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Wiki page for Academic Jobs in Comparative Literature advertised during the 2023-2024 hiring season. This page is for jobs that begin in 2024.

6/6/24 Page for 2025 is now available: Comparative Literature 2024-2025

Last year's page: Comparative Literature 2022-2023 .

See also Critical Theory 2023-2024Ethnic Studies 2023-2024, German 2023-2024, French and Francophone Studies 2023-2024, Spanish and Portuguese 2023-2024, Italian Studies 2023-2024, English Literature 2023-2024, and Philosophy 2023-2024.

See also Humanities and Social Sciences Postdocs 2023-2024

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Please add jobs in the following format and order them alphabetically by institution.

  1. Example University (State/Province, Country). Position Title. Specializations. Deadline. TT/NT. FT/PT. Link to Job ad(s). Updates:

TT/NT: Tenure-track or Non-tenure track.

FT/PT: Full-Time or Part-Time

For the sake of user-friendliness, please do not add more detailed content of the job ad on this page. (This is a departure from previous years, when these pages tended to become difficult to navigate. The new guidelines are modeled on more user-friendly Academic Wiki pages serving other disciplines.)

Add updates to the end of each entry as they come in: Additional materials requested, video interview scheduled, campus visit scheduled, offer extended, offer accepted, rejection received.

Please post "Have you heard?" questions above, under Word on the Street.

Jobs for 2024[]

  1. Emory University, (Atlanta, GA) TT Associate or Advanced Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature. Deadline 11/21, link
  2. Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) TT Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature (media history). Deadline 11/1, link
  3. Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) TT Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature (translation studies). Deadline 11/1, link
  4. Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) - Renewable lecturer/senior lecturer in the general humanities, including comparative literature. Deadline 12/1. Link.
  5. Université de Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland). Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature. Knowledge of French required. Deadline 4/7, link
  6. Université de Montréal (Montréal, QC) TT Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature (literary theory). Deadline 11/15, link
  7. Westmont College (Santa Barbara, CA, USA) TT Assistant Professor of English: Americanist with interests in Latin America and/or the Caribbean. Review of applications will begin October 2023. Start date for this position is August 2024. link
  8. University of Southampton (Southampton, Hampshire, UK) Associate Professor in World Literatures. 10/12, link
  9. Cal Poly Pomona TT Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature with interest in Chinese literature. Deadline 11/10, link
  10. UC Berkeley (CA/USA). Assistant Professor. African and African Diaspora Literatures and Cultures. 9/29/23. TT. PT. Updates:
  11. CSU Long Beach (Long Beach, CA, USA) TT Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature (digital humanities, visual studies). Deadline 10/3. link
  12. University of Delaware (Newark, DE, USA). CT Assistant or Associate Professor (languages, game studies). Deadline: when position is filled. link

Word on the street[]

