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Chinese Language & Literature 2011-12 Jobs[]

Ball State University -- Assistant Professor of Chinese[]

Rejection email received (03/22) (+1)

Birmingham-Southern College -- Assistant Professor of Chinese[]

Brown University - Ming-Qing Literature/Classical Chinese language[]

  • Review began November 1
    • Anyone had phone/skype interview yet?
    • Campus interview scheduled in late November and early December. Four finalists visited the campus already. Final decision will be made in January.
    • How do you know this? (no matter what anyone tells you here, information on this wiki should be treated as hearsay. Those who post correct information will likely not be willing to identify themselves; those who post incorrect information have no compunctions about providing false provenances).

Barnard College - pre-Modern Chinese civilization[]

  • Tenure track "junior rank" position in pre-Modern Chinese civilzation and humanities
  • "Candidates should demonstrate a broad interest in the cultures and civilizations of East Asia; areas of specialization may include cultural history, religion, literature, or philosophy."
  • Review begins: 1 Nov. 2011
  • Also posted at Asian History 2011-12
    • Any news on this? Seems like they've had a bit of time to review applications...
    • It doesn't really seem like anyone's looking at this page much these days, but if there are people out there...I'm still wondering about Barnard. (+2)
    • Mid-December and still nothing? Updates anyone?
    • I know that I'm no longer a candidate. I got another offer, so I called to check, just in case I was still in the running. I've also heard that there were a few 'invited' candidates who are a few years past grad school :(
    • Does anyone know if campus visits been scheduled yet? (1/8)
    • Yup. They've been scheduled. (1/24)

Brandeis University - Chinese Language, Literature and Culture (Asst Prof)[]

  • Deadline Oct. 15.
  • Telephone interviews scheduled, week of Oct. 19. (+1)
  • This sounds a bit skeptical; 4 days after the deadline?
    • Telephone interviews scheduled for 11/01 and 11/04.
    • OK, I guess it is real then; all of us can give up hopes now. Thanks wiki for your great service >_<
  • Campus interviews scheduled yet? Yes.
    • Well, poop. Thanks very much for the information!
    • (Very gracious, if generic, rejection email, 12/14) (+3 (third came 12/15))
    • Was the rejection email after a campus visit? Or an earlier round? A: First round (Thanks! I had a phone interview and I haven't heard anything.)

Case Western Reserve University - Assistant professor of Chinese[]

  • Just wondering whether anyone has heard from them;
  • It seems that no news at all so far
  • Acknowledge letter received a couple of weeks ago~
  • Phone interview arranged

Christopher Newport Univeristy - Assistant professor of Chinese[]

  • Confirmation of receipt of application + equal opportunity reporting form by snail mail, dated 12/13. Letter indicates that following evaluation, shortlisted candidates will receive invitations to interview on-site (and also that all candidates will be kept abreast of search status.) +1
    • Email invitation to interview at MLA, 12/24. +1
    • Campus visits scheduled
    • Offer made and accepted

Citadel, the Military College of South carolina []

  • Any news from them?
    • MLA interviews were scheduled (via a friend)
    • Campus visit scheduled.

College of the Holy Cross- Chinese literature/language[]

  • Campus visits scheduled.
  • Offer made

Columbia University (NYC) - Lecturer in Modern Chinese[]

  • Lecturer in Discipline in modern Chinese language, beginning in the fall term of 2012. This is a full-time position with multi-year renewal contingent on successful review. Requirements for applicants include: native competency in modern Chinese with standard pronunciation; fluency in English; a M.A. in hand by the time of appointment with specialization in linguistics, applied linguistics, or language pedagogy; and a demonstrated ability to teach college level Chinese and to prepare teaching materials independently and collaboratively. Interested persons should submit a cover letter, brief statement of teaching philosophy, curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation (preferably two of which should be from language teaching professionals), and a handwritten self-introduction in Chinese in traditional characters (scanned and uploaded or submitted via mail), at our online site:
  • Review of applications begins immediately, with possible preliminary interviews to be conducted at the annual meeting of CLTA, November 18-20, 2011.
  • Received preliminary interview invitation on November 15 (email notification).The chair of Search Committee will meet the candidates at the annual meeting of CLTA during November 18 or 19.

