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Schools That Have Made Offers
Ursinus College
Wofford College (accepted)
(Please maintain alphabetical order when adding schools; this makes the lists much easier to search and read.)

Schools That Have Invited Candidates to Campus

Last modified: January 18, 2008: 1:00 A.M. Eastern (Please maintain alphabetical order when adding schools; this makes the lists much easier to search and read.)

Arizona State University (post-phone interview that was scheduled during MLA) Auburn University (10/30/07, tech/comm position, interview before MLA) follow-up information?
Auburn University (11/14/07, rhet/comp position, interview before MLA)
Capital U
Clarkson (11/29, for campus visit in January)
U Connecticut
George Mason (interviewed at NCTE)
Loyola College (11/15/07, chair of writing dept position campus interviews now)
Michigan Tech
Millikin U
Missouri Western (11/13, email, interview before MLA)
Oakland U
ODU (12/6, interview before MLA)
Purdue UC-Davis (12/10, senior position)
University of Houston (11/10/07, interview before MLA)
University of Memphis (11/28/07, for campus visit in January)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro (11/19/07, senior position/WPA, interview before MLA)
University of Pittsburgh (1.2.08)
University of Texas at Dallas
Ursinus College
St. Edward's University (phone interview before MLA, 11/20 campus visit invitation)
Wofford College (1/12, candidates being contacted and interviews scheduled)
U Wyoming
York College, PA (11/19 interview before MLA)

Schools That Have Scheduled MLA Interviews
[Partial edit] Last modified: December 13, 2007: 12:45 P.M. Eastern (Please maintain alphabetical order when adding schools; this makes the lists much easier to search and read.)

Albright (12/18/07) by phone and email
American University in Cairo (11/13/07) - via e-mail
Armstrong Atlantic State University (12/10/07) by phone
Aquinas College (11/15) - via email
Bloomfield University (11/29) by email
Cal State - San Bernardino (12/5) by phone
Capital University (12/7), (12/5) - phone
Case Western (12/5) by phone
Clayton State University (12/10) by phone
U of Colorado-Colorado Springs (12/5) by phone
Cornell U - Knight Institute (12/14) by phone
CUNY - Baruch (12/11) - phone
CUNY-College of Staten Island (12/6, 12/7) - phone
CUNY-John Jay (12/5)
Creighton U (12/1) phone
Daemen College (12/6 & 12/12) by email
University of Delaware (11/28 via email)
Drexel University (11/5) - via email
Eastern Illinois U (12/13) phone
University of Florida (12/7) - phone
Florida Atlantic (12/4) - via email
Francis Marion University (12/7)-email
Fresno (combination comp/rhet and English ed, 12/9) - phone
Georgetown (12/12) - by phone
Grand Valley State University (11/26, 11/26) - via phone
Hofstra U (12/4, 12/5) via phone
Illinois State U (12/13) via email - they also offered a phone interview if not attending MLA
Kansas State (12/3) - via phone
King's College (11/30, 12/1) - via email
Manhattan College (12/13) - phone
Marian College at Fond Du Lac (12/5, 12/5) - phone
Marietta College (12/6)- phone
U of Massachusetts at Boston (11/26/07, English Education) - via phone
Mercer U (12/4) - phone
Miami University (OH) (12/7/07) - phone
Michigan State University (RCAH position)
Millsaps College (12/14) by phone and email
U of Michigan - Sweetland Writing Center (12/11) - phone
Montana SU at Bozeman (11/20) - via phone
Northwest Missouri State (12/2) - phone
U. of Nevada-Reno (11/30) - via e-mail
U of New Hampshire (12/8) - via phone
U of North Florida (12/6)- via email
UNC Greensboro (asst position, 12/7) - email [so is UNCG doing phone and MLA interviews, since they are listed as doing both? phone interviews were screening for MLA interviews]
UNC Wilmington (10/26/07, Professional and technical writing search)- scheduled via phone
UNC Wilmington (10/31/07, rhet/comp/literacy search) - scheduled via phone
Oakland University (12/5/07,12,5 asst position for Rhetoric and Writing Studies) - scheduled via phone
Ohio State (12/6/07) - phone & e-mail
Penn State - Altoona (12/11) - by phone
Penn State-Hazelton (12/4/07 - via email)
U of Pittsburgh (12/13) - phone
U of Pitt, Bradford (12/11), via phone
Purdue (11/27/07 - phone)
San Diego State University (11/28 via email)
San Jose State University (12/09-phone)
Santa Clara (11/28)-e-mail
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville (12/4) - by phone
Springhill College (11/30 via phone)
SUNY New Paltz (11/27) - via phone and then email
Susqhenna University (12/4)-via phone
St. John Fisher (12/12) - via phone
St. John's U (12/3)-via phone
St. Louis U (12/4) - via phone (12/4-via phone, & 12/10 too)
St. Xavier U (11/28/07), director of writing program, via phone (assist position 11/30)
Q: Has anyone heard anything about the other asst. prof position here? I believe there was another one posted that was NOT as director of the writing program. U of South Florida (12/7/07) - via email
U of Tennessee at Knoxville (11/1/07 & 12/7/07 - via email)
UT-Arlington (12/10), via email
UT-Austin (12/7), via phone
UT-Dallas (11/29/07), via e-mail
UT-Pan American (12/12) via phone
Texas A&M
Texas Christian U (12/7), via phone
Washington State U (12/7), via phone [this is the Tri-Cities campus position, correct?]
Western Illinois U (12/6, 12/10) by phone
Wesleyan College (Macon, GA) (12/3/07), (Writing Program Director), via phone (2)
Westmont College (12/13) - by phone
Wofford College (beginning 12/14, by phone)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (12/6/07), via phone
U Connecticut (12/2) email
U Wisconsin La Crosse (12/10) phone
U of Wyoming (11/30/07), via email (12/1) phone
York College of PA (12/3, via email, 12/4 phone)

