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Utah State University[]

Phone interview three weeks ago. Any news thereafter?

Arkansas State U[]

  • Environmental Engineering

Auburn University[]

  • Hydraulic/Hydrologic Engineering - any news?

California State University, Chico[]

  • rejection letter on 01/29 
  • Was the rejection for Environmental Engineering?

California State University, Sacramento[]

  • Tenure track structures (teaching) on site interview scheduled, mid February.

CSU Fresno[]

  • Structures - rejection letter 12/19 - rejection letter 12/19

Colorado State[]

  • Ecological Engineering
  • Structural Engineering - Rejection e-mail 2/5.

Any news?

Drexel University[]

  • Civil/Infrastructure Engineering

Florida A&M University - FSU joint college of Engineering[]

  • Water resources - any news?

George Washington University[]

  • Resilient infrastructure in structure, transportation, or environmental
  • Structure - Reject email (2-11) - Was the Email generated by system? - Yes. Good luck!! - I still didn't gey any news from them..., 
  • Reject email (2-11)  - Q: was this only for structural? - Have no idea. I am in structural, but didn't get any news.
  • Structure - Reject email (2-11)
  • Structure - Anyone received reference letter request ot interview?

Georgia Tech[]

  • Env Eng
  • Structures- heard rumor that campus interviews are happening soon. 
  • Structures- is there any phone interview? - (2/1) they conducted phone interviews in nov/dec. - That was so early. The deadline is Dec 1...
  • One Campus interview was conducted early February 

Johns Hopkins University[]

  • environmental engineering: Q: Any news?
  • Structural Engineering Any News?
  • Reject for Structures 3/15


  • all areas - Any news?
  • On site interview first week March

Mississippi State University[]

  • water resources - any news?

Missouri S&T[]

  • Structures - 
  • Materials - 

Montana State University[]

  • water resources - rejection letter late Feb

New Jersey Institute of Technology[]

  • environmental engineering
  • Any news for structures?

North Carolina State[]

  • Water Cluster Hire (Env. Eng. possible home)
  • Transportation (Phone interviews in Dec): anyone heard any news of on-site invitation? 


  • Civil informatics (phone interviews in late January) - When (date) did you have the phone interview? (Ans.- Jan 28) - I also got the phone interview on Jan 28. Did they start to request reference letters? (Ans- I don't think so, otherwise one of my refs would tell me) - Thanks. I saw that nine time slots were offered... perhaps nine candidates were interviewed..(I guess they have at most nine but may be less than that, what I saw from other places that at least 4/5 condidates go for campus interviews). -Ask: anyone got the onsite interview or reference request? - Ask +1: Anyone got onsite invitation for this position?
  • Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure - Any news? -Ans: Yes. Onsite Interview was invited. - When did you receive invitation to onsite interview? - Feb 8.


  • Environmental Engineering - rejection letter 2/17/2016, 125 applications

Ohio State[]

  • Structures position - email notification that my app made the cut (01/20), said they will be requesting referece letters - Any news since then?

Ohio University[]

  • water resources - on campus interview mid-Feb

Penn State[]

  • Structural- interviews over

- Rejection email Mar 24

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile[]


  • Computational sciences at CEE, any news?
  • Princeton Environmental Institute
  • Rejection 2/4 Q: was this for the MMS position? ans: no, was for the princeton env. institute


CEE general ... Phone interview on.1/28 - was this for their structures/materials position? - yes..candidates invited for on campus interviews

San Diego State[]

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Anyone heard about this?
  • Rejection letters went out mid March.
  • Offer letter mailed.

San Francisco State University[]

  • Engineering Mechanics - phone interview 01/13 - invite to onsite iterview - question (2/1) when did you receive invite to onsite interview? Ans: Last week of Jan. - have they made an offer? Ans: I wouldn't think so.  They said the last candidate would be interviewed early March.  3/31 - Someone accepted the offer. 

Southern Illinois University Edwardville[]

  • Review starts on Jan-13

SD mines[]

Phone interview 1st week of feb

Temple University[]

  • water resources 

Structures: I heard that there were phone interviews in Feb. 

Texas Tech University[]

  • Envrionmental Engineering (water reources)

Tufts University[]

  • environmental health
  • water resources
  • Any news? 100+ applications for water resources, fewer for env health. no word on where the review process is at.
  • all applicants interviewed for water resources by early April

University of Alabama[]


University at Buffalo[]

  • phone interview sent
  • Which area? Materials/Structure/Water resource?
  • Phone interviews have been conducted for Water Resources
  • Had phone interview before holiday (water resouces). No news since then, so probably not selcted. Move on... 
  • 4/1 rejection mail recieved (structures) 

University of California, Los Angeles[]

  • Any news? whch area? Environmental Engineering - water quality, food/water/energy nexus, water/wastewater/water reclamation technologies (all listed under one position).
  • I heard there were on-campus interviews (week of Jan 25)

University of California, Riverside[]

  • Any news? which area? Chem/Environ Engineering - water/energy/food nexus, environmental biotechnology, advanced materials for water treatment, water management for smart cities (all listed under one position).