Dartmouth College - Assistant Professor of Chinese Literature and Language[]

  • Review begins December 15th
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • Anyone heard anything? (2/14)
  • Campus visits scheduled
  • Email - Failed search. (3/9)

Emory- Pre-modern Chinese Culture[]

  • Had (and blew) a phone interview before Thanksgiving...( +2 ;( Yeah, tough questions! I blew it too.
  • Have the campus visits been scheduled already?
    • Yes, they have.

Framingham State University[]

  • any news from this position?
  • email rejection (2/21)
  • Offer made and accepted (3/2)

Grinnell College -- Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese[]

  • phone interview scheduled (02/24)
  • email rejection recevied (04/03)

Hendrix College[]

  • MLA interviews scheduled
  • Campus visit scheduled
  • form email saying the search has ended. (3/30)

Hong Kong University - Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature[]

Deadline: Sept 30, 2011

  • Any news? It says, will close in 4 months.
  • They have scheduled a phone interview with at least one candidate for the Comp Lit position.
  • Ops. When was the phone interview? In Oct or the late Nov?
  • Neither, from what I heard they just emailed that candidate to set up a phone interview; but they may do other kinds of interview; that I have no idea.
  • Did they email the candidate just in this week? (Nov 23, 2011)
  • Yes you are correct.
  • thanks. Please let us know when they schedule the on-site interview in the near future.
  • Any news about the campus interview? (Nov 29 2011) scheduled? (+1 Nov 30, 2011)
  • They have just shortlisted candidates; not sure if they will run "on site" campus visits.
    • Did anyone get the on-site invitation?

Hong Kong University - Assistant Professor of Hong Kong Studies in Comparative Literature Department[]

Deadline: Dec 1, 2011

  • Any update? (Jan 09, 2012)

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Tenure track in history and literature (rank opened)[]

Deadline: Sept 30, 2011

  • Any news there?
  • In typical Hong Kong fashion, not a single word from these people! How utterly unprofessional!
  • campus visit scheduled (+1)
  • really or not? as heard that they're still having meeting.

Hunter College - Lecturer of Chinese[]

Indiana University - Assistant Professor of Chinese Language and Language Program Coordinator[]

  • Duties will include coordination of the core curricula in Chinese Language and Language Pedagogy, teaching two courses per semester (one or both of which may be team-taught with associate instructors), and ongoing implementation of new pedagogical methods and technologies.
  • Publications relevant to the field are required in consideration for eventual tenure. Candidates must have a doctoral degree or clear indication that the degree will be in hand at the time of appointment.
  • Review of applications will begin on October 31, and position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. Preliminary interviews may be conducted at the ACTFL conference Nov. 17-19.
    • The Search Committee shut down this search because they got authorized from the Administration to change this position. Now this position is "open-rank". All the job descriptions are the same.Review of applications will begin on November 15. Preliminary interviews may be conducted at the ACTFL conference Nov. 17-19.
  • Did they ever arrange prelimiary interviews at the ACTFL or no? Any other progress after the 11-15 deadline? Thanks.

Kenyon College -- Visisting Assistant Professor[]

Michigan State University - Open Rank[]

  • We seek a dynamic faculty member with primary interests and extensive experience in the teaching and learning of Chinese culture with a commitment to innovative language study. Experience with a variety of teaching methods and curricular perspectives is desirable.
  • Review of applications will begin November 7, 2011 and will continue until the position is filled. Send all materials to: Thomas Lovik, Chinese Language Teaching Position, Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages, A-614 Wells Hall Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1027, tel. 517-353-0740. Persons with disabilities have the right to request and receive reasonable accommodation. All applications for this position (#5366) must be submitted electronically at the michigan state human resources web site
  • Phone interview scheduled for mid-December

Mills College - Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese (3-year contract)[]

  • Deadline 2/15/2012
  • Have interviews been scheduled?
  • Rejection via email saying search has been concluded. 4/4/12

North Georgia C & SU -- Assistant/Associate Professor of Chinese[]

  • Offer made and accepted

Rutgers- Classical Chinese Studies []

  • Any news about this one?
  • Request for materials
  • When was the request made?
    • Any updates on this search?
  • Invited for campus visit
    • When did the invite come?

