Academic Jobs Wiki

Auburn University

Rejection letter received in Feb (construction)

Arizona State University

Onsite Interview arranged

Boise State

Phone interviews held in Dec 2012
Campus interviews to be held in Feb 2013

Bucknell University

Letters requested; position filled

California State University, Long Beach

California State University, Northridge

Phone interviews held in March 2013
Onsite Interview arranged in April 2013

Carnegie Mellon University

Rejection email received
Onsite Interview arranged

Clemson University

Letters requested in Jan 2013 (geotech)
Rejection email received on Feb 8 *3(geotech)
Campus invites sent Feb 2013
rejection email received on Feb 20th (hydrology)
Job offer made and accepted April 2013 (geotech) 

Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Rejection email received in Jan 2013  (water resources)

Columbia University

Rejection email received March 2013 x 2

George Mason University

George Washington University

Rjection email received in March 2013 x3

Georgia Institute of Technology

Rjection email received in Jan 2013
Rejection email received in Feb 2013 (mechanical)

Harvard University

Illinois State University

       Rejection email received in Jan 2013

Johns Hopkins University

Kansas State University

 Campus invites sent Dec 2012 (geotech)

Lehigh University

        phone interview arranged.

Manhattan College

Campus interview Mar 2013

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

interview scheduled March 2013

Michigan Tech University

Phone invites sent March 2013 (geotech)
Campus invites made for April 2013 (geotech)

Missouri University of Science and Technology 

Campus interview done Feb. 2013 (structure)

North Carolina State University


Notre Dame University

Ohio State University

       ref. letter requests sent out

Old Dominion University

Phone Interview Feb 2013 (Construction Technology)

Oregon State University

3 on-site arranged Feb 2013 (Transportation)

Penn State University

Reference letters requested (Arch. Eng./Structural)
Rejection received May 13

Princeton University

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

     Skype interview  Jan 13

Campus interview Feb 13

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Southern Polytechnic State University

Texas Tech University

The University of Alabama

Site Visits January (construction)

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Phone interviewd in Feb
Requested letters in Feb
Received rejection letter in May

University of Arkansas

Letters requested in Nov 2012 (geotech)

University of Buffalo

Phone invites sent Jan 2013 (geotech)
Campus interviews in March/April

University of California, Berkeley

semi-finalists notified
Rejection received on Jan 2nd 2013
interviews scheduled, and on calendar

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Cambridge

Rejection letter Jan 2013 (geotech)

University of Colorado, Boulder

University of Florida

Skype interviews Apr 2013 (geotech)

Unversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

University of Kentucky

Phone Interviews Jan 2013 (construction)
Invitation for site Visit Jan 2013 (Construction)

University of Maryland

1 on-site interview in Feb

University of Memphis

Reference letters requested Jan 2013 (earthquakes)
Campus invites sent in March 2013 (earthquakes)

University of Michigan

letters requested

University of Minnesota

letters requested
Rejection letter April 2013 (structural)

Univeristy of Nebraska Lincoln

University of Nevada-Reno

      letters requested

phone interview

University of Oklahoma

Reference letters requested (Arch. Eng./Structural)
-Rejection email May 2013

University of South Carolina

Phone interviews in Feb 2013 (geotech)
Campus interviews in March 2013 (geotech)

University of Southern California

on-site interviews in Feb x 3 (water)
on-site interviews in Feb  (earthquake)

University of Tennessee

      Rejection e-mail Mar 2013 x2

University of Tennessee in Chattanooga

University of Texas at Austin

Letters requested
Onsite Interviews in Feb (Envrionmental, Structure)
Rejection email received (structures) - 5/28

University of Texas at Arlington

University of Texas as Tyler

University of Utah

University of Vermont

Reference letters requested and phone interviews scheduled Feb 2013 (geotech)
Campus invites sent in March 2013 (geotech)

University of Washington

Rejected on Feb 6 2013 (Construction Eng.) X 7
(Transportation Engineering) Phone screening scheduled, week of Feb 4.
Rejection email 2/27 (Freshwater Sciences)

University of Wisconsin

Reference letters are requested

University of Wyoming


Rejection letter Jan and Feb 2013 (geotech)
Rejection letter Jan 2013 (environ)

Wayne State University

West Virginia University

Site visit arranged March 2013 (Construction)