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Applications Due[]

Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania- tenured or TT (open rank) to begin fall semester 2011. Research and teaching interests should focus primarily on health communication, although that may be a component of a broader set of interests in persuasion, public opinion, media effects, new technologies or other relevant areas. App deadline Sept 15 2010. [I know this is 2010-11 but no sure that's started yet!]

Boston College- 2-year VAP in Rhetoric, 3-3 load / 2-year VAP in Mass Comm, 2-2 load (rolling apps from June 23; start date fall 2010). Salary $55-62,000. See NCA Career Center online.

Any word on this position? (25 July 2010) I was told that they're in the final stages of deliberation. I'm not sure exactly what that means. I assume it means they are at least at the phone interview stage if not the campus visit stage.

Grace (Christian) College in Indiana- Asst/Assoc Prof of Communication (app due May 31; start date August 2010)

University of Memphis - Assistant Professor in Health Communication, one year appointment, starting August 2010. Apply here.. Review of applications begind June 15 and will continue until filled.

SUNY-Brockport- 2 year VAP in Rhetoric (app due May 17; start date August 2010)

Deadline Passed, Awaiting News[]

Alvernia University (Reading, PA) - Assistant Profesor in Communication (Generalist)

- Any update on this position? (3/17)

Received a salary requirement survey from their HR last week; I didn't get informed any status update by the SC before this, though. Is this odd?

Ashford University--Assistant Professor, Generalist in Speech

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylania- two temporary, fully-time faculty Phone interviews being conducted the week of 3/1

Some movement, got an email to quickly send a missing ref. letter, hoping that means hearing something soon. May have been from earlier position posting which came out right before NCA.

Anybody else get the crazy HR materials asking for the name and address of your high school, minimum acceptable salary, and so forth? OMG

I got a letter saying the position (the TT) was filled..

I got a call last week (03/03/2010) about scheduling a phone interview. I declined because it was for the NTS positions. I never sent back that HR form, btw and still got that call.
Boston University - Feld Professorship in New Media (Endowed Chair),
Deadline 02/20/2010
02/23/2010: Any news? Confirmations, invitations, references?

California State Fresno- lecturer in journalism, Roger Tatarian Endowed Faculty Scholar in Journalism (Due March 5, 2010 or until filled); position is for fall 2010, may be renewed for spring.

Columbia University - Professor in Journalism, Director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism
Published in Jan 2010
02/23/2010: Any news? Confirmations, invitations, references?
Coastal Carolina University - two positions:Journalism and Digital Media (review begins immediately) Listing Here

Public Relations (review begins immediately) [I can't find a link to this call. Is this different from the Journalism position?] - ::Yes, this is a different position, but I cannot find the listing. I originally printed it from AEJMC RSS feed. I just e-mailed the search chair for an update and they indicated the search was ongoing and would go into next semester. (12/22)

CUNY Hunter College - Associate or Full Professor in Film and Media Studies (new media and Internet technologies)
Deadline 02/15/2010
23/02/2010: Any news? Confirmations, invitations, references?

Duquesne University - Corporate/Business Communication/IMC/Philosophy of Communication (due Dec 15, 2009) - Listed twice on HigherEdJobs, but seems to be the same position? [1]& [2]

Florida International University- Instructor and Debate Coach (due Feb. 19, 2010)

Gonzaga University - Public Relations Listings Here

I heard they were doing phone interviews last week for one of the positions, not sure about the other - :: They did phoners for the tech position; don't know about PR

Grand Valley State (2 positions) - Broadcast and Health Communication (Due Nov 23) Full Listing Here

Illinois College Media Production (due October 31, 2009) Full Listing Here :Note: they email an affirmative action form upon receipt of your application. - ::Is this different from the Multimedia Design position for which an offer has been extended? The listing has expired, so it's hard to tell.

I got a letter saying the search was over and they hired someone, but I did not apply to a multimedia dsign position.

IUPU-Indianapolis - 1 year Visiting Assistant Professor - Generalist

- any word on this? (3/17)

IUPUC- Assistant Prof of Comm Studies

Anyone else apply for this, hear anything. Not even sure they got my app. (4/9)

Selected finalists according to HR (4/19)

Kent State

  1. Director, School of Com Listing here
  2. Health (review underway)Listing here
  3. Organizational Com (Due Feb ) Listing here
  4. Basic Course (Due Feb 1) Listing here
Any news on Kent State?
Any word on the Director search and the Health Comm faculty search? Those deadlines were months ago. 1/27

The health comm position is filled. 2/3

    • Any news on Kent State's Org Comm position? (4/10)

Michigan State University - Health Communication Technology (Due Dec 1) Listing Here

Beware—MSU's Communication Dept. has a known sexual harasser on their faculty.

MIT - Tenured Faculty Position in Comparative Media Studies
Deadline Nov 1, 2010
02/23/2010: Any news? Conformations, inivtations, references?

Nevada State College-Ethnic/Cultural Studies

Has anyone heard anything? They were advertising heavily at the NCA career fair.
Nothing yet (2/7)--
From news reports, it seems Nevada State is on the verge of getting shut down. In any case, it seems unlikely they'll be bringing in new faculty. (2/26)
The college is not shutting down, just facing a 6.9 percent budget cut.(3/9)
I have a friend who interviewed for this position. They expect to hear something within the week (3/10).
So was the position filled?

Northwestern University- Open Rank Professor in Media and Political Communication, joint appointment in Departments of Communication Studies and Political Science (application due May 15; start date Sept. 2010).

Any one hear anything? I would assume they're moving fast (?)

Plattsburgh SUNY New York

- Assistant Professor of Comm

No news? (4/9)

Still reviewing according to HR (4/19)

Raymond Walters College--Assistant Professor of Speech Communication

Rhode Island College- Assistant Professor of Mass Media (due Jan. 9)

Santa Barbara City College- Assistant Professor of Communication (due Feb. 5, 2010)

- reject email 3/4, heard rumors of inside candidate

Syracuse University- Assistant or Assoc Professor of Public Relations and PR

Anyone heard anything here? They seem to have a lot of posts open in the Newhouse School, including a senior post (Newhouse Prof) that looks like it has been open over a year (?)

The New School for General Studies - Associate or Full Professor for Media Studies
Deadline 12/15/09
02/23/2010: Any news? Confirmations, invitations, references?

University of Delaware - Basic Course Director ??? Deadline 2/1/201 - Anyway hear anything??

I got an email telling me that they were reviewing applications and were hoping to move fast. 2/2

Received email on 2/19 that I was shortlisted.

University of Glasgow (deadlined 4 June 2010) Global Security/Political Communication (Internet) lecturer/asst professor

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill: Assistant or Assoc Professor in Public Relations (Due March 8)

anyone know what's up at Chapel Hill? Looks like a re-posting of the position from this Fall. Did the first search fail? - ::They were filling two positions the first time. Maybe they only filled one. - ::Searches did not fail. Filled two, looking for a third.

University of North Florida

deadline was a long time ago, did anyone ever hear anything?

nothing as of 2/18

nothing as of 3/9 - but now they are advertising for a PR job

University of Puget Sound - Visiting AP of Communication Studies (Due Jan 15, 2010)

University of Texas at Austin - Senior Professor Position in Journalism

2/23/2010: Any news?

- - Status Updates, Requests for Add'l Info, Contacting References, Etc.[]

Butler University - PR (due November 15)

Got letter in mail 12/17 notifying candidates this was upgraded to associate/full line and asking candidates to reapply if they meet the requirements of that level.

Carleton University (Ottawa) - School of Journalism and Communication - Asst. prof of Comm Studies. (Deadline 3-15)

- Rejection letter (4/13) saying that I didn't make the short list

Concordia University (Montreal) - Journalism Studies (deadline was Nov. 2) - Listing HereReceived gracious rejection e-mail 12/8 saying that they had a shortlist and that pool of candidates was the strongest they'd ever had.

Hanover College

Had an interview with them at NCA, but never heard another word. Does anyone know if they are doing anything?

Metro State College- Denver- Was contaced asking for more materials. 3/12

Purchase College, SUNY (Oct 14) - Assistant Professor of Media, Society and the Arts

Request for materials (letters and writing sample), 12/17 (x4)
Rejection email 12/23
Any word on this? .... crickets?

Have heard nothing.

Phone call requesting Skype interview in late February OR SMCS interview in March (2/4)

SUNY is (also[?]) looking to fill a Television Studies position housed by "the Cinema Studies Board of Study within the newly configured School of Film and Media Studies" Is this the same position as the one listed here??

Yes. Seems like they want someone who does TV in addition to cinema proper.

Request for evals & syllabi from phone interviewers (2/10)

This sounds like a different position from the MSA position. Is Mary Kosut the SCC for this one? Does anyone know if the Media, Society & Arts position has been filled? (2/15)

The above timeline fits the cinema / television search, so perhaps this has never actually served as the site for the Media, Society, & Arts position as was intended

Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information (4 open rank posts)

Communication (Due Dec 1) - got reject email 3/9
Journalism and Media Studies -- Global Media & Democracy (Due Dec 1)
Digital Media & Society (Due Dec 1)
invitation for campus interview after phone interview [feel free to move to appropriate part of page]
Library and Information Sciences (Due Dec 1)
- 11/2 - got an email notice that materials were under review - ::- heard rumors at NCA& that they're looking for very senior people for this [PLEASE CLARIFY: senior people for which positions?] - :::- To clarify, it is not the case that they are looking for senior people across the board. - :::- Yes, sorry, the Comm job. -:::- They have emailed some non-senior people to recommend they apply for the Digital Media & Society position. So, I assume that means it is not across the board. - ::::Did you mean solicitations other than the message automatically sent before very early by the search chair? -::::yes - I mean they emailed a specific person asking them to apply for the position. - ::- Anyone heard anything? I wonder if now, with the holidays, if things are at a standstill? (12/20) - ::-They have requested letters from references (the Journalism/Media Studies department at least). -::- Anyone hear anything from the other departments? (1/7) (and yes,I realize that they don't start until the 20th.) - :: - Their school website lists several upcoming talks in the next two weeks, which might be job talks (not explicitly stated as job talks though) for the comm position (1/7) - ::- Good find! Yes, Amy Gonzales is on the market, so this is probably the case. Thanks! (1/7) - :: - for the comm job or journalism job? - comm job

University of Arkansas at Little Rock--Generalist (review began in Oct.)

-Search chair says they are still reviewing apps and calling references. 1/12

University of Central Missouri - Public Relations (Due Dec 4)

-Search Chair responded to my request for an update and said they have reviewed apps and will be creating a short list in the next couple of weeks (1/4)

University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth - Assistant Professor of English (Journalism)

EEOO form sent Dec. 4 via e-mail. (after materials submitted Nov. 15) - :MLA interview scheduled (12/9) x1

University of Oregon - Communication Studies (due September 20, 2009)

Received snail mail rejection 12/10 x2

University of South Carolina at Aiken - Communication and Media (due October 13, 2009)

Email sent on receipt of final letters. -:Contacting references of semi-finalists.

University of Texas at Tyler - Assistant/Associate Professor in Journalism (review began in October 2009) Full Listing Here

–Rejection e-mail received 12/21. : - rejection letter via snail mail, 1/12

University of West Georgia - Arranging campus interviews 6/16 Utah Valley University - Was contacting references in late November but heard nothing further about the search. It was reposted on a couple of sites, the latest on January 27. Inside Higher Ed is one of them; here is the job posting: Does anybody have any information about this?


The original call was due Nov 20. I noticed they reopened the position on Jan 7. No word from anyone, except that my online application is "in progress."

Rejection e-mail received 2/23. "We have narrowed our search to those few applicants who we feel may be the best fit for the position." Translation: "We need someone who can teach all of the following: advertising, public relations, marketing communication, new media, photojournalism, video reporting and editing, sound reporting and editing, Flash, social networking, media economics, copy editing, print design, organizational communication, crisis communication, health communication, homeland security communication, and blogging."

- No kidding, and more common this year, I think, because of limited resources at almost every university, so one position is having to fill several.

Phone Interviews[]

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science- oral and written communication

Had a phone interview last week but haven't heard anything since (2/11)

Alverno College (Wisconsin)- Assistant Prof of Communication / Assistant Prof of Comm and Tech (due 2/18/10)

- phone interview (4/9)

- reposted to NCA online career center on 5/13/10 and included new note about salary of $38,000-46,000 per academic year.

Baldwin Wallace-

I received email telling me the review was under way and that it could take up to a few weeks before they decided who to bring for campus interview. From the email letter it did not sound like they were doing phone interviews 2/16

Had a phone interview -3/5. They are on spring break now. They are doing phone interviews (the end of them) on 3-15 and then meeting that week to decide about campus visits. They hope to have visits the first week in April - this is all what I was told on the phone.

Cameron University - Assistant Professor, Communication (journalism and media studies) (Due April 2, 2010, or until filled)Phone interviews scheduled (4/30)

Christopher Newport University

Phone interview scheduled for 2-16-10

Curry College- Had phone interview 2/18. They hope to do campus interviews in 3 weeks and have everything wrapped up (offer made) by April On campus interviews underway

Eastern Kentucky- Generalist


Had phone interview- they spent two days phone interviewing, last day was 2/3- they said they might have to do second round of phone interviews to break "tie" to decide who to bring to campus

Empire State College -

Phone interview October 29th -:1/22- Did someone get this job?