St. Olaf College -- Assistant professor of Chinese[]

  • Anyone got any news from them?
  • I heard they've made the offer last week. (+1)
  • Really?
  • form letter rejection (12/20) (+5)

San Francisco State University - Modern Chinese Literature / Culture[]

  • tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Chinese language and literature, to begin Fall 2012 (pending funding availability). Ph.D. in modern Chinese literature/culture, or all doctoral requirements completed by August 1, 2012
  • Preference will be given those whose interests and expertise encompass all areas of the Greater China region. Additional requirements: native or near-native command of both Mandarin Chinese and English; demonstrated commitment to effective language teaching; experience teaching at the college level.
  • Initial interviews at January 2012 MLA meeting in Seattle. Application including cover letter, curriculum vitae, academic transcripts (M.A. and Ph.D.), three letters of reference, evidence of teaching effectiveness (student evaluations, sample syllabi), and representative scholarly work (35-page limit). Review of applications will begin on November 25, 2011, and will continue until the position is filled. Send to: Hiring Committee -- Chinese Search, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco, CA 94132.
    • Invitation to interview at MLA 10/20
    • Job talk invitation 1/25

Temple University - Chinese and Asian Studies[]

  • new full-time tenure-track joint appointment at the rank of assistant professor in Chinese and Asian Studies to begin on August 27, 2012;
  • To ensure full consideration, application materials (letter stating teaching and research interests, CV, official university transcripts, and three letters of recommendation) must be received by December 1, 2011.
    • Skype interview scheduled 12/8
    • What a waste of our $$ to request transcript; I will make it a rule never to apply for anywhere that asks for official transcript for initial screening.
      • Or just send a copy or scan of a transcript instead. Many times, HR inserts the request for an official transcript, and the dept. doesn't actually need an "official" one to make their initial determinations ... I'd say applying with an unofficial copy is a better solution than not applying at all ...
    • Campus interview scheduled for mid-February (1/19)

The City University of New York[]

  • What is this listing for?
  • No idea.
  • Assistant Professor of Chinese I remember... I applied but heard no news. Now I cannot even find the original post...(+2)

Univeristy of Arkansas, Fayetteville[]

  • Assistant Professor of Chinese
  • The University of Arkansas invites applications for a tenure-track position in Chinese to begin in August 2012. A PhD in Chinese linguistics, culture, or related discipline is required. The successful candidate should be willing to teach existing lower and upper-level Chinese courses, especially courses related to Chinese Business, Language and Culture. Native or near-native fluency in Mandarin Chinese and fluency in English are required. Also, candidates should be familiar with the Chinese Pingin System, should demonstrate the ability to conduct research related to Chinese language, history or society, and the willingness to work with faculty towards a stronger Chinese Program. Please send a cover letter, a CV, transcript, teaching philosophy, research plan, and three current (dated within one year) letters of reference to: Chinese Search Committee, Department of World Languages, Literature and Cultures, KIMP 425, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701. Electronic applications may be submitted to Review of applications will begin March 26, 2012. Preliminary interviews will be conducted on Skype. The University of Arkansas is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. All applicants are subject to public disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act and persons hired must have proof of legal authority to work in the United States.


  • The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures and the Department of Film and Media at UC Berkeley seek applications at the Assistant or Associate Professor level (tenure track) in Chinese Film. Applicants should have broad film competence, demonstrable either through formal study or publication record, and be able to teach courses in film theory, film history, and Chinese film and culture. Interest in New Media also a plus. The department seeks candidates whose research, teaching, or service has prepared them to contribute to our commitment to diversity and inclusion in higher education. Applications should consist of a cover letter describing research and teaching interests, a curriculum vitae, three letters of reference, and a writing sample of not more than 30 pp. Please refer potential reviewers to the UC Berkeley statement of confidentiality found at Send application materials by PDF to Jane Taylorson (, or by mail to the Search Committee, Department of Film and Media, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-2670. Please do not send materials by FAX. Deadline for receipt of applications: October 17, 2011. The University of California is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer.
  • Also posted at Film Studies 2011-2012
  • Campus visits scheduled and in progress.
  • Did you guys have a phone interview before schedule the campus interview?
  • I wasn't a candidate (grad student at Berkeley), so I'm not sure about phone interviews. I suspect the committee had a few specific people in mind, especially since the position was open rank.
  • thanks for the info
    • those who didn't graduate from Chicago - no need to hold your breath (+1 yeah, kind of crazy; the top three candidates were all Chicago people (and friends); the final visit was mid-December and a decision has already been made, though not publicly announced) (+2 it's a shame some academics could be such superstitious snobs) it's a shame!
    • As a witness to this job search (I posted earlier) I can tell you for a fact that there was absolutely no superstition and no snobbery involved. The three top candidates happened to be from Chicago, but they also happened to be three of the best scholars working on Chinese cinema in America at the moment. It's not strange when you consider the fact that Chicago is one of the few school with exceptional EALC and film resources. This process can be miserable, but nastiness is generally not called for.

