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Wiki page for Academic Jobs in Comparative Literature advertised during the 2021-2022 hiring season. This page is for jobs that begin in 2022.

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RECENT ACTIVITY on Comparative Literature 2021-2022[]

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Please add jobs in the following format and order them alphabetically by institution.

  1. Example University (State/Province, Country). Position Title. Specializations. Deadline. TT/NT. FT/PT. Link to Job ad(s). Updates: 

TT/NT: Tenure-track or Non-tenure track.

FT/PT: Full-Time or Part-Time

For the sake of user-friendliness, please do not add more detailed content of the job ad on this page. (This is a departure from previous years, when these pages tended to become difficult to navigate. The new guidelines are modeled on more user-friendly Academic Wiki pages serving other disciplines.)

Add updates to the end of each entry as they come in: Additional materials requested, video interview scheduled, campus visit scheduled, offer extended, offer accepted, rejection received.

Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street.

Please contribute to transparency in the academy by adding yourself and your advisors to the Academic Tree project.

See also Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2021-2022 .

Jobs with 2021 Application Deadlines[]

  1. Koç University (Turkey). Several full-time open-rank faculty positions at the Department of Comparative Literature (early modern Turkish; modern Turkish; Turkish folk and popular literatures). Deadline: 29 December 2021. FT.
  2. Penn State University (University Park, PA). Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and the Global South. Deadline: Nov 1, 2021. TT. FT.
  3. ShanghaiTech University, Institute of Humanities (China), Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor: Foreign Language and Literature.
  4. University of Bologna (Italy) Postdoc at the NONWESTLIT ERC Project. 19th Century Japanese Literature & culture. Deadline: 15 Nov 2021. FT, NT.
  5. Tulane University (New Orleans, LA). Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Transnational Asian Humanities (Joint Appointment with Art History, English, or Communication). FT, TT. Deadline: 14 Oct 2021.
  6. Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York. (Tenure Track) Full-Time Faculty/ World Literature, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Deadline Nov 1, 2021.
  7. UC, Irvine (Irvine, CA). Assistant Professor (TT), History or Comparative Literature, with a focus on Mexico and/or Central America. Deadline Nov. 1, 2021.
  8. UC Santa Barbara (CA, USA). Assistant Professor - Translation Studies and Translation Theory - Department of French and Italian. 11/15/2021 - TT - FT (
  9. University of California, San Diego (La Jolla, CA). Assistant Professor (TT). Comparative Modernisms. Deadline Dec. 6, 2021.
  10. ENSTA Bretagne (Brest, France), Assistant/Associate Professor (TT), Literature, Theory, Technology, New Deadline 10 March, 2022. for information:
  13. Tufts University (Medford, MA): Assistant Professor of International Literary and Cultural Studies.

Jobs with 2022 Application Deadlines[]

  1. Stanford University, Clayman Institute for Gender Research (Stanford, CA) Postdoctoral Fellow in gender, intersectionality, feminisms. 2-year term. Application opens 12/01/2022, Deadline: 01/06/2022. NT/FT, details and Interfolio application link at
  2. Johns Hopkins University (Maryland, USA) Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor of Comparative Thought and Literature (two hires), Middle Eastern literature or film and/or modern and/or contemporary East, Southeast Asian or Trans-Asian literature or film. 1/15/22 - TT.
  3. Hamilton College (NY, USA). Visiting Professor in Italian (two-year term with the possibility of reappointment for a third year). 5/16/22 non-TT - FT

Word on the Street[]

Any word on the Edward Said professor search at UCLA? Deadline was 11/1 (11/15).

Out of idle curiosity (since I'm not eligible): I heard that Stanford was going to be doing a senior search in Comp Lit this year, but I haven't seen a posting yet. Any idea if they'll be going ahead with that search this year? Or maybe they've decided to wait since UCLA is also doing a full prof search...

11/8 Tufts: Request for additional materials x2 **Any word on this yet? (12/1)

-12/08 zoom interview scheduled

any updates?

-01/12 campus visit invite received

11/17 Penn State: Request for additional materials

-- any news on this?

--12/15 preliminary interview invite

--1/5 email rejection

--1/7 email rejection (post additional materials request, no interview request)

11/12 Tulane: Interviewed. Anyone hear back?

--nothing yet

--Any update about this search?

--Campus visit invites have gone out.

--2/9 Any update about this search after the campus visit?

11/24: Not listed above, but anyone else apply to the position at Binghamton? Anyone have any news as yet?--------11/24: There are two for Binghamton: Lit of Global South and then Comparative European Thought. It seems early as deadline was Nov 15. ---- 11/25: I applied for the Global South one and haven't heard anything yet. (x2 – 12/2) Still no news on the Global South job? (12/9) Still nothing here (12/16) ---11/26 :the AfAm search asked for extra materials about a week and a half ago. [AfAm search? Surely not a Comp Lit search, right?] 12/05: Any news about the Comparative European Thought job? 12/8: still no news on the Comp Euro Thought job 12/16: Still no news here 12/20: Has anyone's references heard from the CET job? This search must be moving very slowly. 12/20: No news on CET job. They are probably sifting through 100s of applications. 12/21: Received request for rec letters for CET job. J/c: Did this go out to everyone? Email made no mention of a "next stage," just that apps are now being reviewed. 12/22: No request received to date. 12/22 Interview scheduled (x2) 12/27: is the request for interview for the global south or CET search? 12/27: CET. 1/12 Job talk scheduled for CET. 1/13 Had interview but have not heard from committee, not sure what that means but they promised news by today. <–––Is this for the Global south position? 1/14 No, for the CET position, for which there has still been no news, aside from the person who mentioned a job talk above. A bit confused as to what is happening b/c was assured a decision would be communicated by week's end.