Florida Gulf Coast University

Phone interview scheduled for 2-12-10

Gonzaga University - Technologically mediated communication Listings Here

Note: Email confirmation sent on receipt of application.
Scheduling phone interviews for next week (week of 18th Jan)

Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne

Email received with follow-up questions on November 11. They're scheduling phone interviews for November 18-25 and planning to bring in 3 people for campus interviews in January and February. - ::Request for phone interview (11/12) -::Is this for the rhetoric position or the digital media position?
Rhetoric position. - ::::Media Studies position too = by media studies, do you mean the media policy position OR the digital journalism position?
See the original ad below for the media studies position. Based on this, I suspect they're looking for candidates to teach/research media policy and digital journalism: - ::::"The candidate should be able to teach undergraduate and graduate courses primarily in media law and policy with some combination of research methods, cultural studies, media analysis, media and society, as well as the candidate's area of expertise. We will consider all areas of research specialization, including but not limited to new and emerging media, Internet, digital and visual cultures, race/ethnicity, multimedia production and design." - ::I didn't apply for any of these jobs but I know the people there, it is a great group. -:::Update: they are looking at issuing invitations for on-campus interviews within the next week and a half (either just before or just after the holiday) for the rhetoric position. - :::Were there phone interviews scheduled for the digital journalism position yet?! - ::::They are hiring FIVE people this year, so we should try to be very precise as we post news about the process on these. - ::::I can find three positions on the site. (Media Policy, Rhetoric, & Media Production) Where did you find five? - ::::They told me they're hiring five for the entire department during my phone interview. I think the other two are in journalism and film. - ::::Any news on these positions? (11/30) - ::::11/30 Received an email that they have finalized their short list and are contacting for on-campus in the next couple of days. They emailed you because you're one of the finalists?
- Did anyone receive an on-campus interview invitation yet? (2 Dec) - ::If there are campus visit updates, could you please specify for what position.
- Any news on this? (12/7) x2 - :::- they have scheduled at least one on campus interview for the rhetoric position (as of December 20th)
Any word on the media policy position? (as of 12/29) - :Rejection email received in the first week of Jan after phone interview in November (media policy) -:at least one campus visit scheduled for digital journalism position 1/21

Rhetoric position has been filled. I had a campus interview, but didn't get it. Received notice last week 2/15. Not sure who received the position.

Any word on if they will be doing any more searches in the near future, although it looks like they did a lot?

Indiana University South Bend - media, cultural studies, PR/journalism

Email on 1/16 setting up phone interview for the following week.

Ramapo College of New Jersey - arranging phone interviews (6/4)

Randolph College -- Deadline was in November

Anyone hear anything? - :Dossier request (by email) in late December. Nothing since then (at least not for me!)
Anything new? (2/9)
Phone interview last week, no news since (2/11)

Rutgers University, Journalism and Media Studies -- Global Media & Democracy (Due Dec 1)

Phone interview set up for Jan.

SUNY Albany-- TT Health Communication phone interview (3/18) Have they called anyone back yet to set up campus interviews?? (3/25)

SUNY Plattsburgh--phone interview scheduled for 4/29. Has anyone who got a phone interview been contacted for a campus visit yet? (5/9)

University of Missouri - Interpersonal Communication

Received phone call & email about scheduling a phone interview for the first or second week in December (11/24)

Was there ever an offer extended for this position???

I interviewed on campus there in early January and I still haven't heard anything. They were really nice and polite so I would think I would have gotten a call if someone else had accepted the job. Has anyone heard anything? (3-15-10)

--Today on CRTNET there were two calls from U of Missouri: one for a visiting in "communication" and the other for a visiting in Interpersonal Comm. Does this maybe mean that they did not find someone they wanted to hire full time, tenure track and so they are trying for visitings now and will resume tenure track search next year?? 3/16/10

--They had a search canceled last year due to funding issues. Perhaps that happened again. Missouri, like most states, is having budget issues. 03/17/10

University of Pittsburg Greensburg- had a phone interview. Anyone get the campus interviews??

Rec'd very odd emails from non-faculty (admin assistant?) saying they found someone than 5 minutes later (literally) rec'd second email to say "so sorry for the error please disregard the email it was sent in error." The second email was all in caps. It was not signed. It was so odd. I emailed botht the chair of the search who I have spoken with previously and the person who authored both reply. Yikes! Not so professional in my eyes. Good luck on that one.... 2/26

University of South Florida Polytechnic

I was contacted on Jan 21 to schedule a phone interview for their open rank organizational and relational communication position.

NCA Interviews[]

University at Buffalo (SUNY) - HCI

They may have interviews at NCA, details pending.
confirmed - informal

University of South Carolina- Rhetoric (Due Oct 30, 2009)

Note: Sending letters upon receipt.
Will be calling for NCA interviews shortly and then scheduling phone interviews for after NCA
--- on 11/6, I got an e-mail and phone call to schedule an NCA interview either on Friday (Nov. 13) or Saturday (Nov. 14)
- Any news on this position?
-Emails just went out notifying folks they are NOT being invited to visit campus. (ditto- rejection e-mail received 12/14/09)
-does this mean that if you have not heard anything since you applied you are still in the running?
- I do not know who is still in the running. But,FYI- I had an NCA interview with S. Carolina and then received an e-mail saying I was NOT invited to campus. Thus, perhaps only those who were interviewed at NCA were officially notified of whether they progressed or not. While this might suggest that those of you who did not even have an NCA interview are out of the running, do not assume that, as I know that my R-1 department once went back out to the pool for a hire following on-campus interviews.

- Did South Carolina end up hiring anyone? They put out a call for several lecturers in rhetoric the other day, so this made me wonder (4/21)

On-Campus Interviews[]

American University- Public Communication (October 1, 2009)

Any news?
- just got a rejection letter for their health comm/journalism asst. prof. position (11/27)
- they have shortlisted candidates for on campus interviews for the public comm job (12/8)
-Does this mean we would have been contacted if we were selected? (12/17)
In a telephone interview in mid-November they said they hoped to bring candidates for the public comm job for on-campus interviews in December. Does anyone know if that occurred? (12/19)
-On-campus interviews have occurred and they are about it extend an offer
- So did they extend an offer?

Auburn University- Journalism (due March 19, 2010)

Invited for campus interview 3/26

Auburn University- Rhetoric (due Nov. 2, 2009)

Note: sending email upon receipt, then a 'form c' (EEOO form) via snail mail
Any news?
The rumor is they have an inside candidate
E-mailed 1/2/10 with search chair for update on this position- search chair said reviewing of applications was still on-going, but hoped to contact finalists and host campus visits toward middle-end of January
1/19/10: Contacting short list (4) by phone. Will have list narrowed down for on-campus interviews within the week
Did anyone get contacted by phone? Yes (1/28/10)
For on-campus interview?
2/2/10: Still reviewing short list- possibly contact candidates by end of this week.
2/7/10: Contacted via e-mail late last week to set up campus interview (decided to skip phone interview)
3/8/10: Received a rejection phone call after a campus interview
- did Auburn extend an offer then? (3/12)
Anyone heard of what, if any, rhetorician accepted this job??????? The market was so limited this year that I cannot imagine it went unfilled (5/29)

Baruch College, CUNY- assistant or associate professor in Communication

Question: Some of these listings (see above) are absent from the NCA website, though their deadline is in the future. Have these jobs closed? Is it the NCA website that may have a glitch? Thanks!
Listings expire on the NCA website after a certain point -- seems that most SCs just post their job once and don't check back after that. (I think they have to pay to post there as well, so perhaps they only post once for that reason.) Doesn't necessarily mean the job is closed -- just that it's been a month (or 60 days, or whatever the time limit is) since it was first posted.

(melded discussions)

- Contacting folks for campus interviews (3/10)

- What's the update on Baruch, Comm job in School of Public Affairs? (4/10)

Bloomsburg University of PA- Org Comm

Invited for campus interview first week of Feb.

Butler University - Journalism

Skype interview scheduled for mid-January
Campus interviews scheduled for mid/end of Feb.

Coastal Carolina University-- Health communication

phone interview 2/25

On-campus interviews starting March 1

How many people did they bring on campus for interviews? (3/18)

College of Charleston- one TT, one visiting (TT due Feb 8, Visiting due Feb 22, 2010) Position descriptions
Received affirmative action card via snail mail 1/16
:: Friend had a phone interview already, anyone else?
My grad assistant had a phone interview there as well.

The dealine has passed on the political communication job, and apparently phone interviews have been conducted. Any word on flyouts? (2/10)

Phone interviews are still being scheduled and conducted for the political communication position. Phone interviews haven't begun yet for the intercultural communication position. (2/11)

Are phone interviews still being done for the pol. comm. job, or have candidates been invited already? (2/19)

Barring some unlikely turn of events, phone interviews for the political communication position are concluded. Candidates for the political communication position have been invited to campus. Political communication applicants who are not finalists for this position will be notified via snail mail. This position announcement led to an unexpectedly large number of responses from highly qualified applicants. (2/20)

Phone interviews haven't begun yet for the intercultural communication position. (2/20)

Phone interviews for the visiting position scheduled for next week. Contacted via phone (2/25) -- Any update on this position?

- They said on campus visits for the visiting position would be done by end of March, when I had a phone interview. Did anyone hear anything yet? (3/10)

The search committee for the tenure-track political communication position is waiting for institutional permission to offer the position to one of the finalists. (3/11)

The search committee for the visiting international communication position is waiting for institutional permission to invite finalists to campus. (3/11)

someone got contacted for the on-campus interview this morning. (3/16)

The tenure-track political communication position has been verbally accepted by one of the finalists. (3/16)

Barring some unlikely turn of events, all on-campus interview offers have been extended for the visiting international communication position. (3/16)

Colorado State- Special Instructor in Media and Visual Culture, including Visual Rhetoric (Due Dec. 15, 2009)

They started checking with applicants' references (12/10) - :Request for additional materials (Jan 16) - :Any update on this?X2 When the additional materials were requested, were you informed that you were a finalist? -They said I am "on a short list."
Did they ask you to send in the graded student assignments and all of that other stuff? 2/1
Any word on this? (2/7)
Received a rejection by email 2/11/10. X2 "not a finalist"
-- Did the rejection say your application was "interesting"? I thought that was kinda weird, LOL.
- Thanks for your sharing. Would you mind telling us if you're on a short list? I was rejected via email and never asked to provide the graded student assignments, etc., so I assume I was not on any type of short list.
  • - What's the deal with this position? Any phone interview or on campus visit notification? The SC seemed resolute to move fast to the next stage when they asked short-listed candidates additional information in mid-January. I'm just hoping they didn't lose funding--I heard they canceled their search for the same position last year.
  • Still no news? (3/10) --
  • Notified they've moved to on campus interviews

- ANY updates?

Duquesne University - Assistant Professor of IMC/Business & Professional Communication

They conducted NCA interviews (11/14). Contacted by phone.
I was not interviewed at NCA, but I got a note 12/26 indicating they were reviewing my file. Does that seem strange to anyone else? I wonder if they are reopening the search or considering interview more people. It just seemed like very odd timing.
I think they are sending those out to everyone to confirm they received apps
Campus visits scheduled for late January/early February.
Anyone know whether they've scheduled interviews for BOTH positions? If so, are ALL interviews arranged by this point? Thanks!

East Carolina University - Journalism

Requested letters of recommendation from the semi-finalists (x2).
Contacted for campus visit to be scheduled before second week of March.

Any news on this one? (3/23)

This position is no longer listed as open on the ECU employment site, but I heard at least one candidate and maybe two turned down the job. Did the search fail?

First two choices turned down the job for other offers. Not sure how many they interviewed.

Georgetown University- Assistant Prof of Journalism and Tech (Due Jan . 15, 2010)

- Any news? (2/3)
- On-campus interviews scheduled for mid-February (2/4)

George Washington University - Assistant Professor, School of Media and Public Affairs (due November 1, 2009)

On-campus interviews have been scheduled.
For the interpersonal position??
Interpersonal is through the Department of Communication listed above. Does anyone know if the on-campus interviews are for the Dept of Communication or the School of Media and Public Affairs?
yes, on-campus interviews for SMPA are underway.

Georgia State - International communication

On-campus interview scheduled for Jan.

Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne

Email received with follow-up questions on November 11. They're scheduling phone interviews for November 18-25 and planning to bring in 3 people for campus interviews in January and February.
Request for phone interview (11/12)
Is this for the rhetoric position or the digital media position?
Rhetoric position.
I didn't apply for any of these jobs but I know the people there, it is a great group.
Update: they are looking at issuing invitations for on-campus interviews within the next week and a half (either just before or just after the holiday) for the rhetoric position.
Were there phone interviews scheduled for the digital journalism position yet?!
They are hiring FIVE people this year, so we should try to be very precise as we post news about the process on these.
I can find three positions on the site. (Media Policy, Rhetoric, & Media Production) Where did you find five?
They told me they're hiring five for the entire department during my phone interview. I think the other two are in journalism and film.
Any news on these positions? (11/30)
11/30 Received an email that they have finalized their short list and are contacting for on-campus in the next couple of days. They emailed you because you're one of the finalists?
- Did anyone receive an on-campus interview invitation yet? (2 Dec)
If there are campus visit updates, could you please specify for what position.
- Any news on this? (12/7) x2
- they have scheduled at least one on campus interview for the rhetoric position (as of December 20th)
-Decisions to be made on the rhetoric position within the next week or so (1/26)
-I'm curious as to what the interviewees (phone or in-person) thought of the faculty and campus. How cold and windy was it up there?

Indiana State University - PR (Due Dec 15) Listing Here

  • On-campus interviews end of January

Maryville University (St. Louis) - Strategic Communication (Three positions total)

Phone interviews set up for the week of Jan 18 and Jan 25

On campus interviews are being set up (2/1)

-One offer has been extended. Interviews happening for the other two positions in the next few weeks (2/10)

-Offer was accepted by Rebecca Dohrman (Purdue). On-campus interviews for the two remaining positions are taking place between now and mid-March.