UC Davis- Chinese literature[]

Has anyone heard anything about this search?

  • No, but the "Position Description" provided at the bottom of this pagecontains some interesting information, including search committee members' names and an "Affirmative Action Self-analysis" that reads in part, "at the present time, we have one affirmative action goal to hire a woman, if possible, for our program based on the Academic Utilization Analysis for the department." So encouraging to about half of us...
  • Not to be a downer, but I'm pretty sure all of us who haven't heard anything can give up hope at this point...

University of Hawaii at Manoa - Assistant professor in Chinese language and linguistics[]

  • Any news from them?

University of Maryland, College Park - Asst. Prof. of Chinese lit and civ[]

  • "Preference will be given to scholars of premodern periods, but outstanding candidates of the modern period will also be considered."
  • "Screening to begin on Oct. 28."
    • Any move yet? Their deadline was early enough to start doing phone interviews by now.
    • I'm wondering about this one too...(+1)
    • They requested letters in mid-November from referees
    • Any update on this one? Anything at all?
    • Is this search still going on (or has it concluded/been cancelled)?
    • New Year's eve and still no news? Have first-round interviews been arranged yet?
    • This is really a mystery job! (1/13/12)
    • Asked and I'm not a candidate anymore, so they must've moved along in the process to some extent.
    • When did you hear? By letter or email? I haven't heard a peep! Anyone else?
    • I haven't heard anything either
    • My guess is that they have moved forward but will not contact people who applied until the person they hire has signed and mailed in a contract. Many public universities have a policy like this.
  • Updates please (2/14)
  • Campus visits scheduled
  • Rejection by US Mail (dated 3/5)

Univeristy of Melbourne -- Lecture of Chinese[]

University of Miami - Asst Prof in Chinese[]

  • Tenure-track position in Chinese, beginning in August 2012 at the rank of Assistant Professor
  • Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. Preference will be given to candidates whose materials are received by November 15, 2011.
    • Invited for an interview at the MLA via email. (+2, 12/0
    • Campus visit scheduled.
    • Are you literature or linguistic peaple? (1/18)
    • Offer made already? (Feb 18)
    • First/second offer has been made.
    • What does it mean "first/second"? Did they extend TWO offers? Are they linguistic or literature? Thanks. (March 3)
    • I heard from my friend that they made an offer in early March. Judging from the 1 month gap between the campus visit and the offer, it seems like their No.1 candidate might have turned down the offer. Anyhow, good luck to all other people in Chinese studies job search.

University of Michigan - Asian/Asian-American Screen Arts[]

  • The University of Michigan’s Department of Screen Arts and Cultures (SAC), the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures (ALC) and the Program in American Culture (AC), invite applications for as many as two positions in “Asian Screen Arts and Cultures” and/or “Asian American Screen Arts and Cultures” beginning September 1, 2012. Scholars of cinema, television and digital media are invited to apply. The position(s) in “Asian Screen Arts and Cultures,” would be jointly appointed between SAC and ALC, and the position(s) in “Asian American Screen Arts and Cultures,” would be jointly appointed between SAC and AC. These university-year appointments are possible at both junior and senior ranks. Successful candidates are expected to teach a range of courses, from introductory undergraduate lecture courses through graduate seminars; to supervise doctoral dissertations; and to participate actively in the programs of the departments as well as in area studies initiatives within a larger university community that encourages interdisciplinary efforts.
  • For all positions, the Ph.D. is required prior to appointment. Evidence of excellent teaching and research abilities is essential. Please submit a letter of application, CV, statement of teaching philosophy and experience, evidence of teaching excellence (if any), and a statement of current and future research plans. Junior candidates may submit a placement dossier with representative publications or writing sample and at least three letters of recommendation. Senior candidates should send the names of suggested reviewers.
  • Please send applications to Asian/Asian American Screen Arts Search Committee, Department of Screen Arts and Cultures, University of Michigan, 6330 North Quad, 105 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1285.To be assured consideration, applications must be received by September 15, 2011.
    • Also posted at Film Studies 2011-2012
    • Has anyone heard anything about this position?
    • Heard it was closed long time ago. No Chinese film peaple is invited on site.

