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Comparative Literature 2009[]

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Is this still going to be the Comp Lit page for jobs starting 2009? Or am I the wrong page? X2!

  • I'm wondering the same thing, lots of positions aren't listed here (SF state and Boulder for example)

A: There is a Comparative Literature page here:

Arizona State University (Comparative Ethnic Studies) (10/24)

Johns Hopkins (between 1750 and Present)

Deadline: Nov 1

  • acknowledgment 10/27
  • has this been cancelled? the main wiki page says as much, but i've received no

communication from them about this.

  • Me neither. They acknowledged receipt in an email--I think it was last week.
  • The Af-Am search in the English dept. was definitely cancelled, and the sc sent out an

email to that effect. But until official word comes from The Humanities Center, I say the declaration on the main page is speculative.

  • Now someone claims an email sent today communicated a cancelled search. I didn't receive one, however. Others?
  • Email saying search is postponed until 2010.
  • I still don't have an email. Maybe they're doing it in batches. From your communication, above writer, is it that the search will recommence next year for a hire date in 2010, or it won't be advertised again until 2010?
  • I got an email saying that the search would recommence next year for a hire in 2010. The email said they would contact those who applied this year to see if they still want the job and give those applicants a chance to update their file.
  • Finally got the email (11/12). They were sent in batches, I suppose. At least the job has been guaranteed

by Johns Hopkins, if only for next year. Sigh.

University of Dayton (11/6/08) Comp Lit & Social Justice/Anglophone Lit

  • received request for writing sample, early November

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature, specialization in visual culture and new media

  • any news on this search?
  • A: Both lines cancelled (per internal memo)

Deadline: November 7th

Penn State, African Lit

  • True that this job has been cancelled? (11/20)Yes, by email

San Francisco State

  • College of Humanities, Department of Comparative and World Literature
  • Deadline Nov 7
  • 11/18: mailed acknowledgment (w/request for affirmative action info)
  • 12/9 requested further materials
  • any new info? (12/15)
  • I can't believe I just saw this job. There are some jobs I did not notice on ADE...
  • interview scheduled (12/19) by phone
  • Campus invite for February (1/9)
  • Offer made (2/20)
  • Offer accepted (3/5)

Yale Nov 7

("some preferred areas are the European literary tradition from the Middle Ages to the 19th century; non-European literary traditions; literary theory; French literature; poetry; drama")

  • Dossier request 11/21 (Was this part of the original ad? I didn't send references, but then I saw that references were requested in the oroginal application. I got a message that said "[Name], please send a dossier." I don't know if that means "we're interested" or "your application's incomplete." I'm taking "dossier" to mean "letters," but I might be wrong.)
  • I sent my dossier (i.e. recommendation letters) as part of the application, as requested in the original ad. Two ways to look at this: either they're saying your application is incomplete, or they're interested enough in you to bother to ask for the dossier. In this market, any sign of interest is a good sign.
  • (Re: "any sign of interest is a good sign") Too true!
  • MLA interview scheduled 12/15 (via email), 12/16 (by phone x2)
  • Rejection postcard (x3) 12/15. They could have at least signed them.
  • rejection postcard (12/16) ... ditto above: or even boilerplate language "we received several great applications ..."
  • Did anyone else receive a 2nd affirmative action postcard??? I'm wondering if they just made a mistake and sent me a 2nd one instead of the intended rejection card, as part of the vast academic conspiracy to drive me completely insane.
  • I got two aa cards and then the rejection postcard (ever so classy) the day after I got the 2nd aa card. We can peel the 27 cent stamp off and reuse it, though.
  • Nice. I hadn't thought of that. The pomegranate.
  • Interview scheduled (12/17)
  • I got neither a rejection letter nor a request for an interview. Anyone else in the same position? A: Yes. Or AA card. How many people out there still haven't received either a reject or an interview? (2) Q: Does this mean anything or were the rejection postcards lost in the mail? I did receive an AA card quite a while ago but nothing since then.
  • I also have not received either an interview or a rejection. I don't think it really means anything, though. I was suprised that they scheduled interviews over three days, however.
--Campus interview scheduled