Miami University- Hamilton - 2 Assistant Professors- 1) Mass Media, 2) Speech Communication (both due Jan. 19, 2010)

I received affirmative action letter and email telling me the reveiw was on.

. Listing Here23

Emailed to inquire about the position and got a reply stating that their search should be wrapping up soon. Not sure if that means wrapping up the narrowing of candidates or that they are in the final stages of finding their chosen candidate and interviews are already done. Either way it sounds like applicants should be hearing news soon (3/22)

Anyone get contacted? (4/9)

on campus interview scheduled for this coming week (4/11)

Northeastern Illinois University (Chicago) - Generalist (Due Oct 31)

E-mail received 11/20 with interviews being scheduled for December

Oglethorpe University - Communication and New Media/Visual Rhetoric (Due Dec 8/15)

1/18- scheduling phone interviews and requesting writing samples. How did they contact you? email (x2- I got the same e-mail request for writing sample and phone interview as the original poster, 1/18/10 (x4- 1/18)
did you guys set up an interview yet? I didn't hear back from them so I am wondering what is going on. They said the interview may take place either on Jan 21 or Jan 22. (Nope, also have not heard back from them as of evening of 1/20. Expect they're having difficulty scheduling all of us for phone interviews on those same two days)
- phone interviews confirmed and taking place Jan. 21 and Jan. 22
- 1/26/10 Received e-mail invite for on-campus interview sometime during first two weeks in February. There were 4 on-campus invites extended.
- decision expected to be made around February 16 after completion of on-campus interviews
-- I was not one of the four candidates brought to campus, but I did have a phone interview with Oglethorpe on 22 Jan. The search chair contacted me today inquiring as to whether I am still interested in the position (x1) (I have accepted an offer elsewhere, so no). Sounds like they might be going back to the pool...
Perhaps the above poster is right about going back out to the pool- I had an on-campus interview at Oglethorpe but pulled out of the running before all interviews were completed because I decided to accept an offer elsewhere.

Any new updates? (3/2)

Heard from search chair early this week that the position had been modified to a 2 year VAP. (3/5)

Penn State Hazleton

E-mail received 11/11 with interviews being scheduled for 11/23-24, 11/30, 12/4.
Had phone interview mid December, got rejection email early January
Campus interviews are currently underway (1/19/2010)
-That's odd. I had a phone interview but did not receive a) a rejection e-mail or b) a campus interview. (1/21/2010). - I also had a phone interview in early December and I haven't received a rejection email or a campus interview.

Roger Williams University - Assistant Professor of Journalism

scheduled for first week in December

Rollins College- Critical Media and Cultural Studies (due Dec. 10, 2009) (merged some discussions- 1/10)

- received e-mail rejection (12/14/09) x5
I think they do have an internal candidate
--- an internal/inside candidate is highly unlikely for this job call. They have placed it 3 (!!!) times now since last spring. What would be the reason of renewing the call if the candidate is within their reach??
It was so annoying having to answer all the extra questions for this job. If they had an inside candidate I wish they would have saved me the time of answering all that stuff. (Ditto that- It was ridiculous that the Rollins job call said we would have to 'fill out a questionnaire' and upload documents when applying online, but some of the questions online seemed to require extra essay-length answers. There's something strange about this job)
They could have lost funding last spring.
This job was posted as a VAP last spring, so I think they are looking to fill a position which someone left.
--- according to Film and Media Studies 2009-2010 job wiki, "phone interview, 12/17 (x2)"
Campus interview scheduled for mid January (x1)

Sam Houston State University - Business Communication (review begins immediately)

Phone interview held 10/20 and other interviews being held at ABC
-I emailed the search chair for an update on the search (I had a phone interview, but nothing since) and she said they have selected a finalist and are preparing to make an offer, so I assume on-campus interviews have happened.

Southern Polytechnic State University

rec letters, transcript, syllabus request (1/27) x2. any news? I know they were supposed to schedule an on campus visit after this process. (2/15). I emailed SW and she said she would hear from the SC next week and be in contact with finalists.

I received a phone call to schedule an on campus interview for the TT position -- my interview is next week (2/22). x2

I had my interview last week. I was told that there was one more this week and one in 2 weeks (they have spring break this coming week) (3/7).

I accepted another job and withdrew from this one -- the Dept chair said the committee was meeting at the end of the week (3/25).

Syracuse University- Asst Prof Political Comm

Anything, 4/9?

No news (4/19)

4/29- Email saying that I didn't make cut for interviews; interviews apparently underway

Towson University - Assistant Professor, Research Methods.

Any update here? I thought earlier it said they were bringing 3 folks to campus in January.

University of Colorado at Boulder (Assistant Professor in Journalism) due November 1, 2009)

- anyone hear anything from UC Boulder yet?
- Four candidates have been invited to campus (1/20)

Any news from Boulder yet?

University of Kentucky-3 Instructors, Instructional Communication

got letter notifying that TT positions were filled; they are beginning review for instructor positions (3/1)

University of Maryland - Emerging Media position

Apparently this position only attracted a mere 33 applicants by 10/30/09. Any other info? -:::Is this the same as the cluster hire in Digital Humanities, Media and Cultures? The deadline for that isn't until Dec 15. - :::I heard they are separate positions. Where is the "33 applicants" info from? - :::I don't think they are the same position. Was contacted for a phone interview for the emerging media position, to be held second week in December. :::- When were you contacted? Via email? :::- Yes, by email on 11/24 :::- They said they expected to pick up the process in late January. Not sure if that means they'll schedule people to come visit then or they'll decide then who they want to come for visits. : - Anyone had word about campus visits yet? (I assume not, since no one has changed this, but still...) I did one of the phone interviews, but haven't heard a peep yet.
- One of my references said they had contacted her, so I gather they are narrowing this list. - Is there nothing new to report on this one?
- Heard emails were sent to arrange campus visits for early March.

- is it for the emerging media position or the digital humanities position?

-Emerging media

- I know people that interviewed first week of March.

- One candidate withdrew after the interview to accept another offer. Any word on an offer to one of the others?

University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown - Asst. Prof Journalism (New Media) and Mass Communication (app. Deadline 3/15/10') Campus interviews completed mid-April. (4/30)

University of Southern California- Two positions (Journalism and Comm, both in Economic Literacy and Entrepreneurship)

- anyone applying for this one? It is quite specific and an odd timeframe (1/12)
- Yes, I applied for it. It's certainly a unique area and I'll be interested to see who they hire. It's a great dept. and certainly an important area of study!
- I got some more info on this-- they're looking for somepone more marketing-y/business-y. They aren't sure what kinds of people they're going to get to apply. And check out the article ''
-They've started bringing people in to interview already.

Western Illinois University - qualitative/generalist (due October 15)

At least one on-campus interview has been scheduled.

Western Illinois University- 2 Quantitative Persuasion Positions

On campus interview scheduled 04-08-10

Offers Made And/Or Accepted[]

Allegheny College- 1 year visiting professor

-received confirmation letter that they are reviewing applications (3/20)

An offer was extended on 4/13, accepted on 4/20.

Angelo State University- Assist Prof of Comm, specialty in Media/Cultural Studies, Applied Comm, and/or Ad/PR

Campus visits are underway. An offer will be made by 4/27 or 4/28.

Offer made and accepted (4/29). Anyone have the deets on who got hired?

Appalachian State University- two positions, journalism and PR

Offer extended and accepted for journalism position; PR position posted again on site; anyone know if that search failed or if they're adding a faculty line? 5/19

Arizona State University- Hugh Downs School of Human Comm- Critical/Cultural Rhetorical Studies (Assistant/Associate)

Note: Received email receipt of materials and EEOO form 11/24
12/17- e-mail received about how additional references (chosen by ASU) will be contacted in January to narrow candidacy
- On campus interviews are being conducted. (1/25/2010)
FYI, received e-mail invite on 2/10/10 for on-campus interview but declined b/c I just accepted an offer elsewhere. Good luck to other rhetoricians!
-Have on-campus inteviews already begun? If not, have the chosen few been contacted?
- An associate professor w/good pubs was invited for an interview but not sure if it has taken place yet. (2/17/2010).
- Invited for on campus interview (2/27) to take place at the end of March.
-Rejection email received from chair of search committee; application is no longer being considered (1/28/2010)

- Any confirmation of whether this rhetoric job was offered to anyone, and then accepted?

- Offer extended pending Dean approval, but not accepted yet (4/9). - it's been nearly a month... any update on acceptance? (5/6)

I had heard that the person offered the job was trying to negotiate a partner hire-can anyone confirm? (I heard the same thing about a partner negotiation, but am not sure if it's gone through...)

Yes, I can confirm this. The candidate has a partner in rhetoric/media studies and is still negotiating a potential spousal hire (which all hinged on the recent passage of prop 100 sales tax increase in AZ for funding).

- rumor that the candidate who got the offer (and was negotiating a partner hire) recently turned down the offer from ASU (5/29).

Aurora University- filled. I got a rejection letter 2/10/10

Austin College - Assistant Professor of Media Regulation/History, Rhetoric, and/or Documentary Film/Video Production

Email request for phone interview 11/5. Any updates regarding campus visits? (12/2). An offer was made following campus visits. (12/15). I don't know who moved Austin College here from the campus visits section, but I wrote the above info and last I heard an offer had not yet been accepted. This section should be renamed if it's simply for an offer being extended. about candidate who got offer, fromFilm & Media Studies 2009-2010 job wiki, "I heard it is a U Chicago PhD" (1/5/10)
Rejection letter, position is filled (1/9/10). Ditto- 1/12/10

Babson College- Assistant Professor in Media Studies (review begins Nov 6, 2009)

email receipt received on 11/5
Any update on this? (11/23)
Request received for additional information.
When did you receive the request?
Scheduled on-campus visit
Rejection Letter received (12/16) (x2)
- Did you receive snail letter?
On Dec 17 I received a formal rejection by e-mail. (Don't know if it was the same for "rejection letter" people above.) (X2)
No request for additional information, no campus visit scheduled, *and* no rejection email/letter.
- There was at least one on campus interview in the week of Dec 14.
-- The position has been filled.

Ball State University- Journalism

Baylor University- Visual Rhetoric

No news as of 12/17
Received rejection letter stating the rhetoric position has been filled 1/11/10 x2 (1/12/10)
Any idea who got the job? Didn't say in the letter, could email 'em though
- This seems strange that there was no update until a rejection letter stating that the position had been filled. I wonder if there was an internal candidate, or perhaps someone specific was recruited?
-I don't think this is strange--it could just be the procedure there.
- on the department's website, there is a lecturer named Leslie Hahner (PhD Iowa, 2005) who studies visual and spatial rhetorics, and has a couple top-tier pubs. Sounds to me like she fit the job description exactly. (1/13/10)

Baylor - Organizational Communication (due Nov 1)

Any news?
I got a letter in the mail stating the position had been accepted by another candidate. I agree with the poster above RE: visual rhetoric that it is strange that there was no update on the wiki until this letter. Perhaps they had an internal candidate.
- The new assistant professor is Lacy McNamee at UT Austin. She currently teaches at Baylor, so yes, she is an internal candidate.
- Really? I googled her and she doesn't do visual rhetoric (There were two jobs at Baylor- one in visual rhetoric and the other in org comm. The visual rhetoric position probably went to Hahner- see above post).

Bradley University - Journalism

Phone interview scheduled for late January
Campus visit scheduled for mid-February

Clemson - Technology & Culture

Scheduling NCA interviews (11/2). Contacted by phone.
any idea how many they are doing?
- He was vague about that, though interviews are 25 minutes long and and they were trying to schedule them between 11 and 4pm on Thursday, so my guess is about 10. Though I'm not clear if this is for Tech & Culture only, or for the Org Com position as well (they might have Org Comm people coming on a different day). It sounded like he was going to make most of the calls today/tomorrow...
- This has progressed to campus interviews.
-The tech and culture position has been filled. The new Asst. Prof. is Dr. Joe Mazer, PhD, Ohio University (posted Dec 17, 2009, 2:35pm).
- The information directly above is at least partially inaccurate.
-Could you clarify? Is the position still open?
-whats the deal?
Three offers have been made and accepted, but contracts have not yet been signed. At least one of these was a tech culture position that was not Dr. Mazer. I do not know if he was one of the other two.

Chapman University- Asst Prof. of Comm Studies

any news here? (4/9)

- I heard campus interviews started in late March (4/10)

-- offer has been made and accepted (4/19)

--- Really? Who got the job? Anyone knows?

-Kerk Kee, a doctoral candidate at UT Austin.

Coker College--

  • Position accepted. I received a very nice call from the SCC to tell me that I didn't get the job. (4/9)

College of Wooster -Rhetorical approaches to media communication (due November 1, 2009)

Note: Sending emails upon receipt of materials- :Note: Reposted the position on Nov. 3rd to CRTNet and basically said send applications ASAP EEOO form and request for additional items on December 2nd via email. -Were these in 2 separate emails?

I emailed the SC chair on 1-4-10. She said they were planning to do phone interviews next week. -:Request for more information (1/5).

Phone interview (1/18). - phone interviews conclude tomorrow, will be selecting candidates for campus visits over the next few days. 1/21

anybody heard anything? (1/28)X2, 2/1 at least one campus visit has been scheduled (2/2) Are you the candidate? Yes.

Bringing three candidates to campus. Offer will be made in late February (2/12) Any news of an offer yet? (2/21).

Are any of the other finalists watching the wiki?

Offer extended and accepted by Ahmet Atay, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. (3/5).

Denison University -Assistant Professor in International/Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies.