1/25 Has anyone heard from the Binghamton committee either about CET or GS? Still baffled by the total silence, given how emphatic they were about getting back to interviewees "within the week." To the person who was invited for a talk, can you share when that is supposed to be? <--- I'm in the same boat: interviewed for the CET job and was told I'd hear within a week or two but have not heard anything.

1/31 Any news on the CET search? Are they just ghosting interviewees? Beyond the pale if so.

2/15: Pretty bitter about how things have gone down with Binghamton. I've applied for many jobs and post-docs over the years, and no one has treated me this way - silence after an interview is fine, but not when they create the expectation that they will be in touch very soon. The job market is horrible as it is; can they not treat their applicants with just a tiny bit of respect and not ghost them? At any rate, I would be grateful for any further information anyone might have; I'd like to know what happened with this search or the Global South one.

--1/13: any new updates on the Global South job at Binghamton?

2/16: Interviewed for the Global South job in early January, but still no word. :'-(

3/18: Binghamton (Comp Euro Lit/Thought) rejection showed up in my junk folder today. (x2)

11/30: Anyone heard anything from the FIT job?-----11/30: No news here. Same- no news here (12/3) No news here either (12/8)--12/9: Anglophone/Postcolonial Lit board says that FIT campus visits have already happened.

Utah Assistant Prof (Lecturer)

--12/19: Had Zoom interview on 12/16. Campus interviews will be scheduled for late Jan/early Feb. 1/2: On-campus interviews in the process of being scheduled. Invitations sent.

12/23: Not exactly Comp Lit, but probably the closest thing to it -- anyone have news about the UCSC History of Consciousness job? I don't remotely think I have a shot at it, but it would be a relief to hear of someone getting an interview so I could officially cross it off my list.

--1/9: HistCon plans to have short list interviews for both senior & junior positions in late February

1/16: Q to poster above: Is this first hand info? Thanks.

--1/11, HistCon: On another website there is information stating requests for interviews will be sent by the end of January. End of January, end of February? I do not know.

-1/11 - May I ask what website?

11/12: Of course! The Philosopher's Cocoon.

I've also been curious about this one - applied but have not heard. I imagine it's done.

12/24: Has anyone heard anything about the Comparative Modernisms job at UCSD? 12/29: Nothing here.

1/5: also curious if anyone knows if UCSD has moved onto interviews

1/7: no news here either... (x2)

1/15: UCSD: I'm guessing that they've moved on by now and none of those selected are posting. It's been over 6 weeks since the deadline.

--1/18 - yeah that's possible. haven't heard anything either. but I have a feeling that this might be an "internal search," given how last-minute the position was announced etc.

--also haven't heard anything & not exactly hopeful but just want to point out that they're running at least 3 searches this year & the Central American search was posted even later than this one

--Reached out to UCSD and asked whether the search had proceeded to interviews or was complete and received this response today: "The recruitment process is still in progress. --------------- Still no word on UCSD?

1/21: ah that's great! thanks for emailing them and sharing the info! best of luck to everyone

2/15: Still nothing on UCSD?

---2/15 Was wondering the same thing (re: UCSD Comparative Modernisms)

--2/15 No, still nothing. I was the one who emailed about a month ago. If someone else wants to email, I'm sure they'd be gracious about it and give an update.

2/16 nothing from UCSD for me, either

--2/16 I emailed them yesterday; will report back here when I hear back

--2/16 - Invited to a Zoom interview!

--2/18 - Congrats! I'm assuming the person who posted about getting an interview isn't the same as the person who posted that they'd emailed for an update? Curious about the response to the latter still, if we can get more confirmation that we're out if we haven't received an interview offer by now. Relieved to finally have some news and be able to move on.

1/10: Any updates on the Comp Lit search at Howard University? -- 1/11 No news here (x2)

1/24: Any updates on the UCSC Hist Con search? Are they really waiting until the end of February to start interview requests?

no updates but UCSC generally tries to complete searches by the end of winter quarter; things could be altered by pandemic but winter quarter is generally when hiring takes place, at least in the humanities

1/28: It is possible UCSC/ histcon can move directly to Campus visits. One of the searches is most likely targeted to a luminary. The wait is painful, even if you know you have no chances. So anyone with some info, please share it to alleviate the anxiety.

2/10: Oh boy, still nothing on UCSC HistCon? No one? Nada?

-- 2/17: HistCon Zoom interview invite <-- Just curious, are you ABD, VAP/Post-Doc, Assistant Prof, Associate Prof?

--2/17: Congratulations to you! What a dream.

--3/7: Received email (presumably sent to all applicants?) saying that they still haven't made decisions on UCSC but plan to begin campus interviews in April. Presumably if they've already made Zoom interview invites, those of us who didn't get one in February are out of the running, but for whatever reason they sent this to all candidates now.

1/29: Any news on the Johns Hopkins two-position TT search?

--2/8: Invitation to Zoom interview. <--Can I ask? Middle East or East Asia? Any other news on this one?

--2/23: East Asia. They said they were aiming for campus visits in early March.

-- 3/3: I signed an offer letter meanwhile another institution sent me one. Can I rescind the letter than I signed?<--------You can back out, but they won't be happy. After all, you must do what you need to do. They will be mad, but it's ultimately your future. Maybe talk to an advisor?

-- 3/9: The offer you received was from Hopkins?

--3/17: Any word on short listed candidates at Hopkins?

— 3/22 Any word on the UCSB job after campus interviews?