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Asuza Pacific University (review begins immediately, open until filled) link

Clayton State University (GA)

Where is this job posted?

I found it on the MLA job list, but it had an Oct. 30 deadline. I haven't heard anything from them beyond an AA form in November.

Speak of the devil: Rejection by snail mail, 2/13

Emmanuel College link

University of Texas-Pan Americanlink

Phone interview scheduled via email, 12/3

Campus interview scheduled via email, 1/6

Eastern Michigan University

MLA interview scheduled (11/20x3)

Texas A&M

MLA interview scheduled via email, 12/11

This job has been offered and accepted.

Kansas State

Request for dossier and writing sample (11/12)

Very polite (if somewhat weird) rejection via email. I hadn't heard a single thing from them prior to today. (1/6x3)

Missouri State University

References requested/contacted (12/22x2)

  • Does anyone have news? Nothing since they contacted refs. (2/2, 2/4)
  • From source: they are still narrowing the applicant pool. Friendly contact. (2/19)

Notified by snail mail that the search has been suspended because of funding issues (3/10 x2)

University of Central Arkansas

References contacted via email (1/25x2)

Telephone interview scheduled (1/27X2)

University of Tennessee-- Chattanooga

App ack (1/20) Received an email that my file is complete and "remains of interest" to the committee; they are continuing to review applications (2/8 x3)

Q. I suppose this second email was sent to everyone who applied?

A. Probably, but it's nice to be acknowledged while the process is still ongoing. Some positions to which I've applied have not done this. (2/12/10x2)

Phone interviews conducted. (3/8/10)

  • Do you have more news? On-campus interviews?

English Education positions are listed on the education page.