Schools That Have Scheduled Phone Interviews

Last modified: December 12, 2007: 10:50 A.M. Eastern (Please maintain alphabetical order when adding schools; this makes the lists much easier to search and read.)

University of Arizona (11/19) by e-mail
Arizona State University at the Polytechnic Campus (12/7) requested by phone & e-mail
Auburn University (10/25/07 for tech comm position)
Auburn University (11/6 for rhetoric position) requested by phone & e-mail
Ball State (11/29) by email
Bridgewater State College (12/10) by phone
California U of PA (12/12) by phone
U of California at Davis (11/19/07), requested by phone
U of California Santa Barbara (12/7) by phone
U of Central Missouri (12/12/07), requested by phone
CSU, Dominguez Hills (11/28) requested by email
Central Michigan University (11/21)by phone
Clarkson (11/16) by email
Clemson (12/5) by phone
Colorado State College Pueblo
Dixie State College of Utah (12/10)phone
Duquesne University (11/27) by phone and by e-mail
East Carolina University (11/21) by phone
Frostburg State University (12/4) via email
University of Houston (11/5) requested by phone
James Madison University (12/6) via email
Long Island University (10/30)by phone
Longwood University, VA (11/19) by phone
Loyola College of Maryland (10/25/07 for Chair of Writing position); requested by e-mail
University of Memphis (10/30/07) requested by phone & email
U of Mary Washington (12/11) phone
U of Maine Orono(12/13) by phone
Middle Tennessee State University (11/27/07) by email
Missouri State University (10/17/07 for WPA Position)
Missouri Western (10/29) by email
Montclair State University (11/27) by email
New Mexico State (11/24) by phone
Niagara University (12/1; 12/3) by phone
North Dakota State (11/26 for Eng. Ed.) by email
Nova Southeastern University (12/6) by email
UNC-Charlotte (11/28) by email
UNC-Greensboro (11/6, senior position); requested by e-mail
U of North Carolina at Greensboro (11/19, Asst position) by email
UNC Pembroke (12/2) by email
University of Northern Kentucky (11/7) by phone
University of North Texas (11/14) requested by email
Winona State U, MN (12/4) - by phone Is this an English Ed position? Yes
Old Dominion U (11/20) by email
Ramapo College (11/20) by email
San Francisco State (11/26) requested by email
St. Edward's University (11/2) requested by phone
Stanford University (postdoc position) (12/6)-via phone
SUNY Potsdam (12/6) by phone
U of Tampa (12/7) by email
Texas Lutheran University (11/13) request by phone
UWashington (12/6, HCI position) by phone
UWisc-Eau Claire (11/6) requested by phone
UWisc-Stout (11/26; 12/6) by phone
York College, CUNY (12/3, 12/10), by phone
York College, PA (10/15) request by email

