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Bucknell University[]

Open rank-Construction or Project Management: phone interview - 12/2017, on campus interview 01/2018

Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo[]

Assistant Professor, Construction Engineering - video interview 01/2018, on campus interview 02/2018

Carnegie Mellon[]

Assistant Professor (Mechanics): reject email 2/26/18 x3

Assistant Professor (Mechanics) -> Request for Skype interview (1/16) -> Skype interview (1/25) -> Request for Campus interview (2/22)

Colorado State University[]

Rejection email - 01/2018

Duke University[]

Request for Skype interview (1/7)

Request for Skype interview (1/31) -> Skype interview (2/8)  -> Request for campus interview (2/13) -> campus interview (March 7, 2018) -> rejected (March 30, 2018)

George Washinton University[]

Structures - Rejection email 2/2018

Georgia Tech[]

Structures: Rejection email 2/2018 x3

Lehigh University[]

Data Science position (Civil): Skype Interview (01/2018)

Michigan State University[]

Risk and Reliability: phone interview Feb 2018; on-campus Mar 2018

North Carolina State University[]

Structures: Application no longer in consideration 2/2018 x 2

North Carolina A&T University[]

TT Assistant: Built Environment: position filled 

Penn State University[]

Structures rejection 2/26/18 x4

Ohio Northen University[]

Structures rejection 2/28/18

Oregon state University[]

Any news about Clean Water?

Any news about Architectural Engineering? 

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville[]

Assistant Professor, Construction - video interview 02/2018

Texas State University[]

Any news?

Texas Tech University[]

Any news about structures position?

University of Alabama[]

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering- Water Quantity

University of California Berkeley[]

Earthquake Engineering - Rejection email 2/23/2018 x 2 -> On-campus interviews finished 3/10/18 -> Rejection e-mail on 4/12/2018 after additional documents and letters of recommendation were requested

University of Cincinnati[]

Professor-Civil, Arch Eng & Const Management #11814: rejected-12/15/2017 x3

University of Delaware[]

Assistant Professor (Structural Engineering) - skype interview 02/06/2018 x3

campus invite 03/01/2018

University of Hawai'i at Manoa[]

Assistant Professor (Structural Engineering) Position Number: 0085351 - Rejected 01/11/2018

Assistant Professor (Structural Engineering) Position  number: 0082765 - Skype interviews in late February and early March; On-site interviews in mid-March

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[]

Assistant Professor: Skype interview - 12/2017 Campus interview - 2/2018    Acceptance offers sent (in a bizzare way)  - 03/2018

Can you elaborate on what that means ("bizarre way")? 

University of Iowa[]

Rejection email 4/12/2018

University of Kansas[]

Assistant Professor: Water Resources: phone interview - 11/2017

University of Minnesota Duluth[]

Assistant Professor: Structures: phone interview - 12/2017, on-campus interview 2/2018, rejected 3/22/2018

University of Mount Union[]

Assistant professor: Construction - reject mail - 1/16/2018

University of Nevada Las Vegas[]

Assistant Professor: Geotech: phone interview - 11/2017

University of Oklahoma[]

Assistant Professor, Hydrology and Water Security Initiative: phone interview 2/2018

University of Texas Arlington[]

Resilience of water related structures: Rejection email 4/17/2018

University of Texas-San Antonio[]

Assistant Professor, Construction Science: phone interview - 12/2017, on-site interview - 01/2018

University of West Florida[]

Assistant Professor, Building Construction: video interview - 01/2018 Any news from this school?

Vanderbilt University[]

Professor-Tenure Track: Water Resources Engineering – Availability, Quality and Security: rejected by email -11/2017