University of New Mexico - Asst Prof of Chinese[]

  • 1) Cover Letter: a letter of intent addressing the applicant's qualifications for the position and a description of the applicant's current research activities, teaching interest and experience, and future research plans.
    2) CV: a current curriculum vitae
    3) List of References: full contact information for three references
    4)Writing Sample: not to exceed 30 pages: a copy of a published article/book chapter, an article/book chapter submitted for publication, or an article/book chapter in preparation for publication.
    5) Other: one sample syllabus for an undergraduate course in your area of specialization.
    6) In addition, please have three letters of recommendation sent via post directly to : Professor Natasha Kolchevska, Chair of the chines Assistant Professor Search Committee, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures, MSC03 2080, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131-001 E-mailed letters will not be accepted.
  • Deadline: 12/02/2011
    • Skype Interview scheduled +1
    • Any news after skype interviews? (1/26)
    • Official "Thanks but no thanks" email (1/27) +1
    • Has anyone received a job talk invitation?
    • 2/3: No, I haven't heard from them since the skype interview (same here)+1
    • what is going on here, is the search halted or are campus visits already happening? (2/13)
    • From what I remember, they are only inviting 2 candidates; so perhaps the two people are not on wiki here? (2/14).
    • Campus visits scheduled

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - pre-modern Chinese culture[]

  • The Department of Asian Studies at The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill invites applications for a tenure-track position in Pre-Modern Chinese Culture at the rank of Assistant Professor, to begin July 1, 2012. Candidate should have a Ph.D. in Chinese literature, cultural history, intellectual tradition, or a related field, specializing in a pre-Tang period.
  • Applicants should be fluent in English and in Chinese, skilled in Classical Chinese, and prepared to teach specialized courses in pre-modern Chinese studies as well as large introductory courses in Chinese civilization. Qualified applicants should submit an online application including the following materials: a cover letter detailing research and teaching interests, a CV, and a writing sample. Submit these materials online at; paper or email applications will not be accepted. In addition, arrange to have four original, signed letters of recommendation sent by mail to: Chair, Chinese Search Committee, Department of Asian Studies, CB 3267, 113 New West, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3267. Send inquiries to and visit
  • Review of applications begins 15 November 2011. The search will remain open until the position is filled.
  • Also posted at Asian History 2011-12
    • Anyone have any news about this one?
    • Anything yet?
    • On the Asian History wiki someone said they had a campus interview

University of Oklahoma - Assistant professor in Chinese language, cuture/theoretical linguistics[]

  • MLA interviews scheduled as of first week of December.
  • Campus visit scheduled (1/18)
  • Heard that the offer was made and accepted.

U of South Carolina - Chinese Language and Literature (Asst Prof)[]