Schools that have sent rejection letters and e-mails (ouch!)
[Partial edit] Last modified: December 8, 2007: 7:15 P.M. Eastern (Please maintain alphabetical order when adding schools; this makes the lists much easier to search and read.)

Cal State, Fullerton (12/11) - generic smail dated 12/5
University of Colorado-Boulder (12/7) - generic e-mail
Drexel (11/30, 12/3 via smail)
Duke Writing Program (12/3, smail)Is this for the WPA position or the fellows? fellows
George mason (10/30/07) (11/05/07 - mail)
Mary Washington (11/28) email
Miami University (11/27 -smail) What is "smail?" snail + mail = smail:)
Niagara U. (12/11) - by e-mail
Northern Arizona University (11/13/07 - mail) [Worst phrasing of rejection: "Unfortunately your application materials indicate that our minimum qualifications are not present."]
Ohio State University (12/1) smail
Saginaw Valley State U (12/6) email
St. John Fisher (12/4 via email)
University of Arizona (11/20, 11/23, 11/30, email 12/1 "tailored" rejection email)
University of Florida (11/30, 12/02-smail)
University of Indianapolis (11/26) smail
UNC Asheville (12/6) smail
UNC Charlotte (12/6 email)
University of Michigan - Sweetland Writing Center (12/7 - mail)
U of Northern Colorado (12/10) (12/11) (12/13) smail
U of Pittsburgh (11/12/07 via e-mail & mail)
Ursinus College (11/30 via mail - very politely worded)
Wesleyan College [Macon, GA] (12/1 via mail) [Is this Ohio Wesleyan?-no, it's in GA]
Wofford College (12/8 by mail)
WPI (12/6 via smail - very politely worded)

Any Post-MLA/Post-phone Interview News From...
[Partial edit] Last modified: December 01, 2007: 7:15 P.M. Eastern use this category to list schools you have heard nothing from since having an MLA or phone interview with them, and anyone who has heard something can respond. Responses could include rejection letters or insider information about the state of the search. (News of campus visits should still go in that category below.) (Please maintain alphabetical order when adding schools; this makes the lists much easier to search and read.)

Missouri Western State University has interviewed at least 2 candidates by phone in the first week of November. They have apparently chosen 6 finalists.
The University of Arizona has scheduled phone interviews Why is this information here? Shouldn't it go above in phone interviews?

Has anyone heard ANYTHING from the following schools?
[Partial edit] use this category to list schools you have heard nothing from at all, and anyone who has heard something can respond. (Please maintain alphabetical order when adding schools; this makes the lists much easier to search and read.)

U of Alaska Fairbanks?
Arizona State U?
Aurora University?
Bridgewater State?
Castleton State College?
Central Connecticut State U (Director of Comp)?
Colorado State University Pueblo?
DePaul? (director of writing center) Duke (WPA position)?
Elmhurst College?
Fairfield U (WPA position w/ mid Oct deadline)?
U of Houston Downtown?
Hunter College, CUNY?
Idaho State?
Marshall University?
Marygrove College?
Northeastern Illinois University?
Rockford College?
St. Mary's College?
Southern New Hampshire?
University of Washington Tacoma

Schools That Have Requested More Materials [Partial edit] (Please maintain alphabetical order when adding schools; this makes the lists much easier to search and read.)

