1):

Request for dossier -- December 10th

Phone interviews set -- December 12th

phone interview 12/17

Campus Interviews are being scheduled, 12-26

phone interview 12/17. Have Campus Interviews Candidates been contacted then?


Campus Interview Scheduled 2/8

Email to schedule phone interview 2/23

California Polytechnic (Due Nov 15):

phone interview early Dec. Removed from pool, as not attending MLA

On-campus interviews to begin in mid-January.

Three candidates being invited to campus, scheduled through the end of January.

Offer made 2/8

Shippensburg (Due Nov 1):

MLA interview scheduled 12/5

NCTE interview November

scheduled on-campus interview 1/15

Campus Interview 1/30

Rejection letter (postal mail) 4/4

Northern Illinois University (Due Nov 10): SEARCH CANCELLED BY DEAN **DECEMBER 22ND** Received letter from Dept. Chair.

12-7: To answer the question from the front page: called NIU today -- they have made and contacted their final candidate selections.

Teachers College, Columbia (Due Oct 1):

North Carolina, Pembroke (Due Nov 10):

Did they close search, like Charlotte? References contacted some time ago, but no calls

This search was reopened and original contacts re-contacted, but, it was re-opened in an attempt to fill the slot.

North Carolina, Charlotte (Due Oct 15):

Phone interviews begin Friday November 20th.

I am almost 100% certain they have already completed final interviews.

Had on-campus interview. Fairly certain job was offered to other candidate. They are allowing the candidate until after MLA to make a decision.

Contact with HR -- Search has been frozen. (January 10th)

Letter received indicating Frozen search

University of Idaho (Nov 17):

Search has been unfroze -- and they will be taking fresh applications in Spring. ( Jan 1st)

Search was re-froze, and will remain frozen for the foreseeable future.

University of Delaware (Oct 31):

Phone interviews conducted.    
Phone interview conducted also.  Anyone hear anything more from them?

Not yet. They're not frozen, but they seem to be taking their time.

This search has been filled with a candidate.

University of Northern Iowa (Jan 5):

Frozen. May be reopened when funds become available.

Winona State University (Oct 31):

Phone interview mid-Dec.

Anyone heard from them?

Scuttlebutt says that this search was frozen as well, but HR will neither confirm nor deny.

Hah. Someone from the EO office sent a rather curt, almost crude, email saying that the position was filled.... In May! Ahh, the joys of the administrative hire.


Northern SU (Due Dec 15): 19th Century British

Nebraska, Kearney (Due Jan 15): American Lit Post-1945

University of Texas at El Paso

Coker College (Nov 3): British Lit

Contacted via email to schedule phone interview, 11/25

South Dakota State (Nov 15): Long 18th Century British or 19th Century British


Come on Eng Ed folks...let's keep this up to date. I'm curious :) How many of us are there?

SYNY Potsdam

phone interview 2/3

Chadron State College, Nebraska

phone interview 2/5

Champlain College, VT

phone interview 2/2

Russell Sage College / The Sage Colleges (English Ed and Writing TT position)

Phone interview 1/12

campus interview 2/7-2/9

anyone heard anything here?

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

campus interview 2/10

Framingham State College, MA (Dec 19):

email request for teaching video, 12/22

email request for teaching video 12/23

request for writing sample 1/9 (x2)
email to schedule campus interview, 2/3
offer made and accepted

University of Massachusetts Amherst

University of Massachusetts Boston (Nov 1):

postcard ack Oct 1
MLA Interview Set (Dec. 1)
email to schedule preliminary interview, 12/1
email to schedule campus visit, 1/5
rejection email, 1/5 (x2 -- but you know -- that was one of the kindest rejections I ever received. Nice people.)