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FT/PT: Full-Time or Part-Time

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Jobs with 2020 Application Deadlines[]

UC Berkeley (Berkeley, CA). Assistant Professor in Critical Theory (TT/FT)

Applied 7X 

Writing sample requested 4X

Additional writing samples requested

To the user who posted above, were you asked to submit a second writing sample after receiving the initial request that several of us received a few weeks ago?

Seconding the question above. Some clarification would be helpful. Thanks.

=> Yes; additional samples requested after sending the initial sample requested a few weeks ago.

Did they indicate whether this was for a further round? => No. But they specified which pieces they wanted to see.

Interview request 2X

Can you say when interview requests were sent?

=> December 4

Any rejection letters?

Had my interview last week. They said the search wouldn't continue until after the break. Finalists will be notified first week of Jan.

Any rejections?

No one will hear until after January 12 at the earliest.

Rejection after interview: 11 interview slots for 400 applicants, presumably 3 finalists. Very disappointed.

Invitation to final stage interview received.

j/c - to the finalist, what was your area of specialization/language, broadly speaking?

Any updates?

I just (Feb 22) got an email asking for an interview long, long after I had given up hope. Did anyone get a similar request? Does anyone know why they might be revisiting the applicant pool? Part of me is of course terrified that it's a mistake of some kind.

R: Congratulations! I’m sure it’s not a mistake. I don’t have any inside info on this search, but there are several possibilities. It could be that they already made an offer and it was turned down. It’s also possible they weren’t happy with or couldn’t all agree on any of the finalists. Sometimes it’s not really apparent exactly what a department needs or what the competing desires are until they start bringing people as finalists. From the little I’ve heard, there is a lot of pressure with this search to diversify the department, both in terms of faculty representation and geographical areas covered, but that could mean a lot of things and people might have different ideas about what the priorities should be. Finally, it’s also possible that they’re now looking to hire a second person - after all, this is basically replacing Judith Butler’s line, so they could certainly hire more than one assistant prof at her salary level. That seems like an unlikely scenario, but... who knows.

All of the initial finalists were (primarily) Europeanists, and none had substantial training in a non-Western language. From what I understand, the search committee had to return to the application pool after significant pushback from within the department.

----This is very interesting, especially given such a high profile department/hire. Following this thread for future updates...

—- Agreed! Very strange. The job ad wouldn’t suggest that they were interested in someone working on Europe, and from what I heard (which, granted, came from a grad student, not a search committee member), the department was pretty united in wanting to branch out into different, “non-Western” (whatever that means) areas. They could certainly use someone working on Africa, India, or, well... lots of places. I wonder if the definition of “critical theory” that the search committee was working with was a bit too traditional and narrow.

- What a shame. I knew three of the finalists and was one myself. Two of the three worked substantially on South America, and Spanish/Portuguese were mentioned as desired languages by a committee member. Also from what I know, this is not the first time this search has failed, assuming it does. Would have loved a job at Berkeley, of course, but based on the atmosphere in the department and what they are looking for, the fit would not have been good.

Rejection after interview (March 4).

Did this search end up failing? What's going on at this point? 3/23

I heard an offer has been made (3/25) R: That’s good! Any idea what field they hired in (assuming offer was accepted)? Comp Lit searches are so unpredictable when they’re wide open because there are always so many gaps to fill.

--Yes, offer was accepted. Works in modernist literature, film, psychoanalysis, postcolonial, queer theory, Italian, English, Spanish, Portugese

-- Is the person who got it a former PhD student in the same department??!

-- Yes, he is.

-- Well done Berkeley...

Université de Caen (FRA:CAL). Open Rank Professor in Comparative Literature & French Literature. Deadline: 6 July 2020. TT. FT. Job Ad on Euraxess . Updates: 

Cambridge University (Cambridge, UK): University Lecturer in Postcolonial Literature: Caribbean literature; East African literature; West African literature (Tenure Track). Deadline: Dec 14 2020.

- Writing Sample Requested (Jan 15)

- Interview Request (Feb 3)

University of Connecticut- Assistant Professor, Catalyzing Anti-Racist and Decolonial Futures cluster hire. Positions in English; Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Political Science, Philosophy. TT. Deadline: December 15, 2020.


3/3: Campus visits for all 4 visits held between 2/8 and 2/19. Has anyone heard any updates after campus visits?

Jobs with 2021 Application Deadlines[]

University of Bologna - Alma Mater Studiorum (Italy). 3 post-doctoral research fellowships (1-year contracts, renewable for the duration of the project) at the NONWESTLIT ERC Project (2021-2026).

The “Modernizing Empires: Enlightenment, Nationalist Vanguards and Non-Western Literary Modernities” (NONWESTLIT) Project, funded by the European Research Council, is hiring 3 full-time post-doctoral researchers in 19th century Japanese, Ottoman and Russian literatures and cultures

More information on these separate calls: Deadline: June 30, 2021.

University of Bristol (Bristol, UK). Lecturer (=TT Asst. Prof. in US system) in Comparative Literatures and Cultures. Deadline: May 2, 2021.

05/04: Any updates?

05/07: Rejection x2

Queen Mary, University of London (London, UK) Lecturer (=TT Asst. Prof. in US system) in Arabic and Comparative Literature. Deadline: April 29, 2021.

05/04: Any updates?

Stanford University (Stanford, CA). Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research (NT/FT). Deadline: Jan 7, 2021. Position information at

Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA). Assistant/Associate Professor of Digital Humanities with specialization in Ethnic Studies in the Department of Humanities and Politics. Deadline: Open until filled. NTT. FT.

Villanova University (Villanova, PA). Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Department of English, Pre-1900 Literature of the Americas.

Applicants strongly preferred with expertise in one or more of the following: Latinx Studies, Indigenous Studies, Black Studies, Border & Migration Studies, Critical Race Studies, Disability Studies, and/or Health Humanities. The teaching load is 3-2. The successful candidate will be expected to teach courses in 19th century literature and will have the opportunity to teach in their additional areas of specialization.

Deadline: March 1

05/04–Any updates post-campus visit?

Western Connecticut State University (Danbury, CT, USA). Macricostas Endowed Teaching Fellowship in Hellenic and Greek Studies. Deadline: Feb. 8, 2021. NT, PT.

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