  • 3/7 - Penn State (Comp Lit/Global South) - Any word? Post from last week said review would begin "immediately," though I'm suspicious that it's an internal/spousal hire given the timing.
    • 3/30 so this was definitely fake right?
    • Christ, not another Penn State inside hire
  • 12/27 - UCLA (Latin American/Latinx) - Any updates? Deadline was 12/5 R1: (1/12) Haven't heard anything yet R2: (1/25) Still no news from UCLA? R3: Interview request reported on the Span/Port job wiki, 1/22
  • 12/15 - Penn State Tenure-Track: Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Global Asias, updates? (1/16) Anything? (1/17) Received an additional materials request & interview offer back in December. Had my interview recently.
  • 12/10 - Texas A&M Tenure-Track: Assistant Professor of Afro-Latin and Latin American Indigenous Studies, updates?
  • 12/10 - University of North Carolina Charlotte (Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Africana Studies), has anyone heard anything?
  • UNCC- 12/12 nothing yet. Their final grades are due 18th so my guess is after that. Mine still says "Under Review by Hiring Manager"
  • 12/10 - Georgetown University Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Modern and Contemporary Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies, any news? R1: Nothing yet, check the Spanish and Portuguese page--more likely to get updates there.
    • 12/20 - Interview requests reported on Spanish and Portuguese
  • 11/18 - Has anyone heard from UC Berkeley (CA/USA) - Assistant Professor. African and African Diaspora Literatures and Cultures? (11/18) No, but I was rejected from the parallel job in the English Dept. yesterday. Since this one had a deadline that was a little later than that one, I'd imagine responses will come soon. (11/27) That search has moved onto finalists, but any word on this one? Anyone receive an interview offer? (11/27) So far, crickets about the African and African Diaspora Literatures search. (11/28) First-round interviews conducted Nov 13&14. Nothing heard since then. (12/02) Was the first round of interviews for the African and Diaspora Literatures in Comp Lit. or for the English Dept. one? (12/02) It was for the joint Comp Lit. & English job. (12/05) Campus visits happening now. (12/08) Are the campus visits for the English job or for the joint English and Comp Lit. job? (12/09) The campus visits are definitely for the other jobs, stop spreading disinformation ! (12/09) The campus visits/job talks are for the English and the joint Comp Lit/English job. The two search committees zeroed in on 3/4 of the same candidates for both positions. No one is spreading misinformation. (7/1) Any announcements or news about this search?
  • 11/14 - Has anyone heard from University of California at Berkeley - Assistant Professor (TT) in the Rhetoric of Global Imaginaries of Race or Environmental Rhetoric? (They requested letters for 11/2, but no updates as of 11/18)
    • Any updates on first round interviews (11/28)?
    • No news as of 1/9
  • 11/14 - Has anyone heard from Stanford University - Assistant Professor (TT) in the Literatures of the hemispheric cultures of the Américas?
    • Interview request 11/16
    • They seem to be wrapping up interviews and plan to do campus visits during the early weeks of the winter quarter
    • Rejected via email - finalists have been selected (12/13)
    • Has anyone else not received a rejection or an interview request? (12/17)
    • Sounds like a good ol' ghosting (12/17)
    • Invites have been extended to finalists so if you haven't heard from them you can presume it's a rejection.
  • Has anyone heard from CSULB? yes; zoom interview scheduled. (Has anyone heard post-zoom about campus visit? They said in interview they wanted to do visits end of Nov... I'd just like to confirm that they went ahead with these if anyone has any info, please do share.)
    • (12/19) heard word of a campus visit mid-November... looks like they are moving forward now with someone
    • (1/22) Heard that an offer was made and accepted shortly after the campus visits
  • 11/14 - Has anyone heard from Harvard University - TT Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature (translation studies)?
    • Interview request 12/1/23 (second-hand/reliable)
    • 1/23 - finalists have definitely been invited to campus, per the slate of translation job talks posted on the complit site
      • Okay not to start this up again but at least two of them have a previous connection to Harvard o__0
        • i guess the rumor mill was right after all :)
        • To be clear: not just “previous connection to Harvard” as much as “had their PhD directed by Karen Thornber” who is on the search committee…
          • HEY how come all these harvard defenders are choosing to ignore this?
          • Unfortunately, we can't do much about who the search committee brings. However, the entire department must vote on the candidacy of a certain person, so there's only so much KT can do.
          • "We?" Is someone on the TT at Harvard posting on the j*bs w*ki?? How depraved.