Phone interview scheduled for the week of November 2nd. Contacted via email.
Any news after the phone interviews? (11/7)
Heard the SC met candidates at NCA (11/16)
Any update on this position? Has anyone been contacted for an on campus interview or any follow up?
What timeline did they say?
Notification of on-campus visit
Apparently somebody is hired yesterday (12/18)
Any idea about who is hired? -- I think someone from the University of Iowa 1/21
Email rejection 1/4 X2

DePaul University - Assistant professor of online journalism

on-campus interview is scheduled for December
any word on this one yet?

Public Relations (due 10/15)

No news as of 12/17
Heard through the grapevine that they had done interviews, but I can't confirm that and I don't know if they were campus visits or just phoners... so I don't want to move this down on such vague information.
Word from two separate sources indicates the job was offered and accepted.

I had a campus interview here in mid-Nov. Offer was made (late Nov.) and accepted to other candidate who had an investor relations background.

Dixie State College of Utah--position filled (3/30)

Eastern Illinois University

On-campus interview conducted week of Nov 16 - multimedia/web position
- multimedia/web design offers made
This offer has been accepted. I heard from the chair of the search committee, when I contacted her to find out the status. They never contacted me to let me know that I wasn't their choice.
Heard through the grapevine that there were on-campus interviews recently for the Basic Course position (12/10/09)
An offer has been extended to a candidate for the basic course director position (1/5/10) - was this offer not accepted? I heard that this might be the case.
They might have made an offer to a second candidate already, but the first candidate did not take the offer that came on 1/5.
Yes, the first candidate did not accept the offer. I also heard another candidate withdrew from the search. They interviewed three people--not sure if they will offer to the third candidate, go back to the pool, or close the search for the year and relaunch it next year. It's hard to tell--the basic course search also failed last year. 1-19-10.
- Reportedly another on-campus interview was scheduled/is taking place.

Elon University

Phone interview 12/17

Rejection e-mail received and position filled 2/26. Media communications position.

Emerson - Director of Fundamentals of Speech Communication (Due Dec. 7)

They were scheduling phone interviews before the Christmas holiday.
This has progressed to campus interviews (1-7-2010)

An offer has been extended and accpeted. (posted 2-9-10)

Fairfield University - Generalist

On-Campus interviews scheduled for November
Did someone post this because Fairfield said that was their plan? Or has anyone actually been invited for an on-campus interview yet?
- Actually invited for an on-campus interview
Does anyone know if they have one or two open positions? I heard a rumor it might be two.
- When did they invite you for an on-campus interview? Had a phone interview in early October but have not heard anything as of yet.
There is at least one on-campus interview happening this week. (10/29)
Have others been scheduled?
Hoped to be finished interviewing (on-campus) by the end of this week (10/30)
Any news on this position? Has there been an offer made?
An offer has been made and accepted. (posted 12/5)
Any word on the 1 vs. 2 positions, or who the accepted person is?
-The accepted person is graduating from Purdue in Org Com. No word either way on if there is a second position. (12/8)
-Search closed and positions filled (12/9).
-This says positionS filled-- do we know if they hired one or two people?
They hired two people. One from Purdue(org) and one from Penn (media).
- Congrats! Names of these two people? - The one from Penn is Michael Serazio; The one from Purdue is Colleen A.
1/11/10- got rejection letter via snail mail. Interestingly, my letter said that if I was in the metro New York area next fall or thereafter, to contact Fairfield if I am interested in being considered for an adjunct position. Did everyone's rejection letter say this? (x3)
1-12-10--Yes, the adjunct teaching line was in everyone's letter.

Georgetown College (KY)

scheduling by phone 11/7
update: They conducted NCA interviews
Any campus interviews scheduled yet??

Has anyone heard from them? 2/11

What is going on with this... has the search been cancelled? 2/25

An offer has been extended and accepted. 2-25-10

George Washington University in Washington, DC (Interpersonal Communication/Generalist) Review started Oct. 25, 2009

(I merged discussions)

Is there no news about this position yet?

Good question... anyone heard anything? I haven't heard anything as of 12/17

I e-mailed the search chair for an update; said they are still reviewing apps and it will be into the new year before they proceed (12/22)

They interviewed three candidates on campus. Those names have been forwarded to the Dean who will make the final decision (1/4/10)

- Can you confirm these interviews are for the General Comm position rather than the SMPA position?

The three on campus interviews were for the interpersonal communication position.

- I heard the GW interpersonal position was accepted by Alexa Hampel, Ph.D student at Texas, in early January.

Georgia State University - Rhetorical studies (Due Nov 20)

- rumor that GSU is recruiting an advanced assistant professor.
- on campus interviews have been scheduled. Not sure how to move this to the interview section though (moved for you- 1/5)
- any news on Georgia State? I haven't heard a thing. (1/17/2010). - I e-mailed the SC a week or so ago to tell him I had accepted another position, and he responded immediately with a very nice note. He didn't give me any update about the GSU position, but I expect he would if someone else inquired.

- There's a rumor that this search was not completed, but I cannnot imagine why that would have happened. Anyone know anything?

- I don't know anything about the search per se, but if it did get canceled, Georgia's budget issues are a likely culprit

-rejection letter received 3/31/10 says "Late last week Dr Nathan Atkinson from Carnegie Mellon University accepted our offer..." Congratulations Nathan! (x2- btw, very nice rejection letter)

High Point University (North Carolina) (Graduate Coordinator Position)

An offer has been extended and accepted. (Virginia McDermott, Univ New Mexico)

Holy Names University (Oakland) - Communication Studies TT

- Received call notifying that search was successfully concluded (5/17)

- entire search took only 7 days?! Were there any on-campus interviews, or did they hire someone (an inside candidate?) on the basis of a phone interview alone?

Hope College

Heard that phone interviews have concluded. Anyone heard anything about campus visits? (1/27)

how about now? (2/4). Offer extended and accepted by Choonghe Han, University of Iowa.

Illinois College

--Received letter stating the position has been filled (1/20)
- If I recall correctly, this was a 'rhetoric' position- anyone know what rhetorician took this job?
I think Adria Battaglia (UT Austin) might have gotten this job- her title on Blogora suggests that, but did the position turn into a VAP then?
Battaglia accepted a one-year VAP at IC. The TT went to Christopher Oldenburg (completed his PhD in 2009 from Univ. of Memphis).

Indiana University - Purdue University- Fort Wayne


Rhetoric position has been filled. I had a campus interview, but didn't get it. Received notice last week 2/15. Not sure who received the position.

IT University of Copenhagen - Assistant Professor in Digital Media (due September 2009) Listing Here

they said that they'd get back to people for interviews in January. Any news from anyone? (1/7)

received rejection letter 3/4/10. Apparently they wanted somebody already with a PhD in hand. x2 Torill got this job.

James Madison University

On-campus interviews scheduled for late November- early December

For which position(s)? They've just reposted all their jobs on and it looks like some of the deadlines are now 'open until filled.'

On-campus interviews with 3 candidates taking place 1/11-1/20

- The Org./Pr line and Non TT line just wrapped up interviews 1/20; decisions expected in a few weeks on both

Two tenure-track offers have been made (2/1/2010)

- Who are the two lucky candidates?

Kansas State University Got an email about two weeks ago, saying they were excited about my application and were about done with the short list, but then never heard a word after that. Has anyone else heard anything?

If this is the permanent Instructor position that is being asked about:yes, an offer as been made to someone.

Keene State College- Visual Rhetoric

E-mail received late on 11/20 for request for phone interview, to take place sometime 12/1-12/4
Rejection letter received 12/4
Me, too, received a rejection on 12/5. At least they are efficient. I'd rather know early than wonder.
Could these early rejections be a sign of an inside candidate?
- my phone interview with Keene State lasted an hour, so at least the school seems to be considering outside candidates
-- My phone interview was tiresome and tedious. It was abundantly clear they had not read my materials... incredibly frustrating.
-------- I wouldn't assume that they hadn't read your materials. I have found from interviewing with several different schools at different stages of the process that there is a lot of repetition in questions. A senior faculty member told me that sometimes schools do this intentially so that they can get a feel for whether what was written in application materials is the truth. At the very least, I just do my best to be patient as I can only imagine how many applications were received.
- my advisor, who is one of my references, was contacted yesterday (12/14) following my phone interview.
- not mine - they must have made a cut after phone interviews
(12/16/09) Got e-mail request for scheduling on-campus interview in mid-January
(1/27/10) Offer extended to, and then accepted (2/9/10) by Jamie Landau (University of Georgia) Congratulations!

Kennesaw - Performance Storytelling and Ethnography - Due January 15

contacting references

Phone interviews were at the end of February.

According to the Theatre jobs page: A friend has had a campus visit scheduled. (3/6) So, I guess that means another rejection e-mail coming for me.

The offer has been extended and accepted.

Loyola University- Assistant Professor- Digital Media

Any updates? - phone interview request 1/28

On-campus interview scheduled for 4th week of Feb.

Got a rejection email.

Offer extended 3/10

- Name of person accepted the job?

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

I applied online last night and I got an email this morning saying they already filled the job (1-19-10)
Strange, since it was advertised on the 14th. I applied online and got an automated message telling me I don't meet the minimum requirements (I'm ABD and had to check some box about the PhD). Anybody know anything about this one?
From the job announcement, it looks like they only want applicants with the PhD already in hand. I guess it shows how tight the job market is these days. No idea about what the "already filled" part means.

I was contacted last week for a phone interview and have my phone interview on 3/3/10....the position (unless there was more than one , but I am certain there was not) has not been filled- unless the person ended up not accepting it??? Not sure...all I know is I was contacted for a phone interview. 2/26/10

Position at Mansfield has been filled.

It was an inside job--they hired someone who has been serving as an adjunct faculty member this year. (5-4-2010)

Marquette University - PR and Corporate Communication (Due Dec 1)

-Contacted 12/12 for phone interview the week of 12/14
-Invited 12/17 by e-mail for an on-campus interview in mid/late January. Two people were invited.

-Offer has been extended and accepted.

Miami University of Ohio- Comparative Media Studies

1/29/10 E-mail rejection. Said received 350 applications- Wow!
3 campus visits conducted (late January). Decision will be made by early February
2/5 - There are two positions - two offers made

Middlebury College- Comparative Media Studies

Email received 12/1, scheduling interviews for first and second week of Dec.
- According to Film and Media Studies 2009-2010 job wiki, "12/15 email notifying me that I'm out of the running. 3 finalists have been invited to campus."
Email rejection received - says they have made an offer and it was accepted.
(1/28/10) Also received rejection e-mail saying position has been filled; said over 275 applicants. For further info about the search process, check out search chair's blog at

FYI: Film and Media Studies wiki has link to Louisa Stein's blog (current Assist Prof at San Diego State) reporting that she accepted the Middlebury offer, in case anyone is wondering who got this sweet job.

- (2/16/10) Regarding the (now erased) comment above, and all of us posting on this wiki- I think everyone should be careful when implicating particular people, whether in negative or positive commentary. Although this wiki is "anonymous," as communication/media scholars we should be fully aware that communication/media is rarely private. I know that at my university, for example, just using an on-campus computer makes whatever I type public legal record.

2/25/10 I don't know who that person was that someone wrote the mean comment about, but that's just ridiculous, so I deleted it. This is for JOB INFORMATION SHARING. Don't junk up the wiki.

Middle Tennessee State University- Organizational Communication (due 10/26)

E-mail invitation for on-campus interview in late November
- One person was brought to campus and extended an offer, but it was turned down due to fit.

Monmouth College- generalist, qualitative (due November 16, 2009)

Contacted via phone call on December 4 for phone interview to be held December 10.
Timeline: currently conducting phone interviews, planning on making invitations for on-campus in next several weeks (as of Dec. 12), bringing in 3 candidates for on-campus at end of January/start of February.
----------- Anyone know how many candidates were they doing phone interviews with?
12/15: They are in the process of checking references
Contacted via email for on-campus interview to be held during the last 2 weeks of January (12/17)

2/23: Offer was made & accepted.

Montclair State University- Health Communication (review began in Sept.)

Rumor is they've chosen their on-campus candidates

Have these candidates been contacted already?

Campus interviews are already underway (1/8)

Any updates on this?

2/8/10: Got a letter from Montclair State saying that they had filled their Health Comm position

Nebraska Wesleyan- Generalist

Contacting via e-mail to set up ohone interviews at the end of January. 1/16

Conducting phone interviews Mon-Wed this week. Hope to have campus interviews in Feb and make decision in March. 1/25

Anyone hear back? Had a phone interview last week & no news (2/6)

A friend of mine works there and she said they've already made a decision about campus interviews (2/11)

Any news on this? - I know they're still doing on-campus interviews (2/28)

Any one hear yet? 3/18

Official rejection via letter. Position filled. (4/3)

Niagara University - Mass Media (Due January 30, 2010)

- rejection e-mail 3/5. Pretty unprofessional: It was forwarded by the department secretary to another candidate with me copied on it. So much for the confidentiality of the search process.

- Wow, they didn't even extend me the courtesy of a rejection email. Does that mean I'm extra-rejected?

-- I got the same fwded email and actually sent a note to the search chair about it. He emailed me back immediately and apologised profusely for the error, and was very nice, for what it's worth. It seems to have been a clerical error.

North Central College- generalist (due November 1, 2009), Full Listing via CRTNet, college website hereListing Here

-contacted 12/12 via email, phone interview scheduled on 12/15.
-Invitation for on-campus interview 12/18; interview scheduled for week of January 21. Three people invited.
-Rejection email 12/31 - happy new year
- Had campus interview at North Central third week of Jan. Three candidates brought in. Decision expected in Feb.

