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Last updated: APril 7 Penn State

OK, everyone: some of these places have been left grievously unattended! Anyone have news or intel on the following?:

Francis Marion, Il State, Yeshiva, Western Illinois University

Concord University (WV) Review begins: Nov. 1 Received an email asking if still interested. They just started their review. Received an email wanting to set up a phone interview 2/8. Phone interview set 2/15. Campus Visit set 2/22

Francis Marion University Interview for MLA set

Illinois State University

Longwood University Interview for MLA set. campus interviews set

Mesa State College (Colorado) Deadline: Dec. 1 Phone Interview scheduled 12/7 Campus Visit set.

Missouri Southwest State University Phone interviews have occurred. Campus Visit set. Snail mail letter that they made a hire 3/26.

Penn State Deadline 1/15/08 interviewing now 2/17

What position was this for -- where was the listing at Penn St (or was this for one of their sattelite campuses?) A: I learned of it from an email sent to Child_Lit. Position filled.

Sir William Grenfell College, part of Memorial University of Newfoundland job is in "Folklore" with open subspecialty, ABD accepted, 3-year contract position Deadline: 15 January 2008

State University of California-Sacramento English Education/Children's literature MLA interview scheduled by phone 11/25 Q: Has anyone heard from this school since MLA? A: they had 2 candidates to campus when their semester started in late january. Thank you. Letter stating they hired someone 3/25.

Tennessee State University Children's and/or adolescent literature Deadline: Dec. 8 -changed- Deadline has been extended until January 3rd. Phone and Campus Visits have been scheduled

U. of Central Arkansas Deadline: Nov. 15 Campus visit set. Offer made and accepted.

U. of North Carolina-Wilmington MLA interview scheduled by phone 11/12 Campus Visits set. Offer made and accepted.

U. of South Carolina-Columbia' Deadline: Oct. 31 MLA Interview scheduled by phone 11/20 Campus Visits set.

If you go to their English Dept. website's calendar, all of the candidates' job talks are scheduled in with names and positions. None are for the CL job, just their other searches. I'm wondering if they cancelled this search again. A- Post MLA rejection letter said they selected candidates, but you are right about the website: Who knows...

3/5: Has anyone physically set foot on USC's campus? I heard they sent out rejection letters and scheduled campus visits, but that 1/2 of the MLA interviewees haven't gotten either response. What is actually true with them? Have there been rejection letters (after the MLA interview) and/or campus visits?

A: I did get a rejection letter after MLA. Maybe they are keeping their options open until they figure out some internal problems.

Virginia Wesleyan College Review begins: November 15 MLA interview scheduled by phone 12/18. Campus visit set. Offer made and accepted. Post campus visit rejection email 2/27

Washington State University Q: Job was advertised as half rhet-comp half children's literature. Has anyone heard anything about it? Received snail-mail letter that the deadline has been extended to 1/7/08. They will then schedule phone interviews. Said they will have a short list by the 4th or 5th week of 1/08. Has anyone heard anything?

On campus interviews to occur during last week of February.

Washburn University: Offer made and accepted.

Wayne State University Interview for MLA set. Campus visits set.

Western Illinois University. Interview for MLA set. Campus visits set. Has anyone heard anything from WIU concerning any of their three job hires?

Yeshiva University (Stern) Victorian/Children's Literature Deadline: 11/6 Is this the same job as listed in Am/19th century? A. They were looking for a senior scholar. I heard the job was posted as a formality and that they were already talking to someone ("senior" I guess) even before the search started.