University of California, Davis[]

  • Environmental Engineering - rejection 2/25, heard letters were requested sometime recently-on campus interviews scheduled
  • Geotechnical Eng (any news)?
  • Water Resources - letters of recommendation have been requested - Rejection Feb 24 - on campus interviews throughout March

University of California, San Diego[]

  • Geomechanics and structures - Any news?

University of Central Florida[]

  • Structures - any news?
  • Transportation

University of Cincinnati[]

  • water cluster hire (3 positions, Env Eng is possible home)
  • Urban water infrastructure
  • Watershed hydrology
  • my coworker was phone interviewed several weeks ago. Not sure which position, exactly. Probably watershed hydrology. 

University of Colorado Boulder[]

  • Multiple areas
  • Phone interview week of 1/18 - which area?

University of Houston[]

  • Areas of interest include fluid mechanics, hydrodynamics, and hydrological science and engineering with applications to energy, natural disasters, and climate change - any news about this position?

Materials position-any news? I herad that the onsite interview was done.

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign[]

  • Structures - phone/skype interview 12/18/2015;
  • application on hold pending outcome of first group of on-site interviews 1/5/2016

University of Maine[]

  • Water resources - Q: any news?  - phone interview mid-Feb

University of Maryland, College Park[]

  • Resilient infrastructure systems - automated rejection e-mail on 2/4. Reject on 2/4.
  • Environmental Eng

University of Massachusetts, Amherst[]

  • Water resources - phone interview, end of January
  • Transportation (any news?- heard they have started phone interviews)

University of Minnesota[]

  • Water resources

University of Nevada, Las Vegas[]

  • Structures - any news?

University of Nevada, Reno[]

  • Environmental engineering - campus interview week of 1/26.

University of Pittsburgh[]

  • Sustinable Water- camus interview week of 1/26. Is this the position listed as water resources? 
  • Structures - any news?

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown[]

  • Water resourses - any news?

University of Rhode Island[]

  • Any news about Structures? I herad that they made a short list of 12 candidates and will make a more shorter list of 5 before March. - Did you get an email from them? I got a phone call though I havne't got any further updates later.- any other updates??

University of Texas, Arlington[]

  • any news? A phone interview of smart infrastructure position (2/18)

University of Texas, Austin[]

  • Environmental and water resources engineering - any news?
  • Structures - sent requests for letters of rec in dec

University of Texas at El Paso[]

  • Structures - Skype interview week of 1/18 - any news since then? - No news as of 2/22.

University of Texas at San Antonio[]

  • Advanced Materials position - phone interview on 12/04 - Skype interview the same day. - any news? - they were planning to finish on-campus interviews by end of jan
  • Environmental microbiology position - campus interview in jan - any news of selection

University of Utah[]

  • Environmental engineering
  • They are doing phone interviews now. -on campus interviews concluded- news?
  • Structural Engineering -news? Skype interview in the week of 2/15/2016 - did they mention what's their planned timeline? 
  • Phones interview in the first week of March, was told that I might hear back from them by the end of March. (structural) 
  • Transportation engineering- campus interview on March.

University of Virginia[]

  • Cyber-physical systems (I heard that they have asked for ref letters, anyone got any phone/campus interview requests?)  - Ans: Ref letters were requested in Dec. - Notification of phone interview week of 2/1 - Ask: When is your phone interview? - Ans: week of 2/8 - Ask: Do you know how many people will be interviewed? This might be estimated from the time slots provided... Ans: only 2 slots, but clearly narrowly for environmental focus. So i imagine other subdisciplines within CEE will have different committees and calls. - What about structural engineering? Ask - Any news? Ans: on-site interview invitation 2/19. - Ask: Is this onsite for structural or environmental or transportation? Ans: I'm environmental. - Ask: The environmental position is different from the cyber-physical systems position. Am I right? Ans: I'm referring to onsite interview for CPS position, with env. focus-
  • Update: Just received a rejection from them (May 18) although I made my conclusions long ago. Luckily I got an offer this year but I must admit that this period was the most frustrating episode of my life. I applied for three hiring cycles after my PhD. Please don't loose hope if you are still in the market. I really wish that academia has a better hiring system that gives timely update to the applicants. 

University of Wisconsin, Madison[]

  • any news about structures

University of Wyoming[]

  • Environmental Engineering