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Could anyone indicate which field you are in below?

- Why? how is this of any use to anyone??

Chinese literature (modern):3

Chinese literature (pre-modern):3

Chinese linguistics: 5

Second language acquisition: 3



How many have already got a job offer& when?

1. Not yet (by 02/12/2011)

2. No offers so far (02/12/11) (X8)

How many jobs did you apply for? How many phone interviews did you get and how many turned into campus visit? How many campus visit turned into a job offer?

1. applied for about 20+ jobs; 4 phone interviews; 3 campus visits; 1 offer accepted in early May

2. applied for 25+ jobs; 3 conference interviews, 0 campus visits; 0 job offers as of 3/16

3. applied for ~20 jobs; 5 conference/skype/phone interviews, 3 campus invites (2nd & 3rd ones declined). offer accepted.

4.applied for 14 positions, 8 conference/phone interviews, 5 campus interviews (declined one), 3 offers + 1 no reply. never heard from 3 (out of the 14) schools.

American University (Asst. Prof., Chinese lit and culture)[]

campus interview scheduled early Dec.

anyone else heard from the school? (12/10) (x2)

that's weird. They are also inviting people for interview in MLA

Are you in Literature or Linguistics? (linguistics, applied for it, never heard from them)

What I've heard is that they have contacted people for phone interviews (early Dec.) Campus visit scheduled in mid January.

-Finally got their email rejection:( 2/24)

Barnard College (Asst Prof, Chinese Civil. and Humanities)[]

--Any word on this one?

just "application received"

Hmm, I didn't even get "application received" (x3)

Campus interviews are being scheduled.

Q: Any sense of the finalists' fields? Did they stick with people who work on traditional China?

--from what I have heard, there have been campus interviews already. Candidates specializing in the early China field.


Ball State University[]

-Any news from them? (5/16)

College of Charleston (Asst. Prof. of Chinese)[]

-Any news from them? (2/16)

rejection email (4/12)

College of the Holy Cross (Asst. Prof of Chinese)[]

Any news after phone interview? (2/11)

rejection received in mail (2/22)

campus interview scheduled

Georgia State University (Asst. Prof)[]

Skype interview scheduled (Dec 18, Jan 25)

Q: has the campus visit scheduled? (1/22) A: got an invitation for campus interview (1/26)

Florida International University (Chinese lecturer/instructor)[]

campus interview scheduled (2/9)

-has the offer been given and accepted?

-has the offer been made? (x2)( 2/22)

-offer has been made (2/25)

Indiana University -- Bloomington (Asst. Prof., Modern Chinese lit.)[]

Phone Interviews scheduled, mid-Nov.

--has any one else heard back from this position? any follow up? (12/7) (x2)

--Campus visits scheduled.

--Q: Has an offer been made? (2/24)

Indiana University -- Bloomington (Lecturer in Chinese language)[]

-any news? (X3)

Loyola Marymount University (Asst. Prof., Chinese literature)[]

any word?

MLA conference interview in early January

Campus visit scheduled (mid January)\

rejection letter received in the mail (early February) (x3)

Lutheran Pacific University (2-year contract position)[]

phone interviews scheduled 1/19

--I did not hear from them after 1/19; Have anyone here finished phone interview?

rejection email received (2/9)

--campus interview scheduled. (2/26)

Michigan State University (Second Language Education in Chinese)[]

skype interview (12/15) nothing beyond that so far. Anybody else has news on this one? (X3)

4 candidates for campus visit decided (1/31)

rejection email received (4/6)

Murray State University (Tenure-track assistant profess of Chinese)[]

-- Any one got any news from them? (phone interviewed out of blue mid-January, no prior notice, no email contact, the Chair who gave the phone interview said that campus visit would be scheduled in early Feb. I haven't heard back from her yet.)

-- any development? (2/28)

-- Another round of phone interview and then campus interview arranged in later March.

Nazareth College of Rochester []

-Has anyone heard anything from them? No news after the phone interview in mid Jan.

-Rumor had it that they have arranged the three campus visits.(1/27)

-Yes, they will start next following three weeks for three candidates.(1/28)

-Has the offer been given? ( 2/17)

- I was curious too, has the offer been made? ( 2/22)

-offer has been made( 2/25)

New School (Asst. Prof., Chinese Language and Literature)[]

Phone interviews arranged either on Feb. 8th or 10th.

3 invited for Campus interview early March

offer made in the second week of March, 2011

New York University -- Gallatin School[]

--At least one person has had a campus interview.

you mean an interview for 45 minutes?

-- never heard back from them

--what is the rank of this position? tenure track? lecturer?.....

New York University, Liberal Arts Studies (Full-Time Faculty, Chinese arts/ literature)[]

--Request for more materials, 12/14 --Phone interview scheduled

--Any News? --Campus visits scheduled

New York University, Department of EAS (Chinese language lecturer)[]

-- any news? (3/6)

North Carolina State University (Asst. Prof., Chinese)[]

--Phone interviews, mid-December (x3)

--Campus visits scheduled, early January --Is the offer made?

--Offer made.