Auburn University (10/5) - requested by email and standard mail
Ball State U (11/14) email
UCLA (11/14, new media English - not Humanities) - via email, letters of rec. MLA interview (12/13 by email)
UC-Santa Barbara (11/21) - by email
CSU-San Bernardino (11/17) - by mail
Catawba College (11/20) - via email
Case Western (10/14, 11/14) - requested by email
Clarkson (11/19) - by mail
Clemson (11/15) - via email
College of Staten Island-CUNY (12/03)-by mail
University of Delaware (11/7) sent by email
Duquesne University (10/25) - by email
Florida Atlantic U (10/31)- sent by email
U of Florida (11/16) - email
Georgetown U (11/14, 11/19)-sent by email
Harvard University (11/21) - email
University of Houston (10/22) - requested by standard mail
Iowa State (11/14) - via email
John Jay College (12/1) - by email
Kansas State University (11/6, 11/12) by email
University of Mary Washington (11/13/07, new media studies search)- via email
Miami of Ohio (11/15) - email
University of Nevada, Reno (10/22, 10/29) - requested by email
SUNY Stony Brook Director of Writing & Rhetoric program (11/22/07) - via email
U of Northern Colorado (11/30) - email
University of North Florida (11/18/07) - via email
Ohio State (10/22) - requested by email
The Ohio State - Columbus (11/6) - email
The Ohio State - Marion (11/12/07) - e-mail
Old Dominion U (11/20) by email
Old Dominion U (Gender/English) (12/11) - email
University of Pittsburgh (11/8) - by email
Saint John Fisher (11/19) - by email
Saint Louis U (11/25) - by e-mail
Santa Clara (11/20)- by e-mail
University of South Carolina Upstate (11/30 by smail)
University of South Florida (11/26) - by e-mail
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville (11/8, 11/19) - sent by email
University of Tennessee at Knoxville (11/1/07, 11/13 rhet/comp search) - via email
University of Texas at Arlington (10/16, 10/26, 11/13) - by email
University of Texas at Austin (Rhet/Wtg) (11/1/07, 11/15) -by email
Texas Christian University (11/12) - email
Westmont College (12/8) - via e-mail
Wofford College (11/19, 11/29, 12/2) by phone, e-mail and smail
York College-CUNY (11/12, 11/26, 11/27) by email

Comments [Partial edit] Question-and it is sort of a dumb one, but I want to ask it anyway: Someone posted that they already heard about the job that I really wanted/was hoping for. They heard back a week ago. Should I assume that I am totally and completely out of the running? I am basically asking if anyone has any reason why I might hold out a small, tiny bit of hope... Any thoughts? A: My sense is that is partly what this wiki is for: so we can get a little insight into where schools are in their processes (and if they're scheduling interviews, and we haven't heard, well...). On the other hand, there's always the chance that first picks will somehow not work out and that a school will have to reconsider the applicant pool after MLA. But what do I know...this is my first time through. I'm all for hope, however you can hang onto it. A: Also, schools getting lots of applications may initially be looking at them in batches, so that requests for further materials may go out to others before they have had the chance to review your initial application.

