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Jobs for 2014[]

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Columbia Teachers College--Asst. Prof. in Higher Ed. w/ focus on service-learning and civic engagement[]

  • 10/1 deadline
  • 1/21 Letter of rejection via USPS

Elon University--Asst. Prof. of Human Services (with international focus)[]

  • October 15, Review of applications
    *10/17--Email stating committee had met with rejection notice

Goucher College--Asst. Prof of Peace Studies[]

  • November 25th, Review of applications
  • 4/2 email rejection

Guilford College--Asst. Prof. in Human Services (Paticipatory Action Research/Service focus)[]

  • 11/15 Deadline
  • Any word on this one? (1/15)

High Point University--Asst. Prof. of Leadership/Non-Profit Studies[]

  • January 24 Deadline

IUPUI--Asst. Prof. of Philanthropy/Motivations for Service & Giving[]

  • 10/31 Deadline
    *12/5 EEO request (X1)

Rhodes College--TT in Urban Education/Engagement[]

  • February 1 Deadline
  • Cross posting in Education indicates skype interview set
  • 2/18-2/19 Skype Interviews
  • Did anyone receive an invitation to campus? 

University of Maryland, College Park--Asst. Prof. of Global Philanthropy[]

  • 10/31 Deadline
  • Email rejection

Vanderbilt University Peabody School of Ed. Organizational/Community Studies[]

  • Deadline October 1
  • Search completed (1/21)

Washington and Lee University--Visiting Asst. Prof. in the Shepherd Poverty Program[]

  • Deadline February 1
  • Rejection email 2/15

Western Kentucky University--Asst. Prof. of Diversity and Community Studies[]

  • 11/15 Deadline
  • EEO Request 2/3

Western Kentucky University--Asst. Prof. in the Honors College[]

  • Tenure track assistant professor in Interdisciplinary Honors College
  • The successful candidate will primarily be responsible for teaching the Honors Citizen and Self course – a key component of the College’s developing interdisciplinary core curriculum, with additional opportunities to teach in the faculty member’s specific area of expertise.
  • The Citizen and Self course concentrates on building theoretical knowledge and practical skills for effective, engaged citizenship in a democracy. Course format includes interactive team teaching in large class meetings, as well as working closely with students in small seminars and in their research teams.
  • The successful candidate will join two existing members of the Citizen and Self teaching team.
  • Review begins: 9 Dec. 2013, and will continue until the position is filled.
  • Cross posted at American Studies 2014
  • Over 120 applicants for this position. 
  • Request for a skype interview 1/31 (x2)
  • Invitation for campus interview (2/21)