Northwestern University (Lecturer of Chinese)[]

Phone interviews.

when will be the campus visit?

2 offers made and accepted. 5/4

Princeton University (Asst. Prof., Chinese lit., Ming-Qing to May Fourth)[]

Any word? I heard that they contacted a seniorperson for interview in Dec.

I heard that offer was made to a seniorperson in January.

Rhode College (Visiting? Asst. Prof., Chinese lit): any news after MLA interviews?[]

Rutgers University (Asst.Prof., premodern Chinese lit. and lang.)[]

has anyone heard anything?

-phone interview in dec., then nothing... -campus interview in early Feb.

Saint Vincent College (Visiting assistant professor)[]

-Any update on them? Has the campus interview been scheduled?

- campus interview scheduled to Mar.

Stanford University (Lecturer of Chinese)[]

Any news? (5/2)

rejection email received (5/6)

Tufts University (lecturer position)[]

requesting more materials in late Nov (X3)

have not heard anything.

-Is there campus visit?

-Any update on this? (2/28)

I heard they have a short list now.

University of British Columbia (instructor)[]

Invited for a campus interview at the end of Feb.

offer made (2/25)

UC Berkeley (Lecturer in Chinese Language)[]

ask for more materials (2/3) Are you in literature or linguistics? linguistics

Any further news? (2/11)

offer made in April. Accepted.

University of Colorado (Asst. Prof., Ming-Qing Literature)[]

Anybody heard from this school?--I phoned the dept. early Feb. and was told that the seach was concluded. I never even got a confirmation of receipt.

University of Delaware (Asst. Prof., Chinese culture)[]

received a receipt/acknowlegement in mail late Nov. (x3) -- not even that.

rejection letter (03/17 sent out, 03/28 received)

University of Hawai'i, Manoa (Asst. Prof., Chinese literature and culture)[]

Invited to interview at MLA (12/21) (x2)

Any news on this one?

University of Michigan (open rank, Chinese literature)[]

Any word? I am guessing that junior people don't have much chance in this one. (12/7) Rumor had it some one got (at least) an interview from UM.

Receive rejection letter, stating that the dept. has decided to not pursue this search for this academic year but will re-do the search in the near future.

--OMG! Do we have any idea of what kind of candidiates they brought in? The senior search in this field is rare.

University of North Carolina at Asheville (Lecturer in Chinese Studies and Language)[]

requesting more materials in mid Oct.

offer made

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (lecturer position)[]

Anything new? (1/25)

University of Oregon (two positions-1 yr visiting asst. prof. in Modern and Pre-modern Chinese Lit)[]

Phone interview 4/1- if I may ask, was the interview for modern or pre-modern position?

University of Pittsburgh (Asst. Prof., Chinese Lit and Culture)[]

any news? (1/30)

- rejection letter received (2/2)

-hey dear, sorry to hear that. I must be waiting for mine to arrive in the West Coast then :(

University of Southern California (Asst. Prof., Modern Chinese Literature and Visual Culture)[]

Any one got the acknowledgement/receipt? --Not me (12/28) (x3)

Any one phone interviewed? (2/2)

---Campus visits underway.

When was the campus visit? --Early and mid Feb.

Did they already send the offer? It's March now. I even did not receive a rejection letter.

--Offer made mid-March.

University of Virginia (Lecturer of Chinese)[]

Transylvania University: Tenure track Chinese Language and Culture[]

-I never heard anything back from them after acknowledgement of receipt...(X4)

- campus interview in Jan.

-- rejection letter in mail (Feb 8) (X5)

== has an offer been made? (Mar.9)

Utah Valley University[]

- on-campus visits ongoing (02/01)

- Rejection letter in mail (02/15) x2

Wake Forest University (Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese)[]

-Have they started to review materials? Any news? (2/28)

Washington State University (Assistant Professor of Chinese language, literature and

requesting more materials in mid Nov.

MLA conference interviews arranged (late Nov.)

campus interview scheduled - late Jan.

campus interview - mid Feb.

Washington and Jefferson College (visiting assistant professor of modern language)[]

rejection email 2/24

Wesleyan University (Chinese literature and culture)[]

Skype interview scheduled

-rejection letter received through email (12/20)

-campus interview held in mid January

Western Kentucky University (Asst. or Assoc. Prof. of Chinese)[]

Any news from them? (2/9)

They are doing phone interviews (2/22)

They said they had a short list. (mid March)

Did this search fail? Why is there another search for Chinese flagship assistant professor at this University? See Chronicle of Higher Education. (3/28)

Got a couple of follow-up phone interview for this position (around 03/20-28).

Just found out that the Flagship position is a different one.

Is the campus interview scheduled? Yes.

Did they make the offer? Yes for the Modern Languages. They are reviewing applications for the Flagship program position.

Is the offer accepted? Yes for the Modern Languages.

Whitman College[]

- Campus visit going on (1/21)

- Offer made (2/17)

Wittenberg University (Part-time Adjunct Instructor of Chinese Language and Culture)[]

asked if willing to schecule a phone interview but no schedule yet. 4/4

offer made 4/27