Just curious: I realize everyone is being sent Affirmative Action notices to complete, but do those "mean" anything other than acknowledgment of our application? For instance, if I see above that phone interviews have been scheduled and I haven't received a request yet but did just receive the Equal Opportunity information, can I assume I'm still in the running [for a couple of weeks or so?] A: Yes, they do mean something, since depts. usually have to show that they are recruiting candidates from a suitably diverse pool of applicants. While they do mean something institutionally, you should not take the AA notice as a sign of anything meaningful for your job prospects . . . AA info requests will sometimes arrive just days before the rejection notice . . . A: Having served on a search committee I can say that they do matter. The committee has to show diversity in the short-list pool. If no one turns in those forms it looks to the University like the pool is all white guys, regardless of the pool's make-up, and regardless of what the committee knows about applicants' ethnicity. Unless you have reason to believe that (1) you'll get looked over because of your ethnicity/gender/sexual orientation, (2) they won't notice your ethnicity/gender/orientation when you interview, (3) you really want to work for bigots, it helps the committee to fill out the stupid form. A: I've taken to throwing them out because they are voluntary and I don't have time to complete bunches of them. This process is too time-intensive and inefficient as it is without these forms.

Q: Is it possible that someone might not be considered for a position if they don't return them? Some of them ask for your name... Just wondering if any schools might not consider people who don't return them. A: I don't know the "real" answer to this question; however, if I get an Affirmative Action form that does ask for my name, I fill it out, with my name, and send it back. If they don't ask my name, they go in the recycle bin.

Question: How many positions did you apply for? I'm just wondering what the norm would be. I applied to 10. Is that normal, too many or too few? Any thoughts? A: I applied to 20 positions that I felt strongly about, focusing mostly on the types of schools I felt best suited for. We'll see how it works out. A: I applied to 60+, but I'm not sure how many are reasonable. It probably depends on your specialization. A: I applied for 60. I was advised by mentors to apply to 40-80, as it is my first time out on the market. A: I applied to 40+. The wider you can cast your net, the better. A: I applied to 45 +/-. I was advised to apply for at least 40, re: casting that net. A: I applied to 10. But I already have a job and can afford to be picky. Even when you are on the market the first time, though, there's not much sense in applying for jobs you really aren't qualified for/suited for or in places you just would not live. That wastes your time and the hiring committee's. A: I wanted to limit myself to 25, and almost succeeded (26). Frankly, there aren't 60+ places I would want to live/work. A: I applied to 58. A: I applied to 38. A: I applied to 25 or so. Certain areas of the country I simply do not want to live in and I didn't have the financial resources to send out more. Anybody else with me there?? A: I applied to 28.

Question: How many interviews should an applicant take?

A: I've heard mixed things from faculty mentors. Some say no more than 12. I've had others say 18 is more than enough. I say, do as many as you think you can handle knowing you'll be raising your blood pressure for each and every one. I currently have 10 scheduled, and unless schools start interviewing on more days (i.e., not just Friday and Saturday), there will be no room on my dance card. A: I can't imagine more than 10, considering the number of hotels we may have to travel between. How late in the day have these been known to go anyway?

A: I have an interview at 5 p.m. and I thought that was rather late but one of my colleagues has one at 7:30 p.m.

More materials requested for which position(s) at UT-Austin? Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Writing

Is the Ohio State listed above OSU-Marion?

Mine are coming from both sources. If they asked for materials online, they are doing follow-ups via e-mail. If they asked for print materials, then the requests are coming via snail mail. Here's to hoping. Oh, and remember. You are qualified. You are capable, and dog-gone-it, someone wants you. (My survival mantra.)

Can I ask how people are finding out about interviews or more materials - phone, e-mail, or standard mail? I want to know which one to hope for or be nervous about!

Is it just me or does it seem like there's a move away from generalist jobs towards tech. comm and electronic literacy? And many of the generalist jobs seem to have high teaching loads or administration attached to them. It was true several years ago when I was first on the market, too. R1 schools are interested in specialists and the less researchy/more teachy/more generalist schools have higher teacher loads.

Has anyone received additional material requests from Harvard or Duke for their temporary positions (Expository Writing Preceptor and Writing Program Fellows)? - Yes, received email request from Harvard 11/21 (11/26) - I checked the wiki fellow website and there is nothing on Duke. Rejection letter (late Nov.) See Humanities postdocs 2007-2008 - Just acknowledgment letters...