-Heard offer has been extended

Northeastern (Boston)

- They were going to have interviews at NCA but the interviewer has the flu. They're going to contact for campus interviews in January.
- Got my reject email on 12/14.
I got a rejection email today. They said they have a short list.
- on campus interviews scheduled for January 2010.
Heard through the grapevine that an offer was extended.

- I'm pretty sure that this was accepted, too, but not sure by who (2/10/10). - Huh, maybe what I heard was wrong. Sorry about that! (No apology necessary you made a comment that you were "pretty sure" not that you were sure or had confirmation. - Congrats to whomever officially accepted now :-)

Rumor I heard is that offer was extended and a person is considering/negotiating... (2/10/10)

Offer extended. Position accepted and contract signed (2/25/2010)- so who accepted this job??????

Northwestern University - Technology & Social Behavior (Due Nov 15, 2009)

- Campus interviews started in December
- 1/10 don't want to freak anyone out but I heard from 2 different people that an offer was made. This is all rumor though.
- That last rumor (1/10 offer made) is not true: NU brought a candidate out in December, and four more in January, last one was last week. No offers made yet.
- Rumor is that their preferred candidate will have CompSci or Engineering background -- yes, Darren made that quite clear at NCA.

- Sent out letters to people who didn't make the most recent culling (2/3) Did you get it in snail mail? - snail mail rejection letter 2/6

- Position accepted (hired their current post-doc)

- Name of current post doc?

Ohio State University - Communication Technology

Got affirmative action letter 10/30
Heard rumor at NCA that interviewing already
Any word on this?
(1/7) Saw that Amy Gonzales did a job talk back in November
The department's website says that Jesse Fox from Stanford University accepted the position. 1-28

Ohio University (3 positions: organizational communication, multicultural, health)

An offer was made to an org comm candidate, and the offer was accepted on 11/3.
---Congratulations! Who is the candidate/new asst. professor?
Brittany Peterson at UT Austin.
-is this the org comm or the org comm (multicultural position)??
The Org Comm position, not the multicultural position.
An offer was extended to someone also for the org com/multicultural position. The candidate is in negotiation with them.
I believe an offer has also been extended for the health position, though I do not know whether the candidate has accepted or not.
All three positions are now closed. The new Assistant Professors are Brittany Peterson, Yea-Wen Chen and Amy Chadwick (posted Dec 4, 2009, 11:30am).

Ohio University - Multimedia platform position (School of Journalism)

Interviews held late Oct/early Nov.
This info was deleted earlier - not sure why. Please don't delete. If there's new info, update it.
This one has been hanging out there for a while. Anyone offered the job? Are they going back to the drawing table?
According to the The Ohio State University's School of Communication's webpage, Jatin Srivastava accepted the OU job. (1/28/2010)

Penn State Schuylkill

An offer has been extended and accepted. The new assistant professor is Valerie Schrader of Ohio University. 3/16/2010

Queens University of Charlotte

Phone Interviews 12/14-12/16.
for which position?
soc-748. The other position was taken down from the hr site.
I was contacted on Jan 20 to schedule a phone interview for the generalist position
a campus visit has been scheduled 1/21
I (the person who had a phone interview on Jan 20) have also scheduled a campus visit for feb.
both positions at Queens have been filled

Rochester Institute of Technology- Journalism (due Oct. 1, 2009), Full Listing Here

Offer extended Dec. 21. Candidate considering offer. (does anyone know how many applications they received?)

The job has been reposted as a VAP at
Did the search fail?

They've had trouble filling this position for years, I think.

Roosevelt University - Media Studies

Scheduling campus visits between now and December 18th.
Any idea how many interviews they are doing?
GOOD question!!! No answer, still???
They did three interviews, are hoping to make an offer by January 18th
1/1 They reposted this job at Any idea?
I had an on-campus interview - the committee seemed really unsure what it was they wanted, and not particularly friendly. If the other two interviews were anything like mine, I'm not surprised they came up empty. It was a really strange interview. Good luck! I do hope they find a better fit this time around.
1/13 - I checked their HR website today. The re-opened job that was there ealier last week is now gone. Have they hired or just cancelled the call?
An offer was made and accepted.
Anyone know who they hired?

Just to repeat: Does anybody know who got the job?

2/15: received snail mail rejection letter.

Jiwon Yoon, from Temple University, is the new professor.

Rowan University

met with people at NCA
Campus interviews have been scheduled for early Dec. Finalists have been notified.
Finalists have been chosen, campus interviews are scheduled for early Dec.
Got snail mail letter. Position has been filled. (1/9)
Any idea who got the job?

Rutgers University - Journalism and New Media

One offer out, others might be pending (cluster hire).

Q: When was it offered?

3 offers accepted (March).

Saginaw Valley State University -- Media Studies and Public Address

Bringing two candidates to campus, end of January and first of February.
Have those two candidates been selected/notified, and their campus visits scheduled, or was this a general response from SVSU to an inquiry about their timeline?
I have a friend who had an on-campus interview on Monday (1/25), so I assume everyone has been invited. He said that he was told there were 4 people being interviewed not 2. Not sure where the "two candidates" message above came from, so I cant help you there.
anyone else invited to campus interview? 1/28
Recently had on campus interview. Bringing in four candidates. Rumor has it there is an inside candidate (2/7)

what was your impression of the school/department/area?

The faculty seem like a great group. They appear to get along and feel like they would be supportive colleagues. (2/16).

Still curious to see how many of the on campus interviewees are watching this -- I am one (2/23).

I got an email from a member of the SC today suggesting that an offer had been made and accepted. Anyone care to share info on who got this one? *side note-cryptic rejection emails after a campus interview are inappropriate and unprofessional* --The job went to the inside candidate. Name?

I wrote the comment about getting the email -- I used the word "suggesting" because the email didnt come out and say they hired someone else, but it seemed clear to me that they did (since I was supposedly the second option, I assume they wouldnt give me the "sorry about your luck" message unless they had someone else). I didnt feel that the email was inappropriate or unprofessional (but it still sucked :)).

--At least you received some sort of official word of rejection. Interviewed, never heard back.

Sorry. Im surprised, they seemed really nice and professional. Perhaps youre the second candidate and they are still waiting on the first to sign a contract? Who knows :-/

Saint Leo University (in Florida)- Communication Management position - filled, offer accepted in 5/2010

Saint Louis University - Public Relations Position

Saint Louis University - Multiplatform journalism position

on-campus interview scheduled for later in November. Bringing in 3 candidates with aim of having an offer made and accepted by middle/end of December.
Sooooooo, here we are in mid-December, did they make an offer yet? Anyone accept?:
Yes, I think the offer was accepted 12/21.

Santa Clara University

Phone Interviews in late October - early November
On campus interviews scheduled for November - early December
Rumor is an offer was made and accepted.... Anyone know?
Yes, an offer was made and accepted. (as of 12/17)
Individual with first name Justin was hired (12/18)

SUNY New Paltz The department chair conducted NCA interviews

-Campus Interviews being conducted in February

Offer was made and accepted (2/21)

Texas Christian University- Two assistant professors (review began Nov. 1)

Any news on TCU?
Conducting on campus interviews with initial short list. No idea how many though.
I know for sure that an offer has been extended to one candidate. That candidate has accepted the position. (1/4/2010)
Do you know his or her name? I never heard from them and applied there. (1/7/2010)
Ditto (1/8)
- cont. TCU b/c two discussions on this site, so now merged here (1/11)
Interviewing initial short list on campus. Will keep screening candidates until position is filled.
Received an email that two verbal offers have been made and accepted.
Did you email the search chair for information or was this the blanket rejection email? I haven't gotten one yet. 1/10
I believe that Dr. Andrew Ledbetter (from Ohio University) has accepted a position at TCU. (posted 1/16/10).
This is true. I heard the other hire was an internal candidate. (posted 1/18/10).
The 1/18 post is incorrect; an internal candidate was not hired for the other position. (posted 1/22/10).
I heard that Johny Garner (from Pepperdine University) accepted the other position. (posted 1/23/2010).

Trinity (TX)

Conducted NCA interviews but it was unclear if it was a shortlist.
-Looked to me like they had a fairly big stack of materials in front of them while I was meeting with them. Made me think it wasn't to a short list yet.
-Also, they couldn't have interviewed a short list because the deadline for apps isn't until Dec. 5th
-They said that they would begin reviewing apps immediately after the deadline and contact people shortly thereafter (they said they would be "moving quickly")and do campus interviews in January. But you can bet they were still taking notes on who they liked; that may not have been the short list, but they were checking out potential candidates for sure.
- Phone interviews being conducted this week 12/13 and campus interviews being scheduled for Jan.
-At least one campus interview is scheduled for January.
-Campus interviews concluded this week (3 candidates). Decision pending. 1/23
- Offer was extended and accepted 1/27

Tulane University- Term critical race theory and postcolonial studies

Ack received 1/21 Any news? Anyone else get an ack?

I had a phone interview on Feb. 4 (that was final step, i.e. no campus interview), and have been waiting to find out their decision... They said they hoped to make an offer by the end of February, but I haven't heard a peep, yea or nay. Are others still waiting, or has anyone been made an offer?

I never got any notification and asked for a timeline and they said they'd made an offer on 3/4 and are waiting to hear back.

Anyone know if the offer was accepted?

University of Alabama - 3 year renewable Instructor of Rhetoric and Public Discourse (Deadline Feb 1)

Received email saying my file is complete and that they would have more information about phoners in 7-10 days (2/8). Received email asking if I was still on the market and saying the dept. was meeting on the morning of 2/19 to decide on short list. anyone hear anything after that?

I received an email yesterday asking me to schedule an on-campus interview (3/7).

I accepted another job and withdrew from this one (3/25).

Heard that an offer was extended (4/29).

- A colleague told me that Meredith Bagley (UT Austin) accepted the position. Congratulations Meredith!

University of Arkansas (Fayetteville)- Film Studies/Political-Legal Comm/Race-Ethnicity-Class (Due Dec. 15)

- Film studies wiki says phone interview was conducted
- Heard phone interviews completed. Maybe on-campus invites sent by now?
Yes, on-campus interviews have been scheduled (1/28)

-Offer accepted (2/16) film studies.

- Who got this job? Congrats to you. Jon Cavallero from Indiana University.

University of Cincinnati- Asst Prof in New Information Communication Technologies (due Dec. 31) (I merged this discussion and the one under NCA interviews

Scheduling NCA meet and greets (10/20)
from what I heard, these are not 'interviews,' per se, but rather informal 'meet and greets' with candidates who have expressed interest in the Cincinnati position.
-- I am the OP on this. Yes, it is a meet and greet. I am under the impression that a faculty member in my dept told someone on the search committee that a few of us would be a good fit and then we were contacted to touch base with them at NCA. After that I submitted my postal materials and search chair set up meet and greet. He then followed up when my electronic app materials were completed. -- I am very confused, does this mean that we should contact someone at Cincinnati if we want to talk to them about the position? does this mean that if we don't get contacted they aren't interested in our application?
-- I don't know and I don't think that any of us could know. (OP here again) Maybe the SC contacted me and my classmates because he was told to do so via this faculty member... and maybe he isn't really interested in us at all but is doing a favor for someone. PERSONALLY, my NCA strategy is to contact SCs and ask if they're doing any meetings and/or holding any receptions. YMMV. NCA is early this year and the job postings were late, so maybe some schools aren't ready? Just my 2 cents.
--I have been advised by a very experienced full prof to *not* contact the SC about meetings at NCA. That said, it doesnt seem like it could hurt in this situation (where you have good info that other people are being contacted for meetings). If you havent heard from them and they dont want you they will say no. If they want to talk to you they will say yes. Just my 2...
- Yeah, I was advised by a very experienced full prof TO contact people. He said "At NCA it's on and SCs expect this. I dunno. I asked my advisor what he thinks. I think that it could go either way. :0/ Once again, conflicting info...
- A bit late for this, sorry, but I contacted the SCC and had a meet-and-greet. Was expecting a short "here's the position, what questions do you have" talk but was pleasantly surprised to get over 30 mins with the SCC and another SC member. Very professional, very supportive - they seem like they'd be great colleagues. Don't know what will happen in the next stage, but good luck to whoever gets on-campus interviews! If I recall correctly, they will narrow to a long shortlist (10-12) at the beginning of next semester.
- I also had a "meet and greet" at NCA (they can't call it an interview because the call hasn't closed, and it wasn't an interview anyway). Like the person above, I expected a short meeting but mine lasted for about an hour and I also met with the SCC and another SC member. Although they did meet and greets at NCA, they are still accepting applications and, from what I can tell, are considering all of them. They want to narrow it down to about 5 finalists and bring 3 for on campus interviews after the first of the year. This seems like a great department and I was impressed with the SCC's discussion of it.
Heard that semi-final selections will be decided by search committee on Jan 7. (This was all posted right under the name of the U on the wiki, so I've cut and pasted it below so these comments are in chronological order. - Any idea if they'll contact people? (1/7)
- I just (1/7) received notice via e-mail that I am a semi-finalist and noting that the search chair will e-mail later today for more information that I should submit via an online survey. Once they have the additional information from the survey, they'll decide on their top 3 candidates in two weeks, at which point they will schedule on-campus interviews. It doesn't look like they'll do phone interviews, but instead will seek additional information in an online survey to make their decision about on-campus interviews. (1/7) x2
I heard that they're going to decide on the 20th of January for top 3 after the survey.
-Three or four candidates have been invited for campus interview to be held January 25-Feb 5.

- Got email rejection 2/5. x2

I heard a rumor that an offer was extended, not sure if accepted. Can anyone confirm? (2/22)

- Yes, accepted by Eric Jenkins, already an assistant professor elsewhere who studies rhetoric and media technology.

