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Baltimore City Community College (Baltimore, MD) September 13, 2012 Deadline[]

Assistant Professor, Developmental English

Position summary:
The Assistant Professor is responsible for departmental and college-wide activities in keeping with the mission and vision of Baltimore City Community College. The position teaches students at a variety of skill levels, integrating technology in the delivery of instruction and infusing new approaches in the teaching and learning process in the skillful and innovative remediation of English and reading difficulties. For a detailed job description indicating essential functions, please copy and paste into your web browser and click on the position title.
Required qualifications:

  • Master's Degree in Reading, Developmental Education, Adult Education or related area
  • Three years teaching experience including one year teaching developmental level courses


Any news?

College of the Canyons (Santa Clarita, CA) October 17, 2012 Deadline[]

English Instructor - 2 Positions

PRELIMINARY INTERVIEWS: November 13 - 16, 2012

Rejection Letter emailed November 19, 2012

CAMPUS VISIT: November 26 - 30, 2012

Jamestown Community College (NY)[]

-Review begins immediately (3/17). Anyone heard anything on this position?

-Rejection email 5/21.

Borough of Manhattan Community College (NY) - Lectureship[]

City College of San Francisco (4/15)[]

Humanities/English instructor

Any movement on this job? I know it's only been a couple of weeks, but it would be nice if a hire were made in time for the person to actually plan and develop some classes.

Interview scheduled (5/20) - Scheduled for June 17. Interview entails writing assignment (750 words on a film that was adapted from a novel and did the novel justice), an on-sight written essay (topic not given), grading a sample student essay, and a 30 minute face-to-face interview. Decisions should be made by the following day, but not sure when they will alert the candidate.

  • Candidates will be notified within a couple of weeks. Had my interview today (seems I might be the only person posting about this job??). It went well, but Im not holding my breath. People there seemed really nice, though.
  • Rejected 6/28.

Community College of Philadelphia (12/4)[]

  • I interviewed with this school last year, didn't get the job, but the people were really nice.

{C}Any news on this? I had a third interview with administrators about six weeks ago and have been told that they'd be compiling the final candidate list for the fourth interview with the President around 6/20. Since then, I've heard nothing.

Dutchess Community College (Dutchess County, NY)[]

A friend sent me a posting in mid-January. I mailed in my CV and cover letter 1-21. Review of applications begin 2-1 until filled.

I received a rejection letter from here (4/5)

East Georgia College[]

Deadline- April 1st.

Genesee Community College (NY)[]

Review begins April 5.

-Request for transcripts/application by email 4/9

-Rejection form by email 4/12

Called for an interview 7/5

Georgia Military College (5/31)[]

  • This position is at their "Atlanta" campus (which is in Fairburn).
  • Also a position in Milledgeville, Ga

Mohawk Valley Community College (NY) (12/1)[]

Received a request for a phone interview on 12/8 but could not accept it; this position starts mid-January 2010.

Monroe Community College (NY) (2/1)[]

-Any news on this one?

-As of this morning (3/31), the posting is no longer on their "Employment Opportunities" website. I have no idea, however, whether that means that the funding didn't come through or they've hired someone. I never got any response to my application, though.

-I did not get any response on my application either (4/4)

-Email notifying that person has been hired and job call is closed. (5/24)

Northern Virginia Community College[]

- Any word on the Philosophy/Religion post in Alexandria? Interviews were in April. Last I heard, they were "still deciding" at the end of May, though the original expected end date was early-to-mid May. (6/19)

Johnson County Community College (KS) (2/1)[]

  • Any news on this search? (4/1)
  • Confirmation (via e-mail) that interviews will begin this week (4/12)
  • Confirmation that a candidate has been hired (5/10)

Middlesex Community College (Lowel, MA) November 16, 2012 Deadline[]

English Faculty - 2 Positions

'RESPONSIBILITIES:' The English Faculty is a creative, knowledgeable and flexible individual who provides instruction to a diverse student body, teaching courses in the English Department, primarily Developmental English and English Composition I & II. The faculty works with the Dean, Assistant Dean, Department Chair and other faculty in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of coursework and curriculum relevant to the English department; and participates in college service and student advisement. The faculty must be committed to inclusive excellence and diversity, and continuous professional improvement.


  • Teach five courses in Developmental English, English Composition I and II and English and Humanities electives each semester
  • Advise students
  • Explore new pedagogies that accelerate and contextualize developmental instruction such as Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) accelerated learning model
  • Develop and apply assessment strategies that maximize the developmental learning process and measure student learning outcomes
  • Develop and apply instructional methods that engage students of varying learning styles and abilities
  • Utilize high impact practices such as learning communities, capstone courses, undergraduate research, service learning and collaborative projects as part of pedagogical practices
  • Develop and apply technology in and out of the classroom
  • Develop and apply technology for web-based, hybrid, or computer-enhanced classes
  • Support and foster a culture of civic and community engagement
  • Participate in department, division, and college committees and activities as needed


Any News?


Any News?

Onondaga Community College[]

Rhodes State College[]

Instructor in Arts and Sciencies, Humanities and Writing (1), Humanities and Developmental Reading (1)

Rockland County Community College (NY)[]

Phone Interview: 1/6

Campus Interview:

Offer Made:

Offer Accepted:

Seminole State College[]

Any news on this one?

On campus interview scheduled April 14/10

Any news since the interveiws? Hires? (May 5/10) Anyone got any info?

I tried to contact the search chair re the state of the search, but did not get a response. (5/18)

"According to HR ALL 5 POSITIONS ARE POSTPONED and might be posted again in the fall. Unbelievable! (5/26)"

Three Rivers Community College[]

4/29 -- I had phone interview early in month, then a campus interview. Last week I did a teaching demo. They want to fill two writing instructor positions for this coming fall. It looks like they are interviewing about eight or so people. Salary is avarege $47K. College and department is in middle of growing, so the new instructor would be part of developing future of English dept.

Triton College[]

TT position in Philosophy

2/20 - First round interview

Valencia Community College (4 positions?)[]

Any news? (4/21)

Committee has made final recommendations to Provost, so they are almost finished with the hiring process. I think no notifications will be sent out. Just need to check on the online application site. (4/28)