  • Primary fields of expertise may be in Chinese literature before 1949, applied Chinese linguistics, or Chinese pedagogy; secondary field open but could include Japanese, Russian, or history of the Chinese Language.
  • For full consideration by the search committee, applications should be received no later than November 1, 2011.
    • Heard a well-sourced rumor that they haven't even started looking at applications yet.
  • Invitation to interview at MLA, 12/15. (<--Are you sure that this isn't supposed to go under the language position below? I just received a message from about the literature job (with the names and e-mails of every other applicant) and it sounds as though they haven't started their review yet). +1
  • As referenced just above, on 12/19, subsequent to MLA interview invitations of ~12/15, the entire batch of individually addressed Equal Opportunity information request notices is mistakenly emailed to (40+, so the whole initial pool of?) candidates.
  • Yep, the cat is out of the bag. They tried to "recall" the email, but I'd already gone over the whole list of names. It was obviously an accident, still a big no-no.
  • I got the mistake email too, but only a list of about 17 applicants. A: Perhaps your provider clips long emails for display purposes? The whole list of 41 applicants wasn't immediately apparent to me either...
    • Ah, right you are. I have the full list too. How embarrassing.
    • It seems to be 51 candidates to me.
  • 12/20, EEO reporting form re-sent correctly (though no reference to previous mistake or to the fact that a shortlist has already been compiled.) (+1)
  • Campus invites sent out early Jan.
  • Via mail: failed search; to be reopened next year (2/21) (+1)
  • Based on rumors circulating in the field this was an incredibly troubled search from the beginning, so it's not surprising that things seem to have failed. Either way, you can be sure there wasn't a shortage of qualified applicants.

U of South Carolina - Chinese Linguistics and Pedagogy (Asst Prof)

  • Applied Chinese Linguistics and Pedagogy. The successful candidate will be a team leader in teaching Chinese language at all levels and will contribute to course development in the university’s expansion of its Chinese Program.
  • Teaching responsibilities include two courses per semester, with opportunities for support of scholarly projects.
  • Initial interviews shall be conducted at the January 2012 MLA meeting in Seattle.
  • Applicants should submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, evidence of teaching effectiveness (student evaluations, sample syllabi)
  • For full consideration, all application materials must be received no later than December 15, 2011.
    • 12/20 I got an invitation for MLA initial review. (+2)
    • Have onsite interviews been scheduled? (1/25 scheduled campus interview in mid Feb)

University of Sydney[]

Wake Forest - Chinese Literature[]

  • Heard they scheduled interviews, but it's weird that they didn't show up here. Hiring local? Small shortlist?
  • Campus visits happened in November. I was offered the job in mid-December but declined just before the new year for personal reasons. Hope that this made a difference for the #2 (or #3)!
    • Anyone know if a second offer has been made? 1/24
  • Finally got a "thanks but no thanks" email 3/19 (+1)

Washington University in St. Louis - Chinese Film[]

  • H-Net: The Program in Film and Media Studies seeks to make a tenure-track faculty appointment at the rank of assistant professor in Film Studies with a research specialization in Chinese-language film. This position will begin in fall 2012. Teaching load is two courses per semester. The appointment will be in FMS but teaching duties will also involve courses crosslisted between FMS and the Dept. of East Asian Languages and Cultures. The candidate should demonstrate a high level of fluency in Chinese and be able to situate Chinese-language cinema (whether from the PRC, Taiwan, or Hong Kong) within a global context. Ability to address other Asian cinemas and media (Japan, Korea, and/or South Asia) would be welcome. Applicants should have a broad and deep knowledge of film. In addition to teaching courses focused on Chinese-language film, the faculty member will be expected to teach courses that may include: history of world cinema, film theory, transnational issues in film, major directors, film genres, or film/digital production. We encourage applications from candidates with an interest in the intersection between film production/practice and theory.
  • A PhD in film studies or a closely related field completed by the start of the position is required.
  • A completed application will consist of a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, a writing sample, and evidence of teaching excellence such as syllabi and student evaluations. To apply please visit our website at and apply to job posting number 22435. In addition, three letters of reference should be sent to: Prof. Gaylyn Studlar, Chair, Chinese-language Film Search Committee, Washington University in St. Louis, 1 Brookings Drive, Campus Box 1174, Saint Louis, MO 63130.
  • Deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, but priority will be given to those received by October 15, 2011.
  • Also posted at Film Studies 2011-2012
  • Does anyone have any news about this job? (+1 Nov 28 2011)
    • Campus visits scheduled
    • Did they conduct phone interview for you prior the onsite? (Dec 1 2011)
    • I believe so, but it was a friend who got the campus visit, so I'm not sure.
    • Got the rejection letter through mail. It said the search failed. Did anyboday has any insight about this? (March 25, 2012)
      • NOTE (8/5/12): an apparent repeat of this search (now broadened into "Asian Film Studies") has just been posted - see Film Studies 2013.

Western Washington University- Assistant Professor of Chinese[]

Has anyone heard anything about this job?