University of Georgia -

Health Communication & Technology position in the Department of Speech Communication has been filled.

- who got the job?

University of Georgia- Dept of Speech Communication, Assistant Professor in Rhetoric and Political Comm (due March 22)

- I heard from someone that they contacted finalists last week in March. Not sure if to ask for phone or campus interviews.

- On campus interview later in April (4/5)
Heard that an offer may have been extended (5/4/10). x2 - heard it was extended to an assist. prof. Can anyone confirm? Yes, I believe an offer was extended to an assist. prof. but I do not believe s/he has accepted yet. I withdrew my candidacy on 5/7/10 so there should only be one other person in the running if the assist. prof. turns down the offer. Good luck to you!

The search has failed and the position will most likely be re-posted for 2011 (5/30).

University of Houston Downtown - Rhetoric (due October 15, 2009) Full Listing Here

- Scheduling NCA interviews by email (11/3)
Scheduling campus interviews (12/15)

- offer extended to and accepted by Diana Martinez (UT Austin) - congrats Diana!

University of Kentucky (Assistant Professor in Interpersonal Comm. & Assistant Professor in Risk Comm) - Positions filled 1/20.

Did interviews at NCA, but don't know how many people they met
Anybody heard from Kentucky?
They are in their final stages - will be sending out rejection letters in the next couple of weeks. No idea if an offer has been extended or accepted. 1/7
An offer has been made and accepted. (1-22-10)
Anyone know who got the job?

University of Kentucky- 2 Assistant Professors, Instructional Communication

anybody know anything about these positions and what they're looking for?
I assume the original poster got info from here
Campus interviews are currently being scheduled. 1/25
are they interviewing for the TT positions only?
yes, just getting started- don't know about Instructors... scheduled interview for TT AP position.
Received letter informing that TT Assistant Professor positions were filled (3/1). Congrats to those who got the jobs!

University of Maryland- Digital Humanities (interdisciplinary hire, possibly in Department of Communication)

Rejection letter by snail mail 1/23 Had 250+ applicants.

Also, according to Film and Media wiki, "2/17 Invites for campus interviews will be extended next week"

Film and Media wiki says: 2/24 - E-mail invitation for campus interview. (Was told over the phone that they are bringing in 8 people to interview for these two slots). (x2)

Offer made and accepted: 4/1.

- who accepted this position?

University of Memphis- Media Theory & Tech (due Jan. 14, 2010)

- Review of applications underway (1/15/10)
- phone interview scheduled for next week (1/15)
- Contacted to fill in survey for next stage of interview process. 1/14
- Campus visits scheduled for the first two weeks of February (1/25) x2

Any updates on this position? (3/21) Offer has been made and accepted.

Any idea who got the job?

- Rejection e-mail received on 4/14/10. Just said position had been filled without mentioning a name of the hire.

- who got this job?

University of Michigan - Interdisclipinary Study of (Visual) Mass Media (due September 25)

10/28 Affirmative Actions email came
Any update here?
At NCA they were courting a very senior person for this position.
The only person from UMich that I saw was Scott Campbell. Were there others?
Any update on this?
What is the deal with this one? It was due so long ago.
According to the Film and Media Studies Wiki, they have conducted campus interviews for this position.
-- Official snail mail rejection letter received (1/14/2010) ("You are not among the finalists we invited to campus.")X2
------- And then my snail mail rejection letter (received 1/22/10) said that the search is complete. Anyone know who got hired?

University of Minnesota - Journalism and Mass Communication History (due October 19, 2009) (review starts October 30, 2009)

They follow up with an EEOO (online) form request via email once they start to process your application
3 finalists selected and on-campus interviews scheduled for November
-received rejection letter (12/7); letter said they'd interviewed several candidates and were negotiating the hiring of another. (wording of letter was unclear; I'd guess they meant they were hiring one they'd interviewed, though that's not what it said.)
They hired an internal candidate 12/14
Hired internal candidate Giovanna Dell'Orto 12/14
note: this position was listed twice on this page for some reason, so I have merged the conversations about both herestarts October 30, 2009)

University of Minnesota- New Media Journalism (due October 19, 2009, review starts October 30)

Any news on the New Media Journalism position?
New Media candidate visits scheduled for December.
Received an automated email from their application system indicating that the position had been filled. Confirmed with SC that position has been filled and rejection letters will be sent out tomorrow (1/14).

University of Missouri - Political Communication

Political Comm email receipt of information 11/10. 38 applicants
It says below that they made an offer for the political comm job already - but there was no news about any interviews - anyone know anything about this?
J. Brian Houston, Graduated University of Oklahoma 2007

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill - (PR position)

On-campus interviews started Oct.26
Have all the campus interviews been scheduled? I heard a rumor they are hiring two people this year.
Don't know if all have been scheduled, but they are bringing 6 candidates with the aim of filling 2 positions.
They were bringing in 5 candidates & planned to fill 2 positions by mid-December. Anyone have any word on the status? (12/19)
The offers were extended, but I don't know if they have been accepted yet. Two offers made and accepted. Still looking for a third- see new job call.
Anyone know who got hired?

University of North Carolina Wilmington - performance studies - (Jan 20 deadline)

Phone call - Jan. 22 - scheduled phone interview for next week.
Pretty clear that this process wasn't exactly fair. In 48 hours, the entire committee agreed on who to call for interviews? Deadline for files on a Wednesday and called on a Friday to arrange a phone interview? Wow. Congratulations to whomever has the inside job here.
You think it's an inside job? I hope not. I got a call for an on-campus interview and I'm not on the "inside." it seems like the faculty know what qualities they are looking for though - the questions in the phone interview were very directed. They told me they were moving fast on the position and wanted to progress quickly. They seem to be taking my outside candidacy very seriously.
I think most committees review files as they come in, especially in cases where they have to move fast (for whatever reason). You might be right, they might have an inside candidate, but the speed with which they scheduled phone interviews doesnt necessarily indicate that they do.
Inside doesn't mean that it's someone currently at the school. And legally, as a public school, they have to be sure to have the appearance of a fair process. I know of several times when friends have applied for jobs to help out another grad student out because a school didn't have enough applicants for the search becauase everyone knew it was an inside job. Too many weird events on this one-my money is on someone specific. We'll see in a little bit.
Yeah, we'll see. The ad was posted in October for a January deadline, so an inside hire with that timeline seems unlikely.

Offer was extended and accepted.

University of North Texas at Dallas- Assistant Professor of Communication (Speech Comm)

Checking references for those on the short list. They anticipate offering campus invitations within the next few weeks (2/10)

- The offer has been extended and accepted (4/5)

University of Portland (two positions)

Assistant Professor Communication Studies (Due Nov. 30, 2009)
Rejection email 12/23

Did anyone ever get an interview or an offer for this?

- Yes, and it was accepted, but I do not know any details.

Journalism/New Media (Due Nov. 30, 2009)
Got an email on 12/8 with a PDF of this: "We greatly appreciate your getting your file to us in a timely fashion. We are conducting two searches in our department, and we will take up our journalism decision-making at the end of January."

- 12/20 update: I only applied for the journalism/new media position. I don't know about the comm studies job.

-::Sent in my application for the communication studies position but did not get an email. Anyone else in the same boat? Was the email just for the journalism position?
-::Ditto - didn't get an email for the comm studies position. Maybe it is a different search committee and they are not doing that??
-::Ditto - din't get anything about the comm studies position. 12/15
- :Contacted Search Chair, and campus interviews are being conducted this week, they are looking to extend offer in next week or so 1/28
- :interviews this week, hope to extend an offer in next week or so 1/27
-::-- do you mean for the Comm job or for the New Media?
- :::The interviews I was referring to earlier were for the Comm job, sorry. 1/31
-:- got reject email for new media 1/29 x2

- Journalism/New Media position filled 3/1

- Communication position filled

- Two positions total filled (1 Journalism/New Media; 1 Communication Studies)

University of Richmond- Communication and Culture (review starts October 1, 2009)

11/5: Finalizing short list. Will be contacting (calling) soon to schedule NCA preliminary interviews (x2) (reportedly received ~170 applications)
---- I received an e-mail for an interview with Richmond, to take place Friday or Saturday during NCA (e-mail received 11/9) (x2)
---- I received an email today to schedule an on campus interview in December. (11/23)
Rumor is that an offer has been made and accepted (12/23).
-- has the Richmond offer/acceptance been confirmed, and if so, who is the new prof? (12/30)
--received rejection email today that said Richmond has filled the position (1/5) X3 (they had 160 applications)
- and, according to my rejection e-mail, the new rhetoric professor is Nicole Maurantonio, who I think was/is a post-doc at Northeastern. Congrats Nicole!

University of South Carolina-Extended University--Speech Communication/Rhetoric Position

Teleconference interview scheduled for week of Feb. 8
3 interviews scheduled -- hope to make a decision about flyout and/or offer by the end of the week
Offer made to (2/10) and accepted (2/12) by Jessica Sheffield (Penn State University) - Congrats, Jessica!

University of South Florida - Communication and Africana Studies (due Jan. 4, 2010)

Received snail mail rejection 3/8 says close to 40 candidates applied and offer has been extended and accepted. Anyone know who it is?

University of Texas - Arlington - Journalism

Got a rejection letter saying they had found someone.
Me too. At least the letter was nice. (1/17)

University of Texas at Brownsville

Campus interview scheduled for the end of March (3/6)

They have made an offer (4/6)

University of Texas at Dallas- Assistant Professor of Emerging Media and Comm (two TT positions, due Feb. 15)

phone interview scheduled next week (3/8)

they have completed on-campus interviews and made an offer. Got a rejection e-mail. (4/7) -- were you among the finalists or semi-finalists?

- which position?

- when did they make an offer?

University of Utah - New Media

On campus visit arranged. (They skipped phone interviews and went directly to campus interviews.)
Date? How'd they contact you? Did you meet with them at NCA?
Contacted on 11/20 by phone. Had a very brief meet-and-greet at NCA (a 20 minute conversation between panels).
You had your meet-and-greet *before* receiving the phone call, correct? (The 2009 NCA conf. was from Nov. 12-15).
Anyone else hear from them?
- An offer has been made and accepted
- Who did get this one?
Robert W. Gehl, George Mason U Cultural Studies
- got snail mail rejection letter (1/29)

University of Utah - organizational communication

- Did three on campus visits around the first week of December.
- An offer was made to someone (an advanced assistant professor at another university) who actually declined the offer (to stay where the person was). I am fairly certain that's what happened but I cannot confirm 100% when or why. (12/26).
-I received a snail mail letter indicating that the search has ended. (1/23) It does not say who was hired- someone from Arizona State, I think.
- see for details on hires

University of Wisconsin-Madison- (Three positions)

Mass Communication
They're actually starting to bring people in this month.
- This is true. They have selected their 3 people.
- I wouldn't get too worried yet though. I heard through the grapevine that they interviewed a lot of people last year.
Any updates on this?
-Could someone clarify - have they selected their 3 people for all three positions, or just the Mass Comm position? Any news on the other two positions?
Heard they're bringing in folks for the Mass Communication and Communication Sciences positions.
-Offer has been extended (1/25/10)
Has this offer been accepted?


- snail mail rejection letter 2/8

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Communication Science

Three candidates for Communication Sciences position have visited; decision pending
- Would be nice to see some rejection notices, huh? (12/20)
- Offer has been extended (1/25/10)
- Has this offer been accepted? Yes, position accepted

- snail mail rejection letter 2/8

- who got this job? Cornell PhD (or ABD?)

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Rhetoric

-Narrowed to 5 candidates, final 3 will be selected within next week or two (12/15)
Is this info from the department itself?
-Have those 5 been contacted? On campus interviews being scheduled for Jan.
Have campus interviews already been scheduled?
-A friend of mine had a telephone interview recently (don't know when exactly) for the rhetoric position. Unfortunately I don't know more than that (12/26).
-On-campus interviews began last week (rhetoric). (1/23)
-A friend of mine just returned from a campus interview (1/21).- For which position?
Rhetoric position. They brought two people in for campus interviews
Offer made for rhetoric position, but not sure if it was accepted (1/29)

- So it's been two weeks since the Wisconsin rhetoric offer was extended. Anyone know if it has been accepted? (2/12) Job not accepted yet (2/16)

Any word on acceptance yet? (2/25) -'

Word is that Karma Chavez (already an Assistant Professor at the U of New Mexico) accepted the position. (posted 3/24/10)

Villanova - Rhetoric

Heard rumor that an offer has been extended to someone at UNC
Offer accepted by Billie Murray from UNC Chapel Hill
- Journalism/Media Studies - Received invitation (11/10) for interview on Saturday.
Any update on this? I heard they were going to start interviewing next week for the journalism job--has anyone heard anything?
They are also already interviewing for the Journalism position.
Offer made (Journalism) and accepted by Tom Ksiazek (Northwestern).

Willamette - Rhetoric

An offer has been extended and accepted
Any idea who accepted the position?
Anyone know when the offer was accepted? They just did on-campus interviews in the first two weeks of Dec.
Yes, and called the candidate very soon after completion of the interviews.
Amber Davisson from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute accepted 12/12
Extremely nice rejection email (12/21) - Congratulations Amber (x3)
Do you think they send the same generic rejection email to everyone? They had 200 apps, so Im gona go out on a limb and suggest that everyone got the same email :) Sorry.
I interviewed at NCA and didn't get any email at all - maybe they liked you better :-) x2

Xavier University - Public Relations Position

Hiring Information[]

If you wish, please feel free to use this section to share information salaries offered. It would be helpful to all current and future seekers. If you're willing to do this, make a note of the kind of job, the level (asst/assoc/full), the region, the kind of university, the salary, and any very significant perks/incentives (if any), male or female, and if you negotiated.