            • just hilarious, a department full of losers haha
  • or from Harvard media history job? 11/20
    • the interview request for translation studies has been made. what about for media history? r1: I haven't heard anything yet (12/4)
    • Seems late now, we are probably out of luck... sigh. It also seems like Harvard has a strong inside candidate, judging from the media history page of comp lit
    • that’s always the case with Harvard. Last year they run another search, gathered materials, zoom interviews, campus visits…. And then the job went to someone w/ Harvard PhD and Harvard SOF.
    • If they're going to do fake searches that lead to internal hires every year they could at least have the decency to not ask for eleven different documents.
    • Still nothing? Surely someone must have gotten an interview? Pretty nice field PLUS research must be in at least one non-English language + literary grounding.
    • Any news?
    • virtual interview requested 12/14 (x3)
    • Can anyone confirm that this is truly an inside candidate position? If yes, I don't think it makes sense to take the interview seriously.
      • this is a really silly question.
        • but why is it silly? it's clearly a pattern with them, they will most likely hire their internal candidate.
          • if you can't figure out why it's silly i'm not sure you're prepared for any job interview.
        • Emailing the search committee chair to ask them to confirm an anonymous rumor I saw on the jobs wiki.
        • Anonymous rumors are one thing. Then there are the official news:
        • I am not so sure you know what a 'pattern' is... Are all tenure-track faculty at Harvard comp lit internal hires? A quick look at faculty profiles suggests otherwise.
          • ok matylda
    • Any news on campus visit?
      • I emailed the search committee chair and they said that campus visits won't be necessary this year since all the finalists work at Harvard already.
        • lmAO
      • I also emailed the search committee chair. He said I got it. I am already a tenured professor at Harvard.
        • 1/11: Enjoying the snark in the above comments. In the meantime, I have no previous affiliation with Harvard and I received a request for a campus visit a day ago (that doesn't at all negate the possibility that they'll go with their inside person in the end, though)
      • 1/11: I am not sure why folks are being so snarky here. The internal hire question is a real one [Narrator's voice-over: It's not]; stop being such dicks to people! In any case, like the comment above, I have no previous affiliation with Harvard and I also received a request for a campus visit today.
      • Harvard has posted the four finalist talks for media history, if anyone is interested to see. The finalists are a communications prof at Northeastern, an English TT prof at Notre Dame, a postdoc at Michigan (Berkeley PhD), and an ASSOCIATE PROF OF MUSIC at Cambridge lmao (who did his PhD at HARVARD btw)
        • Two of the four have previous connections to Harvard (SOF) [and the Northeastern Prof did her BA in Comp Lit in the same department], which also indicates who is posting here (hello and good luck!)
        • That is so Harvard to publicize job talks-- no pressure on the finalists (not)!
        • I think it's good for us to know who our betters are
    • This may be a radical take, but have any of you considered that some of the people with PhDs from Harvard are quite good at what they do? Obviously merit is a fiction of the ruling class blablabla, and many people from Harvard are in fact, id**ts, but it doesn't seem surprising to me that Harvard PhDs are finalists for Harvard TT jobs... Another radical take: are these jobs even desirable, given Harvard's reputation for tenure? I would rather be an asst. prof at Notre Dame or Northeastern or Vassar and be tenured there, rather than risk going to Harvard, working on a cool and fun project, that is ultimately not tenurable at such a place, despite promises by current faculty who want to do cool and fun things. It will be much tougher to find a job later. Just my two cents. This only applies to Harvard/Yale. Obviously, try your very best to move to Cornell or Berkeley or Brown, where tenure is rather straightforward.
      • I've considered it and decided no, they are not.
      • based on the second part of your long comment, it would seem like these harvard phds are good at doing unfun and uncool projects very well
  • RE: Harvard. Heard that the translation studies job went to a Harvard alum? Lmao. What about the media history job? Did (one of) the two non-Harvard posters on here get it?
  • And from Université de Montréal? 11/20 (nothing yet here...)
    • The deadline for that job was 11/15 lol take a breath
    • What about this?
    • Any word? 12/17
    • rien par ici …
    • interview req 12/18 x 2
    • any word on campus visits or other updates? 1/19
    • 1/22: No, but I only just had my interview last week
    • 1/26: Campus visit request
  • Emory (interview req 11.30)
    • Any updates post interviews (12/22)?
  • Cal Poly Pomona (interview req 11.30)