I guess just out of curiosity at this point: did anyone ever hear anything about this search?

Wheaton College[]

!0/28/2011: Second run (essays, audio clips, and letters due)

11/15-28/2011: Skype interview

12/6/2011:follow-up phone interview

12/15/2011: results for campus interview (only 2 candidates are invited to visit the campus in early Jan, 2012)

Widener University - Assistant professor in Chinese[]

  • Phone interviews scheduled for 12/6-12/14. (+1)
  • [rumor] I heard campus interviews were scheduled for mid-Jan.
  • Heard offer has been made and accepted (2/21)
  • Rejection letter received via post mail

Whittier College- Assistant Professor of Chinese[]

  • any news?
  • Got an email stating that 3 candidates have been invited for campus visits. The email was very nice and stated that I was on the list of potential candidates but not the finalists at this point. Probably everyone got the same email? (+5)

Yale University - Assistant Professor of Chinese Literature[]

  • Anybody hear anything about this position?
    • I inquired, and they're not meeting until after the holidays (so sometime in early January)
    • No need to worry about this one any more. The job talks have already been listed on the department webpage ( I'm not sure if all four of the people at the top of the list are candidates (since two of them are married to each other), but you can be sure that the job will go to one of these people.
    • Why are all of these candidates Chinese??? Are there no qualified Americans!!!!!
    • Hilariously, the preceding edit comes from Toronto, Canada. Won't somebody think about the poor Americans!!!!!!
    • ^^ Yes, pathetic on a number of counts; the assumption in particular that Chinese name = not American has me feeling a bit ill. In other news, a fourth speaker was scheduled but has now disappeared... don't know what that might or might not mean.
    • The racial/national assumption is definitely suspect, this despite the fact that Bao is indeed from mainland China and Ling is from Hong Kong. I think the real issue is the often unspoken anxiety among American (I assume that the previous poster used this to mean caucasian or non-Asian, which is also troubling) scholars of China that we won't be taken seriously because our cultural/ethnic background and academic interests don't converge. One gets the impression that this is mostly not an issue, though there are some schools, some scholars and certainly some searches where it's hard not to suspect a degree of predjudice (or at the very least institutional preference for a non-european candidate). I'm not saying that's the case with Yale or these candidates, all of whom are clearly very good, but it's something to keep in mind. Nobody seems to acknowledge the wierd baggage that the field of Chinese studies still carries around.

York University - Assistant Professor in Chinese[]

  • To whomever posted this, why no description? Real or Fake?
  • It's not fake, and the accusatory tone you take doesn't do anyone much good. This is now an expired listing in the ADFL Job Info List.
  • Assistant Professor of Chinese
Applications are invited for a tenure-stream position, at the rank of Assistant Professor, in Chinese. A completed PhD in Chinese, with a specialization in Modern Chinese Literature, is required by the time of appointment. The successful candidate will offer demonstrable expertise in Modern Chinese literature and culture, both on the mainland and in the diaspora. The promise of excellence in university- level Chinese language teaching is also required. Preference will be given to those with expertise in integrating cultural dimensions such as history and religion in their research and teaching of literature, and to those with experience in teaching Mandarin to a diverse student body. Native or near-native fluency in both Chinese and English is required, as is a current, relevant record of publications and conference presentations in Modern Chinese literature and culture. Candidates should show excellence or promise of excellence in teaching and in scholarly research and publication. Applications for this position will be accepted until the end of November.
Applicants should submit a letter of application outlining their professional experience and research interests, an up-to-date curriculum vitae and a statement of research and teaching interests, and arrange for three confidential letters of recommendation to be sent, by the stated application deadline, to: Professor Pietro Giordan, Chair, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, S561 Ross Building. Professor Pietro Giordan, Chair, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, S561 Ross Building, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, York University, 4700 Keele St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3.
  • Sorry mate, no accusations intended. If it's an expired listing why was it only posted here last month (Feb)? Doesn't make sense given the app deadline is November.
  • Deletion reverted. I applied to this job and I'm curious as to when/how they do interviews and invite candidates, so please leave it. Their search is ongoing.
  • Seriously? It's March and their search is ongoing? How do you know this? Has the SC contacted you?
  • I don't think so, as I received the reject letter today by post. They said the search has been concluded