The people in Rhetoric/Composition did this last year, and it is useful to collect this information so people have some idea of what to negotiate when they accept a job. The Rhetoric/Composition 2009 hiring information is here.

  • For additional information regarding state universities, all state employees' salaries are public record, but how accessible this information is varies from state to state. In my research, I've found these databases and will look up names of faculty in the departments to which I've applied. That gives a decent picture of what to expect.

Positions and Details[]

  • Assistant prof TT (Public relations), $65K (offered, no negotiating, was told it was the top end of their range), Private, 10-month contract, 2-2-2 load (quarter system), Northeast region, male
- This is a fantastic offer- do you have a ton of experience? (While I didn't get this offer, I know that PR salaries are generally much higher in the academy than most other communication jobs)
- 5 years of professional PR experience in sports and agency PR. We had two grads in PR last year who received similar offers ($60K and $62K). I turned it down because it was early in the fall and they wanted a quick decision (was second-guessing myself for a bit but it worked out when I accepted a similar offer in Jan. at a school that's a better fit).
- Would it also have to do with the area? Cost of living is higher in the Northeast. Where was the similar offer that you ended up accepting? (Not asking this to discount your worth btw, just wondering about general ranges across the fields.)
- I'm sure location was part of it (although it was outside of major metro areas). Took a job in the Midwest
  • Assistant Prof TT, Western, Private University, $58,500 (offered, no negotiations), 9 month contract, no summer teaching, $4,800 moving, $5000 startup, female (3/2 load).
- This is a hot offer! May I ask what state?
- I'm not the OP, but I think this sounds like the offer from a private school in Oregon where I was brought on-campus (so saw these figures, at least the main salary and course load) but was not given the final offer.
  • Assistant Prof TT, Midwest, Small public university, $51,000 (offered, no negotiations), 9 month contract, $3500 moving, female (3/3 load)
  • Assistant Prof TT, South(west, sort of), Small private U, 55,000 (offered, no neg), 9 month contract, $2000 moving, $5000 summer fellowship for 3 summers, (3/3 load), female
May I ask you (and the two above you here) why there were no negotiations? Did you negotiate other things (computer equipment, course release, number of preps per semester, etc., but just not salary?)
Three of the ones listed with "no negs" here are mine, and there were no negotiations because I turned down the offers. Had I been ready to accept, I would have negotiated. These were the offers initially made, but I figure the information is still useful, so I put it up here - very useful. Thanks for the info.
--I didn't try to negotiate salary because it was a great offer for the area as it was. They also offered other things (computer, printer, moving money, summer money), so that wasn't an issue. I asked for and got some things I need for research and they agreed to keep new preps to minimum in the first year.
--I didn't negotiate because the college I got the offer from didn't do negotiations. They have a standard offer structure.
To OP above- I'm amazed that you got THREE offers, and did not take any of them. Were these all extended this year, and why didn't you accept any of them?
-One was a very low offer ($39k) and during one of them, it became clear the hiring dept was having some serious issues. The other one was very hard to turn down because I loved the people, but it was the right decision in the end for a few reasons. (2/10)
  • Assistant Prof TT, South, Mid-size public university, $39,000 (offered, no neg's), female (4/4 class load).
Are you ABD, and if so, can you share what your salary will be upon completion of the PhD?
This salary was assuming completion of my PhD. They said during my interview that salaries at their Univ. are low, so I suspect they just have low salaries. It was in a rural area, so that probably contributed to the low salary. I was a bit surprised, to be honest, as I'm sure many of you are. I think this is an outlier!
-Great, thanks for the information, it is helpful. Congrats on getting a job :)
-Just to be clear, I did not accept the position, but this was their offer. I decided it wasn't a good fit for me long-term. Is it OK to add salaries that were offered in this section even if they weren't accepted? If not, feel free to delete this one. I just thought it may be interesting to see what was offered.
-Super helpful information, thanks again and congrats on not taking a TT job for that kind of salary :) X2 I wonder if they thought that they could get away with it given the market? Did you balk? :) --- Yes, I balked. I had to. I told the Dean I was shocked but I tried to be nice becuase I don't think it was their fault. Salaries at that school are just very low. I suspect this hurts them a lot with faculty recruitment. If they get someone who really wants to be in that area, though, then the salary may not matter. They were very nice people and I don't think they were trying to lowball me b/c of the market, but I could be wrong about that.
Would you mind sharing which state or which area of studies this position was for?
--Organizational Communication
  • Assistant Prof TT, Midwest, Small public U, 50,500 (offered, no neg), 9 month contract, $3000 moving, (4/3 load), female
  • Assistant Prof TT, South, Small Private U, $45-50,000, 3/3 load
  • Assistant Prof TT, Midwest, Small private U, 54,000 (negotiated to $55k), $1,000 moving, 9 month contract (4/4 load), female
  • Assistant Prof TT, inland Northeast, small public, $55,400 (offered, union neg), 9 mo, $2,800 moving, 3/3 load, female, also neg course preps and media technology
  • TT, Midwest, Public U, 54,000 (offered, no neg), $6000 startup, (2/2 load), female
  • Assistant Prof TT, Northeast R1, $75K, 9 month contract $10K startup, (2/2 load)
- What subject area is this in? New Media
- Just to second the question, do you have a ton of industry or academic experience?'
- Bunch of pubs and PhD in-hand, but not a lot more than that. I also develop my own datasets, which I think helped a lot.
- I know a couple of the R1s start at 70-75k, so I wasn't as floored as some might be when comparing this to the other offers, but nonetheless: Congrats on such a great offer! Out of curiosity - do you focus in a particular area of new media? Persuasion, journalism, health comm, etc.? Given the anonymity of this board, I understand if you don't wish to disclose too much, but my research area overlaps into new media and have found that the term means different things to different people and schools.
- Field is internet and media institutions... If I say more than that, identity will probably become super-obvious!

- Wow, congrats to the person who got this offer!

- For what it's worth, the above conversation [now deleted, thank you :)] and the earlier note about the 'private school in Oregon' are precisely why I've been hesitant to post details of my own offer -- I know we can all generally figure out who got what by squinting, turning our heads, and matching up reports of offers with reports of positions accepted, but (I think) that doesn't mean we need to actually post it on the wiki. I thank the other posters for providing information about their own offers and certainly hope none of them get in trouble with their institutions when other wikizens post identifying information about them. -
Ditto! I have REALLY appreciated this wiki throughout my job search, including the basic info on salary offers. But I believe we need to keep some details to ourselves.
- I agree. I'm the one who asked about focus within new media, but I was a little hesitant to do so for just this reason. While I usually don't agree with removing other people's comments, in cases like these, I would not begrudge the OP if he or she deleted some of the above conversation if the person is uncomfortable with it. I think we should draw the line at naming specific schools, even in speculation.

["guess" posts deleted]

  • Assistant Prof TT, South R1, Public, $58,000, 9 month contract, two summers of guaranteed research funding, $2000 moving, $3000 start-up, 2/2 load, male.
  • Assistant Prof TT, Mid-Atlantic, Public, $55,000 ABD ($57,000 PhD), $4000 moving, 3/3 load, female
  • Assistant Prof TT, Mid-Atlantic, private SLAC, $50-55,000 ABD (did not accept so did not negotiate or find out moving/startup details), 3/3 load, generalist, female
  • Assistant Prof TT, Mid-Atlantic, Public U, $49,000 ABD (negotiated up from $48000), 4/4 load (3 preps), 9 month contract with summer teaching available. research/library/travel money available, laptop provided, strategic comm, female
  • Instructor TT, Southwest, Public, $54,000 ABD/$58,000 upon completion of PhD (not negotiable), 10 month contract, $7500 summer teaching, 5/5 load (1-2 preps), male
  • Assistant Prof TT, South, Public U, $38,000 (completed Phd), 9 month contract, 4/4 load (3 preps), female
  • Assistant Prof TT, Midwest, Private, 50,000, 9 month contract, moving expenses, 3/3 load, female
  • Assistant Prof TT, Midwest, Private, 52,000, 9 month contract, moving expenses, 3/3 load, female
  • Assistant Prof TT, South, Public U, $51,000, 9 month contract, 4/4 load (1-2 preps), female
  • Assistant Prof TT, South, Public U, $44,000 (negotiated up from $42K), 9 month contract, 4/3 load (1-2 preps), summer teaching available, moving funds, conference/travel funds, female
  • Assistant Prof TT, Midwest, Public U, $52,000 (no negotiation) 3-3 load
  • Assistant Prof TT, South, Public U, $62,000, 9 month contract, $20,000 startup, $5000 moving, 2/2, negotiated everything, female.

-Did the person above mistype $20,000 startup, and instead mean to type $2,000. I am shocked by the former figure!

  • Assistant Prof TT, Northeast inland, Public U, $45,000 (no neg), 9 month contract, $3,000 moving, 4/4.
  • Assistant Prof TT, Northwest, Private SLAC, $53,000 (no neg), 9 month contract, $3,000 moving, housing assistance available if you stay in house at least 5 years, 3/3
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Northeast inland, Public regional campus, $45,000 (no neg), 9 month contract, $3,000 moving, 3-3 load plus advising student newspaper
  • Assistant Prof, TT, Southwest, Public Research U, $63,000 (neg), 10K start up, 6K summer support, $2,500 moving, 2/2 teaching, male (rhetoric)

Application Summary[]

The Chronicle of Higher Ed did this for a forum and it was helpful to see. Please list a brief review of your job search so far, including your status (student? ABD? year? faculyt?), number of applications sent, number of phone interviews, NCA interviews/meet-and-greets, on campus interviews, rejections, etc. - can we add areas of study? - Sure, why not! =)

If you listed yourself as accepting a job offer here, can you please fill in information about salary, teaching load, etc., in the section right above this one?

Out of curiosity, could someone clarify what is meant by a "top 10 department" :) ?
- I'm going with the NCA reputation study of 2004 in my area
--same here
- PS, I appreciate the sense that there are other people out there, obsessively refreshing the wiki. (I'm trying to only look 2X a day now.)'
- I am completely with you on this. I look forward to seeing more of us in the Offers Accepted "pile" of this wiki. (x3)
- I hope we all get the job! I am starting to feel hopeless. (Me, too, but check out the "venting" wiki to put things in perspective, and laugh).
-- I went to the campus counseling services the other day (very helpful FWIW) and did some cognitive behavioral therapy. The result: There is only 1 thing that I am in control of: finishing my diss. Everything else is out of my control - job hunt, financial security, etc. - so worrying about it causes anxiety that is completely unproductive.

Can we add the pub situation?''


3rd year ABD

  • 3rd year Ph.D. student (PR focus), ABD, 9 apps, 5 AEJMC interviews, 7 phone interviews, 5 campus visits - 2 job offers (turned down first one, accepted second offer), 1 job had funding pulled, 1 of 2 finalists at other campus visit but didn't get offer, canceled last campus visit
- Do you mind answering this- The offer you took is a TT position or a visiting? i.e. are you on tenure as ABD?
- Accepted offer is TT; if Ph.D. is not finished by fall will start as instructor with slightly lower salary.
  • 3rd year Ph.D. student, ABD, 25 apps, 13 official rejections, 4 wikijections (1 from a campus visit), 4 AEJMC interviews, 5 phone interviews, 5 campus visits, 1 canceled campus visit, 1 canceled phoner, 2 offers (accepted first, turned down second), journalism

4th years ABD

  • 4th year Ph.D. student, ABD, 35-ish apps (including postdocs), 3 NCA interviews, 3 phone interviews, 1 campus visit, 10 rejections, 5 wikijections, 29 cigarettes, 15 bottles of wine, 10000 bitter tears. media studies.
  • 4th year PhD student, ABD, 30-ish apps (two postdocs, one fellowship), 1 NCA interview, 2 phone interviews, 0 Campus, 10 official rejections, the rest on wiki. Am going to tread water for another year at my current institution which (thankfully) can fund me. media studies/gender studies/technology studies
  • 4th year Ph.D. student, ABD, 38 applications sent (1 post-doc), 2 phone interview, 2 campus, 1 offer ; new media/health comm/intercultural
  • 4th year Ph.D. student top 10 dept, ABD, ~16 applications sent (mostly to top depts) + 2 postdocs + 2 fellowships, 4 NCA interviews, 1 phone, 0 campus, 1 fly out for a postdoc, 9 official rejection and 7+ wikijections. New media/technology.
  • 4th year PhD student top 10 dept, ABD, 45 applications sent (in 3 areas), 7 phone interviews, 2 NCA interviews, 7 campus, 35 total rejections- Org Comm/PR/Technology
  • 4th year PhD student in top 10 dept, ABD, 25 apps, 2 phone, 3 NCA interviews plus 1 meet-n-greet, 3 on-campus and another invite declined, 13 official rejections but all else are wikijections, rhetoric/media technology--- 1 offer accepted
  • 4th year PhD student, ABD, 37 applications sent, 3 phone interviews, 2 NCA interviews, 2 on-campus interviews, rejections-lost count. rhetoric, political communication, media technology, 1 offer accepted
  • 4th year PhD student top 10 dept, ABD, 26 applications, 1 NCA interview, 2 phone interviews, 0 campus, 9 contact rejections, 13 wikijections, rhetoric
  • 4th year PhD student (interpersonal), ABD, top 10 dept, 18 apps sent, 4 NCA interviews, 2 phone interviews, 1 campus interview, 3 actual rejections, 2 replies to emails that suggest a rejection letter is coming, 6 wikijections...being on the job market = priceless. (1/14) - LOL X2 hillarious-wish I had thought of this :) congrats on job! -- 1 offer accepted.
  • 4th year PhD student top 10 dept, ABD, 19 applications sent, 2 NCA interviews, 1 phone interview, 0 campus, lots of rejections, both official and wiki "rhetoric"
  • 4th year PhD (rhetoric and generalist positions), ABD, 32 apps sent, 1 NCA interview, 3 phone, 2 campus, 23 rejections, 1 offer
  • 4th year PhD student, top 10 dept, ABD, 50+ apps (inclusive of postdocs) sent (in 2 disciplines and 1 interdiscipline), 6 phone interviews, 1 nca interview 1 meet-and-greet, 5 campus (3 more scheduled, 2 just wrapped), countless wikijections. media, rhetoric, cultural studies, and technology. 1 offer
  • 4th year PhD student, top 10 dept, ABD, interpersonal, 7 pubs, 25ish apps, 3 NCA interviews, 2 phone, 2 campus. 1 offer accepted
  • 4th year PhD student, ABD, rhetoric, 3 research pubs, 3 teaching pubs, 35 applications, 1 NCA interview, 4 phone interviews, 2 on-campus interviews, 20 rejections (many of these were wiki-jections), 1 offer accepte
  • 4th year PhD student, ABD media studies. 10+pubs, ~40 apps, 6 phone interviews, 3 NCA interviews, 3 on-campus interviews, 1 offer, accepted.

