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Appalachian Univ
--Interview at MLA

Bard College, NY
-- Phone interview 12/16 also phone interview 12/18 (any further news 1/30?)

Bennington College?

Boston U Chinese lecturer
--reject mail 12/15

Butler University MLA interview scheduled 12/28-29 Campus visit scheduled late Jan-early Feb

Central Connecticut SU
--phone interview in early Feb

College of Charleston?
(anyone heard anything, 1/30?)
early March - heard offer made and accepted

The College of William & Mary?
(any news 1/30?)
early March - offer made and accepted.

Furman U: Rejection letter dated Jan 30, saying offer made and accepted.

George Washington U
onsite interview scheduled

Gettysburg College
- rejection 12/3
got weird rejection letter dated 3/17 stating "we have concluded our search" and "we are pleased with the outcome" but not saying "position filled" . This was first contact since application acknowledgment last fall

Grand Valley State U in MI Interview at MLA rejection email 3/30, saying offer made.

Iowa State University
--Offer made and accepted.

Kalamazoo College
phone interview 1/11-- heard offer made

Kenyon College
--phone interview in Feb
--heard campus visits completed mid Feb --position filled

Knox College
--offer made (3/12)

Lake Forest College Cancel search

Lafayette College (cancel search) New ads out.

Loyola College MLA interview scheduled 12/28-29, campus interview scheduled January

Loyola Marymount University (L.A.) Offer made and accepted (Feb/16th)

Macalester College Campus visits done by Nov 2008
--> Offer made (Dec)--> Offer accepted (Dec).

Miami University in Ohio is searching again (what happened to its search last year?) Canceled (last year: lit search. this year: lingu. search)

Mississippi State University? (still no news 1/30?)

Montana State U in Bozeman Phone Interview 12/18 Rejection Letter, position filled

NYU: --MLA interview in San Francisco 12/28. --what kind of position?

Oakland University
(phone interview 1/26)any news 2/5?

Ohio State U: Preliminary interview at ACTFL back in Nov. What happened then? never heard from them

Penn State (CompLit + Chinese) is finalizing the shortlist. other semi-shortlist applicants were rejected by email. (early Dec) --dept website says search is concluded, job went to Shen Shuang

Presbyterian College Cancel Search

(1) Princeton MING-QING: --The "Ming-Qing to May Fourth" committee requested additional materials back in early November. --shortlist decided --Any other word? The deadline for the contemporary position (which was not exclusive to lit) was later.

(2) Princeton Contemp/Modern: --Campus interviews scheduled for late January --When was the shortlist decided? A: in December --Job offered to candidate (2/15)

(3)Princeton Chinese lecturer conference interview in orlando in Nov

Reed College(visiting position):
Phone interview is going on--early March

Rhodes College (visiting position)
(phone interview Jan 17)

Rochester (NY): -- invites candidates to visit (12/19) -- may have hiring freeze for China cluster hires

Rutgers U
--Cancel Search

Union College (visiting assistant professor) MLA interview scheduled 12/28-29

University of Alberta
Chinese lecturer narrow down to a short list for campus interview in Feb 2009

University of Chicago for Chinese Cinema position?
(<-- do those film applicants know to read this wiki?)
--> Candidates (2) invited for campus visits in January.

U of Kansas
-- is narrowing down the semi shortlist (12/17)
--> invites 3 candidates (12/20)

U of Florida --Phone interview in mid-Feb

University of Kentucky is searching again (what happened to its search last year? they hired one for their CHinese lingusitics) (ans: last year: modern search filled. this year: pre-modern search)got rejection letter, saying that offer made and accepted. I think it is a hoax--green card ad

U of Colorado Boulder invited candidates to campus 12/11

U of Michigan
Chinese lecturer conference interview in orlando in Nov

U. Michigan lecturer position: I heard offer made(19 Feb).

U North Carolina Charlotte
requests more material Dec 22 Phone interviewed 2nd week of Jan. Heard that the on-campus interview is going on (2/19).

U. Pittsburgh phone interview: 12/15, 12/16 campus interview: end of Jan --when was the shortlist decided? I heard offer made.

University of Richmond MLA interview scheduled 12/28-29 (still no news?--2/26)--heard offer made

University of Texas Austin offer made 11/27

University of Tulsa MLA interview scheduled 12/28-29- on campus visit scheduled -(I was interviewed at MLA; so I am not on the 3 finalists?) offer made and accepted.

University of Wisconsin Offer made

"Utah State University": Anyone got offer from it? Lecturer of Chinese Yup!

Tulane University phone interview 12/10 invited candidate to campus 12/16

Virginia Tech
reject email (email of rejection? here, have not got either rejection email or anything positive. nothing at all. Dec 30, 2008).
--at MLA interview said invitations to be made in early Jan for Feb campus visits
--campus visits scheduled, 1/06
--email stating position still not filled, may schedule more campus visits, 3/04
--email asking if still available/interested, early March
--Search failed. June, HR site says "search cancelled". applicants not notified

Washington and Lee
rejection 12/17

Willamette University MLA interview scheduled 12/28-29 (any news after MLA interview?--2/26)
-offer made, accepted, Mar 4

Whittier College phone interview 12/8 (also phoned earlier 12/1)(second phone interview 1/20, didn't get campus visit 1/27)