5th years ABD

  • 5th year Ph.D. student, ABD, 20 applications sent (15 jobs, 5 post docs), 2 phone interviews, 1 NCA interview, 0 campus interviews, 9 official rejections, rhetoric, intercultural
  • 5th year Ph.D. student, ABD, 20 applications (all jobs), 1 phone interview, 3 NCA interviews, 5 campus interviews (1 scheduled, 4 completed), lots of wikijections and a few official rejections, 1 offer accepted, rhetoric, cultural studies, media studies.
  • 5th year PhD student top 10 dept, ABD, 39 job apps + 1 postdoc, 2 NCA interviews and 2 meet-and-greets, 6 phoners, 1 campus visit, 30+ wikijections and official rejections, 1 offer accepted. Rhetoric/new media/technology
  • 5th year PhD, ABD, 25 apps sent (24 job, 1 post doc): 3 phone interviews, 2 NCA interviews, 2 campus interviews 6-7 email/snail mail rejections, 1 offer accepted - (Applying for Health Comm/International/Inter-cultural positions)
  • 5th year PhD, ABD, unrankable program, 63 apps sent, 2 phone interviews, 1 campus interview, 10-15 actual rejections, 1 job offer (taken) (1/15) digital media, cultural studies, technology --As someone who has actually been fortunate enough to land a job how do you feel about the fact that you applied to 63 jobs. Was it worth the time or did you find that it was ultimently a big waste applying to so many positions? Thanks.-- Well, obviously since I got a job, it wasn't a waste. There was no way to predict which one might grant me an interview, let alone offer a position. I was prepared to apply for over 100 this cycle. However, this is certainly a stressful task; I relied on spreadsheets and Interfolio to keep track of everything. - thanks for sharing your experience. You can't be tailoring your letters, can you? Sounds very time consuming. -- Yes, I did. Every time. And yes, it was time-consuming. Does interfolio personalize letters of rec with address or greeting lines? No. Interfolio doesn't do anything except deliver the documents. For every job, I revised the letter (salutation, school name, emphases on teaching and research) and uploaded it to Interfolio. Does it matter? I think so. These jobs get 150-500 applicants apiece. SCs don't read, they scan. They look for keywords. And they are also looking for any excuse to reject an app.
  • 5th year PhD, ABD, 25 apps sent, 2 phone interviews, 3 campus interviews, 2 offers - new media

6th years ABD

  • 6th year, PhD, ABD, 14 job apps + 1 post-doc, 1 phone interview, 2 skype interviews, 4 invites to visit campus, 4 official rejections, 1 offer (taken!) new media, cultural studies, visual culture
  • 6th year Ph.D., ABD, PT Faculty (with relevant professional experience in the mix), 9 applications sent, 2 NCA interviews, 2 campus interviews. Org/International Comm --2 offers
  • 6th year PhD (ABD) Performance Studies & Storytelling, 7 applications sent, 3 NCA interviews, 3 phone interviews, 3 offers, 1 acceptance

Earned PhD

  • Earned Ph.D. 27 applications sent, 1 phone interview, 3 NCA interviews, 1 campus interview, rhetoric
  • Earned Ph.D., PT Faculty, 23 applications sent, 1 phone interview, 2 NCA interviews, 2 campus interview scheduled, 9 official rejections. rhetoric
  • Earned Ph.D., Visiting Faculty, 10 applications sent (all TT): 2 phone, 4 NCA, 2 campus interviews scheduled, 1 offer accepted, International Communication
  • Earned Ph.D., Visiting Faculty, 15 applications sent (all TT): 2 phone, 3 NCA, 1 campus interview scheduled, approx. 5 rejections. Rhetoric
  • Earned Ph.D., TT Faculty, 22 applications sent (all TT): 4 phone, 1 conference scheduled, 3 campus interviews, 4 rejections, 1 offer, new media/film studies/production
  • Earned Ph.D., Visiting Faculty, 25 applications sent (all TT): 2 phone, 0 NCA, 1 campus interview, a lot of rejections. rhetoric
  • Earned Ph.D., Lecturer, 25 applications sent (23 TT, 2 post-docs): bupkis. 11 official rejections, 5 wikijections. film/media/culture studies
  • Earned Ph.D., Working FT (just finished diss in Dec.), 64 apps sent (61 TT, 3 post-docs): 12 phone, 1 NCA (plus 2 meet-n-greets), 6 campus, many many rejections. 1 offer. Digital Media/Gender Studies
  • Earned Ph.D., Postdoc, 6 applications sent (in comm... 25 sent in another field): 2 phone, 4 campus interviews scheduled, 1 official rejection, 1 wikijection. 1 offer. New Media and Politics
  • Earned Ph.D., PT Faculty, 28 applications sent, 1 phone interview, 2 campus interviews, approx. 13 rejections. No offers (yet). Growing pessimism (plenty). Rhetoric.
  • Earned Ph.D., Working FT (finished in May 09), 20 apps (18 TT, 2 post-docs): 3 phone, 2 campus, 12 rejections (all types). No offers. International Comm/New Media.
  • Earned PhD,. Full time post-doc (finishes in May 09), 15 apps sent (all TT): 6 phone (1 international), 0 NCA, 3 campus (so far), 3 rejections, 2 current offers (1 international) - Internet & Interpersonal Communication
  • Earned Ph.D., 82 appl sent, 4 phoners, 3 campus interviews, 2 offers

Chit chat[]

Moved to talk page -- Discussions about why some of us are not getting jobs, additional degrees/work experience, service, teaching portfolios, travel expenses, etc.

Positions Canceled / Search Failed or Disbanded[]

Arkansas Tech --

  • Phone interviews scheduled for Monday, February 22. Were you contacted to schedule one, or are you on the SC? I was contacted by the department via e-mail. (2/16)
  • Any update on this? I had a phone interview with them nearly 3 weeks ago and still no update on my status.
  • Received a letter from the search chair (4/15) saying that the search had been cancelled due to budget issues. (4/16)

Bridgewater State College

Received rejection letter 1/9 that said committee decided to close the search; no reason provided. Heard nary a peep from them. Thanx for the update!

Calvin College

A hire freeze (e-mailed Dec. 7). I applied here and heard nada- I hate when they don't notify everyone :(

Cazenovia College

Had an on-campus interview and would have been offered the position according to the Dean, but the Board cut the budget and the position has been cut for this year. 3-5-10

When did you have an on-campus interview and when did you hear from the Dean that the search was canceled?

Had the interview Feb 22-23. They had a Board meeting that Friday, and the Dean called me early in the morning on March 4. They're hoping to re-open the search next year, if the budget improves.

I am sorry to hear about that... Good luck on your job search!

Creighton University - Assistant Professor of Communication (due January 15, 2010)

Begin reviewing applications December 15 and continue until position is filled. - :Saw position posted in two sources and never saw deadline listed above. Maybe the month listed above was a typo. (12/15) - ::CRTNET email listed the due date as January 15 - ::According to the Creighton Univ website, the review begins 1/15/10 - :::I'm the one who posted the Dec. 15th date--that was the start review date given when they posted it on HigherEdJobs, but you are all correct, official due date is indeed Jan 15th on all other sources, sorry for the confusion. - :Heard from the search chair - email saying my file is complete and that they plan to review apps immediately following the deadline this Friday. They hope to narrow within a couple of weeks and make final interview invitations by mid-Feb. I'm sure everyone who applied will get this email, but thought I'd post in case it helps. 1/12 - ::They are calling short-listed candidates to make sure they are still interested. A short list will be reviewed by faculty this week. Hope to make campus invitations by the end of next week. (Skipping phone interviews, I guess). 1/26
Anybody get a call for a campus interview?

Heard I was on the short list a week back, but haven't heard anything since. 2/6

Received update email - process is moving more slowly than they expected. They do not expect to invite people for campus interviews for another few weeks. 2/9

Anyone hear anything yet? 3/2 --Nothing here.

Also on the short-list, but no word about an interview either --3/8

Any word yet? 3/18

No news here (from another short lister) Search was pending budget approval; last I heard from search chair was they were still waiting on admin. 3/22

- 3/23 Is anyone else confused by several of the status updates on here that reference "pending budget approval"? I think it's strange that schools would even start their searches without budget approval. I know that, at least at my R-1 institution, a department is not even allowed to say a peep without funds being approved first.

-It's typical. 2008-2009 was even worse.

-Official approval for position not granted

Fordham University- New Media

on campus interview scheduled for March

- Email received 4/26 stating they would continue search into fall 2010, offering to keep file active. Has anyone heard anything more about this search?

High Point University

Received a letter stating that their Strategic Comm position search was closed and they would re-open it next year.

Huntingdon College - Communication Position canceled due to budgetary concerns - hope to repost next year. (notified by letter)

Kennesaw State- Assistant Professor of Media Studies (due Nov. 2009)

Any news?

Has anyone been contacted for phone interview for this position? (1/29)

Phone interviews currently taking place (2/1)

Heard three finalists selected (I'm not one of them, though) 2/7. For on-campus interviews.

Search is one hold because of budget issues (3/5).

Missouri State University- TT Assistant Professor in Media (review begins Oct. 5, 2009)

Campus visit scheduled 2/11

I got a call today that they are having a hiring freeze so the position got cancelled.

I go the same call. Big budget crisis in the state (same thing happened to me last year on another search)

Roger Williams University - Position was not funded - I rec'd email asking if I wanted to be considered for a lecturer position (I got from the email they converted it to a lecturers position) 3/12

Was this the journalism or PR position?

St. Ambrose University (Review Begins January 15)

--the position got canceled due to budget shortfall. (3/13) 2x (letter did state they hope to try again next year)

SUNY Geneseo- TT Assistant Prof in Mass Communication

3/22/10- Received e-mail that reported, "... we have decided not to fill the position at this time." Not sure if that means Geneseo lost funding or what?

University of California Los Angeles- Mass Communication

Does anyone know where this was posted?
I believe it was posted in the September edition of Spectra.
I saw it on one of the sites like or, but it doesn't matter because it was pulled over a month ago (11/1)

University of Illinois--Chicago-Health Communication (due Oct. 15)

-Position cancelled due to Illinois State Budget shortfall. Applications to be kept on file pending better news. (1/23, email from chair)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign- (Assistant Professor in Interpersonal Comm. due November 1, 2009)

Interviewed short list at NCA
---Is this under "On-Campus Interviews" because they are conducting them already or was this just put in the wrong place?
On campus interviews took place late November/early December
Would be nice to get a rejection email or letter. Has there been an offer extended and/or accepted?
An offer was extended in mid-december...the candidate declined the offer.
I wonder if they plan on offering the position to the next person in line. 1/5
I heard they are in a hiring freeze - university wide and won't be hiring anyone. (FYI, other wikis report that searches were suspended because of an extreme financial crisis in the state- 1/16/10)

University of Iowa -- Visual News/Digital Communication

Search cancelled due to budget cuts. Email sent to applicants 11/11
-Why is this still being advertised then in the Health Comm email bulletin? (Dec. 8)
- Which one? None of these are health comm positions...
-Health Comm and Visual News/Digital Comm are two separate searches. Top candidates have been invited for the former and the latter has been canceled due to budget cuts.

University of Oregon - Online journalism assistant professor

invited for interview in January = presumably there are two of you lucky folks? correct?
that's what I understand, yes
Search disbanded. Position never offered to anyone. Apparently, there's some disagreement among the faculty about what type of teacher/scholar they want.

University of Nevada Reno- Public Communication (due November 21, 2009),Full Listing Here

Contacted by phone on 11/30 to schedule phone interview.
Phone interviews completed 12/4. Will bring 2-3 candidates to campus around the third week of January.
Contacted 12/12 to set up campus interview for January.
Rejection email - 12/22
I think they have an inside candidate on this one.
They seem to be taking my (outside) candidacy seriously, as I have a campus visit scheduled. Out of curiosity, what makes you think there's an inside candidate?
I don't think the inside candidate is a sure thing - but they hired a visiting there last year that I think is a pretty strong contender for that position.
Yeah he just had a pub come out in CSMC
Hiring freeze due to state funding uncertainty. Hope to repost the job next year. (2/5 email from dept chair)
- they hope to get funding to hire a fixed-term for next year to cover classes

University of Pittsburgh -- Rhetoric (deadline 1 October 2009) Full Listing Here

Withdrawn according to CRTNET, August 18, 2009.